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tfw athena’s ability is that she can hear hearts and when she slyly brings up maya all of a sudden (for some reason) and looks at phoenix, she makes this face

and the scene is immediately followed by this

before going to the maya scene

‘David Bowie was a paedophile/rapist/whatever’ Discourse is like the epitome of Uncomfortable Stuff tbh because on the one hand on principle I think it’s a bad idea to dismiss or disbelieve potential rape victims, but at the same time from what I’ve heard about Lori Maddox she has apparently told stories about having dated and/or had underage sex with a number of old rock and roll people, including Iggy Pop and some wrinkly old fuck from Led Zeppelin, and she was deep in that whole creepy groupie culture where underage girls were encouraged to try to make themselves look older to get with rock stars??? And everything we actually know about David Bowie suggests that he would never have KNOWINGLY had sex with an underage girl (he once fired his tour manager guy for sending a bunch of teenage girls up into his hotel room, and publicly cut ties with/ denounced some musician who was outed as a paedophile). And I just can’t stand the idea that David Bowie is considered by some people to fall into the same category as confirmed abusers/serial rapists like John Lennon

I just feel really uncomfortable every time it’s brought up tbh because even though in all likelihood it’s probably not true, it’s firmly enough in some people’s minds that it makes me feel really anxious and guilty for liking David Bowie 


In @crankgameplays‘s Snakepass video he brought up a nightmare he had as a wee boi about a giant snake strangling him. And for some reason I decided to depict the snake back for revenge. I dunno, I’m tired. Noodle attempting to eat a blueberry or something. Always ask first.

Parrot Keeping

I don’t get it.

People want to get a single parrot because if they get two then the parrot won’t like them as much.

But then they don’t want the parrot to view them as a mate.

What did you expect? You got a pet in which most species mate for life. Their lives revolve around their mate, preening their mate, feeding their mate, having sex with their mate, raising babies with their mate, driving away competitors from their mate, and yes, spending their entire life with their mate.

You prime them for this situation by you or a housemate being the only ones available, and then freak out when they want to do this to you. It’s natural. It’s not bad. Your parrot isn’t misbehaving, it isn’t a bad bird just because you are keeping a wild animal in a captive situation where it just wants to do what every feather on its body is telling it to do. Stop treating it like such, stop punishing them for displaying mating behaviors.

Do what you signed up for by getting a single bird or work to get your bird a feathered mate. That doesn’t mean buying the first bird at the pet store you see and throwing them in a cage together and wondering why they don’t like each other. That means becoming a match maker and setting up play dates, or even consider rehoming your bird to someone who can.

Stop buying parrots and expecting these wild animals to be pets. They’re not. We’re on the way to domesticating birds like budgies, cockatiels, love birds, Indian ring necks…but we’re still so far from being able to keep them happy and healthily easily like we are with chickens and pigeons who thrive with us. Hell, starlings make better pets than parrots since at least they often choose to be with us.

And please, when you’re researching any animal don’t do a quick google search. Talk to as many people as possible, both new owners and experienced owners.

yeahhsowhatever  asked:

OH MY GOD YOUR OLDER BOKURO IS SO, UGH, I DON'T KNOW. I JUST LOVE THE WAY YOU DREW THEM WITH THE BABY. SO, IT'S TIME FOR SOME QUESTIONS: 1.Is it a girl or a boy? 2.Do you have any headcanons for the baby? 3.How would Bokuto and Kuroo be with their kids?

But that’s literally all I have to give you, this seriously wasn’t supposed to be more than just that one drawing haha