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Could you not say qu**r so often, please? Or at least tag it? Alternatives could be SGA or trans (depending on which part you're referring to) or LGBT? It's uncomfortable to quite a lot of people if it's used as an umbrella term too. Thank you

While I’m not interested in delving into that discourse on this blog…well, I guess it was gonna happen sooner or later. 

So just to be clear, before I say anything else, let me preface this post by saying that I’m going to state my position on this, but I will not admit any further discussion on the subject on this blog. You’re free to talk to me @talysalankil​ if you feel like having further discussion, but this blog isn’t the right place to do so. Also I’m going to use links from my personal blog because it’s just easier. But frankly if you want better sources on the subject, they’re out there.

Warning for massive wall of text. I tried to structure it, but there you go.

“Queer” has been reclaimed for decades. Many people who are much more knowledgeable than myself have pointed out that it’s been used at least as long as LGBT as an umbrella term (and that it was reclaimed before SGA was even invented), and it has the benefit of being inclusionary. The fact that is a historical slur cannot and should not be ignored, but the thing is, there is literally not a single word in use to refer to people who aren’t cis and straight that hasn’t been used as a slur at one point or another. Fuck’s sake, people still use “gay” today as a derogatory term, even when discussing things that have nothing to do with sexuality.

Meanwhile, SGA is an acronym that takes its root from conversion therapy (yes, really; SGA discoursers have claimed otherwise but survivors of conversion therapy attest to it), so I’m pretty sure it is equally trigger or even more triggering that queer to people.

SGL (same-gender loving) is a less historically charged acronym that I feel less strongly about for that reason, but it also comes from AAVE and I feel like there’s an element of cultural appropriation for me to use it as a white person, just like I wouldn’t use two-spirits because it’s a native american term. 

But that’s not my only issue with either acronym. See, the issue I have with SGA/SGL are multiple, and I’m going to put a cut here because this is getting out of hand:

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Hello! I was wondering if you could tell me about having a nerite snail? I want to get a snail but I'm concerned about the breeding rate. I know Apple snails can hold sperm for up to 6 months after mating and that females will lay eggs even if they aren't fertile. I don't know if it's the same for nerites, but I don't think I could handle squishing the eggs or anything.

Hello there anon! :D Thanks for the ask ^-^

I most certainly CAN tell you about having a nerite snail! I have one myself. his name is lestrade :3 he is a handsome lil cutie ^-^

Nerite snails are fantastic algae eaters, and poop a lot less than mystery snails per my experience (I had one when I first got into the hobby). If your tank doesn’t have a ton of algae for them to snack on, you can supplement their diet with algae wafers, fresh blanched veggies, or snello!

[ Snello recipe from “Snails, Snails, Snails” Facebook group here:
https://lookaside.fbsbx.com/file/snello1pix.pdf?token=AWzty23Ice_qrDFLLn0V7CkUqgbpbhPRXh_iD_3YHRpivbpucukh8EzgSTorznniF7UEb-_WoXle-HaTj91c_SUHE_AX_jKeFD-ECwWqjPG77OncC8YgD9j6Q0wERNtvD1RnCbVmjlF77CbKkjIG1-D- ]

They come in tons of different colors and patterns too :p Lestrade is a tiretrack (aka tiger) nerite, but there are also black racer nerites, zebra nerites, tri-color, red and horned nerites! Horned nerites are much smaller as adults than other nerites :p

[ A recent post/discourse about horned nerites here: https://hella-free-space.tumblr.com/post/160924210019/horned-nerites-these-freshwater-snails-are-much ]

[ photo source: http://www.fishforums.net/threads/tons-of-nerite-eggs-on-driftwood.426761/ ]

From what I’ve read, nerites are sexual! That means there needs to be a male AND a female in order to reproduce successfully. I don’t *think* that females will lay unfertile eggs, though, so if you end up with only one nerite snail and eggs in your tank, there may have been some breeding going in the store tank, before you brought your snail home. Nerite snails can lay eggs in freshwater, but they will only hatch/survive in brackish water. The eggs look like little white dots. I’ve never had my nerite snail lay eggs in any of the aquariums I’ve kept him (i don’t actually know my snail’s sex…i just gave it a male name ^-^”) in, but the eggs seem like a pain to remove since nerites lay individual eggs and not egg cases (like mysteries do). I don’t think you have to squish them or remove them if you don’t want to though, since they either won’t hatch or won’t survive long in freshwater, you don’t have to worry about snails overpopulating your tank :p

[ Photo Credit: “DSC_5332-2 (de-wolf)” by de-wolf, https://hiveminer.com/Tags/radula,snail/Interesting ]

Fun Fact! Nerites have radulas, and their little radulas leave these cool tracks as they eat algae and stuff off the glass or ornaments in your tank! :p

If anyone has anything to add or correct, please reblog or let me know! :)

Ouija Boards

I see many differing opinions and theories about these oracle boards, and figured I would add my own to this. Many see these as dangerous items that attract evil to a place or person, others acknowledge them as portals, and as such, unpredictable at best. Others see these as merely a game made to play and spook friends, and others use them as a staple of their Spirit world contacting. I personally don’t feel there is a right or wrong answer, as it is always a matter of perception, but my opinion is that it is no more dangerous than any other oracle used to contact the other side. Allow me to explain this:

People who use and view these as just a game are not entirely wrong. It is marketed as a game, and can be played as such. They are oracles, this is true, but most often people who play with a Ouija board for fun are not genuinely contacting anything. They are punking each other for laughs or to mess with someone that may believe in it. So many people play with these at parties with no ill repercussions. That is not to say as something cannot or does not happen sometimes, but I do feel that it is pointless to tel others not to do something. That doesn’t help anyone, and often only leads to frustration.

I think the only danger that comes from this is if you genuinely want to contact the spirit world, but don’t have a particular direction or knowledge of how to close the portal once it is open. Open portals are often a great unknown, and sometimes something less than savory may be what slips through, parading as a friendly. Really, all you have to do, sensitive or not, is know how to send a spirit back to the other side, and close the portal down again. The mistake people make is that they will get up and leave the board or destroy it, should something come through and spook them. 

What should be done if you are using a spirit board for spirit communication is to seal the room, and make it known that any spirits that come through are not to cause harm or bring ill intent to the session. Make sure the barriers you program will enforce your rules, and when the session gets too intense, command the spirit to leave back through the portal. Once this is done, focus your energy into the board, and close the door. Visualize a door closing and locking, or put your intention fully into making that happen. This is the same as if you were to travel or use oracle cards. If something meets you there and wants to chat, friendly or otherwise, make sure you maintain the controls over the session. Never let a spirit take your power or dictate how the sessions start and finish, and you should have no problems. You called or invited them, you have the power and right to dismiss them as well. 

Destroying the board while it is still open is always a bad idea, as that leaves the door open indefinitely, but even this mistake is not something that cannot be fixed. If this happens, then all that has to be done is to return to the area where the door was initially opened, and seal the open door the same way. Send the spirits back through, then close the door with your energy and intention.

After any session where spirits are contacted, especially any unsavory ones, it is always advised to clear the air. Burn some herbs or herbal oils, sprinkle some salt, salt water, or rose water, or any herbal water that you find potent as a cleanser and protective source, and you should be fine. Some even find no need to clear the air after a session, because they are content with simply sending the spirits back and closing the door. 

I suppose my point is that each person has their own methods or beliefs, and that is just fine. There is no need to police others for their thoughts/feelings/beliefs. If you believe that there is no safe way to operate a Ouija board, that’s fine, but there isn’t a need to shame those that don’t agree. Same goes for those that believe them to be perfectly safe, even without any real precautions. That’s fine, and likely works just fine for you, but for some they feel more secure or in control with certain etiquettes and procedures. It, as with any other practice, will vary from practitioner to practitioner. Some cleanse before and after always, some never do. Some use visualizations to close a door and send spirits packing, others don’t find this necessary. It always varies, and just because one method or belief works for one and not another, does not make any one more correct than the other. You never know what it is that an individual is capable of with belief alone, so why not leave it as to each their own? If you believe this is dangerous and can only lead to trouble, that’s okay, but you likely will not convince anyone who doesn’t share that belief. In that case, should you feel that way, just let the person in question find out on their own. After all, personal experience is often the best teacher.

This is in no way meant to start fights or pick on anybody. This is just my viewpoints, and I accept fully that some may agree or completely disagree. That is perfectly fine, but let’s just agree to disagree. I am willing to discuss this or any other questions as always, but please leave any hate or inflammatory comments at the door.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

an expansion/continuation of this little ditty about fratboy!luke because bitchfacehood calumsinmyhood dtfashton lipringsandsnapbacks and someone anonymous mentioned being interested in a second part and i found myself inspired so hopefully this isn’t incredibly disappointing

word count: 4176

“You’re my best friend and I love you,” Michael started, and you knew there was a ‘but,’ coming, “but I can’t keep humoring you like this, so will you please just tell me what’s been up with you lately?”

“What are you talking about?” you asked, playing dumb as a last ditch effort to buy yourself a little more time before you had to finally explain yourself to Michael. “Nothing’s been up with me.”

Michael rolled his eyes. “Yeah,” he sarcastically agreed, “that’s why you’ve been talking the long way to your classes and why you can’t even keep your eyes trained on your food for longer than a second right now.”

“So what if I’m taking a longer way to class?” you asked, setting your eating utensil down and forcing yourself to look into Michael’s eyes even though doing so very lowkey pained you. Not because you didn’t enjoy looking at Michael’s eyes or anything – because you loved the pretty, green hue – but with your gaze fixed on Michael now, that left you no room to focus on anything else. “A little extra walking never hurt anyone. And nitpicking at the way I eat a meal? Really Michael? Sorry for not making intense eye contact with my food.”

“There’s nothing wrong with a little extra walking, but you’re literally going out of your way to take a different route to class,” Michael argued. “And no one said you had to make intense eye contact with your food, but you won’t even look down at your food long enough to get much of it into your mouth.  Does your weird behavior have anything to do with Hemmings? Did you two break up?”

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Adding a function to delete the source---Really

Dear Tumblr

Really, with all the highjacked photos, art, gifs and memes you thought it was a great idea to make it easier to steal?  As an artist and photographer, it is already a struggle at times to make sure that my tag, handle, watermark or source is not deleted from the original.  Now, you go ahead and add a simple delete box.  This was not thought through at all.  The origin of the piece should ALWAYS stay.  You have simply gone in the wrong direction.  Please correct this.

Thank you

Tumblr Support Reply:
Hey, thanks for posting about the new way of handling reblog captions. We actually hate to see anything throw a wrench in how you use Tumblr, but in this case we felt we needed to take a stand for correct attribution. Though we (the Support team, who read all your posts and messages!) don’t have any say over updates and the decisions made around them, we do make sure our engineers (engineering.tumblr.com) see the feedback we get. I know they do care about what the community thinks.

For some background, we’ve had a lot of complaints over the years about people reblogging, and changing the text of the OP’s caption to say whatever they wanted to say. And obviously we don’t want to encourage that, as it can foster drama / harassment / copyright issues throughout the community.

Here’s the post from our blog about the update:http://support.tumblr.com/post/125445057067/one-legitimately-weird-thing-about-tumblr-is-that

And here’s a recent post that’s a reminder about how to add a content source, which can never be removed (rather than putting that info in the caption):http://support.tumblr.com/post/125279368827/heres-a-nice-thing-no-matter-how-many-times-an

Kind regards,
Tumblr.com Support

Bristllee1 reply:

First let me say thank you for getting back to me.
Next let’s look at your first link.  Here you say that you don’t want to cause drama but you allow and now encourage the deletion of the OP comments by making it easier.  Again WTF.  Many times those comments are “Do not repost, reblog or edit without the artist approval”.  Thanks for letting that get deleted.  The one comment that should NOT be editable is the OP, whether anyone thinks it’s funny or not.
Next.  Adding the link, yes someone finally found that.  Here is what I don’t understand. Why is that not populated automatically when the OP posts? This is a coding fail.
Last and this one is new.  If I have to update one of my posts, why does it not update all the posts?  Why are the posts not linked in that fashion?  I know they are linked otherwise I would not see a “notes” update.
Thank you again for your time in writing back.  It is much appreciated.

little moments of ours

–or three times Chat Noir’s kisses get to Ladybug, and the one time
she gets to him.


Marinette didn’t mind kisses. After all, it was customary for the
French to give quick kisses in greeting. Her family and friends were
very loving people, and so was she. Physical contact never bothered

Till Chat Noir.

Well, it didn’t bother her- she just didn’t know why she paid so
much attention to it. It was normal for her- for them. He was always
somehow touching her, somehow never too far away. Sometimes he leaned
against her, his elbow propped up on her shoulder. Other times he
wrapped his arm around her. And of course there was their customary
fist bump.

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Warning: This a ramble. Lots of going back and forth and random thoughts. Sorry bout that but they all add up the same!

What if Mrs. D was being a super creep and standing behind Spencer in the shadows and staring at her through windows and shit that one time because she knew Spencer has a twin sister, who happens to be Bethany, and thought there was a small chance that Spencer may in fact be her and since Bethany wanted to kill her and all she was a little concerned about that? Mrs. D did like to say “you don’t know what that family is capable of” as if they’ve done something horrible.

Speaking of, I noticed in “Welcome to the Dollhouse” (i think) when Peter Hastings goes to open one of Ezra’s boxes, he grabs a freakin butcher knife to break the tape. It instantly made me think of the twin story. Then Ezra says something like “remember, your secrets are in those boxes too” and Veronica touches Peter’s hand holding the BUTCHER KNIFE as the camera focuses on it and says “no more secrets”.

There have been a few other hints given to imply Spencer has a twin and/or is connected to Bethany Young.

•The time Veronica told Spencer she was acting like her evil twin sister.
•The time Peter said they were “acting like a couple 5 year olds on the way home from the beach”.
•The fact that the twins from the story resemble Spencer (everybody has seen the mole placement pictures, right?) The parents also slightly resemble the Hastings. •
•Melissa has been protecting Spencer “since it started. Since before it started!”
•The Hastings family has been hiding something from Spencer and we STILL don’t know what it is. I think Melissa knows though. Spencer was attacked by her twin who had “intermittent explosive disorder” when she was younger. She survived the stabbing, but was so traumatized she forgot about it. The Hastings, along with Melissa, have been protecting her from remembering her twin so that she wouldn’t be subjected to the trauma again. They know how Spencer handles things like that… she loses her shit, takes drugs, and ends up in mental institutions. So yes, Melissa really has been protecting Spencer since before all of this A stuff started.

I wonder if Spencer had that weird dream about the girl in Radley because she had to be put in there as well for a while to make sure she didn’t have the same thing her twin did, or if maybe it was just a supernatural kind of thing where she felt what her twin had to go through there.

Melissa probably stayed close to her sister, Bethany, explaining why it was probably her she was talking to that night in Ali’s backyard (probably telling her, “no, Bethany, don’t kill Mrs. D. That’s a bad idea, go back to Radley) and also explaining why Bethany had been using Melissa’s riding helmet at the stables.

I assume Mrs. D took Bethany out to ride horses and whatnot in order to keep her quiet about Charles AND the affair with her father, Peter Hastings. "I thought she really liked me, but everything she said to me was a lie. Every word, every visit. I wonder if I can trust anyone in that family? Is it like mother like daughter?” She was talking about Mrs. D and Charlotte.

Remember when Peter was all about Toby letting it go and settling when it came to his mother’s death? And then how he was all about getting Radley shut down? It’s because he believed his daughter killed her. (I don’t know if she did or didn’t but I’m kind of leaning toward her being innocent and Charlotte being the one to have done it. Who knows though.)

Mrs. D probably convinced Peter that Bethany was the one who “killed Ali” that night. This would explain the fear and secrets we see plastered all over his face from time to time. My whole point in this was that Bethany is probably alive.

A lot of you think that would be ridiculous if the police misidentified the same body twice, and it would be if nobody was involved in switching evidence like dental records and digging up bones from graveyards in the middle of the night, BUT☝ we know these things did happen! So it wouldn’t be too far-fetched if the idiot Rosewood police were like “this time we’ll compare dental records to make sure!” but if there was someone switching dental records so they’d match the body… somebody who needed a really good story to not only escape Radley, but stay gone… see where I’m goin with this?

Ali said “this is how I heard the story”. I’ll bet she heard it from her new friend, Cece, who heard it straight from the source, Bethany Young. This, along with the fact we’ve never seen Bethany Young’s adult face, leads me to believe she’s the one with the twin. And her twin is someone very familiar to us.

Spencer said she felt a connection with the person in the suit in the bunker, like they were an old pen pal. Or a twin sister you forgot all about?

Maybe the NAT videos were being made for and bought by Charlotte and Bethany. They were trapped in that mental hospital and probably loved watching those creepy videos of their sister’s, dreaming about what it would be like to be free like them.

I just don’t like the way Mona confessed to killing Bethany so suddenly like that. I think she’s full of it, probably protecting somebody. Or… it’s convenient that both she and Melissa didn’t see this girls face. Who knows who it could have been. There’s more to Bethany story. We know way too much about her for her story to be over.

The finale ended with us asking “who killed Mrs. D?” Well who drew pictures depicting her with devil horns about to get hacked up? BETHANY.

Gosh, so many things keep popping up in my head.

•The fact that Spencer had a picture of a horse in her bunker room verrry similar to the one Bethany drew.

We thought Sara was revealed as THE Red Coat, but actually Charlotte says she had Sara dress like that sometimes as a distraction because she often saw a girl in a red coat staring at the girls. We’re supposed to think this is Ali but 1. Ali looks confused when she says this and 2. There are theories out there that explain why the original red coat couldn’t have been Ali because of timeline issues. And I don’t think that was a mistake on the writers part even though they’re complete morons sometimes. Sorry. #stillnotover #itshouldhavebeenwren

ANYways, I think it was Bethany who was the original Red Coat creeping on the girls.

There HAS to be more to Bethany. The way Charlotte was so confused when Ali asked who Jason saw in the backyard talking to Melissa… again, how we never saw Bethany’s adult face and how they caused a MAJOR plot hole trying to give us a scene with her in it, without showing her adult face when she should have been around 16 at the time of Marion’s death. The fact that they just leave her “death” so open for something else to have happened. Nobody saw her face? Nobody meant to kill her that night? It was all too set up for everything that happened that night to have been an accident. There has to be more to her.

One more random thought about…. Caleb (sorry!!!) He’s suspicious lately, right? Showing up in another country, just happening to run into Spencer… Telling her it’s just a coincidence Charlotte’s murder mimics her college paper he easily could have read by hacking into her computer… Well we know they like to follow the books with a twist. What if this time it’s Spencer’s twin sister and her boyfriend (Caleb) instead of Ali’s sister and her boyfriend. The boyfriend in the books dates both twin sisters, I believe. (I didn’t read the books so correct me if I’m wrong.)

Please feel free to add to this or redo it so that it’s more organized! Make sure to tag me though because I’m obsessed and would love to see more evidence for it!