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My dear gay sons, 

I want to send a hug to those of you who dress “feminine” or “girly”, put lots of effort in their appearance and/or use make-up. 

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Never let anyone make you feel bad for “adding to the stereotype” or being too “typically gay”. You don’t need to act or dress masculine, just to prove that boys can be gay and masculine. 

The burden to end stereotypes lays on people who think in stereotypes, not on you. Keep being yourself, keep expressing yourself any way you like.

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

PS: And you know what? You look super cute and handsome! 

“Did I do something that I should know about? Avoiding me isn’t helping anyone.”

“Now that I know I’m not the only one, I don’t feel so bad anymore.”

“You mentioned you knew where they were keeping them. Can you get us there?”

“I want you to know that someone cares for you. Take me for an example.”

“I am freezing right now and you letting the cold air in isn’t helping.”

“You wanted me to be something more than I was capable of. Didn’t you see what that was doing to me?”

If anyone wanted Foegod in new card frame, here it is, in all its glory.

Thank you for this

Fun fact about Foegod as a reward. When we wanted a background we knew it had to be Foegod. The problem was that the original art was so small it couldn’t be used. We actually found the flash game used to create the original art from a helpful fan and recreated him from scratch. You can tell it’s different art because we accidentally forgot his right hand glove.

if jasper fucking frost can have a redemption arc, then so can robert henstridge. i mean lets not forget the man jasper was in the beginning of the series. he slept with eleanor while she was drunk/high and was clearly out of her fucking mind to say no, and then he blackmailed her into continuing their little affair even though she didn’t want to. and dont forget the real reason he got a job as her security in the first place, and that was to rob her.

so yeah, robert is villainous now but i do think he can be redeemed. especially since i honestly dont believe that he killed his father simply because the episode literally showed us every flashback scene of robert and it didn’t include any scene of him hiring anyone to kill simon. i also think the reason he stayed in the island longer than he had to was because he didn’t want to return to HIS world, where his father was abolishing the monarchy he was supposed to rule. so yeah, robert has made mistakes but who hasn’t in this trashy show? 

it took ONE WOMAN for jasper frost to want to change and that was eleanor. now i’m hoping willow could be that one woman to push for robert to change him for the better as well. now its up to the fucking writers of this shit show to do their job. dont let me down assholes.

I’m just going to say this much…

Whenever I have heard racist people complain about their “jobs” being “stolen”, whether online or in person, it’s usually referring to Mexicans or Latinxs they think are Mexican because they’re stupid and think every Latinx from Central or South America is Mexican.

Anti Latinx racism is fucking strong worldwide and I want to say “white people” in that above paragraph BUT sadly it refers to anyone that isn’t Latinx.. non Latinx POC I’m looking right at you, too. You are NOT exempt from that bullshit. You’re not. I hear you saying “build the wall”- sometimes more than fucking white people 👀 You’re just as gross as a Nazi or Klan member so while you’re punching them, you can punch your own damn face as well you nasty hypocrites. In the US, Latinxs are treated like trash.

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I was just reading your ask on editing. I happen to be a lone writer and very shy about my work, so far. I will share it with my family and friends but when it's done. Could there be a third party that could read my story for editorial purposes, a third party that is trustworthy?

(Here’s the post the anon is referring to)

I’m the same way. I’m very shy about sharing my work with anyone, until I feel that it’s at a place where I’m truly proud of it. And that means I go a very long time before anyone but me reads it. 

There are people you can pay to edit your work. Google “novel editing services” to find a few reputable companies that will do this. There are also some freelance editors you might use, but unless the editor has genuine testimonials or client feedback, I’d be wary. If I remember right, @write-like-a-freak does editing at discounted rates for her patrons if you want someone in the Tumblr writing community. 

Honestly though, to get to a point where you’re ready to pay for editorial services, you need to be ready to hand it out to agents/publishers, or preparing to self publish. I’m not going to go into the nitty gritty of publishing or finding paid editors since that isn’t our blog’s focus, but I hate to see writers shelling out money for editing services on rough drafts of their books. There’s so much more you can do to get it ready on your own or for free before you start forking over your hard earned money. 

First, allow yourself some time to make some changes on your own. When you finish a draft, take some time before you start shopping for an editor, no matter how confident you feel. Let it sit for at least a few days, and then read it from start to finish. If you make it all the way through without finding problems that need addressing, then find someone. 

Second, find some writer friends. In my opinion, the best time to do that is during NaNo months, November in particular. NaNoWriMo is packed full of meet-ups in your region, so you can get together with other writers, hang out, and just write. Building connections through NaNo can sometimes create long lasting friendships, but because writing is what brought you together, you’re able to be honest with each other and give each other sincere critiques. 

I met a writer through work, and I just read her manuscript for her. She offered to pay me, but I insisted I’d do it for free since I know her. So in turn, she offered to read something for me when I get to the point I’m ready. Reading novels for your writing friends often means they’ll read for you in return when the time comes, so be sure to make yourself available :)

If you’re planning to edit your novel with intents to publish, I cannot stress enough the importance of a writing support system. Having friends who are also writers gives you access to readers you trust, and who can sympathize with your editing woes and struggles. There is nothing more encouraging than chatting with another writer about a scene you’ve been slogging through or a character that you’re dying to kill off because you can’t stand them anymore. And there’s something so liberating about answering the question “Any plans this weekend?” with “I’m hoping to do some writing” and have someone that just gets it.

I don’t know if I really offered any additional info in this post, but hopefully it helped!


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How did u get so many followers pls I'm really desperate. I think my art is decent, and I try to post as much as I can and I use hashtags please what do I doo

Where did you get the idea that I have a lot of followers?

I mean, I’d have never been here if Galactibun never reblogged my stuff. I don’t know man not even I know why anyone would want to follow me lol

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Hello! So I’ve seen a few authors publish their stories online chapter by chapter to gain some audience. I was wondering what is your take on doing this? I believe the author SJ Maas did this with her first series (throne of glass). I was thinking of doing it myself to push myself into actually finishing my first draft, but I don’t know. Any suggestions?

This would not be the optimal motivation for finishing a first draft, and you certainly wouldn’t want to use a first draft to gain an audience. If Sarah J Maas or any other did this, you can bet it wasn’t with a first draft. ;)

First drafts are rough drafts. They aren’t meant to be seen by anyone but you and maybe some beta readers or your critique partner. If you want to use your story to gain an audience, you need to use the final, polished draft.

Also, if you’ve ever spent any time on fiction sharing sites, you’ll know that unfinished chapter stories are a dime a dozen. That’s because it’s very easy to start a story but very difficult to finish one. And, knowing that you have an audience waiting isn’t good motivation to keep writing. In fact, most writers will tell you that’s a motivation killer. If you’re going to post a story online, it’s best to use a story that is already finished and polished. You can still post a chapter at a time, but this way you don’t have to worry about losing steam. It’s also easier to post consistently when you’re working with a story that’s already done.

Outside of that–if you use a finished, polished story–I think it can be a really great way to build an audience. Just bear in mind that if you want to seek traditional publication for that story, you’ll probably need to take it down, and some publishers may not be interested in a story that was previously published online.

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)

Why is lin cheating a topic in anyone’s mind anyway what would even possibly make you think that this dude would want someone else besides his wife who is not only gorgeous but a fucking genius
Is this stemming from the whole CAH thing because we’ve already had this conversation.
It 👏🏽is👏🏽not👏🏽lin👏🏽
I assure you Lin is not the one sending borderline pedophile-type comments like “I want the good fuck” to a bunch of underage girls because doing so when he’s happily married is
A) fucking gross
b) in some states a felony
Someone is duping you fam
Please learn your internet safety and stop falling for it

This has been yet another PSA on this topic

the quickest way I think for a professor to get students real irritated if they make it a point to press the “’mental health problems’ aren’t valid excuses for absences” because I can understand it to a point since they also don’t allow anyone to skip unless they are gravely ill
but like, bob, you teach an art class about how to use an apple program called garage band. calm down. and if i can’t come for the once in a 1000 chance because I’m having a panic attack and throwing up (which has only happened once but still) i don’t want to have to ask my psychiatrist to fax me my medical records to prove anything

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I scrolled through this blog so much yesterday that I now have to type this with my other hand. My finger is still numb! Worth it!

This fills me with both delight and concern. It’s too late for you, but for anyone else wanting to read through the entire blog, it’s easier on desktop than mobile. I use a layout that shows 10 posts per page, and generally only post twice a day*, so if you stop and bookmark a page, you won’t lose your place for several days. You can use the URL https://space-australians.tumblr.com/page/#  and just replace the # with the page number, too. As of this post, there are 21 pages. 

*exceptions: responses to asks, and occasionally something extra for fun on alien-free Fridays

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Do you have any fanfics to recommend to us all as we wait for your next chapter/short story?

Yes I do!
I haven’t read Mystery Kids fanfics in a while so I may not be the best person to ask, but I’ll try to give you the suggestions I remember. If anyone knows of ones I missed feel free to add them.

If you want just parapines you can read my other fic (which is actually complete? It’s a miracle!) 

The Town That Makes Everything Else Seem Normal

And my absolutely favorite parapines fic:

Through a Slender Opening by jkl-fff

As for other Mystery Kids fics, I would check out these people’s stuff:





When Your a Mystery Kid by  Weird Writing Nerd

Also there is an amazing MK comic by tysonoffire, but just a warning, their blog can be kinda nsfw. So here is a link to their awesome comic on deviant art  too.

Also, if you want just a good psychonauts fic I highly recommend this one: Always The Same

Okay, that’s all I have off the top of my head, but I know there have been a lot more I’ve enjoyed.

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I followed bromo for the lols and I'm honestly so disgusted? She's describing Briana as the 'spawn of satan' and thinks that because she removed her nose ring she must be getting 'more plastic surgery' (as if that's proof, or that any surgery she gets is anyone's business). I remember a lot of larries didn't hate Eleanor, and just thought she like was 'doing her job', but every single larrie is so horrible to Briana for literally no reason at all. Where do they get off thinking this is all okay?

Because Briana’s a permanent fixture in Louis’s life and they absolutely can’t stand it. 

They want her to go away and then use her absence to create theories about her and the baby, but when she posts anything they obsess about tearing her apart again in the hopes it forces her to stay away. It’s a stress ball release for them. Their fandom is 75% obsessively hating on women. They want to normalize and justify that hatred so that nobody empathizes with her or starts thinking maybe a baby isn’t being faked. They gotta keep that hatred level up to scare away anyone showing her any kindness because that kindness can lead to Larries straying from the flock.

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I have some christian/jewish friends who really want to get into the craft. how do I politely tell them to fuck off and that they cant join the craft while at the same time following the very religions that hunted us into near extinction?

Anyone can be a witch, just like anyone can be a bigot… but you knew that :)

He: “Sry for everything”

He again: “But if you feel like some time, talk to me”

Me: “I WILL NOT FEEL LIKE! Break up with her before! N go fck yourself if I ment only a “Sryforeverything” for U. I was a silly bitch who believed in us.“

He: "I can’t add anything in sms” That’s why I want to see you. Because you mean much more for me”

This is our last sms conversation before I blocked him everywhere. I had been in love with him for 3 years and although he had a gf, we were in a massive flirtationship. We were closer to each other than anyone, shared every little things with each other. Half a year ago he admitted it in tears to me that his relationship was in deep shit, his gf hated his friends, never went out with him and she’s still a virgin and never wanted to have sex with him. He also said he was  in love with me for years, but he wouldn’t like to tell me, because he loved his fg. I still don’t know if it was true or not. Nevertheless he began affair with me at that night. He was always saying that he wasn’t able to choose between she and me.

This sms conversation after half a year of on and off bittersweet misery, one day before his 25th birthday. I was drunk and he said he wanted to spend the next day with his girlfriend and I got angry, because I also had plans with him. At that moment I realised how stupid I was in the situation and he will never choose me, because it’s too comfortable for him with two girls at the same time. It hurts like hell and I still in love but I know it was the only way to solve this shit. If he loves me, if his relationship is as shitty as he stated he breaks up with her and finds the way to communicate with me again.

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Seriously speaking here, how much money do you want to make a part 2 of that Reborntale fic? I will actually pay you HOW CAN YOU CLIFFHANGER US SO HARD

Funnily enough, the continuation is already funded? Just need to finish someone else’s commission first. I’ll try not to leave the cliff hanging too long!

If anyone still feels the burning desire to pelt me with spare change, there’s always the tip jar hanging out in the blog description. :p The description also has my commission info linked, if there’s something else I might be able to write for ya. As always, reblogs/recs/comments/likes/kudos/pouring one out for a homie are always appreciated, too. 

I love you guys. You make a marsupial feel really special. 

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Mama, can you just post this for the girl that was talking to Lou? Yo girl, I know how it is to be abused. That's what is happening. You're being abused and manipulated. He's using your own feelings and nature against you to get his way. Isolating and manipulating you so you'll play to his tune. It sucks. And I know it sucks. You feel alone and useless. You're hurt when he lashes out on you. And you don't want anything to happen to anyone else he talks to. (1/?)

(2/?) You don’t want to hurt him. You don’t think he deserves it. But he deserves everything he gets and more. He doesn’t deserve sympathy. You need to put yourself first and his feelings aside. He hurt you. He deserves his entire future to be fucked up. He fucked up your future. He caused you to have anxiety attacks over this. Other girls can fall suit to this. It would be better for you to come clean. Do not worry about his feelings. He can’t control you anymore.

(3/?) So what what he wants? He doesn’t want you to tell? Then he shouldn’t have done something he’d regret. Ruin his life because he ruined yours. Let others know what he has done in a way that he will never outlive it. A sex offender charge. He fucked up badly. Ruin his life. He doesnt deserve your kindness. I love you, and I hope you find support for this. Don’t let his words intimidate you into silence. You deserve so much more. Sorry for the long messages, Mama.

We miss and love you jack. Please, you didn’t do nothing wrong.. You was just stating your opinion and that is 100% okay. Times must be hard asf rn but trust me, it’ll get better! You’re a firm believer of that remember? Don’t let your thoughts consume you whole. It was a mistake that anyone could’ve made, this drama about it is completely unnecessary. I do understand if you want to take a break from social media, and that’s okay with us. But if it’s for any other reason, keep in mind that you’ve saved our lives, in return we can do nothing but love and support you through your darkest of days.

sorry im so dramatic oh my god why what is wrong with me im such trash ugh

Love is a scary thing. Love has the ability to destroy you no matter how strong you are. It has the ability to fix you no matter how broken you once were. 
And this could scare anyone because there is no avoiding it. Once you lay eyes on the one you want, it’s like it opens a whole new part of your soul, and you won’t stop fighting until that person is yours. 
And that’s the scariest part, because sometimes that person knows just how scary love can be, and they will take you through hell if it means that love won’t catch them. 
And that’s how love destroys us and fixes us at the same time; you spend all your time chasing someone that’s afraid, and one day you give up because this love has worn you out. But as you turn around to go back to where you started, you find the one that has been chasing you this whole time.
—  Love