if anyone hasnt seen it

“Do you think what I said to you in the tape was a lie?”

ok, i JUST finished storm in the room, and i already have a huge problem with this

this happened literally after rose was called out for hurting people she was supposed to love

i have been emotionally manipulated personally, and rose’s behaviour absolutely reeks of gaslighting to me

but idk, it wasn’t exactly established if rose’s conscious was really there or not, can someone add onto this?

so i finally finished rwby vol.4

and hooo boi.


also my love for nora has only grown this season. i mean all of the characters really, but nora just justified her place in my heart as my favorite character

same with yang who is close second. her kicking butt and learning to live with her disability was dope! and im glad to see that she is still the amazing bombshell who is also a frikken badass.

the others were okay, i liked ruby and jaune, both were alright this season. i did like the character arc with ren, and im glad we didnt lose him. yet, please dear god let that fantheory not be true. you know the one.

qrow, taiyang, and mama and papa kitty cat were really cool too. i liked that we got to see more of the parental figures

also qrows semblance? yikes, thats so unfortunate.

oscar and ozpin are really quite the pair and im very excited how they are going to continue that pair and their story line.

sun and blake? yas please. even though i like bumblebee, i also really like sun as a character. he is mad cute and dorky and he is a really nice difference to blake. i think they compliment each other nicely.

lets talk villains.

salem was again the really unlikeable bitch. so no difference there.

cinder i was torn about, because i did feel bad for her. but she ultimately chose the villain side, so eh.

emerald and mercury were very unimportant this season. so no further opinion there.

a little bit suprised we didnt see much from the two bearded villains, the two men who stand alongside the others in the opening, but i mean they are going to be established in vol.5 im p sure.

and now a character i never knew i would like as much as i do now.

tyrian! my smol insane scorpion. i think his fighting style is dope first of all. he looks really freaky how he barely moved and just deflects. he was a very funny enemy to qrow, and them fighting, again, was pretty cool. him injuring qrow tho…not as cool

and tyrian roaring in pain when he lost his stinger? and then him begging for mercy and then him crying as he kept punching the grimm and then it slowly turning into laughter? that entire scene broke my fucking heart.

oh i forgot about weiss. she was alright. i really liked her character growth tho, she turned from being an insufferable princess into a really cool and strong character who stood up for what is right, no matter if it is against her fathers will. so yeah, i really liked weiss!

all in all the story, characters and animation was really good and i liked that it was so different from vol.3. i especially liked that they didnt just start killing off characters, but instead we got an entire volume to recover from pyrrha *ugly cry*

and hoo boi, was the ending a cryfest for me! boop playing in the background of sad renora scenes and slow instrumental cold playing in the background at the end? ho man, i was bawling as bad as one can be.

so yeah, all in all really liked this volume and im very excited for the next one!

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i’ve… actually never watched star wars and I really should ;; but I also really like wizard of oz omg it was so good !!

star wars is really fun!! han solo is my boyfriend, btw. ;) but wizard of oz is just my all-time favorite thing ever. i’ve seen it in theaters twice, i have all these books and memorabilia, i just love it so much

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Hey idk if you saw but there was a preview for the next episode that has Alec standing on the top of the Institute(? i think) and there were some suicidal themes going on so i wanted you tell you so you can warn people that might get triggered.

thanks theo yeah for anyone who hasnt seen the promo, so far it looks like there will be some suicidal themes, so be careful. I am pretty sure that its something to do with the characters fears and that that scene may be imagined, but we dont know for sure and it doesnt make it less triggering anyway 


That full interview for anyone who hasnt seen it


For anyone that hasnt seen what a labor pain simulator does, that video should be good enough info on it. (but wait, there’s more! on the side)

So uh….Rest in fucking pieces, Mark.


heres his video just in case anyone hasnt seen it yet!