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Anonymous asked: This might seem a bit odd, but I was wondering if you could write one where the reader helps Bucky out with his Tinder profile? ty xx

A/N: I’ve never used Tinder. So, like, hopefully I described it well enough? Hah… hope you enjoy!!:)

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Your previous job (before becoming an Avenger) was a social media manager for an internet company. Because of your knowledge of social media and the internet in general, Bucky was embarrassed to say that you were the first person he thought of when trying to set up a Tinder. 

Natasha told him about it and he thought it was the most idiotic thing anyone could come up with. “What happened to good ol’ meeting on a night out? Buying a drink for a lovely lady?” 

“People don’t do it that way anymore, Bucky.” 

He downloaded the app on his phone and realized that he had absolutely no idea what he was doing. After seeing your profile, he realized that you had one too. That’s when his plan went into action and that’s how he ended up here, standing in the doorway of your room while you finished some assignments for your college classes.

You looked up, taking the pencil out of your mouth and sliding your glasses to the top of your head, “What’s going on?” 

Bucky took a deep breath, walking in and closing the door to your room, “If I ask you this favor, will you please keep it a secret?” 

You rose an eyebrow, keeping your eyes concentrated on his lips while he continued to speak, “(Y/N)?”

“Huh? Wha- oh yeah, what do you need help with?” You stuttered your way through, pretending that you weren’t just admiring Bucky’s plump lips and wondering what they tasted like. 


Your heart sank just a bit. 

“Tinder? Why?” 

Bucky sighed, “Because Natasha said it’ll… help me… find someone.” 

You smiled warmly, noticing how Bucky’s voice became quieter with every word. Find someone? Does that mean he’s looking to settle down with someone? Or is he just looking for hookups? You doubted that that was the case, because despite everything he’s been through, he values family and love much more than most people do nowadays. 

Bucky’s face was now very red and you could tell how embarrassed he was. You almost became embarrassed for him, but you realized it’s entirely normal and put your hand out for his phone. 

He unlocked it and handed it to you, allowing you to open the Tinder app and see that he’s already signed in. 

“Okay, well first thing is you need a different profile picture.” You said, eyeing the picture of Bucky with his face half hidden and his eyes looking a dark gray while hair fell in front of them. 

“What’s wrong with the one I have now?” He said, genuinely curious with no venom behind his words at all. 

You giggled, “You need to be able to see your face. Stand up by the lamp, I’ll take a better one.” 

Bucky did as you told, and before you took the picture, you ran your fingers through his hair and straightened his posture as much as possible. “Okay, now smile.” 

When the smile didn’t meet his eyes, you let out a small sigh, “Think of something that makes you happiest, then revert those emotions to your lips. Show teeth.” You never thought you’d be giving advice on how to smile to Bucky. 

“This is weird.” He muttered. 

“Online dating is always weird.” You muttered back, readjusting his hair again and watching as he spread a wide smile across his face, one stretching across your own as he did so. 

Without saying a word, you reopened the Tinder app and cropped the picture appropriately. You sat back on your bed and grinned at the picture. “Okay, next step; what do you want in your ‘About Me’ section?” 

“What do you put there?” Bucky was now looking over your shoulder, his cologne invading your nostrils while you tried not to think about how close he was to you. 

“In mine,” you paused and opened your own Tinder app, “I put, ‘Hey I’m (Y/N)! I work hard and play harder. Still new to the city but I’m enjoying every second of it! I love to laugh, travel, and really wish I did more karaoke. Let’s get a pizza’.” 

“Do you know me well enough to write mine for me?” Bucky gave you a half smile, attempting to coax you into doing something you had already been doing in your head for a solid two minutes. 


Quickly, your fingers typed across Bucky’s keyboard. He continued to read over your shoulder while you pressed each key. His laugh sounded in your ear every time you put a joke and erased it when he protested lightly. 

“Okay, ‘My friends say I’m one hell of a guy. Ex-soldier, future lover. Also, I have a metal arm’.” You giggled, watching him cover his face. 

“Did you really have to mention the future lover part?” He grimaced, but still held a smile on his face. 

“That’s your intentions, ain’t it? To find love?” You said, and suddenly your heart swelled. 

You’ve easily had a crush on Bucky ever since you started here, and the fact that he is finally putting himself out there kind of broke your own heart. It’s not like you could ever say anything though, you live together and if anything happened, it would be the most awkward living situation you’ve ever been through. 

He shrugged, “I guess.” 

You smiled, “Then swipe away, my friend. Anyone you find cute and interesting.” 

He leaned forward and pressed a small kiss to your forehead, “Thank you, doll. If this works then I’ll thank you forever.” 

Bucky rushed out of the room and you laughed, reopening your books and attempting to resume your assignment. 

An hour had passed, your mind went other places and with a groan of frustration, you picked up your phone and opened your own Tinder app. 

“Gotta get over him.” You whispered to yourself, swiping through potential dates and stopping suddenly when you came across Bucky’s profile.

So much for getting over him. 

Without second thought, you swiped right with a smile. If he asks, you’ll say it was a joke. 

However, in big white letters the words “It’s a Match!” displayed across the screen. 

Confused, you stood up and walked through the halls of the tower, straight to Bucky’s room where he sat on his bed. 

“Did you right swipe me as a joke too?” You said, trying to make your voice sound a lot less nervous than you actually were. 

He shook his head, “You said anyone I find cute and interesting.” 

You rose an eyebrow, “But-” 

“We matched, didn’t we? Should we get to each other a little more?” His demeanor had shifted from seemingly oblivious to undeniably slick. 

“Did you- did you set this whole thing up just for that?” You wanted to laugh, almost in disbelief, but you kept your composure as best as possible. 

“You can’t prove that.” 

“How did you know I’d swipe right on you?” Oh god. Oh my god he knows that you’re interested in him. 

“I have my ways.” With that, you smacked his chest lightly with a pillow, causing him to yell over-dramatically. You got on your knees and hit him again and again, laughter falling between you two. 

He grabbed another pillow and hit you back, causing you to fall backwards onto his fluffy comforter while he fell beside you. 

“So does this mean you’ll go on a date with me?” Bucky asked, now out of breath. 

“I don’t know,” you stood suddenly, throwing the pillow at him, “message me on Tinder and we’ll find out.” You rushed out of his room and back to yours, grabbing your phone off your bed and looking at your messages. 

Sure enough, there was a message from Bucky simply reading, ‘Hey ;)’.

Logan Couture - Laugh

Unrequested but dedicated to @morgalin (again) because we met him today!! 

Warnings: None!

Up Next: Ryan Johansen 

Song suggestion because I like cute music: Move my way - The Vamps

Parties weren’t something I typically enjoyed. I mean, I don’t necessarily dislike them, if the right people are there and the right music is playing, but I wasn’t a fan of alcohol or drugs or impromtu sex. It just wasn’t my scene. 

Thus, I was hesitant when my older brother asked if I wanted to join him in attending a party one of his teammates was throwing.

“Uh, you’re sure you want me as your plus one?” I asked cautiously, raising an inquisitive eyebrow at the tall man infront of me.

Martin rolled his eyes, nudging my shoulder, “I’m sure. You could use some new friends, any way.”

I scoffed, “Friends are unnecessary when I have you, a dog, and books to keep my company.”

Martin furrowed his eyebrows at me, “We don’t have a dog.”

“Exactly. Get on that, would you? I like beagles.” I stated plainly, picking my book up from the coffee table. 

With one long arm, Martin reached over and snatched the paperback out of my hands, closing it without marking the page. I sat upright, “Hey!”

“Books later, party now.” He said robotically, pulling me off of the couch and shoving me towards my room. “Go get ready, and be ready to go in an hour.”

And with that, I no longer had a choice. My page was lost, my spot on the couch was cold, and my brother was relentless. In an hour, I would be attending a party with a group of hockey players, none of which I knew, and I would be just as out of place as I was at every Sharks game Martin got me tickets to.

And, I still didn’t have a dog.

At exactly 7:36, I entered the large house full of large people, my large brother in front of me. 

And at exactly 7:37, Martin was gone, and I was standing awkwardly in the entryway. 

I contemplated just sitting in the car for hours. Maybe I could fall asleep, or read something on my phone; anything to completely ignore people. In fact, I had just made up my mind to leave the same way I had entered when I was actually acknowledged. 

“Geez, Marty really needs to learn a few things. Didn’t his mom teach him not to leave a pretty girl at the door?” 

I turned, only to be faced with the most attractive man I’d ever laid eyes on. I felt my jaw open slightly in awe. I couldn’t help but let my eyes linger on his face; I was at a loss for words.

As soon as I realized that I was staring, I snapped my gaze to the left. My face burned as I racked my brain for any sort of response that wouldn’t be completely idiotic. “Mom always liked me best, she left dealing with Martin to our dad.”

He laughed, a sound I knew I would have stuck in my head for weeks. “So you’re Y/N then?”

I nodded, a small smile on my lips. “That I am.”

He grinned and held out a hand, “Logan, it’s nice to finally meet you.” 

I shook his hand steadily, an accomplishment I was proud of, considering my knees were shaking. “Is it? I can only imagine the horrible things Martin has said about me.”

And there it was again, that laugh, and I felt my insides melt. He shook his head, “Eh, Marty talks a lot, I’ve learned when to stop listening.” He sent me a smile before turning and walking away, beckoning for me to follow. I sent one last glance towards the door before tentatively following after him.

We ended up in the kitchen, where half a dozen other people were loitering. I scratched my bicep awkwardly as I stared around the wide room, watching as Logan was greeted individually by everyone in the room.

My eyes accidentally met someone else’s, and I immediately regretted it. I turned my gaze towards the floor, but the damage was done, and now I was being approached by yet another person.

“You’ve gotta be the little Joner, yeah?” A canadian accident asked in a friendly tone, causing me to jump slightly.

When I looked up, I was faced with a kind smile and rosy cheeks. I gave a small smile, “That obvious, huh?”

The man nodded, leaning against the wall, “You’ve got the same eyes.”

I tucked my hair behind my ear. I still felt extremely awkward, but everyone’s friendliness made it harder to feel out of place. I laughed lightly, “Gee, I’ve never heard that before.”

He laughed as well, and looked as though he was going to say something else to me, but abruptly looked behind my left shoulder. A big smile spread across his face, “Cooch!”

I turned slightly, only to be handed a cup of a brown liquid. I raised an eyebrow at it, but Logan just laughed. “It’s Coke, Y/N, relax.”

I felt my face flush as I took a sip of what was, in fact, Coca Cola. Logan rustled my hair softly, the sudden affection nearly making me choke on my drink. It wasn’t that I minded, more so that I was surprised. I couldn’t help but be aware of the sudden draft I felt on top of my head when he removed his hand.

Logan and my other counterpart (who’s name I quickly learned was Chris) launched into a conversaton about the Toronto Blue Jays, leaving me awkwardly sipping my soda.

When Chris decided it was time for him to go find his girlfriend, he bid both of us farewell, and once again, I was left to somehow attempt to converse with the beautiful man in front of me.

He scratched his neck, “Sorry about that, I totally just ignored you to talk about baseball.”

“Oh please, “ I laughed, leaning back against the wall, “it’s not like you need to babysit me.”

He smiled softly, “Guess not, but still, that was rude. And I’d much rather get to know you than talk to Chris Tierney about the blue jays,”

I let his words run through my head for a moment. It had been a long time since anyone had shown a geniune interest in wanting to know me, and I needed to bask in the butterflies that he sent pulsing through my stomach for a moment.

Finally, I grinned, “Then start talking. I’m an open book.”

So we stayed in the kitchen for hours, going back and forth, talking about anything and everything we could think of. Every time he laughed, it seemed to resonate in my ears, much louder than the music in the adjacent room. And I noticed, even when he thought I wouldn’t, the way he smiled as I talked, and the way his face reddenned when I casually complimented him.

To say I was disappointed when Martin walked in the room was an understatement. “Wow, you’re capable of socializing after all, eh?”

I rolled my eyes and Logan laughed. “She’s a much better conversationalist then you are, that’s for sure.” He reached over and rustled my hair again, something he seemed to enjoy doing. 

It was Martin’s turn to roll his eyes, and he thumped me on the forehead as well. “Come on, Y/N, get your boyfriend’s number and catch up later, I want to go to bed.” He turned on his heel, leaving me a blushing mess.

“I hate him.” I muttered, standing up from my chair. Logan laughed, standing up with me. I looked at him, hoping that he would say something, because everytime we made eyecontact, I suddenly forgot what words were.

He cleared his throat, “So, uh, would it be too much if I actually did ask for your number?”

I laughed and shook my head, letting my hair fall over my cheeks to hide my blush. I grabbed a napkin off of the table and a sharpie off of the counter, scribbling my number onto the square of paper quickly and dropping it on the table. “There. Just don’t throw it away when you’re cleaning.”

Just for precaution, he swept it into his back pocket, a smile on his face. 

We stood there for a moment, neither of us making a move to do anything. I thought about clearing my throat, saying something, or maybe just turning and leaving. But he acted quicker, leaning forward and planting a light kiss on my cheek. “Thanks for coming, Y/N. I’ll see you soon, hopefully.”

I smiled, “Oh, definitely. It’s not like I’ll have anything better to do.”

He laughed once more, and I was suddenly aware of the fact that that would be that last time I heard it for a while. 

As I turned to walk out the door, following after my brother, I felt myself pause. I turned back to Logan, who was staring after me. “By the way,” I started, feeling a smile tug at my lips, “I don’t know if I’ve said this yet, but I really, really like your laugh.”

So Ali Danesh posted her concept character designs for ATOTS, and I was definitely interested in Ford’s, mostly because the episode itself is so dark, you can hardly make out the details! Also interesting to note that he WAS already wearing the turtleneck; he simply had his scarf that was on his face covering it.

Also wanted to talk about the symbols on his belt! Anyone have any guesses as to what they could be? Here are mine (but I’m open to other interpretations).

  • H-like symbol - Symbol for Pisces, Greek for fish, and also the constellation.
  • E- like Symbol - My best guess is Epsilon, the Greek letter. Also used to denote the 5th brightest start in a constellation.
  • ♉ - Appears to be the symbol for Taurus, representing the constellation and strological sign of the same name.
  • £ - Pound sign. Represents Libra, the basic unit it weight in the Roman Empire, and possibly also the constellation.

All seem potentially based in astronomy/astrology in one way or another! Makes me even more curious as to what he did on the other side of that portal…

“Would you still be my friend if I just constantly screamed, all the time?”

Todd’s eyes slide open, taking in a sky full of stars and the edges of their dubiously acquired Jeep. He’s spread out across the back seat – Dirk had claimed the passenger seat in the front, insisting that there was better leg room to be had. The air is cool and the night is quiet and Todd has a strong feeling that he isn’t going to be getting any sleep.

“Like, everything was exactly the same, but I just screamed, all the time. Almost nonstop.“

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anonymous asked:

Does anyone have a crush on Capricorn? (Like Sag or Pisces?)

Well, Sag is obviously interested in her, but I’m not sure you can call it a crush. He wants her to open to him but doesn’t think about romantic intentions (yet?). You know, Sag is good at reading people but sometimes he’s blind to his own feels.

Pisces sees Capricorn through man of art’s eyes, she’s a model and one of his muse, i guess, but there’s no sexual attraction between them.

Anyway stable and healthy romantic relationship is uncommon thing between zodiacs.

Harry Potter X Male!Reader - always wanted you.

title: always wanted you. 

Alpha!Harry Potter X Omega!Male!Reader
warnings: sexual themes, light language kinda, mentions of mpreg
he/him pronouns used for reader
when you see ’–’ it means some time has passed/pov shift
omegaverse au
**also au where there is no voldy and every one is happy like they should be
***6th year harry and 5th year reader/ also reader is a gryffindoor

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“I’m not a saint. I can’t give you the right all how to guide to life. I just have my experiences, and they’re fucking out there, so I know a few things and I can give some good advice. Your decision is to take it. ”

“Im not a saint,” Jo continued, speaking in her way that was often mistaken for flippant or careless. “I’ve just seen some shit. And I’ve survived. I’m not special or extraordinary, or even better than them. I’m the exact same probably, just different. I don’t know what to tell you except that they’re going to pay for what they did. Those motherfuckers are going to answer for what they did to my girl. I won’t stop until every last one of them is-”
“Okay, okay. Back on topic. If you’re listening, anyone, I’m not a saint or a martyr or someone to look up to. I’m fucked up, and I’ve fucked up, and I got better- and I guess I’m just trying to say that I’m just a woman who’s going on living. I’m telling my story. For her, I’m getting even. For you, I’m baring my- it all open and hoping that this can somehow make things right. I don’t know how.” Jo looked up, mouthing ‘good?’ with her lips.
He nodded as if to say perfect.
“Cut.” She instructed.
“Cut.” He confirmed.
“Well, this should be an interesting start.”

—  Excerpt from my book

So I’ve come upon hard times in this here life of mine and I need to sell some things to make a bit of extra cash until I find a new job.

A few years back I commissioned Kevin Wada to make this painting for me. It was an complete battle to finally get it( fuck you United States postal service) but it finally got to me. It’s a beautiful watercolor painting of four female x-ladies of color: (from left to right)Oya, Storm, Frenzy, and Monet. I knew Kevin was talented but I didn’t realize that he would become the force he is now. That young man is going to do great things and it kind of hurts me a bit to even consider letting go of this.

I’m not going to name a price for this. I guess it’s an open auction. If anyone is genuinely interested in owning this painting please contact me via my email (thatguynamedty@gmail)

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Prompt: Blackinnon hasn't met until they're about 28/29 and Sirius has ended up being a single parent a few years ago and now him and Marlene have started rather serious relationship and Marlene meets Sirius' little child (I'd prefer a girl) the first time and they're both really nervous (which is totally unnecessary because Marlene and the child hit it off right away)

A/N: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS TYPE OF PROMPTS, they are so cute I might die

When Marlene and Sirius started shagging, she thought that he was a married man. He didn’t have a ring but he was always really strict with his schedule and very, very secretive with his private life. She didn’t care though; Marlene never expected that their relationship would be more than just a brief fling.

However, it became more and more intense until one day, he dropped the bomb: he wasn’t married but he had a child, a five year old girl named Amelia. He met the girl’s mother, a muggle woman whose name was Evelyn, in a pub and shagged that same day. They were both so drunk that they forgot to use protection and, four months later, the woman showed up in Sirius’ flat and told him everything.

They became friends and he helped her throughout the whole pregnancy. Amelia was born and lived with her mother until Evelyn was diagnosed with cancer and died two months later.

At first, Marlene was surprised. Sirius didn’t seem the type of man who would have a child but she certainly didn’t mind. The way he talked about his daughter simply made Marlene’s heart melt; he talked about her like a proper proud father.

“I would like to meet her” she said one afternoon as her index moved softly through his naked chest.

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A Jurassic World

Chapter 1

WARNING: Mild swear words. Swimming in deep dark water. 
Notes: I got this idea after watching Jurassic world and swimming at a friends house. She help me develop the whole plot to this story so I’m really excited to share it.


 It was a beautiful blue sky that laid over the island. Owen rested his elbows on the metal railing as he watched the raptors; Delta, Echo, Charlie and Blue meddle with each other. He smiled to himself. But that smile soon faltered when he noticed Hoskins walking up the metal stairs. “Grady!” He called out. Owen huffed as he stood straight. “What is it?” He asked, annoyance etched into his voice. 

Hoskins ignored it. “Did you hear about the new exhibit opening?” 

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Do you think they are delaying the album pre-order until TMTA comes out? I see tweets from people thinking its coming out tomorrow but seems more likely they will wait a week I guess.

Possibly. All of his announcements seem very strategically timed to keep building interest leading up to the album release. There have been a flurry of stories and social media posts today about the release date, so I imagine he’d give it at least a few days before releasing TMTA, and/or opening up pre-orders. We might get more details in the interview tonight. But my guess is as good as anyone else’s!

EDIT: my guess is rubbish! but I’m happy to be wrong! really looking forward to hearing the studio version, and seeing the response!!

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hello! can you please write oiyama #15? pls pls i would really love it, btw your works are amazing!

Thank you~


15. “h-hey! why are you crying all of a sudden?!”


“I had a nice night.” Tadashi says, smiling at Tooru. Their date had been wonderful. A movie, a walk in the park, and Tooru even held his hand! And walked him home! They’re in front of Tadashi’s house now, hand in hand, cheeks with identical flushes on them. “Thanks for taking me out.” 

“Thanks for letting me.” Tooru says with a smile, eyes falling shut. He’s leaning in for a kiss when he hears a sniffle, and his eyes fly open. “H- Hey! Why are you crying all of a sudden?!”

“Sorry!” Tadashi giggles through his tears, wiping at his eyes with his sleeve. “Sorry. I just– didn’t think anyone as cool and as talented as you would have any interest in me platonically, let alone romantically,” Tadashi sniffles again, smiling with water-filled eyes. “I guess it’s all kind of hitting me now.” 

Tooru frowns. “Hey, now! Anyone as cool and as talented as me would be lucky to have you! Don’t sell yourself short!” 

“R- Really?..” Tadashi looks up at Tooru with wide, hopeful eyes, and Tooru wonders how he’s even remotely convinced otherwise. 

“Of course!” Tooru says, and leans forward, completing his previous mission. “And I’ll prove it! On our next date.” 

Konoha Cousins

Submitted by: glorska
Setting: Post-war (in Naruto), Post-Tenrou island arc (in FT)

"Lucy, what are you doing?”

The dragon slayer found her at her reading desk with a few of small lacrimas and a series of documents.

“A genealogy test,” she responded. “That whole Michelle Lobster thing got me thinking. If I do have any living relatives out there I’d like to know about them.”

“How does it work?” He eyed the kit suspiciously, wondering if it could somehow help him find Igneel.

Lucy turned around in her chair to face him, surprised that the fire mage was interested at all.

“Well, you put a blood sample in one lacrima and a magic sample in another, fill out some forms, and mail it all to this company in the capital,” her enthusiasm waned at the next part, “along with a payment of 50,000 jewels.”

“Lucy, that’s a lot of money for someone who’s always broke,” Happy commented.

The blonde tried to stifle an irritated twitch. “What was that, feline?” she growled. “And anyway, even if I don’t find anything, the closure is a good investment.

"Whatever makes you happy, Luce,” Natsu said, interest fading as fast as at came. “Let’s go fishing, Happy.”

“Wait!” The Heartfilia called after them. “Natsu, you should do one too. I have an extra kit.”

“They won’t be able to find anything,” he automatically responded. How could some company find his family when he couldn’t even remember what his parents looked like? He didn’t even know their names.

“You never know,” Lucy countered. “What have you got to lose?”

“Other than 50,000 jewels?” He drawled, smirking at her.

Oh come on.” She shook the lacrima set in front of him teasingly. “You would have spent it at a buffet anyway. Just do this with me, please. Consider it another adventure.”

“Fine.” He sighed and took the kit from her outstretched hand. She just had to play the adventure card. “Just know that nothing’s gonna come out of this.”

They were at the guild when a courier arrived with the results of their searches a month later.

“What does it say, Lu-chan?” Levy stood on her tip toes to look over her shoulder. All their friends seemed oddly invested in the topic.

“Nothing,” she confirmed after reading through her letter. It was just as she’d thought. The celestial wizard smiled even though she was a bit disappointed.

“Fifty thousand jewels down the drain,” Gray lamented. “Sorry, Lucy.”

“It’s alright,” she assured. “I have all the family I need right here.”

“I know! We should have a reunion!” Happy exclaimed.

“To reunite with what?” Carla crossed her arms sternly. The lot of them would use anything as an excuse to party. “We all see each other almost every day.”


“What does yours say, Natsu?” Erza asked. He’d been staring at the piece of paper in his hands for the better part of five minutes, clutching it until the sides crinkled as though it would disappear.

“Haruno,” he said slowly.

“You found something? That’s amazing!” Lucy grinned proudly. “Aren’t you glad I made you take the test now? Are they nearby?”

He shook his head. “I don’t even know where this is.”

Surprised, Lucy took the paper from him. “Konohagakure, Land of Fire,” she read aloud. “That is far.”

“Ironic. Sounds like your kind of place, slanty eyes,” Gray commented.

“That’s the eastern continent.” Levy remembered it from a few atlases she’d looked at. “A hidden ninja village if I’m not mistaken.”

“So Natsu’s really a ninja?” Happy asked. “But how, when he’s so loud?” Was his best friend truly a freak of nature?

Levy chuckled lightly. “I read a bit about ninjas once. It’s an occupation not a race. And they’re actually not that different from us wizards. They use magic too, but there’s a different word for it in the east.”

“What do they call it there, shrimp?” Gajeel questioned, impressed as always by the scope of her knowledge.

“Won’t you ever stop calling me…never mind,” she sighed. “They call it ninjutsu, and magical power is known as chakra.”

“Are you going to contact them, Natsu?” Lucy asked.

“I don’t know.” He shrugged. “According to that paper they’re pretty distant relatives. They probably wouldn’t even want to talk to me.”

“Nonsense!” Erza slammed Natsu’s head against her armor, making the dragon slayer sees stars. “Why wouldn’t they?”

“You should at least write them a letter,” Lucy suggested.

Natsu didn’t have to consider it for long. “I guess it couldn’t hurt.” They just had to be good people coming from a place called the Land of Fire.

(Two weeks later in Konoha)

Sakura skipped onto the training grounds holding an envelope and looking quite pleased with herself.

“What’s up which you, Sakura-chan?” Naruto asked.

“Oh, nothing. I just got some really interesting news last night.” The kunoichi fully intended to make her teammates guess for a while.

“Is a new ramen shop opening?”

“No, Naruto. Some people have interests outside of ramen.”

“Sucks to be them.” The jinchuriki went back to throwing kunai at his targets. Knowing Sakura, she was just going to go on about some weird medicinal plant. And make them taste it.

“Aren’t you guys gonna ask what it is?”

“Hn,” Sasuke smirked, quite amused with her childish antics. He didn’t understand how anyone could be that excitable this early in the day.

She rolled her eyes at his monosyllabic response. “Sasuke-kun, I have no idea what you mean by that in this context.”

“I believe that the traitor wants to hear your news, Ugly,” Sai piped up. “Although I’m not the best translator, I’d like to know as well.”

“I have a cousin in Fiore!” She exclaimed. “Well, he’s actually my third cousin but it’s still really exciting.”

“Fiore?” Naruto’s cerulean eyes glazed over as he thought. “Fiore…”

“Don’t strain yourself, Dickless.” Sai shot the blond a grin fraught with false courtesy. “That underdeveloped brain of yours may explode.”

Sakura chuckled behind her gloved hands, and even Sasuke had to bite his cheek to keep from laughing.

“It’s in the west,” the Uchiha informed after a moment. “Wizard country.” It was further than even he’d travelled - almost a month away by sea. “It’s strange that you’d have family all the way out there, Sakura.”

“Not really.” The kunoichi shrugged. “I mean, it’s just my parents and I in Konoha. The rest of my family is spread out all over the place.”

“What else did you find out, Sakura-chan?” Naruto asked.

“His name is Natsu and he’s a dragon slayer,” she said, proudly as bough she’d known the boy all her life.

“No way! So that means he’s seen dragons, ‘ttebayo.”

“Hn.” Sasuke gave them all a disbelieving look. He could not comprehend how naive those two could be. “There are no dragons.”

“Maybe there are no dragons here,” she proposed. “I guess I’ll ask about that when I’ll write him back.”

“Tell him to send us a dragon, 'ttebayo.”

“What kind of package would that be, dobe?” Sasuke asked. Even if one did exist, a dragon would probably burn through the packaging and fly away before it arrived.

“Don’t act like you don’t wanna see a dragon, teme!” Naruto shot back. “Let’s get to writing, Sakura-chan.”

The medic-nin  knocked him over the head. “Don’t order me around, Baka!”

(Another two weeks later in Magnolia)

“A letter came for you, Natsu.” Mirajane handed him a festive pink envelope from the pile of bills and complaints that was known as the guild’s mail.

“I think it’s from abroad,” she said, noting the strange postage marks on it.

“That must be your cousins,” Lucy observed.

“What does it say, Natsu?” Happy asked.

The dragon slayer opened the letter more slowly and carefully than was his nature. The stationary smelled faintly of cherry blossoms so he assumed it was a girl.

“Let’s see…her name is Sakura,” he paused to read. “She’s eighteen. She’s a ninja…and a doctor.”

“Wow, she must be really smart,” Levy mused. As much as she loved reading, those long medical texts bored her to tears.

“That settles it,” Gray decided. “There’s no way this girl could be related to Natsu.”

“What was that, droopy eyes?”  

Natsu’s intent to fight faded after he read the next few lines of the letter. They had him laughing controllably. “S-she wants to know how many dragons I’ve slayed…a-and her friend asks if I could send them one.”

Wendy smiled, tickled by the idea. “I don’t think Igneel-san would be able fit in the mailbox. I know Grandeeny definitely wouldn’t, so…”

The written correspondences continued for a number of months between the unlikely cousins, until finally Natsu and his friends received the important letter of all - an invitation to the Leaf.

Notes: My two anime loves have come together as one lol. Okay, I know this is really AU but I tried to make it as plausible as possible. It’s also a headcannon of mine that Kageyama is a member of the Nara clan, but I digress. I am like 95% sure I want to write a sequel, but I’m not sure when. If people are interested I’ll put this at the top of my to do list. 

Thanks for reading guys <3

anonymous asked:

why is everyone saying kai likes baekhyun?? I've never payed attention to kaibaek, but if you guys are right, baby need a big hug lol one sided love is the worst. I just wish baekhyun isn't giving Jongin any false hopes just because he has some "relationship problem" with chanyeol so he is getting close to kai. such unhealthy situation for the three of them.

Because it’s actually true. Kai really likes Baekhyun. The rest depends on your interpretation. My current view on the subject is that it’s a feeling of adoration, possibly Kai has a man crush on Baekhyun; you know, when you don’t actually want to have sex with that person, you just sort of idolize them. 

From my perspective, I can tell you that Kai pays a lot of attention to Baekhyun. When Baekhyun says something funny, you can pretty much always hear Kai’s laugh. He notices stuff about Baekhyun too.

If you guys watched EXO at Open Studio in December 2013, there was a moment like this:

External image
External image

External image
External image

External image
External image

It’s interesting to note that Chanyeol of course gave the correct answer about Baekhyun’s little habit (is anyone surprised?), even when Baekhyun himself guessed it wrong, but if you look closely (second gif), you can see Kai doing the same hand gesture, and in the last gif he shyly raises his hand as well to show that he also knew the right answer.

This gifset was made by a Baekyeol shipper so it omits Kai, but when you watch the video, it’s actually Kai who said it first to Baekhyun: “You do that unintentionally, when you are not aware of it”.

Kai focuses on Baekhyun’s a lot. In episode 9 of Showtime when the members were playing 007 bang game, when it was Kai’s turn to point at someone he always picked Baekhyun.

Anyway, I really do hope it’s just a man crush Kai has (which is the most likely explanation), nothing more. For his sake.

-admin MTL

I’ve never been a full-on Kaibaek shipper, although I consider the pairing to be really cute and full of fluff. The reason behind this is that, agreeing with admin MTL, I think Kai just really looks up to and admires Baekhyun. He’s mentioned before how he admires how hardworking Baekhyun is, how he got used to the hard trainee life in a span of months that pretty much flew by. Kai looks at him a lot, initiates skinship with him a lot, enjoys his joke, all of these things. But, I think its in the sense of “This hyung is really cool.” Like this. 

So, in short, some people ship them and actually think Kai has a thing for Baekhyun (it’s mostly like this, almost never the other way around) because of all the attention he gives him, and how he’s always trailing behind him like a lost pup. Kai is just a child at heart who needs to be taken care of and treated with a lot of sweetness, you can notice this in his everyday demeanor.

Either way, Kaibaek is adorbs ♥

-admin SFS

anonymous asked:

Um, for the January prompt thing, maybe High School Tuckington where they end up stuck together for a science project and Wash thinks he'll have to do all the work but then it turns out that Tucker is hella good at science and then Tucker pulls the "Hey Wash, maybe we should kiss. You know, for science." line... (bonus: they both already like each other but the other doesn't know. cause thats always a good time)

Hello Anon! Thank you for the prompt! Doing one writing exercise a day is hard and I’ve fallen behind :(  Anyway, I hope you like what I’ve done with this one.


Question. What is the worst thing about group work in a science class? Is it:

A) not getting to choose your project partner
B) going through fifty stupid ideas to come up with one mediocre one
C) getting lumped with all the work while the other ‘participants’ loaf around?
D) having an unpredictable lab partner

In David Washington’s opinion, the correct answer is E) All of the above.

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You Pass Out At Magcon - Jack Gilinsky

• thank you for the support on my most recent imagines. you guys make me so happy. this next imagine is a weird concept but i hope you guys like it and no one gets offended by anything in it! love yall!!•

I grabbed my purse and put it over my head and stuck my tickets, VIP pass, and my wallet in it. I grabbed my phone and texted y/f/n to see if they were on their way.

I was on my way to Magcon. One of the biggest social media gatherings out there to meet the guys that saved me. I had saved enough money from work to buy a ticket and VIP passes to meet the boys. I was excited but all very nervous. You see, I have horrible anxiety about being left alone in places, or that someone will leave me. So going to big gathering and concerts aren’t really my thing but since it is Magcon and this is a once in a lifetime chance, I decided to suck it up.

I was going with my really good friend, y/f/n. Once y/f/n texted and told me she was here, I said goodbye to my mom and went outside to greet my friends. Considering both of us were 16 , we had our drivers licenses and we were perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves.

We blasted Shawn Mendes and Jack and Jack during the whole entire ride to get in the mood. Y/f/n had a huge crush on Aaron and I always picked on her about it. But I had a big crush on Jack Gilinsky secretly. I mean, yeah we both really like the boys but we weren’t crazy fan girls or anything. We just really thought they were great and they helped my through some tough times when I needed a pick me up. We were going to support and meet them.

Once we got there, we waited until they opened the area to were we could pile in. We surprisingly made it to the barricade. We had an amazing view of the stage. I all of a sudden started to feel really nauseous. The fact that I didn’t eat anything before I left the house didn’t help. I wasn’t really hungry. Also I started to panic a little bit.

‘What happens if I loose y/f/n?’

'What if I get hit?’

I pushed the thoughts aside but my physical state couldn’t be pushed aside. I started to wobble a little bit.

There were two girl behind us, both being a few inches talkers than my friend and I. They kept pushing and knocked their hands into y/f/n and she was getting thrown up against the barricade.

“Could you please stop?” I asked the one girl who was giving me a death glare.

“Yeah sure. Whatever.” She said. “What a bitch.”

I heard her say behind my back. I brushed it off and the show started. I was still not feeling 100% and I zoned out for a minute trying to catch my breathe. Y/f/n kept asking me if I was okay. I looked up for a minute and saw Jack motherfucking Gilinsky looking at me. I turned my head away and blushing hard.

The girls behind us kept pushing us into the barricade more and more. Before I knew what was even going on, I felt a brutally force hit my head and then I blacked out.

I started hearing some faint screaming and yelling. My hearing slowly started coming back and I felt someone tapping my cheek. I opened my eyes slightly, blinked a couple of times and then completely opened my eyes. Staring face-to-face with me was no other then Jack Gilinsky.

“Y/n , y/n. Wake up. Wake up?” I heard his deep voice saying.

I staring wide eyed and started to breathe heavily. I had no idea what was going on. I heard Sammy yelling into the mic, “Babe. Babe. Are you ok?” The crowd was screaming and my head was throbbing. I started breathing and I yet a couple tears fall. I was having a panic attack.

“Y/n! Someone help her she’s having an anxiety attack!!” My friend yelled from behind the barricade. Jack starting freaking out a little bit and tried to pick me up, but the security yelled at him and told him to put me down.

“Don’t cry babe. It’s gonna be ok.” Jack said wiping my tears.

Before I knew what was happening I was scooped up by a paramedic and taken to a truck. They asked me if I was ok and I said yeah and explained that I felt something hit my head and that I didn’t remember anything after that.

They gave me some water and I pleaded with them to go let me watch the show. They ran some basic tests and then let me go. I hopped right back in with y/f/n in the front. She explained to me that I girl behind me hit my head with her elbow and knocked me out.

During the whole show Jack kept staring at me as he sung. It was really embarrassing to be known as the girl that passed out during Magcon.

Once the show was over my friend and I went to the meet and greet. We met everyone and than finally it was time to meet Jack and Jack.

I hugged Jack Johnson first and be signed my poster and we took some silly selfies. Next I looked over at Gilinsky. He smilies down at me and bit his lip slightly. He pulled me in for a hug and than whispered in my ear,

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah I’m fine. Thanks for caring.” I said awkwardly and looked at my feet.

“Don’t be embarrassed babe.” He said and lifted my head up. My friend looked on in completely shock.

We took a group picture and then we took a selfie. Jack Gilinsky took me by surprise and kissed me cheek for the one selfie. He leaned down into my ear and said,

“I’d like to kiss you on those pretty little lips of your babe, but I can’t right now.” He said and I looked at him in shock. He winked at me. He signed my poster and handed it to me.

“Be sure to read what I wrote on the poster babe.” He said and gave me one last hug.

My friend squealed and I was so embarrassed but also really happy.

I read the writing on the poster and it read,

'Meet me in the lobby of the hotel after Magcon ends at 7:00 so I could maybe kiss those pretty little lips of yours ;) ’

My mouth hung open and my friend read what was posted. She freaked out.

I guess all I could was wait for 7:00.

Today was been one crazy day.

- Anyone interested in a part 2? I haven’t decided yet (: give your feedback! I LOVE YALL😘 -

ROY MUSTANG: Slytherin?


This lovely piece of FMA artwork had me thinking about it. And I’ll tell ya’ll why.

Of course, every time I watch a new anime, I mentally sort the characters into Hogwarts houses because that’s more important to me than zodiacs and personality types. So when I first watched Brotherhood, I put a little thought into this. And, initially, I thought, “Of COURSE Roy is a Slytherin.”

But the other day, Claudia, Joey and I were discussing Slytherin House pretty in depth which, today, makes me kind of reevaluate my sorting.

Brief overview for those who don’t know: there are four houses you can be sorted into once you start at Hogwarts. These houses are determined NOT by your traits, but your values. 

Gryffindor values courage bravery above all else.
Ravenclaw values knowledge above all else.
Hufflepuff values loyalty and hard work above all else.
Slytherin values ambition and cunning above all else.

This is why Hermione, the brightest witch of her age, was sorted into Gryffindor and not Ravenclaw. I give thee, the literal most self-defining quote ever uttered by Hermione Granger: "Books! And cleverness! There are more important things–friendship and bravery!” Thus: GRYFFINDOR. 

What exactly comprises a Slytherin? Now, there’s a ton of debate regarding the morality and ethics surrounding Slytherin House, primarily due to Rowling’s allegories to racism/white supremacy that are correlated with, you know, the bad guys. Who happen to have been in Slytherin. But, really, that doesn’t necessarily make it a direct reflection on the students within it. 

Slytherin has a bad rep, is what I’m trying to get at. But I don’t think it’s impossible for a hero to rise from that house. Anyway, that’s a whole other debate.

So, my precious Roy Boy. Let’s talk. 

Is he ambitious? Well, yeah. Arguably one of the most ambitious characters I’ve ever come across. Is he cunning? Totally. He’s a high ranking officer, yet, he never had any problem going behind the military’s back to get from Point A to Point B. Is he smart? Hell yes, he’s smart. He’s scary smart. If he weren’t brilliant, he would have never gotten as far as he did. 

But does he value that above all else? Is Roy Mustang going to do whatever it takes to make it to the top? And I know the easy answer for this is yes, but we have to remember there is something about Roy that has always set him back. Love. And Loyalty. 

Everyone KNOWS Roy is soft for his men. It’s an enormous weakness. That’s why Bradley took them away. Why Roy charged head first into an OP he was not supposed to be anywhere near, nearly costing him his own life, when he assumed the worst and thought something had happened to Riza (Actually, I could name a hundred other instances where his weakness specifically for Riza was deliberately used against him). Why he went above and beyond to get Maria Ross out of Amestris when things turned grave. Why, mortally wounded, he told Al to make sure Havoc saw a doctor when he’d gotten stabbed, and why he later told Havoc he refused to leave him behind. Why the first thing he said, after he COLLAPSED from said mortal wound, was, “Lieutenant, you’re all right.” The canonical evidence of this is never ending.

Let’s go back to the Gold Tooth Doctor scene which the plot would support is the apex of Roy’s unwavering loyalty/love/empathy/etc. The homonculi want Roy to perform human transmutation. He says no. They slice Hawkeye’s throat and say, “K, how bout now?” 

He proceeds to make variants of this face for the next ten minutes:

Which, to me, is the expression of someone who is horrified/terrified/traumatized…af, for lack of a better way of measurement. 

He sweats a lot, tears up, trembles, yells at these men, and grits his teeth as we see him actually consider performing human transmutation because it might save Hawkeye’s life.

Finally, Riza gives him a death glare and rolls her eyes toward the ceiling. After that, Roy closes his eyes in a lamenting manner and says, “All right, Lieutenant. I won’t do it.” 

EVERYONE IN THE ROOM is floored. Gold Tooth Doctor’s jaw actually drops from sheer perplexity. In comes Bradley who says, “Wow, dude. Given your track record, we were totally sure you’d cave if the life of someone dear to you was on the line.” 

And it’s that which keeps me from immediately sorting him into Slytherin. Because Roy doesn’t fool anybody. His men have always come first. Despite everything, I do not think he’d ever put his goals and ambitions above them. 

When he finally gets to Riza, she says, “You understood my signal.” Which tells us as an audience, “Holy cow. He didn’t refuse because he was going to let Riza die. He refused because he knew she had a plan.” 

That brings forth the question: would Roy have actually let Riza die if May and the others hadn’t been waiting? While bleeding out, she looked at him and said, “DO NOT SACRIFICE EVERYTHING FOR ME. DON’T DO THIS.” And I think that’s a whole other argument to be had. Riza’s a complicated character to bring into this because her autonomy is something she values, and something Roy knows she values. When she asked him to burn her array, she said something to the effect of, “Let me be Riza Hawkeye.” Not her father’s research notes. Not the keeper of Flame Alchemy. A person. Her entire character is built on this. 

I honestly believe if Roy had refused the transmutation despite her signal, it would not have been for himself or his goal. It would have been to respect a choice that she made for herself. 

But, of course, this is all speculation because that’s not how it happened in canon. 

Nevertheless, I realize that there is something Roy values more than ambition, and it’s loyalty. 

Does that make him a Hufflepuff? See, I don’t know. Do I think of Hufflepuff House when I think of Roy Mustang? 

Harry Potter is in Gryffindor, after all, and he values friendship and love just as highly, right? 

Roy’s ambition and cunning is so emphasized throughout the series that I guess it is easy to sort him into Slytherin at face value. Because, in truth, Roy did snake around when he needed to. He has irrefutable Slytherin qualities.

But does he VALUE cunning and ambition over courage or loyalty? That’s where I’m stuck.

So, I totally leave the floor open if anyone wants to discuss. I’m really interested in what my other FMA/Potterheads have to say about this. 

Am I saying Roy CANNOT be Slytherin? No. He very well could be. But I’m having difficulty sorting him there before of the aforementioned reasons. I just think he’s too soft for the people he loves where other characters aren’t nearly so much.

If Olivier were in Roy’s place, I don’t know that she would have made the same decision, as she lives by a “survival of the fittest” mentality. That to say, she’s one of the good guys. We trust her. She’s helping the protagonist. But she and Roy aren’t always morally parallel. Still, despite that and her emotional detachment, Olivier is one of the heroes.

I’m not saying she’s a Slytherin either (because I honestly think she values courage and bravery far more than ambition). But to say that Roy choosing Riza and his men over his goals isn’t exactly a no brainer. Not every character on the protagonists’ side would have made the same choices.


Don’t Stand So Close To Me

A/N: Hope you enjoy ;3

Warning: filthy filTHY FILTHY SMUT SMUTTY SMUT SMUT (also a lot of angst and some fluff)

The day was overcast with a bit of a chill, but Professor Calum Hood was hot and bothered from the moment Y/N walked in the door. She was early as usual, quietly entering with her arms full of books. Her tight jeans and snug fitting tee accentuated her curvaceous figure, and her makeup highlighted her prominent cheekbones. If it weren’t for Y/N’s eyes, which seemed rather innocent, the eighteen year old would have been easily mistaken - and probably could be, anyway - for someone in her mid twenties.

“Good afternoon, Professor.”

“Huh? Ah, good afternoon, Y/N.” Calum was snapped out of his reverie. “What did you think of last night’s homework?” he asked quickly, trying to resume his normal behaviour.

“Actually, I thought the contrast Shakespeare used between light and dark was fascinating…” Though normally Calum loved to discuss the English language, he found himself paying more attention to Y/N’s eyes and pink lips as she spoke.

“Professor? What do you think of Shakespeare’s use of metaphor?” She looked slightly puzzled.

Calum realized he’d completely spaced out. He opened his mouth to speak, feeling the color rushing to his face, but was literally saved by the bell. He hadn’t even noticed that the other students had arrived.

“Alright everyone,” Calum said to his pupils as their chatter ceased and Y/N took her seat. “Open your books to Act Two Scene Four…”

Last period was torture, as always, but  today it felt especially awful. Calum couldn’t stop staring at Y/N as she read, twirling her hair absentmindedly. Perhap it was in part because it was Friday and he hadn’t had any alone time over the past week, but whatever the reason, he had to fight to keep himself under control.

When the bell finally rang, Calum couldn’t wait to get home and was packing up his stuff before his colleague Luke popped his head in the door.

“Don’t forget about the staff meeting, right Calum?”

The meeting dragged on for two hours. It was beginning to get dark when Calum pulled out of the parking lot, and worse, it was pelting rain. He was idling just off campus when he happened to glance over at the city bus stop.

No way, his mind raced.

Y/N was standing there, hugging herself in the downpour. Calum glanced at his watch. The bus wasn’t supposed to arrive for another ten minutes.  

The light turned green and he drove off, but she was still very much in the forefront of his mind.

She wasn’t wearing a jacket. She must be freezing, a voice said.

You know you wouldn’t be able to resist if you drove back there, said another.

Of course you would. It must be a short drive to her house.

Against his better judgement, Calum made a U turn, coming to a halt in front of the bus stop and rolling down the passenger side window.

“Y/N? Would you like a ride home?”

“Professor Hood! Are you sure that’d be alright?”

He smiled. “It’s no trouble.”

“Thank you so much,” Y/N gushed as she buckled her seatbelt. “I was studying and I left my jacket in my locker.”

The rain had soaked her hair, which dripped down her cleavage. Her shirt was completely transparent and her pink bra visible through the white material.

Calum shook his head to clear his thoughts. “So, how far are you?”

“Only about five minutes. Take a right up ahead.”

Calum felt a strong need to make conversation. “How was your day?”

“It was,” Y/N hesitated.“It was okay.”

He sensed she wasn’t being totally honest. “Something you want to talk about?”

“Well… you know Tony Harper?”

“The linebacker, right?”

“Yeah. He said - he said the reason I didn’t get asked to prom was because I’m a fat virgin.” Y/N snorted, but Calum could tell she was upset and instantly felt sympathy towards her.

“This coming from the football player who weighs about three hundred pounds.” She giggled at his comment and the sound went straight to his loins. Calum smiled when he glanced over at her grin.

“Professor!” He slammed on the brakes at the intersection, barely preventing them from crashing into a service van. He took a deep breath.

“Sorry, I guess I haven’t been in the company of a lady for a while,” he chuckled before realizing that was the wrong thing to say.

“Wait - you don’t have a girlfriend?”

“It’s been a couple of years, I guess. Graduate school didn’t really leave a lot of room for socializing.” Calum knew they were heading down a dangerous path, but he couldn’t stop himself. “I’m surprised you don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Um, take this left. I had one last year, but we broke up when he went to college. There isn’t really anyone I’m interested in right now,” she said softly.

“No one? It’s a big school.”

“This is my house here.” Calum reluctantly pulled in to her driveway.

“Thank you for the ride, Professor.” Y/N’s face was flushed, opening a Pandora’s box of dirty thoughts in Calum’s mind. Could she be…?

“My pleasure. And if there’s anything you ever want to discuss, you know where to find me.” There was a heavy silence, their eyes locked as the blush in Y/N’s cheeks intensified. “Y/N?”

“Yes, Professor Hood?”

“Would you like me to kiss you?”

She licked her lips. “Yes, please.”

Hungrily, Calum pressed their lips together. When she slipped a hand along the back of his neck, he pushed his tongue against hers, his need growing. He let his hands travel from her waist to her breasts, finding hardened nipples and eliciting a gasp from Y/N.

“What are these?” Calum smirked against her neck, licking a stripe there.

“I’m sorry,” she stammered, not understanding.

“Sweetheart, it’s okay. Are your parents home?”

“My mom works the late shift at the hospital.”

“Do you want to take this inside?”


They ran through the torrent and Y/N fumbled with her house key. Calum noticed that her hands were shaking.

“Babe, are you sure you want to do this?” he asked once inside, brows knit.

She nodded. “I just never have before,” she explained sheepishly. Instantly Calum’s demeanor changed. He could remember clearly how nerve - wracking his first sexual encounter had been.

“I’ll go easy, I promise,” he assured her, entwining their fingers.

“Thank you, Professor,” Y/N smiled. “Um, my room’s this way.”

She kicked off her shoes and socks in the bedroom, pulling her waterlogged t shirt over her head.

“I like this,” Calum said, hooking his finger under Y/N’s bra strap and tugging her closer. “You have lovely knockers.” She unclasped the silky undergarment and revealed a pair of dark, full nipples. “May I suck on them?”

With Y/N’s consent he went to work at the generously sized nubs. She made her strong reaction apparent through little gasps and moans as Calum went along, his own arousal increasing with the sounds of her pleasure.

“Wow. I’ve never met a woman with such sensitive nipples. Can you cum from them alone?” She nodded. “Well,” Calum smiled lightly, “as much as I would like to see that, I’ve got a bit of a problem of my own …” He trailed off as he pulled from his jeans his hardened cock.

“Would you - would you like a blow job?” Y/N asked it so coyly, as if she was offering him a cookie she had baked.

“As tempting as that is,” - and it certainly was difficult to resist - “I’d like tonight to be about you. It’s your first time after all.”

Y/N smiled shyly and stepped out of her jeans.

“Wait a moment… you soaked through your panties?” Self consciously she folded her arms across her slightly generous tummy.

“It happens a lot…”

“Don’t worry,” Calum chuckled, combing back her damp hair. “It means I’m doing my job. Do you want to take them off for me?” Y/N did so and  looked to him for further instructions. “Lay on your back, sweetheart, and spread your legs.” She reclined on the bed and displayed her dripping core, the smell of sex filling the room in a fresh wave. The scent caused Calum’s cock to twitch in his hands, but he resisted his impulse to fuck Y/N right then and there and instead began slowly unbuttoning his shirt. She didn’t comment, but he could see her desperation as his bare torso came into view. Calum pulled his jeans and boxers off completely and then moved to kneel before her.

He reached for Y/N’s hand to reassure her, placing a kiss to her inner thigh. He warmed up her pussy lips with a thorough swipe of the tongue, altering his technique to stimulate her clit. Knowing it would be helpful later, Calum began stretching Y/N out with his fingers, curling them to hit her G-spot. Above him she struggled to keep quiet, her silence giving way to the occasional irrepressible moan.

With one final lick of her folds, Calum moved to hover over Y/N.

“Are you ready for this?”

She nodded. “I’m on the Pill, so you don’t have to use a condom if you don’t want to.”

“Smart girl. I’m just going to rub on the outside a little, alright?” With the tip of his member he stroked up and down her cunt. “I’m going to… well, why don’t you tell me what you’d like me to do with my friend here?”

“I - I want you to fuck me, Professor.”

“Damn, you’re fucking hot. Did anyone ever tell you that?” Caught up in her pink lips, little sighs once again slipping past them, and in Y/N’s wide eyes and full nipples, he hardly registered his length gliding into her wetness.


Calum snapped back to reality. “I’m so sorry, did I hurt you?” He passed a hand over her dampened forehead, concerned.

“No, I was just kind of surprised,” Y/N half-giggled. “It felt good, please keep going.”

He resumed thrusting in and out of her. He groaned, relieved to be approaching the high he had been so desperately craving.

“Feel how hard my dick is? How hard you make me?” Calum couldn’t help but voice his intense arousal. “Fucking hot, that’s what you are.” Y/N moaned in response, egging him on. “I love fucking that eighteen year old pussy. You like getting fucked, baby?”

“Yeah,” she replied, her voice much higher than normal.

“Are you close? Are you gonna cum for me?”

“I want to, but it’s - it’s embarrassing, Professor!”

“Aw, baby,” Calum whispered. “Cum for me, Y/N, you can trust me.” He saw that she was mere seconds away from climax, and remembering earlier, bent over.

“Ohprofessorfuckme!” Y/N came, nearly screaming, with Calum’s tongue lapping at her nipple, his own peak following soon after. He growled as he released, the smacking of skin against skin resounding through the room.

The two of them catching their breath, Calum stepped back to soak up the sight of her still heaving chest, her flushed skin.

“Babe, you squirted,” he chuckled.

“Oh, no,” She sat up wearing a horrified expression and stared down at the large puddle she’d created, the juices still running along her thighs, Calum’s cream leaking from her pussy. She looked up. “I’m sor -”

“Babe, babe, don’t worry. It’s actually really fucking sexy.” He cupped her face, bringing their lips together once more. “But,” Calum chuckled, maybe we should do some laundry. I’ll help you.”

Calum gazed fondly across the table at Y/N, the steam from their tea cups fogging the space between them. Outside the rain had settled to a soft drizzle.

“I really would like to see you properly, you know,” he began.

“So would I,” she smiled back warmly.

“You know it would be risky. We would have to be very careful,” he said seriously, never breaking eye contact.

“Well, Professor, my mom leaves the house at four and comes home at two am on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Does that help?” The corners of Y/N’s lips twitched almost mischievously.

“It does. And I can give you my phone number and address.”

There was a comfortable lull in the conversation as they exchanged contact information and returned to their tea.

“Professor Hood, can I ask you something?”

“Of course.”

She chewed her lip thoughtfully. “What is it about me that you find attractive?”

Calum nodded at her question, considering. “To start, I think your appearance is incredibly appealing, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.” Y/N blushed. “But as I’ve come to know you as my student, I’ve realized that you possess a kind of maturity very uncommon for high schoolers. You act and carry yourself more like a twenty two year old than a teenager. Certainly you’re far less reckless than I was at your age, and, considering what just happened, I suppose I’m still quite reckless.” They grinned at each other. “I’ve seen the way you interact with your classmates, and you’re very kind, but you can defend yourself well. All things I would look for in a… in a girlfriend.” He whispered the last words.

Y/N extended a hand, and Calum placed his palm over hers.

“Will I see you Monday, then?”

“Absolutely. Do you like breakfast for dinner?”

“Who doesn’t?”

“Then it’s a date. But I’m afraid I have to get home to my dog, now,” he chuckled, rising from his seat. The two of them walked to the front door, Calum putting on his coat and shoes.

“I promise I won’t tell  a soul, Professor.”

“You know something Y/N, as much as I like it when you call me that in bed,” she turned scarlet again, “when it’s just the two of us, you can call me Calum.”

“I like that better,” she smiled.

“Me, too.” He pulled her close for one last lingering kiss. “Take care, babe.”

“Bye, Calum.”

Stepping into the night, Calum hardly noticed the weather. Suddenly Monday didn’t seem so bad.