if anyone wants to use these they can

The thing about the cultural appropriation vs. cultural appreciation/cultural exchange debate is that I feel like a lot of us E/SE Asian people do want to share our culture with others??? I can’t speak for other groups as I feel it’s not my place, but I can speak from my own experience as an Asian person.

Like there are infinite resources we have available to teach ANYONE our languages!!! You can google the significance of wearing the kind of clothing we do! Dictionaries and online lessons abound!!!

And our food? Heck, my parents are IMPRESSED when a non-Viet person can eat the food we freely offer them. I try to invite my friends to try Chinese and Vietnamese food all the time! I’d love to 飲茶 with so many of my friends who a majority of them aren’t even Asian and the prospect of them having a new world of food for them excites me!

Our art? My lion dance association offers lessons free to EVERYONE! As one master told my team one time, we are the result of the work of some very open minded people. Because a long time ago, Chinese wouldn’t teach martial arts to non-Chinese, so I myself am the result of the work of open minded people. Moreover, we have public festivals celebrating our arts and culture!

We love cultural exchange, we enjoy having our culture RESPECTFULLY appreciated.

But here’s the problem, there are people who don’t care about that. They bastardize our languages, cuisine, arts, etc. for some ~aesthetic~ or even just because of some sick fetish of us. That’s what we have a problem with. If you don’t care about our culture why should you be using any part of it!? I mean, I suppose it’s your problem if you make a fool of yourself getting a tattoo in 漢字 that you think says your mother’s name but really says “pork fried rice” but let’s think about it, you didn’t even care about someone’s thousands year old language to at least consult a dictionary (google translate don’t cut it) to confirm something says what you think it says? Of course that’s one example but it’s late. I just got off work and I just wanna eat and study.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

Pack Meeting : Game Night
  • Liam: “I’m not dying for you!”
  • Theo: “I’m not dying for you either!”
  • Stiles: * sigh * “This is Twister, nobody is dying for anybody, period”
  • Malia: “if Liam doesn’t get his claws off my hand that might change”
  • Lydia: “Okay, if we figure this out slowly, we can untangle ourselves and stop playing”
  • Derek: “Well Liam is on top -”
  • Theo: [interrupting] “- that’s a first” (smirk)
  • Malia: “Ow, get off mh -”
  • [everyone collapses on each other]
  • Scott: [rubbing his head] “Why did we play this game again?”
  • Lydia: “Because Liam threw the Monopoly board through the wall last time; Theo can’t handle Operation; Nolan ate the pieces to Candyland - ”
  • Stiles: “- and all of you get super weird when I ask if anyone wants to play chess or Go [that game Kira’s mother taught us with the black and white pebbles]”
  • [Entire pack looks at Stiles. Cue awkward silence]
  • Nolan: [blushing/breaking silence] “I thought it was made of candy”

sex with exo-k 🌙

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junmyeon 🗡

some people may not agree, but i think junmyeon has a daddy kink. i say this because of how caring he is with his members; he resembles a guardian figure. i think he would be the same way in bed, with a few other aspects added into it all. i’m not quite sure how to word this in a way that would be easily understanded…. while he would give lots of pleasure and care for you in bed, i feel that he would really reveal a new side of himself. something he can’t display around anyone else.

he’d prefer to call you ‘babygirl/boy’ (or ‘sweetheart’ if you use they/them pronouns). things would be kicked off by slow oral, in which he holds your hips down and uses his skillful tongue on you. of course, you’ll cum this way at least twice before he shows a desire to really fuck you. not only does he want you to be nice and ready for him, he wants you to beg a little for it.

throughout the sex itself, it’ll be very clear who’s in charge. he’ll be very soft with you, yet he’ll have a dominant vibe about himself. he knows that you won’t disobey him, so he has no reason to be overly rough or to bark harsh orders at you. as long as you’re good for him, he’ll make sure you see stars.

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baekhyun 🎃

with baekhyun, i think you’ll get something new every time. because of this, i’ll do a far lengthier post on him alone, but let’s see what i can group together for now. as we all know, baekhyun is very shameless, loud, and rowdy. all of these traits would carry over into the bedroom, bringing together a very wild night each time you both have sex.

needless to say, he isn’t afraid to be loud. he is a switch (with a submissive preference), so he’ll be very noisy when subbing for you, whining especially loud at every single touch. no matter his role, he’ll be taunting, too. always pushing for more. if he wants more, he won’t just ask for it, he’ll slyly make sure he gets it. degradation? he’s into that too, on both ends. of course it would come into play here.

because he likes using things such as handcuffs and flogs every now and again, he chose a safeword, just in case. it’s 'sexy pineapple.’ he jokes, but he really would like if you use it whenever you become uncomfortable with anything he does/wishes to do. he’s into so much, that may actually be an instance once or twice.

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jongin 🦇

jongin strikes me as a switch more than anything. on stage, he transforms into a very self-aware, sexy man, while he’s practically a bunny everywhere else. he either likes no roles, or he wants to be a little dominate with you, much like the two personas previously stated. the latter is a bit more common though.

vanilla sex with him is satisfying, but more than just sexually. he’ll hold your hand. he’ll giggle when you kiss his neck or blow cool air onto it. it’s not only loving, but it’s a lighthearted affair. it’s about more than sex, it’s about simply enjoying each other. he’d nip at the skin of your chest, only to break out into light laughter at the noise it elicited from you. he’d do it again, just so he can tease you about it afterward.

then there are nights that are so contrasting. these are very needy sessions, where he will tear the clothing from your body if it meant he could touch you sooner. he’s in need of your touch. foreplay would be scarce, aside from causing a few hickies to bloom on the skin of your neck and collarbones. he’ll take you from behind then, pull on your hair a bit. a safeword isn’t really needed; he’ll stop something as soon as you ask.

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sehun 🔮

sehun has shown before that he enjoys being the center of attention when he can be. this is exactly the case in bed; thus making him a bratty sub (in my opinion of course). i don’t think he’s afraid of causing a little fuss to get what he wants either. he’s the baby of exo after all, so he’s used to being treated like one. being cared for, given into.

he likes when you call him your baby, and when you do things for him. lap dances and stripteases are a favorite of his. despite being so submissive, he likes to think he’s calling the shots. he hates being cuffed up because it prevents him from touching you as he pleases, but it’s often required to keep him from going far too fast. he’s impatient; he tries to rush things along so that he can get off.

more often than not, you get off by riding him—whether it be his face or his dick. he isn’t one for begging, so don’t expect any of that. however, he’s better at taking orders than one would expect. he’s very gifted with his tongue and he knows how to use it well. tell him to eat you out/rim you and he will.

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in real life, chanyeol is a bit clumsy, sheepish, and awkward. i can see him being very awkward and inexperienced in bed. no offense, but this man is the type to make a pornhub account in his mother’s email address. i think he really would like to be a dominant person in bed, but he hasn’t quite gotten there yet. he’s very nervous about a lot because he doesn’t want to hurt you more than what you can visibly take.

he likes when you ride him, so he can get a feel of the pace you seem to enjoy, while being able to take control of your hips. or he’ll wrap a hand around the column of your throat, hesitantly beginning to tighten his grip. he gets nervous when your breathing gets shaker and shakier, and waits intently for the safeword/signal. he’ll also slowly step into the waters of degradation, if you’re alright with it. talking of sex is so awkward for most people, but i think he may ask you about this bit beforehand, so he knows where the line is.

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kyungsoo 🔫

in my opinion, kyungsoo is a very rough dom. he’s shown more of a violent side toward his members in how he hits or threatens them from time to time (junmyeon seems to be afraid of him sometimes), so i can definitely see him being very rough in the bedroom. while he does take you into cconsideration, there are only rare occasions where he wants to make love to you. unless it’s a special night, he wants to fuck you.

i see him being into a lot of things which require a separate post of their own, but i’ll begin with orgasm denial. he likes winding you up, making it seem as though you’re going to get a treat for riding his cock so well before simply leaving you hanging. in order to see an orgasm again that night, you’ll need to beg him for one. in addition to this, he likes face fucking you. it’ll usually take place after he’s fucked you doggy style, so he can taunt you about how filthy it is that you’re sucking yourself off of him. he’ll grab a fistful of your hair in his hand and guide you along his shaft at whatever pace he’s in the mood for.

for the record, he isn’t a complete asshole. aftercare is a must, and it’s very sweet at that. there’s both a safeword and a safe signal (for when you have your mouth full/ball gagged), which he encourages the use of if need be. he tries to be aware of your limits and tries not to test them, especially on accident.

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Can you give me tips and activities to get closer to God?

Oh boy, I’m certain everybody and their mama has asked this question and there’s a lot of answers floating around the internet hahaha
Classic Bible story of being closer/coming back to God is in Luke 15:11-24, definitely read it!

1. Meet with God before anyone else
As soon as you wake up, pray and thank God for today or read a devotion. Anything, just make Him first in your day.

2. Get into the Bible every day / Do a Bible study
If you want to know God better there’s no better way then to read the Bible!
You can do Book studies, Topical studies, Character studies, Saturation study (where you think about one piece of scripture over and over in your mind) or Word studies (when you take a specific word in the Bible and discover every single way that it is used throughout the Old and/or New Testaments.)

3. Have a prayer journal / Prayer wall
Write out your prayer requests and record the answers as they come. By writing out these types of things, you will not only be more keenly aware of how God is working in and around your life, but you will become a person who is able to give thanks in all circumstances. And during hard times you’ll be able to remember where God has worked in your life.

4. Get your eyes off yourself
When we are focused on our own self—our problems, our issues, our worries, our fears—we forget to look at God. We need to keep the eyes of our heart on God. His abundance. His presence. ame His attributes and look up verses that remind us of who He is. Speak them aloud. Write them down. Declare their truth over yourself, etc. (Psalm 91:1-4

5. Repent regularly / Self-examine yourself regularly 
Ask Him to show you how your heart is struggling. Be specific. Don’t hold back. God loves us the way we are but He loves us too much to stay that way, He wants to be more like Jesus.
Test yourselves to make sure you are solid in the faith. Don’t drift along taking everything for granted. Give yourselves regular checkups. You need firsthand evidence, not mere hearsay, that Jesus Christ is in you. Test it out. If you fail the test, do something about it.“ - 2 Corinthians 13:5 (MSG)

Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts, and see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting!” - Psalm 139: 23-24

6. Listen to worship music
When we are stuck—when our mind knows that God is close, but our heart struggles to believe it and move toward Him, it can help to listen to music that opens up our heart to Him. I have a link to my Spotify on my blog with playlists for different occasions which I find to really help.They are songs that help my heart be receptive to the Holy Spirit.

Dear Readers

Please Remember The Following

• Writer’s Block Is A Thing!

*It stunts any creative juice you have

*It can go on for a very long time, from one month to one year

*Sometimes you literally get tons of ideas, but you can’t put them into words, it’s frustrating

*I literally want to burst into a puddle of tears when I have it, so try to think what happens to other writers when they do as well

Don’t rush writers! We try our hardest to fufill your requests! But no inspiration means no words for you to read, and bashing anyone because of how long it’s taking doesn’t help! This makes us want to write, and then we force ourselves to, which doesn’t give you good content at all!

Now Dear Writers

*Remember that you are not horrible for taking breaks.

*You’re not a bad writer for having writer’s block, everyone gets it

*You are literally so important

*Your writing abilities make you special

*Don’t rush writing, you won’t give the best content you can

*Take as long as it takes to get that inspiration running through your veins again

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What's your favorite Hufflepuff headcannon?

gah! theres so many to chose from!

theres a headcannon about the sorting ceremony that i really like…basically it says that you get sorted not only by the traits you exhibit, but also by the traits you want to emulate and/or the traits that will be most useful to you, your subconscious has some choice in the matter . Which has such beautiful connotations for us Hufflepuffs: it means that what we thought was most important, was not wisdom, bravery, or resourcefulness and cunning. no, what we value the most is loyalty and kindness.

(i can’t for the life of me find this post, so if anyone can or knows who the author is so, i can give them credit, please let me know!)

theres so many more that i love, but this was the first that sprung to mind 💛🖤

hey remember that au i have where kakyoin is a dead inside retail worker somehow having ended up at the only haunted 7-11 in japan while jotaro is a slightly haughty witch who comes in at 3am every morning and for some reason has made it his mission to try and scare kakyoin ? well i have a few ideas for it now haha:

- Jotaro’s been trying to scare Kakyoin because it was a dare from his grandfather, who is also a witch. Joseph was like ‘haha if youre really any witch worth your salt you can scare that cashier at the 7-11′. Jotaro is a shitty impulsive young adult and takes the bet but Kakyoin is so fucking indifferent to his attempts that it becomes an actual challenge

- All according to keikkaku- Joseph told Jotaro this because he wants his grandson to just fucking interact with people goddammit. If anyone can manage to befriend his reclusive water witch grandson its this cashier

- Joseph tends to use light and electricity magic to make himself young during the night- kind of like he recharges during the day as an old man and then goes out to play with the moon.

- There are at least three demonic possessions a week. At this point Kakyoin is just like ‘Sir if you don’t let that human go I’ll be forced to evict you from that body and the premises’. demonic screeching. Kak just fucking sighs and raises his broom like ‘alright no other choice’

- The youkai who come in slowly become unnerved by the human so willing to beat them around with a broom, who doesn’t seem to be startled by any chance of possession or attack. He has no power to speak of- no power except a powerful indifference, a healthy will to protect, and a determination for his next paycheck

- Kakyoin goes through several near death experiences. One that Jotaro walks in on ends up being with Kuchisaki-onna, and before he can even dash in and separate them Kakyoin has her weapon and has her on the ground, trying to talk to her politely while also putting the mask back on.

- There’s weird shit like sentient umbrellas and cotton balls that come in. The first time Kakyoin sees a paper umbrella with one eye hopping through the doors of this shitty convenience store he very nearly loses his goddamn mind and almost ends up laughing hysterically

- It’s not all bad- there’s a ghost that hangs around the store from 1800s England named Jonathan. He doesn’t know how he got stuck in modern day Japan, but he’s still very pleasant and all around nice to talk to, especially during quieter nights. He’s endlessly excited by modern technology and by new archaeological discoveries that have been made in the last century.

- He has somewhat of a soft spot for childlike spirits. Sure Kakyoin has no idea how to feel about kids but he sees that most of these kids are fairly well meaning and sneaks them little candies and things. In return, they bring him little trinkets and things of dubious supernatural value

- He gets away with this because he negotiates with his boss to get a raise, since he knows damn well no one else will take the night shift and he also knows damn well that 900 yen an hour is not enough for all the bullshit he puts up with. He Knows His Value

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I think I might be bisexual because I like guys ( I always have) but I also kind of want a girlfriend? and I've never really had a crush on anyone that's lasted more than a week so.. this is gonna be fun to figure out. anyway sorry for treating your ask box like my diary lol

Thanks for telling me!…I’m trying to figure out my sexuality too bc I used to think I liked boys but I have the biggest crush on a girl best friend and I can’t imagine myself with a guy…it’s so confusing right :( Anyways I’m glad we can figure it out together!!! I hope you become more sure of it soon. Good luck 🍓✨

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Bad guys who actually know about the magic of the hoodie and want to use it for some kind of evil steal it from Matt, not knowing it's pretty well bonded to him, and neither can rest til they're reunited; the hoodie will curse anyone it touches, maybe even start to consume them, and Matt is just really really anxious and constantly thinking up ways to get the hoodie back. Bonus points if Bing is the one who steals the hoodie, without really knowing what he's getting into


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Just want to say that "you can ask them after the album comes out" isn't true because they have ALL been saying that they want to take their stories to the grave which I get I just don't want to get anyone else's hopes up

i still hundy percent believe they’ll tell us, or taylor will

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How do you set up a PayPal with a fake name? Or can you do it with your real name and POTS won't know?

Paypal will show your real name to anyone who sends you money or receives money from you. If you want to use paypal for sugaring set up a second account with a fake name. SDs and POTs can send money to that account, and you can send it from there to your real one. Some alternatives to paypal are cash app, venmo, and google wallet.

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I am afraid that I might be accidentally developing an eating disorder... I hardly eat much anymore, all I usually eat is, sometimes, a light snack after school and dinner. It is at the point where I don’t really want to eat?? ‘Cause I don’t feel hunger because I am so used to not eating much... I am not sure who to turn to because I don’t want to make anyone worry

If you have a problem, if you feel like you do, or if you know, then you can NOT let yourself suffer because you’re worried about making them nervous. I know it’s easier said then done, but you must think about yourself. And remember that seeing you suffer will hurt them so bad. It’s better for everyone if you get the help you need.

Now that that’s said, I have a little more.

If you believe that you have a disorder, you can trick you brain into thinking that it’s true. Your brain could start mimicking the symptoms of whatever you have if you think hard enough. To avoid enforcing the idea.

Also, monitor your eating. You may not be eating a ton, but you can at least eat good food. Avoid anything that won’t fill you up. Try to eat healthy. Remus barely eats, but he’s not unhealthy. You can stay a healthy weight and keep your health up if you eat correctly.

If the problem persists, then see a doctor. Remember that you are a beautiful and intelligent being. You don’t deserve to be damaged. Your body is beautiful and perfect, and it will love you for feeding it.


  • Sawyer: Listen freckles, it's true there are a lot of things against us but I know we can make this work. We will be like Romeo and Juliet.
  • Kate: Romeo and Juliet both commit suicide at the end.
  • Sawyer: That's the ending? So depressing. Why would anyone want to see something where the main characters are all dead at the end?

This is still WIP, but I’ve created a repository on Github featuring the wings that I made for that flight sim lite project. There’s nothing in the master branch yet, but the link is there in case anyone wants to take an early peek in the develop branch.

Right now the project includes a sample flyable plane and some missiles/bombs using the wings. It’s pretty finicky and required quite a bit of trial and error in terms of setting up the plane itself and then tuning the wing properties to get something that feels good. It’s part of the reason I shelved the whole thing. Still, once you get it working it’s pretty neat.

As I’ve probably mentioned before, the wings are very simple. They account for angle of attack, but not really much else. They can’t stall for example, but they will naturally slow you down as angle of attack increases, and the slower you go the less lift they produce. There’s an optional drag coefficient if you want the wings to really slow you down, but I haven’t found it necessary.

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I need someone to talk to, vent to, but I don't want to bother anyone more than I already have. I need advice, but scared of the outcome of it will be. I'm scared and alone right now in a very bad place in my head. I would send it all in asks but I know I would probably trigger if not one of you, then one of your followers (I know on normal occasions it'd trigger myself) So do you mind if I send in random stuff just so I am not alone mentally for a while? -An Overloaded Ravenclaw

My dear, you can always vent to us. Our inbox is always open. If it could be triggering to some people then we can keep it in the inbox. But never forget that we’re here for you. You aren’t a bother to anyone. I swear that.

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Heyo. I could use a couple prompts including the line "free drinks for time travelers". Think you can help? Thank you!!

The safe house hid in plain sight; in all respects, it appeared to be a tourist attraction. A bar was tended by two servers in steampunk outfits, the milk shake machine had a sign that it would be fixed yesterday, and their was an old fashioned cash register set up for anyone wanting to buy the “time travel necessities” they had in stock.
“Free drinks for time travelers!” one women called behind the bar.
At four o’clock, they served one free drink to anyone dressed like a time traveler. This was Beverly’s chance to reveal herself.

“Free drinks for time travelers!”
“Why don’t you ever have a night where aliens drink free?”
“Well, technically, everyone here is an alien.”

The day I first met myself, I was in the all-purpose shop. Growing up in a small town, most of the businesses sold a variety of goods and services. The all-purpose shop, themed to be old fashioned so they wouldn’t have to update their equipment, served as a library and a clothing store, with a small bar tucked away in the corner for those who didn’t want to drive to the city for a drink.
That day, a woman came into the all-purpose shop with a self important air. She didn’t look familiar, but she headed straight to the bar.
“I’m told this place has a gimmick of promising free drinks to time travelers and I’m here to collect.”

He had to be the worst special agent I’d ever met.
“Free drinks to time travelers! Time travelers only! Come one and all if you’re not from this era!”
“What the hell are you doing?”
As I watched our new boss berate him for such erratic behavior, I rubbed my eyes. We had both been trained on different ways to attract and detect extra terrestrials and other phenomena and yet my partner was nothing short of incompetent.

“Free drinks for time travelers!”
“Gizelle, shut up.” Harry looked around them; everyone was staring. “Sorry, my friends just a little drunk already. We’ll get out of your hair as soon as-”
“Aliens, too!”
“Now. We’ll leave right now.” 

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Prompt for Baberoe in canon: Playing with Gene's aversion to call Babe by his nickname. It's partly because it would mean they are friends now and getting close to anyone in their situation is dangerous, so Gene is protecting himself, and partly because Gene used to call girls he dated back home "Babe". And then he calls Babe as Babe wants and it's not only because he opened up to his friendship. There's second implication to this. Just Gene's musings.

When Babe Heffron first introduces himself, it takes Gene’s brain a moment to catch up. 

Heffron is impossible to ignore. It’s not just his loud Philly accent, strong enough to smother you, or the bright red hair atop his head. It’s a difference, so glaringly obvious that Gene can’t understand his inability to put it into words.

The newest member of Easy Company is all bravado and boldness, his acceptance by some of the other Normandy vets lending him bluster. No other replacement is able to talk so loudly, to hold himself so tall in front of the toughest vets in the company. Heffron, though… Heffron is unique. Gene wonders if he isn’t more somehow, if he doesn’t glow with a certain brilliance most of the other replacements — other people in general — lack.

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rip i still can’t decide between evie, cairo, and lessley

Sangbum shippers get so defensive so quickly whenever anyone has anything negative to say about their obviously toxic ship. Antis would not be dicks about you guys if you weren’t constantly denying how awful your ship is. Be honest for once. You’re shipping a murdering rapist and a mentally ill stalker who is also a victim of rape, abuse and torture from a family member and this murderer…. Just… Just admit it. The day one of you weirdo potatoes can civilly confess that this ship is disgusting from every angle, then I won’t care of you use the It’s fictional excuse. But it seems that the majority of you want to validate this ship as much as possible as if it isn’t abusive and toxic.

Seriously. Just one of you. Without the use of cuss words or name calling because honestly it’s your first reaction most of the time any time anyone expresses a negative opinion towards this negative ship.