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Why did Esther have multiple parties for the king instead of revealing Haman at the first one?

You know, I was wondering about that listening to megillah this year, since it never says anything explicitly about her methods. I do have a speculative answer, though.

If you look at the narrative, Esther is very hesitant about the plan to beg to stop the decree. She lives with the king; she knows what he’s like, how unreasonable he can be. When Mordechai tells her to go to the king about the decree he has made about the Jews, she responds with: but if I go appear before him and he hasn’t summoned me, he’ll put me to death. A valid fear, really, considering Achashverosh’s temperament and all the social rules in place. But she goes to the king anyway; “if I perish, I perish,” she says, and after fasting and so on, she appears before the king, and he feels favorably towards her, and doesn’t have her put to death (which is convenient for us: Thanks for Not Murdering Our Favorite Princess, Achashverosh!). (Also, disclaimer that there are probably other ~relationship~ things happening here, but I’ve actually never learned Esther much beyond pshat, so I’m sticking to what I know here.)

At this point, she’s already done something bold, and risky, and going against convention. Even though he claims he’ll be generous towards her request, again, he’s not exactly your #1 Trust Everything He Says person, you feel? So she makes a humble request, and one that she knows he’ll like: come join me for a wine party, with your best bro, Haman!

My guess is that after/during this party, she’s still hesitant. It’s still… I mean, imagine being in her place. What if Achashverosh doesn’t grant the request? What if revealing herself does lead to her death? Most importantly – well, she’s chosen to be the queen, and then a terrible antisemite becomes the king’s best bro, and they make a horrible decree against the Jews. What if that’s what G-d wants to happen, you know? Notably, when she asks Achashverosh for the second party to happen, during the first, she uses the word “king” two times (“if I find favor in the eyes of the king, and if it pleases the king…”); this is taken as an allusion not just to Achashverosh but to G-d, the king of kings.

And then — well, look at the events of the megillah:

  • Haman goes home, swollen with pride, which is quickly deflated by Mordechai refusing to bow to him, as usual. He devises a plan, building a gallows for Mordechai.
  • That same night, Achashverosh can’t sleep; reading through old records, he realizes he needs to honor Mordechai for saving his life (which happened earlier in the story).
  • Haman comes, just as the king has had that realization, into the court. The king asks him how to honor someone who should be honored, Haman assumes the king is referring to him, and is instead forced to give the grand honors he describes to Mordechai, publicly.
  • While Haman is recovering from the aftermath of that, the king’s guards immediately take him to the second party.

If Esther was hesitant before; well, if anything is a sign that she’s doing okay, having Haman lead her unclecousinhusbandfatherfigureJewishleader Mordechai through the streets of the capital, him wearing the clothes of the king on the king’s horse, him shouting “such will be done to a man who the king likes,” yeah, that’s a pretty good sign. With all that having happened, she can now go ahead and make the request of Achashverosh, and in the end she succeeds.

That’s just my reading, though. There could be other interpretations (or, um, actual commentary) that explains it, and there’s gotta be midrashim - if there’s any story with wild midrashim, it’s Esther - but this is what made most sense to me from the pshat. If anyone has followup questions, more to add - well, you know where to find me!

Happy Purim to everyone!

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Hi, I'm not sure if I can request but if I can I wondered if you could do a 4/4 where Y/N is mute

Yes! Requests are always open :) I decided to just do Luke instead of all 4 boys because I didn’t want it to be repetitive. But I included all of the boys in the story so I hope that works :)

And I will go ahead and apologize in advance if any of this is inaccurate. I’ve never dealt with mutism or known anyone who has, so it may not all be correct, but I did my best :)

*TRIGGER WARNING* This contains mild mentions of anxiety.

You live in almost complete silence. Ever since you were fifteen, you’ve hardly spoken a word. At first, your parents thought that something was physically wrong, so they kept sending you to doctors and specialists to have them examine you. Eventually, though, they figured out that the problem isn’t physical, it’s mental. 

At the age of sixteen, a psychologist diagnosed you with selective mutism. Basically that means that you only speak in places where you feel comfortable. He said that it’s a form of regaining control in situations where you feel like you don’t have any. In simplest terms, it’s a severe form of anxiety that you have been unfortunate enough to fall victim to. 

It hurts your parents that you don’t feel comfortable enough with them to speak freely, but after four years, they’ve almost gotten used to it. You communicate through hand signals and occasionally writing notes on your phone when your hand signals aren’t understood.

There’s only one person that you’ll speak to, and even then it’s rare. It’s your boyfriend, Luke. Luke has known you since you were both little kids, and he has been one of your best friends nearly your entire life. When you turned fifteen, he asked you out, and you said yes. Then suddenly, a few months later, you stopped talking.

Luke was confused at first. He kept trying to figure out what might have happened to make you go mute, but he never once judged you for it. He stayed by your side and made you feel safe, which is why you feel comfortable talking to him when you two are alone.

Today, Luke is taking you to dinner to meet some of his new friends. He said he’d met these three guys that he’s really been bonding with, and he wants to introduce them to you. You’re nervous, as always, but Luke assures you that it’ll be fine. The boys know about your mutism, and he’s warned them not to make you feel uncomfortable.

You enter the small restaurant and immediately you begin to feel your throat tightening up. You don’t like being in confined or crowded places, and this restaurant is both of those things.

Luke reaches out and takes your hand in his, pulling you slightly closer to him in an attempt to make you feel less scared. He hadn’t realized how small this place would be, otherwise he would’ve told the boys to pick a different restaurant.

It’s too late to turn back now, though. 

After searching for a few minutes, Luke is able to spot the boys at the back of the restaurant. He guides you over to a table in the corner where the three guys are already seated.

They all stand up when they see you guys coming over, and you grip Luke’s hand just a little bit tighter. Meeting new people is not one of your strong suits, hence the reason that Luke is not only your boyfriend, but pretty much your only friend.

The first boy sticks his hand out for you to shake and he offers you a warm smile. “Hi, I’m Calum,” he says.

You smile and nod politely before glancing up at Luke. He’s become accustomed to having to introduce you to people since you can’t do it yourself.

Calum retracts his hand after a few seconds when he sees that you aren’t going to shake it, but he doesn’t seem phased. Luke told him to expect this.

“(Y/N),” Luke says, nodding toward a boy with lots of brown, curly hair. “This is Ashton, and that,” he says pointing to the third boy at the table, “Is Michael. Guys, this is my girlfriend, (Y/N).”

Ashton and Michael say hello and Michael waves softly. They don’t try to shake your hand, seeming to catch on to the fact that you aren’t comfortable with it.

After the initial introductions, you all sit down and begin scanning over your menus. The boys are having a conversation about guitars, and you’re listening attentively. Being mute has made you an incredible listener over the years.

“(Y/N),” Calum says, his eyes turning to you. “Do you play any instruments?”

Your mind goes blank. You hadn’t been expecting anybody to address you, so you are too startled to answer. 

Before you can gather yourself, you see Michael lean over to Luke. “I know some sign language,” he whispers, his voice still loud enough for you to hear. “Would that help?”

Luke looks at him incredulously. “She’s mute, you idiot, not deaf.”

Michael looks away, embarrassed, but you giggle. Everyone’s eyes snap to you, including Luke’s. He’s only ever heard you laugh when the two of you are alone. 

For once, though, you almost feel comfortable around these strangers. You are very appreciative of the fact that they are trying to include you in their conversations, and you like that they don’t treat you like broken glass.

When most people hear about your condition, they treat you as if you’ll shatter into a million pieces if they say the wrong things. But with these boys, you almost are starting to feel like a normal human being.

You see Luke smile out of the corner of your eye and the other three boys smile as well. You pull out your phone and quickly type a message in your notes app before handing it to Michael.

Michael reads it and lets out a small laugh. “’I like your hair’,” he reads. He hands the phone back to you and smiles. “Thanks. It’s probably going to start falling out soon,” he sighs as his hands reach up to run his fingers through his bright blue hair. “But I figure, hey, I’m going to go bald some day anyways. Might as well have some fun with my hair while I still can.”

All three boys immediately start teasing Michael about his hair and how he’s going to be bald by the time he’s twenty five. You laugh and smile along with their comments, sometimes even tapping Luke and signaling to him what you want to say. 

You’ve never felt this normal since you stopped talking. It’s strange, but somehow, in the company of these four boys, you start to feel safe.

Band Camp

This was requested by an anon who wanted to see the Hamilsquad at band camp. So this is what came out. Some of these things have happened and are just changed a bit. If anyone has any questions or wants to tell me stuff about band camp go ahead. Let me know what you think! Now I’m going to go eat food then work on a John L. one.

Words: 556


Alexander Hamilton was totally ready for band camp. He was the section leader for the trumpets this year and he wanted to show everyone why they were the best. Of course it would go a lot better if the other section leader wasn’t Aaron Burr.

Three of his best friends were also in the band with John on saxophone, Lafayette with the mellophone, and Hercules as a bass drum.

Everything was going swimmingly. Alex was in a good mood. He had all his music and he’d even been able to get a brand new trumpet over the summer.

Catching a ride with Herc, Laf, and John, they were all going over some of the best memories from the last years of band camp, on their way to the field.

“Do you remember that one time at band camp when Laf was marching backwards, then tripped, did a somersault, got back up and started marching again? I thought the director was going to lose it!” John started and everyone cracked up.

“Okay John, what about that one time a colorguard girl hit you so hard on the head with her flag that you passed out and had to be carried off the field?” Laf retorted, and everyone laughed harder.

“Okay well what about that time that we were walking off the field and Herc tripped and face planted right into his bass drum?” John started going off at Herc this time.

“Remember when Alex decided it would be a good idea to mix everyone’s juice pouches and sodas together and drink it. He wouldn’t stop throwing up all night!” Herc said trying to get everyone in on this.

“Okay but what about…” it went on the entire trip all the way to the football field, everyone having embarrassing moments and laughing at the others.


When they finally arrived to the field everyone meet up with their own sections. He saw Aaron waiting with some other trumpets and made his way over there.

George Washington was one of the drum majors this year and was setting up some of the sections in a block to start marching.

Going over to his section he started to set them up in their area of the block marking them off while Aaron took attendance and lead them through stretching.

Everyone else was getting into place and gathering their instruments ready to start.

Alex and Aaron were already arguing about something, and all anybody heard was Aaron saying “If you want control by a remote.”

Everything else went smoothly. With only a minor amount of Burr and Hamilton arguments.


Band camp was over for the season and now they only had morning practices before school started for the day.

The Hamilsquad decided to have a sleepover on the last day. Lying there they were already talking about the next year of band camp, which would be their last year.

Alex wanted to try and be the drum major next year and beat out Aaron. Herc wanted to move and be the lead snare drummer and Laf was going to move to trombone. John just wanted to not get hit in the head with a flag again.

Everyone was quiet and seemed to be drifting off to sleep until someone says,

“Remember that one time, at band camp…” and everyone started talking again.

BTS Reaction to you falling down the stairs

A/N: I’ve actually haven’t done any reactions before but I wanted to give it a shot. I figured this would improve my writing skills plus hopefully I’ll get some unique ideas that haven’t been done before. If anyone has a request you can go ahead and shoot me one :) 

I also write somewhat of a ficlet to these by the way. I hope you enjoy the mini-stories. 

Masterlist here


You were skipping down the stairs to tell your boyfriend about the party you two were invited to when you slipped on the last step and took a tumble. 

You sat up, your face pouting and red as you looked up to see Namjoon looking down and laughing at you.

“This is the third time this week.”

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Jin was standing at the stove and cooking dinner for the two of you since it was one of those rare nights where he had the next day off. As a surprise, he decided it would be nice for him to do the cooking since you took care of him most of the time. 

Jin smiled happily making the dinner and turned when he heard your footsteps coming down the stairs. 

When you heard him cooking, you immedietly came down the stairs. You turned the corner of the stairwell to see him smiling happily at you. Just as you were about to ask him what he was making, your foot missed the last time and you fell almost as dramatically as someone who slipped on a banana peel. 

You shot back up, your face going red as you saw him giggling at you from the kitchen.

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“Hobi give me my phone back!”

Hobi had teased you that you were talking to another guy, when in reality you had been talking to your brother. Hobi knew this, but as playful as he was, he grabbed your phone out of your hand and ran for his life.

You have chase all the way around the house. You bolted down the stairs, not even thinking about the possibility of tripping and falling. 

You missed the last step of the staircase and hit the ground. Hard. Hoseok turned around from where he was running to see you sniffling tears on the floor. He ran over to you to check if you were hurt.

“Jagi are you hurt?” 

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Yoongi had just come home and was taking a nap on the couch. He was exhausted from the day and all he wanted was for you to get home and cuddle with him. 

Unbeknownst to him you had gotten off work early and was taking a shower upstairs. Thinking you had a little while before Yoongi came home, you dried yourself and put on nothing but a pair of panties and one of Yoongi’s big shirts.

You made your way down the stairs to watch a little tv when you heard Yoongi snore on the couch. Caught in surprise, you tumbled a bit at the bottom of the stairs but grabbed the railing before making a full fall.

The slight sound of your feet stumbling woke Yoongi and he looked over the back of the couch. Not even registering that you fell, he smirked at your attire.

“Well don’t you just look adorable.”

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Taehyung was currently sitting in bed watching you get dressed. It was a rare day off for him and you had decided a date at the arcade would be fun since his busy schedule kept you guys from going out a lot of the time. 

“Yay!” he yelled when you told him you were ready. He jumped up from the bed, already dressed, and grabbed your hand. 

Tahyung practically dragged you through the hallway and down the stairs. Unfortunetly you tripped the moment your foot hit the floor at the bottom of the stairs, causing you to fall right on top of Taehyung. 

Taehyung rolled around on the floor with you on top of him. He was clearly embarssed from being so excited. 

“No blood no foul right?”

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You were upstairs doing your makeup when the doorbell rang. You knew exactly who it was: Your boyfriend Jungkook was on a short break from promotions and was going to take you our for a date. 

“Come on in!” you yelled. Despite him having a key, he still knocked. Silly boy. You heard the door open and smiled. You hadn’t seen him in weeks because of promotions.

You quickly slipped on a pair of earrings and ran out of your room and down the stairs. You got a little too excited as you ran down the stairs and managed to slip on the last couple of steps. 

Jungkook, however, managed to catch and keep you from falling the rest o0f the way down the stairs. You dug your face into his chest, embarrased about your fall. 

When you did look up, he was smiling at you.

“You’re so cute Jagiya” 

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You and Jimin had been cuddling together on thee couch and before you knew it, the both of you had fallen asleep there together. It was nice.

Unfortunetly, you had to pee. Badly. 

You slid out of Jimin’s arms, careful not to wake him up, and made your way to the staircase. The last thing you had thought about in that moment definitly wasn’t falling up the stairs.

Your foot missed that very first step and you face planted into the ground. You lifted yourself up, eyes tearing and nose in pain, turning around to find Jimin standing over you in concern. He lifted up your face to observe your nose. It had started bleeding.

“Baobei you’re a mess”

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EXO Reaction to you Crying Because They Don’t Have Time for you

Remember guys i am looking for two people to join this blog so if your interested here’s the info. Anyone can try i just need one reaction from you and it doesn’t have to be requested by someone or you can write something if you want (fanfic,imagine,secnario) and just like the reaction it doesn’t have to be requested. I’m not being picky or anything so everyone has a chance :) Also if you have any request go ahead and leave them in my ask box - Jasmine

(none of these gifs are mine)

★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ 

XIUMIN: no,no,no don’t cry i will make more time for you *shit how am i gonna do that*

TAO: i’m sorry jagi i’m never here please don’t cry

SUHO: please don’t cry i’ll make time for you i promise…

SEHUN: i though we talked about this already, please don’t cry anymore

LUHAN: i know its not the same but we can always facetime 

LAY: *writes a song to make you feel better*

KRIS: *he walks in on you crying* ummm….

KAI: you don’t need to cry i’m here now right?

D.O: the tour is almost over just little bit longer ok?

CHEN: please don’t cry i don’t like to see you upset

CHANYEOL: well i can’t do much but i’ll try to be here

BAEKHYUN: *what do i do*

I was requested to do this by superfruityxscomiche! I know it’s short but I wanna get this uploaded tonight and I wanted to get it done in time and I have more excuses but i can’t be arsed going into those so here is this thing lel. 

But this was pretty fun so if you guys have a song with good lyrics that you want me to do send me an ask (or don’t, your choice). I kinda wanna try to make a sad one so if anyone has any song idea’s go ahead and I’ll make a thing maybe idk.

Friday 13th with Sammy Boy

For:  loveimagines16

“Can I have a imagine with sam please my names Aiesha if you do personals 😊 can it be a very cute one thanks”

Sorry if it’s a tad long i got carried away xx


So it’s Friday the 13th, and Friday is usually date night for my boyfriend and I. However I wasn’t in the mood to go out this weekend, and instead just hang out at my boyfriend’s Sam’s house for the weekend.

“Aiesha baby girl, since it’s Friday the 13th and all, I think we should have a sick little horror movie marathon.” Sam said.

“Alright, Sammy Boy, but don’t com crying to me if you think Freddy Kruger is coming after you” I replied teasing him.

 “No baby, none of that wussy stuff, I’m talking legit scary shit, Japanese horror.” Sam replied with a smirk.

I myself am a big movie buff and I’m fine with any genre, but Japanese horror made even my skin crawl, I would never recommend it, unless you enjoy being paranoid and scared shitless. Yet I hate to admit that I do have an ego, and I’m not letting Sammy know that I can be this easily scared, I’ve always been the brave fearless girl growing up, nu uh, I’m up for this.

“Fine Sammy, you get the movie ready I’m going to head down to the kitchen and make us some popcorn”

As I crawled over Sammy and got up he smacked me lightly on the ass, my boyfriend honestly sex is all he can ever think about.

“Hey keep it in your pants baby!” i said smirking whilst swatting his hand away.  I loved our relationship, it was always flirty, but Sammy is also my best friend and I love him for that too.

I returned with a bowl of popcorn and a couple cans of soda. I placed them down in front of us and cuddled up to Sammy under the warm blanket.

“Aiesha baby if you’re scared you can tell me it’s fine, we can watch a Disney movie if you want” Sammy whispered in my ear, I know he wasn’t playing nice, he was doing this to challenge me, he had smirk plastered on his face as he looked down at me.

 “Of course I’m not frightened baby, I mean if you’re trying to imply you’d rather watch Cinderella, don’t worry it’s fine I wont judge, I’d admire it if my boyfriend has a feminine side” I grabbed a can and popped it open whilst shuffling a little away from Sammy, I don’t need to protected.

We proceeded to watch a couple movies, with Sammy laughing at some scenes, whilst I sat their gulping down my fear, with goose bumps dotted all over my skin, my forehead creasing as I cringed at horrific scenes. It was most certain I wont be able to sleep tonight.

I excused myself so I could use the toilet, and walking down the dark corridors of Sammy’s home creeped me out, as I had this constant paranoia that I was being followed or watched. I couldn’t even bring myself to look at my own reflection in the mirror, frightened that it would reveal something lurking behind me in the shadows. As I walked back out of the bathroom and into the bedroom I was suddenly surprised.

“Boo!” Sammy roared as he jumped from behind the door.

As a reflex I screamed and sucker punched him square.

“Fucking shit a brick! WHAT THE HELL AIESHA?!” Sammy cried out from pain whilst holding his jaw in his hand.

I have to admit I felt guilty but this was hilarious.

“I’m so – so sorr-ry bab-y,” I said whilst trying to control my laughter.

After I managed to control my laughter, I grabbed Sammy by the arm and guided him to the kitchen where I tended the small bruise on his jaw with a bag of frozen peas.

“Aiesha what the hell, why’d you…” Sammy mumbled through the pain.

“sssh baby, don’t talk, look I thought you were some creep, that was about to devour my soul and drag me to the depths of hell” I replied whilst looking down and my very own set of bruised knuckles.

“So you were scared right?” Sammy said, and you just hear the smirk in his voice.

“This is no time to be smug, but yes I was scared and I don’t like to admit it okay?” 

I knew I was being stubborn and saying it hurt my ego and pride.

“Aaaw, baby girl don’t be upset, it’s just that you’re always so strong, brave, fearless and independent, you hardly let anyone be there for you whilst you’re there for everyone else, and sometimes I just want to be able to protect you and guard you, but most obviously you don’t need protecting, I learnt that lesson the hard way”

I giggled and smiled when he said this.

He rested his hand softly on my cheek and I looked up into his beautiful brown eyes, and my heart started to race and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach, and I’ve never felt this way unless I was with him. He’s only been able to make me feel this way.

“Aiesha sometimes I want to be your knight in shining armour, although I know you’re no damsel in distress, you’re a ruthless warrior. But I promise to catch you if you fall like I know you’d catch me, I just want you to let me in so I can care for you like you do for me, I love you Aiesha, and I’m not saying it for the sake of it. Sitting here on this kitchen counter with a bruise on my jaw gifted to me by you, looking into you’re beautiful eyes, I know that in this moment, as simple as it may be, that I love Aiesha, I love you more than anything in that ever was and will ever be, I love you”

Sammy’s brows were now furrowed; I lifted my hand and rubbed the creases from between his brows as a single tear slipped down my cheek.

“I-I love you to Sam Wilkinson, and you’ll always be my knight in shining armour, always” I whispered as I leant forward and our lips met. This kiss was a slow and passionate one, there was no rush, no lust, just pure love.

I squinted my eyes as the light of the morning sun fled in through the cracks in the curtains. As my senses slowly came back to me, I realised where I was, and smiled as I remembered last night. I was held in a sleeping Sammy’s embrace, and I could feel his warm breath tickle my neck, and hear the slow sweet pace of his heart beat, as I nuzzled myself more into his embrace, I knew. I was in love with Sammy, and here with him is where I feel safest, with him I feel at peace. He’s my knight, and I was his warrior princess. As cheesy as it may sound, I loved it and I love him.

A/N I hope you liked it darling :) i know i enjoyed reading it, please leave your feedback! i could really use it.

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Final edit of these sprites! I’d felt really bad about forgetting Puersuke’s glasses, so I decided as a little bonus i’d go ahead and just draw all of their glasses! Of course, Puerddie’s is my edit, and they look pretty crummy in my opinion, but then again, that’s likely because there’s no colors on the side that’s visible, so they look much more plain than before. 

And if anyone was curious, they’re all different sizes because I’ve cropped away most of the transparent parts, so–

~As usual, the Persona Magica concept can be found here! (Set is NSFW!) If anyone has any requests for ideas for the Persona Magica, feel free to shoot me an ask!