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Idk if you write headcanons but, can you do an ace!Jason and bi!Percy headcanon list thing? (i also requested some from i'mnotstraightorcis, etc. etc. , lmao. thank you in advanceeeee

@dontcallmestraightorcis is a great blog for anyone whos into content similar to mine - aka That Gay Shit tm B3c lil promo there

and ace jason and bi percy are my lifeblood tbh yes please


• jason (gr)ace figures out pretty early on that he’s not into people That Way - you dont grow up raised by wolves and then as a soldier beside other soldiers and not hear about The Do and how fun it is. he doesnt understand it though - if anything, it sounds gross and unnecessary. why waste time with something like that when you can be doing something else? the idea that he cant Provide that for someone stops him from dating in the barracks even before becoming praetor, however, even though dakota flirts constantly (which mostly just makes him laugh)

• percy doesnt get that hes bi until hes around 13-14 and hes talking to someone who Isnt like “yeah those guys are super good looking” “haha wow gay” “nah im straight” “those are not straight thoughts percy jackson” “…oh. guess im not then” and he doesnt beat himself up over it too much. its another thing that fugliano would have hated about him and the idea feels like rebellion, like blue food. it makes him grin

• when they meet, they’re ridiculous. percy is all peacock, being aggressive and showing off and trying to be The Coolest. he doesnt get that he has a crush. jason responds back to percy the same way, and KNOWS that he has a crush on percy. hes never liked someone that much before and really doesnt want to. hes afraid of not being Enough, of “leading percy on”, so to speak. he hasnt accepted that there are people out there that wont expect that of him - that would be happy with him as he is and would find no shortcomings in that which he could give. luckily percy doesnt seem to like him much, so that suits jason just fine (even if he is maybe secretly pining a little)

• percy is hanging out with piper and they get talking about jason. jason is on percy’s mind 24/7, the way luke was, the way annabeth was for a while, and he Knows but he hasnt put 2 and 2 together yet. piper, luckily, does. “percy, you like him. you like him and thats super gay and i approve.” “[gasps] piper, you useless lesbian, i cant believe this” “youre the useless lesbian. now go find jason and tell him the OTHER L word”

• so percy goes to find jason and apologize for his behavior because pigtail pulling is not an appropriate way of displaying a crush. jason goes stock still and is like “…a crush?”

percy goes on to say its okay if he doesnt like him back and that he’d get over it eventually and no sweat, i just came to say im worry, it wont happen again and jason hushes him pretty quickly. “its fine, percy… i mean. i kind of like you too just… i dont know. things are different.” he struggles to express how he feels. “but i dont want to lead you on.”

percy thinks hes saying “i dont ACTUALLY like you” and nods, a little hurt. ‘i like you but i dont wanna lead you on’ then what was that, he thinks bitterly. but he thinks he understands. “its okay, dude. dont worry about it.” jason shakes his head and says “but i DO worry about it. i want to be able to go all the way.”

percy blinks. “wait, what?”

“i just,” jason struggles again, bringing his hands into the air and looking exasperated. “i just.. i dont know. i want to go out with people and kiss or hug or whatever but then theres what comes next and i just cant do that. i dont think ill ever want that.”

theres a beat of silence, jason looking at the ground while.

“then we wont go that far.” jason looks up and when they meet eyes, percy shrugs easily. “youre a really cool, strong guy. youre nice, too, and you care about people. i wanna get to know you better, maybe not be at your throat all the time trying to 1 up you to get you to like me.” that makes jason laugh. “im okay with just taking you out. i dont think i need to ‘score’” he uses air quotes here, pulls a face at the word. “to score with you, if you know what i mean”

jason is smiling and blushing and maybe his throats a little tight and his eyes sting because a cute guy totally just used an awful line on him and doesnt mind that it wont get him into jasons pants. “then… okay.”


“okay, ill go out with you.”

and if percy raises his fists in the air and yells “WOOHOO!!!” then let it be known that jason didnt stop laughing for a long while after that


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Just the two of us

Part 6

OKAY, so sorry this one took so long but I present to you, PART 6! *cheering in the background* Anyway, I had school and work which delayed this, and I really hope the next part doesn’t take as long. 

(Also, if anyone can find the reference I made to ACOTAR, and not ACOMAF cause that one is really obvious, I will hand out a teaser for the Part 7! :) )

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Word Count: 3,101


The next three days passed in a blur.

I finished my painting for my advanced art class two days after Halloween. My portrait of Hades was hauntingly similar to how Rhysand dressed for Halloween.

It was a profile from the side, the Hades in my picture smirked over at the viewer. His eyes gleamed with mischief and something darker. He held out a hand that was drenched in a flame of shadow.

He had the same facial structure as Rhys but I swapped out the violet of his irises for a brown so dark it was almost black. I also made his lips thinner and hair longer. It looked like Rhys but only if you knew where to look.

For example, I can’t look at the hard line of his jaw too long otherwise my brain will revert back to when I was snuggled against him.

I had covered the painting until it was due this morning.

And then after class I had a twelve hour shift working at the coffee shop down the street. Although I absolutely hate my job, it pays really well and helps to pay rent—the free tea during my shift isn’t that bad of a deal either.

Now I was soaking in a bubble bath, my current novel was set beside the tub as I sink lower into the steaming water. I wanted the stench of coffee off of my skin and out of my hair.

I hadn’t gotten any sarcastic texts from Rhys about us hanging out again. I was actually looking forward to seeing him again.

I push the thought of him out of my mind. I am too tired to think about some handsome guy who spent the night in my bed. It was late already, and if I could I would fall asleep right in the bath.


I am towel drying my hair as I walk out of the bathroom and into my room. Rhysand’s shirts were really very comfortable to sleep in, I had on the second one he had left me along with warm leggings.

My teeth were already brushed, my hair was now a damp curtain down my back, and I could hold off one more night on my English Lit paper.

I would like to say I climb nicely into bed but it was more like a face-first swan dive onto my sheets. My face hits the pillow with a cushioned thump.

Flicking the lamp off on my nightstand was always so nice to me. When the darkness finally envelopes me and I can sink into it, drifting off to sleep with the darkness comforting my mind like the blankets on my bed.

The darkness that was interrupted by the flash of light on my phone.

I groan inwardly, who the hell would be texting me at 12:30 on a Tuesday night?

Rhysand’s name flashed across my phone, making my heart stumble.

Of course he would be trying to talk to me when I was trying to go to sleep. He did say he was a night owl.

“Hello Feyre darling, I don’t know if you’re up but I have made reservations tomorrow night and hope you would like to accompany me. I have something planned for afterwards too. Dress nice. x Rhys.” 

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Summary: This is a chaptered fic:

Definition of binary opposition- 

  1. In critical theory, a binary opposition (also binary system) is a pair of related terms or concepts that are opposite in meaning.

EG: Good vs Bad. 

Dan vs Phil. 

Dan - the good boy of the school, keeps to himself at the best of the times, obsessed with the idea of love. 

Phil- the bad boy of the school, the cause of all the fights, incapable of displaying emotion. 

So what exactly happens, when good mixes with bad? And opposites attract?


Genre- AU.

Word count- 1,107. 

AUTHORS NOTE- this was the prompt I got- good boy!dan x !older!bad-boy!phil High school AU so I decided to turn it into a chaptered fic. I hope this goes as well as I planned it to? Feedback would be greatly appreciated! 


Half past 6 and I’m waking up to the piercing screech of my alarm. I roll over and smack my hand against it. The batteries fall out and the screeching comes to a sudden stop. I sit up and shift my body so that I’m facing the side, with my feet touching the floor. I rub my eyes and groan. The whole summer holidays was spent desperately wishing to not have to go back to school, but my wish hasn’t been granted. I get myself up and find my uniform laid across my bed, thanks to my Mother. I pull on the hideous outfit and give my hair a quick brush, then ruffle it up with my hand. You know, to give it that ‘I don’t really give a shit’ look, just so that I can fit in with everyone else. I find my books on the side, from where I was doing revision late last night and throw them into my bag. I run a hand through my hair for the second time, tighten my tie and head downstairs. 

I am ready and waiting at 7:00am for the bus to arrive. My Mum has already left for work and I have found the note she left, telling me where my lunch is. I find my usual seat on the bus, near the front away from everyone and stick one of my headphones in, just so that I can hear what Lily is talking to me about. I wouldn’t want to be rude. 

“What the fuck did you just say?” Someone suddenly screams at the back of the bus, causing me to jump and rip out the headphone in my ear. Theres never any drama on this bus and even if there is drama at school, I keep to myself, ignore it. You make things worse if you get involved. But theres something about this one sentence, the pure rage in his voice and the fact that no one ever fights, most don’t communicate, so I have to take a look. 

And I’m not the only one. It seems that everyone has turned to look at this boy. This boy with dead black hair with blue, green eyes. He looks terrifying. His face is burning red in anger. He is clearly older than me. I don’t hear what the boy that persisted this side of him responds, but it’s clearly not right. The boy pushes him backward, with such force that he falls onto the floor and whacks his head on the seat. People begin to scream. But he doesn’t stop. I’ve never seen this kid before, some great first impression he seems to be making. 

The fight is soon over, when the populars of our bus, (everyone that sits on the back row) breaks them apart. They applaud the guy that has left the other in the state he is and pat him on the back. I take a look at the boy left on the floor, clutching his nose and sigh. How people can applaud actions that leave another in pain, I will never understand. What dicks. 

When the bus comes to a stop, I practically run off. After the outbreak, it was all anyone was talking about and as the bus is quite small, you could hear every single word anyone was saying. It bored me, as far as I was concerned, it was over, so why was it still being spoken about? Clearly the black haired boy agreed with my view, because every time someone asked him a question about it, he flipped them off, in a rude manner that frustrated me. If my mum was here, he would tell him to wash his mouth out with soap. And for once, I would agree with her. 

I take the long way to class, just to get some time to myself and seeing as the bus arrived early, I had plenty of time to kill. I pull out my timetable and pause to check what I have first. Wrong decision. A large figure walks straight into me. 

“I’m so sorry!” I look up and my timetable falls to the floor. I quickly bend down to pick it up. 

“I would be.” He says. 

I am scared of him. His presence and body language terrifies me. There’s something in his eyes that a different to anyone else’s. They say that eyes are the window to our souls and I’ve always believed that quote, but when you look into this guys eyes, you can’t see anything. It’s like staring at a brick wall. 

“Yea, well, sorry.” I repeat, stuttering.

“Why are you so nervous?” He laughs, it’s a cold laugh, which sends a shiver down my spine. 

“I’m not.” 

“Yes you are.” 

“No I’m not!” 

“Are you really disagreeing with me?” It’s angrier and I quickly shake my head, causing him to throw his head back and the cold laughter turns to mean laughter and I hate everything about him. I begin to walk off, but he grabs at my arm and theres something about his touch, that seems to spark something inside of me and I know he feels it to, because as soon as I look into his eyes, he lets go. “Well anyway, I’m lost, tell me where to go.” 

“Please would be nice.” I mutter under my breath. 

“Sorry?” He heard. 

I feel weak as I say no and I immediately curse myself in my mind. He gives me his timetable and my assumption of him being older is right, he’s much older than me. 2 years above. 

“It’s down there on the left.” I accompany my speech with hand gestures. 

“What year are you?” He asks, not thanking me. 

“Two years below you.” I respond, bluntly. 

He does a sideways smirk and looks me up and down. “Cute.” The way he says it and the way he is looking at me makes me feel awkward, he still terrifies me, but theres something about him so intriguing and was he hitting on me? 

I blush and mutter. “I’ll be late for class.” 

“You can’t go without telling me your name.” He whispers and I am completely aware of how close he is to me. It was him that closed the gap between us. It’s him that is standing so close to me and I am still scared of him. My face is so red, it looks like I’ve been sunburnt. I hate him.

“Da- Da- Dan.” I stutter and he breaks away. I can breath again. 

“Phil.” He responds. He snatches the timetable from my hand. “Have a pleasant day.” He mocks and walks away. 

 I’ve never walked to class so fast.