if convenient


Elizabeth trotted to keep up with Ruben’s gait, she called up the stairs behind him, hoping that her mother and the children weren’t in to hear them, that Dawn was still collecting Penny from school. She followed him to the upstairs landing.

Elizabeth: “Ruben, you can’t just keep walking away. We need to talk about this.”

Ruben: “Not like you’ve wanted to talk about it before. It’s convenient you want to talk right after someone rumbled you.”

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Musical JD is shook that movie JD doesn't love Veronica and then he sees movie V and is like "how are you the same as my angel gf???" And musical Veronica would just be thinking about how it would be really convenient if she could be as apathetic and detached as her movie counterpart because her life would be a hell of a lot easier

i relate to musical veronica

musical jd might be thrown off but be real he’d still be all over movie Veronica. “this is my gf, she’s damaged and cold but shes still my gf. i love my two gfs”

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(@virtually-daily-porygon-z for #floraball2017): "Oh how convenient! You already grow flowers on your neck, right?" Proto chirped as they approached Shaymin. "But I guess that's not the kind of flower you're giving away, huh? That wouldn't last long. ^v^; Anyway, would you like a Corona flower?" They pulled an orange flower from their suit and presented it to the Shaymin. (PS I really like the way you draw Shaymin, it's really cute! ^u^)

“I love your costume! Please accept this Gracidea flower in return.”


(Thank you so much ; v ; I absolutely adore you account <3)

Bad attempt at derailing because you /know/ this happens way more in sheith art than any klance. @the-thief-fell-and-said (conveniently blocked us)

You ship sheith, otayuri and support killing stalking. Yikes :/ Now that’s ugly… @cariciousuke (also conveniently blocked us before we could reply)

If you’re gonna take a shit on our posts then at least have the guts to stand by your shit when we respond. Tragic.

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Can't wait for Harry to interact with HR, hopefully more in the second parter - in which I assume Harry gets rescued back to Earth 1 and the gorillas also come to attack Central City. It'll be fun to see Harry get super annoyed with HR but in the end, maybe it will help if Harry gives HR a pep talk of sorts.... in which later HR can save the day with one of his ideas - hopefully a Wells team-up, yah!

Yeah, I assume in part 1 Harry will be on Earth-2 and HR will be on Earth-1, except for maybe the end. Probably in 3x14 they’ll conveniently be in different places most of the time too, but I can definitely see a pep talk coming out of it, maybe a thanks for looking after Jesse in some way. HR might feel pretty down now that Action Hero Wonder Boy Harry is back - basically like having a twin brother who’s smarter and more athletic than you.

What I would loooove to happen is HR making a suggestion and Harry saying “I agree with HR.” And HR almost falls over in shock. 

Also: Harry giving HR shooting lessons, given the flashforward.

lmao I love how su stans love to use the “remember its just a kids show” argument whenever its convenient for them