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blacklisting tags and stuff!

apparently some ninoir week posts have been getting some gross comments left on them. the one on mine got deleted before i saw it, but i wanted to take this chance to say… if the content makes you uncomfortable, please block the tag! i think that i am pretty good about tagging my stuff. i don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable, but i am not going to stop posting these things. so please do your part in avoiding content you don’t like by blocking the tag! 

that said, @ everyone else: if i am ever posting stuff you don’t wanna see, or things that make you uncomfortable, please let me know if there are tags i can use to help you avoid it ;0;/ for example, i know i’ve posted some political stuff lately, and ‘politics’ might be too broad a tag for it. i am sure there are other things as well, but i won’t know if you don’t tell me xD just hit me up! you can mention it anonymously if you are nervous, or you can message me directly to discuss stuff. i’m p chill, i promise i won’t chew you out for it xD;; [like as long as you aren’t a dick about it anyway :p]

I’ve got an interview with a Yokohama school on Saturday. I’m happy and nervous. 

The pride I feel with making long sentences–it’s kind of silly, but feels really great. I’ve got an interview coming up for a teaching position. Super nervous, but hoping it goes well!

Now that I look at it… I might have used the wrong ‘have’ verb… but I can’t tell. I’ve been having trouble with those, lol.If anyone knows, please set me straight, I’m struggling with whether it applies to the person who is “having” it or the object that is being “had”. 

Edit: I did, I used the wrong one, I meant います not あります. That’s not even a have verb. xD But I’ll remember this and not do it again!

I’m so sick of seeing negative Fent Beauty reviews from people that don’t do their research first

The entire point of the Fenty Beauty line is to have a MATTE, natural, look and watching all these people with dry ass skin on their faces that refuse to put on moisturizer or primer beforehand irks me XD 

And then people tell them they should read the advised application directions first and they’re like “Oh its XYZ makeup so it should be self-explanatory”  


Lmao No. Different products can be for different things and have various formulas so BEFORE you buy stuff, LOOK IT UP. Do people really just slap products on their face without any idea as to what is actually in it??? 

Please….love yourself.

SinJa DJ - Happy Summer Wedding by Giongo (RAW)

Happy Easter :D To celebrate, I thought I’d scan a really cute Sinja DJ XD There’s not much smut but it’s sweet, even if I don’t really know what’s going on XD Really sorry but I can’t really tell what the title is so if anyone can read Japanese, feel free to let me know and I’ll amend the title of this post :)

Please excuse the quality of the scan and please support the artist by buying their works if you get the opportunity to do so :)

Anyways, here you go ^^ Hope you like it as much as I do :)

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Before I start planning it all, would you like to take part of a B99 Secret Santa this year? So that I don’t waste time organising it if no one wants to participate in the end haha.

Plus that way if someone has already in mind to do it, PLEASE tell me and I’ll drop this out, I really don’t want to take anyone’s place here :)

Otherwise please just let me know if you’d be interesting by liking this post (and if you’re not, well then… just ignore me guys xD)

(And if you are, share the word by reblogging this, if we end up doing this, the more we are the better it’ll be :D)

This fandom is so full of talented (and, from what I can see, super kind too) people, I thought it could actually be a good idea to do something for Christmas. Plus I just love Christmas time so much haha.

KAGEHINA fic prompt

I desperately need someone to write this Kagehina fanfiction idea I have had in mind for a while now ;_;

So like, Kageyama realizes he has a huge crush on Hinata but he is confused and of course he doesn’t tell Hinata. (The usual sauce). How Kageyama comes to this conclusion is up to the writer.

There’s the school festival then. Each class has to prepare something for it and Hinata’s class is doing a small recital. Hinata just so happens to be chosen as the main female lead (bc he’s the cutest one) and against his will his classmates dress him as a girl.

During one of his “infinite” trips to the toilets, dressed as a girl, Hinata is “molested” by other male students who believe he is a cute girl and want to exchange phone numbers with him. Hinata is unbelievingly furious and about to blurt out is not a girl when Kageyama saves him from them. Of course Kags doesn’t recognize him, so Hinata decides to go with the flow and plays a prank on him, altering his voice as he thanks him, and making him believe he really is a girl. Eventually after some flirting the two start going out on dates. Hinata is very surprised that Kageyama, so dedicated to volleyball, accepts to date him (as a girl) but he goes along with it. (It’s all a joke for him at the beginning then things gradually start to change). It’s awkward as hell when Kageyama tries to kiss him while dressed as a girl for the first time, and Hinata searches of excuses not to but he eventually gives in and starts to like it. When Hinata meets Kageyama as himself though and Kageyama tells him all about the girl he’s dating he gets jealous (of himself) even though he doesn’t understand why.

Things go on like that for a while until one day, Hinata tired of the charade (bc he’s started to feel weird towards his teammate) is about to tell everything to Kageyama. But there’s something Hinata ignores. Kageyama has a secret of his own, he knows Hinata’s secret since the very beginning. (Plot twist, well, kind of). So you will have to play this one carefully and choose how to make Kageyama respond to anything Hinata does in this kind of circumstance. It also would be intense if at one point Hinata (jealous of himself) creates a situation where he says to Kags he’s envious because he has never kissed anyone and  that he needs to practice because he’s got a date with a girl ( he lies) and Kags (jealous) promptly kisses him. To get out of the embarrassing situation, Kageyama tells him is just kissing practice. They eventually fall into this routine with Hinata wrecking his brain about Kageyama being a two timer and viceversa xD Hinata is wary of Kageyama touching him anywhere when dressed as a girl because he is scared of him finding out. (but Kags knows better so he’ll be careful himself).

Needs to be fluffy, funny and a bit angsty. Lots of thinking on both parties, (they both don’t know how to tell the thruth to the other). Lots of kissing, touching, blushing, bickering, and ofc lots of feels and oh well, you are the writer so you should know how to write it, how to develop, it and how to end it xD
You can add nsfw too but this is Kagehina so idk. They are mainly just dorks in love~

Can be a one shot or multi chaptered, you can include as many characters as you like but keep it Kagehina~  Also happy ending please~

Bonus point: Kageyama likes very short skirts (Hinata in a very short skirt to be clear xD)

If anyone ever writes this I’ll be grateful forever♡ and if you do and need more details tell me c:

Anyone that tells me that Daryl doesn’t have some kinda feelings for Beth is the blindest motherfucker I’ve ever met. I don’t know about you, but I’m not about to run for hours to chase down a car I have no hope of catching. Not even for my best friend. (Though I do love you Emma, don’t get me wrong. XD)

I’m just sayin’ what do you think was going through his mind during that little jog? “Oh no, they took my friend.”


More like.

“God no, not her…. please not her.”

A Doll a Week 2015! on Flickr.

My goal for 2015 is to take at least one doll picture every week, AND to write something about my characters each week, too! Ideally the story and the picture will be connected  ;)  So, thanks to random word generator plus editing and rearranging by Anblar, here is my inspirational list.  All the dates are Saturdays, but knowing me, I probably won’t post them on exactly the same date each week!  Anyway, I’m hoping this will help me *not* start new stories to justify new dolls, and to focus on actually sharing what I have about the dolls I already own!  ASPIRATIONS!  ;)

If anyone else wants to use this list, please feel free, but please tell me if you do!  I could start a Flickr group if people were interested but I didn’t want to start one for just myself, lol  XD


Photos from Wondercon! (½), (part 2)

Myself as Dipper and punkheart11 as Mabel ;0

I had such a great time at the con today, I just wish Friday wasn’t the only day I could go! We didn’t go to any panels since none of them interested us, so we spent the entire day just walking around the convention space trying to scout out other Gravity Falls cosplayers. The amount of people who asked to take our picture was phenomenal, it felt great to be recognized and complimented, and to see all the reactions to our cosplay (the little kids were the best!). 

The Bill Cipher that punkheart11 made (which I carried for most of the day) seemed to really draw people to us. A group of kids screamed and got really excited when they saw me carrying him around and one guy asked to hold him in a photo with us so he could pose like he was punching him in the face XD I think my favorite reaction to our Bill was the spot-on Grunkle Stan cosplayer we ran into who yelled “What’s HE doing here?!” after telling us to go back to the Shack ;P punkheart11 also passed out some “missing” fliers for Waddles to the Gravity Falls cosplayers we took pictures with :3

Today was an amazing day, I can’t wait to return as Dipper for future cons! :D

If anyone is or knows who the cosplayers in these photos are, please message me so I can give proper credit!

edit: found some urls of someone in this photoset!

hamburgerhomo as Wirt!

mikasa-es-su-casa as Melody and tavros-nitram as Giffany!

“I never knew Oliver to have a jealous streak, but it seems he does.  It especially shows when Kat wants to hang out with him and Roberto.”

Julia sighs as she looks at the sticker she received from Kat as a souvenir from the purikura machine.

“I suppose if Roberto is willing to share, Oliver should be fine.  I don’t think Kat has any complaints.”

She thinks back to Kathryn’s smile as she left with them that day.

“Eh…I’m sure they were fine…”


((So, I’m still finishing off the trades, I did say it was going to take awhile XD  Life is just pulling at me lately, so please bear with it.  I promise I’ll get through what I have and then proceed later on to do something else >->  I’m bloopin’ in and out of tumblr btw!  If you guys hadn’t noticed my lack of posts or reblogs.  I can’t really reply to messages due to the fact that I lose power in my neighborhood often as of late because of construction :p  Thank you for your patience with me drawthecurtainstarttheplay/ transcendingthepage!~

As for what I’ll do when they’re all done…¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Only time will tell.))

prince-of-altaria, be-my-princess-rp

If you know of anyone to add to the list, please message me or just add them XD