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Parts: 9/?

Pairing: Jamilton

Summary: Alexander Hamilton spent the last decade of his life perfecting Miranda, a musical surrounding the life of Lin-Manuel Miranda, that will be hitting Broadway in just a week. Everything is perfect; or so Alexander thinks. One actor is proving to be a bit of a handful and Alexander can’t figure out how to deal with him.

Warnings: Mentions of blood

Word Count: 2677

Dedication: All of you for waiting patiently!

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A/N: Thanks for being patient with my hiatus! A regular update schedule should resume again.

Two men sat in a box. They kept looking at the other, expecting them to make the first move, to try to get them out of there, to say something. But the other always thought the same of the first. Nothing changed, and the men sat there, for days on end, until finally the box was opened and they were released.

“Why didn’t you ever try to escape?” the rescuer asked, looking at them. “The box wasn’t taped down. One of you just had to move and push it open.

The men exchanged their usual glance. “I thought it would make the other uncomfortable if I moved,” they replied.

“It’s Georgie’s fault for being a bass hole.”

Alexander nearly dropped the tissue as he tried to bite back his laughter. He failed, of course, and his howls echoed in the tiny dressing room. Philip only stared at him, confused, as he held the tissue against his bloody nose.

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Bechloe fic “Sleeping beauty.”

anonymous asked:

Can you please make a one-shot from Becas pov in which she sees Chloe sleep for the very first time and she cannot believe how beautiful she is? Tons of fluff please, love ya I was kind of in a rush to get this finished so I’m sorry if there are a few mistakes :) If you want to request a one-shot/ship/headcanon - send me a prompt in my ask box! Warnings: none apply.

Beca’s pov

“I remember that it hurt, looking at her hurt.” Okay so I know that maybe using the starting line from “Stuck in love” is a little cringey, but in my defence it seems to work perfectly well in this context and no, I did not like the movie, I hate movies. Chloe made me watch it. On another note if you tell anyone how dorky I really can be, I swear to god I will harm you in ways that haven’t even been invented yet.

The Bella house was quiet. That might sound unusual at first, but there was a party at the Trebles so it’s really not that weird when you work out that they were there.  I’d decided to stay home and work on a new mix. Don’t get me wrong I do love parties, it’s just, Idk maybe being around my drunken Ex-Boyfriend (Jesse) doesn’t seem all that appealing to me. Chloe had tried to make me go and I honestly would have, I love spending time with Chloe, it’s just I wasn’t really in the mood. She had offered to stay behind with me, but after getting close to Chloe and getting to know her, a quick glance meant I could tell she was hoping I’d decline the offer.

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