if anyone remembers what the wristband said please let me know!

Proud at Pride

Carmilla Week 2017
Prompt 7: Pride

Summary: Carmilla and Laura accompany their daughter to her first Pride parade. There’s laughs, there’s tears, there’s paint on boobs and there’s the awkwardness of watching your only daughter make out with someone.

Well, Creampuffs, this is it. Day seven. The final day.

Originally, I intended to make this the longest one to close out the week…but then the Beach prompt happened and yeah…I wasn’t going to bother making this longer just for the sake of making it longer.

I hope you guys enjoy reading. Let me know what you think!

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Operation Foxtrot (Bucky x Reader) - Part 6

Summary: New to the compound, it almost feels like you and Bucky have a connection you can’t quite put your finger on. With Hydra still a threat, how will that affect you?

Word Count: 1891

A/N: poor winter soldier

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Originally posted by natpekis

Back at the compound, Steve threw his shield onto the table, more than frustrated with how the mission went. Bucky stood in the corner of the conference room, pacing slightly, his face furious. Nat, Sam, Clint, Stark, Bruce and Wanda sat at the table.

“You’re sure it’s Hydra?” Bucky muttered harshly. Just the word made his flesh crawl.

“It’s more than Hydra. This group is an elite group of scientists, one that survived before everyone else nearly died out. He is the son of Arnim Zola, and Zola left all of his knowledge and experiments to him.” Steve gritted out. Natasha rubbed her forehead.

“Why didn’t you tell us she used to be a soldier for Hydra like Bucky?” Stark blurred out, visibly fuming. Steve sighed. “And you’re telling me you didn’t recognize her when she came from the same fate you did?”

Bucky shook his head. “She must’ve been after me, after I came here, so they could try and start another type of soldier.”

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It’ll not be easy (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Requested by: Anon

Request: could you do one i don’t really care what character but 100,99,96,66 and 60

A/N: This is, probably, the most personal thing that I wrote here and it would really difficult for e to write, but I wanted to give it a reason-to-be. I’m sorry for take too long to post it and I really hope you like it.

Warnings: Mention of eating dissorder.



60. “Please, don’t cry.”

66. “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.”

96. “This isn’t fair!”

99. “Something’s clearly wrong.”

100. “Keep your eyes on me.”


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Your name: submit What is this?

It’ll not be easy (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Just a note before we start: laughs and screams are almost the same.

The laugh echoes in my ears and I fall. And fall. And fall. After infinite seconds my back shock to the ground. My eyes are blind, all I can see is the darkness in front of me. Tomorrow, where the impact beat me hard, will be a kaleidoscope of colors tattooed on my skin, they’re will be purple and blue and yellow and green and… My fingers intertwine with the vegetation and I can feel the wet land. It start to rain . Or was raining before. I’m too tired to care about the cold drops in my naked skin, because now, the cold run into my veins. My own heart its sending the cold in bursts into my body. My body.

Lights dance into the darkness and I try to smile. I would like to smile right now, but I can’t. I try to hold the little consciousness that I have, but I can’t. I try to get up, but I fall into the dark before my brain recognize the command.


When my consciousness return I’m not in the ground anymore, I’m in a confortable bed – or at last, more confortable tha my own. I open my eyes, but everything is dark. I look around trying to find out where I am, but I see nothing. So I seat up first and get up soon after that, and then I give two steps. But I did it to fast. I’m dizzy. I lose my balance and fall. Before I hit the ground again, I feel arms around my waist, getting me up and putting me into the bed again.

“Stay still, Y/N.” Bellamy’s voice is clear into my ears. “I’ll call Clarke.”

“Please, don’t.” I interrupt him. Clarke is playing the doctor, as her mom in the Ark and all I don’t need now is another doctor playing the cards of my life. “I’m feeling better.”

“Sure you are.” I can’t feel the sarcasm in his voice even if I can’t see his eyes clearly. “Something’s clearly wrong, Y/N.” He say’s while he light a flashlight, turning to face me. “So you’ll tell me or to Clarke?”

“What do you want, Bellamy?” I seat in his bed again, holding my legs. “Here, take this shit wristband, I don’t care anymore.” I say to him, holding my arm to him. But he just hold my arm and let it into my legs again.

“I’m sorry.” He say seating down into the bed and looking at me.

“For what? For being an asshole?”

“For that too. But I meant, I’m sorry for don’t let you eat if you don’t take out this wristband…”

“It isn’t your fault, Bellamy.” I assure to him, looking in front of me, avoiding his gaze. “Is not your fault that I had passed out.”


“I don’t want to talk about it, ok?” I said, finishing the conversation.


“How are you going?” Bellamy ask seating next to me, holding a piece of meat for me to eat. I look it for 54 seconds before take it. But I don’t eat, I just look to the meat, holding my breathe.

“Good.” I answer him, but I know that he don’t trust me. I can do this, I say to myself, but my hands are shaking, my heart are beating fast. I look to Bellamy just to find his eyes on me and I give him a little smile.

Madness is not what it seems like. The time stops. I feel like I can’t breathe with Bellamy looking at me in that way, waiting for me eat. I feel my eyes filling with tears and when I put the meat in my mouth I want to run away.

I count 41 bites before I swallow the meat. I feel it coming down my throat and soon my thoughts start screaming in my head. I get up, looking at Bellamy.

“I need to go, but thank you for.. It.” I say before run out off his gaze. Giving the piece of meat to the little girl called Charlote, who smile at me.

I go inside of my tent, laying on my bed, holding my own waist and whispering to me: “It’s going to be ok.” Over and over again, like a lullaby. Soon the tears start to roll down. I’m felling like a shit. I want to die.


The next day, Bellamy is waitig for me outside the tent. He hold my hand before say anything and pull me into his own tent, seating me on his bed.

“I need to help with the wall, Bellamy.” I say calmly to him.

“The hell you need, Y/N.” He say angry to me. Putting into my hands a plate full of fruits. “Eat it and then you can go.”

“What?” I ask him. “I’m not hungry Bellamy. Why I need to eat it all? Are at last three rations in that plate… It isn’t fair!

“You don’t ate a thing for the last two days, Y/N…”

“I ate meat last night.” I say to him, putting the plate on my side and crossing my arms into my chest.

“No, you don’t. You gave it to Charlote, I’d saw you.” I stare at im with my mouth half open. “Why?” He ask me. I still not knowing what to answer. “Why you don’t eat?” I thing for some minutes, I can make a list of reasons why I started not eating, but they’re not the reasons why I still doing it. I circle my wrist with my index finger and my thumb.

“Because I’m sad.” I say finally to him, looking to my wrist. “Can I go now?”

“No, Y/N, you can’t.” He kneels in front of me, holding my hands. “Keep your eyes on me.” He says, and I do look at him. “You can talk to me.”

“But I don’t want to.” I say trying to let go of him, before my tears appear again.

“Y/N, please, I just want to help you…”

“No one can help me, Bellamy! Because I don’t want any help! I do not want anyone looking at me with pity, as you’re doing now!” I scream at him, finally letting go of his hands and getting up. “People sucks, you know?” My tears start to roll down and I try to wip them of my face, but they never stop.

“Please don’t cry.” Bellamy whisper to me, holding me against his chest. I hear his heartbeat: always strong and constants. My heart is a mess.

Everytime someone hugs me, I get tense, I hold my breathe. This make everyone feels uncomfortable and they let me go soon as they can, but not Bellamy. He hugs me tight.

“You know, you should hug me back…” He says. “But that’s ok…” He sighs. “I hug you.”

“Why?” I whisper to him.

“Because I want you to know that I’m here for you.”

“No you aren’t.” I say, trying to let go of his arms again. “You’ll get tired of me and will let me behind like everyone else!”

Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.” He holds me thighter. “I’ll not get tired of you.”

“Yes you’ll.”

“No, I’ll not. I’ll not left you. And I’ll not hurt you, I promise.”

“You can’t promise that.”

“Yes, I can. You can trust me.”

“I can’t.”

“You can, princess.” He let his lips in my forehead. “Please, let me help you.”

“It’ll not be easy.”

“I know, Y/N, I know. But I want to do this, because I want to see your smile again, like when you were a kid playing on school…”

I just look at him. “He remember when we first meet. He remember.” Maybe he’s different after all.

What it's like to have a colonoscopy

For many, the concept of a colonoscopy is hilariously degrading. My husband’s best friend had one once before we knew each other, and they loved to joke about the personally violating anal probe. I don’t even know where to start with them on that, but I’d bet you could ask Joe now about colonoscopies and his opinion would be a little bit less humorous. You know, I’m inclined to laugh about it, but not in a South Park-aliens-anal-probe kind of way. I’ll put the rest of this blog, including the results and “what this means” under the link below. 

My intention is to make others feel comfortable with the concept of a colonoscopy. I’ve had four to date, and they want people with my age and condition to have one every year. If anyone comes across this on Tumblr, feel free to send me a message with questions.

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💎 arcade with soonyoung please~

High Score | Location Prompt Game

Summary: Eyes on the prize.
Word Count: 2,839 IM DEAD
Genre: fluFF??/ is this fluf f????
Prompt: Kwon “Hoshi” Soonyoung + Arcade
TW: none i can think of! tell me if you need anything tagged

A/N: THIS IS TOO LONG IDK WHAT HAPPENED BUT IT DID AND I LIKE THIS TOO MUCH TO REWRITE IT IMS O SORR Y… this might be a unfair to the prompts that i have done already bc its so long, so if you’d like me to rewrite your request then dont hesitate to ask me to do so!!!! if youd like to participate in the game, click here!

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Danganronpa 3 Theory

This might end up being a very long post, but I wanted to add my own speculations on Danganronpa 3: Future Arc.

Firstly, I wanted to take into consideration why Chisa Yukizome was the first to be killed.

Chisa Yukizome was, and in heart still is, the closest person to Kyosuke Munakata. Why is that important?

Kyosuke is shown as the leader in the Future Foundation, and even mentioned by Juzo that out of everyone, only he could rebuild the Future Foundation and he has to survive the final killing game. Why is this important?

There was already tension between him and Makoto. Granted that he probably knows better to out right assume that Makoto is indeed part of the Despairs he also knows not to outright accept him even if he defeated Junko Enoshima. Remember, Makoto broke his trust with the Future Foundation, it’s only a predictable response from someone like Kyosuke who is calculated.  

Yukizome’s death would be the trigger for his sense of reason to waver.

Yukizome was someone Kyosuke would confide in, held close to him. His feelings could be considered romantic by some or more geared to a “sister” type if love. Regardless how you view them it’s certain that he indeed cared for her, more so anyone else in the future foundation. Think about this––Makoto shows up, already questionable with divided opinions on him and then Monokuma appears and Yukizome dies. It’s no wonder Kyosuke suspects Makoto and therefore tries to kill him.

Kyosuke’s actions were predicted, and by who? Someone close to him, knew that he would react the way he did, understood his relationship with Yukizome and maybe even knew the unsaid feelings between them?

Kazuo Tengan.

  • Kazuo has shown feelings of sympathy towards the despairs, which is in direct opposite to Kyosuke’s feelings of wanting to kill them all.
  • Kazuo shows feelings of believing in Makoto by helping out Kyoko (someone apart of Makoto’s squad) while Kyosuke goes and hunts Makoto.
  • Kazuo works with Kyosuke directly. This could also be hinted that Kazuo was the former head master of HPA while Kyosuke was the former Ultimate Student Council President. I’ve researched and couldn’t find anything linking to  Kazuo and Kyosuke working together during Kyosuke’s time at HPA, but Kyosuke did work with Jin Kirgiri once he graduated (feel free to correct me on this one!).
  • It can be assumed that Kazuo knows Kyosuke better than he lets off. He’s observed him since he works under him. Understands his feelings of the Despairs and his want to irradiate them all. It isn’t questionable that killing of Yukizome would trigger something in him.
  • Also note, in episode 3 he said, “But a hope that is too strong can sometimes reach despair” something to keep in mind.

A plausible question is why Yukizome and not Juzo?

  • Yukizome grounded Kyosuke. When Kyosuke needed someone to confide in, he turned to her rather than Juzo.
  • Juzo is hot-tempered. He relies on fighting rather than talking, being the opposite of Yukizome. If Juzo were to die, Yukizome would have calmed Kyosuke down to the extent of them all staying in the same room with no one running off. I feel like she had this control over Kyosuke to have him think rather than act on impulse.
  • Remember, Yukizome taught the ultimate despairs. It’s no chance that she would die at some point so the Ultimate Despairs had a chance in winning. She may have been able to help a few of her fellow students.
  • Yukizome encouraged Kyosuke to think while Juzo is encouraging Kyosuke to kill.
  • Imo, Kyosuke seems closer to Yukizome rather than Juzo, although holding both close to him, I feel there were some romantic feelings towards Yukizome because of her caring and attentive personality that Kyosuke wasn’t. He loved her for who she was. And that lead to her death.

On to my next theory, from this post by @smeelslikesnight, that from the cut screen that we already know who is going to die and who will live + the traitor. If anyone can link me the original creator of this theory please do, because smeelslikesnight states that this isn’t theirs, and I couldn’t find any else who posted about this.

(image via smeelslikesnight post)

From this image and the post, it is stated that “who goes to left - will die from the poison (violated a rule), who goes to the right - they be killed, who goes straight - survive & who stand back - traitor”

From the image above we can take this:

  • Going to the left - die from poison: Daisaku Bandai, Juzo Sakakura, Sonosuke Izayoi
  • Going to the Right - they will be killed: Chisa Yukizome, Great Gozu, Koichi Kizakura, Seiko Kimura, Aoi Asahina
  • Going straight - will survive: Ruruka Ando, Kyosuke Munakata, Ryota Mitarai, Miaya Gekkogahara,  Makoto Naegi, Kyoko Kirigi
  • Going backwards - traitor: Kuzuo Tengan

I also wanted to point out the theories about who has what “rule violation” on their wristband AS WELL AS ONE MORE POINT. Whoever the traitor is (speculated Kuzuo Tengan) they had to have taken the chance when everyone was put to sleep to check everyones wristband. This way he (they) knew everyone’s weakness and could plan accordingly.

Alive FF:

  • Makoto - Confirmed - Can’t run in hallways.
  • Kyoko - Speculated -  She can’t talk/communicate to Makoto. Probably from D:THH and the first killing game, she heavily relied on her discussions with Makoto for many of the trials. She also seemed very shocked when she read hers.
  • Juzo - Speculated - I’ve thought with the idea that his is that he can’t protect Kyosuke, and since he may die from poison, he protects Kyosuke leading to his death. He also mentions that Kyosuke needs to survive and will do anything to make sure he does.
  • Izayoi - Speculated - His is he can’t eat Ruruka’s candy, which is plausible, but if it isn’t that I think his might be like Juzo’s where he can’t protect Ruruka and this leads to his own death. It has been shown in the first 2 episodes that he is very close to her (physically and mentally) and protects her at any given moment. Why would the killing game stop him?
    He protected Ruruka in episode 3 so this one is out.
  • Koichi - Speculated - He is the only one I have no idea on. He is a very aloof person in the anime. Even when he was supposed to be the classes homeroom teacher he wasn’t there (based from the first few episodes). But he is a scout, so he knows about the ultimates and why they were picked for who they were, knows their talents and thus may know everyone’s weakness because of this? Not linked to his wristband but something to keep in mind.
  • Seiko - Speculated- Her’s can’t be helping others, as she tried to save Daisuke. Maybe her’s will be she can’t use her drugs on herself? Going alongside the theory about her eye, and her using her own drugs to suppress whatever her eye can do? Make the killing game more interesting and that is something Monokuma would go for probably?
    Episode 3 she uses her drugs so this can’t be it!
  • Ruruka - Speculated - we can rule out that he ability to make sweets and feed them to someone doesn’t count, because she tries to feed Izayoi or that she can’t be close to him. From the theory above, she will survive, so her’s is still up in the air for me.
  • Kyosuke - Speculated - Can’t use doors. Shown in episode 2 when he went to great lengths to kill/capture Makoto, when faced with a door he stopped. Also a reason why he launched Gozu though a wall, because all the doors could have been closed.
  • Ryota - Speculated - Maybe his is along the lines of Daisuke’s, where he can’t witness violence to females only. He protected Aoi, someone he didn’t know, only to receive the brut force of Juzo. He told off Kuzuo when he touched Kyoko, saying it could be sexual harassment. It could also be that he is just kind, but his actions since the wristbands have appeared to be protecting females. Before Monokuma showed up he wasn’t around, so we can’t speculate his character too much.
  • Miaya - Confirmed - Can’t turn right.
  • Kuzuo - Speculated - If he is the traitor than maybe his is either being found out, he doesn’t have one, or something else.
  • Aoi - Confirmed - that she couldn’t attack back (be physically or verbally) I was kinda right, because she can’t be hit or punched!

Dead FF:

  • Daisuke - Confirmed - Couldn’t witness violence
  • Yukizome - Confirmed - Never got a wrist band
  • Great Gozu - Speculated - His could be with maybe his morals? He went to great lengths to protect Makoto so maybe if someone breaks his morals he will die? Example- Makoto dying without any proof he is the traitor? Falsely accusing someone? Gozu has already been shown to be very proof driven through the first meeting the FF members had by avidly disagreeing with Kyosuke about the despairs and not jumping to conclusions.

Now I wanted to speculated (and restate the deaths already) how the FF members may die:

  • Aoi, Yukizome, Gozu and Daisuke - already dead
  • Juzo - Poison - Dies from protecting Kyosuke from maybe the traitor when the all fall asleep? Maybe some reason he is awake or wakes up when the traitor tries to kill Kyosuke, and protects him, resulting in his own death and the identiy of the traitor is still hidden because everyone was asleep?
  • Izayoi - Poison - Either Ruruka feeds him candy when he is sleeping to calm his nerves, resulting in his death, or a similar situation to Juzo’s.
  • Gozu - Killed - He is a physical threat to the FF and may get taken out for this reason? He is close to Makoto, and mention by @thecatgirlyang​ in this post that “The killer wants everyone to distrust Naegi as much as possible…Perhaps the killer tried to aim at Naegi but his luck prevented him from dying and Asahina got stabbed instead…Naegi’s luck is becoming like Nagito’s, luck with consequence.” The Great Gozu has shown to protect Makoto, much like Hina did. Maybe their fates will be the same way as a way to get Makoto to fall to despair. Let’s not forget to mention that if Monokuma actually got Makoto to fall to despair he practically wins at killing the FF. Makoto is the ultimate hope, the mc of this series. Getting Makoto is almost like bringing back Junko Enoshima to him. That’s why this round is the final killing game. 
  • Koichi - Killed - Maybe from his knowledge about everyone leads to his death? Still iffy on him.
  • Seiko - Killed - Something to maybe to with her eye (although her eye theory seems out there to me). Maybe she is forced to take her drugs so she doesn’t hurt anyone and thus gets her killed? Jk bc that means she gets poisoned…

Let’s not also forget that we can rule out Toko, because I am pretty certain she is still out fighting the despairs with KomaruByakuya was never present, but he could be the 16th member in the game…we can’t deny that there will be 16 members bc there has been 16 for the past 2 killing games. Yasuhiro was shown on the roof of the building of the FF headquarters. I don’t remember the reference to his crystal ball or what it means when it breaks, so someone can fill in this gap. But he could also be the 16th member. How interesting would it be if Komaru was the 16th member? Long shot…but interesting. Maybe she hears about Makoto from Toko via Byakuya and comes to save/help him?

Edit to all the above! Rewatching the first episode of D3:HPA, it is shown that the the characters of Danganronpa Another Episode are all alive. This must mean that Danganronpa Another Episode is happening alongside D3:HPA. Meaning while Makoto is fighting Monokuma with the FF, Toko and Komaru are fighting the Warriors of Hope with Byakuya, explaining why his isn’t shown in D3:HPA. Although it is speculated that the Warriors of Hope did die, and some say they didn’t. If they did die, than this confirms the timeline and also that side theory about Monica. If they didn’t die, than they fell back to despair even after being beaten by Komaru and Toko. 

Any thoughts? Feel free to msg me and if I agree/or you make corrections to this post, I’ll fix and tag you in it!

Edit: Here are some other good theories:

A Full Heart (SouMakoRin)

My first anon ask! Thank you so much!

I do plan to do a sequel to the Impossible Soulmates fic. But until then here is another soulmate drabble. This time it’s Soumakorin as requested by anon.

This was meant to be a drabble but ended up being much longer. Enjoy!

A Full Heart

Pairing: Soumakorin

Rating: Teen and up

It started when Rin kissed Sousuke.

He came home crying, nearly inconsolable. It took his mother an hour to get him to calm down and another thirty minutes to admit what was wrong.

“I’m broken,” Rin said, sniffling. “And I think I broke Sousuke.”

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I’ll never leave you again...

I hope you guys enjoy, feedback welcome! This ff is based on a prompt from @shipsnthenight​ - Marcus finding abby and realising that she has taken the chip, angst everywhere but with a happy reunion in the end when he and clarke manage to save her? 

And a Anon prompt for a Kabby hug <3

Skaikru arrived at Polis en masse. Kane was on the 23rd floor looking down upon his people, what had happened? He had worked so hard to bring peace and negotiate with Ontari and before his eyes he couldn’t help but feel angry at what was unfolding in front of him, Skaikru at the door of Polis weaponised and ready for war.

At this point Ontari burst through the door into his chambers with Murphy following behind. “What is this, Leader of Skarikru!?”

“Heda, I am sorry I don’t know what is going on, this may be a rebellion of the Skaikru, those who don’t want to join the coalition.”

“I don’t think so Kane” Murphy butted in.

“How would you know, where have you been” Kane snarled,

Murphy was always known as as trouble maker, Kane wasn’t surprised that he would turn on his people.

“I saw Abby” he responded with an arrogant undertone, he was enjoying this, he knew Clarke wasn’t there or any of the other delinquents, he couldn’t care less about the others especially Jaha.

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Hey guys!
So I’m gonna tell you my Loft'89 story!
Me and my sister Grace were getting ready to leave for Hyde Park, I wanted to know how busy Premium standing area was so I asked a girl called Zoe and she was already at Hyde park so she gave me details of the queue. When we got there I met up with Zoe and I found out she was going to the concert alone so I suggested she came and stood with Grace and I once we were in. We eventually after hours of waiting got to the front of the barrier and we were so excited!!! The area we were in got really busy and everyone wanted to get to the front to get the best view so I ended up standing behind Grace and Zoe as there was no room. We saw Vance, John and Ellie and it was time for Taylor! Grace and I were just talking and the next thing we see Scott Swift is walking down in front of us!!! Then after Ellie finished we saw Andrea and she said hi to us and took Zoe’s book for Taylor! We were so fortunate to even get a glimpse of Andrea at this point! We heard ‘So Close’ and we started freaking out!! Taylor came on, we were dancing all the way through and singing every word. I got really emotional during Clean and during her speech. We saw Andrea and Taylor’s friends e.g Karlie, Cara, Kendall, Emma etc in the VIP level which was high up and we kept waving to say hi! During 'Bad Blood’ we were rocking out and then in the corner of my eye I saw Andrea coming towards us and we saw her give Loft'89 passes to girls near us and we were literally hoping she would come. Then she came over to Zoe, and asked if she had ever met Taylor and asked if she was in a group and she said she was with me and Grace then Andrea said
“Have you girls ever met Taylor?”
We said
“No never!”
Andrea replied
“Cross your heart hope to die?”
And she gave us the loft'89 wristbands!!!
Then Andrea walked off and she nearly didn’t give me a wristband as there were so many people on top of me trying to speak to her!!! But I got one!
We got the Loft'89 piece of paper and we freaked out, we were crying, screaming we literally couldn’t breathe and we missed WANEGBT because we were in tears and freaking out! We enjoyed the rest of the concert. When it finished we made our way to the section they told us too! As it was Hyde park we got so lost so we asked a head security guard where to go and he kindly showed our group and the other group near us where to go! We were taken to this passage way and we had to show our wristbands to get in. Then we followed the path to the entrance. We were waiting and we saw Sierra from Taylor Nation come out and told us we needed to go behind the barrier so we didn’t get run over by all the cars!! She was so nice and funny and she told us that security didn’t believe she was part of Taylor’s team and she joked saying 'How many Twitter followers do you have?’ (Referring to Taylor Nation’s followers on Twitter) to the security. She asked us to write our name and details so she could keep a record of who’s met Taylor for Taylor to have as much chances as possible to meet EVERYONE!!! Cause guys, SHE DOES!!! We got told the rules and said we could take pictures inside before Taylor was in and then we had to put them away when Taylor was there until Taylor Nation asked us to get them out. We waited about 25 mins outside then we were taken into the entrance for Loft'89!!! We saw Scott Swift and we hugged and he went in to his trailer to get guitar picks. We were in!!! The room was so nice, there was leather sofas, bar chairs and tables, pizza, KARLIES KOOKIES, and a ice bucket full of coke, diet coke and water!!! We ate loads of the food hahaha as we were so hungry!!! Scott came in and gave us all heaps of guitar picks and he said to me “I do this for fans, I give them guitar picks and a quarter’ so he gave me a quarter!!! I got a selfie with him!!! My group sat down at the sofa and waited another 10 mins for Taylor. Then Taylor Nation said
'Okay Taylor’s coming now so put your cell phones away!”
So we did and we stood up.
And out of no where Taylor popped out and shouted
And we literally died right there on that floor. We screamed she looked so fricking amazing.
Then she said - “as you know we had some special guests at the show tonight so I thought I’d bring them along! Please make welcome:
Taylor’s singer Eliotte Nicole
And Taylor’s dancers!
And they all popped out.
Then Taylor said- 'to let this go as smoothly as possible we are all gonna make our way round each group and you just grab whoever you want!’
We were second in the queue of groups.
So we grabbed Martha first! Guys, she is so beautiful and lovely. I can’t even explain she was amazing. I said she looked beautiful and she said 'OMG but so are you!!’ And I died like a model called me beautiful like is this real? We spoke to her for about 5 mins and we took pictures!!!
Then…it was our turn for Taylor!!!
She came towards us and went 'HEEEY GUYS!!’ And did a cute pose! She hugged all of us and I said 'Taylor! Do you recognise me from tumblr?!’ She was like 'Yas of course I do!’ And I was like goodbye world. I said "oh my god you look beautiful!!” And she went “thank you so do you!” Then my sister told her how her lyrics got her through a break up and she held her hand and was like “I’m so happy i helped you” then she held my hand and I said “omg Taylor look at my sunburn” I turned round (it was pretty bad) and she was like “woah man you are sunburnt and she was like "but that shows commitment that you waited for ages to see me!” We spoke about other stuff- some stuff I can’t remember as it was a blur!!! Then she said “do you want me to sign something?” And we said YES!!! Zoe, gave her her ticket to sign and then wrote lyrics down for her on a separate piece of paper! Then I asked if she could sign my phone case and she said 'Yas of course!’ She said 'What’s your name?’ I said 'Ciara’ and spelt it out for her😂 and then she signed Grace’s ticket! Then she asked for a picture and she LAYED HER HEAD ON ME and I was dying!!!! I hugged her again as she had to move on and I said “I’ll see you
Online tonight, IM GONNA GET YOU” (idek why I said that it just came out😂) and she said “oh my god Ciara, if anyone else heard our joke right now they’d be like what?!’ And she laughed. And I said you have now seen emotional wreck in the flesh and she was like "oh my god yes” and she said “I’ll see you online’ and did like a move like when you check someone out it was so funny. I told her I loved her and said said 'I love you too!’ And then she moved onto the next group! Literally I cried after it was so amazing!!! Then- we saw Emma Watson! We hugged her and introduced ourselves- Grace complemented her on her shoes and was like "thank you- we are all wearing flats that’s the best thing to be wearing” we asked about her job, about what she’s been up too and took loads of pictures!!! Then we went over to Taylor’s dancers and we spoke to them whilst we were waiting for Karlie and we spoke to them about how amazing it is to work with Taylor! We took photos with them!!! Then we saw KARLIE- oh my god she is so beautiful too and so lovely! I said she looked beautiful and she was like “so are are you girl!” She told us we all had beautiful names! We spoke about her job, her cookies she said she wanted to bring them over here and we were like YAS!!! She said “where shall I sell them? Maybe Marks and Spencer?’ And we were like yes then my sister mentioned she worked in Waitrose and she said "omg yes maybe there!’ We talked about styles and make up tips! I told her I live for her Instagram and she was like "omg thank you I’m always worried I like annoy people with them!’ I was like 'no
Girl, you do not annoy anyone! We spoke more we took loads of selfies!!! Then we saw Andrea and she hugged us all!!! She held my hand- we spoke about Austin and how he’s getting on!!! We asked about Meredith and Olivia and she said "they are perfect-they love eachother so much!” I showed her my wall of Taylor in my bedroom and she hugged me and went “oh my god I’m so happy I picked the right people!” I told her some stuff about me that Taylor has helped me through. Andrea spoke to Zoe and told her how special she was and why she picked her, she said “not only was it your sign but you were dancing and having a great time and that’s what it’s all about!” I told her about my baby cousins and how they are swifties and she said they were so cute!!! I thanked her for giving me front row for the Red Tour last year and she said 'your welcome!- I obviously have this thing for you and always want you close to my daughter!“ (or something like that-I can’t exactly remember) we spoke for about 30 mins with her!!! We took loads of photos she kept hugging me, Grace and Zoe then we heard Taylor say "BYE EVERYONE IT WAS SO NICE TO SEE YOU ALL SEE YOU SOON!!!” And everyone left and we all waved by to everyone!!! Then Sierra told us to leave through the entrance and took us out! We were on cloud nine literally it was the best night of my life!!!
I want to thank Taylor, Andrea, Scott and Taylor Nation for this amazing experience and opportunity!!!
Taylor means so much to me and to meet her literally made my life complete. She is so amazing and beautiful guys!!! Never give up on meeting her! 6 years was worth the wait❤️
Love you Taylor. taylorswift
Love always,
Ciara :)