if anyone says anything lame about this i will probably cry for at least three days


You couldn’t be hung up on Mark forever. You had to move on.

Anon said: can i request a mark angst? 😢😅 the reader liked mark for 3-4 years, and she tried to confess but then got rejected bc he’s dating someone? then when mark found out his true feelings for the reader few months he found out that she’s dating someone? heheeheheh im such a trash for angst bc its angst and i luv angst

i’m not at all satisfied with this but the more i look at it the more i don’t like it so. here it is. enjoy i suppose.

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You're Never Gonna Fit In Much, Kid - Frank Iero One Shot

anonymous said: HEY!, i was wondering if you could do a one with Frank Iero from my chemical romance? where your much younger than him and you both have a crush on each other but are too shy to admit it, and one day he just is like “i really like you” and you start dating? super fluffy <3

A/N: I like this idea, it was cute :3 I also may have rambled on a bit in places. The writing competition (just write a one shot based on the prompt I made up) and the reblogging competition (just reblog it… that’s it) are still open! So, check them out! Title credit to Teenagers - My Chemical Romance.

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To Wish Impossible Things part 2!

other parts can be found here


(part 2/ ????)

Finn couldn’t believe he was finally going to tell her, but the liquid courage had him in it’s grips. He realized he had been silent for a while, enjoying leaning into Rae so that he could be close to her ear. Finn flicked his eyes over to her face, she looked calm, happy even.

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