if anyone wants a summary of england then just watch his stuff he's great

Green Arrows and Silver Screens.

Can be found on AO3 and FF.net, also this chapter under the cut….

Summary: Small time actress Felicity Smoak is trying to make it big in Hollywood. With a chance to act against some of the biggest names, new and old, in the industry will she get all she dreamed of? Or will the leading actor Oliver Queen have more of an influence than she ever intended? From filming to promotion, what will life in the spot light really be like? Hollywood Actors AU

Authors Note: I want to thank everyone for their patience with this, I’ve been struggling with time lately with one thing and another, and then I struggled for a long time with the a part of this fic, but as people say it’s best to stick to what you know ;) :P… If anyone has any questions don’t be scared to ask, i’ll try to answer as best as I can… As always thank you for all your support, you have no idea what that means to especially lately. So enjoy… xo

Chapter 18: The Small Screen.

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