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modern anders would probably not be standing in public areas screaming incoherently abt Capitalism™ (though honestly?? honestly???? Mood). he’d probably be doing what he did in thedas – writing about unjust imprisonment & institutionalization, attending protests & being no more obnoxious than anyone else at a protest, and probably some other form of boots on the ground activism. he’d be a nurse or doctor & would probably volunteer at a lot of local programs.

so like …. can we please stop painting anders as some tone deaf zealot?? he talks a lot abt mage oppression in-game because …. presumably you’re friends with him, and friends talk about things that are important to them. when anders wasn’t writing his manifesto (thedas’ version of an sj blog, so: We Are All Anders) he was doing concrete, important work that directly helped countless people. he isn’t a buffoon. 

Slowly Dying in Someone's Arms Sentence Starters
  • [ Requested ages ago. Sorry for the wait! Warnings for death, obviously ]:
  • "It doesn't hurt...Not anymore."
  • "I don't regret it."
  • "It was worth it to protect you."
  • "Please don't cry."
  • "I don't want to leave you..."
  • "I love you more than anything or anyone."
  • "Remember me when I'm gone."
  • "Say my name, so I'll live on."
  • "Tell them about me and what I did."
  • "If I did nothing else, at least I loved."
  • "I love you...Live for me."
  • "It hurts so much..."
  • "I-I can't breathe..."
  • "I wish it would hurry up and happen..."
  • "I want to die so bad..."
  • "At least yours is the last face I see..."
  • "I'm so sorry..."
  • "Live your life...I'll be there when it's your time..."
  • "This isn't goodbye...This is see you later..."
  • "I don't want to die...I can't..."
  • "I have so much more I want to do..."
  • "Please don't let me go..."
  • "Hold me until the end."
  • "I love you. I've always loved you..."
  • "Until we meet again..."
No Nose Knows

AN: I was alone and I started writing…

@dubbrubz @anotherdirtyheadcanonblog (You guys seem alright with me tagging you in stuff. *hides*)


It all started when Nate started paying attention to his nose. Running his fingers over the bridge and nuzzling the tips of their noses together that really set it off.
The actions were completely Innocent on Nate’s part but his Nose had never exactly been Andy’s favorite part of himself.

If it wouldn’t change his voice he’d do something with it.
It was just- too big, and it upturned, and it had a weird shape to it. It wasn’t exactly straight, it was just- unbearably him.
It was his nose and it would always be his nose.
Andy thought about it mostly at night until the thoughts tired him out too much and he fell asleep. The same thoughts always on his mind when he woke up.
Today he awoke a sleepy Nate nuzzling their noses together with a big dopey grin on his face.

He smiled in spite of himself. “What’s this about?”

“I love you.” Nate said simply. Feeling the statement was reason enough.

Andy hummed and held Nate close to him. “I love you too.”

“You know you’re beautiful and adorable right?”
“Where’s this coming from?”

“You know what I especially love about you? Your nose.” Nate said with a sly look in his eyes that Andy didn’t catch considering he was too busy sifting in his spot and dropped his gaze away from Nate.


“You were talking about it in your sleep love. Why would you want a different nose? Your nose is adorable!”

“It-It’s to-”


“N-no, it’s just so-”


“No, it’s just, too big for my face and it’s not- it’s just not! It’s just me… It’s me all over.”

“Now do you see why I’d never want you to change it? You’re right. It’s crooked, and a bit to big for your face and it’s you alllllll over.”

Andy flushed. Hearing mostly what he already wanted to hear. Big. Crooked. Ugly.

“Hey, hey. Are you listening to me?” Nate said grabbing his face and making him meet his gaze.

Andy wanted to melt away, just be gone. Run away…

“I know I’ve been focusing on your nose a lot and I’m sorry if that helped bring up bad feelings but I’ve only been doing it because well,” Nate bit his lip slightly before pressing on. “because I’ve only begun to realize how you it is. It’s just so you and it’s adorable. It’s part of what makes you so adorable to look at. I just- I love it. I love you.” He finished pressing their noses together as Andy felt the cartridge bend.

He hated how his nose would bend and Nate had an inkling of that, but ignored it for Andy’s sake.

“It’s part of you and I can’t get enough of you. You drive me crazy. I’ve written a dozen songs about you. You’re amazing.”

Andy snapped to attention. Nate never mentioned these songs. “Songs? What kind of songs?” He asked nuzzling against Nate’s nose suddenly.

Nate’s face heated up a few degrees. He hadn’t meant to say that. “I- nothing. No songs. There are no songs here.” He said trying to get away from Andy’s sudden protective embrace.

“Oh my god. You wrote love songs didn’t you? Sappy… Corny… Love songs.” Andy said drawing this out as much as he could.

“I did not! They’re not- they- I-”

“Where are they?”

“Hidden.” Nate said all to fast as he smirked. He knew where Nate hid things. He had told him! He hid stuff under his shirts and under the bed.

“Aww, I want to see them though.” He said nuzzling Nate. Hoping to get the the songs without a fight.



Andy sighed before diving for the bed in a fifty-fifty shot and judging my Nate’s struggling to hold him back it was the right choice.
And as he finally felt the brush of a stack of papers he made a grab for it and pulled back onto the bed to reveal a short stack of papers held together with an office clip. Nate had stopped struggling at this point and covered his face as Andy looked through all the songs.
They were dated. Each and everyone was dated. From when it was started to when it was finished and the first one was dated a month after him and Nate met.

Honestly, they were wonderful. But more than that, they were touching. They mentioned things Andy had told Nate that he was sure he would have forgotten. It had a tune that Andy could hear from the page and it was real, and touching and kind. It showed who Nate was almost more than who he was.
Aside from the man beside him, this was quickly becoming one of the most important items in existence to him. He felt touched. Truly touched. He kept flipping though until he found what Nate must have been really hiding. There were a few drawings and pictures in the mix, including ones from when they started dating but there were love letters.

Love letters that had entire lines and paragraphs crossed out messily but still readable by a stretch.
The love letters were almost as great as the songs. They were mostly destroyed and he could have sworn that that was a coffee spill on the one. They were crinkled and folded a million times and they were sweet.

If there was anything to show that Nate thought the world of him this was it and as he looked back at the smaller man that was hiding his face from him he couldn’t help but feel it.
Love. Complete and unconditional love for the most wonderful person in his life.
He hugged Nate’s shoulders with one arm. “These are wonderful.”

“They’re embarrassing.” Nate mumbled.

“I love them.”

Nate shrugged before looking up. Knowing he couldn’t avoid Andy’s gaze forever.

“They- you’re amazing.”

Nate nodded. Feeling rather shy and overwhelmed.

“I love you. I just can’t believe it took me longer than a month to realize it at first.” He said looking back at the stack of papers in his hand.

“I love you too…”

Andy raised an eyebrow much to the confusion of Nate, “You know what? I’m going to cuddle you all day. We’re not working today.”

Realization dawned on Nate’s face. “What about Hunter and Brett though? We have to record today.”
“I’ll take care of it.” Andy said pulling Nate back down to the bed and nuzzling their noses together. “I get it now.”
Nate smiled a lazy grin at that. “See?”

Andy may have fallen asleep again an hour or so later but he did keep his word. They cuddled and did nothing all day. Andy texted Hunter saying that him and Nate were taking a day off, to which Hunter replied,

“About time!”

More AUs / Headcanons

• Hollyleaf doesn’t die- just… no. Kill literally anyone else.
For extra dramatic and heart-wrenching stories, LIONBLAZE dies by Hawkfrost before Brambleclaw kills him for revenge.

• Brambleclaw is then killed by Tigerstar because goddamnit son you never did anything right in my eyes and now you’ve killed the favorite kid.

• Squirrelflight, Hollyleaf, and Ivypool form a kick ass battle trio and take down every Dark Forest cat that even looks at them. They’re filled with rage and grief for the good men they have lost.

• Firestar still dies, just differently. There’s no exploding tree. He lives for a few minutes after defeating Tigerstar before succumbing to his wounds and so losing his last life. He pulls a Tallstar and appoints Hollyleaf his new deputy just before he takes his last breath.

;• As he takes his last breath, Firestar’s gaze is locked with Sandstorm’s. There are no words- just pure and endless love. (I really love them omg)

•HollySTAR tries to decide between Ivypool, Cinderheart, and Blossomfall for her deputy. Blossom would rather not, and Cinderheart is currently too overwhelmed with grief to even comprehend anything. So Ivypool it is (it was always gonna be her let’s be real).

• Ivy x Blossom

  • Robert: I'm sorry. You're not going to get in trouble again, are you? Cos we can get anyone else to run the service.
  • Harriet: Oh, way to make a girl feel special. Just because this wedding isn't legal doesn't mean it's not as special or as important -
  • Diane: He means, he doesn't want you to risk your job like you did over Ali and Ruby.
  • Harriet: You guys love each other, yeah?
  • Robert: Yes.
  • Harriet: And you want to spend the rest of your lives together?
  • Robert: Yes.
  • Harriet: Then I would very much like to be a part of that.
  • Robert: I want to say my vows. I want him and Liv to hear what he is to me, properly, before he goes away.
  • Diane: They will, pet.
  • Liv: You want me to hear?
  • Robert: Yeah. This wedding's for you, too, you know. You're stuck with me after today, like it or not.

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It took me half a year to report my rape and now everything is overwhelming. I'm a highly empathetic person so I realize this could ruin his life. I don't want this to happen to another girl, but I also don't want to have this ruin anyone else's life. I suffered enough. Did I do the right thing by reporting? Because I feel as though I didn't.

I’m really sorry to hear about that. You’re certainly right in reporting it, even if you may feel guilty or empathetic. He probably ruined your life, at least to a certain extent with what he did and there’s the chance he may do it to another girl. It may ruin his life but quite frankly, that’s what rapists deserve. He should have thought about that before doing what he did, you know? You’re very strong for reporting it and I hope you’re okay!

On Brit Marling’s instagram a while ago she posted this photo. I thought it was interesting how similar this person looked to Prairie so I did some research. This is the cover of a Russian fairytale, Vasilisa the Beautiful. Already there’s links to Prairie because it’s Russian!

The story doesn’t directly mirror OA’s story but there are similarities. It starts off with a merchant who has a single daughter, Vasilisa. Her mother died when she was 8, just like OA’s mother died when she was young. This means that they were both raised by just their fathers. 

The next part of the story doesn’t link 100% but in Vasilisa the Beautiful, her father remarries to a woman with 2 children already, young men came to the house interested in marrying one of the daughters, and then the father has to go on a journey so they move to a gloomy hut. This could link to OA’s story because her father also left (and OA says multiple times that she doesn’t believe he is dead). After this, she went to live with her aunt and some children in what we think was a brothel, which would link to the men coming to the house in search of marriage (or in this case, sex). She says ‘for the first time, my blindness felt like a prison’ showing she was extremely unhappy there, like Vasilisa would be unhappy in the gloomy hut. Moving to the gloomy hut could also be Prairie moving in with Nancy and Abel since she was unhappy there as well.

The three children (Vasilisa and her two stepsisters) were given a task to put out all the fires except a single candle, but the oldest stepsister puts out the candle which means Vasilisa is sent to get some light from Baba Yaga’s hut. In Prairie’s premonitions there are candles there, and the premonition is the thing that sends her to the Statue of Liberty, and Hap

There is a part of the story where two mysterious horse riders, one white and one red, ride past her. The white one represents day, and the red one represents the sun. I’m not sure how this links to OA’s story but I thought it was interesting.

A 3rd rider then rides past, and this one is black (which represents night). It turns dark and Vasilisa is too scared to run so she gets taken by Baba Yaga. In my theory, I’m assuming that Baba Yaga is Hap, although I also considered she may be Khatun (that’d probably be an entire different post though). Baba Yaga makes Vasilisa perform tasks such a cleaning and doing her laundry, just like Hap makes Prairie. She also makes Vasilisa prepare her a meal like how Prairie prepares the broth for Hap.

Now is probably a good time to mention that when Vasilisa’s mother died she gave her a doll. Dolls are shown a lot in The OA (like when French is in her house he sees them) but they haven’t been commented on much. I think Khatun could be a representation of the doll, since throughout the story it gives Vasilisa advice such as to go to Baba Yaga’s house. When Vasilisa is at Baba Yaga’s house she is given the task of separating poppy seeds from grains of soil which is an impossible thing to do. The doll then says that it will do it while Vasilisa sleeps, meaning she has a change of escaping Baba Yaga’s house. In The OA Prairie has the task of escaping which seems impossible. Once she meets Khatun again she gets the first movement which is part of letting her escape. In both the stories, the protagonists are given an impossible task and need to escape. Both the doll and Khatun are the things who help them with escaping. 

Near the end of the story, Baba Yaga finds out that Vasilisa has completed all the tasks and asks her how she did it. Vasilisa answers that she did it by her mothers blessing, referencing to the doll that her mother gave her. Angered by this because she wants nobody with any kind of blessing in her presence Baba Yaga throws Vasilisa out of her house. This obviously links to Hap being angry at OA and abandoning her on the side of the road. 

The ending of the story doesn’t seem to link but if anyone else reads the story and can find more similarities then feel free to add them. 


Suga can reject anyone but Holly  (ノ・ω・)ノ

lol sorry for this, it’s so bad, i know, but my wacom isn’t woRKING PROPERLY plus it’s 2am and I’m sleepy af I don’t even know why I’m doing this. Probably bc I had to take this opportunity before anyone else did.

Save Myself - Part One

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Summary: One day a girl comes to town. And the information, and money, she comes with could break up an entire town. 

Word Count: 1074

Warnings: angsty, bad humor, i’m sorry

A/N: I had this idea when I was in the shower. I don’t know if it came out the way I wanted it to but you know. Whatever. 

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Papa even. Like "remember you guys are geniuses !!!". I'm sorry but imagine evak having kids. Even will totally be the goofy super supportive dad like"WAAAW YOU TOOK ALL THE TISSUES OUT OF THE BOX !!!! SO SMART !!!!" and isak will just be there like "I guess who he got that idea from.......,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"

i cant believe even is teachin their kids to steal all the paper towels,,,,, and one of them is not havin it, doesnt think it would work on anyone (else other than his dad) and when they ask someone out on a date even will be like “did u use the papertowels:’)” and theyre like “…no papa,wth” and evens like “chh..when i was ur age,” and theyre already leavin the room bc “ohm yGOD its the twelvehundredth time papa”

Doubt (Layered)
twenty one pilots
Doubt (Layered)

I get bored and mess around in Garage Band [part 8/?]

use headphones

stay street


Real footage of transformers the last knight… jk. But did anyone else want more bumblebee and nemesis prime fighting? Or just more scenes of nemesis prime fighting in general… well, besides being chained up by his squid like creator???

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EA: Hi ^_^ I think I may have sent this ask to a blog that's no longer active but I can't remember whether or not I did or didn't send this to anyone? So I'm sorry if you've already seen this ask before >_> but can I request a Zenyatta/whoever else you'd like with a crush on someone who's in a toxic relationship? Please and thank you >_<

Nope, I have not seen this ask before so it’s all good! ^-^


  • Zen’s a pretty chill guy
  • Like, he’s a man of peace
  • He’s also a man of protection though and this kind of thing is definitely not acceptable
  • He probably recognizes it’s a toxic relationship before you do and warns you that it’s such
  • But you tell him not to worry and continue on with it
  • Of course the man was right though
  • You know it, he knows it
  • You don’t know he knows it and don’t want him to know it so you cover it up
  • Even if it is all constant fights and your current romantic partner goes off and cheats on you and every once in a while you have bruises on your arms from them holding you too tight
  • Zenyatta isn’t an intrusive man but you bet your ass that he’s going to confront you about this
  • If you really protest about it, he goes to confront the toxic person instead
  • He’ll do it when you’re nearby though, so you can hear what he has to say
  • Ex. You’re hanging out with your partner and bump into Zen; you leave to use the restroom or something and Zen and said partner are now alone but you’re still close by
  • Basically, Zen calls Toxic Asshole out on their shit
  • Calmly
  • No yelling or screaming but certainly walks right up to them so they’re almost chest-to-chest and just kind of goes off on a rant
  • Questions them as to why they do what they do to you, if they think it’s funny, if it makes them happy to be an abusive and controlling figure in a relationship, if they think it’s the way a relationship works
  • Toxic stops them right there and argues back that he wouldn’t know what a relationship was if it hit him in the face because he’s a stupid piece of metal
  • So Zen spouts off
  • “I know what it’s like to care about someone.”
  • “I know what it’s like to want to protect and take care of and spend all my time with someone.”
  • “I believe that’s what a relationship is.”
  • “What you’re trying to run is a dictatorship and that’s not how loving someone works”
  • All the while you’re just around the corner, listening in
  • Being the rat your partner is, they probably try to start a physical fight
  • Zen doesn’t fight back but he does defend himself
  • Meaning the guy probably ends up on the ground, via Zenyatta tripping him, with his arm twisted behind his back after trying to throw a punch
  • Let’s face it, Zen’s kind of sassy too; everyone knows it
  • So he’s just kind of like
  • “If you weren’t guilty, you wouldn’t have gotten mad”
  • Toxic’s getting hella fussy and screaming about how they’d have kicked his ass if they’d been in a real fight
  • So Zenyatta picks them up, turns them around, and lightly pushes them back
  • “Stay away from (Y/N) or you’ll really get to see what a fight with me is like.”
  • They’re almost ready to start a fight again so you decide to show yourself before it starts
  • Instead of grabbing you and yanking you away like they’d normally do, they just spit at you, say you’re not worth their time, and walk off
  • That’s that
  • Zenyatta apologizes for interfering but says it needed to be done
  • You can’t help but hug him, out of appreciation of his help and because of the things he said earlier
  • He’ll hug you back and gently rub your arms, specifically where your now-ex partner would leave bruises
  • C’mon, you gotta ask if he meant you
  • “Zen, do you care about me like that?”
  • If the omnic could blush, he would
  • Instead, his body just gets a little warmer
  • Might as well come out with it
  • “I do. And I couldn’t bare to watch your partner treat you as he did any longer.”
  • Tbh, he’d kiss if he could but he doesn’t exactly have lips
  • He settles for kind of an Eskimo kiss instead
  • Let the robot boy love and care for you plz, he loves you so much

has anyone else done this yet?

  • Mom: Ask your boss if you can take this time off to visit the family!
  • Me: Okay, so first of all, probably not. Second of all, I am poor, so definitely not.

bluegiraffe09  asked:

Hey so, I don't know if anyone else has asked this before, but how did you start your blog? I want to put my own Sans on Tumblr but I'm relatively new to the website and don't know how to do it. What did you do? How did you make Lavender? Sorry for so many questions, I'm just curious :3

How did I make Lavender? Tbh I made his design fairly quickly and was inspired by one of my favorite plants and the lavender candle I had sitting beside me at the time. Lavender is a plant that is known to help relax and make you fall asleep which I figured would be quite fitting for a Sans. Plus at the time I hadn’t seen very many purples Sans’. I really wanted to make a character based around Nature and who would be really down to earth n stuff. A lot of the Sans’ I see now a days are always so overpowered or like tryin to kill all humans or other sans or wHATEVER- (Which is totally okay tho, you can make your character however you want-) But I just wanted to be different is all. Tbh all I did was like… made my blog, rp’d with a few people and made friends. Making friends was honestly all I ever really wanted in the first place when I made this blog so. There’s no special trick my dude, you just gotta go and have fun :). Also the blog that really inspired me was @missladytale ! They’re super cool and from day one I always looked up to them 💜