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Scarlet Speedsters

Warnings: Some (minor) swearing and mentions of sex.

Summary: Your unexpected memory loss happens at an inconvenient time but it leads to an unexpected ally willing to help you out.

The morning light was the dreadful thing that awoke you. Rays of sun seemed to fall directly over your face, rousing you from your peaceful sleep. At first you tried to ignore it but it became impossible to fall back asleep after the rude awakening. You stretched out first, trying to awake your body before forcing your mind awake.

Minutes later, you finally opened your eyes but froze when you noticed that you were definitely not in your bedroom, not even in your house to be exact. And to make matters worse, you suddenly became aware of the fact that you were completely naked. Your clothes were scattered around the room and the only thing covering your bare skin was a deep red comforter.

You almost didn’t want to turn around. Heat was emanating from behind you so it was clear that you weren’t alone. So, all in all, you were in someone else’s home, naked, with who-the-hell-knows lying next to you. Not to mention the pounding headache you had.

Slowly and cautiously, you rolled around, gripping the comforter tight to your chest to keep from exposing yourself.

You were half relieved, half mortified to see a presumably naked Barry Allen beside you. The relief came from knowing that you were in his room, not the house of a stranger who could have be a kidnapper or murderer for all you knew. But the dismay came from knowing it was Barry Allen beside you. Your best friend was lying naked beside you and you couldn’t remember any important details from the night before.

You reached over and roused him from sleep, roughly shaking him awake. Only moments later, he stretched and turned over to face you.

“Mornin’,” He mumbled, unable to keep the sleepy smile off his face. “How’d you sleep?” An arm snaked around your waist and you tensed but Barry seemed unaware, too wrapped up in his own peaceful world to notice.

“Barry,” You spoke up again but he didn’t seem to want to move from your neck so you continued. “Did we….y'know, hook up?”

He quickly jerked back, as if you had offended him. “What do you mean? You don’t remember?”

You shook your head, too scared to elaborate since you couldn’t remember much at all from last night. Everything was hazy.

Barry reached over to where his boxers lay beside his bedside table, careful not to let the blanket slip away and reveal his nude lower abdomen. He quickly slid them on in an effort to make both of you much more comfortable and attempt to ease the tension in the room a bit. “What’s the last thing you remember?”

You racked your brain for last night’s events but it all seemed so blurry, only the earlier events could be recalled. “I remember…” You sighed, trying to organize the series of events before recounting them to Barry to avoid unintentionally hurting him further. “I remember getting dressed for a night out with you, Cisco, Cait and Iris when I got a phone call. It was an unknown number so I usually ignore them but I felt compelled to answer. But it was pointless really because there was no one on the other line. And—And that’s it. That’s the last thing I remember.”

He didn’t respond and you could hear your pulse pounding in your ears. This would ruin your friendship and you could quite possibly lose Barry forever because of it. Because of a night you couldn’t even remember.

The air suddenly felt thick and your fight or flight instinct seemed to kick in. And you picked flight, not being able to confront Barry when he did nothing wrong. “I-I’ve got to go.”

You snatched up your clothes, dragging the comforter with you so you weren’t exposed at all. And you were gone.

That situation was not brought up again. Weeks went by without any mention of it and it was like it never happened but it was clear that a battle was waging on within Barry. You were still best friends; nothing more, nothing less. And without the memories from that night, it nearly felt like it didn’t occur.

But that ideal world came crashing down soon enough. You fumbled with your phone, halting on Barry’s number before deciding that it’d be better to just call Caitlin first. Hopefully she would know what to do.

“Hello?” She answered after five rings, blissfully unaware of the problems you faced.

“Cait, I need you to run some tests on me.” Your hands were trembling at the mere thought of what could possibly be happening. This could change everything. For better or for worse, you weren’t sure.

“What are you talking about? I’m not an actual doctor, y/n. I treat Barry since they’d think he’s some kind of an alien with all his superhuman abilities. I think you’d be better off seeing a true doctor to run whatever tests you need.” Her words were a bit rushed and you heard some fumbling around in the background but you couldn’t acknowledge it. There were more pressing issues to be dealt with.

“Caitlin, you don’t understand, I think I’m pregnant.”

She froze on the other line, trying to analyze the situation and make some sense of it before drawing to any conclusions.

“I don’t want to go to my doctor because I don’t want anyone knowing about this yet. I just—” You sighed, still in shock of whether or not this situation was real. It seemed like it was a cruel twist to what could’ve been a fairy tale. “I just need your help, Cait, please.”

Positive. It was positive, but the only people aware of this were you and Caitlin—though she didn’t know who the father could be. Barry didn’t know, he acted as if that night never happened which only seemed to make the situation that much worse. How could you tell him about this when he refused to acknowledge that it even happened?

Star Labs now had and awkward atmosphere, seeing as of both you and Caitlin were informed of you current situation while Barry seemed to go out of his way to ignore it all, completely throwing himself into protecting his city.

“Dude,” Cisco spoke up, effectively breaking the silence while wheeling over to one of the monitors. “Fire on Jefferson Street, the new apartment building. You know the one.”

Barry was gone just like that. A few papers you had forgotten to weigh down had flown across the room but Caitlin was quick to help you recapture them. But it was clear that she had other intentions as she pulled you into the hallway and out of earshot.

“Are you still not going to tell me who the father is yet?” She was a bit pushy about the subject but she was excited above all else. It would be a gift to be able to watch your little baby grow up, maybe even be lucky enough to be considered Auntie Caitlin one day.

“Cait, I haven’t even found the nerve to tell him yet. I promise that you’ll find out after he does. Just give me some time to process this.”

Barry could be heard over the intercom, saying how he had managed to get everyone out and was leaving before the fire department arrived.

He whooshed past you again but you and Caitlin followed him this time. “Another job done.” He smiled, pulling off his mask in the safety of the cortex while Caitlin returned to her work.

“Nice job man,” Cisco high fived him before Barry ran off to change back.

This was it. It was now or never because you knew that putting this off would only make matters that much worse. And Barry didn’t deserve to be kept in the dark anymore.

“Bare,” Here goes nothing. “Can I steal you away for a little while? I just wanna talk.”

Caitlin’s eyes nearly bulged out of her head in realization but you quickly sent her a look to keep it quiet.

While Barry seemed a bit uncomfortable with the idea, he agreed and followed you out of Star Labs.
You decided to return to his apartment for a bit more privacy rather than having the conversation in a public place for everyone to hear.

It wasn’t as awkward as you had expected, he was still his polite self as he offered you a drink and some of the leftover pizza he had from last night. You courteously turned down the offers seeing as you were ready to get this over with.

“Are we just going to pretend like that night didn’t happen? Because we both know that it did, even if I don’t remember all the details of it I still know it happened.”

Barry finally sat down on the couch beside you, sending you a pained look that stabbed your heart. He was so broken and you had no clue how to fix him. And he didn’t deserve this pain.
He stayed silent for a few moments, debating on where he wanted to take the conversation before speaking. “You told me you loved me that night.”

You froze. Surely you would remember if you let that secret slip out. You were nearly positive that your heart had stopped beating all together at this revelation.

But Barry, once again, spoke up before you had the chance to string up an intelligent response.

“I was shocked at first because I never thought you felt that way for me but you seemed so genuine and nervous to tell me; I knew you weren’t lying. And then,” He chuckled, “I thought I was a part of a damn miracle because the girl I’ve been pinning after for months just told me that she loves me, holy shit.”

Your heart nearly broke. He felt the same way. He remembered every moment that probably meant the world to him while you came up blank. Then after that blissful night, you ditch him but only after shattering his heart. Barry deserved so much more.

“Barry.” You pleaded, not knowing if you should apologize or beg him to stop to avoid the torture you both felt as he recounted that night.

“It kills me that you don’t remember and I don’t understand why. You didn’t drink anything. You wanted to stay sober with me so that I wasn’t alone so it doesn’t make any-”

His words were cut off when a clash resonated from his bedroom and you both sprung up instantly. He stood protectively in front of you, preparing himself for whomever had broke into his home.

“Stay here.”

“Like hell I’m staying here. Who knows what’s going on. This could all be some ploy to get you away from me, leaving me practically defenseless.” You were well aware that just by knowing Barry you were putting yourself at risk but you’d not yet encountered a kidnapping situation and you sure as hell weren’t risking it happening today. Being around Barry had to be much safer than being separated from him so you were not leaving his side unless you were forcefully pried away.

Though unwilling, Barry agreed to let you join after demanding you stay behind him.

He approached the bedroom with extreme caution, glancing behind him every now and then to make sure you followed.

“Who the hell are you?” He nearly growled, sticking his arm out to block you from going past him.

You stood up on your tippy toes to see over his shoulder. The sight of a tall, dark brown haired teenage girl seemed much more calming then the alternatives.

She seemed harmless, really, yet Barry refused to let his guard down. He wasn’t going to let anything happen to you because he made the snap judgment that since she looked harmless, she had to be so as well.

The girl jerks around at the voice, suddenly ignoring the broken lamp that must have been the cause of the crash that alerted you to her presence in the first place. She gasped quietly, her eyes becoming shiny as she intently stared at you and Barry, as if taking in every detail.

“If I have to ask one more time, I’m make sure it’s the last. Now, tell me, who the hell you are.” Barry stated, completely unamused with the situation.

“My name’s Scarlet Allen.” She sighed, twiddling with the loose strings of her shirt awkwardly and nervously. “What day is it?”

“February 17.” You answered but received a harsh glare from Barry for conversing with the assailant.

“2016, right?”

You nodded again.

She seemed to be sorting though information in her mind so you kept silent, not wanting to be the one to mess up the situation.

“Wait,” Barry interjected. “Did you say your last name’s Allen?”

Scarlet gave him the biggest grin, silently giving him his answer, as she waited for him to piece everything together.

“It’s obvious you’re from the future but how exactly are you related to me?”

Her gaze shifted to you, which Barry took note off and stepped in front of her view of you. She seemed to understand everything without having to be told a thing and you felt your heart constrict at the compassion.

“You’re my father.”

Barry’s entire body tensed as he seemed to be assessing the situation. It made no sense. His daughter had to come back from the future for some reason. He has a daughter. Who is also a speedster.
Him speeding through time was one thing but his future daughter doing the same was too much to comprehend. “W-What?”

“You’re my father and I came here with a purpose and I’ve only got about five minutes to explain it.”

He felt his head spinning. “I’m not going to trust that you’re my daughter. I’ve trusted too many of the wrong people before and I always end up getting burned. So either prove your identity or get the hell out of my house.” The idea of someone from the future returning to his time to kill someone he loves was a possible outcome and, since you were the closest person available, he wasn’t willing to take any chances.

“Bare,” You tugged on his shirt sleeve to capture his attention. After he twisted to see you, you continued. “I think she’s telling the truth.”

“You believe her? After she broke into my home and gave us absolutely no reason to trust her? Are you crazy?”

“No,” You exhaled. It was now or never. “I believe her because I’m pregnant and the only other person who knows is Caitlin so it’s not really common knowledge that could be used to mislead you.”

The room fell into silence, leaving both you and Scarlet to observe Barry’s reaction, which seemed to be utter shock.

A minute or so seemed to pass and Scarlet grew more desperate. She didn’t have time to waste and Barry was taking too long to process this new information. “Please, I don’t have much time but I need you to understand.” She spoke up.

Barry’s head snapped back towards her but you did notice him loosen up a bit.

Scarlet continued. “I had hoped I had caught you before Amnesia first tricked you but I guess I got my timing off.”

“Who’s Amnesia?” You asked at the same time Barry asked his question.

“So why are you here?”

Scarlet sighed and ran her hands through her hair in a way similar to how Barry does when he’s stressed. There wasn’t time to waste if she wanted to patch things up but she knew that she’d get nowhere without explaining herself. “Dad, I need you to understand that mom isn’t lying about her memory loss from that night. Amnesia likes to play with his victims. First he’ll take away a specific memory as a sort of warning for the future that’s to come. Then he waits, over the years taking smaller, insignificant memories as a tool to remind you that he’s still there—leading up to his big finale when he wipes all of the memories involving the person that his victim loves most. And, I guess what I’m trying to say is that in about twenty years or so he does this to you, mom. He tears our family apart and you have to stop it before it happens. Just drop whatever case it is you’re working on now because if you don’t catch him before he leaves town in search of his next victim then your opportunities in the future will be next to none.”

Barry tugged you forward to stand beside him, rather than behind him, addressing you this time. “Do you still believe her?”

You nodded. At least it was a possible explanation as to why you couldn’t remember your first time with Barry.

“Then how do we fix it, Scarlet?” Barry seemed much more sincere now that you had swayed him into trusting her. It was clear that she had definitely gained Barry’s charms.

“Well, Uncle Cisco and I did extensive research and we found out he usually stays in a city for only a month so you have to work fast. Now there’s no way to get the memories he’s already stolen back but you can prevent him from stealing more. Please look for him, guys. He’ll tear our family apart if you don’t stop him. This is your only chance.” She stressed the ending, while constantly checking her watch for her countdown.

“How do we start searching for a meta we know nothing about? We’ve never even heard of an Amnesia or even someone being able to steal or manipulate someone’s memories.” Barry slipped his arm around your waist to tug you against his side. If this was true; if there was a possibility that this was his future—your shared futures, he would fix it. He had to fix it. And this seemed like it might be his only chance to.

“He normally likes to lie low but he’s always well known in shady bars. You should ask around for him there. Now I really have to go before I’m stuck here forever.”

She smiled at her parents who were completely unaware of their futures together, unaware of the hardships they’d face and overcome together. And most of all unaware of the boundless love they have for each other. “And I know you always told me that I should never go back and change the timeline but I guess I’m more like you than I’d like to admit, Dad. I can’t resist the idea of being able to save lives just by simply fixing something in the past.”

Barry coughed uncomfortably, not used to the idea of being a father or being called dad.

Scarlet spoke up once more, her words quick since she had limited time left. “Just know that you two will defeat all the problems you face now and all the ones to come in the future.

She sped over in front of you both, wrapping her arms tightly around Barry to pull him into a hug. "Please fix this, Dad,” You heard her whisper to him. “I can’t lose you both.”

He nodded before letting her go so she could hug you. “I love you, Mom.” She sighed, feeling at home in your hug but she knew it was time to go. And she left, back to her time, clinging to the hope that you two would find a way to prevent her future from happening.

The room was grew quiet after her departure, leaving both you and Barry to analyze every little detail she said about your entwined futures.

“So,” He stated, being the first to break the tension. “You’re pregnant.” Barry’s lips curled into a cheeky grin as he said those words, physically unable to keep the smile off his face.

You nodded as you leaned into his comforting touch.

He then twisted you around into a tight hug. “We’re gonna be parents.”

You nodded again against his shoulder. Now this was definitely not the conversation you had in mind when you wished to speak with Barry alone but it seemed to have a positive outcome. And it was definitely a great reaction to know that he had forgiven you for not remembering that night, seeing as how he knew it wasn’t a ploy just to act like it never happened, as well as knowing how happy he was to become a father soon.

Your daughter, Scarlet, was absolutely stunning and clearly raised right, making the future seem a bit brighter despite what she said lurked. She loved you both enough to alter the timeline in order to fix her family. Despite all the repercussions she could face by warning you, she was willing to face them all.

“I’m sorry for not believing you about not remembering that night.” Barry said. “Maybe I can take you out on a proper date tomorrow? Or maybe even tonight if the crime in this city wants to give me a night off.”

You nodded, leaning into his warm embrace. “But first, before we go out anywhere I think we should go alert the team to this Amnesia guy. We can’t let him destroy our future before it even begins.”

Barry was silent for a moment. After loosening his grip on you a smidgen, he reclined enough to get a good look at your face. “We will tell them everything and we will catch that guy. But,” A grin etched on his face and you knew he was up to something as his gaze flicked from your eyes to your lips. “I think a few minutes to ourselves won’t hurt anybody…”