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My heart hurts. I am praying that none of you were among the injured or the dead. I am praying that none of you know someone who was. This hurts me so badly. I don’t personally know anyone affected. I feel as though I’m mourning over 22 people I will never know.

Georgina Callander was one of the 22 who were killed in the attack. I didn’t know Gina, but she was all over my twitter feed this morning. Her account made me smile. She was a huge fangirl who had the chance to meet so many of her favorite celebrities. She was a big member of the family I call Team Internet. To me, anyone who loves and supports the members of this crazy online platform is a member of this crazy family. Joe shared a picture he took with Gina and multiple members of Team Internet responded with heartbreak. It is clear to me that Gina was a big part of this family. I feel like I have lost a distant relative. What are the chances that one of the 22 was one of us? I think about this account and how many followers I have who I don’t know and never will know. I wonder if one of them was Gina. I wonder if I have lost other family members I will never know.

I tend to get overly emotional about things like this. I am just some girl in Michigan. I guess I just can’t believe that we live in a world of such evil. And I hate that that evil has taken a member of Team Internet. Like I said, I feel like I have lost a distant relative.

I don’t know what else to say. I have BBC news on and I don’t know what I’m waiting for. Good news? An announcement that it’s all a prank? Another catastrophe designed by Sam Pepper for an elaborate video? I know the reality but I’m in denial. I hate this. I hate that we have to be afraid of going to concerts. I hate that I have a play for my friend tonight an I’m scared to go. I hate that my mom is at work and I want her home. Such trivial things to be worried about. I hate the fear that terrorism spreads across the world. I hate that this terrorist targeted teenagers. Children. What was his goal? What did the 8-year-old girl who was so excited to see Ariana do to him? What did Gina do to him? I know he wanted mass destruction (that’s what terrorists want, right?) but I can’t fathom this. This is unfair. This is cowardly.

I’m sorry my words haven’t come out as well as I wanted them to. I guess I just don’t know what to say. I am heartbroken. I wanted to wake up this morning unaffected by it all, but it’s hitting me hard and I don’t know why, and I don’t like it.

They just showed a picture of Gina on BBC and I had to look away. She was so happy and now she is gone.

I don’t know if the UK had the childhood show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. It was a lovely children’s show about a man named Mr. Rogers who would teach us about life and good things and treated us all like neighbors. He once said, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” That’s what I’m trying to do. Trying to focus on the emergency response team. Trying to focus on the line that was waiting to donate blood for those injured. Trying to focus on the hotels offering room for those who need help. Trying to focus on the people online who are helping people find their loved ones. Trying to find any glimmer of hope in this dark world.

They’re talking about Donald Trump on BBC right now and I don’t want to hear about this orange man and his plans in the middle east. He called those behind the attack evil losers. I’m sorry but what? Where’s Obama and his smooth and caring words of assurance and love?

I am praying for everyone who has been affected by this. I’m praying for Gina. Please stay safe. If you’re in Manchester, STAY HOME. I know that your government is saying that the threat is still high, that there is a high chance of another attack. Please, I am begging you, stay home. Keep your family close. Call your friends, make sure they’re okay. Please, please stay safe. Don’t let the bad guys win.

When I was going through Gina’s twitter, I saw that she was a big fan of the show Once Upon a Time. Snow White and Charming used to say Good can’t just lose. Good will always win. That’s what we have to say. We can’t let evil win. Good. Can’t. Lose. If we stand together and hold each other close, good will win.

I’m sorry I can’t do more. I’m sorry my words are falling a bit flat. Just know that my prayers are for all of you who have been affected by this. Please stay safe. The world is a scary place.

Here is an emergency contact number. I don’t know what this means but they keep showing it on TV so I feel like it’s important to share:

0800 096 0095

Best Night Ever

aharleyquinnuniverse requested: Can you do a three sum with me Gerard Way and Frank Iero? smut of course please and my names Harley

I really don’t do personals so everyone can get into it but I’ll send anyone who requests a personal a copy with your name if you want. Oh and this is the first smut on my blog so I hope you guys like it. Sorry It’s so long.

This was it the night I get to see My Chemical Romance front row. I was so ready for tonight. I was going to pick up my friend in 2 hours and then we’d head over to the venue. 

I put on my best concert outfit it was super sexy and also very airy so I could dance around without having a heat stroke. It was about time to head out so I grab my keys and head out to the car. When I pick up my friend we both let out really girly squeals and jump around for a bit. When we get in the car all we talk about is how attractive all the band members are.

We arrive at the venue and run straight to our spots. We only had to wait for about 20 minutes for the show to start, and when the show starts  could swear Gerard looked straight at me, then again it my just be my crazy fangirl mind.

After the Concert 

Me and my friend wait for the stadium to clear out a bit before we try and get to our car. I swear we were the last people in there. 

“Was it me or did Gerard keep staring at you.” She said with a little smirk. 

“Oh thank god.” I say “Then it wasn’t just me.” We both giggle for a bit then get up to go to our car. As we walk up the aisle to go to the exit I hear footsteps behind us. I stop for a second and knit my eyebrows before pulling out my pocket knife and turning to defend me and my friend.

When I turn I immediate regret my decision, Gerard Way was the one trying to catch up to us and not some creep.

“Whoa,” He says throwing up his hands eyes widening. “Didn’t mean to scare you.” I feel my face heat up, turning bright red like my converse. 

“I..uh..I’m really sorry.” I stutter quite flustered. I just pulled a knife on Gerard-fucking-Way. I slowly put my knife back where I had it tucked in my bra. Then became even more flustered when I realized I just stuck my hand into my bra in the presence of my idol. He turns a light shade of pink and I giggle a bit. We both shake out of our awkward and he extends his hand.

“Ummm, well I’m Gerard and you are.” I grab his hand and shake it firmly.

“(y/n)” I smile slightly looking up at him (since he was taller than me).

“Well (y/n),” He said a little awkwardly “Me and the band saw you and your friend having a good time and we wanted to see if you two beautiful woman would like to come hang out backstage for a bit.” I was speechless for a moment until I felt my friend nudge me a bit and I shake out of it. 

“Oh yea, of course, I would love to.” I say it all quite quickly causing him to laugh a bit. Before he grabbed my hand and started leading me back. I turn back to my friend who is following along behind us. She smiles and makes a kissy face. I shake my head and flip her off before turning back to see that Gerard just watched that whole thing. I turn even more red but he just laughs so I shake it off.

The rest of the band was nice and we spent a solid 3 hours just sitting around talking. Occasionally I would look over and see Gerard staring at me, but then I started to notice that Frank had been staring too. I could feel my ears heat up as Frank leaned over and whispered something to Gerard, who responded with a straight face and a nod. Both boys stand up from the spot they were sitting on the couch and walk in front of my chair. 

“Umm,” Gerard says awkwardly swaying back and forth “I was wondering if you would, only if you want to, I mean you don’t have to, but it would be nice if-”

“Do you want to come to the dressing room with us.” Frank butts in to stop Gerard’s rambling.

I can feel my face heat up and I can I assume my face is fire engine red. I look from Frank to Gerard then to my friend who seems content with Mikey. I look back at the boys knowing exactly what they’re looking for. I nod silently and Frank extends his hand and leads me away Gerard following close behind. 

As soon as we enter the dressing room the door is closed and locked by Gerard, while Frank places me on a small counter kissing at my neck. I close my eyes at the feeling and when I open them next I see Gerard has stripped down to just boxer shorts. Frank breaks contact drawing my attention back to him. He lifts my tank to reveal my bright red bra. He stares for a minute before backing away to start removing his own layers. Gerard places himself where Frank had been. He nips at my collar bone while caressing my breast. I lean my head back against the mirror in ecstasy.Gerard unties the ribbon of my shorts before linking his finger on the waist and pulls them down leaving me in my black lace panties. He lifts me off the counter and takes me over to a couch where Frank is waiting. I kneel between them, Frank behind me and Gerard in front. Frank ghosts his fingers over my entrance before rubbing me through my panties. I moan loudly and Gerard takes this moment to lace his fingers behind my neck and stick his tongue in my mouth. I grasp at the waistband of Gerard’s boxers and pull them down exposing his already hard member. I grip his shaft and begin pumping at a slow steady pace. He moans and places his head down on my shoulder, before sucking and nipping at my neck. Gerard wraps his arm around me and grasps the clasp of my bra undoing and discarding it somewhere in the room. He moves his face down and begins sucking at my breast. Frank stops rubbing me and rips off my panties, throwing them across the room before removing his boxers. Gerard lifts his face from my breast and leans me down so I’m on all fours. I feel franks member graze over me as I place my lips over the tip over Gerard’s cock. Both men thrust in to me simultaneously. I don’t get time to adjust before the pace is set. I moan on to Gerard cock and he throws his head back in ecstasy. I hear Frank groan from behind me and I feel myself getting close. Gerard twitches in my mouth before releasing his load down my throat. this triggers my orgasm. Frank comes shortly after. We all ride out our highs before collapsing into a sweaty pile of hot breath.

Best night ever.

Sorry this ones not very good but I hope you liked it any way thank you for reading.

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Off-Stage (Chp 4) JB x (Y/N)

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Characters: JB x Y/N (reader)

Genre: Angst and fluffy clouds

Chapter Summary: You were really expecting to live in Korea in peace but maybe peace has to do with the leader of GOT7?

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

While Jaebum was listening the awful news about his back, you on the other hand, were having just a normal Saturday, trying to clean up your small home and make sure all your school stuff is ready to go for Monday.

Just as you were going to clean the floors with a wet towel in your hands and a tight headband around your head, your phone started ringing.

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Really, it’s just rude.

(If anyone needs a fix-it fic that completely ignores the travesty of Dean’s phone contact list in this episode, might I suggest this?)

Alrighty, I know a lot of times I do this by character or by theme or whatever, but I’m just going straight up bullet points today. #lazy

  • Deeeeean why would you teach your mom the word twerking?
    • And why did NO ONE mention the fact that Dean had the letters for Lucifer? 
  • SO MUCH PISSINESS AND I LOVE IT. Dean’s pissy about LA. Cas is pissy about Crowley. Dean and Cas take out their pissiness by CRITIQUING EACH OTHER’S OUTFITS. 
    • Oh, and sorry, Dean, but Cas totally wins – “At least I don’t look like a lumberjack.” SASS-TIEL FUCK YEAH
    • Oh and Dean’s comments about douchey outfits – umm…sounds remarkably like what a certain couple of male modelin’ sonsofbitches wear when they’re not doing that acting stuff. Ah, Bobo.
  • Sam and his “podcast” on Martin Luther haha….I love watching him trying to bullshit his way out of admitting he’s listening to Vince’s music.
    • Also, Martin Luther’s 95 Theses were all about how buying indulgences was bad, right? (I haven’t studied this in years and I’m too lazy to look it up. I do know that he nailed them to the Wittenberg Church door in 1517 because my 9th grade history teacher made us memorize a bunch of dates AND I STILL REMEMBER MOST OF THEM. I hated her at the time because she was terrible, and I hate her even more now for being right about us always remembering this crap.) Anywhoooo…I’m sure there’s some insightful connection to be made about this and the Lucifer plot but I am le tired. *insert meta*
    • Also, I LOVE the role reversal here. Usually, it’s Sam giving Dean shit about his music choices, and in some ways Vince’s music seems like something Dean would listen to, but nope, not this time.
  • Dean complains about douches wearing sunglasses indoors – and then Crowley keeps wearing sunglasses indoors. Love it. (Yes, Dean does, too, but only for the persona.)
    • Ok, so this actually ties into something @awed-frog and I were talking about the other day – Dean and his musicality. We know that he LOVES music (and has very strong opinions about what constitutes as good music), but he’s also subtly associated with playing music throughout the series: he wanted to be a rock star, he learns to play a little guitar as a teen, his djinn dream apartment has a guitar, Deanmon hung out at the piano (and seemed pretty comfortable there, like he was familiar with it…and oh yeah, karaoke…). 
    • It’s kind of interesting because being a rock star – as Dean said he wanted to be when he was 16, and as we see here with Vincifer – is all about performance and power from fans. Performing Dean wanted to be a rock star, all the fame and glory. Real teen!Dean wanted to be a mechanic because it’s not emotional, it’s an escape. Real Dean quietly wants to make music: an acoustic guitar (in the past), a piano… 
    • Sure, in this episode it’s an electric guitar, but he’s in the apartment of a rock star and so part of performing Dean meshes with real Dean here. And this scene is just fascinating. If it was just about the fame and the glory, Dean would’ve been playing air guitar and acting like a total dork, pretending he’s on stage (not unlike him with his wrestling moves back in 11x15). But here, Cas, Crowley, and Sam are all talking about the case, and Dean just sits and strums a little on the guitar. He’s listening to the conversation, but he’s not participating and he’s not showing off: he’s actually, genuinely interested in the guitar and the music. 
  • Dean and the vegetable water – ah yes, another instance of Dean saying something is dumb/girly/embarrassing and then doing it or admitting he likes it. 
  • The devoted fans – I really really really hope this wasn’t supposed to be a commentary on fandom in general because I’m pretty sure that’s not what the majority of fans are like (I hope). Like, dear SPN fans, if you’re at all like whatsherface who would literally cut herself for her idol, please get help. 
    • Anyway, petition to stop making fangirls deranged? I’m like 95% positive that most of us are more like Charlie than Becky or Whatsherface.
  • Cas and the handcuffs: “They held me.” 
    • I know it’s a reference to his time with the attack dog spell, but yeah… ;)
  • Something about the lighting during the concert scenes…is it weird that there were times that I thought Dean was wearing eyeliner? And is it weird that I was kind of disappointed he wasn’t?
  • WHY DID TOMMY DIE? :( His kids are in college, he was one of the good ones.
    • Let me repeat: Sam Fucking Winchester.
    • What a BAMF.
  • Lucifer’s daddy issues: “He needed my help and he’d say anything to get it” – this is why I wasn’t too upset last season with Cas not getting to have a real conversation with Chuck. I didn’t trust a damn thing that came out of Chuck’s mouth, and it was pretty clear that he was doing exactly what Lucifer says here. Cas pretty much ignored Chuck in 11x23, even sent Sam to go deal with him, AND GOOD FOR CAS. Cas doesn’t need God’s approval, and he knows that his Father’s words were worth nothing.
  • The disintegration of Vincifer: ew.
    • Curious to see who the next vessel is.
    • I’m really really curious if my headcanon that Mary is a potential vessel is gonna come up.
  • Dean feeling bad for Crowley, all beaten up. I want more Dean and Crowley scenes.
  • “We’re not winning. We’re losing slowly.” – Aww Sam. :( I know this Lucifer arc is focused on Cas and Crowley, but for Sammy’s sake, too, I want Lucifer GONE.

VERDICT: Really liked the episode! I think I’m gonna need to watch it again.

Houston Con yo!

I wrote a MARATHON post up about DallasCon in Septemeber when I attended that, but this one won’t be as detailed, probably, since I only went to Houston for like.. a day and a half. But even so, and even though I only went to Houston for a day and a half, this is still pretty long! I have NO idea how I find ways to be this long winded every time, but here we are.

I had some fun stories to share so, if you’re interested check out my SPN CON EXPERIENCE 2.0 under the cut! :D

Caution: mild ridiculous fangirling below. 

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