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phil’s been grumpy & having an attitude all day so dan wears really pretty short black lacy rompers that shows his bum perfectly and phil is drooling but dan walks around and is all “nah don’t touch me” and teases but never gives in until phil just looses it and rips it off of him and fucks him on the nearest surface until he couldn’t walk the next morning

I’m so sorry this took so long but it’s done! These are the pair I wrote him in, if you’re interested. Also I threw in some dirty talk for good luck.

Phil’s been in a mood all morning and frankly, Dan’s over it. He could tell it was going to be one of these seasonal Grumpy Phil days from the moment the older boy woke up. Dan was already down in the kitchen making his first of many coffees when Phil came padding down the stairs, looking like a hurricane had taken him during the night; black hair mussed up in a sort-of quiff, glasses askew, and a face like thunder. Dan’s greatest fear was confirmed when he had handed Phil his mug of coffee and hadn’t received his usual kiss of thanks, but instead a vague grunt. He’d then just shuffled into the lounge and collapsed onto the couch, and when Dan asked if he wanted to watch the new Attack on Titan episode he’d just grumbled a ‘sure, whatever’.

It’s not that Phil is particularly nasty when he’s in these moods – not like Dan, who can make you cry with one look when he’s shitty – but he’s just no fun. He just sulks quietly to himself for a day or so before bouncing back to his energetic self as if nothing happened. Admittedly, Dan thought it was horrifically cute the first few times it happened, cooing over Phil’s jutted bottom lip and furrowed eyebrows. But they’ve been together near on eight years now and Dan still hasn’t figured out what puts Phil in this mood or how to get him out of it, and that’s probably the most frustrating part of it all.

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The start of something good

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader (Y/N)

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: Fighting, a bit of angst, mostly just Dean being Dean and reader being as stubborn as him

Wordcount: 3800ish

A/N: Is based on this request from @huntpraysupernatural

Heey! Could you do a dean X reader with a bad ass reader that is smoother than deans and drives Dean crazy? But she won’t admit to anything?? Could she loove and know a lot about cars and classic rock??

and this prompt  Please, point your gun at me if it helps you relax. for @one-shots-supernatural‘s hiatus challenge

I drew inspiration from Daughtry’s Start of something good too. 

Thanks to @blacktithe7 for betaing for me and @lacqueluster for helping me out with all the carstuff - I could not have done this with out you Meg!!!

Dean watched her as she stomped off heading down the halls of the bunker and slamming the door to the room she had claimed for her own almost six month ago.

Dean felt his entire body quake with rage. No one like her could make him this angry. He twirled around sweeping the books and lamp of the table sending it flying across the room in one quick movement before letting himself fall back into the chair pinching the bridge of his nose as he thought back to the day he had first met her.

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[TRANS] Quote from Tales Runner live stream


B1A4: Let’s fly B1A4! Hello we’re B1A4!
MC: What’s this? This is cool… I should do something like this too.

Baro and Tales Runner

MC: Do you enjoy TR on your own time?
Baro: I have a connection with TR… I usually played this game! (MC: Really?) Yes! (MC: This isn’t in the script) Yes! (laughs) My younger sister really enjoyed this game. I watched on the side, and I made an ID and played with her. 

Happy Sandeul

SD: (whispers) This is fun…
MC: Our Sandeul-ssi, right now… (SD laughs loudly) Is really enjoying this by himself. Why are you so happy?
SD: (while laughing) This is so fun… this…
MC: Is he usually like this? His concept? (SD laughs even louder and starts clapping)
GC: He usually has big reactions like this. He’s a very fun hyung.

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It Suits You Well (Crisscolfer - Pornstar AU)

Title: It Suits You Well [UYS-verse]
Authors: savvymavvy, alittledizzy
Rating: NC-17 / Mature
Pairing: Chris/Darren, Chris/Darren + Joey (non-romantic)
Word Count: 35K
Summary: An opportunity presents itself to Darren, a small fight happens and it all ends in a surprise and happiness. 
Warnings: Daddy!kink, D/s, barebacking, non-romantic threesome, consensual slut shaming, double penetration. 
Additional Warnings for this chapter: Brief threesome in this one! Joey/Chris/Darren - sexual only. The only romantic relationship is Chris/Darren. Only ever will be. 

Notes: Read previous stories in this series here on AO3.

Thanks: Thanks to bbcott for beta reading, and to every person who reads. We hope you enjoy this next step in their relationship.

Read it here on AO3!

It’s mid-January and Chris is back in the full swing of work - long hours, exhausting days, and endless dance rehearsals so by the time he comes home all he really wants to do is drop. He loves that his character is becoming more popular, but he really could do with a little less screen time.

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