if aria does not end up being a i will be so disappointed

PLL finale thoughts

This is going to be messy sorry…

1. If you know my blog you’ll know I wanted twincer so badly so YAS

Now on to the rest…

2. The biggest thing I’m disappointed with (well this alongside the 3rd point) is that Alex had no solid motive to torture not only Spencer but the rest of the girls. Tbh my memory of the finale is a little fragmented and this may be wrong but her motive was because of Charlotte? Now what did any of the girls even do to her? Charlotte tortured the girls to the point they were close to death several times.

3. WHERE WAS ANY MENTION OF BETHANY YOUNG?!?!!!! How did she end up in Rosewood? Why was she wearing a yellow top and the bracelet? Did Ali know her? I have so many questions surrounding Bethany and I’m so disappointed that we didn’t even get a mention. I had hoped for many seasons that the girls killed Bethany and that would be the motive for AD to go after the girls.

4. FILLERS FILLERS FILLERS! Marlene you had one job and you didn’t do it. Yes I do have favourite ships and yes I am pleased they ended the show in certain couples but honestly the finale was for answers not romance.

5. Why on earth did we even need to wait that long into the episode to have AD revealed

6. The fake Melissa reveal really disappointed me. My other AD suspects were Melissa and Wren so I was pleased with Melissa being AD. To then find out it was fake.

7. Where is mike? You want me to believe Aria didn’t invite her brother to the wedding? What happened to Eddie Lamb?

8. My first ever suspect way back in season 1 was Lucas. For Lucas to have one scene (fucking tap dancing?!?) was really disappointing. Why didn’t we get any further backstory on his relationship with Charlotte.

9. Sara was such an irrelevant character yet Marlene made her relevant to two major plot lines. Yet we get no backstory on her. How she ended up on the A team, how Charlotte recruited her (kidnap, blackmail ??), why did she end up in the Dollhouse? What did she do down there that whole time?

10. This brings me to the Dollhouse. How was that built? Who helped Charlotte build it? Why didn’t anybody question why the hell somebody was building an underground bunker? What happened while the girls were down there? Why haven’t we seen more flashbacks? The idea of the Dollhouse was amazing but Marlene did not use it to its full potential.

11. Why have so many investigations just being dropped? Who do the police think shot Spencer?! Who has noticed Wren is dead?!

12. I had long hoped for a scene with Mary and Veronica. Again Marlene disappoints.

13. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to know what happened after the Alex reveal. Did Spencer tell her parents? What does Melissa know?

14. Mona winning the game is everything. I love that Marlene went for this but honestly so much about it isn’t realistic (I know this is PLL but come on) How did she get them to Paris?!

15. Previous seasons still go unanswered. Why Ali had pictures of Aria? What did Ali do when she was missing? What was up with Garret? What was Fureys role in everything? Marlene said that Furey had apart of the AD story not just as a police officer?! Why was Byron so shady? How was Ezra just writing a book?!? Who grabbed Ali in ravenswood (Ezra)?! Who was the one who had touched the girls who Ali feared the most?

16. I’m going to finish this on a positive note (sort of). The reveal itself was so good. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I just wish it wasn’t as rushed and we had got more of our questions answered.

So many points I could add but I’ll be here forever. I’m gutted PLL has ended like this because so many of our questions will go unanswered. My expectations were so low but I was still disappointed. I want to thank everybody who puts so much time into creating incredible theories. You have made my PLL journey that much better!




- Very predictable that Aria was able to save her ass and retrieve her keys before that cop saw the body and dragged her tiny lying butt to jail.

- Ezra dragging the girls to the ground, pointing out that they’ve all made mistakes they have to live with and Aria is no different. This episode was lacking a snarky comment from Hanna or Alison shading Ezra for being a lying, stalking predator. (I can dream, I just want them to say it out loud again!!!)!!! It’s my aesthetic.

- Directly after a scene where someone hid Aria’s keys in the trunk of her car along with the body, Caleb mentions Aria having spare keys???? Caleb has been so shady this episode like, my heart couldn’t take him being AD, just for the fact of Hanna, her reaction would destroy my soul, I mean she’s targeted the most and Halebs love seems the most pure:(((((

- pie????? And the Alison Varjack / Holly Golightly reference???? HELLO EZRA, I SEE YOU

- Mary Drake is my favourite. I actually love her Idc

- wtffff? We waited so long for that classroom scene only for it to be a gas leak related dream Emily had???? Wtf Marlene really does know how to disappoint

- Why cant Emily tell Alison she loves her? I mean Emily is the one that has been pining over Alison for years and Ali has said it twice, but Emily can’t seem to say it. Marlene just sort your ships out ffs

- ‘You have an alibi, you’re in the clear’ at what point did Aria speak to Ezra about this little prize AD gave Aria? Hmm hmm or should I say, the prize he gave her.

- Are all these scenes of team Spahaleb together to make us as viewers forgive Marlene for the ATROCITY THAT WAS SPALEB??? The whole situation wasn’t fair on any of them.

- Can we just talk about that Mona and Caleb scene for a second, it’s like when they were talking over coffee that time and seemed very comfortable around each other. Well, in that scene or was almost as if Mona was expecting Caleb, as if he were the one she were meeting with. The way Caleb takes control and literally gives Mona a order as if being at an a team meeting.

- wow there’s a secret passageway between the three crows diner and where Charlotte was killed. Ironically, Caleb knows exactly where to look hmmm

- Oh Ezra aren’t you just the biggest hypocrite “I think they gave up the right to be your friends.” Well Ezra Fitz, I think you gave up the right to roam freely after breaking the law and involving yourself with two minors, one of which you built a relationship with on lies, stalked, lied and manipulated whilst writing a book about the other. You my lovely predator can’t say shit.

- Ezra my masters degree In American literature will help me dispose of a body so that the police won’t find it and trace it back to either of us Fitz. Can you please dispose of yourself in prison now thanks


- Wow what another disappointment. Honestly Marlene should get an award for the biggest disappointments. We all really wanted that kissing rock video to have some relevance but nope we can’t have that


- Have I ever mentioned how much I love Troian the director, producer, writer and actress???!! Have I ever documented my love for her talents and screamed to the rooftops about how much this woman deserves the ultimate happiness in life and millions of Grammys??????





- Mona’s the most intelligent person on this show. When the doctors and Alison were blinded by Charlotte and believed that she was getting better, Mona had doubts and she knew that Charlotte wasn’t sorry, she knew that Charlotte was going to start the game again and I seriously don’t believe that Mona had any intent on killing Charlotte, just wanted to scare her.

- 'Not only did you lose the game, you lost the story’ Why does this seem to me that Charlotte is low key hinting at stealing Charles’s story thus not actually being Charles???? I hope. Please Marlene

- Mona is so precious. I’m so in love with her. I want to protect her.

- 'She went back to a safe place. Where she only had to worry about you being mean to her in the cafeteria.’ - Spencer throwing shade at Alison again 2k17. I’m here for it. This also sticks out to me considering they have been shoving this kind version of Alison down our throats since she came back in season 4, and it could totally hint towards the whole Alison we seeing now isn’t actually Alison, reminding us that the bitch still exists


- The relevance of the body being buried in the fake Charles one to me, emphasises Charles being alive and not CECE. Also lmao they go to leave and Tanner turns up. And then Mary drake makes the ultimate sacrifice and CONFESSED TO BOTH MURDERS BUT TANNER JUST FUCKING LETS THE GIRLS LEAVE EVEN THO SHE CAUGHT THEM WITH A SHOVEL LMAO WHAT

- These bitches get away with everything and I’m so fucking done with it. Lock them up. Kill them. I’m done


- don’t ever try to convince me that Mona vanderwaal doesn’t love and care about Hanna Marin. Mona would sacrifice everything for Hanna, and although I love Haleb, IM HERE for Mona and Hanna running away together and having Vandermarin babies ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


I have always wanted Aria to be A but have succumbed to the fact that the writers may not be brave enough to go that route even if there is an amazingly intricate trail of breadcrumbs that could’ve made her one of the most thought out A reveals tracing the clues all the the ay back back to season 1

One can always hope, although hope only breeds eternal misery, does it not? :)

So my predictions are as follows… I think there is a lot more to the town of Rosewood than meets the eye. Marlene and company have been dropping some very interesting and cryptic clues about there being multiple conclusions in the series finale. I think there are only a few ways this could play out. Here is my favorite.

The girls feel like the game is over and begin to go about their normal lives getting married and starting to settle down in their relationships.

I think that there will still be this unsettled feeling amongst them because they still do not know the idenity of A.D. and that will play a big role moving forward even with the game being finished. I think that Spencer will see something that they missed or some clue and start putting everything together and A.D. may be revealed as one of the love interests (Caleb, Ezra etc)

I found it weird that Caleb mentioned Hannah not being able to testify against him after they got married. Also a lot of great blogs here have mentioned his backstory could definitely align with Charles’s backstory, especially since we have never met his mother, he has the same tech skills as A.D./A. He was best friends with Lucas at one point and even roomed with him.

I felt that his recent scene with Mona at the diner could have been him as A.D. testing to see if Mona has really figured out that he was A.D.

For example if A.D. was worried about Mona being hot on their trail they might set up a way to see if she really had discovered their identity. What better way than to go as your normal self (i.e. Caleb Rivers) and see if she reacts and calls you out as the villain. If she seems confused than A.D.’s plan has worked and they can play off the meeting as an accidental and say something like “I followed you here and I demand you tell me who A.D. is” using that to hide the fact that he is indeed A.D. and also confirmation that Mona hasn’t found out A.D.’s true idenity. If Mona had called him out it would still be easy for him to deny everything and also get his friends and Hannah to back him up. So a win win either way.

Aside from the big A.D. Reveal it think that we will see Addison and her friends laying some ground work for a possible spin off or continuing the mythology of Rosewood as Marlene puts it. For example maybe we see Addison and her friends in similar situations to the Liars and getting their own texts from A.

However, I think the big twist that will happen is what everyone is dubbing the “snow globe theory” where the happenings of Rosewood is really all just in someone’s head. Maybe the show took that turn after Mona was committed to Radley at the end of season 2 and everything moving forward is all in her head. She never stopped playing the game even if it’s all in her head she never let it go…. Wouldn’t it be crazy if the girls were chasing A.D. and we had a crazy ending like the movie “The Ward” (Spoilers for the movie “The Ward” don’t read further if you haven’t seen it or care to see it).

In the ward all the main characters start dying off one by one until finally the lead actress wakes up and realizes that she is crazy and that everyone that died were just her multiple personalities dying off as she becomes well again and finally a singular personality.

I could see this happening as the 5 girls faces blur and Mona becomes the clear one holding a snow globe in Radley, it drops to the floor and the girls look up and see snow falling, the audience seeing reality shatter as the snow globe breaks into a millisecond n pieces, realizing that all these events have just been a figment of Mona’s crazy and brilliant mind. This would tie up all the plot holes as Keegan had said the finale does. I may not have the twists and turns exact but I feel it will be very similar to this. The show could come full circle after that and pick up with Rosewood happening outside of Radley in a different alternate reality where Mona is still committed and the girls have long moved on with their lives.

This has been a great ride hasn’t it? We can only be disappointed if we have expectations right? So I am going to let all my theories rest tomorrow and just enjoy the finale for what it is and appreciate the amazing acting and story telling (even if there are a million plot holes) it has been a fantastic journey over the last 7 years. It was wonderful reading everyone’s blogs and theories and I will always have my own alternate universe where Aria is A and is the crazy one pulling all the strings.

Sigh I can’t believe it’s all almost over. Are you guys ready for this? I’m not…. 😪Series finale here we come. 😭😭😭

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Pretty Little Liars is back...

Seriously? That was the tenth last episode EVER of Pretty Little Liars? Nothing important happened. Nothing was answered. These final episodes should be about answering unanswered questions and fixing up plot holes. But instead we got this boring ass episode.

What was with making us believe Toby was dead after the last episode? He was alive and well literally 5 minutes into the episode. And Spencer as well. She was shot and almost died on the last episode and all she has is a sling on her arm.

I’m sorry but I cannot support Haleb anymore. Not after Spaleb happened. What was the fucking point of Spencer and Caleb being together if Hanna and Caleb are just going to end up together? Haleb are so disrespectful. They’re just acting as if nothing happened and that disgusts me.

What was the point of Holden coming back? We haven’t seen him for 5 seasons(I think the last time we saw him was in S2? It’s been so long I barely remember him). And why was he seemingly okay with Ezra and Aria getting married?? He was her high school teacher. I’m not even going to go into how wrong their relationship is.

I could not care less about the whole Nicole storyline. I tune out every time they mention her. It’s such a waste of screen time when they could be actually showing something relevant to the main plot.

So Spencer’s dad got pretty much everyone in Rosewood pregnant. He’s the ultimate fuckboy.

Mary Drake is Spencer’s mother. Which we already found out last episode. They just confirmed it this episode. We didn’t really learn anything new. Apart from I guess what Mrs Hastings told Spencer. But that wasn’t very earth shattering. I pretty much guessed that was the case.

What the fuck is that game?? I just can’t take this show seriously anymore. Are there cameras or something on the models/board?? Like, how the fuck does it even work? I guess technically the show is now set a few years in the future so a game like this might be possible then. But seriously??

I am so sick of the Emily, Ali and Paige love triangle. Just, no.

I’ve been watching this show for so long and may as well keep watching until the end. But I’ve been disappointed time and time again. I keep giving it more chances but am always lets down.

9 more episodes. I can’t wait to finally be free from this train wreck of a show.

715 and 716 recap and thoughts.

First off, I’d like to apologise for being a little inactive lately. This thoughts and theories is a bit delayed, but the episodes weren’t as content heavy (and I mean reveals and answers heavy) as 714 was, which is part of the reason why this was so delayed. ANYWAY, the episodes were still pretty interesting to watch, so let’s talk about it!


- Avataria is seriously so, so cringeworthy. The fact that AD has this amazing technology to do some sort of face-swap with Aria is beyond me. It was seriously so funny, it had me in tears! I love Dark Aria this season though. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted and more.

- Congratulations, Emily and Alison. And also, congratulations to 99.9% of the fandom who predicted that Alison was implanted with Emily’s eggs. I only say this now because this episode gave confirmation that it was in fact Emily’s eggs implanted inside of Ali. This Uber A is twisted and seriously f*cked up.

- Mary Drake likes leaving notes in wine bottles; but has she not heard of texting or calling or something? I feel like they dragged out the confrontation we were imagining between Mary and Spencer by doing this whole “message in a bottle” thing, only to be left disappointed when we don’t even get to see the confrontation happen. “You brought the police. I understand. Goodbye.” Yeah, bye Felicia. 

Arcturus the Defender. Ahem, A.D? Just kidding, I’d be so underwhelmed if that was what A.D actually stood for, but with this show, anything is possible. I really like the comic book being written by Lucas and Charles though. The comic book is about a troubled boy who befriends a woman that helps the boy seek revenge on people who have hurt him. Sometimes the boy gets to shift into Arcturus. Now, if the boy is Charles and Arcturus is AD, is this some kind of hint that Arcturus/AD is an older woman? Also, there’s drawings that resemble the dollhouse switches in the comic book. Was this comic used as inspiration?

- B.U.S.T.E.D. I’ll see you in prison, Spencer Hastings. The girls couldn’t have screwed themselves up anymore after hitting Archer Dunhill… oh but wait, they could have, and they did. Spencer used Archer’s credit card to pay for her round of drinks while cozying up to Marco. “What were you doing tonight?” “I was burying a body.” CYA. LATER. SPENCER. HASTINGS.

- Wren, Wren, Wren! Oh, wasn’t that nice? Knowing for months that he was coming back, only to get a scene where we see him for literally one minute. Talk about feeling underwhelmed. Blehh. But the scene gave total Spencer twin vibes, which makes me believe that Spencer doesn’t have a twin because it’s becoming way too obvious. Also, Ezra and Wren have totally met before, I even posted about it already. Don’t forget, Ezra slipped WREN’S prescription pads into Spencer’s bag in Season 4! ;)

- It’s interesting that Mona was brought in on the game, but I absolutely loved the scene where she admired the board game. A small piece of me wished there was a little Mona figurine sitting on that board game. Also, bye Paige? Her final storyline and goodbye scene was not what I was expecting, but anyways. And Paige, you can’t just sneak into people’s houses and scare them like that when they don’t answer the door. 

- As much as I like the Spencer twin theories, I really don’t think it’s gonna happen. I’m happy to do a seperate post about this, but it’s becoming WAY too obvious, almost too obvious for PLL. It makes sense as to why Spencer was meeting with Wren and not her twin, which could easily be because she was looking for someone to give a false statement, possibly even about the night they killed Archer Dunhill. Maybe she wanted Wren to say he was a friend of Archer’s and was with Dunhill the night he was killed at the same time Spencer “accidentally” used his credit card at The Radley Hotel.

- I was really set on Arcturus representing Uber A and the little boy being Charles in the comic book, but it makes more sense if the little boy is Lucas and Charles/Charlotte was Arcturus. Which means Lucas and Arcturus (Charlotte) together became “A” to get revenge on the girls for bullying Lucas. 

- Decent episode. Not as good as 714 but still a fun ride. 7.5/10 for the episode.


- I was… “burying a body.” Just a classic example to be careful of what you say to people, because it WILL come back to bite you. Seriously though, Spencer almost went to jail for killing Bethany, which she didn’t even do, went to jail for being an accessory in Mona’s murder when she was alive the whole time, and now is about to go down for Archer’s murder. Gheez, her record must look horrible. 

- “Remember - prison food makes you fat.” Um, why is A using insults that Mona used back from Season 1? Or was it a point to tell us that Mona is still in on it? Also, can the girls cut Mona some slack, she really has helped them a fair bit and they just use her until she can’t help no more then “cut her off like a wart”. Smh.

- Patsy Cline. Interesting. Clearly AD has some sort of love for Patsy’s songs, and since we’ve heard them in the dollhouse, does this give further confirmation that AD has been around for much longer then since Charlotte’s death? 

- Thanks to Lucas, the girls are probably about to go down for killing Archer. The girls get a hold of a video that shows Lucas admitting to the police that he wasn’t with Hanna the night of Charlotte’s murder, and that he wouldn’t be suprised if the Liars were involved. So, since then, the police have probably been building a case against the liars, right? 

- #DarkAria. I love it!!! I was screaming. It is just so satisfying seeing Aria in a black hoodie. This was an awesome way to please the Aria is A fans before the show ends! And talk about almost being caught. Maybe don’t wear earrings next time Aria???

- Emison is ENDGAME… #predicted. Did y’all really think Marlene would let them not end up together? They really are going to have the cutest baby/ies, which means Ali cannot run off to Paris like she dreamed of doing as a teen ;) 

- Charlotte’s motive: Revenge for Nerd Lucas? The episode heavily implied Charlotte’s reasoning for becoming A was because the girls picked on her childhood friend, BUT, we’ve literally seen on multiple occasions flashbacks of Cece watching Ali bully Paige, and even heard from SO. MANY. PEOPLE that she practically taught Ali how to be the bullying bitch we loved to watch. Plot hole or?

- Lucas didn’t know Charles transitioned into Charlotte, who was Cece Drake. They stayed friends at summer camp, until one day Charles stopped going? Eventually, their friendship turned into emails, with Lucas telling Charles of the girls bullying him. 

- Let’s not forget that tiny scene where Lucas is sitting in A’s LIMOUSINE reading the comic book that Aria had just given to A. I really believe there is more to his story. Also, Arcturus ENDGAME. Ooo, exciting. If only the comic was actually finished and we got a better sense of what AD’s last moments of their endgame are going to be. 

- Speaking of the ENDGAME comic, who’s grave was AD drawing? Who’s biting the dust??? 

- Mona was the person who pushed Ali, and is the reason the girls lost their chance to catch a proper glimpse of AD. DAMNNNN IT.   

- There is a sense that episodes are moving on much quicker then they used to. Take the whole #MelissasSecret which was dragged on for 11 episodes, whereas Lucas became a suspect in the show in 714 and literally 2 episodes later he’s almost cleared and we learned the mystery behind his past with Charles. I know it isn’t the exact same scenario, but it’s similar in a sense that the mysteries on the show are moving on at a faster pace. 

- Again, decent episode, didn’t live up to what 714 did but again, 7.5/10. 

.... Aria is still A. 5x25 THE REAL CLUES.

OKAY, I am QUITE disappointed in my Aria is A believers/theorists for throwing in the towel and assuming that Charles is A, and for all you people who jumped to theories about this finale and the “twin thing”, HAVE YOU NOT LEARNED?? “Charles” and the supposed twin thing, were HANDED TO US ON A Pretty Little Platter, therefore HE was NOT THE CLUE/clues given to us. It’s no wonder people we SO UPSET about this episode, because HELLO, we already knew HALF of these clues, SO WHY ISNT ANYONE LOOKING FOR THINGS THAT WERE THE NEW CLUES???????? Charles is NOT UBER A. HE IS ONLY A PIECE OF THIS PUZZLE. Not only did WE ALREADY KNOW ABOUT THESE “clues” BEFORE THE FINALE, BUT Marlene said, A will not be revealed until season 6.   

There were SO MANY CLUES towards Aria in this episode. HONESTLY, I was shocked when I came on Tumblr after watching and NO ONE WAS POINTING ANY OF THEM OUT. My “Aria is A” believers REALLY let me down. Now, I don’t know how many of the clues that I have found are super big, but when you are able to find so many, I think its important, therefore I am posting about everything I noticed. Also, Marlene did say:

Lets dig in.

-In the van, Spencer was commenting on the fact the police think Ali is the leader and they were all following or something to that effect, and Aria says, “Does that make us the little pigs, or little red?” Connection to Pigtunia? Or Redcoat? Was redcoat small? (Spencer to Aria in the Season 2 finale,” You’re little, but you are big.”) Uber A? (screenshot was too dark to post)

-Hanna was telling the girls about jail, and said “They treat you like you’re a criminal, and its hard to remember that you’re not one.” When Hannah says this the camera goes to Aria’s face and she makes a nervous face and bites her lip (another lip and teeth connection.) Why would she bite her lip? If you were nervous about jail, I would understand the look, but biting of the lip signifies some feeling of guilt.

-It has been pointed out that the guy who took the girls from the van, looks like Andrew, and its true, it could be Andrew, but not because Andrew is “A”. I think, if anything, it points another finger toward Aria being in charge. We know for a fact that he pledged his loyalty to her in the last episode, and they have shown him being obviously sketchy lately, which makes his another piece, but I believe it is Aria’s game board.

-The GIRLS ROOMS: Okay so when the girls first get into the rooms, we obviously see them all in their rooms. That would be way to noticeable to not see Aria in her room. HOWEVER I noticed that Aria’s room was a little off. Where Aria’s closet door(S) usually are, there is only one door. And If you watch closely as the camera turns and shifts to make the “creepy” affect, where is Aria’s dresser that lies between the closet door(S) and her bedroom door? Not only is that missing from her room, but another thing that is missing, IS HER IN HER ROOM AGAIN. We see her go into her room several times at the time the girls go into their rooms, but we don’t see her IN HER ROOM again. We see Hanna, Spencer, and Emily at night OR we see their rooms being monitored on the “A” screens, but we never see Aria’s. Maybe the girls being watched is another significant clue. Remember those photos of Aria sleeping? Well maybe she wanted to watch them sleeping.

-When the girls meet up in the middle of the night when the generator goes off for a few minutes, like clockwork, Mona says, “It blasts the siren until you’d rather DIE than listen to it one more second.” Again, Aria’s face does something without checking with her first, and she makes a face of guilt.


-Aria Montgomery music committee. NOT ONLY DID ARIA KNOW WHERE TO WALK BEFORE THE VOICE EVEN STARTED TALKING, but she reads her card saying SHE was in charge of picking music for this dance. THERE IS A WHOLE LIST of songs from 7 years ago, but who chose this important  clue the “Unwritten” song, ARIA. Question is why? IS ARIA WRITING THIS STORY? If so, FOR HOW LONG? Lets not forget that Aria’s old babysitter mentioned her intense journals. After all, according to Ella in the last episode, Aria has had an eventful 4 years. HOWEVER, we have only been following the girls lives for 2 years. The show has been drawn out for us as viewers but the girls have gone through ALL OF THIS, in two years. (Read more about Ella’s interesting wording in my previous theory.) Let’s also not forget that in the Shadow Play episode, Aria tells Ezra, “the story is changing..” She says she is getting fascinated with the villain. Ezra asks “Does your villain win in the end?” and she replies, “Sometimes the villain wins.” Now where else have we heard about the story changing? OH, that right, the writers have told US that the show is about to change. “It started as one thing, but now it’s changing..” Marlene has also promised us a ENDING to THIS story in the first 10 episodes of season 6.
Moving right along to our next clue.

-At the “Ali” station, Mona writes to the girls on a ballet asking if they received a gas mask from A. The camera pans to Aria and ONCE AGAIN we see the most guilty look on her face, SHE EVEN TURNS HER FACE AWAY. As if, she wasn’t expecting Mona to ask the girls that, or even mention it. But WHY? We know the EZRA wore a gas mask in the Ravenswood episode, it’s possible that Aria gave that mask to “Ali” and asked her to wear it because of the Ali/Ezra connection. OR there is some super twisted Ali/Aria connection that we don’t know about yet.

-As Spencer and Mona are talking about the PROM POSSIBLITIES, Aria looks very intrigued at what they are saying, while the other girls look confused or uninterested. Perhaps they were pitching the idea to her RIGHT THERE. I tried to grab a screen shot of her little tiny open mouth smirk that she does, but I couldn’t it was so fast. If all that’s not enough, when the girls look up at the camera, ARIA FREAKING SMILES at it. It’s not a fake smile either. It is real.


-The liars start to make this prom happen and they look up at the camera for some affirmation that it looks ok, and when she does, we again see something VERY interesting from Aria. 


-As the girls walk back to the rooms, something VERY INTERESTING happened. I will put up some screenshots so you can see what the director chose to catch in this scene. The girls get to their rooms to find PROM dresses (theory coming soon). Aria turns and says to all four girls, “A thought of everything.” She looks at the liars, and they all walk into their rooms. The doors start to shut and Aria has this weird “hopefully they like them” look on her face. Then her door closes.  

**I think how they chose to stage this scene, speaks VOLUMES. With all four of them in 1 shot and Aria “at the head” in her own shot.**

Now for this next clue/connection lets head back to jail.

-As Ali is describing  the “A that stole the game from Mona” to Mr. and Mrs. Hastings, she uses the words “puppet- master”. Now from what I can remember, that term was never used until this episode where creepily we have seen a LOT of puppets. Even the promo pic that was released has the girls on puppet-strings. Now how does this have anything to do with Aria? Marlene recently posted a picture of Aria holding her pig puppet (on her hand like a puppet) and captioned it, “BEWARE of the Pig. You have not seen the last of Pigtunina.” Now with the clue above about the little pigs, and the fact that since that clue came out we haven’t seen the Pigtunia, again, and now the phrase “puppet master” has been used, can we assume we are to beware of the puppets MASTER? AKA Aria! If the clue WAS about Pigtunia, then why have Aria in the picture? She could’ve posted a picture of JUST THE PUPPET, but no she posted one of the ONLY TIME WE HAVE SEEN ARIA HOLDING THE PUPPET CORRECTLY, like a puppet master.

Now back to the dollhouse:

-That night, when the generator kicked off for a few minutes and the girls met up again, Spencer and Mona were talking about what they were going to build and Aria looked SO confused, and asked nervously what they were talking about because, she wasn’t aware earlier that they were talking about a machine, and not a kick-ass prom.  

Now those were all the HUGE clues that had to be pointed out and thoroughly explained, but some repetitive clues are these (some have pictures to go along, but some pictures have been used above):

-Aria’s door shut last everytime.

-Aria seemed VERY AT HOME in this dollhouse. The past few episodes she has been ANYTHING but calm, but in this episode she seemed, calm and confortable.

-When Aria would look at the camera(except the first time) she would smile at it. Sometimes it would be noticeable, others it was faint, but it was there.    

-Aria’s face did a LOT of weird things without asking. She said so herself.

-When Aria did look scared, she looked OVERLY scared, like it was an act.

-In this episode Aria really stays pretty quiet. She usually has a lot to say and sometimes she “guides” the liars in a direction with what she says about clues, but she really listened to their plans and let them hash stuff out. 

-Past Aria clues, and Marlene clues, that were connected to Aria haven’t yet been touched on, therefore, she could possibly be the Uber A that won’t been revealed until season 6.

 Now THIS theory was SPECIFICALLY for Aria. I HAVE A COMPLETE SEPARATE THEORY FOR THE PROM AND THE ENDING, THAT I WILL POST SOON. I actually have SEVERAL theories about this episode that will be posted soon. A LOT was reveAled in this episode. I watched it SEVERAL times before making theories so I could find as much as possible and evaluate everyone.


Kisses xxxx

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Emison fic: Kisses that Tell Too Little

This is an Emison story, but it’s not all peaches and cream.  ’Cause they got issues.  But there might be love-feelings and smoochies anyway.

Author: reversatility
Words: 1390
Rating: PG
Notes: Starts a little after the scene at the end of 5X7 with the four PLLs in the kitchen.  Let’s assume they’ve moved on from the A text re Hanna’s big mouth and gone back to discussing the footage from Spencer’s camera.  Oh, and this story will probably be AU once 5X8 airs, so maybe try and read it before then, hehe.

Emily is the only one to propose an alternative.

“I think before we launch this- this spy camera project against Ali-”

“It’s not against Ali,” Spencer interjects.

“It’s not?”  Hanna sounds disappointed.

Emily plows on, determined not to be steered off course. 

“I think I might be able to get through to Ali, you know, just by talking to her.”

Hanna lets out a short cynical laugh.

“What, you’re just going to ask her what the hell she was doing last night dressed like a creeper?  And even if she answers your questions, how do you know you’ll get anything close to the truth from Alison?”

Aria shoots Emily a much friendlier look.

“Well, if anyone can, it’s you, Emily.  But– are you comfortable with this?  This guerrilla interrogation method?”

“It’s not like I’m going to trick her into spilling all her secrets.  Or some of them.  I’ll just try to get her to open up.”

Hanna looks away, practically rolling her eyes, and is done with the conversation.  Emily looks at Spencer, who seems like she’s weighing seven different options.

“Please.  Let me at least try.”

Spencer nods.  “Can’t hurt.”


The next day, she finds Alison easily after school; they don’t even discuss whether she’ll accompany Ali home or not – she just greets her with a smile outside Ali’s classroom and starts walking with her, shoulder to shoulder without quite touching.  They move through the hallway and then out the building.  The smirks and glances, comments made both to be heard and not heard, have diminished a lot since the first day, but they’re still there.  Emily suddenly feels a little ashamed of her impatience with Ali yesterday. 
Their conversation is small talk about classes until they’re at Alison’s front door.  No one is home, and when Ali turns to look at her like she’s expecting a goodbye, Emily aims for a neutral, friendly tone.

“Can I come in?”

Alison’s eyes brighten as they both walk in.

“Of course, Em.  You don’t have to ask.” 

Emily glances at the living room as they walk through.  The shattered mess from the other night has been cleaned up, but she still notices the missing lamps.  Alison seems to realize what Emily’s thinking about as she touches her shoulder.

“Come up to my room?”  Alison asks lightly. 

When she drops her backpack on the floor and sits down on the edge of Ali’s bed, Alison does the same, taking a spot next to her.  It seems like Ali’s expecting a conversation; she always did read Emily like a book.

Emily takes a breath and begins.
“I’m sorry about dinner last night.  Hanna was a little … out of it.”

She glances at Alison, and sees a shadow pass over her face before she cocks her head and shrugs slightly.

“It’s cool.  I know with Caleb being back, Hanna’s head must be hazier than usual.”

There’s enough of a barb there to rouse a spark of annoyance in Emily, but she’s not here to talk about Hanna.  Not today, anyway.

“I never really told you about Ben and me breaking up.”

Alison seems a bit surprised by the change in subject, but then she takes Emily’s hand in hers like it’s the most natural thing.

“I know about Maya.”  Alison’s lips form a small smile.

“That was part of it.  That was a lot of it, actually.  But something else happened as well.”

Alison waits for her to continue.

“I was getting changed at the lockers after swimming one afternoon and Ben came in.  I’d been keeping my distance, and he was- he was pissed.” 

She hears Alison breathe in, like she’s about to say something, but Ali stays silent, so she goes on. 

“Anyway, he got pushy.  And then he was being more than pushy, and suddenly I was trying to get him off of me, and not being sure if I could.” 

“Oh Emily, did-?”

Emily gives a quick shake of her head.

“Toby came in and helped me.  That’s kinda how we became friends, actually, Toby and me.”

Her lips curl up just a little at the memory, but Alison puts her other hand over Emily’s and squeezes hard.  There’s an intensity in Ali’s voice, maybe both sad and angry.

“Em, I’m so sorry.  I know what-” There’s a slight pause, and then Alison continues, “I really wish I’d been there for you.”

Emily shakes her head again, more vigorously this time.

“I’m not telling you to make you feel bad about being gone.  It’s just that- I know what it feels like for someone to try and make me do something I don’t want to.”  She swallows, looking at the floor.  “It’s horrible, but at least it’s clear how I should respond.”

She turns and looks squarely at Alison.

“What I don’t know about is if someone is making themselves be with me.”

It only takes a moment for Alison to understand what she’s saying.

“Emily-”  Alison’s brow furrows as she tries to interrupt, but Emily continues, her voice rising.

“Making themselves be with me to- I don’t know- keep me close?  Keep me from the other girls?  Keep me from asking questions?” 

They’re facing each other now, and Alison lifts Emily’s hand, holds it over her heart.  Her touch is firm even as her face is as soft as Emily has ever seen it.  Alison waits a moment before speaking, her voice barely more than a whisper.

“I wanted to be with you because of how you made me feel, in here.” 

Alison moves Emily’s hand a bit further down, until it’s over her breast, and Emily can feel the tautness of Ali’s nipple through her top.

“And when you touched me here, I wanted you to.”

It is very hard to keep her hand still, but she does.  Alison is so close to her, her blue eyes dark, her lips moist, and Emily’s quickly losing control of this conversation.  She’s relieved when Ali drops their hands and draws back a little.

“I know I can’t just expect you to trust me.  But believe me, Emily – I’ve done everything I can to protect you, you and Aria and Hanna and Spencer.”

There’s a harder edge to Ali’s voice as she goes on.

“And I learned a long time ago that the best way I could do that is by knowing more than everyone else.  If it seems like I don’t tell you everything, that’s why.”

Emily searches Alison’s face, voice unsure.

“Even now?  Do you still have to keep secrets from me, from the rest of us?”

Ali’s voice is low now, with a tremor that could be nerves, or passion.

“I want to tell you the truth about everything that matters to you, Emily.  And I need you to know how I feel about you.”

And then Alison threads her hands through Emily’s hair, bringing her mouth to Emily’s for the first time since that night.  When her lips part sweetly, Emily can’t help seeking more.  It’s Alison that breaks away after a minute, both of them already slightly breathless.

“Do you believe me?” Alison whispers.

The best answer Emily can come up with is to kiss her again, so she does, and when Alison draws them down to lie on the bed, she reaches for Ali to bring them even closer together.


Emily’s sitting at one of the foyer tables at school between periods when Spencer comes up to her, questions all over her face.

“So what happened with Ali yesterday?  How’d it go?  Did she tell you anything?”

“Spence.  I’m working on it.”

Spencer gives her a shrewd look, like she knows there’s a lot more to this.


Emily shifts a bit and infuses stronger reassurance into her words.

“I just need a bit more time, okay?”

Spencer moves close, leaning over her.

“Okay.  Just- don’t forget that we love you too.”

Emily smiles up at her.

“I won’t.”

Spencer drops a kiss on her forehead and hugs her tight for a long moment before letting go.

“We’ll talk later, okay?”

When she’s sure that Spencer has gone, Emily takes out her phone and re-reads the last text on it, heart churning.

“Meet me @ the Kissing Rock after school. Just u, and I’ll tell u what I found out last night. oxox, Ali”


Hey guys.

So I don’t know about any of you, but today I seem to be walking around with a giant black cloud hovering over my head. I am so bummed out about last night’s finale… not because CeCe is A, not because Charlotte is transgender, and not even because Sara Harvey, who is one of the newest characters in the show, ended up being a pivotal part of the story line. I am more upset because of the staggering amount of plot holes that have become so obviously apparent to the devoted fandom of this show. It’s like we know this show better than it’s own creator.

(Please refer to prettylittlesessions for the original post of Plot Holes, which you can view here ) - - prettylittlesessions refers to this post as Part 1… and it definitely only covers half of the shit that has gone wrong with the story, but I can think of so much more.

CeCe being A definitely explains a lot, and it is satifying in a lot of ways, but there are still SO MANY PLOT HOLES in the story.

For instance:

-Why exactly was CeCe targeting the PLLs again? I don’t think we got an answer that justifies ANY of the shit that A has done. What did she say her reason was again? Because they were “happy” Ali was gone? Ha! THAT SHIT IS WEAK!!! Ali bullied them all (enough for Mona to try and kill her That Night, but mistook Bethany for Ali instead). And even though Ali put them through hell, the Liars continued to try and track her down so they could solve the mystery and even try and protect her. The only Liar who actually admitted to being happy she was gone was Hanna. So are you trying to tell me that A’s entire motive for 2 entire years was based off of a rumor that Mona told her while they were in Radley together? And the only other motive that was given was “addiction to the game”. I know she was sick in the head, but ugh, seriously?! Our theory about the Liars killing Bethany Young/or someone important to A That Night & A was taking revenge on all of them because of it was so much better.

-Why did CeCe have Maya’s purse in 3x05 if Nate is the one who killed her?

-Why make Aria dye her hair pink, the same way that it was That Night? Why cover Spencer in blood like you are trying to get them to both remember something that happened That Night, when it turns out that NOTHING EVEN DID!!? It makes no sense. It would have made way more sense if Spencer actually killed someone & the Liars helped her cover it up. Once again, our theories are so much better.

-If Wilden was the first Queen of Hearts on the Ghost Train, then why would Melissa supposedly be the other? What the hell did she have to do with this game? It would make more sense if CeCe was the one behind the other QOH mask, so maybe it really was her. BUT NO EXPLANATIONS HAVE BEEN GIVEN either about that, or about Jason’s screwdriver-sized hole that he had in his hip the next day.

-How did CeCe & Sara meet? Did CeCe really kidnap her? Or was Sara there because she was just simply an evil bitch? How exactly did their alliance form and what is the deal with their entire relationship? (hopefully this will be covered in 6B, although I’m not really sure if I even want to watch anymore. But I will because I’m in love with the Liars.)

-Why was Jessica visiting Bethany in Radley & buying her horses? Or was this supposed to actually be CeCe? Obviously Bethany’s Radley tapes were about Jessica & her affair with Mr. Young, so it must have always been CeCe she was visiting, not Bethany. Guess I just answered that one myself.

-Okay so I know CeCe explained that every single time Jessica bought Alison an outfit, she would buy CeCe an identical outfit, like they were twins. So apparently Bethany put on her clothes That Night & left to try and do something terrible to Jessica because she had just found out about her affair with Mr. Young. This is why CeCe followed her and accidentally hit Alison instead of Bethany, because she was trying to protect their mother. I guess I can pretend that all of that makes sense, but the one thing that doesn’t make sense is that Bethany was buried while wearing the purple “Alison” friendship bracelet on her wrist. WHY THE FUCK WOULD JESSICA GET A DUPLICATE FRIENDSHIP BRACELET MADE THAT SAID “ALISON” & GIVE IT TO CECE? IT MAKES NO SENSE! Especially since Alison is the one who had those bracelets made for the girls in the first place. This was purchased at a separate time from the ugly yellow outfit, so why would Bethany know to wear it?

-Who killed Jessica? (another hopeful explanation for 6B)

-Why did Red Coat/Sara Harvey pull all of the Liars out of the Thornhill Lodge fire, but not Hanna?

-What was with Spencer’s nightmare about the hydrotherapy room in Radley & the Creepy Dancer? Was this seriously just a story line that was created so that Maddie Ziegler could be a part of the show? What the actual fuck? How does that tie into ANY OF THIS? Oh wait, it doesn’t.

-I know this was mentioned in prettylittlesessions’s post, but I must mention it again. Marion Cavanaugh was alive & well when Ali & Toby were both teenagers (flashback from 4x01), yet she was supposedly murdered by Bethany when Charles was a kid… yet Charles is older than both Ali & Toby? da fuq?!

-Please please please explain Wren Kingston. There are no doubts about it, his exit from Rosewood was one of the sketchiest of sketch moments ever. Was he working for CeCe? And if so, does that mean Melissa was too? Why would she want to hurt her sister so much?

-Speaking of Wren, where the fuck is Eddie Lamb? And why did he hate him so much?

-And speaking of again, how did Mona’s blood end up in Spencer’s bag when she was in London? Did CeCe pay off Colin, Wren, or Melissa? And if so, once again, why the fuck does Melissa keep doing things to hurt her poor sister? I guess being blackmailed about the fact that you committed murder by burying someone alive might sway a sister to torture her own flesh & blood, but I still don’t like it.

-Why did “A” put knives into Jake’s punching bag when Aria had already broken up with him? What did that gain? Oh, that’s right - - nothing.

-Why was Ambrose Pavilion so important to Alison? Was that Sara Harvey lurking in the shadows, or CeCe Drake herself?

-Why was Andrew Campbell outside of Mona’s house when the Liars broke in to search through her room? Did CeCe pay him off to plant the Charles DiLaurentis anagrams?

-Who shot the arrows at Ezra, Caleb & Mike in the woods? Was CeCe also good at archery? Or did she pay off Andrew once again (since we know he was a skilled pathfinder and had many awards for archery). And if so, why did he swear that he was only trying to be a “hero” by tracking the girls down after their kidnapping, yet most of the sketchiness related to him took place beforetheir kidnapping?

-Why did CeCe recreate Melissa, Ian, Jason & Garrett’s senior prom in the dollhouse if she didn’t even go to Rosewood High? And how did she become “PROM QUEEN” in the high school yearbook if she didn’t even go to school there? I know that we saw a flashback from when she came and crashed picture day & met Jason, but that doesn’t explain anything else.

-Why did CeCe dress up as a man during the dollhouse prom if she made her transition when she was 16 years old? She had boobs, but in that scene Charles definitely doesn’t, and it pisses me off that the writers gave absolutely no fucks about details like that.

-Jason & CeCe dated. Yea, that’s disgusting. Here I was, ruling out people like Ezra, Wilden & Ian because of the fact that they had romantic relationships with Ali. I could NEVER imagine that the PLL writers would actually bring incest into the show. But for fucks sake, I was so wrong.

All & all, I’m just so disappointed. I feel like I really do love CeCe as A, and I can get behind it because it really does explain most of the shit that has gone down. But all of these plot holes, including the ones by prettylittlesessions, cause me to lose an incredible amount of respect for the show. I’m sorta heartbroken over this :(

And then there’s this

All the answers in 3X01

Like many of you, I have watched and watched so many episodes (repeatedly) looking for clues trying to figure out where PLL is going and where it all started. I’m mainly fascinated by what happened ‘that night’, the girl’s involvement, and finally who the heck A is. lol. So finally after so much theorizing and wondering, I came across some amazing moments and clues in episode 3X01 that I think give a lot of insight into what happened that night, what happened after Spencer said she couldn’t find Ali and who A might be!

So, episode 3X01 is a really cool episode, mainly because it mirrors the pilot. But it also gives so much more detail. Now I think they put great effort into giving us so many similarities and for that reason I think that entire episode tells us so much about what happened the night that Ali disappeared. There were so many missing clues and events in the pilot, but I think they give all of them to us in the season 3 premiere. And since history repeats itself….let’s start analyzing all these creepy comparisons!

Five months after Mona has been put in Radley, the summer has once again come to an end and the liars are meeting once again at Spencer’s, drinking like they once did in the pilot. The candles, the cups, all very similar. 

In the pilot, Spencer is the one who warns Aria that if she drinks to much she’ll tell all her secrets. But in this episode, it’s Emily who is already drunk and Aria who tells her that she should slow down. I think it’s important to point out that Spencer seemed totally fine with Aria drinking and maybe she even wanted to know Aria’s secrets (the way she says it always creeps me out), while in 3X01 Aria seemed genuinely concerned about Emily. 

The next interesting thing that I notices is that in the pilot what leads the girls to go outside is the fact that they all hear a noise outside (something hitting the side of the barn). In 3X01 the noise they hear is a car door. Perhaps the car that took Emily to the graveyard? In any case, it’s particularly interesting that even though Aria brings up the fact that she heard a car, for some odd reason, they don’t go check it out (as they do for everything else). 

Now, we all know that later, when the girls find Emily in the grave yard, we discover that not only did she receive a call from a blocked number but she also received a call from Spencer. Now Spencer plays it off that A must have been in their home and called from her cellphone (and how scared she was) but personally, I’m not buying it. It almost seemed like she tried a little too hard to play the victim. But if you watch the first few minutes of the episode again, you’ll notice that Spencer grabs Emily’s phone, however, when Emily asks for it back, we never actually see Spencer hand back the phone! I think it’s kind of weird that she gets a blocked call and then a call from Spencer. Personally, I think Spencer did something to her phone. 

Okay, so now, just like in the pilot, the girls fall asleep. Or do they? Well Aria wakes up first, just like the first time. Hanna wakes up and they both wonder where Emily and Spencer are. Isn’t it just a tad weird that Spencer immediately appears from upstairs and says the exact same thing as in the pilot? Idk, I never really saw Spencer as being A material (idk why) but after re-watching this episode, I realize that it’s no coincidence that she was once again already awake when someone goes missing. I know that Ali tells us later on that Spencer had nothing to do with her getting hurt that night. But maybe she said that because she didn’t want Spencer to believe she was on to her. But Ali did say that she feared Spencer the most and I have to believe, after watching this episode, that there is a reason for that. 

SO NOW, I know this is where the first episode ended. We didn’t get to see what the liars did once they found out Ali was missing. But we get a general idea of what they might have done and probably did do, based on this episode. 

They decide to go and look for Emily and when they find her they find the phone calls and Spencer is looking super suspicious but she plays it off well. Personally, I really think Spencer was involved in the moving of that body and she used Emily as a scapegoat. (She kind of is the weakest link.)

Now, of course they all head back to Spencer’s after getting rid of the evidence. And I think it’s really interesting that Spencer is the mastermind. She gets Emily cleaned up and comes up with the idea to run away to the lake house. But then it gets really good. I have theories about what happened that night (check it out here). And one of them is that the night Alison disappeared, they all agreed on a story to tell the police. Personally, to me, this episode confirms that that’s exactly what they did 'that night.’ They came up with a story, rolled with it, and “that night never happened.”

Now, let’s move on in that episode. We see that Hanna is no longer stealing things from stores and Ezra and Aria now celebrate their anniversary on the same day they met a year before. 

But there was something that caught my attention more and it was the conversation that Emily has with Toby. She is letting him now about the events that occurred and how she is so upset over Maya’s death and disappointing the girls. Then Toby says something really weird: “I could never imagine losing someone like that.” See, the thing is, that didn’t sit right with me. And if you read my other post here, you’ll see there’s evidence that shows that Toby has been on the A team since at least the beginning of Season 2, which is pretty early on. Now, the reason he gives is that he joined the A team because he wanted more information about his mom. But I think he already knew he mom didn’t commit suicide. I think he knew that his mom was murdered. So he definitely does know what it’s like to have someone murdered, a.k.a. his mom. 

Finally, Spencer’s trip to the Lost Wood’s hotel. She goes alone and starts working on her computer. But I think it’s weird that she goes there without any of the girls to take Garret’s call, when later on she tells the girls she saw Garrett. Why did she go so far away to take a phone call? 

When she returns with the other girls, they finally tell Emily that when they returned to the hotel after Mona was taken away, everything was already gone. But after seeing that Spencer had been there before without them, it made me suspect that Spencer was the one who took down everything in Mona’s lair. She has a graphic in detail version of everything that was in that room on her computer. If Mona is locked up and they believe Mona is A, why would she feel the need to create such a detailed diagram? 

Final thoughts? I think what happened 'that night’ is exactly what happened in this episode. Notice that Emily, like Alison, wanders out in the night and gets picked up by Jenna, just like Mona picked up Ali. The girls definitely came up with a rehearsed story line for “that night” (like Wilden said) and at least one of them remembers. Maybe Hanna, since in the pilot she isn’t seen drinking and definitely doesn’t seem to have a hangover and in episode 3X01 she makes of point of telling us how much her head hurts. If not Hanna, Spencer definitely knows what happened that night as well. 

Spencer definitely did something 'that night’ and this night. I know they have made it seem like she only yelled at Ali, but I think Ali didn’t want her to think she remembered for a reason. She’s definitely involved in a lot more than we think.

I could definitely see Toby as A. Because of Ali and Mrs. D, he probably lost his mom, which we learn he loved very dearly. He was probably the one who killed Mrs. D and he was around that night. Because of Ali and the girls he is blamed for a crime he didn’t commit and is a complete outcast. It would also make sense that he would target the NAT club, because they filmed the evidence that Ali then blackmailed him with. If we’re looking for motive to harm the girls and many others, Toby definitely has enough of it. 

What are your thoughts?! :)

P.S. amynicole0116 has brought to my attention that what Spencer takes away from Emily is not her cellphone but her flask. (Sorry for the mistake, that whole scene was so dark lol). But that the flask could have possibly been drugged again. (hey, Spencer definitely has a drug problem as we later found out.) It would be crazy to find out if Spencer was behind all of these drugging incidents. Special thanks to Amy for adding to my theory!

PLL 710 The DArkest Knight - Impressions

NOTE: I have LITERALLY just pressed stop on the episode for the first time. I have not seen the overall impressions of the episode by everyone yet. I haven’t even opened my inbox of messages! So some of the stuff I say here have most likely already been said 3 days ago! Anyway, here are my first impressions and notes of the last summer finale ever. They are not in order, I did not take these notes whilst watching. I like to watch with no distractions!

- Definitely in my top 5 episodes of the series: they finally hit the intensity that I knew they are capable of hitting!

- Perfect perfect perfect balance between romance and mystery - this is coming from someone who watches PLL for the mystery and not the romance. I still got on board and loved every second.

- I’ve already said this today, but I don’t like it when people say that half the episode was filler. People can’t die in every scene. The ships need a bit of action, too. The fans who have been here since the beginning probably really appreciated this episode.

- Kind of disappointed in Sydney’s return being very minimal. Like, the reason they brought her back was actually very clever; to distract Caleb and Mona. But still, I wanted more. I wanted to know who Sydney, Jenna and Mona were meeting at the park in 5A.

- I feel like it’s a no brainer that Alison is pregnant with Emily’s eggs. They need to be very careful when they go down this storyline in 7B. Yes, it’s a great way to reunite Emison and make them endgame (I can imagine the Emison fans would’ve gone crazy!), but again, they need to be careful because they’re going down the touchy topic of rape/consent etc, in the sense that AD impregnated Alison at Welby (now the ending scene of 702 makes sense!) without her consent. Also, it finally makes use of Emily’s eggs storyline of 6B. I always thought that was so pointless, other than to just show what a kind heart Emily has.

- I’m very confused by that ending. Was that not Jenna who had the gun? Was that AD in a mask? It can’t have been AD in a mask because Jenna was speaking and obviously no one has the same voice as Jenna, and also, this person literally walked right past the liars; something AD wouldn’t do because they aren’t blind. So what’s with the ending!? “Did you shoot Spencer?” (she said something like that).

- I expected them to reveal who killed Sara, actually. I guess we’ll just have to wait for that.

- The Spoby scene was utterly brilliant. Whoever wrote that… *clap clap*. The “can I kiss you just to say goodbye” was so juicy.

- Speaking of Spoby… did Toby die!? Surely not!? I guess all the leaks were true that there is a car crash. I have a feeling, that to get a big audience reaction in the 7B premiere, they may reveal Toby actually did die. I’m not ready for that! But then again… how? Was that AD who crashed into them? Toby isn’t a bad driver…

- Oh what, Nicole is alive!? Didn’t see that coming. I truly thought she was dead. Oh well, I’m still 100% confident Ezria will get married. This will just ramp up in the intensity, as Ezra needs to make a decision. There’s not a bone inside me that thinks he won’t choose Aria.

- Well duh Noel isn’t Mary’s second child. The second she gave his blood asking for results, I kept telling myself “you’re wasting your time Hanna”. But then again, if I were in her position, 100% confirmation is necessary.

- NOEL. Creepy af! What an awesome death, too. I never thought PLL would do something like that; have a head literally roll down the stairs. How epic. Just adds to the intensity.

- Jenna with the gun was so good! I loved it! Again, that’s the type of creepiness I knew PLL is capable of reaching, and they finally did after all these years of not-so-fun finales. 

- I knew Spencer would be shot… the promo was fking stupid. Utterly stupid. They literally told us Spencer got shot in the promo. Oh well. Actually no, not “oh well”. Because the whole time Jenna had the gun, I kept telling myself “is this the part Jenna shoots Spencer?” so I was not shocked at all. My jaw would’ve hit the floor if I saw that for the first time! Anyway. Yes, I wasn’t shocked at all, but I always prioritise logic and quality over shock factor. She’ll obviously need surgery to get the bullet out, which is a really bloody process, and blood DNA will just confirm once again that she is actually Mary’s daughter.

- Next point: SPENCER IS MARY’S DAUGHTER! I finally got a theory right!!!! Well, half the fandom was thinking this, but still, it counts, right!? I finally got one right!!! I wasn’t expecting them to reveal this now in 7A; the writers had said in interviews that it’s coming in 7B. They tricked us! Good one. Soooooo happy about that reveal! That really topped it off. I kind of knew it was coming the second Mary started signing to Spencer. I could tell she cared way too much that she got shot. Then she said the words we were all thinking, and I literally did a fist pump in the air. I wish I filmed that reaction!

- AD in the hoodie!! Finally gave me a bit of nostalgia that this is an A game after all. Loved the ending scene. 

My 2 biggest questions after this finale:
I get why Noel was pissed at the girls. They had the files that can prove Noel helped Charlotte torture the girls. And, Hanna just kidnapped him. She played him. I get what Noel’s problem is. But why did Jenna care about the clips of Noel??? “Put it on the table”.. bitch why are you even here? Are you STILL seeking revenge for them blinding you!? I get that it’s such a horrible thing but in terms of a television show, that’s boring and she needs another motive.
- So Noel was angry because the girls had proof he helped Charlotte… WHY did he help Charlotte? Similarly, why did Sara help Charlotte?

and of course, who killed Charlotte?

- Overall, 9/10. It’s not perfect, because I wanted to know who killed Sara and I didn’t think that was too much to ask - here we are one whole season after she was revealed as Red Coat/Black Widow, and we still don’t know why she was helping Charlotte! Marlene literally said on the night of the 6A finale that the answer is coming in 6B… now we are entering 7B!? So I really thought that was coming. Anyway, it was great overall. Again, they finally hit the level of creepiness they’ve long been overdue to hit. Imagine where the next finale is going to go.. wow! Well, that’s a movie, so even better!

- Now we have to wait until April 2017. That is TOTALLY okay with me. Usually we premiere in January and end in March… this time, we premiere AFTER we’ve usually had the finale!! So a MASSIVE gap. But that’s totally okay. We have PLL in our lives for a little bit longer before we all say goodbye, and of course, that means we get to spend more time together here on Tumblr. Yay. So, lets get comfortable together because we have 8 months to chat!

PLL 7x20: Expectations vs. Reality

Well hello there. I’m back again with thoughts about PLL. 
I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately and came to a conclusion.

What do we actually expect to happen? Apparently there’s only half a season and a bit left. We’ve been theorizing this show for over 6 years now and I have to admit - although this show is pretty messed up and it doesn’t make sense a lot of times we’re trying to get the best out of it and put the pieces together so it makes kinda sense for us. I wish the writers would do the same thing but it seems like they couldn’t care less.
I re-watched season 4 & 5 once again and realized… nothing adds up. I’ve read theories which were pretty realistic but I HIGHLY DOUBT that this is what’s gonna happen. And even these theories included that Cece was lying about a lot of things. 

Marlene gave us sooo many hints & clues on social media but changed her mind later. We got SO MANY IMPORTANT answers through interviews… like seriously? Is this how important it is for you to create a show? But okay. We kept watching the show because it once seemed like there is a bigger picture. Well… I’m at a point now where I think: there is no point. There is no plan from the beginning. 

I mean like when you think about it. Marlene gave us so many hints in the past like “Black Widow is endgame”. Keegan Allen said in an interview: “You saw A in the beginning. After you find out who it is you can go back to season 1 and you will realize… ohh how did I not now? “

Now I’m asking myself: Bitch where? Cece wasn’t in the show until season 3. 
Black Widow eng game? Sara Harvey? I didn’t even know about that showering creature until season 4.

My point is: no one can be A anymore so that our expectations become reality. When you realistically think about it. I’m gonna pin point the main suspects

Wren: He hasn’t been in the show now since season 4. Wren being A would probably bring up so many plot holes as well as Cece being A. 

Melissa: I know she has her secrets but she’s been out of town as well for a long time and why the hell would she make her sister’s life a living hell? Let’s be real. 

Wilden: He’s fricking dead. We can’t keep rising people from the dead. This is just too much. 

Alison: Why would she hide for such a long time because she was afraid of coming back because of A? Why would she risk being homeless, having no friends, being alone? FOR WHAT IN THIS WORLD?

Shower Harvey: Just NO. Most random character ever. 

Just to name a few. 

I think they made every character seem suspicious and shady just to leave options open. So everyone might be A. 

What bothers me the most is: How the hell are the liars in all of this? You can’t make their life a living hell and then argue: “These girls were my dolls. I love all of my dolls. They were glad Alison was gone.” Are you serious? This is not how things work out. 

Also so many unanswered questions… so so many. An interview is not enough Marlene. I’m sorry. We didn’t wait for six years to get all answers (which didn’t even make sense) throughout an interview. 

Like why is Garret dead?

What happened to Maya? WHY was she at Noel’s cabin?

How is Noel in all of this? Alison said he has secret’s too. WHAT KIND OF SECRETS? AND HOW IS THIS CONNECTED TO THE LIARS AND ALL THIS DRAMA?

WHAT IN THE WORLD does Jenna want? What is her purpose? And what was this Sydney chick about they (and I quote Marlene) “waited FOR THAT EXACT actress to be free”?

Why did Ian obviously know Alison was alive? His reaction when he saw her in the bell tower was not really surprised as if he just witnessed someone dead standing in front of him?

Why did Alison meet up with Ian the night she disappeared and later told the Liars she was fighting with him? She said BYE in the video and Ian left. So they didn’t talk anymore. 

What was this Varjak thing about? How was Sara connected? And why did Cyrus meet up with Alison secretly and why was he in that accident caused by Varjak? I don’t get this.

What were Mona and Wren talking about in Radley? Where were Wren’s loyalties? Why did he draw a woman with a red coat?


Argh guys, this makes me so angry because we ALL invested so many hours in this show and especially in all these theories and it’s just a disappointment. 

It’s not only about the answers which is bad enough but things don’t add up and it just doesn’t make sense. 

I think in the end the reality is that they had to produce the show because they had good ratings. So they had to pin point a new person to be A so that the show goes on. In the end it’s probably gonna be Shower Harvey and Marlene is gonna announce how happy she is and how this was planned from the beginning and that she’s getting SO MANY GOOD RESPONSES from fans. 
And I will be sitting here with the whole Tumblr fandom like: BITCH WHAT? WHERE THE HELL DO U LIVE?

Sorry for the rant you guys but I had to say this and I felt like what better place than on Tumblr. 

I hope you’re having similar feelings and let’s all not forget: The best thing about the show were our theories on Tumblr & Reddit. So thanks for that. 

If someone has good theories which make sense, please send them to me. I’m very interested haha. 

Special Treatment for Sara Harvey? Is a Parent Involved? & What Happened to the Girls During Those 3 Weeks - PLL 6x01 Analysis

Why Isn`t Sara Locked Up?

“Game On, Charles” blew me away and for being the first episode in the season, it did pretty well as far as the amount of reveals goes. But it also filled my head with even more questions. The biggest one, aside from what kind of torture really took place in the girls` bedrooms during those 3 weeks, is why isn`t Sara Harvey locked up like the other girls? She seems to be hiding as opposed to being locked up in the very first scene when she sees the girls walk outside. She later walks around and delivers the girls their meals. We can probably assume she did that every day for those 3 weeks. I`m pretty sure Charles would`ve been too busy planning out Ali`s arrival to run around the dollhouse with food trays. 

So although I believe that Sara, just like Mona, was another place holder until Charles got hold of the real Alison, I wonder whether she had privileges and responsibilities Mona and the girls did not have. Did Charles brainwash her and use her as an “A” team member? Did he send her out on “A” missions? 

How crazy would it be if Sara occasionally assumed the role of “black hoodie” and it was her we saw at the end of certain episodes? 

This Gives Me Hope!

I shared my “Charles” suspects in a video you can see here, and what Spencer said really gave me hope. Based on what she said I can keep the people that are on it on it for another week. Spencer tells the girls that when she was face to face with Charles she felt something, as though he was a cousin, a pen pal, or someone she knows. Jason and Wren definitely fit that description. Spencer has a stronger bond with Jason than Jason does with Ali (after all, Spencer can be seen worrying about him and checking up on him multiple times throughout the seasons.) Wren? Well, there was a time when the two of them were close too. 

Aside from Andrew who is shoved into our faces too much to truly be “A”, I can`t think of any other male character that we know who Spencer could`ve spent a lot of time with. I think that Toby, Ezra, and Caleb are also off the hook so I can`t help but think of Jason and Wren. 


When Mona comes in she says that she was just let out of her room. So does that mean that Charles was the one who undressed the girls and gave each of them a bath? That`d be taking creepy to a whole new level, so I`ll stick to the idea that it was Sara who washed them up thank you very much. 

The Voice - Is It One of the Fathers? 

I got a serious case of deja vu watching this scene. Alison contacts road side assistance. An extremely familiar sounding male voice tells Alison that whatever she needs she can find in the trunk of the car. I watched that scene multiple times and I can`t shake the feeling that I`ve heard that voice before. My first guess was that it`s Pastor Ted (my “Charles” suspect #3), but it also sounds somewhat like Mr. Hastings. Many of my subscribers think that it could be Byron. One of the adults/parents being on “A`s” side has always been something I wanted to see explored on the show, so maybe it`s finally going to happen :)

What Happened In Their Bedrooms?

Whatever it is it`s going to stay with them for a long time and I see lots of therapy in their future. I heard that Dr. Sullivan is returning, so perhaps the girls will meet with her to try and work through their trauma. But back to what might`ve went down in those three weeks. When the girls finally reunite in the hallway Spencer and Emily look terrified, Aria looks plain angry, and Hanna looks…ashamed. One of my subscribers brought up an interesting idea - that Charles might`ve forced Hanna to binge and purge or came up with some other food-related “challenge” for her to complete. Since eating has always been Hanna`s  way of coping with stress as well as a huge source of anxiety, I think it`s a pretty good theory. 

I`m excited to see how and why Aria ended up cutting her hair and reverted back to the “pink streaks” look Jason loved so much. Could Emily`s torture have something to do with Maya or Alison? Spencer has always felt the pressure to be the leader of the group and the smart one, so maybe that`s what Charles used against her. All in all, I think that his main goal was to weaken the girls emotionally and make them turn on each other. Did he succeed? We`ll just have to wait and see. 

Why Did Radley Close?

Charles is about to have a full set of dolls to play with forever and then Radley closes. This can`t be a coincidence. If I`m not mistaken somebody bought the place which begs the question, who has enough money to buy an entire sanitarium? Is Charles this rich? Did Mr. Hastings have something to do with this since he`s always talked about shutting that place down? Very interesting. Everything always leads back to Radley, so having it be closed is actually an advantage because if the girls end up having to go there and look for clues they won`t have to hunt down any nurse uniforms or get fake IDs. 

Who`s The Guy In a Hat?

Looks very much like Andrew but I doubt that Andrew would be strolling around the neighborhood. I`m sure his face is plastered all over newspapers and other media outlets, so he wouldn`t want to expose himself and get caught. Again, I think most of us are in agreement that being MIA and looking slightly sketchy does not necessarily an “A” make. He`s up to something for sure, but I don`t see Andrew being “A” material. So who else could it be? 

The man also looked a little like Wilden, but he is dead. He also could pass for Ian. He is dead too, though. The hat and the black jacket combo does remind me of the guy who came to see Melissa that one time and Spencer caught the meeting on a security camera. If we didn`t find out who that was and I don`t think we did, than it might be the same guy.

Apparently The Girls Like to Play Games… And Someone Doesn`t Like It

I don`t think Andrew wrote this, but whoever wrote it is very confused. So s/he doesn`t find the girls to be evil but s/he sees them as the root of all that`s wrong with the world. They haven`t done anything to him personally, but he wants to punish them and watch them scream anyway. Sounds like a disturbed person`s thoughts, wouldn`t you say? 

Why The Foreign Languages?

Every time the female voice gives the girls orders I get a feeling as though the dollhouse is also supposed to mirror an airport. Ever since the finale I keep trying to come up with a theory as to why Charles wants the girls to be addressed in different languages. We hear German, Spanish, French, and English. The “Welcome” card has greetings in different languages as well. The best explanation I can come up with is that Charles is someone who has traveled a lot and probably has some sort of an airport fetish :D Not sure about the airport fetish part, but the travel part leads me to Ted, Wren, and Byron. 

Random Thoughts

While it helped to get Charles all riled up, burning the Mrs. D/Apple Farm movie was a huge mistake. The girls destroyed enough evidence in 5B, I`m not sure why they continue doing it in 6A. 

Having to choose between saving the room and capturing Alison, Charles chose the vault which says a lot about how important the vault is to him. I hope it hasn`t burned down completely because certain things he has displayed there might be clues.

I loved the reunion outside, and while the Emison/Spoby/Ezria/Haleb moments gave all the shippers the feels, I especially enjoyed this scene because finally, Mona wasn`t excluded. The girls saved her, once outside Spencer was hugging her before she ran into Toby`s arms. We even saw Ali comforting Mona…Let`s hope that after this ordeal there won`t be as much bad blood between them, they`ll combine forces, and bring Charles down once and for all. 

The Sara Harvey reveal…It definitely has fans divided - some believe that this is indeed Sara Harvey and Bethany Young really is dead. Others think that perhaps this is Bethany and Charles has forced her to call herself Sara just like he forced Mona to assume the role of Ali. Personally, I think that the girl we meet in this episode is Sara, but I`m not going to be disappointed if I`m proven wrong because both Sara and Bethany know things that can help up figure out who Charles is. 

The cliffhanger - “Ali, who is Charles DiLaurentis?” was an awesome way to end the episode. You can tell from Ali`s expression that she has no clue, but it doesn`t mean that her family doesn`t…

The season premiere exceeded all of my expectations and hopefully the same level of tension and creepiness that made me enjoy the episode so much will continue throughout the rest of 6A. 

Click here to check out my “Game On, Charles” Recap & Theory Video 

AriA's "Eventful four years" Iceland & Hints + Clues!

In 5x24, Ella returns and has a very strange conversation with Aria where she mentions that Aria has had a very “eventful four years.” and even relates her to Hamlet. Now Aria has been affected the least by A and I think this is worth taking note of. What is so eventful that has happened to Aria besides catching her Dad cheating and ‘loosing’ one of her friends? I think there’s more to Aria’s past that we are yet to found out and it all leads back to Iceland. Let’s start off with what we know about the Montgomery’s escape to Iceland..

They fled right after Alison went missing - This has to be the sketchiest detail of all. Someone’s found dead and suddenly the whole family pack up and leave? Now, I don’t know about you but after the death of a loved one you’d like to be in a familiar enviorment around your friends and family
In 1x1 Ella makes a point of saying that they had just got home from Byron’s sabbatical. Making the reason for them to leave business related would prevent anyone from asking questions if Aria had anything to do with the events that took place that night. What were they really doing in Iceland that year? Possibly, Aria could have been placed in an institution (There are millions of theories surrounding Aria having a mental illness, so look for them for a more in depth theory) in Iceland where she wrote some “intense journals” This could go in multiple different ways but she could have been plotting being A and writing a true crime novel, just like Ezra.

The messed up timeline - Aria was only gone for a year but in Ezra’s research said that she was there for three years.. Now I don’t know what to make of this detail but I could be a production error.

The liars HAD to loose contact - In the pilot when Aria returns to Rosewood, the writers make a point of saying that the liars HAD to loose contact. Why would they HAVE to loose touch? Note that the four of them combined know a lot more about the night than we know. Aria even says “When your parents want you to be yourself but you don’t know who you are.” She might have an identity disorder??..

That’s all we really about Iceland and I’m sure there’s more to the story that will hopefully be elaborated on in season 6. Moving on to random little clues that involve Aria being A or working on the A team..

The opening credits - This has been touched on millions of times but Aria is the one doing the 'Shh’ in the opening. The writers have said that they filmed all the girls and liked Lucy’s the best. The question is; Why did they like Lucy’s best? Wouldn’t it give the show more interest if they changed it up every few episodes or seasons like other shows do? No. This must mean that there is significance to Aria doing the 'shh’

Aria is the first character to be shown in the pilot - Aria is obviously of importance as she is the first character we see in the pilot episode and we are also introduced to her family. At the beginning of the episode Aria is looking at her reflection in the mirror in the same way that the girl in Bethany’s drawing is. This could be a huge clue connecting Bethany to Aria or Aria to mental illness.

The texts didn’t start back up until Aria got back - Why would A wait an entire year to begin the game and magically start torturing the liars when Aria returns? The first message sent to all four girls was 'I’m back bitches and I know everything - A’ Aria returns home and she knows everything..

Aria’s many phones - Aria has been shown throughout the series with multiple phones. Who needs all those phones? If Aria were A she would need a phone to text the girls A messages and her own personal phone. I would also like to note that when Toby’s house blows up, Aria receives a longer message than the rest of the girls and they made a point of showing this

Aria’s A reveal - When the girls went to camp Mona Aria was shown getting into Ezra’s car wearing a black hoodie and taking her time about pulling the hood off. Could this have been a silent A reveal? Aria also admits to Ashley Marin that she’s A. “I’m A. A for Aria, A for anonymous.” Let’s not forget about the Halloween train incident when Aria write her name on the window in full caps and wrote the last A in the same way A does. Why was this scene shown to us and later her name was rubbed off and left with one single A. This could emphasise the fact that after the events of that night she didn’t feel like just Aria anymore, as if a piece of her was washed away. Now she’s lost herself and she’s A.

Aria’s the best liar - The girls are quick to deem Aria as the best liar. But why? Is sweet innocent Aria keeping a huge secret from her friends? This could also relate back to iceland . The liars may think something else happened in Iceland ..

Aria is affected lest by A - A doesn’t seem to harm Aria as much as the other girls. A could have exposed Aria for killing Shana but that hasn’t happened. Yes, Aria and Ezra’s relationship has almost ended on a few few occasions and A did tell Ella about their relationship but still nothing major has happened.

Aria’s reaction to Mona mentioning the gas mask - In 5x25, Charles gifts Mona who is pretending to be to be Alison, a gas mask with a note saying 'Because you’re my favourite’ Is Charles planning to gas the girls? Whilst the other girls look a mixture of confused and slightly scared.Aria looks guilty and kinda shocked shocked that Mona mentioned it.

BEWARE OF THE PIG - Marlene has tweeted that we haven’t seen the last of pigtunia, Aria’s pig puppet (More on puppets later!) and even tweeted a picture of the 'brother’ manaquin wearing a pig mask. The same mannequin in Charles’s vault and in the picture frame in Aria’s bedroom at the doll house. So this connects Aria to Charles and Spencer (They are wives duh! Sparia 4 lyfe) Anyway, so there are many pig references in PLL like in 5x25 when Aria says “Does that make us the little pigs or little red?” In reference to Ali being the big bad wolf.Then there’s the pig cupcakes that were sent to Hanna, the pig in the trunk of the car and Alison calling Paige 'pig skin’ (Paige is on the A team?)

PUPPET MASTER - In 5x25, Veronica and Peter visit Alison in prison and she mentions that there is a new puppet master. There is a recurring theme of puppets on PLL. In the dollhouse play room there are puppets in the background and the Mime that Marlene says is a huge clue. The mime chose Aria out of the crowd just like the show elaborates on Alison choosing Aria. At the beginning of the episode the girls receive a saw with a message about making a girl disappear and Surprise surprise Emily goes missing and is put in a box where she would have been cut into pieces. Now, this could have been set up. Also, in the promo pictures for season for the finale, the liars are connected to puppet strings whilst at a tea party table - Funny enough Emily’s string has been cut and she’s holding scissors whilst Aria’s isn’t attatched. This could signify her pretending to be on the liars side but she’s really the puppet master. I mean after all, she owns a puppet of her own. I would also like to elaborate on a conversation that Ella has with Aria where she tells her “People aren’t dolls, you can’t just play with them and put them away when you get bored.” Something along those lines.. Aria is doing exactly that with the dolls house.

DOLL HOUSE DOORS - In 5x25, when the girls wake up Hanna’s door won’t open but Aria’s does? However, there’s something in the way.. Unless that door was to her closet then this point is irrelevent.

The white headphones + Fence email - Ive seen this eveywhere recently but a pair of white headphones were visible in A’s other vault where he/she was watching the cameras. In 5x04 we see Aria using white headphones whilst on the computer and she had received an email from someone regarding a fence project. What would you need a fence for , Miss Aria? The doll house perhaps?

Itty bitty music committee - Aria was in charge of music for the pretend prom and that means she chose, Unwritten out of the selection she was given. Is there a reason for this? The lyrics from the song are very significant to PLL and A. One of the lyrics are “The pens in my hand, ending in planned.” We know that Aria is a writer. Could she be helping Ezra with his novel or her own. In an episode she talks to Ezra about becoming obsessed with the villian in her story and says that sometimes the villain wins.

CONDUCTOR ARIA - There’s a train set in the doll house that is very very similar or could be the same one Ezria and Malcom were playing with in 3x21 and Malcom tells Jackie that Aria’s the conductor. Conductor of the A team? Uber A?

ARIA IS UNMASKED - People were really disappointed when A wasn’t 'unmasked’ in unmasked or were they? Aria has her mask removed by Ezra…

Aria isn’t the liars friend - In the first secret, Alison makes a point to look towards Aria and Hanna when she tells Spencer that “You’d be surprised who aren’t your friends.” This is a huge hint that either Aria or Hanna. Aria is easier to see in the shot..

Aria’s unknown past with Ali - We never really found out about Aria’s past with Alison or their reasoning for bring friends. I mean, Alison bullied Hanna for her weight, she had faud with Spencer and Emily was in love with her.what about Aria? What connects her to Alison.

Lucy was casted before the others - I read somewhere that Lucy was casted as Aria before the others and the writers have known who A is since the beginning.. Hmm

I’m going to post a part two to this theory tomorrow in which studies Hamlet, The Black Swan, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and more random little clues

Thank you for reading and don’t hesitate to message me if you agree with Aria being A or if there is anything I have missed out.

A suspects: Least to most Juicy -FOLLOWER SUBMISSION

I think the reveal of uber A needs to be SUPER juicy. Here’s how I rank all the suspects from least to most juicy (20 being least, 1 being most). Please let me know if you agree or how you’d rank them differently! :)

20) Anyone other than the following 19 suspects. It would be too random and un-involved if it were someone Sarah-Marshall related, Meredith, Kate, Maya (if she faked her death like Ali did), Eddie Lamb, Holden etc… 

19)  Any parent. Boooring. Their parents are interesting and awesome, but one of them being A would be quite the opposite.

18) Mona. There would be no shock value whatsoever at this point. I’d feel scammed. :P

17) Ezra. I like how he ended up being a writer. If they take that back it would just be dull.

16) Caleb. Although he is very involved with the liars stories, he was not a part of their lives when Ali was alive and his motive would have to be pretty far-fetched.

15) CeCe. LOVE her, but she was introduced too late and wasn’t enough part of the liars pasts to make an exciting uber A.

14) Jenna. Too obvious. It would be more of a shocker if she were against A all along. (I think she might be the anti-A and have a theory about this…I’ll tell you soon! :P) 

13) Noel. He’s been SO sketchy since the beginning. It wouldn’t be surprising enough.

12) Toby. He already had a big reveal, but it would still be scandalous if he were uber A.

11) Jason. So obvious. But it could be deliciously twisted if done right.

10) Lucas. If he is A (the worst bully ever) because he was bullied, Rosewood is losing one of very few good-hearted characters. It would just be disappointing. But if he has other reasons, it could work. Maybe…

9) Wren. Where was he when Ali was alive? What does he have to do with any of their drama (unless he was the NAT club’s boss or something…) It would be much more interesting to see why he is working for his ex-fiancee Melissa, and how he’s become involved.

8) Paige. It would make lots of sense, but it would almost be too obvious at this point. Plus, Emily has been through enough (Ali’s disappearance, Maya’s murder, A trying to kill her all the time, A breaking her up with Samara, getting kicked off the swim team, losing scholarships etc…). It would be more sad than anything to see her suffer this, too. 

7) Melissa. Her hatred of the liars and Ali is so obvious and she’s been so suspicious, but she’s Spencer’s SISTER. And if she was A all along it would be so f***ed up it would be epic. If she was A to protect Spencer, that could also be an amazing story and it would be interesting to learn how (maybe she wanted to protect Spencer, but hurt the other liars/Ali though?).

6) A twin. As long as it’s not a parent’s twin, and it was a twin we met along the story and didn’t know it, it would be pretty exciting. Especially if it is not Ali’s twin as expected.

5) Mike Montgomery. He has been involved in lots of suspicious activity, but always remains under the radar and has never been a big suspect. He had a crush on Hanna and now he’s probably in love with Mona. I think it would be a riveting shocker!

4) Emily. It would be pretty epic. She’s Ali’s favorite and was always the sweet one of the group. It could be an interesting story of a lover scorned.

3) Hanna. If she were playing dumb all this time, I think the planet would shake from PLL fans fainting around the world.

2) Spencer. She is tied to every major character I can think of in a big way. And there are sooooo many suspicious Spencer moments. PLUS, she’s “the smart one”. It would make a lot of sense and could be awesome. I have to say, though, if she has a personality disorder and is A without being aware of it I would be super disappointed. If A’s monstrous deeds haven’t been intentional, who even cares who did them?

1) Aria. There are so many amazing theories about her. There are a million clues, but they are all subtle so her reveal would be a tremendous shock and a great victory for PLL-detectives everywhere ;P

anonymous asked:

prompt - spencer DOESN'T need to hurry off when toby comes in the 6x07 sneak peek. please write what ensues after he hugs her and spins her around :)

i got kind of one like this but!? i’ll do this one first because i am unfair.

“You’re back!” pure joy and bliss radiate of her words. He doesn’t waste time, his arms immediately go around her, his smile glowing and lifting up his entire face. He kisses her attentively, softly but passionately. It’s a kiss of longing and love, it’s a kiss of “I missed you.” 

He picks her up, twirling her around in a small circle.. They’re both laughing and carefree, and she forgets that she’s lost in the circles of hell. He is her saving grace, her one piece of tranquility. With him, she’s in heaven. 

She has her arms coiled around his neck, her legs sort of around him. He walks them over to the kitchen, and sets her down on the kitchen counter. Her legs still overlap his, keeping him close and in proximity of her lips. She moves her hands in his hair, tousling her fingers his chocolate locks. 

She brings her lips into his. His breath is hot and minty against her mouth. Her lips glide over his, his hand pushing against the mid of her back and making it arch. He traces her lips with his tongue, making her insides flutter a little. She opens her mouth a little, running her tongue against his.

She longed for this. She longed for him.

In just the few days he was gone, so much has happened. None of it being good, either. She isn’t sure if things go better when Toby is around because he is some kind of good luck charm, or if things just appear better because he is what lifts her heart up and holds her hope. It’s the latter, she knows it. She doesn’t believe in luck. 

Well, then again… She did get this wonderful guy kissing her. There had to be some luck in that. She’s the biggest mess in the world. A human, toxic, waste dump. Andrew was right. She brings nothing but trouble and dismal. She’s way more than she’s worth, but yet Toby is still here. He’s still with her. Why? Spencer could never tell you.

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