if anyone knows the ship name let me know

PSA for the EmiMike/MichEmil fandom!

Update! Here is the masterpost! Please reblog that as well as this post to spread the word around ♥

There are quite a few EmiMike shippers here and I feel like I follow most of them (and we even have our own badge!)

(credits go to @emimiketrash)

And that got me thinking that I also know quite a few Italian fans, which is great and it would be very helpful if I ever needed to translate something for a fic, except, you know, I’m Italian and I don’t really need that? Anyway, what I would need is to know some Czech fans, and I realized I know none.

And then I thought that others might be in my same situation and it just hit me, “Why not make a masterpost of lovely Italian and Czech people who would be willing to translate stuff for EmiMike writers?” 

I find that adding a few sentences/words in their native language is always really realistic and depending on what kind of fic you’re writing it might even be necessary, and while I wait for more EmiMike inspiration to hit me for a future fic, I thought it would be nice to do something for this little but lovely part of the fandom. (And for the record, if you need to translate anything to Italian, always feel free to message me and ask!)

(Of course, this is also true for any fanartists needing to write stuff in their fanart/comics!)

In order to make this masterpost I need names! So please:

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  • REBLOG + WRITE if you’re Italian or Czech and willing to be in this list (please don’t just write it in the tags because it makes my job more difficult)

I really hope this thing works out, please let me or anyone in the squad know if you have any more ideas for this ship!

3/∞ doddle series (x)

for @asensihoe


When I make my comic quilt I want to get the fabric for the panels from other people, probably their old clothes. I want to be putting stitches into something foreign so I really think about what I’m doing. If anyone is interested in mailing me a piece of clothing send me a message!


“You enjoyed playing my boss?”
“Besides that bare bulb and that plug going to that idiot box do you see a power cord anywhere around here?”
“How did you know my size?”
“I cannot sit through another one of those. I will shoot myself.”
“That man is an imbecile! He shouldn’t be a school crossing guard!”
“Well that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling doesn’t it?”
“Pigs. I work with pigs.”
“Um, I met him once before…um, he can be very difficult.”
“And you don’t think I could be difficult?”
“You had better have a good reason for spilling my coffee.”
“Is he really sleeping or is that just an act?”
“Well, he is wounded and he always growls like a bear. It’s his way of never letting anyone know when he’s hurting. Yours is to be moody.”
“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”
“Look, just don’t take any chances, okay?”
“Aww. Here I was thinking you didn’t care.”
“So, you’re saying you don’t care?”
“You weren’t seriously going to let her shoot me, were you?”
“Very James Bond - does it tell time, too?”
“Would you be any less grumpy if you slept in a bed?”
“Anyone, and I mean anyone, know when the air conditioner is getting fixed?”
“You touch that, you’ll be singing soprano!”
“Anyone ever told you you’re an insufferable bastard?”
“I want double overtime for this, boss. That kid’s a nightmare.”
“The older they are, the sneakier they are!”
“Any more food fights in here, I’m joining in. With peas.”
“You know, you didn’t have to yell at him. He’s terrified of you now.”
“For no-one leaving the building, there are a lot of people leaving the building.”
“You shouldn’t feel bad. I was trained by the best.”
“I stand corrected, It appears he didn’t know. I feel like a donkey’s butt.”
“Just to be clear, are there any more of these rules I should be aware of?”
“Hey, quit feeling sorry for yourself. Do what you do best.”
“There doesn’t seem to be any permanent damage. How many times did he hit you?”
“You expecting an ‘attaboy?’”

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Just so you know, bil/lford is the fandom name for the ship between bill and ford, not bill possessing ford. Bill possessed Ford is generally referred to as "ciford." Just letting you know since I know you don't like that ship

Thank you for mentioning that. I am aware that Billford is commonly used for the ship, but not always. I try to use Ciphord/Ciford or Bord most of the time to avoid confusion, but I realize not everyone is aware of this. If anyone asks me about Billford I will just assume you mean Bill possessing Ford and not the ship (unless you specifically say so). I appreciate you telling me, anon. :) Thank you for your concern.

Janez’s phone rang later. He answered it.
“Bratec [little brother], I fucked up. Gilbert is crying in the bathroom.”
—  A Slotalia fic I’m writing for myself. This is the best quote so far (as for the context, Simon (Carinthia) brought his boyfriend (Prussia) home and let’s just say … Simon’s dad isn’t very fond of Gilbert)
10 naruto ships

Rules: Name your top 10 Naruto ships, then tag 10 others you’re curious about. 1. Kakagai 

That’s it. highkey none of the other ships can touch this one.  Lol ok no fr 

2. Gaalee 

3. Naruhina (I know its not realistic just let me have this)

4. Sakuino 

5. Shikatema 

6. Kakayamagai 

7. kakayama

8. higkey I ship all of team Gai with anyone in team Gai except for y’know Gai 

9. uh narugaa yeah thats a good one

10. kakagai

I got tagged by @springtimeisnotover-yet god bless u I was just sitting here like uh some one pls tag me in this and u did I'm 

uh imma tag @theninochild @maj-cutiepatootie @i-love-my-two-gay-dads @darkross and @xrnoodle


With permission from lettherebedoodles I decided to take their amazing Racebent Disney Princess Series and, rather than just seeing them as different versions of the original characters, give them stories and fairy tales of their own. I plan on doing their entire series- hopefully I won’t disappoint!

Some of the stories will be based on the culture the new heroine is based on, and others will be stories from other cultures (such as ‘traditional’ western fairy tales), even real life people will inspire these Disney-style Princesses and Heroines. But please remember-this is all for fun. I’m not pretending to be an expert on any of this. I’ll try my best to do right by these characters and cultures, and if there is something horribly offensive, please let me know how I can fix it.

Sorry I’m a crappy graphic designer, btw.

Part 1

Part 2

Titrit- Munyal

Based on the fairy tale The Black Bull of Norroway, Munyal is the story of a Titrit, the energetic and cheerful youngest daughter of a family of cow herders in West Africa. Her family travels a lot, but never stays in one place for long. Titrit’s older brothers always tease her, but the family is very happy. But she always wishes that they would stay in one place- she’s tired of always leaving behind her new friends. 

Then one day, while out guarding the cattle at night, a enormous bull, so black that it looked like a cloudy night sky, and able to talk. He promises her that he has a way will her travel the world almost instantly- and that way, visit all of her friends whenever she wants. All Titrit has do is first sit very, very still.

Important Note: Honestly, the EXTREME difficulty in finding African folklore that wasn’t dumbed down for (white American) audiences or solely African-American slave folklore from the US was one of the reasons it has taken me so damn long to finish this series. It’s incredibly frustrating. I ended up going with a Scottish story I’m familiar with, because of the nomadic herding culture present in this area. I’ve never been so aware of how frustrating and disappointing it must be for anyone of African descent, especially those affected by diaspora, to try and find out about what their heritage might have been like. And what I was going for here was simplistic compared to that. The best I could do is the title- Munyal is a word from the Fulani code of behavior called pulaaku. It roughly has to do with a cross between strength and courage in adversity and a stoic acceptance or endurance of the supposedly pre-ordained vicissitudes of life. It is often translated as patience. 

Sorry I couldn’t do better :(

Sayyida al Hurra- Pursuit

Loosely based on the real life story of Sayyida al Hurra, the last woman in Islamic history to legitimately hold the title of “al Hurra”, or Queen. She was also the undisputed leader of the pirates from the Mediterranean. 

Her whole life, Sayyida traveled. First, when she was younger, her family was exiled. Determined to make the people who did that pay, she takes up piracy and began raiding. Clever, resourceful, and as fierce as the sea, she soon becomes the leader of pirates. One day, she captures the ship of the King of Morocco and the two of them begin a strange relationship as he chases the Pirate Queen in an attempt to catch her. Despite falling in love, they keep up the elaborate game, one ruler of the seas and one ruler of a country.

Important Note: I do not know very much about Islamic history and it was super unclear whether Sayyida was a name, a title, or an honorific, so if this is an incorrect way to refer to her, let me know and I will fix it.

P.S. If anyone has any resources on African (specifically Luo/West Niletic/East African- think the Jasmine edit) stories, folktales, even modern fiction, please let me know. I’m having a lot of trouble with it.


Kanojo: Oh…did you want to be in our blog too?

Kareshi: Just…ask any of us questions then, I guess..  Who is he again?

Kanojo: I don’t know.

((This is an ask blog for Ichimatsu, and the couple from episode 11(the Christmas episode). Those who know me might be asking what the Hell I’m doing making another blog when I already have an ask blog with the inbox closed right now. I have no idea what I’m doing anymore or how frequently this blog will update. I just really wanna ship these 3, lmao. Keep in mind, however that Ichimatsu’s asks should relate to the couple or the scenarios brought about in this blog. I’m not going to answer if you ask Ichimatsu something like “what’s your favorite color?” I made my other blog for questions like that xD. ))

I’m gonna rewatch Gossip Girl (not anytime soon it’s just something I know I’m gonna do) and when I do, would anyone be interested in me liveblogging it?

Things to note:

  1. I only made it to season 3 BUT I already know a lot of major things like the end couples and who Gossip Girl is and someone being resurrected. But That’s the big stuff, idk any of the little stuff that happened on the show after season 3
  2. I ship Dair and I remember at one point I shipped Nate and Jenny…
  3. …Uh that’s it. That’s all I can think of that may affect whether or not you’d want me to liveblog my rewatch.

So… yeah. is that something anyone would be interested in?

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Kind of an uncommon (by uncommon I mean its practically non existent) ship request. Ryan Magee and Matt Watson from Kids w/ Problems? The imagine things are wicked cool btw that you do.


- Ryan definitely tops. He’s dominant and likes how small and light Matt is, making him easy to pick up and toss around.

- Matt loves when Ryan dominates him. He loves being made to feel small and powerless. He has a bit of a degradation kink and likes being treated especially rough.

- Matt is often covered in hickeys and small bruises where Ryan’s fingers were pressing into his skin as he gripped his thighs or shoulders.

- Matt is LOUD in bed, moaning and screaming Ryan’s name. Ryan is only slightly quieter, grunting and mumbling curses that fade into low breathy moans.

I sort of did very general headcannons as a way to hopefully get this ship started, but I REALLY love this ship so I’m very willing to write specific imagines or just rant about specific aspects of it with anyone.

Also, if anyone knows the proper ship name for this let me know, but I can’t seem to find one so send in suggestions (I was personally thinking “kids with ships” or “ships with problems”)

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GOT7's old married couple.

And yes, I’m talking about the JJ Project duo, JB and Jr. Goodness gracious, their old married couple act is all over the place in the Naver Starcast video and you’d have to be blind not to notice it. Did you guys catch that bit where JB opens a water bottle only to hand it over to Jr.? Just, wow, I have no words. That moment was just so perfect and I feel it describes how I think their relationship works.

JB may be the leader of the group, but by pronouncing himself the official band ‘mother’, Jr.’s put himself in the perfect position to support JB and fill in the blanks. Whenever JB hesitates, Jr. is right there with him to take over. There’s a sense of trust between them that’s obviously from the fact that the two of them debuted together and have experienced so many things as a team, and it’s this teamwork that reins in the zaniness of GOT7. JB’s actually pretty stiff and formal-sounding compared to the others, what with his standard Seoul accent and his quiet personality, but Jr., who’s a lot more loose-lipped and takes pride in the strong Busan dialect that comes out when he’s feeling particularly emotional, bridges that gap between JB and the other members.

Granted, I’m still very new to the GOT7 fandom and I’m hardly in a position to say anything, but the JxJ dynamic is just impossible to ignore. While watching the Starcast clip, I absolutely loved how Jr. was basically squealing over JB’s old pictures, and how JB enters the scene and tells JR. “Excuse me for a bit” in this lighthearted tone. There’s plenty more scenes I’m sure, but these were the ones that really got stuck in my head.

So JxJ OTP, anyone? XD (By the way, I need to know what their official ship name is… if someone would be a dear and let this ignoramus know I would be most thankful.)

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Do you know if there is a subscription box for cute stationary? I've found Kawaiibox and Cutifypack, both have some stickers, sticky notes, and pens occasionally, but I would love to know if there was strictly a stationary one.

Hi! This is actually something I would really like for myself haha. The shipping of these are generally waaay too expensive to get in Australia. Here are some I know of (click on the names to go to their site)

Brimbles Box

Olive Box

Messy Box

Happy Mail (mostly cards, and a few stickers)

Here is another list of boxes, I’m not sure how many are still available!

I don’t really know any kawaii boxes that are JUST stationery, if anyone knows please let me know because I want it too!

Huge Official Anime Posters and Clear File Sale

I won’t lie, I am in need of funds. OTL Warning, lots of photos! I won’t name the posters because I honestly don’t know most of them, let’s settle with numbers. If anyone is interested, let me know! Prices are without shipping. PART 2 OF TE POSTER SALE HERE.

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Want to join a friendly Skype community based around KH/FF and general trash talk? Well you’ve come to the right place. B)

What is it?
It’s a group chat held on skype that was started around late July 2015. 
On it, we talk about theories, news, ships, RPing and basically anything and everything KH related!  It’s the go to place to make new friends to talk KH with.

It’s open to anyone!

How to Join?

1. Add me on Skype @ Kexell_1 (my name will come up as kell)

2. When you send me a request, make sure you let me know you’re interested in joining the chat so I know who is adding me. Also please tell me your tumblr URL! 

3.  That’s all! Once i get your message I’ll add you to the group and you can commence the trash! 

Things to note:

The group is a SFW place. I insist you do not post crude/lewd material there considering The group is open to any and all ages and we want to keep it a safe place. 

I might be adding people slowly to the group depending on how many people are interested. Just to prevent what happened the first time i opened the group which was about 40 people all talking at the same time. :P That was an interesting day. 

Currently it has around 50 users but i would guesstimate only about 10-15 people are active at any one time in the chat.  In saying that, the conversation CAN get chaotic and if this is too much for you it might not be the place for you!

If you’re interested in smaller group chats/just RPing/other video game talk feel free to add me I’ll be happy to organise that for you. I know lots of great people who would be happy to talk KH tbh. :)

Its a good idea to turn off notifications for the chat so you don’t get swamped when it gets busy! You do this by right clicking on the group and turning notifications on the group profile/ Or by using the notifications settings

Please don’t be shy/afraid to join! It’s a very friendly and open place full of some great people. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask me through ask/IM or add me on skype and raise your concerns or queries~

I hope to talk you soon~