if anyone hasnt seen it

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What if Keith is a spy with amnesia?

Then we are all in for some serious angst. 

As unlikely as it is to be in canon at this point, it would be fun to explore in fanfiction terms, especially if we take and twist this scene:

as a repressed memory. If his memories could be modified by the use of Haggar’s twisted magic, and he and his mother were sent as ‘plants’ to planet earth, a bit of canon divergence could make for a really interesting story. 

For anyone who hasnt seen it yet lol


in case anyone hasnt yet seen this cultural fuckin masterpiece

The saddest thing about samurai jack is that in the beginning, even though he was a fugitive and everyone was after him, he still went after aku. aku was in hiding and the whole plot was jack trying to get to him to fight.
In the new season, now that jack has no sword (which originally belonged to his dad and had trapped haku years before so its magic or sum shit) jack doesnt want aku to know that he lost the sword. That means he is now running from aku (at least until he gets his sword back)

Also they said jack has been away from public eye for years!!!!! That means since he lost his sword he has been in hiding!!! that means jack hasnt seen anyone from the old days for the past 50 years I think im going to cry

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HI OLIVIA!!!! I'm so sorry and I feel really bad but I'm a bit desperate, so do you think you could help a fellow Pinay out and reblog this /post/161029241804/mirrored-from-my-personal-asgraceless-im from me about fic commissions+donations? It'd really help and I'd be so grateful T___T Sorry again huhuhu.

hello ate!!! can i call u that lmao is that weird LMFAO but yea ofc i can!!! ive already reblogged it but to anyone who hasnt seen and would like to commission for some Qualitea fics give this post a cheeky click ;o

i just finished watching The Borrowers (1997) and its so much higher stakes than i thought itd be

i thought itd be more secret world of arrietty level conflict but i was WAY off. i expected many things, but Peagreen being nearly KILLED was not one of them

it was really good though! very entertaining and very easy to get into. i find at certain parts the Clock family and Pete can be a little off in acting, but i’m just nit-picking

i can say with confidence that the special effects were fantastic. sure, there werent a ton of scenes where beans and borrowers are in frame for a while, but in the few there were, it really did look like the borrowers were real.

highly recommend it to anyone who hasnt seen it

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(soa s3 spoilers for anyone who hasnt seen it yet) i just finished season 3 of soa and can i just say that i'm 0% okay with the fact that tiggy and kozik are fighting because of a dog that is so goddamn sad i fucking cried when tig pulled out that picture 😭 i wish they explained more about what happened tho i looked it up but they don't seem to mention it ever again (also i'm kinda in love with tig h elp)

I know right :( the sadness…I also would’ve like to see more and all but apparently the dog passed away because of Kozik somehow while they were both roomates in the army