if anyone wants a blank one


Alright, sweeties! A bit of a different post from me today! I have been meaning to make this for awhile, since I haven’t seen anyone organize their grimoire the way I do, I thought this could certainly be helpful for someone!

First, let’s talk about the book itself! I don’t use a blank book or a notebook. I wanted a graph paper notebook this size, but just couldn’t find one! So, after watching this video, I was SO inspired, I could just MAKE the whole thing! So, we went out and bought a used book, a pack of graph paper and a glue stick. This was SO freeing because I make pages before I put them in, I write in pencil, then I go over it in fine Sharpie pen, erase pencil marks, and then glue the page in when I’m finished. That way, I don’t have this fear of “messing it up” (even though I think messing up things is part of the fun sometimes!).

So if you like to be organized, I might be stressing you out. I understand. Organization is something I love and need in my life. I’ve seen so many folks using binders for their grimoires, but it wasn’t my style. I wanted it to all be sort of chronological, but also organized??? My answer to this– COLOR CODING. Ever section (energy, astrology, spells, candles/incense, etc) has a different color that I make on the side facing outwards, along with the category written on the side. This way, if I’m looking for something in particular, I can flip through and find it, no problem!

Secondly, I use ENVELOPES. Alright, I love astrology. Astrology is something I want to have a lot about in my book, but also I don’t want to take it up my entire book with this. So envelopes were my answer for this! I water-colored each envelope in a color suit that felt fitting to each of the elements, and drew on the constellation, glued those bad boys in, and BAM, I have WAY more room to add things about signs because I can just stick ‘em in their designated envelopes. 

In addition, I like using/decorating with things from the internet, magazines, etc. This is YOUR book, your documentation of learning, your personal reference. Don’t be afraid to go off the ‘traditional’ leather bound, calligraphy written, beautiful grimoires if that isn’t your style! It doesn’t make it ANY less witchy or magical to use highlighters, friends! Don’t be afraid, no one can tell you what is right or wrong when it comes to YOUR grimoire!

Also, I would LOVE to see your grimoires, so tag me in your photos!! 


today I recited Shakespeare to a small army of eight-year-olds

So last week an email got sent round my college asking if anyone wanted to read some poetry to primary school kids and I was the only one who responded and I asked if I could do some Shakespeare, since I have quite a lot of experience with it, and the teacher said that would be fine.

So I was discussing with friends what I should do and they said ‘er yeah, don’t do Shakespeare.’ And I was like ‘what why’ and they went ’well, maybe if they’re over 10 but otherwise you’ll just get blank looks’ and I went ‘well I don’t want to insult their intelligence’ and then another friend was like ‘hey you should do that kid’s song ‘When I Was One’, they’ll like that!!’ (it’s a really babyish song for toddlers with silly actions) and I thought about it and was ‘like nah actually, I’ll do the ‘Once more unto the breach’ speech’

So I learned that over the week, and I was walking up to the school, and the whole way I was thinking ‘Oh god this was a terrible idea they’re going to hate it, they’re going to look at me blankly like those kids in The Polar Express, my friends were right it’s going to be a disaster’, and I was there early, so I sat in the classroom for the first half an hour, got given a cupcake by some kids from a different class, said hello to some of the kids in my class, they got a look at me.

At half 2 the teacher mentioned I would be reading some poetry, and I asked if we could go outside, which she was more than happy to allow, and the kids were all so confused (‘where are we going? Isn’t it only poetry?’) and we got onto the field, the teacher got them all to stand an arm’s length apart from each other, so I could walk around them, and I did a brief overview of where the scene came in the play, how the king is on the battlefield, talking to his soldiers (“Could all you be the soldiers?” “Yes!!”) and they’re attacking the French, who are all in a castle (forgot it’s really a castle town), and they’re attacking them through a gap in the wall, the breach. Me and the teacher emphasised that if there was anything they didn’t understand, that was completely fine and they could ask me at the end. I asked the kids to watch for when I held my fist in the air, which is when they had to cheer loudly, we had a practise at that, and then I did the speech.

Everything I had been scared about evaporated. All the kids were totally engaged, they were all watching me, they all listened right the way through, I saw lots of excited faces, and they all cheered really well at the end.

Afterwards, there was a lot of chatter, several of them asked me questions (”how do you remember all those words?”, “what did you mean when you talked about nostrils?”), one boy asked me to do it again, they were all really lovely and had genuinely enjoyed it. It was so much fun, and they especially loved it when I told them how my big college friends had told me not to do Shakespeare because they wouldn’t like it. Those kids 100% proved them wrong


C: What are you thinking? Do you know how many times a day I ask you that?
T: Sorry. What am I thinking…? I’m thinking that I’m utterly selfish, and I should–
C: Don’t do this; you had no idea, how could you have known?
T: And I should’ve said no to you, but I never say no. And it’s selfish because… because I just take everything, and I don’t know anything and– I don’t know what I want and how could I when all I ever do is say yes to everything? xx


Since there seems to be some interest, here are the blank templates if you would like to use them yourself. Or, if you would like to make a request, please let me know which one you want…

#1: (top) a farm logo
#2: (middle) the simple dialog box
or #3: (bottom) the character sheet

I’ll also attempt to post a logo alphabet template for anyone who wants to do their farm name themselves, but really it’s just copying the letters already in the stardew valley logo and playing around with the ones already there to try to make new letters out of them. For example, the K came from the R, and I used the D to turn it into an O. So, you get the jist. Simple enough to do if you have the free time to play around with it.

Be sure to include any information you want in your request. I can add pretty much anything as long as you give me all the details. If you want an image with it, you’ll have to send it to me or add it yourself if you know how.

If I end up getting a ton of requests, it may take me a few days to do them all, so I’ll just try to keep everyone updated as far as turn around time.

But PLEASE FEEL FREE to do this yourself if you know how. Just take the blank templates and go to town. There’s no need to credit me since I really don’t own these, I just took the time to edit everything out of it because I have a whole day to myself to do whatever I want, and this is apparently how I chose to spend my time ^_^

To anyone who cares,

I write here sometimes. Usually it’s about my mother who left us, my father who doesn’t care for us, or my siblings who are going down a dangerous path. But this time it’s all about me.

I have no one else to tell so here.
I was accepted into my top college. But that’s not the exciting part, I was accepted into their accelerated program and given $80,000 for tuition.

I know it’s not much but I’ve been struggling to want to live and it feels like living is finally paying off.

Thank you.

- The Youngest

I'm Not Dreaming - Part One (Michael Cifford)

i’m honestly really struggling with some serious depression right now. i don’t want to trigger anyone; I just needed a way to get my feelings out so I started writing?? If you guys like it I can continue:)




Summary: You’re struggling with depression and Michael doesn’t know. 

Warnings: DEPRESSION, MENTIONS OF SUICIDE (Please don’t read if this might trigger you. If anyone needs to talk about anything I’m always here! Xx 


I stared at the wall. White. Blank. Nothingness. It was how I felt. I didn’t want to move, speak, or do anything. 

Depression consumes everything. I didn’t want to admit it, even to myself, but it had consumed me once again. Everything I cared about was becoming a twisted blur shoved into the back of my mind. I closed my eyes and laid back in the bed as tears wet my cheeks. 

It was all too much. School, work, me. I didn’t want to die. But at the same time, I did. I felt out of control. It had nearly been two weeks since I’d gone to a class or to work. I didn’t know why I felt the way I did. 

I’d been to a few doctors and they’ve all told me the same thing: I’m depressed. And I need to go on this medicine or that medicine. None of them are working. 

Generally, I’m a happy person. I didn’t want to face anyone like this. I could barely even talk to my boyfriend. I was vague in my texts back and made every excuse not to talk on the phone. He was currently out of the country touring with his band. He was having the time of his life, and I didn’t want to burden him with my silly problems. So I was stuck at our shared apartment in California while he was somewhere in Europe. 

I swallowed down my new sleep medicine from the psychiatrist before turning the light off and laying back down. It was already past 3 am. I finally felt myself drifting to sleep when I heard the front door rattling. 

My eyes shot open. This was not happening. The sleep medicine had fully kicked in and I felt like a zombie. 

“God dammit,” I muttered, swinging my legs of the bed and pushing myself up onto my feet. I grabbed the bottle of pepper spray out of the side table. 

Sneaking towards the bedroom door, I slowly opened it and took a step forward before smacking into a wall I didn’t know existed. 

“God damn wall, can you please move out of my way. There’s a robber,” my voice cracked. Suddenly the wall was chuckling and I sprayed the pepper spray. The wall yelped and the lights came on. I looked up at familiar green eyes, 


"Did you just spray hairspray on me?” He asked with an amused expression before wiping it off his face. I looked down at the bottle in my hands, 

“Fuck.” Michael laughed before wrapping his arms around me. "I’m pretty sure I’m dreaming right now because you’re supposed to be in Amsterdam,” I mumbled in his chest. He kissed my head, 

“I’ll explain in the morning. You seem more tired than me and I’ve been traveling all day.” I yawned and snuggled my head further into his chest, 

“I’m fine.” He tilted my head up. I kept my eyes closed.

“Y/N,” He whispered, “What’s going on?” My lower lip trembled and I looked up at him. Dark bags lined his concerned filled eyes. 

“Nothing, Mikey I’m just tired.” My eyes drooped as I tried to keep them open. He sighed, letting go of my face and wrapping his arms securely around me,

“We’re talking about this in the morning.” I yawned again,

“I love you, Mikey.” He scooped me into his arms bridal style,

“I love you too, Y/N.” I fell asleep before we even made it to the bed.  


Let me know what you think.

Part two Request in my ask!

Who's naughty and who's nice?

Naughty list -
Leo - Number one most wanted naughty boy in Wysteria… last seen (fill in the blank lol)…
Nico - It was almost a tie…has he killed anyone this year?
Giles - Never once been on the nice list… and he doesn’t care.
Byron - I’ve seen his birthday cgs. I can’t be swayed.
Rayvis - Don’t be mean to Robert… and come pay your naughty fine at my place.

Nice -
Albert - He keeps an accurate list of his naughty vs nice behavior.
Robert - Basically a teddy bear…
Alyn - Doesn’t get much sweeter than this sticky bun.
Louis - Beautiful cinnamon roll, he’d be naughty if being hot was a crime tho…
Sid - Mouthy, but secretly full of feelings.

Which list is your fave suitor on?

I think the current kerfuffle in the marvel fandom owes a lot to the fact that most of the fandom hasn’t read the comics. That allowed for the mental creation of a Bucky Barnes that is unrecognizable if one HAS read them–a deeply damaged, non-functional man who doesn’t want to hurt anyone, and is more likely to cringe or weep than fight, so it’s really shocking to those who believe in that model to see Bucky shoot someone at all, let alone at point blank range.

To those who’ve read the comics, that’s not even remotely surprising. They’ve seen it before, especially when it’s people who’re trying to harm Steve. You harm someone he cares about, you die, and the only people who can stop him are those people he cares about.

The Winter Soldier isn’t a separate personality that can be expunged from Bucky. The Winter Soldier is Bucky and Bucky is the Winter Soldier. That doesn’t change. What changes are his goals. His methods, not so much, just degree to which he uses them and with situational checks and balances in mind.

If it WAS someone other than Tony that he was initially aiming at, then Tony is between him and his target, and the only way he knows Tony is as a guy who’s siding with people who are trying to destroy him and Steve. He’s not his friend, he’s an obstacle or an enemy. 

Bucky isn’t fandom. He cares nothing about Tony except stopping him. From his POV, why wouldn’t he shoot him? Something bad has clearly happened and he’s focused on removing a threat. He will do anything to protect Steve, and to a just slightly lesser extent, to survive. The only thing surprising here is that fandom is surprised. You saw the Winter Soldier in action in CA:TWS. 

They were really clear in interviews, and the comics are equally clear–prewar Bucky is gone. He retains elements of his personality, but he’s not the same guy. Not only is Winter Soldier Bucky not a cinnamon roll, he never was. He’s a complex person who makes rash decisions and will risk certain death for the people he wants to protect–like jumping between Steve and a tesseract weapon in CA:TFA.

Thing is, the guy who he is now, he’s awesome, too. He’s an guy who makes mistakes because his heart overrides his head, kills more freely than Steve would like but is very, very good at it, is intensely loyal, and has many lovable qualities. In other words, he’s a guy with both flaws and positive traits, which is WAY more interesting than a perfect cinnamon roll. Fandom just doesn’t know him, yet. Well, except the folks who’ve read the comics.

Dear anyone who’s looking for love,

I understand what you must be feeling, after all I am your textbook case of a girl looking for somebody to share rainy nights with. So anyone out there sitting on the edge of their bed wishing some lover was sitting behind them tracing circles on their back, and who turns around to see no one but a blank wall behind them I understand. I know what you are feeling. I know the want to run around a living room playfully chasing each other and to end up on the floor in a heap of kisses and heavy breathing. See, I grew up hoping for a prince charming to stand outside my door like John Cusack and play a beautiful song on a boombox he held over his head, but I’ve noticed as I’ve lived the first year and a half of my high school experience these things don’t happen. The real moments of love are the ones when you are sticking your head out the window of his car, and the wind is in your face and he’s not looking at the road. No, he’s looking at you. He’s looking at the smile on your lips that he wants to see forever, or at leas that’s what he thinks now. So whoever is out there, wanting to dance around at the most beautiful spot on a hike listening to some old 80’s love song, and whoever wants to drink tea or coffee on my front porch watching the rain, and if you like laying in bed until eleven o’ clock thinking about the color of each others eyes, then I understand. I understand how you feel, and I know the pain. It’s the simple want of a touch on your waist while you read you’re favorite book before bed, and pushing someone’s hair back so you can see their face a little bit better, because you never want to forget it. I also know that everyone has that “smell” on a guy or girl that makes them feel as if it’s Christmas morning and you’re so excited but warm and safe. Personally mine is a slight musk of cigarettes lying underneath bar soap and Old Spice deodorant, with a bit of spearmint gum. That smell to me will forever kill my body when I smell it, and it’ll be like he’s walked in the room every time. I know the heartache that comes with wanting this love, because here’s my trick everyone who wants this love, has had this love. Maybe not the same exact memories, but the same feeling, and maybe they didn’t know how much it meant to them at first, but I can tell you that if you feel it never let anything tear you apart, because it feels so good and you won’t ever want anything else. Nothing will be more addicting, no drug or habit can take it away, and you will be devastated. You may try to find it elsewhere, and you probably will, but for the time it is not there and you are 100% alone it will hurt. I hope you all get this love one day, because I lost mine, and hey it wasn’t even romantic.

Love, Hot Chocolate Girl

Morning Excitement (M)

He wakes you up in a rather, exciting way…

My first optional bias scenario. It’s not that different from my usual one, just no names and slightly more generic. Feel free to imagine anyone you want with this one! And let me know if you like the option of optional bias scenarios from me.


You were still deep asleep, dreams filling up your mind and make you unaware of what was going on in your bedroom. He had been staring at you for a while now; his eyes taking in every inch of your body as he peeked underneath the blankets. The sight of your nightgown that had raked up your hips and revealed your blank panties to him was driving him insane. But you were oblivious to it for as long as he simply admired you. In fact, you were so use to him getting up early in the morning, he knew it would be a surprise to suddenly find him next to you if you woke up now. And oh, he was definitely planning on waking you up right now….

It started with a small hint of it in your dream. Thinking about it later, you would never be able to recall what it was. But as you were deep in your sleep it felt as if something, or rather someone, was calling you in a specific way only he could do to you. And how could you ever mistake this familiar feeling you felt? It was tugging at your consciousness and bringing you back to the world just like he had hoped. It was early in the morning. You could tell so by the fact that your body still felt heavy with sleep. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you looked at it, it was awake enough to react to these animalistic instincts that had you wiggle spontaneously in your sleep. A familiar warmth, spreading from the pit of your stomach throughout your entire body and making you flutter your eyelashes as you woke up more every second.  

Of course it wasn’t hard to find the source of this; your boyfriend. His voice drifted to you from the second you uttered his name in a small moan. “Wake up baby.” He breathed; voice filled with as much desire as you were starting to feel yourself. Why on earth had he decided it was time to wake you up ? And especially, why like this? The rubbing of his fingers over your core was already starting to drive you insane, you wanted more. He seemed to agree so as he tugged down your panties right after..

Keep reading

When she’d first learned that for this particular season of the show they’d be in Hawaii and not Los Angeles, Fiona felt a certain sense of relief. Going back to the L.A. house would have surely dredged up old, unwelcome feelings and memories and Hawaii provided a blank slate. Entering the mansion for the first time, she found herself standing still in the entryway unsure of where she even wanted to go first. “Hey!” she called out to no one in particular. “Anyone want to give me the tour of this place?”

The Signs as Song Writer Things

Aries: Mentally judging people who think the “song” they wrote was good, but they’re clearly beginners

Taurus: When everyone else likes the song but you think it can be better

Cancer: Looking up song topics because seriously you’re a blank slat

Gemini: Complete writer’s block, no inspiration at all

Leo: Wondering who sung the song you’re singing and realising it’s you

Virgo: Critiquing your songs harder than you could anyone else’s

Libra: Comparing your songs to popular songs

Scorpio: Really wanting to right a song, but you don’t have time

Aquarius: Wondering if anyone would buy one of your songs and if people would love it

Sagittarius: That random inspiration while you’re doing other things, so you run to write it down

Capricorn: Feeling awkward when people ask you to sing your song for them

Pisces: That fear of losing the songs you wrote

Tag Game

I was tagged by: @study-with-joy​ (btw I’m really bad at approaching ppl, but I do wish we could chat)

I’m tagging: @intcllectual​, @candiestudyblr​, @tiredstudyying​, and @amirahstudies​ if they want to do it (no pressure), and anyone else who might want to!

  • 5 Things in my Bag
    • Pencil Case
    • School Binder
    • 1 notebook (i hate carrying a bunch of notebooks for the whole year, and having like 5 notebooks that still have ¼ blank pages)
    • My speech supplies (just speeches, index cards, and probably some old ballots)
    • My planner/bullet journal (not really a bullet journal, more than a planner, so idk)
  • 5 Things in my Pencil Case
    • a mix of .5 and .7 mechanical pencils + lead
    • I keep 3 out of my 5 zebra mildliners (blue, pink, and orange)
    • graphing calculator (I got a really nice one, and it fits perfectly!!)
    • 3 kinds of sticky notes (1 large flag, 2 smaller ones, all a matching color scheme)
    • strawberry flavored lip gloss
  • 5 Things About Myself 
    • I have a dog and I lover her sooooooo much
    • My dream job is a psychiatrist, but I’ll probably go into a math field
    • My biggest short-term goal (1-4 years) is making it to nationals in either speech/debate
    • I play the string bass in a couple of orchestras
    • I have 2 siblings - an older sister and a younger brother
  • 5 Favorite Songs
    • Side to Side – Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj
    • Lifeboat – Heathers, the Musical (my school is putting this on next year!!!!!!!)
    • Riptide – Vance Joy
    • De Aqui A La Luna – Sofia Reyes
    • Hips Don’t Lie – Shakira ft. Wyclef Jean
  • 5 Favorite Studying Apps
    • Quizlet
    • Google Classroom
    • Tumblr (Idk if this counts but whatever)
    • Lifesum (I don’t have that many studying apps, so this + #5 will be general useful apps)
    • Cozi (its a calendar my mom uses, so Its helpful)

These notebooks are beautiful!!!! They are all from this etsy shop called PelhamGoods, which has a huge variety of handmade notebooks in different sizes and they also have cute phone cases. All of the notebooks have gorgeous covers. A lot of them are serene nature scenes, but there are also some whimsy ones. And, the best part is you CAN CHOOSE THE PAGES. The notebooks come in lined, blank, french ruled (basically a grid), dots, and CALLIGRAPHY. Which would work so awesomely for practicing Chinese characters. (If anyone wants to buy all of these for me, feel free. ;D) And the dots would work for a bujo. And these are only $10, which isn’t a bad price (I mean you can get composition notebooks for like two bucks during back to school, but they’re ugly and ordinary.) Anyway. Just wanted to share these because I think they’re awesome. :D Happy back to school season!!

(And no, I don’t know these people nor am I getting paid for talking about the notebooks. I wish.)

anonymous asked:

What is the weirdest compliment or comment you have gotten about your writing ?

Hey Anon! Hmmm… Good ask.

Weirdest Compliments…

I would say when people tell me how they “react” to the stories? If you know what I mean.. haha… smutty Norman helps a girl out in certain ways haha… 

But I don’t get those too much. I am drawing a blank right now, the one thing that weird me out personally is when people request, “daddy kink,” because that kink just creeps me out haha. 

Mostly people compliments are about how good I am at writing Daryl’s character and how they love the detail in the smut. So that is what I get the most of.

If anyone wants anon ask me their weirdest compliments of my writing, that might be a fun game… ;)

Thanks Anon for the Ask! Happy TWD Sunday!

to rephrase:

NPD =/= abusive

BPD =/= abusive

ASPD =/= abusive

anyone with pds are not abusive solely because of their pd. can some symptoms influence their actions? yes, but that doesn’t mean its to blame. having a pd doesn’t excuse you but it sure isn’t an excuse.

blaming the entirety of the disorder only adds onto the stigma that anyone with [blank disorder] is abusive.