if anyone knows the artist please contact me

anonymous asked:

Hi, I want to let you know that there's a blog that steals and posts fanart in the diabolik lovers fandom. They do NOT ask for permission and they only put 'credit to the artist'. I have tried to contact them and politely explain that it's disrespectful what they're doing as it drives people away from creating new content for diabolik lovers. Their response was they are not going to change their ways and they blocked me. The blog url is diaboliklovelife154. Please block and blacklist them.

ya i can confirm!! please don’t like or reblog stolen art from them (or anyone) :’D

Attention Everyone Who Is Willing To Read This

You are amazing , I never could ask more from you and I hope you don’t let other people walk over you. I care for ALL of you because each one of you is:


 I wanted to let you that your brilliant because I know how it feels to have a bad day or a sudden change in emotions . I want everyone to know I am here for you , I am not a scary person and my arms are always open for my friends and followers.

and if anyone upsets you with hate , please don’t listen to them because they don’t know the true you! if they are a problem please contact me. I care & love you guys so much!  So please read this and smile because your an amazing roleplayer/artist/person.

Sincerely Tanya / AwkwardAlphys 

Art Theft

To all of my Monster High and Ever After High fanartists,

There is apparently a user on Etsy who goes by the name of EeVon Cliparts who is selling transparent graphics of not only my work, but the work of others as well:

https://www.etsy.com/listing/261105747/51-ever-after-high-clipart-png-ever?ref=shop_home_active_19 EAH listing

https://www.etsy.com/listing/261799017/sale-50-monster-high-clipart-png-monster?ref=shop_home_active_4 MH listing

I know that @freshplinfa-ivy and chunk07x have also had their work stolen, but unfortunately I am not able to pinpoint who the other works belong to. If anyone recognizes the other artwork, please reblog this and tag the artist or notify them! 

I have contacted the owner and await a response, but this still needs to be addressed publicly. If you could be as so kind as to spread the word, that would be most appreciated!

Huge thanks to @kara-realm for informing me of this!

Hey guys!! So I’m planning on doing another Iron Artist Challenge some time in January!

Looking to start filling some slots now if anyone is interested. Just contact me through here or any of the other options I listed and let me know how many slots you want!

Please include your email when reserving a spot(s) so that I can let everyone know when they need to pay.

Will try to stream most, if not all the sketches!

Spread the word and let your friends know!!

Just hit 52,000 followers!

I love you guys :)
Thank you everyone, for your continued support for not only this blog but for my own work as well. I hope you all know if you ever need help getting your work seen (art, photography, writing, sculptures, etc) – please contact me, as I can help get it seen.

It’s always been my mission to not just share my work here, but to help promote other visionaries, artists, musicians, poets, photographers, truth seekers, and anyone else who dreams outside the box. 

I have been trying to do this since 2005/2006 and it makes me happy to have such a large audience here so that I may use this blog as a platform to benefit others in many ways.

When I become a bit more financially able, I would love to hire a team to help me with this dream and push it even further in ways I have been planning a long, long time! 

Thanks again – especially if you even read all of this, haha! Much love!

-alex fitch