if anyone knows the song please tell me

"Hotel Mario Theme" - Little Women (1933)
"Hotel Mario Theme" - Little Women (1933)

So ever listened to Hotel Mario’s theme and thought “hey this sounds kinda catchy and good”?

Well did you know the song actually dates back as far as 1933 in a film adaptation of Little Women? It’s performed at a party, and as far as I know, is never listed in the film’s soundtrack or in any credits. The audio’s taken straight from the film so pardon the dialogue included with the song, haha.

I wish I knew the tune’s origins though. I’ve made some extensive searches, but no luck. It sounds German, but that’s as far as I have guessed. I think the most accurate answer is the Phillips CDI was actually built in the 30s and Hotel Mario was just in development hell for all that time, but y’know, who knows.

If anyone’s got any clue what the song is though, please tell me! It’s been on my mind for years now!

I’m Yours (Bucky Barnes)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: 1940′s!Bucky is leaving tomorrow and you’re spending your last moments with him in a dance club.

Warnings: smoking, sad Bucky, a little angst

Word Count: 1440

Audio to the song mentioned: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJkS5kse9EA  (If anyone knows how to add audio to a text post, please tell me!)

Smoke from cigarettes and celebratory cigars curled into the dusky light of the club. The dance floor was littered with soldiers about to ship out and the girls they would be leaving behind.

You smiled as you felt him sidle up behind you, his left hand landing on your waist.

“Miss me sweetheart?” His lips brushed against your ear. James Buchanan Barnes had always been the town catch, but you were the only one to catch him.

“You were gone for three minutes, James.” You knew he loved it when you called him that. You turned around to face him, leaning one elbow on the bar. He had a cigarette hanging out of the side of his mouth and his hair was mussed up. His uniform jacket had been discarded in some corner a while ago and his sleeves were pushed to his elbows.

“But you still missed me.” He said, wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you in. He took a long drag on the cigarette, his boozy blue eyes still locked with yours. 

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So I had been wanting to make this for a while. I wanted to show non TOPP KLASS members the special people that make up TOPP DOGG as of now. TOPP DOGG is such an amazing group and they have top quality music that is just amazing to say the least. I also wanted to tell TOPP KLASS members to please, please support all members equally. I know we have biases but please support all members equally.
TOPP DOGG is such an amazing group and they deserve so much and honestly it makes me sad that they don’t get as much recognition as they should.
If anyone wants to talk about TOPP DOGG I would be more than happy to talk with you about it.
Any song recommendations don’t hesitate to ask me.
Anything you guys would like to talk about I would be happy to do it.

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Neil Degrasse Tyson’s quote on A7X ‘Exist’

Okay, I’ve been trying to piece together the quote/monologue at the end of Avenged Sevenfold’s new album, The Stage, on the song ‘Exist’ by Neil Degrasse Tyson. It’s a monologue made up from quotes from his ‘Cosmic Perspective’ talk from Hayden Planetarium. There’s a few bits I’m unsure on, so if anyone has the correct wording, please tell me!

Here it is:

We have one collective pulse; The Earth. And yet uncounted people remain homeless. Famine and calamity abound. . Sufferers hurl themselves into the arms of war. People kill and get killed in the name of someone elses concept of God. Dare we admit that our thoughts and behaviors spring from a belief that the world revolves around us? Each fabricated conflict, self murdering bond, vanished airplane. Every fictionalized dictator, biased Cartesian and wayward son. Part the curtains of society’s racial, ethnic, religious, national and cultural conflicts? and you find the human ego turning the knobs and pulling the levers.

When I track the orbits of asteroids, comets, and planets, each one a pirouetting dancer in a cosmic ballet, choreographed by the forces of gravity, I see beyond the plight of humans. I see a universe ever expanding, with it’s galaxies embedded within the ever-stretching, four-dimensional fabric of space and time. However big our world is —in our hearts, our minds, and our out-sized atlases? The universe is even bigger.

There are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on the world’s beaches. More stars in the universe than seconds of time that have passed since Earth formed. More stars than words and sounds ever uttered by all the humans who have ever lived. The day we cease exploration of the cosmos? Is the day we threaten the continuous of our species. In that bleak world, arms-bearing, resource-hungry people and nations would be prone to act on their “low contracted prejudices.” And would have seen the last gasp of human enlightenment—until the rise of a visionary new culture once again embraces the cosmic perspective. A perspective in which we are one. Fitting neither above, nor below. But within.

~ Neil Degrasse Tyson - Exist (Avenged Sevenfold)

More Writing Prompts.

someone stop me not really i like making these.

  1. I can’t stand it.
  2. There’s no cure for a broken heart.
  3. You look like shit.
  4. What… What are you saying?
  5. I don’t think this is something we can fix.
  6. Pretending that nothing happened isn’t going to help either of us.
  7. Hold onto me.
  8. Keep your eyes shut.
  9. This is my favorite song!
  10. You wear glasses?
  11. Please, stay with me tonight…
  12. I think I’m in love with you.
  13. I’m not interested, but thanks.
  14. Get on the motorcycle before I pick you up and put you on it.
  15. Let’s talk about it.
  16. I don’t want you to leave.
  17. I drank a shot of something off your body last night…
  18. My head hurts.
  19. Keep it together!
  20. You sent me nudes!
  21. Do you know where my shirt went?
  22. I’ve never kissed anyone before…
  23. Is your name wine, because damn, you fine!
  24. I’m telling you, I didn’t eat the last of the chips!
  25. I don’t understand the way you think sometimes.
  26. You’re annoyingly pretty.
  27. You’re pretty good at singing.
  28. Kick it!
  29. You’ve known me for how long?
  30. Being here feels like gravity is pushing hard on my shoulders, makes me feel like I can’t move without causing some sort of trouble.
  31. I love you, okay!? I’ve loved you for years!
  32. I’m afraid to move forward… What if something goes wrong?
  33. I can’t lose you.
  34. Let’s try again, okay?
  35. Please….

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So I've googled, looked through the tags, and looked through mibba and I still can't find what I'm looking for. The theme was around the song "Daydream Away", but it was about Jack's gf/fiance cheating on him with Alex. I remember it was on Mibba and I've been looking for a while, any help? Or any suggestions for something similar? Thanks!

I’ve been looking for this for ages and had several people attempt to help me, too, but nothing has come of it, so I think we’re going to have to give up on this one. I’m really sorry! 

If anyone knows the fic, please come forward and tell us! 

But since you asked for similar things, we do have a cheating tag for Jack/OC. Most look to be Jack cheating on the OC though…

EDIT: Thank-you so much to @innocence-unwasted for telling us this fic is Smiling In Everything + sequel Mess You Made! I’m super grateful. 

- Eve

T H E   S O N G   O F   A C H I L L E S

“We were like gods at the dawning of the world, & our joy was so bright we could see nothing else but the other.”

(Scientific) Questions About Cole

Is Cole an organism? Or is he just a mimicry of one? If he becomes more human, does he create cells, or just become a better mimic? He created his body, does that mean he’s made of the Fade, or did the Fade create cells? He says that the Old Songs pull him, so he has the ability to eat and sleep and such, but is that because he’s made of cells or because he’s made of the Fade? Dorian asked if he bled because he has a functioning heart or because his body mimics it but Cole didn’t answer, is it because he doesn’t know or because he’s confused or because he’s made of cells? If he’s made of cells, do they undergo cellular respiration? Does the Fade provide nutrients? Are they just in stasis until he’s less reliant on the Fade? Does he have the equivalent of a Fade umbilical cord that he relies on? Does the Fade act as life support? Why can’t I get a solid answer for whether Cole is made of the Fade or cells?

Get To Know Me- Tag

Thank you so much @guardmesherlock-rowan for your tag. I didn’t expected that. (And I’m so happy to find out you like Gravity Falls and Melanie Martinez) I wanted to say that I like your blog very much and I feel like “Senpai noticed me~” XD

Rules: Tag 9 people you want to get to know better.

Relationship Status: Single
Lispstick or chapstick: Both
Last movie I watched: Logan, a few hours ago at the cinema.
Last song you listened to: Breton- Got well Soon
Top 3 shows: Rick and Morty, Stranger Things and Gravity Falls
Top 3 characters: Jack Stillman, Ava (Ava’s Demon) and Izumo Kamiki (Ao no Exorcist)
Top 3 ships:
IzumoxShima (Ao no Exorcist), Alimor (Magi), Amy and Rory (Doctor Who)

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im looking for a song help

ok so its like a pretty emo song my guesses are on p!atd or fall out boy and the only clue i have is that at the beginning of the song there is some guy who screams “ i hate ryan ross” and for the love of fuck, i cant remember what that song was. please help

@millionsxofxstars im tagging you because you know lost of songs but like if anyone knows what im talking about please tell me ive been searching for days and i cant find it anywhere on youtube or google

Why we're all falling for Holtzmann.

It seems as if we all have our head canons. Some of these head canons are based off her sexuality and some on her being disabled in some way. The songs are there. But the beauty of Kate’s acting is that instead of canonically saying that “Holtz is _______” and making her only relatable to that group, she gave us a role that so many different people can relate to. And the best part is most of everyone is someone who has never or very rarely has someone like them on screen, and probably never been represented so well.
Thank you Kate McKinnon for giving us this gem in Holtzmann.
So whether you believe Holtzmann is queer, disabled, weird, or what have you, keep it up! This is our time to latch onto a character and say “hey she’s like me”.

And I just think that’s beautiful.

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Pokarekare Ana: Chapter 1

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A/n: I do not mean to shame anyone and anything in this, please if it is not accurate in anyway talk to me about it! And if you want me to take it down then PLEASE TELL ME! Therefore, just talk to me if you have any problems. Also yes I know, the song as written in 1914 and doesn’t match the time period but hey just go with it! And I recommend you listen to the song X

WARNING: none 

Summary: Calum is a powerful Maori chief who finds love at first sight, but how can Y/n love him when he’s as cold as ice 

“They should have chosen someone else, but then again his whole family is half breeds,” one person snickered to person next to them. The whole tribe has gathered in honor of Calum, since he was being crowned the chief. Calum’s mother, daughter of the chief, had fallen in love with one of the British men that were accompanying the area, and not long after they met, they had Calum and his sister. Calum and his sister had beautiful brown skin that would shine in the New Zealand sun, however his stiffness would show, which was given to him from his father. Therefore Calum faced a harsh rejection from others as he had white blood coursing through his veins. Growing up, Calum was always trying to prove he was a true Maori. Which caused him to be stronger and tougher and exceeded in many skills therefore he sat before everyone high and proud among them. His mother and sister watched with proud eyes, as they saw Calum become a strong man .  As the cemory was coming to an end, Calum then stood before the tribe with his head held high, and a slight smile on his face.

Over time Calum had become an influential chief. He attended the discussions among the people and listened to their words carefully, only commenting a few times. With the words he was given he made improvements among the village. As the village was improving, many of the comments about Calum’s race subsided but still remained.


It wasn’t uncommon for you to be singing or playing some little tune. You had always found music to be your true love ever since you heard a little bird sing. You stood in front a large group of people in the wide outdoors, and began to sing.  

Pōkarekare ana, ngā wai o Waiapu

Whiti atu koe hine, marino ana e.

E hine e, hoki mai ra
Ka mate ahau i te aroha e.

Tuhituhi taku reta, tuku atu taku rīngi
Kia kite tō iwi, raru raru ana e.

The words seemed to flow out of your mouth, as you felt whole.

Calum was strolling through the village as he was attending a visit that had been postpone. He was there strictly for trade and was followed by his advisors which included his mother. However Calum quickly stopped in his tracks as he heard your sweet voice, his big brown eyes seemed to soften the sight of you. His heart began to beat a little faster, and his breathing shallowed. His mother was quick to notice to what her son was feeling as she had seen his father do the same thing when they were young. “I think you found a love,” she claimed to him with a slight giggle. Calum quickly shook his head violently to get out of his thoughts, “I don’t know what you are talking about,” he was quick to dismissed the accusations.  “Oh Calum, my strong boy, you don’t have to hide your feeling from your mother.” She grabbed onto his arm as he walked away but he shook her off. “Mother, leave me be!”

His mother frowned and looked back at you, you still sang with a sweet voice and clearly her son had feelings. She stood there listening you till you had finished. You smiled as everyone clapped, only to quickly walk away from the conversation that was beginning. Being the bold character she was she went straight up to you, “I would like for you to marry my son.” You were shocked, as you had never seen this woman before and you were close with everyone in your village. “What?” She swallowed before repeating herself. 


“My son is a proud chief!” Calum’s mother yelled as she was sat down with your parents. The maori believed in large discussions with the whole village, but this was an affair your family wanted to stay private.

“Your son is a half breed! Why would I want my daughter subjected to something of that nonsense!” Your father shouted back. His mother has flared her nose and clenched her fists.  “My daughter deserved a true Maori man, pure blooded,” you could tell Calum’s mother was getting angry at the words your father was saying.

“My son is a wise and powerful man that clearly better than you!” She sat down and took a deep breath.“However he is deeply loves your daughter just from the sight of her, therefore I will not leave here without her. I am willing to offer something in exchange.” Suddenly, your father’s ear practically twitched at her words. “What are you offering?” He sat back as Calum’s mother began to notigate. “Well, these white men happen to give us some muskets, I’m sure we wouldn’t mind trading your daughter’s hand in marriage in exchange for a musket or two.” Your father gnawed on his lip as he had hard decision. You looked at him with begging eyes, you didn’t want to be given away to some random man that happen to see you. You wanted to stay right where you were, and nothing more. However, as you studied your father’s face, you saw that he was leading more towards the muskets.

“Please father,” you grabbed onto his arm and beg him. “Y/n, you are in no place to say a word.” Your father quickly scolded. You backed down from him and just wished and prayed that he would see that couldn’t just send his daughter away to some village. “Deal,” he declared and extended his hand towards Calum’s mother. Calum’s mother quickly saw how your state, she felt bad that she was taking you away from your home and how your father sold you off for some firearms. However in the mist, she remembered how Calum looked when she saw him look at you. Calum had lovers  in the past, but she always took notice that he looked bored with him. Nothing ever seemed to last with Calum, and everyone was awaiting for Calum to marry. It was rare for a chief to not be married to multiple women, let alone to not be married at all. Seconds seemed to past, as your father was awaiting her hand. She finally shook his hand, “Deal.”

You buried your face in your hands as you realized your true fate. A sob seemed to be let out and you quickly looked to your mother, your eyes were pleading her to do something. “Please mama, do something!” She held her head up high and didn’t even look at you. She knew that if she looked it would just be harder for her. “Y/n gather your things!” Your father commanded, you sat there a moment more as sobs just escaped your mouth. “Y/n now! You have a husband to meet!” Your father smirked at the deal he had made. 


“Calum  I have a surprise for you!” His mother beamed as she had a  gentle grip on your arm. “What is it no-“ he stopped in the middle of his sentence as he caught sight of you. You looked even more beautful to him up close. “You are to marry this girl!” Calum felt joy, but soon he covered that up with his cold nature. His stood with a straight back and puffed out his chest. “What is the meaning of this?” His voice sounded harsh as his advisors were already preparing to leave. “Calum you need a wife and clearly this is the only girl you have feelings for!” Calum’s cheeks burned a deep red at his mother’s words as he took a deep breath. He quickly turned around and ignored you. “Don’t worry about him,” his mother told you as you just wished you were not where you were. The tears had stopped as soon as you left your home and at this point you had wished your were dead. You could tell his mother was trying to help you adjust to what was being done but you were too overwhelmed.

You watched Calum as you headed back to his own village. You had admired his creamy brown skin as your eyes trailed down his toned chest. He had little tattoos compared to the traditional men you were use to. He met eyes with you briefly, but he quickly looked away.

Not long afterward, you had arrived at his village you began to receive stares from the commoners. The stares were long and intense, as outsiders were not to be apart of the tribe. The tribe was a family, they felt their land was entitled to them and felt threaten when an outsider was brought. “Don’t worry about them,” Calum’s mother was quick to take notice to the stares you were receiving and quickly reassured you. You gave her a gentle smile, as you continue towards what you believed was Calum’s home.

As you walked towards through the village, once a large pack of advisors quickly filed down and as each one were leaving to their wives, placing gentle kisses to their lips. However, Calum remind stiff and cold towards you. You were confused considering his mother had boasted how much he was in love with you. But he clearly didn’t.

Calum’s home was towards the edge, as you saw a small hut that was large porch. You entered the home soon after Calum and took notice to all the cravings that decorated the home. Your eyes seemed to scan the small hut and saw how he did manage to have a large bed. A bed that from what you could tell was stuffed with birds fathers and had a blanket that was some sort of animal fur. Calum had his back to you, as he hadn’t spoken a word to you.

Deep down inside, Calum’s stomach was doing flips. However, he wanted to keep his cold structure since it made him appear tough. “You can do what you want, I don’t care.” He simply said, no emotion in his voice whatsoever. You bit your lip in order to hold back your tongue, “You don’t even know my name and yet I’m to marry you.” Calum took a step closer to you, “My mother wants me to marry you, I never asked for this. Now I have to leave for a discussion I have to attend,” he stepped closer to the door before quickly turning around. “You may attend if you want.” With that he left, you looked around the empty hut and realized you had no friends here and how lonely you were. You closed your eyes just to make sire everything was real. “I guess I’ll go.”


“Our chief, my son is to be married within 2 days!” Calum’s mother declared to the whole tribe. Everyone gasped as he wasn’t in a relationship or anything. You sat close to Calum and whom you assumed was his sister. “To who?!” Everyone shouted. She took a deep breath, preparing herself for what she was going to say. “To this lovely girl named Y/n.” She pointed to you and you tucked yourself into a tight ball. “Her! She isn’t even apart of family! We have a white chief and now an outsider in our village! What have we come to!” People were shouting. It was an outcry, for Calum tho marry an outsider. He was suppose to marry within the village, but that changed. “Everyone! Everyone! Please settle down!” His mother commanded the large crowd, the crowd slowly died down. “This will be tighten our relations with her village which will benefit us when we need to defend ourselves against the English!” More uproars were heard. “We can defend ourselves! We are not weak!” Again, she settled down the crowd, “This is true but we will need all we can get when the English storm through and raid our villages! We are strong but we cannot match the English!” It had seemed as though there were no disagreement was heard as everyone seemed to agree with her.

“Calum and Y/n please stand,” she said to the both of you as you stand before the crowd. Feeling all those eyes on you made you want to run. Having eyes on you wasn’t a problem considering you sang all the time but standing in front a crowd that was not welcoming to you made you feel uncomfortable. “These fine two people will join together in a perfect harmony!” You gave off a weak smile as Calum kept a straight face. You were marrying into a fake marriage between a man that didn’t love you. 



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Oh man, this song hits deep in my core. I think it does for anyone who’s struggled against adversity and others telling them that they’ll never make it. I hope you guys enjoy this and use it well! And I hope our Yoongi is resting extremely well during break. <3 (apparently so because he’s literally disappeared off the fkcn earth)

Goner - Luke Hemmings Imagine

Trigger Warning: mentions drugs, mentions self-harm, some violence, I guess you can say, all he does is throw stuff at the wall. lots of emotion. if there’s anything else that triggers anyone in here, please let me know so I can add to the warning or delete this. thank you
A/N: based of the song “Goner” by twenty one pilots. based off what I gathered from the song. based off what I thought and pictured as well.

“Talk to-”
“Go away, (Y/N),” Luke spits, putting on his hoodie before grabbing the pack of cigarettes on the coffee table. “I’m leaving.”
“Luke, I need you to tell-”
“I said I’m leaving and you’re leaving too!” He yells, his hands shaking.
You sigh and get up from the couch before staring at the ground.
“What the hell is happening to you, Luke?” You whisper, gently.
“What the hell happened to my best friend?” You continue before looking up at him.
He breathes out shakily and closes his eyes.
“Ever since last year, you’ve changed. A lot.” You admit, rubbing your arms.
“That’s what life does to you. Get over it.” Luke spits back, before opening his glassy eyes.
“Look at you, Lu,” You say gently, walking up to him. “Look at what those pain killers have done to you.”
“Don’t fucking touch me.” He barks, his voice cracking.
You stop, bite your lip and stare at him with a worried look as he looks away from you.
“Are you gonna leave any time soon?” He asks in an annoyed tone, trying not to cry in front of you.
“Why are you doing this to yourself?” You whisper to him and he shakes his head.
“I don’t want to hear it-”
“Why are you going out and hurting yourself, Luke?” You whisper, tears in your eyes. “Why are you seeing your little friend at every hour of the day?”
He looks away from you again, tears begging to be released from his eyes as he fights them back with an unknown look on his face.
“Luke, I don’t understand what’s going on but I’ve seen you been wearing long sleeve shirts lately and I’m scared.” You cry gently, your voice cracking as you wipe your nose with the sleeve of your shirt.
He closes his eyes and the tears run down his face as he looks hurt.
He looks even more a wreck than he already is.
“I barely see you anymore.” You sniff, shaking your head gently.
He then starts to shake as he cries silently to himself, still not looking at you.
“I don’t ever want to s-see you again.” Luke whispers, wiping his tears away.
“Why are you pushing yourself away from me?” You ask, sobbing gently.
“Just fucking leave!” He yells, finally looking at you with his red face. “Leave me alone! Let me fucking be!”
“Luke…” You sob, shaking your head.
He then picks up and throws your tea mug from from the coffee table at the wall with a scream, making you jump. Then throwing several books along with it too.
He breathes heavily while he begins to sob, dropping himself down on the floor on his ass before crying into his bended legs while rocking gently back and forth.
“Please, leave me.” He cries gently, almost defeated, as his voice is shaky.
You frown and hesitate before walking over to him and sitting by him.
“Luke…” You whisper gently, putting at hand on him while being afraid of he’ll do if you do.
But he lets you while he cries and his shoulders move as he breathes.
“Why…why are you doing this to yourself?” You whisper. “Why are you distancing away from people?”
He breathes outs shakily before lifting his head and staring in front of him.
“I’m weak,” He chokes out, shaking his head. “I’m fucking beat, (Y/N). And I can’t help it.”
You rest your head on his shoulder and nod, listening to him.
“I’m so fucked up…like you already didn’t know,” Luke murmurs, chuckling to himself while rubbing his face. “I just want to be gone.”
You swallow and the tears come back to you.
“Gone from all this shit,” He spits, angry while still crying. “Just gone and fucking away and out of here.”
You bite your lip.
Not knowing what to say.
“But I don’t want to be,” He whisper yells, his voice cracks as he sobs gently. “I don’t want be gone, (Y/N).”
You nod your head and grab his hand and squeeze it as you both cry.
“It’s so selfish of me.” Luke sobs, his body shaking.
“We’ll get you help-”
“I don’t know if I want it,” He whispers back. “I…I have a lot of things to help me.”
“I have so many getaways (Y/N), so many that are so fucking bad.”
You close your eyes, defeated.
“But you’re one of the good ones.” He murmurs, squeezing your hand.
You breathe out gently and press your lips against his shoulder.
“Fuck.” He murmurs as you rest against him.
“I wanna be known, (Y/N),” Luke says, softly. “By you.”
“Luke,” You say while shaking your head, confused. “What do you-”
“I want you here with me…to help me.”
“I’m always here for you.” You speak, gently.
He shakes his head and closes his eyes.
“No….I want your understanding and…and love, dammit.” He chokes, squeezing your hand.
You breathe in and rest your head against him.
“Always, Luke,” You whisper, rubbing his hand with your thumb slowly. “Always.”
He breathes out before resting his head onto yours, relieved that he found reassurance.
“Don’t let me be alone, please.” Luke whispers to you, squeezing your hand as he continues to cry.
You shake your head.
“Never,” You say back, bringing your guys’ hands close to you. “I’d never.”
He sobs, afraid to let go of you.
And afraid to finally be free.
“(Y/N), I….don’t let me alone…o-or gone.”