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Honestly, I feel so grossed out by certain Klance shippers right now.

I just don’t even understand why they can’t understand how serious this whole situation actually is. It’s people like this who ruin a fandom’s reputation.

I love Klance with all my heart, but at the same time I can’t decide the fate of the ship, NONE OF US CAN! And you all have to learn to live with that. At the same time, this isn’t how you ask for something you really really want, that’s not how things work!

Please, I’m strongly begging for anyone who’s seen the leaks, or ir currently circulating them to stop or report them!

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I loved your Druid Lance Au. I am eager to see the part2 and part3 of your plot. will Lance use his druidic abilities to help his teammates?

I’m so glad you love it!

Since he got to Earth, Lance has used very little of his magic, not wanting anyone to figure out that he isn’t human.

He did use it a few times when he lived with the McClains and decided to disobey his orders. He would use it to help heal small cuts and bruises the younger children would get when they played too rough, and he would even create small lights to help tell a story to help them fall asleep.
The McClains helped Lance learn that not all magic is used for pain and fighting. It can be used for healing and for enjoyment. Lance still keeps it hidden, but if any of the kids would ask for his ‘light stories’ when it was bedtime, he could never turn them down.

When he went to the Garrison, he locked down on his magic. He didn’t use it for any reason, no matter how much he missed seeing the beauty that he just discovered about it. He couldn’t let the government catch on and take him away from his new family.

With the team though, he does use it sometimes. But only when absolutely necessary and when he’s sure that no one is watching. He can’t take the chance of his mother finding out about his disobedience to his mission. He wants to keep the others in the dark about his past as long as possible.whenever he is forced to use his magic, he’ll try to make sure it will look like ‘a stroked luck’ rather than magical interference.

camp halfblood! au

• kim seokjin
• son of aphrodite
• cabin ten
• is literally the best dressed in camp
• uses charmspeak to get what he wants
• during the summer he models
• has pictures of himself hung up in the cabin
• is a camp counselor
• plays cupid a lot
• can make anyone fall in love with him
• but chiron told him not to do that anymore
• is pretty well known around camp
• his dad is a millionaire and gets to visit paris often
• hates being outside
• also hates physical activity
• is constantly getting teased about his age
• cause he’s amongst the oldest
• likes throwing and attending parties
• would rather die than have to wear sweats

In light of the recent incidents in the fandom (people refusing to take down leaks and blackmailing Studio Mir), I would like to do something, as a community, to express my gratitude and apologies to the staff of VLD. I want them to know that we appreciate the hard work they’ve put into this show, and that we absolutely don’t condone the disgusting behavior that’s been going on.

As a gay trans guy who primarily ships a m/m pairing in VLD, it kills me to see people act like this. This is why nobody takes us seriously. This is why people think anyone who ships gay ships is some kind of savage fanatic. I’m tired of it, and I’m so sorry that there are people in my community who can’t exercise common human decency and respect. I’m ashamed.

This crew has put years of hard work into this reboot. You can see, FEEL, the love they have for what they do. Let them tell their story. Be grateful we get the chance to know these characters and this amazing retelling.

Yellow didn't do it. It might be WD it might be her Pearl but I don't think it was Yellow Diamond.

I’ve been reflecting for the last hour, why would YD collapse while singing “what’s the use of feeling Blue?” She kept strong trying to convince BD to get pass it but she was obviously still upset to the point where she broke her upright demeanor. If she was simply faking it she’d be crying with BD from the beginning or she wouldn’t have broke down while trying to console BD. BD already trust her completely so there would be no use for an elaborate plan.

YD wants it to be over with or she is covering for WD. But I don’t think she’s the one who did it. If she’s anything like her subjects i.e. Her Pearl, Zircon, and Peridot is arrogant and over confident and very slow to admit she’s wrong but unlike her subject she can crush anyone who tries so she doesn’t have to confront the fact that she might be wrong. That explains the angry outburst and her crushing blue and yellow zircon, Yellow is noted to be very logical so it’s completely possible that she suspected WD actually did it, but not wanting to face that she convinced herself that it was a Rose Quartz and wants to take them out to finally clear her thoughts.

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tbh i really love this blog. ive been through a lot of abuse and my mental hEalth has suffered. im usually seen as a sweet and kind person, but inside im full of rage and fire. I couldnt hurt anyone, but i want to feel their blood run through my teeth when i tear out their throats. this makes me glad im not alone. im boTh full of love and full of poison

I’m glad it helps! I know intrusive thoughts can be super sucky and hard to get out sometimes without others worrying, so i’m glad people can use this space to get out any of those bits they need. :)

Please Read

Hey, everyone.

This is my first time doing this and although I legit only have a few followers, I’m still hoping someone will see this and help…

I seriously need contacts for my eyes. I’ve been using the same pair for /months/ because I have no money to get some new ones (It’s so bad to use the same pair for longer than a month). I know asking for this sounds kind of ridiculous, but I truly need new contacts because the one pair I have been using are getting worse/worn out.

The price for contacts that will last me an entire year is $90 in which I seriously do not have and feel embarrassed about.

If anyone wants to help me you can do so by sending me money through:
Venmo: @jurissa
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Thank you to whoever helps I really appreciate you and am grateful.

Because some asked for the how-do-you-do-that of the young Ardyn edit I did. I don’t have tutorials, I can just show the “progress/WIP/layers”. In total it has 48 layers, but I am a layers-hog anyway. Mainly it was his hair and smudging away his wrinkles.
Maybe one day I will do one of those streams/twitch thingies, if I ever figure out how that works, while editing, if anyone is interested to see the small tricks used. Though i seriously doubt anyone wants to watch me pushing random buttons in Krita for an hour - it’s not as exciting.

i feel bitter and betrayed and sad because of the world and how we treat each other. i keep thinking about patriotism and i don’t understand how anyone can feel unquestionably indebted to their country especially a country like the USA..the government doesn’t care about you or me and we are taught to think we owe them something for the favors they give us “freedoms” shouldn’t cost a fucking thing. but we are always giving ourselves up. and you can’t be a genuine person, if you are you are revered because you’re an example of what our capitalist American society wants or you are made a fool because you exhibit everything they hate. i can’t live like this and that’s the feeling I’m always left with and there’s not a thing i can do about it except try to live comfortably. but i don’t want to ignore all the people who can’t and i wish i could make change for us all. what really makes me want to cry is that the people i want to help might be taught to hate me too for how i am. but they don’t owe me anything and i don’t owe them anything but no one deserves this. what can we actually do. i feel hopeless. i want to have the best intentions

More to the point, we can see CLEARLY and WITHOUT ANY DOUBT that Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter already know what’s right and wrong.  The problem emerges from the fact that what they know to be good and bad is different from the morality they are given.

The new apple, the sin that they eat, the sin the Devil wants us to commit, is self-acceptance.  And boy, doesn’t that sound like a mind-fuck?  But again, the creators of the game know what they’re doing.  Anyone who’s been a part of Christian culture knows that there is a huge emphasis on controlling yourself, the idea being that we are ‘sinful’ by our very nature, and so we must deny our natures and therefore achieve some measure of moral living.

But the entire point of WKTD is that being your full, true self is anything but shameful.  By accepting herself, her gender, her emotions, Venus becomes breathtakingly beautiful and gentle as a lamb.  Once Neptune stops coughing up the bile and lets it overtake her, she is able to purify those around her.  Once Jupiter stops restraining herself, she is given the ability to touch all those around her.

- http://archiveofourown.org/works/6995809/chapters/17799343

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I saw the asks about HTP, and just wanted to put it out there that @whatisthehydratrashparty explains HTP really well. The sidebar titled "Resources" on their main page covers a lot of the big questions really thoroughly. It's a really great resource for anyone who's curious, and as far as I can tell, there's no HTP content on the blog; it's just discussion. Hope this helps!

thank you for letting us know! 

i’m going to link straight to the overview page, which covers what hydra trash party is. they also have an extensive and super helpful guide about how to block and tag content so everyone can protect themselves.

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Regarding the "plants feel pain" argument, it's such nonsense, since most of what we eat from plants are things the plants want us to eat so they can reproduce - there's seeds in just about every fruit or vegetable! I know this doesn't account for other things we get from plants, like spices, but you can't tell me plucking a basil leaf, which the plant can regrow, is the same thing as slitting a pig's throat...

Honestly I don’t think anyone actually thinks that it’s a serious argument, even those who use it do so in full knowledge that they’d never use it in any other context besides when arguing with vegans. It’s a troll argument, the last resort of someone who has been disproven on every other point and doesn’t really care how absolutely ridiculous they sound.

More Bits and Bobs

In our private thing Sue was asked what she’d like to do that she hasn’t, and she gave a giggle and said “a western!” Then later Mark referred to their new joint project as a “stablemate” of Sherlock (although not about Sherlock at all). Hmmmm, can anyone think of some classic western/horse type literary series that needs updating?

In Meet the Makers, Mark and Steven were talking about how they’re not as clever as people give them credit for, and told how Steven randomly picked the drug name DT12, only because the drug name he wanted to use turned out to be a real drug, and some Sherlockian said oooooo, “devils foot”, you’re so clever - when they hadn’t thought of that at all. Since 4.3 I’ve personally pulled back a lot on all the purported meta and hints and etc - it’s so easy to imagine what isn’t there in retrospect. But that’s just me, not trying to take anyone’s theories away!

Your Character In Five Quotes!

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tell us your favorite quotes from your muse. give us an idea of who they are by five things they’ve said then tag your friends!!

  1. ❝ That’s fine. It’s just how we are. ❞ 
  2. ❝ …You want to hurt yourself? ❞
  3. ❝ Then I will hurt you. ❞
  4. ❝ That’s not fair. You would rather take on all the pain yourself without hurting anyone? That’s not fair. ❞
  5. ❝ …I’ve only done this much, and you can’t even move. ❞

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reasons I'm vegan

this list is for my own personal reflection/ reference so it only reflects my own personal reason, NOT the reasons of any other vegan

- I could never slaughter an animal, so why should anyone else have to on my behalf
- work-related injuries occur more frequently in animal agriculture than in other agriculture
- I do not want sick, beaten, miserable animals to be a source of sustenance for me
- I have a history of high blood pressure in my family, and vegetarians and vegans are proven to have lower incidence of this
- I can live a perfectly healthy life on a well-planned vegan diet
- animal agriculture is arguably one of the greatest contributors to global warming and CO2 emissions in the US
- animal agriculture contributes to ground- and fresh-water pollution
- as a financially stable woman in United States, I have the means to consume a healthy, varied vegan diet, and in doing so I could take the burden off someone with different circumstances that might restrict them from doing the same
- cows are positively adorable
- I really like a lot of vegan substitutes
- the flavor of animal products is not worth the suffering and destruction they cause
- the ease and accessibility of animal products is not worth the suffering and destruction they cause
- the deforestation of the amazon is not for paper or homes, it’s for soy crop planting, majority of which is used to feed cattle
- my body works better as a vegan
- my severe IBS went away since becoming vegan (I’m dead serious y'all it’s the best thing ever)
- my depression has lessened since becoming vegan (I DO NOT SPEAK FOR OTHER MENTALLY ILL VEGANS BY THE WAY– a lot of circumstances changed around the time that I became vegan too, so it very well could be one of those that eased it, but still, I think that the cognitive dissonance I felt with my actions not matching my morals being dissipated helped with my major depressive disorder)
- I swear to god animals like me better now
- I can eat so much more now, like huge meals, and it makes me happy to eat a lot lol
- I love tofu

I’ll add more as I think of them

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hi! :) i just want to make a point about why us queer johnlockers hate the writers now. i agree that some of us can be too harsh, but the reason why we're so distraught is because we thought that this show would assure us that we're not inappropriate or just a joke. we thought this would be something different, seeing ourselves in these 2 amazing men. but alas, we were told that we're just things to play with, again. i'm not looking for trouble, just don't want anyone getting the wrong idea :).

just going to post this as is; out of respect to the anon.

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13. What talents do i have: i can sing
I play two instruments
I can sew (i made a few pieces on my posts of me)
I know fluent Spanish and want to learn Japanese and French
I know Prince front to back and can identify any album or era of his by just looking at an outfit or hairstyle of his (from what he’s given us) (if that counts)
I can cook
I have “the gift”
I can do voice impersonations
I can look at a picture of anyone and tell them what they should have added or left out of their outfit
& im flexible (some are missing that i cant think of but yeah)

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People can be AroAce due to trauma, it is valid. And sometimes it is simpler just to have a label to explain to others.

“I suppose so, I just don’t want to invalidate anyone who is naturally that way. As such, I don’t use those terms, and I don’t feel the need to explain myself to anyone in any case. People can assume what they want about me. I don’t care.”

He considers for a moment. 

“Don’t touch me means don’t touch me. Plain and simple. No one should need to explain themselves about that.”