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firstly, feel free to request more french masterposts. 
flirting in french; god, how i would love to be smooth in any language.
seriously, if i could neal caffrey my way through france, that would be great. so, this is a masterpost on how to flirt in french. - i’d like to think this is pretty important - as this is part of socializing in any language. flirtation is a very different thing than “picking up.” picking up is a kind of hunting game with a very pointed and invariable goal: to be making out as soon as possible! think barney from how i met your mother challenge accepted. flirtation, at least in france, is a totally different thing. it’s a different culture, a different lifestyle. it’s a way of being in everyday life, and unlike picking up, it has no defined goal. sometimes the french flirt because it’s just delightful to do so. think salt to pepper relationship. allowing each one to check, and at different levels, if he or she still has some charm operating. 

i would say that simple is always best: merely walk up to your chosen girl or guy and say je vous trouve absolument charmante (I find you absolutely charming / beautiful. be classy and to the point. with that and mind, read on!

let’s learn some classic phrases to become a regular femme fatale, shall we?

so; why flirt in french?

  • well, french is a sexy language. not going to lie. 
  • it’s the planet’s most-hyped language of love.
  • reaching that level of fluency feels amazing.
  • it gives you that confidence. social confidence.
  • becoming a smooth talker feels nice. i want to be one, anyway. 
  • tired of searching for love in english? 

french learning and french flirting 

  • let’s face it: in france, (or in any country for that matter), nobody speaks like a textbook, the president, or a language learning site (i’m looking at you, duolingo). it’s great for memorizing the fundamentals, but lacks that extra step that stands between you and complete fluency. 
  • flirting is part of socializing - and linguistically (i don’t know, it helped with me) it improves retention. it’s also just interesting to learn! 
  • flirting is just well.. fun. even if it doesn’t go anywhere.
  • a bit of verbal charm isn’t always necessary : but in my opinion, it helps you sound more natural / at ease / friendly. 
  • i somewhat lack verbal charm (i’m very, very awkward in social situations) so i probably need this masterpost as much as anyone else (: 

the classics: make love last. 
this is based upon what i’ve heard at school / restaurants / bars. 
okay fine: it’s based on the movies i’ve watched too. 

  • j’ai envie de t’embrasser / embrasse-moi - kiss me.. annouce it - make your intentions known! i’d like to kiss you’ - okay, you could just kiss someone instead of letting them know. but i don’t know.. there’s something romantic about it? best with a longing, meaningful stare. 
  • je t’aime: i’m pretty sure we all know this one. best with someone you care deeply for, i wouldn’t say this on a first date - but if you’re the direct type : this can help you get from a to z pretty quickly. 

the simple compliments: short and sweet
using these with a flirty look / tone of voice (as i’ve seen amongst my friends) can do wonders. play with your expression while practicing these: it makes a difference, trust me. you can begin with (oh putain) to make it sound authentic. it’s not (really) a ‘swear word’ and people use it often. best used in an informal setting. example: putain, t’es toujours canon toi ou quoi?

you can also add trop ( = too). example: trop belle, trop mignon(ne).
you can also add tellement ( = so) example: t’es tellement belle!
you can also add si ( = so) example: t’es si mignonne.
you can also use grave ( = totally) example: t’es grave belle. 

  • t’es mignon(ne).
  • t’es belle (/beau), toi. 
  • t’es canon. ( = you’re smoking hot). 
  • t’es con(ne). ( = you’re an idiot) - i’ve seen this used a lot flirtatiously.
  • t’es drôle. ( = you’re funny)
  • t’es magnifique. 
  • t’es charmant(e). 
  • t'es coquin / coquine! ( = you’re such a tease.)

the ‘social and the flirty’ 
inspired by my class facebook chat and group. some of them are direct quotes (:
these can be used as compliments / or flirtatiously. depends on your relationship with the person you’re giving them to. 

  • cette beauté chaton, tu m’ éblouie. ( = you dazzle me with your beauty.)
  • une beauté divine. ( = a divine beauty or: you’re so divine.)
  • ouloulouloulouloulou. ( = you really have to hear this one.)
  • tu brilles de mille feux.
  • j'te pécho. ( = like the equivalent of ‘to pick up someone’ in english). 
  • bg, or beau / belle gosse ( = hot guy, hot girl). 
  • une petite merveille. ( = a wonder, someone to be marveled at). 
  • une bombe. ( = bombshell, someone pretty - same thing as ‘belle gosse’.)
  • le petit côté mystérieux femme fatale je kiffe. - je kiffe means i like. 
  • la beauté à l état pur ( = beauty at its purest form). 
  • dingue! ( = crazy, as in crazy beautiful). 
  • j'ai pas les mots.( = i have no words). 
  • wahhh, la classe! ( = classy!)
  • c’est fou, tant de beauté ( = you’re so beautiful, it’s crazy.)

flirting at a bar or restaurant? 

  • t’as d’beaux yeux, tu sais? the phrase ‘you’ve got beautiful eyes’ pretty much works in any language (though, i think it sounds extra gorgeous in french). the phrase actually comes from a french film called le quai des brumes. fair warning: this is an extreme cliché, : it’s basically the english equivalent of do you come here often? it can be said ironically, if you’re not the cliché type. best with a wink and a devilish smile (; 
  • je peux t’offrir / vous (formal) une verre ? : can i buy you a drink?
  • vous êtes célibataire ? mais comment est-ce possible ? - you’re single? but how’s that possible? 
  • vous venez souvent ici ? - do you come here often? ha, classic.  a phrase that transcends cultural barriers: “ the sentence could be followed up by complaints — about the bartender, about the clients or about how the bar isn’t as good as it used to be. a french tradition is râler, a sort of complaining. finding things to complain about is a way that many french people choose to bond with new acquaintances. this is not true of anyone.
  • t’as une miette (you’ve got a crumb) as you pretend to stroke something off of someone’s face, first with your fingers, then with your lips.
  • tu m’excites ! ( = you turn me on.)
  • “j’ai une première édition de ‘à la recherche du temps perdu.’ tu veux le voir ?” -  i have the first edition of “in search of lost time. (written by proust). do you want to see it?” in france (for me, at least) cultural knowledge is sexy. in America, we often ask if you’d like a nightcap. choose something cultural and intellectual in france, and you’re far more likely to get a oui.
  • je veux te revoir. ( = i want to see you again.) 
  • alors, ça roule? ( = how you doin’ - joey, friends.)
  • excuse-moi. est-ce que t’embrasses les inconnus ? non ? donc, je me présente. excuse me, do you kiss strangers? No? then let me introduce myself.
  • excuse-moi, j'ai perdu mon numero de téléphone. est-ce que je peux t'emprunter le tien?“ excuse me, i seem to have lost my phone number. could I borrow yours? 

let me know if you’d like to know more! you can never be too charming (:

Mental breakdown tag lol

do I use this script or not

also vedj - still going, but will probably miss some days and that’s OKAY
I’m worried for this video, because rather than generalising mental illness as important, and needs to be talked about, I go into detail about the specifics of what I’m feeling. And it’s not pretty. If you can’t relate, and I hope you don’t, I’m going to seem very very strange. But mental illness isn’t simple, it’s not all let’s blow on thumbs together to stop these darn panic attacks, or this cute cartoon girl crying in a corner. It’s so much bigger and uglier and more complex.
I haven’t been making videos because I didn’t know how to when my head has been consumed and overtaken by what I’m about to talk about. But I think I’ve figured it out.
so here’s the thing
you may have seen on twitter
i mentioned that i haven’t really felt like i’m here since i was 17 in a vid recently
and then within the last week that sort of upped as a problem by like, 80%
i went to wales for some shoots, felt crazy the whole weekend, then came back and got very panicky about the fact that I was going mad
I had slept fine, and I kept expecting to wake up better, but I just didn’t
I’ll explain what this all actually is and how it feels in a bit, plz hold
so I got back, and knew that I felt messed up, so tried registering to the doctors
walked there, in my weird dream state, took a proof of address cause I knew I needed that, handed it in, and then they said that I needed proof of address within the last two months
i was teetering on the edge of tears and also feeling really weird so I think they must have thought I was actually insane
I forgot how to say thanks and bye so I think I just left, dunno
walked home, in this strange, bright dream world
tried finding proof of address, forgot how to talk to my housemate, scared she was going to notice that I was drunk, except i wasn’t drunk
and then my mum called and said dodie
are you okay
and I just sort of
i was sobbing, rummaging through bin bags to try to find some sort of proof of address, on the phone to mum, and I decided to visit home home for some sort of familiarity, cause I used to feel so normal and alive in that house, when I was younger
so I went home home, crying on the train, panicking about the fact that I was going mad and all my friends were like dodie wtf
that was when I tweeted saying I needed a break
then I saw mum and started crying about the fact that I left my old bedroom bed in dovan flat, cause I just wanted my normal bed in my normal room so I could feel normal
and I came home but of course I wasn’t magically cured because going to that house is not the same as time travel
i’m not taking a trip to 2012 when I go home, as much as I want to, i’m a broken dodie visiting a broken house and a broken ish family
I even visited my old primary school which shut down, like, years ago, and I wandered around with hedy
I don’t think that helped, cause it felt like it had just, grown leaves and aged in like 20 seconds
it just made me feel even weirder
so what am I feeling? Okay. let me explain. Or try to.
here are a bunch of messages I have sent to friends of mine, to try and explain wtf this is
“i’m so tired
I’m just so tired I feel like I’ve been awake for 4 days And I don’t feel like I’m here I feel like I’m drunk Like I’ve had three wines and shots and beer and I’m tired and ready to go home and I can’t talk to anyone because I’ve forgotten how I usually talk
I don’t even look like me
Everything is so wrong and weird and scary
I honestly think I’m going mad
I can’t stop crying
I’ve got such a bad headache” to lucy
And I’ve just constantly felt like Drunk and blind You know when you’re hammered
And everything’s really bright and you can’t remember how to talk properly and you’re not really taking anything in cause you feel really weird and you can touch things and see things and talk to people but you’re not really There
I genuinely genuinely think I’ve gone mad
And I don’t know if I’m ever going to see things like normal again” to sammy
“Here’s the thing
I’m alive
I can breathe
I can eat and talk and sleep and see and feel
So I should be okay
And objectively, I am fine
So why am I not
It’s one of those things that I keep thinking about over and over to the point where my head is like is this really happening and then I’m like is WHAT really happening
I used to not understand mental illnesses at all
I was like
Just think of cats and rainbows
But now I get it
It’s so much deeper in your brain than cats and rainbows
I used to say if I ever got dementia or something id fight it
But how can you fight it when the it is the thing you’re using to fight with
Dodie has gone full blown mad” to jon
now, thanks to the last vid, and to google, I’ve found out what this probably is
and I’m trying my best to register and see a doctor and get therapy and sort this out and also
I know what you’re thinking
if you have no idea what I’m talking about, if you’ve never had anything even close to this, if you are mentally dandy
you’re thinking dodie
you sound mental
just shut up,
turn it off
you’re fine
you’re obsessing over nothing, you’re attention seeking, just stop thinking about it
firstly, I am so happy and thankful that you feel normal and happy and go and enjoy your life because you can
and secondly, I would do anything to turn this off and feel normal again, literally anything. But I can’t. not right now. I don’t know how.
so. here’s my plan.
I’m going to act fucking normal.
I can still sing. I am still alive, on this planet, even though I don’t feel like it. I still find things funny, I still can taste food, I can make jokes, and write songs and hang out with friends, even though I literally feel like I’m hiding something from everyone and I keep looking at everyone as if I’m a robot.
but I’m going to sort this out, somehow. I’m going to sleep before midnight and wake up before 9, I’m going to give myself weekends, I’m going to do mindfullness meditation at 11am, and Im going to go running at least twice a week and eat healthy and drink water and not drink too much alcohol and treat myself when I’ve done well and not overwhelm myself. And I’m going to go to a doctor, and then therapy, and deal with this. But this will not consume me.
Yeah I feel fucking weird. Bring it. I’m so done with the constant buzz in my head - why do I feel like this why do i feel like this why do i feel like this
I just do. And I can’t change it right now. It’s not going to turn off. and I can’t just stop the world until I feel normal again, because I’ll get to my 70s and be like well shit, I missed it all.
So I’m going to do the best I can. I’m going to make the videos that make me happy. And I’m going to laugh about the fact that I’m a bit mental. Cause what else can you do.

Whilst I type this I’m on the phone to my bank to get a statement sent to prove my address to go BACK to the doctors to prove I live here then get an appointment to get referred to therapists. The NHS may be free but it’s not bloomin easy lol.

gotta say making this video was super healthy for me. It was good to edit together and see that I can pass as a functioning human.

Little Sick Stark

Pairing/Characters: Dad!Tony x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: Reader gets sick, near death experience

Summary: When you don’t come by your dad’s office one day, Tony wonders where you are only to receive a phone call that answers his question.

Word Count: 862

A/N: A few hundred words less then what I usually write but I hope it’s alright! I’ve never experience appendicitis either so I just googled hahhaa! Please don’t hesitate to leave me feedback as I do love reading all of your reactions because it makes me smile! My ask is linked at the bottom along with my masterlist!

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Every Second of Everyday (Dan Howell x Reader)

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Hey guys! I’m finally on break and finals are over! (thank lord jesus) so now I will be posting a lot more than I have been so I hope you enjoy and happy holidays!

xxx Megan


Dan’s POV

 I miss her every second of everyday. I can’t help but wonder what she is doing and most nights I end up punching a pillow or screaming at the top of my lungs thinking about how I treated her. Thinking about how she left one night in tears. Thinking about the disgusting words that left my mouth that I would constantly throw her way. Guilt couldn’t even begin to describe the feeling that was devouring me when I thought about the fear in her eyes every time we were argue. 

 Y/N had left 2 years ago. I could never blame her though. I treated her with such disgrace and constantly regret everything I did to her. At first we were fine, an average happy couple, but then my career exploded and stress was running my life. And unfortunately I would take out all my stress and anger on her. Every night we bickered about something for a good 3 months. Then the bickering formed into top of the lungs screaming at each other until one of us ended in tear or had lost the will to fight anymore. The worst part is she was the one who stopped almost every single time. She was the one trying to desperately fix us and put us back together. And me being the dick I was just decided to ignore her and push her even farther. The night I came home and saw our bedroom only filled with my stuff didn’t surprise me at all. Hell I wasn’t even upset. That was until about a month later where I found the letter in her old underwear drawer.


 I bet you will either throw this in the bin, set it on fire or not even bother to read it but yet here I am writing it anyway. I’m tired. Dan I’m so tired of you complaining about shit and not even realize that the most important thing was broken. Dan Howell I love you so much and I feel like I always will but you are not willing to fight for the most valuable thing in my life. Us. If you’re not going to try to fight then I guess I should just give up too. I know it’s a shitty thing to just pack up and leave but I was already bawling writing this and I have to leave. If I talk to you in person you will make me stay and I can’t keep doing this. We’re broken. I’m broken. I’m done and so is our relationship. I can’t say I wouldn’t miss you holding me or kissing me or even looking at me cause we both know I’d be lying but I am doing this for you. You’re obviously caught up in work right now and I know how much stress and frustration you have bottled up and I know I’m just an obstacle in the way. I love you so much baby and I hope you have a good life without me getting in the way.

xxx Y/n

 I punched a hole in my wall that day. Anger filled my veins at the thought of her crying over an asshole like me, making her think she was justing getting in the way of my life. I loved her with everything I had and still do and yet I left her feeling broken and worthless. I miss her every second of every day. 

 I was currently laying in my bed, alone, staring at a picture of a beautiful couple. It was a tall, dark haired boy smiling down at a perfect girl with y/h/c. He gazed at her lovingly as her eyes were squeezed shut with a wide opened mouth on her face laughing at a dorky joke the boy had tolded her moments before. This was my favorite picture of us. We both looked so innocent and in love. So happy. My thoughts were interrupted as there was knock on my bedroom door.

 “Dan?” I heard Phil questioned on the other side of the door.

 “Yes?” I spoke weakly as I heard the door creak slightly. I heard a sigh escape his lips ashe walked over to me removing the photo from my hands.

 “Still thinking about y/n?” He spoke quietly as I nodded slightly. He frowned slightly looking at the picture shaking his head slightly. Y/n and Phil were so close when we were dating. Besides me she would tell Phil everything but since the letter neither of us had seen her. 2 years she had walked out of our lives and yet both of us remember it like it was just yesterday. Phil shook his head setting the frame down as he gave me a small smile. “Wanna go to the store with me? Get your head off things?” Nothing could make me stop thinking about her. 

 “Sure Phil.” I smiled slightly as I sat up from the bed.

Your POV

 I strolled down aisle 3 searching for eggs. pushing my cart slowly.  My eyes scanned as I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I grabbed it quickly answering the phone call, not glancing at the caller ID already knowing who was calling. 

 “Hi honey.” I spoke still looking for the eggs.

 “WHERE ARE YOU?” His phone boomed through the phone causing me to wince slightly

 “A-at the store. We ran out of eggs and the recipe calls for 2…”

 “You knew all my colleagues were coming over at 7 and I told you to have dinner ready by then!” Ryan’s voice was demanding and loud as I reached down finally finding a carton of eggs.

 “All of it’s done except for the cake you specifically asked for!” I spoke harshly into the phone setting the cartons in the cart.

 “Don’t you dare use that tone with me young lady.” He hushed into the phone causing me to roll my eyes.

 “Okay Dad I’m gonna go now see you at home.” I hung up before he could say anything else. Ryan was my fiance, a well paid, intelligent doctor who thinks he is better than anyone who is younger or earns less money than him. Me being 2 years younger and a mediocre photographer makes him feel twice as powerful towards me. We had been dating for a year and a half and to say we weren’t in love with each other is an understatement. The only reason we were getting married was because his parents loved me and told him to “claim me”. Being the suck up he is of course he proposed. And me being the most awkward person just happened to say yes. I was so busy trying to place my phone back in my pocket I didn’t realize I was walking I ran face first into someone’s chest.

 “Sorry about that love.” A thick british accent spoke causing my breath to hitch. I’d know that voice anywhere. 

 I lifted my head up slightly to look at the stranger’s face as I met a pair of two familiar brown eyes.


Dan’s POV

 “D-Dan?” Her voice squeaked out causing me to freeze. It was her. Here. RIght in front of me.

 “Y-n?” She gave me a polite smile as she looked down at her feet, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, biting her lip, like she always did when she was nervous. I just wanted to pull her lip from her teeth and kiss her. But I’ll I could do was shuffle awkwardly and place my hands in my pockets.

 “H-how you been?” She asked quietly as her beautiful y/e/c eyes met mine once again.

 “I’ve been better…” I gulped as I saw a streak of guilt fill her eyes. “How about you? How are your photos doing?” She smiled slightly as she nodded slightly.

 “I finally got a job. Somebody saw one of the pictures and fell in love with it so they asked me to join their company.” I grinned at her happily. She had always been struggling trying to get her dream job but I had always told her she could do it. That was until all we did was fight…

 “See! I told you you could do it!” I spoke happily causing her to giggle. Oh how I had missed that sound. “What picture was it?” I saw her face freeze before she whispered 

 “The one of you and I…” I opened my mouth to speak when I heard another voice chime in.

 “Dan I found the… y/n?!” I heard y/n squeal as I saw her jump into Phil’s arms


 I felt a pain in my heart as I watched them hug before she pulled away. Phil looked at her gleaming as he suddenly noticed something that I hadn’t.

 “Are you engaged…?” My eyes immediately darted to her left ring finger where a sparkling diamond ring sat. No. I thought to myself. She can’t be. That should be MY engagment for her. I felt my heart physically break as nausea took over my stomach as I saw her nod slowly. She looked down at her finger before looking up to meet Phil’s gaze again. I felt my eyes become glossy as I looked down at my shoes rapidly blinking trying to keep from crying. Phil seemed to notice my pain as he quickly spoke up. 

 “Congratulations! Well Dan and I should be headed out. We have a bunch of editing to do tonight and we have to watch some new anime episodes as such.” I looked up to see y/n gazing at me sadly as she nodded understandingly. She pulled Phil into another tight hug before turning to me and opening her arms slightly. I wrapped my arms around her petite figure as she hugged me tightly. Her vanilla perfume filled my nostrils as she squeezed me tightly. She pulled away slightly before waving a small wave smiling a little. 

 “Bye guys.” Her sweet voice filled my ears one last time before I saw her turn and continue walking the opposite way. I felt a small tear fall from my eye as Phil placed a hand on my shoulder squeezing in reassurance. 

 “I’m sorry Dan….” He spoke softly causing me to shake my head and wipe my tears.

 “Don’t be…” I spoke, “I’m the one who left her go…”

Your POV

 The radio quietly played in the background as I drove to Ryan and I’s apartment. My mind screaming Dan’s name over and over again. I had never gotten over him and the disappointment in his eyes when finding out I was engaged broke my heart. As I pulled into the parking lot of the apartments I felt my mind become cloudy when I tried to think about why I was with Ryan and not Dan. Dan and I had so much in common while Ryan and I were polar opposites. Ryan didn’t have the sense of humor like Dan did. Ryan didn’t care for me like Dan did. And even though all Dan and I did was fight and bicker, at the end of the day, I didn’t love Ryan the way I loved Dan. I carried the bags of ingredients up to the apartment where I opened the door to reveal multiple doctors and nurses filling up the living room. Sophisticated conversations were being spoken as laughter filled the room. I dropped the bags on the table causing a few to glance over at me and Ryan to notice my arrival.

 “Took you long another! Everyone I would like to introduce you to my friend y/n!” I stared at him blankly

 “Fiance.” I spoke angrily only causing Ryan to roll his eyes and nod softly before grunting out 

 “Yes… my future wife.” I scoffed before turning back to unload the bags when something caught my eye. The walls were empty. Nothing was hung or displayed on any wall of the house,

 “Ryan!” I spoke loudly over the voices making everyone go silent and turn their attention towards me once again.  

 “What?!” He spoke harshly, obviously annoyed by me interrupting his company for a second time.

 “Where did my pictures go?”

 “What pictures?”  


 A snotty brunette then piped up.

 “Job? Ryan I thought you said she was a lawyer not a picture taker.”

 “Photographer.” I gritted my teeth trying to calm my anger before turning my attention back to Ryan. “First you don’t want to announce me as your fiance and now you’re embarrassed by my job?!” I shrieked angrily as Ryan just chuckled. 

 “Y/n, I have a very important job and so do all these people. I didn’t feel telling them about your hobbies.” I felt my blood boil as he spoke.

 “Well you know what. I’m sorry I didn’t graduate from a fancy college with a perfect GPA. I’m sorry I don’t make as much money as all of your “perfect” friends but I’m not fucking sorry for who I am or what I enjoy doing. I like my “unimportant” job thank you and I know lots of people who support me.”

 “Oh yeah like who?” 

 “Like Dan…” 

 “Seriously y/n?! You’re bringing up that loser again! He doesn’t do anything either. Worthless piece of….”

 “Don’t you dare finish that sentence Ryan…” I spoke in a low, demanding voice. “Plus I know one thing Dan has that you will never EVER get.”

 “Oh yeah what’s that?”

 I looked down at my ring before sliding it off my finger and slamming it on the table “My heart.”

 “Y/n you’re gonna regret this…” I shook my head staring at him dead in the eye

 “Actually this is the best decision I’ve ever made. Have fun at your fucking party Ryan.” I pushed through the crowd grabbing my keys and open the door as I hear Ryan call from behind me.

 “You walked out that door y/n you can never come back. Do you hear me?! You can just send someone to get all your shit.” I stopped dead in my tracks before calling back.

 “Gigi will be here tomorrow to pick it up.” As I walked out slamming the door. I quickly rushed down the stairs as I reached my car hopping in and rushing down the street driving to the first place that popped into my head…

Dan’s POV

 “Phil make some popcorn!” I shouted from the living room as I searched through the TV for the episode we were gonna watch when I was interrupted by a knock at the door. Who would be delivering something at this hour I thought as I slowly stood up and walked down the stairs. I reached the door unlocking it slowly to be met with a petite girl. Tears filled her y/e/c eyes as her y/h/c hair was tangled slightly. I opened my mouth slightly as I stared at her standing at my door. I never thought I would something as beautiful as this moment. Even with her ratty hair and her makeup slightly smudged under her eyes she still managed to be the most breathtaking thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. I felt a smirk creep on my lips before I let out one of my remarks trying to lighten the mood.

 “Long time no see.” She giggled under her breath before I heard her mumble.

 “God I’ve missed you.” Before I could respond I felt her grab my shirt and tug me toward her. I felt her moist lips connected with my slightly chapped lips as the taste of her cherry chapstick invade my mouth. My hands found her waist as I tugged her inside with my closing the door by pushing her back against it. I tugged on her bottom lip as I pulled away smiling. She giggled resting her forehead on mine as I whispered.

 “I thought you were engaged?”

 “I was.” I grinned before reconnecting our lips

 I missed her every second of everyday. That was until she was mine again. I ended up marrying that girl. To ensure, that I wouldn’t have to miss her anymore.

Out of My Head

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Summary: After an incident leads to Bucky Barnes getting triggered into full Winter Soldier mode, you, his girlfriend, are desperate to get the triggers out of his head. Driven to the last resort, you call up someone from your past and pay the price he demands.

A/N: I’m not exactly sure when frightening, psychologically driven, disturbing sex became my forte, but I kinda find it hilarious now that everybody goes, “You want dark sex? Go to Lily.” Especially considering what my name means, ha. I was actually meant to do a Sebastian drabble with this kind of sex in it, but I’m blocked as all hell, so this will have the same stuff in it, but with characters in it.

A/N: Speaking of being blocked on that Sebastian drabble, I am actually pretty much blocked on smut. Yes, I know that’s weird, but frankly, I need a break from it. I’m currently working on my long fic, Cherchez la Femme, and I want that to get the most attention, because I worked really, really hard on it. I typed this up in a couple of hours; Cherchez took three months to hand write and another month to edit. (I’m crazy, I know) That said, this will be the last smut one-shot I publish for a while, unless I am seriously inspired. Any smut published from this point on will be part of Cherchez or another long fic in progress. Most of you know I’m an English major, and I need to work that side of me sometimes, too. Don’t worry, I’m not angry at anyone, and I’m not about to rant, I just need to flip a switch. So there will also be a part of Cherchez published tomorrow… (not sure when though) so, please love on it. It needs long overdue cuddles.

WARNINGS: Hardcore smut. Threesome, oral and fingering (anal and vaginal), edging, forced (continual) orgasms, bondage, choking, spanking, use of magic during sex, dirty talk (name calling, degradation), language kink, metal hand kink, swearing, crying, mention of Bucky’s past trauma and mental issues, intrusion into thoughts, MIND GAMES. Sort of dubcon? Like you know when you have a fantasy you want but you’d never, never, never admit it? Yeah, that. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANGST @eclecticbooktaster FUCKING ANGST EVERYWHERE

*Shlyushka—little slut


*Ne hnich—don’t cry (it’s a really rude way of saying it)

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Feel Better?

Summary: You’re antisocial and one who doesn’t like help from others, when a solo mission goes south, Bucky’s there to help you feel better.

Warnings: smut (just reader receiving oral and fingering), sexual tension

A/N: I was listening to Chains by Nick Jonas and then this idea came to me but I’m also thinking about doing a fic based on the song Chains bc I really like that song. I don’t have a plot for it yet, just smut and fluff, so if you have any ideas for what that fic could be about feel free to put it in the replies down below. Also, I wrote this in a different environment and I’m curious of my writing style or anything related has changed so I know where I write the best; that means feedback is more than welcome! 

Rain plummeted from the grey clouds, making rhythmic noises as they shattered against the roof of T’Challa’s place, the mansion you had called home since the Avengers had split. It wasn’t like you weren’t used to living in such a large place, you had your own room back in the tower, but you weren’t used to all the people who worked along side the new King of Wakanda.

T’Challa had specialists called in to help Wanda learn to control her powers, to train in the air with Sam, create new arrows for Clint, make sure Scott didn’t hurt himself while using his suit; there was even a guy to work with Steve to teach him how to use the latest technology. Bucky joined in on the lessons every so often after he was unfrozen, but most of the time he kept to himself. 

Bucky had his own team of specialists, working with his mind and trying to help him unscramble it. When he got his new arm, a gift from T’Challa, he spent time in the health center getting tests run. They had to make sure it wasn’t malfunctioning.

You, on the other hand, were always out shopping or doing solo missions. You hated being locked up in the mansion, surrounded by people you didn’t know or fully trust. T’Challa, and Steve, reassured you that they were trustworthy, but you were still weary. 

Steve offered to go on the missions with you, but you always turned down his help. You could do them yourself, they weren’t anything too dangerous. They were just simple undercover missions and obtaining information, you could do them in your sleep. 

When you weren’t out looking around Wakanda or going on missions, you were in T’Challa’s library. The only person you’d ever run into there was T’Challa himself or Wanda, so you were always safe from the others and the socialization. 

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Kill Zone - Part 10: Ghosts of the Past

Characters: Reader (Special Agent Y/N Singer), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Special Agent Castiel Novak, Agent Samuel Campbell, Agent Crowley MacLeod, Lisa Braeden, Cassandra Robinson (mentioned), Helena Spencer (OC - mentioned), Sheriff Donna Hanscum, Jo Harvelle (mentioned), Charlie Bradbury (mentioned), Rufus Turner (mentioned)

Pairing: AU Dean x Reader

Warnings: IEDs, Bombs, war is horrible, character death, self blame, injuries, Crowley is a dick.

Word Count: 7400ish

A/N: So sorry for the long wait y’all! I needed a break from the angst after angst day. I am back at it and hopefully I will get part 11 to y’all a lot faster!

Thanks to the amazing @percywinchester27 for almost killing me while editing this. This series would honestly suck without her. Thank you Ana for pulling the impossible out of me!

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


Crowley looked beyond exhausted. He had been trying to get Dean, who was just staring blankly into space, to talk for hours now. Cas had forced you to lay down on the couch in the precinct when you had returned after making your phone call. It couldn’t be long now. He had booked his flight and been out the door with you still on the phone. He had reassured you everything would be okay, but you weren’t so sure. You felt like the longer Dean was in that room, using his training to keep Crowley at arm’s length, he was slipping further and further away from you. He was slowly becoming the person he had tried so hard not to be ever since he got back from Afghanistan.

“I need to talk to him Cas,” you spoke quietly, fighting to hold back your emotions. If you let any feelings through, you would be crying in no time. Tears wouldn’t help Dean. If anything they would just insure you never got in that room with him.

“I know,” Cas answered you, taking a deep breath. “It can’t be long now.”

“Long before what?” You looked up at your partner, confusion written all over his face but he just smiled at you, softly shaking his head.

“You really think I didn’t know who you left to call? Sam will be here soon. He’ll offer us the distraction you need,” Cas answered you matter of factly, making your jaw drop. You were just about to make a million excuses for your actions, knowing they could cost you your job, but Cas laid a reassuring hand on your shoulder before continuing to speak. “If you hadn’t made that call. I would have. You’re secret is safe with me Y/N.”

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Summary: In which Bucky sends you to voicemail without realizing it’s the last time he’ll ever hear your voice.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,235

Warnings: Angst, Character Death

@avengerstories - thank you, as always, for editing :)

Originally posted by jamesnbucky

When Bucky’s phone starts ringing, he knows it’s you for multiple reasons. One, you’re the only person who ever calls him. Two, you programmed his phone to play a specific song whenever you called. He constantly forgets the name of it, but he knows the female singing really likes saying ‘I woke up like this’.

“Are you gonna get that?” Steve asks, gesturing to the ringing device in Bucky’s pocket.

“No,” he responds, silencing his phone the way you taught him to. “I’ll just see her when I get home.”

“Home?” Steve’s lips tilt upwards into a smirk.

“Her home,” Bucky corrects in vain. It’s not a secret that he spends all of his free time with you.

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Mile high club.

Hello, Love bugs! 

Dan X Reader 

Warnings- smut and swears.

Just a little something I wrote on the plane.

You had done it together about a million times before. But this one was different. This one was the flight to end all flights in the sense of the amount of sheer time. Dan had surprised you with a birthday present of a lifetime. A flight to (your choice) it was going to be a two-week excursion of sunshine and relaxation. The only problem was just the thought of sitting on a plane for that long cramped, hot and most likely near some random dude made you want to go back home and just cuddle. You and Dan had tried all you could to get seats in the same row together but I wasn’t possible. So you would be across the walkway from Dan. Not even able to hold his hand or bug him. The worst would be the lack of ability he would have to distract you from the hours of travel. 

The two of you were sitting in the terminal eating some unhealthy snack before take off. You couldn’t help but want to cuddle into him. I mean the guy did buy you an experience of a lifetime. “Daniel.”

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Daddy’s Girl | Jughead Jones X Betty Cooper | SMUT PT TWO

REQUESTED IMAGINE: A long time ago @myterribletwenties asked me if I can do this imagine. And I’m still feeling guilty that It took me so much time to write, again I’m so so sorry and I hope u will like it. 

WARNINGS: Cliffhanger - dirty language - swearing. - mentions of blood - not edited! 

A/N: We ‘finished’ last chapter with cliffganger but be ready coz i have another one for you.  Do you remember mentions of Jughead’s fught with Bryce? Let’s see whats gonna happen after that.  

It only happens from time to time. That moment of utter realization and mind blowing emtion of existence, that moment you look at yourself in the mirror with thoughs and questions running through your mind as you try to drive yourself out of them because you are alive, and you don’t know how else to explain it. 

It han happen in the shover, just as you’re about to fall asleep, or even during an incredibly important meetin, but when it does, all that ever goes through your mind is questions. 

I have to many questions. 

If half the world claims the world to be induced with happiness and carefreeness, and the other half drowns in it’s pity of sadness and cruelty, then how does anyone know what the world really is? 

If the world ‘love’ did not exist, would love still be alive? Would it be classified as a feeling or as a lethal chemical? Would people drive themselves crazy feeling it but not knowing what it is? 

How come it’s so hard to face someone you love, but easy to face someone you’ve despised for your entire life? 

Opinions are not facts, why do people feel the need to criticise a person based on their opinion rather than the facts of which the person chooses to portray and represent themselves? 

Why does it hurt so bad to miss someone who’s got your heart up in flames, your eyes only ever seeing them, and you wrapped around their fingers? Why does it hurt so bad to miss someone you love? 

And finally. 

If breakfast was called dinner, would people still eat what they eat for dinner and breakfast or would rather they eat breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast? 

Everybody has that one question their mind wreck themselves to figure out but in the end, it all comes to one thing, and that thing is self-peace, if you don’t make peace with yourself, how do you expect your questions answered and your thoughts explored? 

I don’t think I’ve ever been this quiet. I’ve barely eaten breakfast this morning. I didn’t even budge when mama brought some pop tarts back from grocery store. I’d usually at least scream in happiness for ten years  but today, nothing. 

I’ve been sat in my room for what seem to be centuries, waiting for something I’ve been telling myself I don’t care about. Jughead arrival. 

I hate that I miss him with him gone for a short period of time, and I hate how much the thought of him getting remotely hurt makes me want to run acress the world just to make sure he’s safe and sound whatever he is. I want to pretect him, just like he does me. 

I pause the laptop screen when I hear my phone buzz from beneath my pillow. I pull out tho check who it was, glancing at the time to see it’s almost midnight. I swipe open the message and read. 

iMessage from: Mama 

dad and i will stay with polly today. called veronica’s mom to check up on you in a bit.. be good.

Well I guess tonight will be excatly like every other night, with the exeption of speakers instead of headphones. i used to love the nights home alone, I had my freedom. But now, I never want to spend the night alone. I just want him. 

I want to ignore all the signs telling me that he might not be okay. I want to put the pieces together, but I don’t have those who complete the puzzle and it’s eating me alive. Jughead was supposed to be back and safe just like ghe promised two full hours ago, but it’s like he disappeared after he sent me that heart dropping text. 

I try to ignore the bad thoughs circling my head. Jumping off my bed, I run to my dressing room and strip downto my underwear. I pull a large grey sleeveless shirt over my head, giving me just the comfort I need. 

I carry my laptop and other necessities and make my way to the lounge room just down the hallway. If I’m gonna be home alone, I might as well take adventage of screaming things at my laptop on the openness of my house rather in my room, right? 

I plop my things down and run down the stairs, ready to grab as many snacks as I gather. I open up the pantry, grabbing the box of cookies and the first Doritos bad I see. I hold the hem of my shirt and put the things in, like I’m cradling them to my stomach. 

As I make the way to the stairs, I hear door knock, once, twice, and nw a third. It’s propably Hermione, Veronica’s mom, checking up on me just as my mother said. 

I truggle to the hold the various food items down around the inside of my shirt as I walk to the door, squinting my eyes as I unlock the door from it’s frame, pulling it back. 

I look up with complete shock at the viev in front of me, my chest beating hard and my arms feeling weak. 

“I lost my keys,” Jughead’s exhausted posture stands at the door, his arms filled with red marks all over his nose bleeding dry down to his lips and neck. His eyes weakly trying to stay open with a few scratches taking over his forehead and the side of his face. Jughead’s hair lays mesily around his forehead, clothes dirty an beaten. 

Unknowingly, I drop the things to the floor. “Shit,” I curse after they hit my feet, schocking me into realization. 

Knowing Jughead, he wouldn’t want to talk or discuss any of this. I try to ignore the tears threatening to drop down my cheeks, repetitively telling myself that he’s not majorly hurt. 

I grab his hand, pulling him in slowly and locking the main door behind us. A part of me is happy he’s back, and a part of me is almost in tears at the fact that he’s even remotely hurt. 

“Wait here,” I now, “get something to drink, okay?” I point at the kitchen, rushing to the stairs. 

I take two steps at a time, running into my room and anxiously looking for the first aid kid. God damnn, I know dad put one in my room. I should’ve paid attention when he told me where. 

Logically, I open up the cabinets in my bathroom, struggling to move things. Second later, the read plus sign reveals itself on the white box. I pull it out and make my way down the stairs. 

I didn’t see this coming tonight. 

I feel my breathing come to a regular easing pace when I see his body leaned up against the kitchen oven, chugging down a bottle of water. 

He drops the bottle in the trash as I come near the kitchen counter bar, placing the first aid kit onto it. I jump up and sit on the cold counter, separating my legs. 

“Come here,” I mumble, watching him follow my comands and place himself in between my legs. Even at that, his height towers over mine. 

I open up the kid, ignoring the intense stare burning holes through the side of my head as he watches my movements. I feel his warmth surround my body, making me want to embrance his closeness. 

I wet the white cloth with the yellow bottle of liquid instructed of blooded marks removal. My face comes at a close proximity to his, feeling his body move closer to me as he stands in between my legs. 

I finch when I feel my knees rub against his waist, wanting nothing but to feel his chest on mine as his arms wrapped around my waist. 

I gently dab the cloth along his face, cleaning up the stains and making sure the scratches are clean for catching any bacteria that could infect it. 

“Fuck,” he winces when I reach a deep cut on his jaw, immediately making me feel bad for him. 

“Betty, say something,” he whisperes, Jughead’s hands move to my hips, holding them in place as both his thumbs rub the cloth covered skin. 

“I don’t know what you expect me to say,” I try to avoid his gaze on my lips as I continue cleaning the blood surrounding his nose and neck. 

“Say you miss me,” 

I find myself lost in his lips as the words leave them so effortlessly, my body craving his kiss, his touch, him. The dimness of the lights in the kitchen compliments his face, making him look even more flavless tan he already is, and making my heart beat more that in already is. 

I hold myself back, knowing the minute I confess is the minute I dall right back into his arms, forgetting everything he’s done and put me through. 

“Cause I did,” he mumbles, bringing his lips to closely hover over my neck, “So damn much, princess,” 

He sighs in the air, titling his neck so I can have access to collect the blood droplets surrounding his skin. I stay quiet, my body reacting unconsciously to hi words as I lean into his chest, earning a laugh to erupt from his mouth. 

“Jug,” I sigh in defeat. “Will you stand still please?” I let out a chuckle, feeling my body ease at the release. I bit my lip, not wanting another laugh to emit my mouth as I hold back of his neck, using the other to rub down the solution of liquid around the blood. 

“Aren’t you gonna ask me what happened?” Jughead approaches, his face still tilted and eyes staring up the celling. 

“No,” I reply careless. “I’m just glad you’re okay, and here, with me.” I smile

“I mean of course I’m worried,” I confess, my voice at a low volume as I speak almost right into his lips at how close he’s standing in front of me. I try to move my lips away, knowing if I move any closer, I’ll fall right back into his spell. 

“I don’t think you know ho much it hurts to see you like this, but I just don’t wanna stress it tonight,” I lose myself, feeling my throat begging to choke up. Shit, not now. 

“You should’ve seen the other guy though,” he tries to lighten up the mood, his hand moving to caress my loose hair. I melt into his touch, wanting to feel more of him. 

I smile softly in a reply, not wanting to drag his mood down. “Take it off,” I point awkwardly at the hem of his shirt. 

I see his lips evolve into a smirk, playfully winking at me. “Don’t get excited. I just wanna check if your back’s okay,” I roll my eyes. 

His eyes in mine, he swiftly pull his black coloured shirt over his head and throws it to the side of the countrer near the white box. 

He steps back in between my legs, with his back facing me. I run my hands down his back, feeling his muscles relax beneath me. 

He leans back into my chest as I scan me eyes over his perfectly tanned back for any scratches or marks, finding nothing but a few light bruises around his lower back. 

I feel defeat, eventually wrapping both my arms around his torso, pulling his back to me and placing a small hiss to the back of his neck. I let my head rest onto the back of his shoulder, inhaling his sweet scent. 

I feel his back vibrate, knowing he let out a chuckle escape his lips, “I knew you missed me,” he teased. 

I laugh into his neck, plopping my head onto his shoulder. “Don’t push it. I should be mad as shit right now,” I smirk 

“Why aren’t you?” he asks, his voice deepening as if he’s just awaken. 

“I think you’ve went through enogh tonight. I’ll be mad in the morning,” I chuckle

“Good,” he turns around, leaning both his arms beside my hips and leaning his face into mine. “Now tell me why you won’t kiss me,” he demnads, a whisper falling from his lips to mine. 

“What?” I scoff, shrugging before my hands set onto his shoulders, rubbing the naked skin. 
“Don’t think I haven’t noticed, you’ve been avoiding my lips ever since I got here,” his lips move closer to mine, placing them on the corner of my mouth. 

I feel the heat of his mouth on the side of mine, making wanting the taste and feel of his kiss. 

“I’m not moving until you kiss me princess,” he smirks, leaning closer into me. 

‘You’re bluffing,” I challenge, raising my eyebrow in disabelief. I move my hands from his shoulders and trail my arms around his neck. 

“Are you sure it’s a good idea to test me?” he raised his left eyebrow, moving his lips right onto mine. I think I might have forgotten how to breathe. 

I give up, letting my lips capture his in a wift second. His arms immediately wrap around my waist, pushing me into his chest as I feel his naked torso pressing into the thin clothing placed over my body. 

My legs wrap around his waist as I sit still into the counter. I wrap my arms tighter around his neck, kissing him deeper. I feel our bodies relax at the contact as our lips battle against each other. 

“God, I’ve been thinking about you,” he groans, reattaching his lips to mine after miliseconds. 

I smile into his mouth, feeling a familiar sensation build in my stomach. 

His hands move under my loose shirt, grabbing onto my loose shirt, grabbing onto my hips. His hands massage my waist, driving my shirt up and revealing my black pair of underwear. 

I gasp at the sudden contact, giving his tongue access into my mouth. His lips moving at a fast pace againstt mine, my hands tugging at the ends of his hair. Making the only sounds in the house of our silent battled moans and grunts at the missed sensation. 

I detach my lips from his, immediately feeling his hot panting breath on my mouth. Lust fills his eyes, giving me a sense of encouragement and pride. 

“I’m yours, right? No matter how mad and annoying I get?” my eyebrows raise in desperation, needing to hear his words of comfort. 

“Princess,” his hands drive up my back, massaging the skin. “You’re mine, although you sometimes try so hard to deny the fact, you will always be mine, you will always be the only person who makes me feel like this,” he smiles, moving his lips back onto mine. 

His lips pressed lightly, ghosting over mine like feathers before gradually coming closer, fully taking my lips and diving his tongue into battle with mine. 

I feel my stomach burn in need at the action, my hands desperately grabbing and diving into his messily draped hair. 

“Let’s go upstairs,” I move back from his lips, biting my lip, holding back a sly smile. 

Thoughts of him run through my head: of his body hovering over mine, his lips latched onto my neck, his hands all over me. 

I grab his hand, intertwining my fingers with his as I pull him to the stairs. 

I sway my hips as I walk, knowing his eyes are burning through my back. My shirt draped over my waist rather than around my thighs, giving him a well enogh view as we walk up the stairs. 

I stand at the lounge room, turning to him with my hand still in his. 
“I’m gonna go get you some clothes to wear,” I stutter, my body still at unease with the sudden want and need of his body. 

“No need princess, they’ll be off anyway right?” he smirks teasingly, pulling my hand and pushing his chest to mine, his lips taking over my neck. 

My eyes roll to the back of my head at the well deserved sensation, titiling my head to grant him more access. 

My hands grasp at the ends of his hair, minimal spacing between our panting bodies. His lips work at the skin, sucking and licking my sweet spot. 

I hold in a moan trapped in my throat when he bites my earlobe, smirking evidently as he knows how much I love it. 

“Let me hear you, baby,” Jughead press his light lips to the space under my ear, placing featherlike kisses. 

I follow, letting out a moan I’ve been holding in for long. His hands wrap around the insides of my thighs, teasing my entrance as I feel the cold air hit the thin piece cloth covering me. 

A wave of realization flows over me, stopping the pleasure rushing through my veins as I pull away a panting mess from Jughead’s hold. 

“Are you sure you don’t want anything to wear?” I ask again, this time pressing on the subject with my head titling with reassurance. Please don’t want to wear anything. 

“I’m good, princess,” he assures, his lips still formed into a smile as his eyes flutter gradually alongside the words coming from his mouth. 

The darkness of the room provides light by the TV and the moonlight bursting through the window as it screens over the various comforters scattered around.  
Leaving multiple open mouthed kisses on my neck, he whispers, “Jump.” 

I wrap my arms around his neck tighter, pulling mysel up and circling his waist with my legs as I dismiss myself from the floor. 

I feel his bicep muscles strenghten as he holds my thights, his lips still working on my neck, his wetness pleasuring me like no other. 

He walks over to the large sofa, my legs straddling his hips as I grind unintentionally when he lets out a hot breath on my sweet spot. This boy’s going to kill me. 

The only noise heard from the room is the panting of out breaths and silent moans dangerously close to belting out. 

“Jug,” I mutter teasingly, titling my head upwards and placing my lips on his neck, breathing out my frustration. “Can you do me a favour?” I look up at him with puppy eyes, watching a smirk evolve on his lips. 

His eyes meet mine, our faces only inches away from each other. I let my legs separate more teasingly on his lap as his hands reach my head, stroking my hair and placing the falling strands behind my ear. 

“Name it and it’s yours, princess.” 

I feel my heart flutter, my heart racing for some reason unknow. God damn, he is flawess.I want every single piece of him. 

“My back’s been killing me,” I exaggerate, pouting my lips dangerously close to his. Without any more words, his large hands cover my lower back, softly massaging the skin, untangling the stress held into my muscles. 

I let out a long held breath when his hand starts massaging the middle of my back. Both our attentions completely on each other. I rest my head on his shoulder, my lips featherlike on the skin of his neck. 

His distinctive smell comforts me, letting my body relax on his hold. My hips uncosciously roll my hips at the pleasure of his warm hands on my back, making him grunt. 

I let out a shaky breath on his neck, getting more comfortable when I let my hand run down his chest, my finger drawing random circles on his lover waist. 

I let out a moan when he presses harder, feeling his breathing rate begin to incease. “Fuck, right there,” I groan into his ear, a soft moan escaping my lips when his thumbs press down my lower front waist. 

“Tell me how it feels, princess,” Jughead demands, his hands now set on my ass cheek, grabbing and loosening as I roll my hips at the cold air hitting my skin. 

“it feels so good,” I groan, purposely breathing heavily onto his sweet spot, placing repetitive soft kisses. 

I gasp when he moves the cloth covering my lower region to the side, the cold air hitting my spread wetness. Catching me by  surprise, his hands slap my bare cheeks, grabbing and teasing my entrance as I feel his handprints being bruised onto my skin. 

My stomach ties in knots, wanting nothing more than the satisfaction and pleasure of his touch. “Jug, please,” I beg, breathlessly. 

“You want me to touch you, baby? You want me to make you feel good?” he tease, hoarsness filling his tone. 

“Mhmm,” I nod, arching my back begging to feel his touch, wanting some sort of release as I’m already soaking. 

He teases me even more, now spreading my folds and letting the cold air hit me right on the spot, making my eyes roll back at the held back pleasure. 

“Don’t Da–I.” I whisper breathlessly, my body arching for his fingers. I adjust my head on his neck, my breathing still strong and heavily hot on his neck. 

“What? You wanna call me daddy, baby girl?” he chuckles, his head titling to me before I feel his lips on my cheek placing a feathery kiss as his hands continue their work. 

I feel the tightness of his bulge through his jeans, making me crave him even more. The thought of him making me weak at the knees. 

I hide my head deeper in his shoulder, my cheeks reddening although he cannot see them. “Just please,” I whine, feeling exhausted at the loss of his touch on my most needed area. 

“Please what, princess?” he taunts. 

“Please daddy,” I murmur, “I need you.” 

Just as the words leave my mouth, his middle finger trails down my wetness, giving me a sense of undeniably long awaited pleasure. 

“Does this feel good, baby?” he asks. 

“Mhmm,” I nod, rolling my hips as I spread my legs further apart, wanting to feel more of his fingers on my heat. 

“How about when I rub you? Huh? Is that better?” he pressed his thumb at my entrance, stroking the space between both holes, making my juices spread further over. 

“Yes Jug, more,” I plead. 

“Oh yeah?” he slips his middle finger into me, pumping at a steady pace, “Like this?”

I nod, feeling my climax coming closer and walls tightening around his now rapidly pupming finger. He inserts another as his other and rub under my wetness, spreading it around. 

“Don’t cum until I tell you, princess.” 

I feel my body giving out, wanting a release from the pleasurable actions of his fingers on my slit. He spreads my folds once again, this time holding them out with no action. 

“I’m close, daddy please,” I beg arching my back. 

Fuck, I love you,” he growls, proceding with his action, this time antagonistically rubbing, driving me to the edge of my high. 

“I can’t–” I feel my breathing cut off, my lips parter as my eyes roll back, wanting a release. 

“Let go, baby.” 

I release my juices on his fingers, feeling my entrance throbbing as I let go in pleasure. I roll my hips as I ride out my high, his fingers rolling gently on my sensitive slit. 

I rest my body more relaxed on his, breathing out in release of frustration as he brings his fingers to his lip, licking off the juices, making me part my lips as I watch. God Damn. 

My eyes watch his wet lips as his hands trail down to my solid colowed underwear, placing them back onto my now decreasingly throbbing wetness. 

Somewhat, I’m hungry for more. I want him. I want all of him. I want to pleasure him. I want him moaning my name. I want his hans in my hair.. I want him all for me. 

I practically crave him. 

I lean up my head up and meet his lips, tugging onto his lover lip as he turns the kiss deeper. My hands trail down his waist, playing with the waistband of his boxers. His hand reaches up yo mu now tangled mess of hair, the other caressing my back. 

I kiss hiss lips receptively, not giving him a chance to kiss back, but eventually his lips win, taking mine into his with force, soon sucking on my lips with such a passion. I almost feel my body give out right then. 

“How about you go wait for me in your room, princess?” he caress my hair, placing gentle hiss on the corner of my mouth. 

I nod, getting off his lap and starting my way to my room. Knowiing his eyes are most likely following my movements, I lift my large shirt above my head, throwing it beside me I disappear into my room. 

I walk into the dark moonlight filed room, I go straight to the bathroom, finding the closest body spray I can find and basically showering in it. 

I take a deep breath and step onto my bed, folding my legs underme as I wait for Jughead at the edge of the bed. I lean my arms behind me, feeling frustraded for him again already. 

I hear his footstpes come gradually closer, soon his presence is clear when the door opens wider, revealing Jughead’s naked torso fully to me. The door shuts behind him, and a smirk emits his face as he moves closer to me, his waist moving perfectly as he does. 

I stand on my knees, biting my lip at the flawlessness of his movements. My breathing starts to come off as shaky at the realization of what’s about to happen. God, I’ve waited for him so long, now that’s it’s finally happening, I might fucking puke. 

His stands hold the sdes of my head gently, eyes pouring in mine with our faces inches away from one another. 

“Hey,” he whispers, “It’s just me, baby girl, Relax.” 

I nod. Barely letting my mouth touch his, I kiss his plump upper lip fully, making him groan in satisfaction, his hands diving into my hair and tugging at the roots. 

I feel the warmth of his body engulf and surround mine, his height towering over mine giving me a sense of protection and security. 

My hands play with the buckle of his belt, trying to unfasten the tightness in his pants to release. A few seconds of struggling with the zipper, I tug the hem of his pants down, revealing his black low hung boxers. 

I run my fingers down his v line, deepening the kiss as I lean into him. His han holds my jaw, his lips taking control and slipping his tongue in my mouth, battling with mine for dominance. 

He fumbles with the blocking material, trying to pull it down, eventually angered with the mix of his frustration when they don’t  budge. I spread my knees further, helping him. HIs hands pull at the sides of my panties, trying to rip off a side from the othe with strengh. 

“Fuck, these need to go,” he growls. 

Surpsingly, the next thing I feel is the air hitting my bare waist as he succefully rips a side of my panties, proceeding to rip the other. He pulls the cloth off, throwing it on the floor beside him. 

I feel his legs moving, and I guess he’s trying to rid off his pants, His hands move to my back, unhooking my bra and sliding it off, throwing to meet my now ripped pair of underwear. 

I’d be lying if I say watching him rip my panties off doesn’t turn me on. 

His lips detach from mine for a second, grabbing a condom wrap from the back of his discarded jeans. He stands back up, handing me the wrapper displayed between both his index and middle finger. 

“Roll that on for me, princess.” he requests. 

I take it from his hand, ripping it open before my hands reach around his waist rubbing the skin before I pull down his boxers. 

His hard bulge comes springing upwards, hitting his abdomen. The sight alone drags a pleasurable pulse out of me. 

My heart races at the viev, my hands shaking I roll the plastic onto his length. I look up to him, having finished my task, but not taking him out of my hands. I blink up innocently, watching his head fall back as I slowly pump him. He grins at the action but eventually pushes my hand away. 

“Not tonight baby girl, it’s all about you.” Jughead places a sweet open mouthed kiss on my lips, making my area wet by the thought of him inside me as he does. 

“Lay down for me,” he commands. 

I do as followed, laying myself down on the cold sheets, feeling completely exposed opposide Jughead. I let out a breath I hadn’t know I was holding and let my back rest against the sheets, my legs dangling from the edge of the bed. 

Jughead completely discard his boxers, leaving him flawlessly disorbed. I can’t resist him at his perfect angle, his face focused and his eyes full of lust. And he’s all mine. 

I smile at the fact, suddenly feeling a wash of air flow over my body. My hands reach over my face covering my eyes as I let out a chuckle. 

Jughead hovers over me, his legs standing on the either side of my right leg. His leans to my covered face, moving my hands away as I come face to face with his fully smile. 

“You are so goddamn beautiful baby girl, you know that?” he husks, his thumbs caressing one of my blushed cheeks. 

I lean up, placing a chaste kiss on his lips. “I love you.” 

Jughead smiles widely at the words leaving my lips, diving his head straght at level with my breasts as he supports his body with his arms on either side of my torso. 

He takes my breasts in his hands for a tender squeeze, rolling the peak of my nipples between his fingers and kissing the top of my breasts. 

I dring my hips against him when I feel him take one on his mouth. His actions send nerves of pleasure down my body to my slit, making it throb and ache for him even more that first ride of pleasure. 

He kisses dive down to my stomach, placing wet open mouth kisses until he reaches my lower abdomen. My breathing hitches, feeling my stomach rise up and down excessively at the feel of his perfect touch. 

He kneels down as he eaches my slit. HIs hands push open wide my knees, giving him more access as my folds spread wider. I groan at the feeling rushing through me at the second time tonight. 

“Already wet again for me, princess?” he teases, I feel his finger run down my wetness, his body kneeling up and hovering over me once again. 

“Taste?” he brings his finger to my lips, patting my mouth until I open up, rolling my tongue over his finger before I take it in fully, having a taste. 

“And what do you say, baby girl?” he raises his head up in question. 

“Thank you daddy,” I coo, bitting my lip. 

His lips go straight to mine, wet sloppy kisses placed on my mouth as my hands tangle in his hair. 

“Say the word and I’ll stop. The last thing I wanna do is cause you any pain, okay princess?” he whispers in my ear, his voice switching to a caring concerned one. 

I nod taking his lips in mine as a reassurance. Jughead alings himself at my etrance, his hand going down to rub rapidly at my slit. 

Jughead’s head nestles in the crook of my neck as I feel him enter me, both our lips releasing long groans of relief at the contact. I can feel the exact lengt of fill my walls up, making me feel a new kind of pain at first. 

“Fuck,” Jughead’s groans loudly, gritting his teeth,”Fuck, you’e so tight, baby girl.” 

Stretching me out, I feel my walls tense up and a shook drive through my body. Not taking seconds later, pleasure begins to replace the feeling of discomfort. I moan at the tip pushing right into my spot. 

“Jug!” I whine, arching my back in plasure as he hits me repeatedly to a perfect spot. 

Our bodies practically melt into one another, and I can’t describe any better feeling that this. His chest up on my breasts, his abs touching my stomach, his lips gently gyrating into mine, his schoulders pressed perfectly to that my head can fit perfectly onto a side. 

I slip my arms over until I feel his back muscles, engulfing him more into me than mefore. He thrusts into me more and more, filling me in deeper each time. 

I feel my high begin to build up once again. I bite my lip in order not to scream or let any tears fall from my eyes at the combining emotions. 

“Don’t fucking do that,” he speaks with a grunt. “Don’t hide your noised, show me how fucking good I make you feel.” 

And with that, I couldn’t contain it. I let out a loud moan, not able to contain the pleasure of his fullness in me. 

I feel my walls begin to tighten already, my head beginning to doze off in pleasure as my eyes roll back. His hands moves down to my etrance, drawing messy figure eight’s as he thrusts harder into me. 

“Hold it, baby,” he demands. 

I began to moving to meet him, rocking my hips on him whenever he went in deeper. Our bodies flush in from one to the other. I feel my entire body pulse in each thrust. Both our moans come out struggled as we both reached closer to our climax. 

However, things begin to slow down when Jughead flipped the two of us over. His back leans against the headboard as I straddle him. 

His hands feel up my stomach, holding my down as I roll my hips teasingly up and down his lenght as he throws his head back in pleasure. 

His gorgeous pink lips part as he watches my movements, soon his hands come over my bare cheeks, spreading them apart and slapping them. I pop my ass outwards, feeling the wriggling of the strength filled spank on my heat, making it more pleasureable. 

Muttered words leave Jughead’s mouth, a lustful need burning in his eyes encouraging me and making me roll my head back in intense pleasure. He is electrifying, and I never want to stop.

I blush a I watch his dimples dig into his cheeks as he smiles, his eyes on my expressions. I lean and peck his lips, making his thrusts wind me up. 

I slower my movements, feeling him twitch inside me. Knowing I couldn’t hold in my orgasm any longer, I put my hands on his abs, leaning on him as I quicken my pace up again. 

“You’re doing such a good job, princess, you look so fucking good.” he breathlessly compliments, his eyes fluttering perfectly. 

“I’m so close,” I wince, my hands still on his toned torso. 

His hand rests on my waist tightly as the other goes yp to my head, holding my in place as his fingers dig into my hair. 

“Look at me,” he brings my forehead to his,our noses briefly touching as we both paint into each other’s lips. “I want to watch you cum for me, love.” 

My eyes advert to his, his glossy beautifully coloured eyes pouring into mine as I feel my walls tighten around him, now rolling my hips slower. 

“Fuck!” I groan breathlessly into his mouth, our lips barely touching. 

I finally let go, feeling myself throb around his length, soon following his climax around me. I guide my rolling hips into a slower pace, riding out the best high I’ve ever had. 

“God damn,” Jughead breathlessly praises, his lips sloppily kissing mine as we both reach the end of our highs. 

Tired, I lean my head on his shoulder, panting breathes leaving my mouth rapidly as so do his. I move my legs from either side of him, throwing myself down onto the sheets right beside him. 

I cross my arms above my chest and slide into the sheet’s watching Jughead discard the plastic before joining me back again in the bed, a smile clear on his face as he hovers over me, sliding beside me as the sheets cover both our naked bodies. 

His arms embrance my body, pulling my over and against his chest, making a chuckle escape my lips, I let my arms wrap around his waist, cuddling myself to his side. 

His lips leave a gentle kiss on my forehead, arms tightly holding me to his side as his hand caresses my hair, the other messaging my nude hips. 

“I’m still mad at you, you know?” I joke, humming into the crock of his neck. He is so damn beautiful. 

“Good. Maybe you could take your madness out on me tomorrow morning.” 

Last thing to say! Not edited because I’m so tired I didnt even realize I write in polish instead of english. If this doesn’t make sense its okay. I edit it tomorrow maybe. 

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Chapter 1

(Banner made by the incredibly talented @tiostyles​)

In which Everley’s only company on a deserted island is a modern day pirate by the name of Harry.

Author’s note: Hi, everyone!! This is the very first full-length fic that I’ll be posting. It’s also the first writing with an OFC that I’ve posted. I hope that doesn’t deter anyone! I’m really excited for this, and I hope that you all are, too!! Edits and moodboards and anything you guys create for me make my little heart overwhelmed with joy, and I hope this fic sparks some inspiration. I’ve cast Naomi Scott as the main character (Everley)! Please give me any feedback that you might have! It always helps to hear from you guys. I love you all so much. Enjoy!! Xx

The air was already hot when Everley set out down the weathered dock with nothing but a set of jingling keys. She wondered briefly whether any clouds would protect her from the scorching heat of high-noon.

It was only seven in the morning. The sun was just breaking over the horizon, brushing the sky with streaks of red and orange. A team of geese squawked overhead, but everything else seemed so peaceful and sleepy in the empty harbor. There was not another soul to be seen—only Everley and the many docked boats.

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just stop your crying, have the time of your life

Summary: He had met Nico di Angelo at a frat party.

Also on AO3.

Title is from this song that came up on the radio when I was editing this. I guess you could say it was a… Sign of the Times. (For real, it was the first time I heard that wonderful song and it fit the story like a glove.)

I hope you enjoy it!

(Nico di Angelo/Will Solace, fluff, teen and up audiences, 3045 words.)

He had met Nico di Angelo at a frat party. Both of them had been dragged there by friends, both of them were tipsy, and both of them were only dancing because of the alcohol in their systems.

They had started talking because Nico accidentally stepped on Will’s foot, which had him apologizing profusely. Will had laughed it off — he hadn’t even felt anything.

Looking back on it, it hadn’t taken them long to start kissing at all. Maybe ten, fifteen minutes after meeting each other, and Will was gently pressing Nico against a wall, caressing his back with his fingertips, and exploring his mouth as if he had all the time in the world to do so.

He had never thought he’d be confident enough to flirt with a stranger, much less with a boy with unknown sexuality, but this felt like a night for firsts, and so he decided to enjoy it.

“I should probably go.” Nico murmured at some point, and it made Will inexplicably sad — maybe because of the alcohol.

“Just five more minutes?”


They kept kissing for much longer than five minutes. Once Nico really had to go, they parted with a goodbye and a peck on the lips, and Will was pretty sure he’d never see him again.

They met again at another party.

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College Survival Tips: Hitting the ground running

Okay, I get it, studyblr is full of this kind of post at the moment, but here’s some of my personal tips, specifically for freshmen, but parts of this are applicable to anyone. Like I said in my last college tips post, I go to a big university in Texas, so different resources! Different weather! Different social environment! And a whole lot of football.

The week before:

Try not to go overboard on buying stuff! As a freshman, I was inundated with “helpful” ads from department stores about what I absolutely needed for my dorm room– and most of it wouldn’t have fit! If you’re in a dorm, your residence hall people will probably have info online about furniture, amenities, and what appliances you’re allowed to have. Same with an apartment, really, except it’s on the website and/or in your lease agreement. Two sets of bedding/towels and a couple of dishes/tupperware are probably enough. (I got oven/micro/freezer-proof glass bowls with lids that have worked amazingly!)

When it comes to school supplies, start off with the same basics from high school, and hold off on buying textbooks! Get a new backpack, too, with room for your electronics. Make sure you have backup chargers for everything, and a surge-protected power strip. (you can be someone’s finals week library hero) Keep it simple: you can always buy stuff as you need it, and it’s likely that you’ll get a bunch of free stuff around the start of the year anyway.

The weekend before:

By now you’ve definitely moved in and gotten situated. Maybe you’ve made it to a few “freshman welcome” type events, maybe your school doesn’t offer any. Either way, this is probably the most important part of your first semester. Pull up your schedule, find a campus map, and figure it out. Know any campus shuttle/bus routes. If you’re really anxious about it, you can time your walking times between buildings. Nobody is going to make fun of a freshman walking around before classes with a map, in fact they’ll probably wish they had done it themselves! If there’s an online map, download that to your phone, as well as all the syllabi that are available so far, because odds are that the school’s servers will be very slow with everyone on them all of a sudden.

No need to print off your syllabi yet, since most professors will hand out a hard copy (in Texas at least, they’re legally obligated to make sure everyone sees it). Make sure to check your school email, since if you are supposed to print your own, you’ll be told there. Like I mentioned in my fall setup post, if you’re putting anything in your planner at this point, it’s a good idea to do it in pencil if you’re not fond of wasting pages. At least put in your exams and big assignment due dates, because it might be worth changing a class if you regularly end up with three exams or quizzes on the same day. Look at finals, too: my school lets you move finals if you have 3+ finals on the same day, yours might not.

The first day!

Breathe. Breathe some more. You’re going to be okay, especially because you’re prepared! Check the weather forecast (>20% chance of rain means it’s a good idea to bring an umbrella, >60% is rainboots weather) dress comfortably, wear walking shoes, and make sure you eat breakfast! Have your schedule where you can get to it easily: some people set it as their background and/or lockscreen, and there is zero shame in that. Check your school email once again. Leave your dorm/apartment at least 20 minutes earlier than you think you need to: roads, sidewalks, and public transportation are going to be really crowded, at least until people decide they can skip certain classes. (don’t skip. you’re paying to be here.) Take your time and admire the scenery: it’ll never look the same to you as it does today. Also, keep an eye out for landmarks, everything from cool sculptures to a funny-looking tree can help you get around later. Just keep track of the time, you’ll be fine.

Lecture halls can be huge and intimidating! If you don’t want to be the first person in the room, just walk around a bit and come back. In any classroom, I prefer to sit right in the middle. Sitting in the front will force you to stay focused if you don’t mind the pressure to do so, sitting in the back will let you people-watch more than you probably need to. Sitting by the aisles is good for a quick escape- just make sure you don’t take a left-handed desk if you don’t need one. Either way, make sure you have a good view of the board/projector! And make sure your stuff is tucked away where nobody can trip on it, especially coffee cups.

The first few weeks:

Don’t buy books until you’re sure. Some professors will do this “well, you’re supposed to buy this edition…” thing. Never buy from the college bookstore unless it’s a lab manual or a book you absolutely can’t find anywhere else. Pay attention to shipping dates. Do make sure that if you’re supposed to be getting online homework that a) it’s the right code b) you’re not paying for something you won’t use! For example, if you get the ebook for free with the homework, you really don’t need a physical copy. Also, sometimes you’ll get a looseleaf book, which is nice because you can break it up and carry a few chapters around at a time, but bad because you can break it up and lose pages.

Make sure you get a good sleeping/eating routine set in as soon as possible, and try to stick to it. Physical activity of some sort is good to work in there too! You can try to set a study schedule, but be realistic about it, and make sure that when you do study, you’re productive. Freshman classes are easier, but don’t let that fool you into slacking off! You’re setting up habits for the rest of your college career now.

I hope that some part of this helps you start your semester off confidently! If you have any questions or want to see something in a future college/study tips post, don’t hesitate to send an ask :) Be brave, be strong, you’ve got this ♥

Non-Fanders Key

Roman- Prince

Logan- Logic

(Anx- Anxiety)

(Mo- Morality)

Chapter One


“Anxiety! Your pizza is here!” Roman yelled from the first floor, Anxiety the side everyone hates, Roman, on the other hand, was a different story. He was the side everyone semi-loved, like a fluffy puppy with dirt and mud in his fur, “Anxiety!”

“Coming, my god!” Anxiety slammed open his door and stomped down the stairs to see Roman standing next to the front door with an irritated look on his face. The pizza was nowhere to be seen. “Where’s my pizza?” he asked irritated.

“We ate it,” Logan stated as he pushed up his glasses then crossed his arms.

“And why would you do that!?” this was the limit, first they don’t side with him in the ‘Am I Original?’ video now they eat his pizza.

“What’s wrong with you? You’ve been locked up in your room for at least 2 days not talking to anyone of us, it makes us worry. Even Thomas,” Roman’s eyes filled with sympathy that Anxiety didn’t like, he didn’t like his brothers having sympathy for him. Just because he’s anxiety, he doesn’t like people caring for him or worrying about him.

“Even Thomas, worried about me, wow that must be a new drink or something,” he tilted his head to the left, “you sure he’s not sick?” Anxiety teased.

“I’m fine Anx,” Thomas said from behind him shoving his hands into his jacket pockets lowering his posture. Anxiety rolled his eyes. This was an intervention for sure, but where was Morality?

“Are you sure ‘cu-,” Logan cut him off.

“Anxiety what is going on? You’re avoiding us more than usual and it’s worrying us. You used to fight with Roman but now you don’t even bother anymore, you’re staying in your room for the whole day. Coming out only for food, water, or to use the bathroom,”

“Is it a crime to want to be alone?” Anxiety snapped at Logan.

“The thing is Anx, YOU’RE ALWAYS ALONE!” Roman yelled, “I come home from a great adventure and you’re in your room doing whatever,”

“Why do you care where I am? Or what I’m doing?” Roman froze, Crap.

“I don’t care what you’re doing, we just think you need to get out of the house every once and awhile,” Roman stiffened up but made sure that no one noticed. Anxiety sighed.

“I’m listening to music and on Tumblr, ya happy?” at this point in time Anxiety was done with everyone, even Morality and he wasn’t even there.

“But at some point doing that can get boring, doing the same thing every single day,” Thomas reasoned. Anxiety stood there waiting for someone to say something else that he was going to ignore, but no one did. They stood there staring at him with their eyes trying to look into his soul but seemed to find nothing.

“Why do you guys care so much about me? I mean none of you like me, I’m just a forgotten piece of a puzzle that you guys made a replacement for. I’m a shadow in a dark room. I’m nothing,” Anxiety just wanted to get this over with, go back into his room and never see the light of day again.

“Is that all that we think you are?” Thomas’ voice was soft and sweet, something he only does in deep, sad conversations like this one.

“Well ya, come on I’m your anxiety, I make things worse. I break everything I touch,” Anxiety let his head fall, “Even if I did go anywhere or leave you guys wouldn’t notice,”

“We would notice, come on Anx. We can help you only if you tell us what’s the matter,” Logan shifted uneasily like something was bothering him. They wouldn’t understand what’s happening, I mean they don’t have any problems. Anxiety’s eyes dashed back and forth from one person to the other, trying to think of something to say.

“Nothing is wrong, okay. Can I not avoid people like I’m meant to do?” that was the only thing he could think of, “Can I leave now?” he pointed upstairs. He wanted to get out as fast as he could.

“Ya sure,” Roman slightly tilted his head towards the stairs. Anxiety turned around and skipped up the stairs; he got into his room, locked the door, put on his headphones and drowned the world out once more. He took a big breath of relief that it was over.

“Well he was acting weird,” Morality came out of the kitchen with a chocolate chip cookie in his hand. Logan sighed, shook his head, then went upstairs.

“Ya he was Morality,” Roman looked at Thomas who was on his computer editing a recent video. Everyone went back to their regular routine and forgot about what had just happened, Morality was still enjoying his cookie.

*3:00 a.m*

Anxiety looked at his phone’s clock it read 3:01 AM, this was at least the tenth time he’s woken up at 3 o’clock in the morning. He turned off his phone and lay back down, he rubbed his eyes then got up not knowing what he was going to do. The house was dark and silent, everyone was asleep getting a good night’s rest; Anxiety headed downstairs to see if there were any leftovers in the fridge from what Morality had made for dinner. Stairs creaked and rain pounded on the house with force, his eyes were still heavy from the 2 hours of sleep he’d gotten. He opened the fridge making the dim light come on, he scanned the fridge for anything good. Nothing. God, I’m starving! What happened to the leftovers?! What’s in the pantry?

Roman’s eyes slowly opened noticing his surroundings once again, he looked at his clock on the nightstand next to his bed. 3:05 AM. His stomach grumbled, he didn’t want to eat anything at 3 o’clock in the morning but he didn’t want to starve. He headed for the kitchen trying to be as stealthy as he could be, he noticed the pantry light was on.

“What happened to all the food?” it was Anxiety.

“You ate it,” Anxiety whipped around to see the familiar persona on the bottom of the stairs.

“What are you doing up at 3 o’clock in the morning Princey?” even though Anxiety does know his real name, Princey still stuck.

“I’m hungry,” Roman walked towards Anxiety, “what’s your excuse?”

“I’ve been waking up at 3 for the past ten days,” Anxiety looked even more ‘done with life’ in the dark room, his eyeshadow, and his personality match perfectly. A loud clap of thunder shook the house making the lights flicker.

“Find anything good to eat?” Roman gestured towards the pantry with his index finger.

“No, nothing good. Just fiber bars and canned soup,” Anxiety shrugged his shoulders saying he didn’t care about what the pantry contained, “but go ahead you’ll find nothing,” Anxiety moved out of the way to let Roman see what was in the pantry. Beets, Mac N’ Cheese, Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, a box of fiber bars and cereal.

“What about the fridge?”

“Milk, tea, leftover soup that Logan made, umm… and condiments, and you wonder why I always order pizza,” Roman chuckled and closed the fridge. Anxiety yawned, any place would be nice to sleep even the cold, hard kitchen floor. The lights flickered on and off then they didn’t come on, “well isn’t that great?” sarcasm is Anxiety’s strong point.

“I’m gonna go look at the fuse,” Roman left the kitchen and went into the garage. “Okay,” he opened up the fuse box, everything looked confusing, So many switches! How can Logan know which one is which? Roman’s hand floated over the many switches when a loud scream emerged from the house. Roman forgot about the lights and ran into the house almost breaking the door off its hinges. Anxiety was crunched in a ball screaming and clenching his head.

“STOP! STOP! MAKE IT STOP!” Anxiety looked like he was going to pull his hair out of his skull. Roman had no idea what was going on or what to do, he bolted up the stairs skipped every other and ran into Logan’s room. Logan looked confused.

“What’s happening?” Logan reached for his glasses.

“It’s Anx, he’s screaming and I have no clue why!” Roman was breathing heavily, first, it was a trip to the kitchen then it turned into a scream fest.

Stand by you (2x08 missing scene)

 This is set between Magnus’ scene with Jace & the party. Magnus deserves to be treated with respect and both he and Alec deserve to have their relationship spoken about with respect by Alec’s family.  Parabatai have it out and Malec are happy. 

Thank you so much to @ladymatt (it was a long edit session but you were an angel as always) and @blj2007 (i really appreciated your comments and support !!)

When Alec walked into the living room he was surprised to see Magnus standing at the drink cart tossing back a glass of whisky. When he’d seen him earlier he’d seemed so happy about how plans were going for Max’s party. But maybe one of the suppliers had been unreasonable, he didn’t really understand half of what went into planning one of these things.

“Well, I delivered the invitation to Mother and they’re coming. So that’s one less thing we need to worry about,” Alec said, coming to stand by Magnus, relieved that at least that meeting was over.

“Well Alec I must say I’m surprised, I felt sure she’d object,” Magnus paused as Alec’s face hardened, “she did object didn’t she, Alexander?”

“And I made it very clear that we care about Max and that whatever function was being held we would be attending together.” Alec paused and then grinned, “so she decided to accept your very generous offer to host it.”

“Why, Alexander, I wish I’d been there to see it!” Magnus said making no attempt to hide his glee at the prospect of Maryse being put in her place.

“It needed to be done.” Alec said simply, although his smile suggested he felt at least slightly triumphant about his success, “So, have you seen Jace? I said I’d tell him whether she was definitely coming. I think he needs a bit of time to prepare given he hasn’t seen her since she practically disowned him after everything happened with Valentine. I assume he’s still here, somewhere?”

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anonymous asked:

do you read victuuri fanfics? i'm looking for new recs ^^"

I do ♡ I can rec you some, but they’re pretty popular, so a lot of people have already read them.

On My Love by RikoJasmine (Rating: Teen And Up Audiences, Status: Ongoing)

Time Travel AU where after an accident, Yuuri wakes up in Detroit before his first GPF.

For the second time, the Sochi Grand Prix Finals arrive, and with it a reborn Yuuri Katsuki. “Viktor,” Yuuri thinks over the pounding of his heart, the crowd going silent as the music begins. “I’ll show the world what you meant to me.”

I have never cried so much in my entire life.

Masquerade by Ashida (Rating: Explicit, Status: Ongoing)

Mafia/Gangsters AU 

“Just say the word.” came the whisper as Victor stepped close, behind them Yuuri was aware of guns out and at the ready, of confused men and questioned loyalties, here Victor was offering, and Yuuri was too selfish to say no.

I don’t think anything I say will do this fic justice.. It’s so beautifully written and so heart-breaking, it’s my favourite Viktor x Yuuri story. You can also find short side stories here.

Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Reiya (Rating: Explicit, Status: Complete holy fuck)

Rivals AU where everything changes the day Yuuri goes to see young Viktor perform and win his gold medal in the Junior Grand Prix.

“I’ll show him.” Yuuri vowed, hands still clenched tight around the pillow. “I don’t want to be like him anymore. I want to be better. I’ll beat him at his own game and he won’t be laughing at me anymore.”

a.k.a. the cause of my death and part one of the Rivals Series (the first chapter of the second part, titled Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts, will be will be posted on the 26th of March and I will f perish help me). Also my favourite fic.

centripetal force by braveten (Rating: Explicit, Status: Complete)

College/University/Roommates AU where Viktor Nikiforov, popular frat boy and Linguistics major, ends up rooming with Yuuri Katsuki, a shy Physics major (who happens to be the same person that Viktor hit on his skateboard).

“Oh,” the boy says from the bed. 

He looks surprised. 

(Obviously he looks surprised.) 

Victor can’t stop staring. “Hi.” Then he remembers that Bike Boy probably hates him. No, he remembers that there’s almost a zero chance that Bike Boy doesn’t hate him. “Sorry about this. I heard you were separated from the guy who was supposed to be your roommate, and so was I. So we can switch rooms, get it the way it’s supposed to be. They’re just a floor down from us.”” 

This is like, adorable and so funny, I read it in one go!

Stargazer by Fahye (Rating: Teen And Up Audiences, Status: Complete)

Space/Royalty AU where Yuuri has been admiring the ‘sport of Kings’ from afar until His Royal Highness and reigning ballistic champion Viktor Nikiforov appears out of nowhere and together they reach for stars.

“Victor wore pink, that year, and his costume was cobwebbed with gold thread and amethysts. The jewels glittered and winked at the cameras as though even the lights were in love with him, were bending their heads to chase him as he moved, faster and brighter and grander and more breathtaking than anyone else had ever been.

That’s the image in Yuuri’s mind as he finishes his routine. There are purple sparkles and a gorgeous, carefree smile on display on the inside of his eyelids. 

So when he opens them to see the reigning men’s ballistic champion standing barely a yard away on the other side of the barrier, feet on the floor of the arena, close enough to the sealed-shut hatch in the transparent sphere that he could reach out and touch it–”” 

I read this a couple of days ago and I’m still speechless. There are wonderful illustrations in it, the story is incredible and the imagery really beautiful! 

premier dans mon coeur by aphhun (Rating: Teen And Up Audiences, Status: Ongoing)

Canon Divergence/Danseur AU where Yuuri is the Principal Dancer of The Bolshoi and moves to St. Petersburg for a few months to help Lilia Baranovskaya choreograph a routine for Yuri Plisetsky’s Senior Debut in the Grand Prix Final.

“I’m Yuuri Katsuki. Wonderful to meet you finally, Mr. Feltsman.” 

Viktor fell on his ass, elbows slipping out from under him from how he had been lounging against the boards. He went down, not hard, but embarrassingly enough as he stared up at the attractive danseur from his spot on the ice. Damn.

Holy shit. Breathing - was he breathing? Did he still have to?

The kind of fluff you never knew you needed!

My fun fact is: by stillmadaboutpetra (Raring: General Audiences, Status: Complete)

After retiring, Yuuri goes back to the University of Michigan for a Master’s in education. What he fails to mention to his friends is that he’s a retired competitive figure skater.. and that he’s an Olympic medalist.. and that he’s pretty famous.. and that he’s married.  (based on this prompt

“But a big, cheek-busting grin bounces onto Yuuri’s face and he turns to them. “Would you like autographs?” 

Uh huh huh what now? 

A muffled scream swells in one girls throat, and the other bursts out “I knew it!” and the other one, closest, holds up her phone, eyes big. “We thought we saw you at the exhibition the other week.”” 

This is so funny, I’ve read it like, three times in a row and I still go back to read it some days. 

worth mentioning & my Marked for Later list:

Welp that’s all, I still have a lot of fic rec lists I have to check out as well (saved in my drafts) but I hope you enjoy these because I really did!

The Bad Boy |Min Yoongi| (6)

Summary: You’re the good popular girl of the school and then there’s Min Yoongi, the bad boy. You both have family problems, considering people think your life is perfect, so once you get detention with him you click.

Warnings: Cursing, maybe some implied smut, some depressing shit, maybe some angst.

Previous Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Word Count: 2,201

When you came back to his place, you immediately went to get unready. Yoongi had helped you with everything, which you thought was sweet. You stayed up with him until pretty late and you didn’t have doubts about it at all.

“So how are your parents?” He asked.

“Probably going to get a divorce” You replied shrugging.

“Oh. I’m sorry” He said.

“It’s okay. It was bound to happen. They constantly argue” You said.

“I’m here for you no matter what” He said.

“I know thanks. I’m here for you no matter what too” You said with a sweet smile.


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Writer’s Block, the Third

I know it’s been a while, but man, oh man, don’t EVER title your story the worst thing that could happen to a writer. With that being said, thanks to @burkygirl and @xerxia31 for general hand-holding, butt-kicking, and very frank discussions about where this fic is headed. And thanks to @katnissdoesnotfollowback for having a birthday and giving me a reason to write this. Hope you like it! You can read the whole thing here. Don’t forget to talk to me. ;) Pbg 

Originally posted by sensualkisses

The walk to work is short, but I’m no less exhausted after my sleepless night than if I’d had to run miles to get there. All night long, my mind was wrestling with mortification mixed with a little self-loathing - while my body was on a whole other track. It doesn’t care that I lost control in the arms of my nemesis, moving in a single night from my first kiss to… whatever the hell that was. Nope, my body finally knows what it was missing all these years and it  wants more. More kissing. More touching. More stubble under my fingers. I actually imagined what it would be like to lick him in forbidden places, like his nipples, or… lower. Much lower.

I spent the night at war with myself – blushing at my thoughts one second, berating myself the next – until I finally caved into fatigue. I woke up three hours later to find my alarm had been going off for twenty minutes. Sleep, however little, did nothing to dispel the embarrassment. It clings to me like aggressive static electricity. This must be what the walk of shame feels like. Maybe I should read that book again.

The mid-morning sun blinds me when I turn the corner of the building, or I would have seen him, jumped behind a tree or hid in the alley until he left, but the sun is part of the universe after all. And I’ve already gotten the message that we are not friends.

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supergirl sentence meme: episode 1-3

  • you may know his story.
  • i’m not afraid. 
  • you will do extraordinary things.
  • you’re safe here. 
  • earth didn’t need another hero.
  • there were no witnesses except for this homeless guy who swears the perp had horns!
  • there’s no such thing as aliens.
  • you might feel differently if you read this website…
  • i have a date.
  • what’s going to happen to them? to their families?
  • you want to save the paper? go find me a hero.
  • what’s she gonna do? fire me right after hiring me?
  • but first, you have to tell me who you are.
  • i feel like i’m not living up to my potential.
  • you always wanted to be normal, right?
  • when in doubt, go with blue. it is your colour.
  • you try saving a plane for the first time! see if you don’t make a mess!
  • are you okay? me? am i okay? are you okay?!
  • were you scared? i mean, i was scared too, but you– you had to be terrified!
  • i need a drink.
  • what were you thinking?! you exposed yourself!
  • saving people is what they’re born to do.
  • there’s something about me that for most of my life, i’ve run from it. but last night, i embraced who i am and i don’t want to stop.
  • oh my god, you’re a lesbian.
  • i’m not gay!
  • why aren’t they dead?
  • can’t promise her death won’t be public. and messy.
  • human casualties are irrelevant.
  • where’s my cape?
  • capes are lame.
  • we realised we weren’t alone in the universe and we might soon be getting more immigrants.
  • they’re planning something. we’re just not sure what it is yet.
  • they were trying to kill you.
  • you couldn’t even stop us from capturing you.
  • you wanna help? go back to getting someone’s coffee.
  • i know you don’t want to hear this, but she’s dangerous.
  • i’m sorry, darling. i just can’t hear you over the loud colour of your cheap pants.
  • i’m a girl. and powerful, and rich, and hot, and smart.
  • i don’t need you or anyone else fighting my battles for me.
  • how many innocent people are going to die until you prove that you are not a coward.
  • killing you will have to do.
  • you’re gonna be okay.
  • i’ve never felt pain like that before.
  • you were right. the world doesn’t need me.
  • how could i compete with you?
  • your family believes in you.
  • there is no correct path in life. you will lose your way many times.
  • be wise, be strong, and always be true to yourself.
  • i told you, i don’t trust aliens.
  • people of this city will die because of something i did.
  • i don’t wanna die.
  • that’s what makes a hero.
  • don’t you have a city to protect?
  • find her and kill her.
  • no one can be allowed to stand against us.
  • is that the fastest you can go?
  • i see you share your cousin’s appetite for wanton destruction.
  • believe it or not, he’s just looking out for you.
  • growing up, i always thought you were such a bad liar.
  • even you have your limits.
  • there was an implicit promise that she would be, at a minimum, above average.
  • i just started to think about this kitten video i saw online earlier. it’s so funny what they make those cats do.
  • get your head out of the clouds and back behind the desk where it belongs.
  • that was a really good pep talk. excellent use of pep.
  • we hunt aliens.
  • shouldn’t you be sleeping?
  • he has many fine qualities. sadly, cooking is not among them.
  • i want to help people just like you some day.
  • not only do they have the element of surprise, but they’ve also had time to master their abilities.
  • you’re relying on your strength without technique.
  • when you’re facing a superior opponent, you need to use their strength against them.
  • any woman worth her salt knows that we have to work twice as hard as a man to be thought of as half as good.
  • every step of the way, i had to fight, to work hard, to get better, to come out ahead.
  • i don’t wanna be a part of whatever you’re planning.
  • i got some mad sewing skills.
  • who names their snake fluffy?!
  • people are really starting to believe in her!
  • god, what, did you order more pizza? you’re a beast.
  • i’m not a scared little girl anymore.
  • you’re out there, fighting, risking your life, and i still trust you.
  • i have a policy against using my friends for business reasons.
  • i have a policy against losing.
  • i’ve been waiting quite some time to get one of you alive.
  • growing up, i was taught that to accept help from people is not a shame, it’s an honour.
  • he’s so used to going it alone, he doesn’t know any other way.
  • part of being your own man is knowing when to accept help.
  • i was scared, but i’m not anymore.
  • i’m here to save you all.
  • do not stand against me.
  • every species has a will to survive.
  • show me how to fight. train me to be as good as you.
  • you never let that loss diminish your light.
  • this is not a job i take lightly.
  • how can you eat sticky buns for breakfast every day and stay so thin?
  • i think i fell asleep. yesterday was a pretty long day.
  • she– she tricked me. she’s like a villain!
  • it’s a big day for journalism.
  • it’s like riding a bike or severe childhood trauma. you never really lose it.
  • it’s going to make that caitlyn jenner vanity fair look like a penny saver pullout.
  • the story’s spreading like wildfire across social media.
  • everybody wonders who they are at some point in their lives. you’re gonna figure it out.
  • it’s okay. i’ve got you. i’ve got you.
  • i want him to know what it feels like to lose everything.
  • so what are you saying? we just sit back and do nothing?
  • you don’t hear that loud, high pitched, incessant humming coming from the vents that’s making it impossible for me to think straight, let alone string together one coherent sentence?
  • i am very proud of the fact that my many years of being here, i have never thrown a phone at anyone. i would very much like to keep that record intact.
  • if i call for help now, i’m done. we’re done.
  • if i’m going to be defined, it’s going to be by my victories and my losses.
  • it’s gonna be alright. you don’t need to hurt anyone.
  • compared to me, that guy’s a dope.
  • the writing is beautiful. lyrical. the kind of story they make you read in journalism school.
  • she embodies the worst traits of her generation: the earnestness without purpose and the unshakable belief that she has a right to be heard, even when she has nothing to say.
  • that’s why i’m gonna go talk to him, the way i’d want someone to talk to me.
  • i’ll punch him real hard until he falls down. that always seems to work.
  • i’m not here to fight you.
  • i know what you’ve lost, too.
  • it feels like you don’t believe in me.
  • i’m sorry that you’re mad at me, but i’m not sorry you’re still alive.
  • your story is just starting.
  • look at you, all dressed up in your big boy suit.
  • girl knows power when she sees it.
  • you’re very sexy, but as i recall, you’re big on promises and not much else.
  • nothing says powerful more than leaving your own party early.
  • saving the world means saving everybody.
  • i was scared that i was going to lose you.
  • what’s so bad about falling?
  • don’t do anything stupid.
  • i’m sorry for what happened to you. but you are going to jail.
  • you wanna see him hurt? killing me would do that.
  • you could’ve been killed!
  • if that potsticker is not in my mouth in two seconds, i will melt your face.
  • deep beneath that seething disdain, she respects you.
  • you should be proud of yourself.
  • do not watch homeland until i get back.
A Dream and a Wish Part 1

Word Count: 2,255

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: It’s Bucky’s first birthday since joining the Avengers. Tony insists on throwing a party. However, being close to you, he’ll only agree if you are the one to plan it. Using this to your advantage to get even closer to him, Wanda and Natasha help plan a surprise for the former winter soilder. ((After CA:CW. All issues have been resolved))

Warning: Fluff, language, drinking, suggestive smut, dirty talking.

A/N: I know I’m late but this is in honor of Sebastian Stan’s birthday that was on Sunday. This was suppose to be a one shot until I got carried away. I also LOVE Wanda and Nat as the sneaky best friends. Next part will have my attempt at SMUT. Feedback is definitely appreciated. ((There also maybe some spelling and grammar errors. I typed this up on my phone and edited it on the computer.))

Part 2 

Originally posted by dolorioushaze

“No.” You said simply as Natasha and Wanda heaved a sigh.

“Oh come on (Y/N)! Who wouldn’t love a costume party? you could dress in something sexy!” Natasha said. “I still have that sexy pirate costume from Halloween!” Wanda nodded in agreement.

“No! That’s trying to hard! Besides, do you think Bucky really wants to dress up? Remember his Halloween costume?” You asked crossing your arms.

“Oh my God yes!” Wands giggled. “He just put on a cape and claimed to be a ‘vampire’.”

“I know who’s neck he wanted to suck that night.” Nat said as she wiggled her eyebrows at you. Your cheeks turned red.

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