if anyone here drinks you must have it

Okay, gang, I know we’re not there yet but there’s no harm in being prepared - it’s time for… 


- Every mention of “hope”
- Every mention of “survive”
- “I’m gonna get you out of here”
- “May we meet again” (finish your drink if it’s met with “We will”)
- “There has to be another way”
- “Get them to Medical”
- Every time Kane asks Abby/anyone else “are you alright?”
- Every time Monty and Jasper do The High Five
- “On the Ark…”
- “I had no choice”
- “Not enough time”
- “Not enough boats”
- “My sister, my responsibility”
- “Your fight is over/yu gonplei stei odon
- “Blood must have blood/jus drein jus daun
- “Stay strong/stei yuj
- “Get knocked down, get back up/ge smauk daun, gyon op nodotaim
- “Together”

Feel free to add to this as you please!