if anything this makes me not want to go to her church

So I went to therapy today… Everything was going okay until my therapist asked me if I wanted to go to church… I said no and tell her I don’t believe in anything once again…but she kept saying medical studies say that having a belief makes life easier and she starting advising I should go to church and even tho I clearly told her I didn’t wanted she kept talking about it… I’m seriously starting to get annoyed by that… It’s unbelievable how unethical she’s behaving… Maybe it’s because I’m already stressed… But tbh I don’t like that, I’m tired that she keeps bringing religion as if not believing in anything makes me a bad person, I respect her beliefs but she can’t respect mine… I’m just tired of people trying to convert me into something I just don’t believe! I like her but I’m starting getting stressed every session bc I know she will bring religion up and just…it’s so frustrating!! sigh…


Part 1

“Do I really have to do this?” “Yes Hap. You can’t back out now. I don’t have anyone to take your place. No one will think anything of it. They know you’re one of my best friends and they know I don’t get along with women. It only makes sense for you to be the maid of honor, we just aren’t calling it that. Man of honor? Is that good?” He nodded defeated and looked you over. “You look beautiful.“ You smiled widely. "Thank you Happy.” “Let me go check on the kid, make sure he hasn’t left you at the alter.” “If he did, he’d be dumb. He’s gotta sit right next to me during church.”


“Jesus man, what if she changes her mind? What am I supposed to do. What if once we’re married she realizes she doesn’t want this? She-” “Juice shut up. He’s in the other room, getting her makeup done so that she can marry you, because she wants to marry you. Now hurry up and get out there before she thinks you changed your mind and puts a hit out on you.” Juice laughed lightly before taking a deep breath and getting ready to walk out, the guys all walking out with him and standing at their places at the alter.


There was a knock at the door to your dressing room and you turned, your anxiety going through the roof. "Come in!“ The door opened and Clay stepped through. "You ready kid?" "Yeah.” You stood up and smoothed your hands over the front of your dress. Clay walked up to you and grabbed your hands with his, looking at you. “You look gorgeous babygirl.” You blushed and looked down, a piece of your bangs falling into your eyes. Clay pushed the piece back into place and kissed your cheek. “Let’s go get you married.”


Juice stood at the alter with Jax, Chibs, Opie and Tig, happy standing on the other side by Lyla, Tara, Gemma and Luann looking completely defeated. Juice laughed as he looked at his face, Happy catching him and mouthing the words ‘I’m gonna kill you.’. Suddenly everyone stood and turned around, Juice’s heart picking up. He followed everyone’s eyes and there you were, arm locked with Clay’s. Everything about you was perfect. Your hair, your makeup, your dress, your flowers, your shoes, everything. You were the definition of perfection to him. He felt himself begin to get choked up at the sight of you and heard Ope whisper in his ear. “It’s alright man. I felt the same way when I saw Lyla.”

Finally you looked up at him and when you made eye contact, everything stopped. For the first time, you were the most important thing in his life. Not the club but you. For the first time ever, he felt complete. Like he had won the game of life and you were his prize.

Seeing the tears in his eyes, you felt yours begin to well up as well. This is the day that every girl dreams about and you never thought you’d see it. You’d always been a lone wolf and you thought that was how it would always be, but you were wrong. Not only had you finally found a family, but you’d found a man that would love you and protect you. That was all you could really ask for. Before you knew it, you were at the alter, Clay releasing your arm and grabbing your head to kiss you. As he walked away, you looked to Happy who shockingly had a smile on his face. Lyla made eye contact with you and smiled, blowing you a kiss before you turned around and faced Juice.


You sat with Lyla at the table sipping wine and laughing together, just enjoying each others company while the guys went up to get more drinks. Juice stood by Happy and rested a hand on his shoulder. “Listen brother, I just want to thank you for doing this for her. This means so much to her and we’re grateful to have you in our lives.” Happy nodded, an unusual rise of emotion surfacing at Juice’s words and he grabbed him, bringing him in and hugging him tightly. “No problem, brother. I love the both of you.”