if david is still alive after that

"lighten up no one died"

Notice how before he says that David looks kinda angry or at least annoyed. And as soon as he says it he realizes it and starts to apologize before Jack cuts him off.
So why would he get so upset then? Well what if- and here me out here -what if Sarah isn’t the oldest Jacobs child.
In the stage version of newsies Sarah is never mentioned, but we all assume she still exists. So what if there’s a fourth Jacobs child older than the rest that was also never mentioned by David or Les. Their older brother.
What if they had an older brother who was a trolley worker. He went on strike with the union, which was something David really admired. Except at one rally things got violent, and he was killed. David and Les had to go to work to make up for both their father and their brothers lost income. Which would explain why both of them had to go. And would also explain why David was that hesitant to strike with the newsies. His brother died therefore he’s cautious, but he still wants to do right by him. It would also explain why David was so upset and regretful when and after saying “lighten up no one died”. Jack shouldn’t be that upset because Crutchie is still alive. Jack didn’t lose him. The circumstances alone upset David and everything just keeps reminding him of his brother, so he lashes out. He and Les never mention it because it’s too painful for them
This is a total shit post conspiracy theory but wouldn’t it be so much more emotional if they had a brother?? Like davids development and involvement in the strike. His motives would be completely different and a lot deeper and ahhhh

AU where Walter is still alive and when the Covenant reaches Origae-6, he helps Daniels build her log-cabin. After the colony is established and all the homes built, she - as the captain - is supposed to de-commission him…but Daniels can’t do it. She refuses, and is backed by Tennessee when the colonists argue.

Over time, she and Walter become closer and closer - she asks him to stay with her, in a different room of course, in the cabin so that she’s not alone. He knows how to comfort her after a nightmare about David or the aliens, he efficiently eases her back to sleep. Walter becomes an asset to the colony due to his knowledge: he helps doctors cure sickness, helps deliver the first children of the new world.

Because this is Walter, and he is polite and sweet, it is Daniels who makes “the first moves” and he hesitates because of her husband, and because as a synthetic he can’t technically love quite like a human can. The colony appreciate him and Daniels has respect as the captain of the ship they were on, but there are boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed, surely.

Daniels doesn’t give a fuck. “I don’t give a fuck,” she tells him with a shrug.

Walter does love her - perhaps not like humans love, but there is definite love.

Synthetics, of course, cannot have children; he worries that this means Dany will miss out on something in life, something necessary. Daniels doesn’t care - she and Jacob would have had children, granted, but it’s not the most important thing to her. She would be happy just with his companionship.

(They do later adopt one of the embryos that had been on the ship; Walter is programmed in a way that means he is amazing with children of all ages. Daniels just enjoys watching him interact with all of the children on the planet, their adopted one included)

Unlike David, who tried to create fauna, Walter grows flora - plants. He has his own little section near the cabin that he now shares with Daniels, growing plants for consumption and because they add to the aesthetic for the land. He creates new variations of plants - and wonders if this means he is just like David.

Daniels assures him he’s nothing like David - she has nightmares of David and his touch, but it is Walter who calms her.

Once Upon a Time stars tease new dangers in Wish Realm

Once Upon a Time‘s trip to the Wish Realm got really complicated in the winter finale — and the danger ratchets when the show returns on Sunday.

During the winter finale, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) found herself in the Wish Realm, a land in which she never became the Savior. In order to wake her from her reverie, Regina (Lana Parrilla) crushed the hearts of Queen Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and King David (Josh Dallas), making her the most wanted woman in the land.

Fortunately, Emma woke up. Unfortunately, their escape from the Wish Realm was interrupted by the arrival of Robin (Sean Maguire), who in this world is still very much alive. When the ABC fairy tale drama returns on Sunday, the Outlaw Queen reunion will take a quick turn as the palace guards, led by a vengeful Prince Henry (Jared Gilmore), aim to make the Evil Queen pay.

“We have to find a way out, and we have several people after us because they all think Regina’s really the Evil Queen,” Morrison tells EW. “She’s sought out as being this terrible person, so now Henry is after her trying to kill her. The danger is the entire kingdom is after us, and we’re just trying to figure out how to get back out to stop this weirdness.”

Despite being hunted, Regina may not actually want to leave now that she’s seen Robin again. But this isn’t the Robin that OUAT fans remember — this version is not Robin Hood, but Robin of Locksley. “Regina’s dominated by her emotions most of the time, and seeing Robin really shook her up,” Parrilla says. “She’s in a position where she has to figure out what she’s going to do with that relationship, and even though he’s not real, she has questions and she needs them answered. One of them is, ‘Was Robin better off without her?’ That’s her quest in the winter premiere. There’s still a part of her that is really hopeful.”

But facing off against her son may prove more difficult for Regina. “Killing the Charmings, it wasn’t a real sacrifice for Regina,” Parrilla says. “She was really just trying to wake up Emma, but then when Henry comes forward, it’s a whole different ball game. No matter whether Henry’s real or not, it’s still her son, so she can’t even fathom the thought of hurting him on any level. I think the real danger for them is getting trapped there.”


Classic Rock Fandom Gothic

I know this meme has been done to death, but elysianrain​ and I made this after we realized no one had done a version for the classic rock fandom- which, let’s be honest, is fertile ground for the weird and spooky.

  • You brush the beaded curtains aside and gaze wistfully out of your window. ‘When will my husband return from tour,’ you whisper softly to yourself, clutching a handful of his letters from the road. It doesn’t matter that he died more than forty years ago. He will come back to you.
  • “What is today’s date?” your classmate asks innocuously. You know it is March 15th, 1975. Or is it 1969? 1972? Time has lost all meaning.
  • You still find glitter from after-parties past on your belongings, shining like the memories of your gilded former life. You brush some glitter off your faux-suede sleeve and remember the feeling of David Bowie’s arms around you.
  • You’re singing along to your favorite record. The needle has long since reached the run-out groove, but you keep singing, oblivious to the pops and scratches of the vinyl. You know what comes next, the words and the tune that no one alive has heard. After all, he wrote it for you.
  • Faded ticket stubs litter your desk. Most are worn with age and completely illegible now, but you can tell with a glance where and when they came from. The memories you have of these concerts, long before you were born, mean more to you than the names and dates ever could.
  • Yellowing posters threaten to fall off of your walls at any moment, but they stay up, as if to humor your perseverance. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Paul McCartney wink at you from high above your bed.
  • Play the records backwards and they will tell you their secrets. The voices of the long-dead cry out to you from grooves in the vinyl. You cannot understand their words, but the meaning is clear. Save us..
  • The seams on your thrift-store clothes are coming undone yet again, and the fabric itself is frayed and faded. You receive curious glances from those around you, but they wouldn’t understand. They weren’t there, but your clothes were. Your clothes understand.
  • You can’t help but laugh as your long-lost beau recounts one of his on-tour antics. You hear someone call your name and slip the bookmark back into place, annoyed that you’ve been pulled yet again from the world where you truly belong.
  • A loud crash awakens you in the middle of the night. As you look through your window for the source of the sound, you notice your TV, smashed to pieces on the ground outside. How did that happen?
  • You’re living in the past, they tell you. The Cavern Club, the Marquee, the UFO- all these places ceased to exist before you were even born. But you know the truth. You’ve made better memories in these long-gone concert venues than you ever did in the 21st century. You plan on going back tonight. I hear the Doors are going to be playing.
  • They say no one truly dies until they are forgotten. Your house is full of ghosts. They celebrate your triumphs, echo your woes, and hold your hand during good times and bad.

Some Zombie Dad stuff (AU by @that-one-strange-geek)

Zombie David is (of course) a stinky boy. You kinda can’t be a zombie and not be smelly. And that kind of makes it hard for him to hug people who are still alive (mainly Max. Specifically Max) because they’re too busy with trying not to be disgusted with the zombie smell. Not that Max minds all that much, he kind of grows used to the smell after a while, but David’s still really self-conscious about it.

They come across an abandoned gas station at some point. It’s mostly looted of food and the like, but there’s plenty of air fresheners (sprays, the little tree ones you hang from your car windows, even some finely-scented dryer sheets) so Max decides to grab some of them for David, who is DELIGHTED! There’s so many nice smells, and so many different ones! He hangs a few of the little trees from his ears and stuffs some of the dryer sheets into his pockets. He smells so nice now!

Max rolls his eyes at how silly David looks with little trees hanging from his ears and his pockets overflowing with dryer sheets, but honestly, he’s glad David’s feeling better about himself. He also makes a note to grab more nice-smelling things whenever they loot a place, just so David doesn’t run out.

  • (Watching the Lion King, when I thought a camp camp version of the scene after Mufasa's death)
  • Max: David?…..David c'mon, you gotta get up. (nudges David) David, we gotta go back to camp! (tries shaking him lightly. When he doesn’t he looks around) Help! Somebody!…..Anybody….help.
  • Daniel: Max, what have you done?
  • Max: It was...Cameron and he tried to save me...it was an accident, I didn't mean for it to happen.
  • Daniel: Of course not, no one ever means for these things to happen. But David is dead, and if it weren't for you he'd still be alive. What will Gwen and the others think?
  • Max: What am I gonna do?
  • Daniel: Run away Max, run, run far away and never return.
Has David tried to make Elizabeth immortal?

In the Advent video, David makes reference to some experiments he attempted to do before Elizabeth’s ultimate refusal for “cooperation” and the subsequent murder of the woman. He says: “I tried so desperately to make her more than human. Evolved. but without her cooperation I had to salvage her parts to begin work on my masterpiece”.

I think this may implies that David tried to make Elizabeth a “superior” organism, to make her… immortal, maybe because David had some plans about spending his existence with her. Why not? He affirms he has loved her (and his emotions were true), Fassbender said David is “really an old romantic”, and in the same Advent video, David implies that they (he and Elizabeth) could have re-built everything on Planet 4 (re-built life), could have built a “second Eden”. We have to be careful: this doesn’t necessarily requires Elizabeth’s immortality, because David could have just used her body to produce new creatures and then killed her off to make “a second Eden”: the Eden is the place of the creation; he didn’t necessarily needed her alive to “built anew”, to built a “second Eden”. However, the things David says in the Advent video, suggest that the A.I tried to convince Elizabeth to cooperate with him alive, and only after her refusal he was “forced” to kill her. I think we’ll never entirely know the truth, but that’s not so bad: this way there is “mystery” behind David’s experiments, and so, there is still mystery behind the origins of the Xenomorph itself. Reading the early script for Alien: Covenant (the one written by John Logan in 2015), I have found an interesting scene that makes us think, again, like in the Advent video, that David’s original plan was to make Elizabeth immortal (and if we think about it… in Prometheus Weyland ordered David to experiment with the black goo probably because he hoped it would have turned out an useful substance to make him live longer… ). Here’s the text from the early script:


Meanwhile, upstairs… 

DANIELS is loading her pack. She stops for a moment. Her eyes resting on her wedding ring … She gently touches it. The pain still real. She glances up– Gasps. Shocked. DAVID is standing there. Just watching. Intently. 


“Didn’t mean to startle you. My apologies”.


“Don’t worry about it”. 


“But you must be used to having men look at you”.

He smiles, an attempt at charm that doesn’t come off. Something menacing in his unwavering gaze now. She’s wary of him in any case. He approaches. Tension between them.


“Do you know where Walter is?” 


“I’m not my brother’s keeper”.




“Would you deny me that? … Just another machine, eh, Danny?”

He’s closer now. She subtly moves around a table to keep her distance.


“I think of him as my brother. You certainly appreciate the significance of family: I saw you looking at your wedding ring. Shame about Jacob”.

Her eyes snap to him. Cold fire.


“Walter says he burned. Right in front of you. Eye to eye. That must have been… disquieting”.


“What did you do to Doctor Shaw?”


Loved her”.


“Killed her”.


“No. Loved her enough to want to make her immortal. Like me”.

She stares at him. Her fingers quietly feeling for a weapon that’s on the table…


“I learned so much with Elizabeth. But I’ll do better next time. Now that I have such a fetching subject”.

He gently reaches out and brushes the hair from her face. She doesn’t flinch a muscle, just stares at him, sickened. Her hand inching toward the weapon… 

Then before the whole “I see why Walter thougth so much of you” scene and before he kisses her (“passionately”) David seems to explain what he was saying before about his experiments on Elizabeth:


“You won’t mind terribly, will you? Being the first of a new breed? A new species we could say… and when the moment comes, if it makes it easier for you, you can close your eyes and call me “Jacob”.

As I wrote before, we’ll probably never know what exactly were the original plans of David and why and how they slightly changed because of Elizabeth’s refusal of cooperation. One thing is probable, because it’s implied in the Advent video and “repeated” in the early script of Alien: Covenant: David originally didn’t want to kill Elizabeth. When David says, in this early script, that he loved her so much to want her to be “immortal”, it’s not totally impossible that he meant “immortal through my art and my creations”, but I think it’s more probable he was really implying he tried to give her a much longer lifespan, also because in the early script he adds: “immortal - like me”.

CS ff: “We Got Us” (au)

onceuponaprincessworld said: Hi!!!! I don’t know if you accept prompts but if you do, could you write a cs ff secret dating au??? 

A/N: Once upon a time, back when I practically first joined tumblr, @onceuponaprincessworld sent me this prompt and waited patiently. And finally, the wait is over. (Title from a lyric in OneRepublic’s “Something I Need”)

Rating: The first scene is sex, so this is pretty damn M.

Word Count: 17.2k

Summary: How they got together is mostly a run-of-the-mill story. Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. A strange and complicated courtship followed. All that really matters to either of them is that they’re happy. They’re in love. They’re miles away from anyone who cares if they are in a relationship or not. And that only matters because no one that knows either of them would ever expect them to be in a relationship in the first place. Perhaps it would be easier if their brothers weren’t best friends. It’s the easiest separation between family and relationship that either of them has ever had. 

Which means that it can’t last, of course.

Now with AO3 and FFN links!

“Fuck, Killian.” Emma’s voice is muffled by the pillow she’s pushed her face into, up on her knees as he pushes steadily into her from behind. Double bad days at work have led here, but that’s what tends to happen when students don’t listen and parents are entitled and you put a criminology professor and a high school history teacher in the same relationship. They’ll get back to the lovey-dovey bullshit when both of their tempers have calmed the fuck down and their adrenaline levels are back to normal. But for now, this is all they can manage. “Harder,” she commands, even if it seems as if she’s at his mercy.

Killian’s day was bad enough that he just grunts in response, overruling his love for talking dirty during sex as he obliges. His fingers tighten on her hip, and his thrusts speed up as he starts chasing release. One hand moves around her front to ensure she comes before he does, but it’s the most considerate thing either of them has done since they got to the bedroom. In response, she moves one hand to grip the one still on her hip and she hears the broken noise that comes from him at the gesture.

It’s almost simultaneous when they climax, one following the other, neither really sure which could call first as their bodies finally collapse on the bed in a heap of spent energy. He makes sure to fall next to her, their hands still clasped, and he uses his grip to drag her closer. Their eyes finally meet as he gathers her into his arms, a small smile peeking out of the furrowed brows and pursed lips that she thought may be permanent when he first walked in the door.

For both of them, it’s like suddenly flipping a switch. Emma props up on her elbow for a moment, kissing him as tenderly as if they had just made love, like there isn’t a red mark where she’d commanded him to spank her ten minutes prior, before she settles in against his side once more.

“Hi,” she finally says.  “Welcome home from school.” She fixates on a bead of sweat working its way down his temple as he reaches for the hair that’s escaped from her braid to twirl it between his fingers.

He hums in response, instead of rehashing the fact that neither of them had spectacular days, and lets his eyes roam her face. “What shall we make for dinner tonight, love?” They don’t need to revisit the fact that two of Killian’s star students got in a fight outside his classroom door, both earning suspensions and losing all the progress they’d made since the beginning of the year. They don’t need to go over the authority problems Emma is having in her college classrooms, with a student doing everything he can to crawl under her skin with emotional manipulation.

And it may have been bad when they both got home, but now it’s just another day for them. Work always follows them home, but this kind of welcome means they can at least shove the unpleasant moments to the side to regroup and start again.

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Javid Titanic AU - Part 19

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Remember when I said there wasn’t going to be another chapter of this for a couple of days? Apparently I lied - whoops. I promise I will write something else soon :’)

Content warning for homophobic slurs and minor physical violence.

Jack struggled a little as they handcuffed him to a steam pipe in the Masters at Arms’ office on E Deck, not quite angry enough to lash out and elbow someone in the face but pretty damn close. They were just crewmen doing their job, after all. He and Davey had done something that was, as far as the law was concerned, inexcusable. But the law was bullshit, because who was allowed to tell him what he was and wasn’t allowed to do in bed with another consenting adult. Yelling that at White Star Line staff probably wasn’t going to make much of a difference.

As soon as their detainee was suitably restrained, the harried stewards left– something Jack was pretty sure he could chalk up to after-effects of the iceberg – leaving him alone with the Master at Arms. He was expecting silence, maybe to be read his rights if he even had any. But of course, that wasn’t what he got.

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Yo Yo Yo Okay so I know everyone is really into time travel aus rn (shout out to papanorth you don’t know me but your tuckington shit is life and you are bae) but I legit just have to share an idea I have.

So like legit because of some war weather it be chorus or a made up one most of the Reds and Blues die.  Like Wash is dead and so is everyone else except for like Tucker and a few other people.

And the remaining reds and blues discover some alien Tech that they learn can take them back in time and when deciding who should go they decide Tucker because he has the most experience. And originally they plan on him going back to before the war to give war tatics and insight or to straight up tell everyone NO WE ARE NOT FIGHTING, RUN AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE but of course Tucker ends up going too far into the freelancer project.

And at this point Tucker has seen most of his friends die so he’s worn and broken and seeing Carolina and Wash in these younger forms doesn’t help at all because this Carolina isn’t the understanding and caring Carolina that he has gotten to know and this Wash isn’t the Wash he fell in love with.

And Tucker doesn’t know what to do but he’s smart enough to know not to fuck with time so he just kinda goes along with whatever anyone wants.  Like the Director knows he’s from the future but Tucker just fucking lies really hard when he asks the serious questions like “I have no idea what project freelancer is fam???” “Yeah I mean I work in Blood Gulch we’ve legit been doing nothing for like 10 years trust me”

So they have him stay there because the Director wants to know more about the future (Maybe they make him a freelancer in training, I don’t know) but everyone is really interested in him especially North and York and Tucker tries to keep ti himself but he ends up befriends North, York, South, CT and stuff, especially North and York and after an outburst Tucker has York asks about what his life was like, not the future but like friends and shit.   Tucker goes on and on about the Reds and Blues and all the stupid fun shit they do, never bringing up details on the ‘missions’ they’ve been on, and never mentioning Carolina, Wash or Tex. But eventually he starts mentioning that he has a boyfriend, and when he talks about Wash he’ll only say “My boyfriend”.  When they ask his name he doesn’t tell them because he doesn’t “Want them looking him up and fucking shit up” (eventually he ends up confessing this his boyfriend died.  Also just fyi he ends up staying there for awhile, like, a year)

And it starts getting really painful for Tucker seeing Washington everyday, because this Washington, David as he calls me because he feels weird using Wash for someone whos nothing like the Wash he remembers, is so happy and carefree.  Tucker starts feeling that maybe his Wash was never truly happy, that the happiness that David expresses is his true happiness and then after freelancer he was never able to get that again.  And he knows logically Wash loved him but he begins thinking that it was just Wash making the best out of a bad situation, because when David tries to talk to him and when he makes Tucker smile or laugh, Tucker always does this kinda sad smile, where he’s happy sure, but it’s also reminding him of a sad memory, which he knew Wash use to do the exact same thing all the time.

And Tucker starts feeling guilty about having fun with North and York and everyone because he feels like he’s betraying the fact that his friends are dead and he hasn’t even had the chance to bury them or his boyfriend and here he is just having fun and enjoying himself and- Shit is this what Wash felt like all the time?

And that REALLY gets him thinking because Tucker feels like utter shit and begins getting super depressed and then Tucker decided that he’s gonna fix things.  He’s gonna make it so that Wash get’s the life that he was meant to have, even if it means that he won’t be in it.

Meanwhile David is lowkey falling for Tucker hard.  Because the despite the shit that Tucker is going through he still smiles and is kind and makes stupid jokes, but there are times where he’s just gone, just away in his own thoughts and he looks so sad, and David just wants to be there for him and also figure him out.

Okay okay this is dragging on but long story short, Tucker set’s shit into place so that the tragedy that befell freelancer never happens, but he just needs to spill EVERYTHING to someone.  He decided to do it to one of the people it will effect the most, and chooses Carolina because he knows David is in love with him and he kinda loves him too but he’s also like “He’s not the same” and he really doesn’t want to put this much pressure on him.

Carolina flips and is like “Ima gonna tell the director” and Tucker is like “Pft okay do it.” because he literally has nothing to loose if he dies here he has already lost everything.  Finally Carolina is just like “No you know what this never happened” and she just leaves

So Tucker tells DAVID EVERYTHING and informs him on how to avoid it and finally after all that David just looks at him dumbfounded and hes like “Alright let’s pretend for a second your not crazy and this is all real, what will happen to you?” And Tucker didn’t think about it really so he’s like. 

“I don’t know, maybe I’ll go home and the Red’s and the Blue’s are still alive, maybe nothing will change and everyone still dead, or maybe I’ll be dead.”

“But would you be happy?”

And Tucker is caught of guard and he tries to cover it up with a joke “Well if I’m dead then I don’t have to worry about that lol.” and David just kinda glares so Tucker follows up with “What does it even matter?”

“It matters to me.” and then David pauses. “Why can’t you just stay here with us? Everyone likes you enough, you fit in well, and-”

And Tucker just kinda looses it like “You don’t really know me” “I’ve lied to you this entire time” “I miss my Wash but you’ll never be him” “Why won’t you just let me do this for you?” 

And finally, just to make extra sure that David actually fucking goes through with it he tells him how he doesn’t actually love David he just misses Wash and he needed something to fill the gap, even though that’s a lie because he ended up falling in love with David to.

And he just fucking leaves, he goes back to his timeline (Because he found a way to go back home sometime during this time) and when he wakes up he’s in a hospital.  He’s trying to piece everything together and he sees Wash at his side and he feels happy but then also fear and sadness, and before he can ask “Why the fuck are you here” everyone comes in saying they were worried about him.

Finally at night when him and Wash are alone Tucker asks him “Why are you here”. Washington is confused at first but then finally it sinks in and he smiles and he says “So is that where you went? I wasn’t sure when you’d actually do it, go back in time, but I knew it would happen eventually.” and Tucker is crying because other then everyone being dead, everything is the same and he asks him why he didn’t listen to him.

And then Washington just says. “Before you told me everything, whenever you would smile it wasn’t a real smile.  It was a smile sure, but it was always sad.  I always thought that, that I wanted to see you smile for real, I wanted to know what that looked like.  When you talked to me that day, I realized that the reason you couldn’t smile that way was because of me- or well, the meet at the time, and that you probably always smiled like that around future me.  Despite all you said, you were willing to sacrifice everything, even your life, so that I could have a ‘better ending’.  And then I thought, if the person that I date in the future was willing to do all that for me, then the future can’t really be that bad, can it?”

And Tucker just kinda losses it and cries in his arms and talks about how much he misses him.

I’m sorry this is super long but I NEEDED TO LET THIS OUT

Batman Vol 1 605: Courage

Rejoice, everyone! The Bruce Wayne – Fugitive storyline is finally coming to an end!

We begin this issue with Bruce apologizing to both Vesper (for getting murdered just to ruin him) and to Dick, for hitting him and yelling at him. Good job, Bruce! Meanwhile, Alfred, Tim, Barb and Cass are waiting for him in the Batcave. Bruce’s sudden case of empathic awesomeness continuous as he arrives and apologizes to the others, while also thanking them for coming at his call. A+, Bruce. He recounts all the evidence they gathered, plus some details he found out himself, and finally reveals that it was Lex Luthor, who wanted Bruce Wayne destroyed, but not dead, as revenge for busting his big plans in No Man’s Land and pretty much being a pain in his ass ever since. The man he hired decided he could use the opportunity to bring down Batman as well, and it was none other than… David Cain, Cass’ father.
Batdad: 18

Cass is shocked that Cain is still alive. What she doesn’t know is that he’s not just alive; he has also received most of his money for the hit and is about to kill Bruce Wayne’s bodyguard, Bordeaux, as well. Bruce knows where, and not only does he tell the others how much they mean to him, he also asks Cass to sit this one out because of her history with Cain. And so the boys go to take down Cain, while Oracle and Batgirl watch their progress from the cave. They run into decoy after decoy and Cass eventually skips out on Oracle. Unfortunately, Cain was anticipating a trap… and returned to the cave.
Batdad: 19

Cain reveals that he also hacked their comms while he was breaking into the cave and attacks Barbara, but Bruce arrives to save her. He wants to know if the fact that he stole Cain’s daughter from him is the reason why Cain wants him destroyed, but Cain explains that he knows Cass is lost to him. However, as soon as he heard it was Bruce Wayne that he was supposed to kill, he connected the dots. He wanted to test Bruce to see if he would turn to his family for help, like any good man would, but instead Bruce revealed himself as selfish and weak.
Batdad: 20

Bruce does not take that well and is about to beat Cain into a stain on the floor until Cass arrives. Bruce relents and leaves, while Cass talks her father into handing himself in to the police to clear Bruce Wayne’s name.

Someone: “Well, the clothing of the time period suggests that this fantasy actually took place during this century, so it would be impossible for–”

Nerd, there’s a woman shooting ice from her fingertips and a girl whose tears can bring back the dead, time periods don’t mean diddly when you get wizards involved, a world with magic and trolls could learn how to cheaply mass-produce clothes and therefore change fashion quickly. 

Furthermore, if Frozen did take place in the 1830s, we wouldn’t be seeing crossbows and broadswords, we’d be seeing flintlocks and rapiers.

I’ve watched a TV show where a warrior princess saw the baby Jesus shortly after helping David beat Goliath, and I think she met with Cleopatra or Helen of Troy, and I loved it all. If this TV show with unbreakable rocks and raccoons and Asian children and crossbows and pirate ships wants to eventually mention the ice-throwing queen to the north (who canonically would not be known yet, her parents are still keeping her hidden because of her powers, and they’re still alive because they haven’t gone to the wedding, so…), then that’s fine. It’s not gonna happen because continuity, but don’t you go stepping on my conspiracy board.

Alive (Washington x Freelancer!Reader)

Requested by @rvb-and-marvel-shit, my dear friend I’M THE WORST IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO WRITE THIS 

Prompt #110 It’s a hobby of mine to prove you wrong. 

With the alive members of the Blues and Reds in prison, and Locus went gone, you thanked heavens as soon as you heard Washington was fine. He was alive. 

Well, he was known for his survival skills…and for being such a dork. 

As soon as you were on Chorus you rushed to the General Hospital, wanting nothing more but to see him. To touch him. 

To fucking punch him for being such an idiot. 

Dr. Grey finally let you see him after a while when he was almost fully healed. And you silently walked into the white room, listening to the beeping of the machines. 

He was awake, looking tired, with a white bandage covering his neck. Wash gave you a weak smile. 

As soon as you saw him you felt the tears forming in your eyes. “…You’re alive…” Your smile was big, and you rushed to stand next to him, holding his hand. 

“I thought you were gone…” Your voice was broken, and soon you violently sobbed, covering your mouth with your free hand. “…I thought you were dead, David…” 

Wash laced your fingers together, his thumb rubbing circles on your skin and he spoke with a low-raspy voice. “It’s a hobby of mine to prove you wrong, (State Name)”

Careful of not hurting him, you pressed your face against his neck, pressing a kiss to his cheek. “I fucking hate you, you moron!” You cried, pressing a series of kisses to his face.  

“I’m here…” He whispered with his hand now caressing your hair. “I’m alive…”

You lifted your face to see him, he still looked really tired and weak, after having you all frozen in a room to die. You finally planted a kiss on his lips, shyly, like he was going to disappear at any second.

“You are…” You told yourself, with your globed hand caressing his face and his hair slowly. “You are alive…”

Another kiss to his lips and you parted when you heard the other’s voices. 

“Guys, seriously, Caboose is here, he doesn’t need to see this.” Tucker’s grin was wide and smug, and you knew he was about to say something else before someone stopped him. 

“Woah! The cop has a girlfriend/boyfriend?! That’s hot!” 

Wash visibly rolled his eyes at that, but he smiled, and he kept smiling when the others approached to see and ask how he was and if he was feeling better. 

Minutes later, they left, knowing that you wanted a few minutes alone with your boyfriend. 

You kissed his cheek, and then his forehead, still holding his hand like your life depended on it. “Please…stay alive.” 

“For you…I will.” 

Popola’s Story Arc

My friend @seventhstartravel asked me to write up a summary of Popola’s backstory. I was at a bit of a loss, since I had been cultivating her story for a little over two years now, but haven’t really done anything formal for it. This is pretty rough and barebones, but I made a basic timeline for anyone who’s interested!

Starts under the cut <3

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Welp. I finished the Alien: Covenant book and hoo boy does it not bode well for what happened to Elizabeth - especially as the same author is in charge of writing the Prometheus/Alien: Covenant prequel book which we can only assume will link directly to this one given as it’s going to be an official release.

Spoilers under the cut, but…it’s painful. Might I instead suggest thinking on the fact that the Shavid ship name in reverse could be written as “Da’aw” to keep it as sweet as the Youtube prequel video suggested it was?

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fillyreports  asked:

Okay so that Teen!AU made me think of something terrible: Jasper lives through camp Campbell but dies towards the end of highschool (I'm thinking car crash, but regardless) and after that David and s/o get close in their mourning and just,,, you can't pull these two apart,,,,, they become each others comfort objects </3

THIS IS SO ANGSTY AND SAD??? WHHY???!!! Well, I hope you enjoy this beautiful dose of pain- Rain

TW: Death mention

David hadn’t expected his senior year to end like this.

And he knew Jasper hadn’t been expected the eight-wheeler to ram right into the car that night two weeks before. They had been driving home from the final football game of the season, luckily Y/n, David’s s/o, was going home with someone else. David couldn’t bear the thought of his love being gone too. He had woken up about three weeks later, to find his leg and arm broken, and his best friend dead.

For a while it didn’t click, his brain couldn’t seem to accept it. Jasper couldn’t be dead, Jasper was just at the Sonic, picking up food. He would be back, David had known. Or- he wanted to have known. But the fragile hope of his best friend being alive had been shattered when Y/n came in, eye bags and messy clothes, crying and croaking out “I thought I was going to lose you too.”

The two had cried together, sobbing and aching as they held eachother. Y/n kept kissing him, holding him as gently as they could. Neither of them knew how long they sat like that, but soon after the two had fallen asleep.

That was two months ago. And now, David sat on the bed, staring at himself in the mirror. His mother had bought him a black suit, nothing too expensive but still sharp. Sharp enough for his best friend’s funeral. He snorted, closing his eyes. He was still using crutches, but the doctors had told him they might be able to take it off early.

A knock on the door. “Come in, Mom.” David said turning. It wasn’t his mother, it was Y/n. They were wearing a stunning black blazer/dress and offered a soft smile. “Hey.” They said, stepping into the room, joining him on the bed. He put his head face into their neck, wrapping his arms around them. “I miss him.”

They stroked his head, burying their face into his hair. “I know love, me too.” Silence took over the room, only interrupted as the two teens changed positions and laid with each other on the bed. “You know we’ll have to leave soon, right David?” Y/n muttered into his chest. He nodded, “But not right now. I just…you know I love you more than anything right?

Y/n seemed surprised at the question but nodded. “And I do too, every day since you’ve woken up I’ve been aware of how important you are too me.” The two stared at eachother. Two years ago, they both would’ve been red-faced and awkwardly holding sweaty palms. But now, now things were different. They were natural, in sync with eachother’s minds and bodies.

David kissed them, soft and tender. They cupped his cheek, silently wiping away the tears rolling down his cheeks. He reached and wiped their tears away too. Though their trio was no longer a trio, the two broken teens would never let that stop them.

Another knock on the door, “David, Y/n sweetie, it’s time to go now.” David’s mother. The two stood up, adjusting their hair and clothes. “For Jasper,” Y/n said, grabbing his hand. David clutched it tight, “For Jasper.” They hugged once more, before walking out.

The ghost of Jasper watched his two best friends go, smiling at their backs. “I’m sorry to leave you like this, guys.” He whispered, tears running down his cheeks. “But thanks,

For everything.”

That said, these lines of Tony’s allow me happy AU headcanon hope: “I’m gonna take Tali to Israel. Look for some answers. Then I’m gonna take her to Paris. Ziva loves Paris.”

Loves, not loved.

Therefore, Tony was clearly late because Ziva managed to contact him and let him know that she is still alive but that he can’t tell anyone. Clearly.

He and Tali are going to meet up w/ her in Paris, after picking up some of Ziva’s belongings that she had to leave in Israel.

*nods firmly*

Overwatch Character Playlists

So I’ve spent the last few weeks compiling some of my favorite music to all the playable characters in Overwatch.  The playlists can be found on Spotify by clicking HERE and going to the “Public Playlists” tab.

Each playlist has 10 songs and is roughly 30-45 minutes.  Most are lyrical, although there are some instrumental songs mixed in.  Each playlist ends with a song that has something to do with the character’s ultimate ability (whether it be the song title matches the ultimate name, or the song gives off a vibe of how you feel while using the ultimate).

Below the Keep Reading tab I’ve put the track lists and links to each individual playlist.

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