if anyone finds a master post of these send them to me please

Resources to help family/friends understand how to better support their chronically ill and disabled loved ones

Hey everyone!

I’m trying to put together a list of resources that I can send to my mom to help her understand what is helpful and what is harmful when it comes to supporting a family member/loved one with a chronic illness. She tries very hard but she just misses the mark a lot.

so if anyone has any resources, articles, tumblr posts, ect… that they can share with me that would be great! My askbox is open (anonymous enabled), my submit is open, and my private messaging is open so feel free to send stuff.

I’m going to try and post them below as I find them and/or get sent them so if anyone else is looking for the same thing here’s a place to look.

If there’s already another master post going by someone else please let me know and I will just update that one instead!