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Shield Me (Part 1/?)

Title: Shield Me (Part 1/?)
Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Characters: Steve, Tony, Nat, Clint, Wanda, Vision, Sam, Bucky, Reader
Warnings: Mentions of rape, violence, automobile accidents, fluff! (for later chapters)
Words: 1546
Summary: Reader has a shielding power that’s relatively new. The team teaches her to develop her powers, fluffiness ensues with Bucky!

A/N: I’m still very new at writing; this is only my second fic. I’m too new to know anyone, but if you want to be on a tag list, just let me know. Please be kind!

The Avengers sat around the conference table, all eyes trained on the screen ahead of them, watching one of the strangest sights they had ever seen. A large man was inside what appeared to be an even larger bubble. He hit the sides, kicked at them with all his strength, and even shot at the sides, but the bubble refused to pop. To the left of the strange bubble stood a young woman. Nothing strange about her, in fact, she was the most normal looking person they had ever seen. She blended so well into the background, that unless they were looking for her, they might not have noticed her at all. She was watching the large man struggle to get out of the bubble. Her right hand was raised at waist level, palm facing the bubble-encased man. The man stopped struggling and nodded to her. She closed her hand, lowered her arm back to her side and the bubble disappeared and the man walked free.

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Notice me.

Pairing: Zico x Reader.
Requested by anonymous: U’re the really shy girl in class and Jiho’s the really popular one but yall are neighbours who hardly talk & one day he just came to look for U because U left something in class and was on sick leave.. some fluffly ending please thank you! :D
Comments: I AM EXTREMELY SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG. I’m such a procrastinator when it comes to writing, I’m very sorry. This is a little long so I hope you will like it. Feedback is much appreciated as always! Also @zico-mino-trash I remember you told me to tag you in Zico scenarios so there you go, I hope you’ll like it as well!<3

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“What are you doing there? Let me see your notes Mr Woo” The teacher stood beside Jiho’s seat and took the sheet off of Jiho’s hands, she observed his drawing before turning it around at everyone’s sight, exposing the weird looking creatures Jiho carefully made, “What is this?” she asked him, annoyed.

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Addiction (4/?)

Part 4 of addiction! Plenty of adorableness and angst in this chapter. Thanks for all of your messages and comments in the tags, they definitely inspire me to write more!

Eli fiddled with the zipper of her coat as she hesitated outside of Maki’s front gate. A part of her knew that she should have left it a bit longer. Having only broken up with Nozomi the night before and having left her in such a state, she felt awful for seeking solace with one of their friends. But she couldn’t help it.

She closed her eyes and released a breath, not noticing her breath float away on the winter breeze in the form of a plume of vapor. Sitting alone in her room she’d only been able to think of Nozomi and what she would be doing. She’d still be upset, Eli knew. More than that, she’d be heartbroken. She was well aware of what she’d done to her best friend. Perhaps that was why she was seeking a distraction.

Finally mustering up the courage, she lifted her hand and pushed the button on the intercom. She only had to wait a few seconds for someone to answer her.


Eli jumped at the sound of the voice coming through the speaker even though she had been expecting it. “U-Um…I’m Ayase Eli. I’m a friend of Maki’s. I was wondering if I could speak to…” She trailed off at the sound of a buzz letting her know that the gate was opening.

“Come right in.”

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