if david is still alive after that

I’m still trying to figure out my complex emotions regarding Robert Vaughn’s passing. Sure, there are sadness and shock, but… It’s more like something I hold true for so long suddenly being taken away. 

After falling in love with MFU and our favorite spies, I always feel so blessed that both David and Robert are still alive, well, happy, and active. It’s so wonderful to feel this connected. But all of a sudden, Robert is gone. I still can’t wrap my brain around it… It… can’t be true right? It’s like telling me one plus one no longer equal to two anymore…

As we all know, MFU fandom is super warm and friendly :) And I just want us to keep posting/talking/writing about this show/Napollya/McVaughn. Let’s continue to celebrate MFU and keep Robert’s memory alive.

It’s natural to be sad, but I know Robert won’t want us to. He will forever live in our hearts and I know in David’s as well.

And Napoleon Solo? We all know very well that he lives on forever with his spy husband Illya Kuryakin happily ever after <3

Casualties- Chapter 4 (4/?)

Is anyone still alive out there after last night’s ep?

I am so appreciative to all who have supported this story and shown love to it after only THREE chapters. I can’t thank you all enough. 

If anyone wants to chat about the episode, my fics, or anything else (I watched Beauty and the Beast and need someone to flail with), come through to my ask box. 

ALSO: I’ve been listening to the most beautiful song and I need everyone to listen, too. Automatically, my mind went to CS when listening so I encourage everyone to go to youtube and listen to “Heart” by Sleeping at Last. It is so beautiful and inspirational.

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Lena, this chapter is for you… because of reasons.

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She laid in bed that night- thinking about how fucked up her life had become within a matter of two hours and going over the list of problems in her head.

If it weren’t for the nosebleed, she wouldn’t have needed to go to the hospital. If she wouldn’t have needed to go to the hospital, she wouldn’t have bumped into Killian. If she wouldn’t have bumped into Killian, the paps wouldn’t have found her. If the paps wouldn’t have found her at the hospital, she wouldn’t have to pretend to be in a relationship with Killian. If she wouldn’t have to pretend to be in a relationship with Killian, August wouldn’t be on her ass about jeopardizing the show.

The feeling of her phone vibrating next to her shook her out of her trance. She reached over to her bedside table and picked up the phone to see Mary Margaret calling. She sat up in her bed and answered the call. “You’re lucky that I am still awake. It’s almost 2 am.”

“Leo wanted to say ‘hi’.” Mary Margaret’s voice echoed into her ear. “You are on speaker.”

Emma smiled as she pressed her phone to her ear. “Hey, Leo.”

“We saw the interview.” Mary Margaret sounded a bit cautious with her words, but David soon chimed in with all of his skepticism. “Are you sure about this, Em? You don’t even like the guy.”

Emma rolled her eyes and shrugged her shoulders, forgetting that no one could see her over the phone. “It’s the only valid excuse that we could come up with.”

“Does he know about the cancer?” David asked, his voice laced with apprehension.

Emma took a deep breath and crawled out of her bed- deciding on drinking a cup of tea to help her sleep. “Yeah. It wasn’t hard for him to figure out.”

“I hate him.” Emma could hear David mutter over the phone. She chuckled coldly as she walked to her kitchen.

“What does this mean?” Mary Margaret asked over David’s voice.

“It means nothing.” Emma concluded as she took a tea cup from her cabinet. “The relationship is fake… for the cameras.”

“But how long do you have to go along with this?” Mary Margaret asked.

Emma put a kettle of water on her stove and leaned on the counter as it boiled. “I don’t know. He told August that we weren’t planning on breaking up anytime soon, so I guess that we have to stick with this for a while.”

“I hate him.” She heard David enunciate once more.

As Emma stood by the stove, she noticed a dark patch on her forearm. She put her phone on speaker so that she could examine the discoloration more closely. She walked over to the wall and turned on all of the lights so that she could get a better look, and gasped at the sight of a bright purple bruise. “Shit.”

“What is it?” Mary Margaret exclaimed.

“Emma, is everything okay?” David yelled over the speaker.

Emma tried to recall all the events that could have led to the bruise, but she was coming up empty. “Really?”

“Emma, if you don’t answer me, I will drive over there!” She heard David yell.

Emma quickly reached for her phone and took it off of speaker. “I’m fine. Sorry, I just… I gotta go.”

“Are you sure that you are okay?”

Emma cringed at the fear and concern in Mary Margaret’s voice. “Yeah. I promise.”

“We will talk to you tomorrow?” David asked.

“Yeah. I will call you both after I get home from set. It will most likely be during Leo’s 4am shrieking session.” Emma answered as she kept her eyes on the bruise.

“Okay. Love you, Emma.”

“Yeah. We love you.”

Emma hummed, her breath shaking and her heart beating fast inside of her. “Love you too.”

She ended the call, and dialed Liam’s number within the next second. Her leg began to bounce in anxiety as she listened to the ringing in her ear. After three rings, Emma heard the breath of a woman; and then a familiar voice filled Emma’s ear. “What is it, Emma?”

Emma’s eyes widened at the sound of Regina’s voice. She pulled the phone from her ear to check to make sure that she dialed the right number, but she did- she dialed Liam’s number. She pressed the phone back to her ear and scoffed. “Regina.”

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That said, these lines of Tony’s allow me happy AU headcanon hope: “I’m gonna take Tali to Israel. Look for some answers. Then I’m gonna take her to Paris. Ziva loves Paris.”

Loves, not loved.

Therefore, Tony was clearly late because Ziva managed to contact him and let him know that she is still alive but that he can’t tell anyone. Clearly.

He and Tali are going to meet up w/ her in Paris, after picking up some of Ziva’s belongings that she had to leave in Israel.

*nods firmly*

While Completely Accepting how Unlikely this Scenario is

What if Chloe’s still alive at the end of episode five? What if it’s Rachel’s funeral? Chloe gets shot in the bathroom and is still in the hospital recovering after intensive surgery which is why she can’t attend Rachel’s funeral, which is why her parents go in her stead. Why Max goes in her stead.

And Max is all torn up because after all that, Chloe is still alive. Hates her even more now for being in the bathroom and not doing anything to stop the bullet. Rachel’s still dead, but Jefferson got arrested and the tornado isn’t going to happen. She’s torn up most of all, because after that week in hell she didn’t know that things would’ve worked themselves out if she had left well enough alone. Chloe might hate her now, but at least she’s ALIVE so there’s time to repair the damage between them. There’s still time to fix things.

Warren goes for Max. Kate goes for Max, but also in solidarity to the girl who didn’t survive Jefferson’s encounter. Victoria goes out of a grudging, maybe guilty, respect.

The funeral is over and Max is standing on the cliff alone. Everything worked out. There’s all the time in the world to fix things, so she doesn’t need to manipulate it. Looking at the sunset, it can almost be like yesterday didn’t happen. The whole past week never happened, and Max can put it in her past. She can move forward.

Most of all? Looking into an Arcadia Bay, basking in the golden hour, that isn’t shadowed by hell and a hurricane? Max thinks that Life is Strange.

The ending we all deserved

Things I’d add to the Save Chloe ending - Ending 3

1) Since the Two Whales diner still stands after the storm I am assuming that whoever hid in there could survive. I want Joyce, Frank, Pompidou and Warren to walk out of the diner, Chloe yelling “Max, Max they’re alive!” and Max as they drive by. Hurling stop of the car, Chloe running as quickly as she can out of the car and hugging her mom. Tears.

2) David driving by cause he survived in the bunker, tied Jefferson up/left his body and drove in with his car to find Joyce. If you helped Joyce forgive David, she’d comment upon that, if not, they’d hug. David would then also want to hug Chloe, who’d hug him back and they’d share a moment of I’m so glad you’re okay. 

3) A brief dialogue about how there’s not much left to be done here. David comments about Jefferson going to jail. Warren comments about you doing the right choice after all. Max giving a look at Chloe and Chloe looking back at her with the same kind of love.

4) Joyce and David are now together, Frank has Pompidou, they all comment about how they need to leave this place. Max and Chloe tell them they’re leaving too and after a moment we see them waving them goodbye and sitting back in the car.

5) Chloe doesn’t start the wheel. Max asks what’s wrong, and she just smiles with a tear in her eye. She was so sure they’d all die, that it was all going to end in only her and Max together. But they are okay and it’s all good. Chloe grabs Maxs hand that’s been laying down on the car seat beside her, squeezing it lightly. Max leans in for the kiss they both deserved.

6) Chloe turns on the engine, stating smugly how they can finally go on that dream roadtrip and Max smiles bright, looking out through the window. They roll off as we saw them in the original version. Sun is shining, birds are flying, music trails off. Camera pans to the sky, then fades to black.

The End.


1. He looks more handsome with every new interview. How is it possible?

2. Broadchurch 3 takes place some years after end of 2 season. That’s interesting.

3. David can’t say anything about Jessica Jones 2. So there’s still hope for us. Kilgrave died but… But it’s Marvel. He may be alive or he may return as dream or something. Everything’s possible.

4. David said about Hardy ,,detective on the side of angels, who’s not one of them”. TATATATATA, SHERLOCK?

5. I love when he talks about movies he likes. Such a fanboy.

6. ,,Ecm, ye…we…well.. I…I think” I love when he talks like that.

7. David touches his beard = I’m dead

8. End of video :) His laugh….


Here’s another fic from a prompt set after finale spoilers. More of a reunion fic. Actually, that is exactly what it is. Basically fluff and also my first attempt at tasteful smut. 

After Emma had disappeared, Killian did whatever he could to get her back. He knew she was alive, he could feel it inside him. After researching for what seemed like forever on the Dark Curse and the powers of the dagger, he managed to learn where she was.

After working to find some bean or other magical object in Gold’s shop that would take him to Emma, he set sail. Henry had wanted to go with him, but both he and David agreed that it would be too dangerous, and he still didn’t know everything about where he was going. He always chose to risk his life for Emma, but he would never risk Henry’s.

After weeks of traveling, he finally found her. He knew he would find her. When he got to the realm that he could only possibly describe as something along the lines of limbo, he was instantly relieved. He found her sitting alone, her knees pulled into her chest, and she was staring blankly out at the sea. She had been here a long while, with no one, and no knowledge of him coming to get her.

He was on a small boat that he used to get to shore from the Jolly, and as soon as he was close enough, he called out her name. “Emma!”

She didn’t move, perhaps she didn’t hear him. “Emma!…EMMA!”

She looked up then, looking puzzled. She pushed on her hands to stand up, trying to look farther into the water to see who was calling.

“Emma! Swan!”

“Killian?” It was a whisper. It actually happened. He found her. But no, that was impossible. How could he be here? It had to be a mirage. She started walking towards the voice, slowly, and still a bit apprehensive.

As she got closer, she actually saw him, fully, with all the fine details: The double zippers of his perfect leather jacket, the spikiness of his wet, jet black hair, the shiny realness of his hook.

It was him.

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Today has been lovely.

And I think Jeremy would be happy that he has bought so many people together and I’m so pleased so many people are so passionate about keeping his memory alive. Because one thing I noticed after talking to people is how they all talked about how lovely he was, and that’s why he still means so much to so many people 20 years on.

David Burke making an appearance too was just perfect.