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SinJa DJ - Happy Summer Wedding by Giongo (RAW)

Happy Easter :D To celebrate, I thought I’d scan a really cute Sinja DJ XD There’s not much smut but it’s sweet, even if I don’t really know what’s going on XD Really sorry but I can’t really tell what the title is so if anyone can read Japanese, feel free to let me know and I’ll amend the title of this post :)

Please excuse the quality of the scan and please support the artist by buying their works if you get the opportunity to do so :)

Anyways, here you go ^^ Hope you like it as much as I do :)

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Chapter 9: Visitors; but way more dramatic XD

Please tell me that Green actually sees through her pain, and it hurts to see her smile because he knows, but despite all that she’s still selfless, putting others before herself; showing concern to those around her, even when they don’t

The words “It’s just been so long since I’ve actually been treated like a person.” echoes in his head; how long has it been since she was last shown respect? He had to, he just had to. 

6S1M belongs to @/raccoonsinqueen / @raccoonsinqueen-taxes , check out their fic here~ X3

OH do I ever, Anon
I don’t know what happened at the end there but I figured since it’s Authors Appreciation Week (or did that pass?), might as well make a big post. Hehehe
Okay, I really used to hate reading fanfiction. Mostly because I read them on Wattpad (as you did, Anon) and on Wattpad, NO ONE HAS ANY SKILLS WHATSOEVER (sorry Wattpad people). It’s either Lisanna is a serial killer, a psycho bitch, Lucy becomes a dragonslayer, or Lucy gets kicked off of Team Natsu. ALL OF THESE THEMES ARE BAD, BTW. DON’T WANNA SEE IT. Unless it’s One Wish. That’s a completely different kind of Lucy Dragonslayer theme. 
Okay, now here’s the legit list (not in order of favoritism by the way). I only read NaLu, so brace yourself:

Virtual Flames (MAKES ME SQUEAL WITH EVERY UPDATE) - by MissyPlatina - It’s a Virtual AU where everyone is a fan of the Fairy Tail anime and Natsu and Lucy are internet friends (still squealing over the fluffy filler).
Texting Fire

Texting Fire also by MissyPlatina - A very well written fanfiction in a modern AU. Natsu originally gets pranked by Gray giving Lucy Natsu’s number so he was left to find out who she is. Also some very beautiful GaLe 

Your Life’s Art  by NavyBlueWings (idk if the author has a Tumblr). Very mature content in the last few chapters. It’s not long but it’s very well written and I loved it. I don’t recommend if you are squeamish to smut. GaLe and Gruvia are also featured in it. It’s a fanfic where Lucy is thrown a weird assignment by the new professor, Mirajane, to draw a nude model, but your model has to be someone you have a good connection with.

Living With Him by amehanaa (does she have a Tumblr?) - Modern AU where Natsu and Lucy are forced to live together in an apartment. They both go to the same school. Jerza, GaLe, Gruvia, and a tiny bit of GrayLu (hehe my lovely side ship) are featured in this.

Unwanted Necessity by AelithiaSienne - Modern AU but involves Dragon Traits and the “mating” thing. IT IS NOT THAT KIND OF MATES AU. It isn’t smut… yet… idk if there will be smut. Jerza and GaLe are in there too. Not so much Gruvia. 

Tails & Talons by Snogfairy - ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITES. The fluff is easily balanced out with some intense moments (even though they don’t go all the way). GaLe is in there as well. It’s a Florist next to a Tattoo Shop AU (I bet you can tell who runs what hehehe). It’s very well written. Highly recommend. I think I drew a piece of art for this a while back…

Keys of Fire by lonestorm - This one is also in my top 5 favorites. THE LATEST CHAPTER HAD ME SCREECHING. AAAAAAA THE NALU. Some Gruvia, some Jerza, some GaLe included. It’s very well written. I wasn’t crazy about the idea of a ninja AU at first, but i LOVE IT NOW. It’s very well written, very realistic, very thought out and well paced. Definitely something I’d recommend.

What’s a Witch by mslead - Okay, this may be my favorite of the favorites. Sorry all of you, but this one is so well thought out, so well written, it makes me laugh and cry and scream… it’s perfect. I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter. It’s a modern set AU, but there are witches, demons, dragons, and fairies. Natsu’s demonic/dragon powers were restricted when he came flying into Lucy’s life.

Beyond the Field by proudtobeaginger (one of my amigas hehehe) - she already knows how much I love this fanfiction. It’s one of my favorites for sure. You’d have more luck reading the chapters on Tumblr compared to FF.net but it’s still amazing. I don’t really like football (the American kind) in general. It’s not my forte, but this fanfiction makes me love it!!! Natsu is a football player, Lucy is a hospital patient that had no where to go after she got discharged, so she is staying at Natsu’s and Wendy’s. Gruvia, Jerza, GaLe included. 

One Wish by Kat A. Klysmic - I’m currently reading this one. It’s well written and I love it. It’s not an AU at all. It’s set in the Fairy Tail world and Lucy and Natsu accidentally switch magic after Lucy made a wish (that she didn’t know would come true). It’s very in character (although I’m not so sure about Sting…). GaLe is included. Along with StingYu. I heard there was a Tumblr Account for the fanfiction solely, but I can’t remember it. 

Love Thy Neighbor by snogfairy - A witches AU that I love. I can’t wait for the update. 

There are some one shots that I don’t plan on listing (since there are too many) and I might as well just list my favorite authors too. proudtobeaginger , snogfairy, mslead, rivendell101 , missyplatina , nothingbutwordsstuff , lonestorm , and more that I currently can’t remember.  

I’ll probably add to this list as I keep reading! Hope this list is to your liking, anon