if anyone wanted to see it

Has anyone noticed that Lena is like shoving her phone away into her pocket? Or am I seeing things? Did Lena look at her phone every 15 seconds because she texted Kara, asking where she was and didn’t get a response? Did she hesitate to call Kara because she had planned her response “She said with surprise in her voice for some reason.” since this morning in case Kara had forgotten lunch? Did she just end a call with Alana The Traitor™ telling her to cancel her lunch meeting at 1pm because she wanted to spend her whole lunch with Kara and not leave her? Did she take a photo of Karas’ desk and put it as her wallpaper so she can look at it and imagine…things? Did she send out a masstext to everyone at CatCo saying “Kara Danvers is the best. Be kind to her or I swear tO GOD I will find you. - anonymous” while she was bored waiting for her? Is she making sure her driver is ready downstairs, that the kambucha place is open, that someone is holding the elevator for them, that her Supergirl Quiz App is running, like… did soMEONE TALK TO HER OR GIVE HER A SMIRK I MEAN SHE’S LENA LUTHOR AND SHE’S IN CATCO JUST CHILLIN™ AMONGST THE MORTALS LIKE DID SOMEONE FAINT?? DID THEY SEND HELP???

Ok no. I didn’t particularly care because the anime isn’t canon but guys that letter wasn’t for Sakura’s birthday. That is WAY overreaching. It is far, far more likely that he gave his letter to Sakura for her to offer THEIR congratulations to Naruto. You know, like couples do.

No one sends “congrats” for someone’s birthday. Plus there wasn’t anyone else who wished her a happy birthday either. It makes no sense. The congrats was meant for Naruto, but Sasuke wanted it to come from the both of them, hence why he sent her to relay the message instead of sending it straight to Naruto.

Idek why I even bothered to write this when it’s just SP filler anyway. It just bothered me to see so many of you overreaching.

If anyone on the PS4 wants to add me, my PSN is ashbrwns. 

I mention this because now that consoles are able to name their custom games, I might make a McHanzo-themed game for folks to join and it’ll be easier to join it/see it if you’re my friend on PSN.

So go ahead and add me if you’d like! I probably won’t make the custom game for another hour or so, at which point I’ll mention it on here and in our Discord server for anyone who might want to join in.

god the thing that gets me ab bismuth is…

garnet and pearl were SO HAPPY to see her. they started crying. pearl literally leaped into her arms, the two of them were joking around with her immediately. they clearly cared about her so much! they were so happy to see that one of their old friends and allies was still alive, when they thought she’d been dead for five thousand years!

and then… well, we know what happened next.

bismuth questioned rose quartz and got permabubbled for it, and her friends just left her there. the only two people left in the universe who fought alongside her, and they abandoned her for going against rose. bismuth never wanted to hurt anyone who was innocent, she just wanted to free her people from a quartet of selfish, homophobic, imperialist dictators who treated an ENTIRE SPECIES like toys and cannon fodder. how is that worthy of eternal imprisonment??

oh right, because rose says that’s bad. even though rose lied to everyone around her, killed of the aforementioned quartet herself, and generally painted herself as the hero-general while covering up her own sins.

rose basically has the cgs brainwashed and she’s fucking DEAD.

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jealous!dean because all the boys think sam is so pretty and always hit on him before dean yanks sammy away and tells him that he's his

you know what i love, nonny? this.

you know what i love even more? jealous!dean and oblivious!sam.

so like, hear me out, sam doesn’t realize how pretty he is, how much he is like a siren song to anyone who walks by him. all sam sees his his hair that is more trouble than it’s worth (he only keeps it long because dean gives him shit about it and it’s the only way that it seems for sam to get his brother’s attention) but anyway. all sam sees is his hair and his long, lanky limbs and clothes that don’t quite fit right because they’re all hand-me-downs and sam doesn’t see how anyone could want him.

except dean knows how that makes sam all the more alluring. he’s so innocent sitting there in some library, books surrounding him, pink lips closed around the cap of a pen as he chews on it. and god, the way that he blushes whenever anyone flirts with him, it’s all too much.

and dean, he can’t stand the way that those kids, those boys look at his little brother, like he’s a dessert that they can just lick up. he hates the way that his heart flips in his chest and the swell of jealousy that blooms in the pit of his stomach whenever sam actually flirts back and he says that he’s doing it because he’s a good big brother, he wants to protect sam from those people when he comes up behind sam and runs his hands down his chest like sam is his. because sam is his, just not the way that dean wants him to be.

and those kids will look at dean with wide eyes and stumble backwards because dean looks downright predatory when he holds sam like that.

as soon as they’re gone though, dean will remove his hands, he’ll stop touching his beautiful baby brother because if he doesn’t, he won’t ever be able too and he’ll settle in a chair next to sam, pretending that he doesn’t see the way that sam seemed to blush even harder.

I was tagged by @just-one-more-bridge-to-cross @xochitl-metal @metal-and-liberty @ride-the-storm and @william-shakespeare-jr so here’s my tired ass ft Jason and James’ forehead

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Hey beautiful peeps! I’m having some money issues right now. I got my phone ‘fixed’ today for £90 after cracking it a few weeks ago but its actually made the problem worse, now i cant tye with it and the hues are all fucked up. I’m worried its gonna cost me a lot more to get that issue fixed too.
Sooo I was hoping I could offer some comissions!
I dont have a paypal yet, but this post is just to see if anyone would actually WANT to commission me so I can see if there’s any point in making myself a paypal and proper commissions post.

the type of arts I do look like this. It’s in in order of sketches, coloured sketches, lined and then painted:

I also do comics of course and MOSTLY su art. if you wanna see any other examples of my art feel free to look at my art tag. If anyone happens to be interested, please send me a message, ask or like this post! Thankyou<3

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So how can i tell if I'm actually ftm or going through a phase... Ive been feeling like this for a few months now and a year or two ago i questioned my gender but thought I was being stupid so ignored it all.. People have told me to imagine being old and grey and do i see myself as a man or a woman and i cant even imagine myself old at all.. I'm so stressed please help. I don't want to come out to anyone or start binding if it is a phase. The thing is i dont even know what brought it all on

Okay, well I’ll tell you something that I saw a lot on here when I was going through my questioning.
Usually cis people don’t question their gender or spend a lot of time considering that they’re trans.

Its okay to question, and if you discover in a few months time things aren’t like they thought you were that’s okay too. But you need to allow yourself to question too.

And even if you can’t see yourself old and grey, you need to consider, what would make you happiest as you get older. As you move onto the next stage of your life could you see yourself still feeling the way you do now?

I hope you figure things out and if you ever need to talk my direct messaging is always open! 💙💙

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hi, i'm a trans guy. i used the label panromantic homosexual, but recently heard that labels like that are offensive to the ace/aro community. the last thing i want to do is offend anyone. is it offensive?? i only use the label because i have sexual attraction towards guys, and only romantic attraction towards others. i'm just scared i'm offending someone because of my identity??? and i really don't want to do that???? help?????

Kii says:

Calling yourself a panromantic homosexual is not offensive at all? Some people dislike the word homosexual because it has been used as a slur, but other than that, I don’t see anything wrong with it?

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[text] Make sure you’re alone- I don’t want anyone else seeing what I’m about to sent you. 😏

harry paulie

hey baby

hi, what’s up?

nothing, was just thinking about you.

awww!! are you enjoying your day off? (without me ☹️)

yeah but i’m a little bored. what are you doing right now? is it busy in the store?

no, the usual. why?

can you make sure you’re alone? i don’t want anyone else seeing what i’m about to send you.

am i getting a dick pic?

do you wanna get a dick pic?

well… yeah? i guess

could you sound any less excited?



you’re not getting a dick pic.

oh come on, i was joking!

no you ruined it for yourself

oh baby. can i please have a dick pic?




you’re an idiot. come on send me the pic

please? (i’m pouting)

you really want it?


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I know this sounds silly, but... does the Blaster howls? (Since your Papyrus' Blaster mode looks like a canine's [especially, a wolf's] skeleton to me.) It's ok if you don't want to answer this. =D

I really like the idea of Blasters howling, though I don’t see Papyrus doing it unless he’s in Feral Mode - or picking up on his instincts and trying to communicate long-distance.

It would be a little deep-sounding - and loud. I think it’d even startle him a little.


< huh. howl about that? >

hey guys, i’m thinking of leaving tumblr within the next week. i’m just having some personal issues that i don’t think tumblr is helping with for different reasons. i’m not gonna delete this blog though, i’ll just leave it. and hell i’ll probably be back eventually if i can’t make myself stay away, so we’ll see. i just wanted to let anyone who would care know. 

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Having the cap venus placement attracts me to extremely attractive sociopathic earth signs, when will this nightmare end???!!! I'm Aqua sun, w/ a predominantly cap chart and mars libra, in love w/ this confusing Virgo who moved across the country but wants to fly me out to see him but told me we aren't dating??? But also doesn't want me w/ anyone else????? VIRGOS LEAVE GOOD PPL ALONE THNX

idk when it ends dude 😭😭😭
i want my reign to end too

I think I reserve the right to whine about my music once per year, so I’m just going to say that sometimes I get really upset that I’ve been sharing my music for so long it never gains traction with anyone for too long no matter how much I promote it. I wanted to think making music could be something I could for like a career, but nah. I appreciate the people who like it and I’m going to keep making it because it’s fun, but no one appreciates it as much as I do I guess. It just doesn’t resonate. Sometimes I feel like crud seeing all of my friends building up cool music careers and stuff, but you can’t have everything you want in life.

Fandot Creativity - space/time travel
  • Arthur: Mum! Can I get a twin brother?
  • Carolyn: That’s not possible. Twins are born at almost the same time and you are already a teenager.
  • A: But Mr. Wilson said if you have a twin you can time travel!
  • C: And how did he propose to do that?
  • A: You need twins. And a space ship. But only one twin is allowed on the space ship. And that twin gets to travel through SPACE and when he comes back the time travel happened without anyone realising it happened! And I really want to try it!
  • C: I think I have heard of this and it’s just a thought experiment. I might not know as much about science as Mr. Wilson but I am pretty sure time travel is not possible yet.
  • A: Too bad. I really wanted to see space. I’ll find a way to time travel without a twin then.
  • C: Do that. But don’t forget your homework!

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How was the BTS concert? :o I bet it was amazing!

It was so good! I was 2nd row behind the barricade and the pushing was honestly so bad and unacceptable. I’d like to say to anyone who gets pit, I know you want to record, I mean who doesn’t want videos of their bias? But please don’t or only do it if you have barricade. Otherwise you’re making it really hard for people to see. I asked one girl to keep her 2 (yes 2) phones down so I could see and she basically said fuck off. But Jin gave so many flying kisses, I made solid eye contact with Jungkook for like 5 seconds, Suga gave us a thumbs up, Hobi threw water on me, Jimin did his cute little mochi pose for us, Jin looked at me for a long time with a really apologetic face while I was getting crushed and he was the only one I could see, Namjoon is even more beautiful IRL (so is Hobi) and holy shit taehyung was hot. Jin messed up his English during his intro and looked so frustrated with himself and it was so cute. The members were all so respectful of one another and refused to do fanservice if another member was talking or it was their part. Namjoon actually told everyone to stop pushing because Jungkook told him he was worried about the fans. And during their goodbyes, they kept calling ARMY their wings that lift them up, and Namjoon told us that music transcends race and language and culture. He said that regardless of whether were red or purple or orange or blue (in reference to the rainbow project), that we can do anything. I nearly cried during his solo too cus it was just so heartfelt. Also Jimin was being so extra like he was more over the top with dances than even Hobi was. But they’re wonderful and even though I spent a shit ton of money to fly to a different state and spent a night on the concrete with strangers, it was beyond worth it. I know concerts are expensive and don’t always come to your area but I think everyone should have hope that they’ll get to see their bias some day and their bias group, it’ll just take time ♡ (Also if anyone wants to know about specific songs and stuff feel free to ask)

~Admin Becky