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the signs introverted vs. extroverted

 introverted: shy but bubbly and really nice, likes to spend a lot of time with those they know and love, doesn’t like to leave the house too much, might be lazy
 extroverted: loud, might seem rude, but really they’re just honest, isn’t afraid to speak up for themselves ot those they love, alway doing something, loves adventures

 introverted: very reserved, will want to you to do the first step, generally just doesn’t like meeting new people and likes to spend time indoors, most likely a music lover
 extroverted: optimistic fluff balls, friends with EVERYONE, emotional but positive thinkers, love to go out a lot, especially near nature

 introverted: might seem kind of distant, doesn’t like to talk about their emotions even when they’re sad, emotional, but really good with children
 extroverted: very intelligent and quick thinking, comes up with the best ideas and solutions to problems, talks to many people and has a lot of friends, likes to be busy, work on something

 introverted: shy, but smiles quite a lot, still able to make friends easily, but uses earbuds a lot and likes to have someone they know around them most of the time
 extroverted: liked by everyone, makes people laugh, likes to spend time with children (and children love them), natural story teller

 introverted: resting bitch face, actually cares a lot though, might not have problems with going outside or anything but doesn’t talk to many people
 extroverted: talks to pretty much ANYONE, big and kind heart, buys gifts for friends, does the ebst sleepovers/ parties

 introverted: doesn’t like to go outside too often, probably looks like they don’t even want to talk to you, actually cares though, seems busy, always working on something, perfectionist
kind of weird, talks a lot, but often it’s also about some serious topics, curious person and likes to learn, judgemental, but can appreceate things as well

 introverted: thinks a lot, home oriented, sensitive, will be nice to you even if they don’t like you, super shy, usually good at playing musical instrument
 extroverted: fearless (except spiders), isn’t afraid to do pretty much anything, nothing can stop them, likes to flirt, probably really popular among their friends, kind to everyone

 introverted: talkative, uses sarcasm or has offensive sense of humour, really confident in themselves, isn’t afraid to speak up, actually very intelligent most of the time
 extroverted: v reserved, quiet, looks tough, actually cares a lot, might complain often, home anf family oriented, sometimes tends to overthink

 introverted: looks serious and professional, hardworking person, cares a lot about their appereance and the way they show themselves, nervous easily
 extroverted: very competitive, loud, they’re ‘everywhere’, looks confident, is confident, being in love with them is one huge adventure

 introverted: the very definition of socially awkward, really doesn’t talk much, usually passionate about something and they spend a lot of time doing it, the biggest ovethinkers you’ll ever meet
 extroverted: might look mean or selfish, but they’re literally the funniest people ever, pays for food, loves to go to parties, cares about their appereance a lot

 introverted: most likely good at math, really doesn’t talk much, doesn’t like to leave the house too much, has their own world, might tend to  be a bit naive, confused 25/8
 extroverted: one of the most talkative people you’ll ever meet, super curious, likes to go on adventures and hang out with their friends a lot, kind of nerds, but really sweet

 introverted: people still love them, looks tough but is very emotional and sensitive, hardworking, 98% of the time, they have something with themselves that reminds them of home
 extroverted: leader material, likes to be the centre of the attention, amazing acting skills, makes friends easily, smiles a lot

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Do you think Sangwoo loves Bum? Why and why not?

Haha, wow. Going for the simple questions, huh?

The short answer is: Yes, Sangwoo does love Bum, to the extent that he is capable of feeling and expressing love. Which is to say, in a very stunted, warped, and immature manner.

A lot of people have written a lot of posts on this topic, so I’ll try to focus on areas that haven’t been brought up a lot. The main point I want to make is that Sangwoo definitely does care about Bum’s happiness and well-being. He considers Bum his boyfriend (husband?) and he takes his duties as a boyfriend very seriously. It’s just that his ideas of how to express love are completely fucked up

These two pics aren’t really related to anything I want to say, I just haven’t seen anyone else talk about them. Is it me, or is Sangwoo having an “Oh shit, he cute” moment? 

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forsimplicityssake  asked:

Can I ask for further info on what's going on in the wolfdog community? Thanks!

I’m not sure exactly which part of the recent events you’re interested in / aware of, so I’ll do a quick recap. 

The private ownership wolfdog community is super full of group-think to the point of kind of being it’s own cult. Most really dedicated animal group are, from specific purebred dog breed clubs to reptile keepers, but they take it even farther than the extremes of most of those groups. They promote hands-on experience with wolfdogs as more important or relevant to successful animal management than professional or academic backgrounds in relevant topics. Their care is generally based on mythology and urban legends about canine behavior and is fairly lacking in awareness of any recent behavioral science for dogs or wolves, and they tend to think training either isn’t possible with wolf content animals or that it makes them less wild, somehow. They’re also nasty and tend to go on witch-hunts within their own community if someone does something they don’t like or gets on the wrong side of a respected old-timer.

I wrote an article on a northern breed mix named Loki, who is really famous for his owner’s tendency to claim he’s a wolfdog, and was lambasted for it. I was kicked out of the wolfdog communities, harassed, and vaguely threatened with legal action. I eventually took the article offline because the unending harassment it was destroying my ability to function as an educator. You can read more about that story here. I’ve gotten requests to put it back up from people  who think calling out this specific case of misrep is important, but are uninterested in backing the project openly due to the amount of backlash it generated when it was posted. The article will not be going back up. 

Shortly after the Loki article came down, a GSD mix named Capone was taken by animal officers in Aurora, Colorado, and claimed to be ‘part wolf’ because he was aggressive towards the officers. To make it worse, he wasn’t vaccinated for rabies or registered with the county. A tense week ensued, in which petitions were started to save Capone and he became a fairly visible media story in the US. Eventually, DNA results from UC Davis came back that Capone was entirely dog, and he got to go home. Unfortunately, a shitty breeder of northern breed mixes decided to go talk to the local media about “how they should come see what real wolfdogs look like” and managed to make the misrepresentation problems regarding wolfy-looking arctic breed dogs 1000% worse. The wolfdog community (the bits of it I’m still tangential too, anyway) spent a lot of that week bemoaning that man, why doesn’t anyone speak out against exactly this sort of misrepresentation?

In light of the drama. Why Animals Do The Thing has decided to no longer support with the private ownership wolfdog community. WADTT is also choosing to discontinue it’s partnership with a wolfdog rescue we have previously unequivocally supported - you can read more about why that choice was made here. WADTT will continue to do independent education regarding wolfdog media as is pertinent for the scope of this blog, however, because it’s pretty clearly a topic readers care about. 

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Hiya, Aunty! Has anyone ever asked yet what the differences between each ICU type is because I still get confused by them

Hey nonny! No, this is the first time this question is coming up, which means that I get to go off about one of my favorite topics!

An ICU (Intensive Care Unit) is a special unit in a hospital for a patient who is “critically ill”. There are a lot of reasons people can be admitted to an ICU. (In the UK I believe these units are called ITUs, Intensive Therapy Units.)

ICUs are areas where extremely sick patients get closely observed. Where an ER or medical-floor nurse might have 6 or more patients to attend, an ICU nurse has just one or maybe 2. They’ll get more frequent visits from doctors, have their intakes and outputs (”Is and Os”) monitored, medications adjusted, very frequently. If they’re on a ventilator or respiratory support, they’ll be in the ICU. Serious chemical and salt imbalances or extremes of blood sugar, blood pressure, and organ function are seen in the ICUs.

There are loads of different types. Some small hospitals may have only one “catchall” ICU, for the “really-sick” patients. Some may have dozens; I work for a hospital system with a great many ICUs. Generally, patients are sorted based on what service they primarily need.

The Medical ICU (MICU) is where generically medically-sick patients go. Issues like sepsis are handled here, as might asthma patients, patients with acute abdomen, etc.

Though this gets tricky: some hospitals also have a Respiratory Care Unit (RCU).

Many post-operative surgical patients are discharged to a Surgical ICU (SICU)  from the OR. SICU can also hold patients pre-op for observation and testing.

One type of SICU is a Cardiothoracic ICU (CTICU). This is for patients who have had their chests opened during surgery for whatever reason, as the possibility of re-bleeds requiring immediate surgery is high and the consequences can be rapidly fatal.

Critically ill heart patients – including those who’ve recovered from cardiac arrest or suffered heart attacks with significant damage – are admitted to a Cardiac Care Unit (CCU).

Neuro ICU (NICU) and Neonatal ICU (NICU) (which is separate from a Pediatric ICU (PICU)) share the same abbreviation but drastically different populations; Neuro ICUs treat patients suffering from strokes or hemorrhages in the brain, while Neonatal ICUs treat critically ill newborns. Some hospitals will call their Neuro ICU a Neuroscience ICU (NSICU) for clarity, but this is different when a hospital has a neuro ICU and a Neurosurgical ICU (NSICU).

There are also Burn ICUs, Trauma ICUs, Post-Anesthesia Care Units (PACUs) and more. (PACUs may or may not count as ICUs, actually). Then there are “step-down” units, where people are “de-medicalized”, weaned from their biggest interventions before being sent to a more routine kind of a floor.

Ultimately what each hospital chooses to call each ICU is up to them. One hospital I know calls their Trauma ICU their “Emergency Ward”. Our “mothership” hospital calls their neuro ICU their Neuroscience ICU.

Oh, and children’s hospitals may have…. honestly, at least a few of these ICUs, dedicated just for kids.

I hope that helps clear things up a little bit. Let me know if you still have questions, I’ll try to help answer them as best I can!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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7/50 - “I’ve never killed anyone before.”

Fandom: All for the Game/The Foxhole Court
Characters/pairings: the Foxes (mostly Neil and Kevin), Jack/andreil mentioned
Summary: Jack won’t leave Neil alone.
A/N: Because I saw this post and all I could think of was tfc/aftg. Tbh it’s all I think about these days.


From the beginning Jack had a problem with Neil. Neil didn’t know much about Jack except that he must have talent if Kevin wanted to recruit him. Most days he thought the talent wasn’t worth the headache he brought into Neil’s life.

Every week Jack focused on a different aspect of Neil’s life - past or present, his personality, his inexperience, his relationships, the way he passed the ball, whatever. He made stupid comments and was unnecessarily rough but Neil could handle it. He gave as good as he took and he was confident in his place on the team.

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AOMG as Boyfriends

Jay Park

Originally posted by jayfatuasian

Would be the type to always have you in consideration, he would want your opinion on the actions he takes. He would care a lot about what you would think, he would also try to make you smile almost all the time. His facial expression would give you complete and utter joy, Jay loves living life to the fullest with no regrets so he’d always bring something new to the table. He wouldn’t be scared of skinship, he’d most likely initiate it. He would be open to almost anything as long as it were you. Every time he would go to a party he would show you off to the world

Simon Dominic

Originally posted by clubeskimo

Simon Dominic, believe it or not, is a family man. We all know he is almost never single, but boy does he loves kids. He’s low-key a family man he wants kids of his own one day. He would bring up the topic a lot of the time hoping you dream of the same thing. He would try his best to take care of you, he wouldn’t want anything missing in your life. He’s a workaholic, but he’d try to be home more often for you. He Loves skinship meaning he wouldn’t be able to take his hand off of you, at home. His public displays aren’t as bold as Jay’s because he’d like the vulnerable side of him hidden


Originally posted by sukiieeeee

Gray, would be someone more intimate. He’d never talk about your problems to anyone, he wouldn’t show you off like Jay. He would probably stop partying with the guys so much. He would always message you, to make sure you’re alright. He would keep you a secret from the boys because he wouldn’t want you to be teased by them. Like Jay, he would want to keep you happy. You’d probably see his little goofy side, which makes every moment with him intimate. He would show some skinship to the public to a degree because he is very mature he wouldn’t let the public affect him.


Originally posted by yooneroos

Loco, on the other hand, is very,very, down to earth. He’s also extremely shy. He’s a homebody, so you’ll be staying in more than you’ll be going out. He would always be the best cuddle buddy, he’d cook for you every once in a while. He’d try to make you as comfortable as possible, he hates seeing you upset so arguments with him don’t last. He’s somewhat insecure of his looks so he’d always compliment you on anything; hair, perfume, smile. He would always have your back, even if you’re wrong. You two would binge watch Korean dramas together. Loco wouldn’t hesitate skinship he’d be really sly about it, he loves surprising you with his kisses and your reaction.

All together you’ll never have a dull moment with the AOMG crew


NCT Dream MTL to date an outgoing and sarcastic bisexual girl


Anon: hi! can you do mtl in nct dream to date a bisexual girl who is outgoing and sarcastic?

Hi! I hope you like this! Remember this is just me making assumptions - I’m not confirming anything. Sexuality shouldn’t matter in a relationship anyway, as long as you’re both happy in it :-)

Originally posted by nctinfo




Haechan would fit perfectly with someone whose outgoing and sarcastic because he is as well. He literally wouldn’t care about sexuality at all, like he’s too innocent and he just wants to make me smile and laugh not hold them against things. When he found out you were bisexual, he’d literally brush it off and be like “okay, anyway-” because he really wouldn’t care (as long as you were dating him)

Jaemin is next because he’d suit well with extroverted people. I don’t think he’d overly loud himself but he’s talkative enough. He’d find it hilarious if you sassed one of his members, probably falling head over heals in love with you in that very moment. Again, he wouldn’t care about sexuality. If you liked him, you liked him and that would be enough for him.

Jeno would like someone whose outgoing but not overly excitable. He wants to be kept on his toes, but he doesn’t want to have to anticipate your every move just in case you do something too extravagant. Sass wouldn’t have to be crucial in a partner but he definitely would find it funny and adorable. And of course, Jeno wouldn’t care about sexuality. He might ask you a lot of questions to do with it, but purely out of curiosity.

Chenle could literally fit with any type of personality type. He’d suit well with loud people, quiet people, athletic people, people who like to bake, literally anyone. So he’d easily date someone outgoing and sarcastic if he liked them. Sexuality, I think, may be a topic he doesn’t know much about or in great depth so he might ask questions like Jeno, but only because he’s curious.

Mark probably could date someone outgoing and sarcastic, but they’d have to be able to control it. Someone overly hyper-loud might get on his nerves a bit, but if they were only occasionally like this, he would be able to cope with it. In the same way, someone whose way too sassy might irritate him if he’s trying to be serious. Mark’s pretty familiar with the different kinds of sexuality, coming from the west where it’s heavily recognised and accepted, so he wouldn’t care if you were bisexual.

Renjun is one of the quietest members in NCT Dream so would prefer a calmer, more gentle girl as a partner. He’d be intimidated by loud personalities and might find it too much for him. I think he’s fairly sassy himself, so a girl of similar sassiness would suit him better than someone with way more of it. If you were bisexual, he’d ask you a lot of questions and would sometimes feel a little bit jealous if he saw you always hanging around girls or guys just in case.

Jisung is another quiet member of the group. Dating someone even shyer would be better for him. He’d be the more talkative one in the relationship which would build his confidence a bit and then he’d be able to help his GF get more confident herself. He wouldn’t care about how sarcastic you were or what your sexuality was, as long as you were gentle and sweet.

anonymous asked:

Since you reblogged it I thought it was relevant to ask bc I've been wondering since I saw the episode! But in tfp why does Sherlock freak out and destroy the coffin? I think I am missing something quite large indeed

Well the dialogue was minimal so all I can provide is just my views on it, and different people may interpret differently so what I’m about to say is by no means definitive fact. I think Sherlock knew that Molly is still in love with him (it’s not like her infatuation was subtle, poor Molly is hopelessly in love with him) but I think Sherlock doesn’t return her feelings, or at least not in that same romantic way. I think he loves her platonicaly, he cherishes her and cares about her obviously (I think this is something that Sherlock has finally admitted to himself since the fall. Before the fall he can lie to himself and say he’s a sociopath and he doesn’t care about anyone not Greg or Molly or Mycroft….But after the fall, I think he finally couldn’t lie to himself anymore. He knows these people are family to him and he has to admit to himself that he does care about them immensely) so yeah Sherlock knows Molly is still in love with him but he doesn’t like her in the same way and so far they just kinda steer away from the topic. Like at the end of teh when he chose NOT to ask Molly about the fact that Tom looked a lot like Sherlock, Sherlock made this decision to spare her feelings. So I think Sherlock has been actively avoiding prodding that subject to spare Molly’s feelings. But then in tfp, eurus basically forced him to make her say it. He knew how emotionally devastating it could be for Molly, even worse now that he had to tell her what she wants to hear but knowing it was a lie. But perhaps in that moment when he said it, he might think it was a necessary collateral. “Even if I hurt her emotionally, at least I know that she’ll be safe from eurus’ plans”. Maybe that’s how he justified it to himself. But he turns out to be wrong, Molly was never in any real danger. Now the emotional damage has been done. And I think that’s why he just snapped. He knew how much this would hurt Molly, and it was all for nothing

meganmusic15  asked:

I came out as genderfluid a while back; I thought my dysphoria fluctuating was my gender fluctuating. And I've only recently realised that I'm actually trans (ftm)... and I'm terrified to re-come out. What can i do? Sorry for the stupid question

It’s not a stupid question at all!

Re-coming out is actually not at all uncommon. Figuring out your gender is a process, and a lot of people first land on something that’s close to the truth but not quite it. And that’s totally fine! Anyone who truly cares about you will support you just like they did the first time you came out. If they don’t, then they’re not being true friends.

If you’re struggling with how to broach the topic, you could start with “Hey, so I’ve been thinking about my gender some more and I realized…” and then explain to them what you just explained to me, which is a totally coherent and understandable story!

anonymous asked:

whats wrong w mark gattis if u dont mind me asking?

he and steven moffat queerbaited their way through four series of sherlock. and i know that is a harsh term to use considering he identifies as gay himself but that’s what i’ve taken away from it after long consideration. it’s a very loaded topic for me because i used be in the sherlock fandom for years and i have a lot of things to say but i don’t know if anyone cares about that haha.

Alright, I've had enough.

Taylor Alison Swift, born at 8:36 am, Wednesday December 13th, 1989, is a good person. IS A GOOD PERSON. (repeat for emphasis.)
Although, Taylor Swift may be one of the most misunderstood artist in today’s music culture. Sure, she writes breakup songs, and she admits to that. But, she’s not the only one. Here’s a list of artist today who write at least 50% of the songs on their albums about love/breakups.
• P!NK
• One Direction
• Katy Perry
• Adele (Actually her album 21 is 100% about one ex.)
• Bruno Mars
• Justin Bieber
• Austin Mahone
• Ed Sheeran
• Carrie Underwood
(There are many more but here’s a few examples.)
So there’s that argument. Let’s keep in mind that I did do the math, and out of the 82 songs Taylor has written (by herself may I add, along with co-writers on a few.) and released, 59.5% ARE NOT BREAKUP SONGS. She also has songs about:
• Eating Disorders
• Cancer
• Bullies
• Fitting In
• Depression
• Growing Up
• How fame isn’t all what it seems
• Friends
• Etc.
She writes a lot more than just about love. Moving Along, A popular argument attempted to put out is “Taylor Swift dates too much.”
• Joe Jonas
• Jake Gyllenhaal
• Taylor Lautner
• John Mayer
• Harry Styles
• Connor Kennedy.
Those have been her only boyfriends since 2005. As a 14 year old girl, I can say I have liked, or “dated” more than seven people since 2010. She’s 23 and trying to find love, its not even our business, but I’d like to say: Damnn Taylor, go get it, all those guys are attractive 😃 If Taylor is 23, gorgeous, and a multi-millionaire, if I were her I’d have a lot more than seven smokin’ hot famous exes. But enough with my creepiness.
Next topic. Taylor Cares a lot about anyone and everyone. At most of her concerts, she has a 100% free meet and greet after the concert for the most enthusiastic and energetic fans selected by her staff members.

Taylor Doesn’t like to RT or Tweet fans on Twitter because she likes to keep everything fair.

She once held a meet and greet that was free to anyone who wanted to come. She wanted it to last a few hours, but she ended up meeting fans for 14 hours. IN HEELS.

Taylor once spent over $400 on pizza for fans waiting outside her hotel room because they “looked hungry.”

The song “Long Live” is a tribute from Taylor to her fans, band, and anyone who has supported her along the way.

During award show speeches, Taylor never hesitates to thank her fans. Example; “and to the fans; you are the longest and best relationship I’ve ever had!”

In 2012, Taylor wrote a song called “Ronan” about a 3 year old boy who passed away due to pediatric cancer. She sold it on iTunes, and every penny made on the song went to childhood cancer research.

Taylor was named most charitable artist of 2012, and 2013.

She never trash talks people, although the media likes to twist what she says to make it seem like she does. She’s a total sweet heart and a total goofball. Let’s keep in mind, as stated before, she writes or co-writes ALL of her songs, and she’s won 175+ awards, including 7 grammy’s.
She doesn’t walk around drunk, high, strung out, or half naked, and yet people STILL slut shame her? She’s a twenty three year old girl writing about her feelings of course there’s going to be breakup and love songs in the mix! She’s simply expressing herself, and all she gets is hate for it? She helps a lot of people, and I’m one of those people. She’s inspired me to play guitar, sing and write songs. But most importantly, she saved my life. She’s made me stronger, and she’s connected me with my best friend. She was there for me in my roughest times, and through her music, it was like she understood me. I know, maybe it sounds crazy to you. “How can someone who you don’t even know save your life?” You don’t even know. She saved me and one day I want to thank her for it. And I know for a fact I’m not the only one who’s life has been changed/saved by Taylor Swift.

So I’m going to wrap this up now, even though I could go on for hours. So, next time you’re thinking about hating on Taylor, trash talking her, saying she dates too many people, calling her a slut, etc, consider who you’re around and remember all I’ve said. Have your own opinion, I’m 648% okay with that just please, please don’t hate her around me. She means the world to me and 10 times out of 10, I’ll defend her. Thank you, From a proud Swiftie who defends her idol.😊

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You know, I was wondering, tons and tons of people depict 2D calling Murdoc "Muds" in fanfiction or headcanons or discussions in general, and it got me questioning whether he's ACTUALLY ever called him that. Where did it come from? Is it a canon nickname that 2D has used for Murdoc? It seems like everyone is using it but I can't figure out why. I mean, it's cute, but I wonder if it's ever been real, or if it's purely a fan thing. Do you know?

The “Muds” nickname, afaik, actually came from Russel! I don’t have specific interview links on hand, but I’m 99% sure he’s called him that quite a few times (also possibly in ROTO, but I would have to look.) I don’t’ believe anyone else has called him that in canon, but I personally assume they may from time to time since Russel coined it and Murdoc seems to accept it (which is funny to me because it’s like, an oddly adorable nickname). 

Murdoc has also referred to himself as “Muddy,” though this was during phase 3 and he was going through a lot so who knows if he considers it an official nickname. And while we’re on the topic, its other iteration, “Mudsy,” I’m pretty sure is purely fanon (unless anyone has a source? I can’t remember anything atm…)

Also @ anons about the DARE video- yeah, I’ve also heard of copyright sweeps wiping out official videos. It seems like the whole thing was blown out of proportion because like, who really cares what a few fans on instagram think? 

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'd like to know if a man can be a feminist. I am a man, a non-straight man by the way. I read and watched a lot of things about feminism and I know that there is a male privilege and that all men benefit from it. Some feminists say that men can and should be feminists, other say that this is not possible. Yes I talk about women issues because they are the ones who suffer from sexism. And I'd like to know your opinion on "all men are oppressors ". Thanks a lot :)

Hi there! I’ve had a few men write to ask about men’s role within feminism, my thoughts are below!

First: Since there are millions of feminists worldwide, it’s inevitable that there will be some conflict of opinion on certain topics. This is definitely one of those topics, so the following opinions represent THIS feminist, and anyone who disagrees, I’m not trying to argue semantics with other feminists, let’s agree to disagree.


I believe that EVERYBODY ON EARTH should care about the oppression of other people due to their gender, and take action to stop it. That’s true whether you’re cis or trans, straight or LGBTQIA+, young or old, from all races, ethnicities and cultures. As Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie writes, “We Should All Be Feminists

To see my favorite male feminists, check out my male feminist posts here: http://profeminist.tumblr.com/tagged/male-feminist

Why some feminists DON’T want men to call themselves feminists:

In a sexist society, there are a number of valid reasons why feminists who are organizing IRL or online wouldn’t want men to join in:

1. Survivors of sexual assault or partner violence may not be comfortable discussing what has happened to them around men.

2. The sexist culture we were all raised in has taught men to interrupt, and women to defer and apologize. Studies show how men interrupt way more, talk longer, etc., in mixed groups. This dynamic doesn’t stop just because the topic is women’s rights or gender equality. See mansplaining. 

That is frustrating in any context, but at a feminist meeting it is especially unpleasant since you are there to talk about gender equality while you reinforce inequality with the “we need to listen to men’s voices / what about the men?” hegemony of conversation.

These interruptions and attempts to control the conversation by men, who are sometimes there deliberately to contradict and argue, derail the real work that is being done, and has led a lot of women to be wary of the male presence.

3. There are lip-service fake male feminists who throw the word around but then act crappy towards women. These guys give real male feminists a bad reputation, so be a real feminist ally and you will then be a model for other men. 

There are also guys who express some feminist ideas, but then get insulted if they don’t get praised for it - the “what do you want from me, a cookie for recognizing my basic human rights?” issue.

Many feminists encourage men to work with other men to change sexism, vs. joining women’s groups. But there also groups that welcome men, especially if they are respectful to the ideas above.

If you want to help, you need to be there to listen, to learn, and to help. Not to tell women how to “do” feminism. Also, if a particular group, or event or meeting, is for women/transwomen only, don’t consider yourself “oppressed.” Don’t dominate conversations or agendas. 

What should I call myself?

Whether you call yourself a feminist, a male feminist, or a feminist ally, that’s really up to you. Ask the feminists you’re working with what they prefer! Like I said up front - speaking for myself, I love hearing ANYBODY call themselves a feminist, if they are going to walk the walk and not just give themselves an undeserved title.

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Some hcs for Ushijima and Semi, cuddling and just fluffy hcs? How would they act and what would they do? Thanks in advance~! <3

first time writing for Semi, let’s hope it’s good! Thank you for requesting, I hope you enjoy <3

Ushijima Wakatoshi


  • It takes a little while for them both to find a comfortable position.
  • Rubs their shoulders and likes it when they run their fingers through his hair. It makes him feel very relaxed.
  • The two cuddle by leaning against the headboard of the bed or the back of the couch in a sitting position.
  • His s/o usually curls up against his side with an arm wrapped around his torso. He wraps one of his arms around their waist, securing his hold on them.
  • He asks his s/o if they’re comfortable approximately every four to six minutes, or if they shift in their spot.
  • Ushijima tends to fall asleep quickly if they’re cuddling. He doesn’t mean to, he’s just so relaxed that it’s easy to drift off.
  • Won’t openly admit it but he feels especially safe in his s/o’s arms.
  • Really appreciates it when his s/o cuddles. It strokes his ego that they want to be close to him.


  • Even though he’s generally a bit unsure about touching his s/o in public, he loves it when his s/o initiates something like a hug or hand-holding. It makes him feel special.
  • Works around their schedules to make sure they have at least one day per week to just relax and hang out. It’s very important to him that he and his s/o have time together, and he tends to set up either comfy at-home dates or taking them out for dinner depending on the kind of week they had.
  • Brings his s/o those healthy smoothie drinks if he feels like they aren’t putting enough care into their diet. He wants his s/o to be healthy so that they can live a long, happy life.
  • Despite being relatively shy in regards to their relationship, he never fails to tell his s/o exactly how much he appreciates them. These announcements of admiration tend to come spontaneously and seemingly without provocation; He was just thinking about them.
  • He likes to take his s/o to farms where they can pick their own fruits and veggies. It’s like a bonding experience for him.
  • Doesn’t really share his insecurities with his s/o unless prompted to. He doesn’t want to feel like he’s being silly or have his s/o judge them, but once they’ve reached the fully trusting state in their relationship, if his s/o asks him he’ll tell them.
  • Likes enveloping his s/o when he hugs them. His hugs are usually a bit stiff and awkward, but once they get used to it he really likes wrapping his arms around his s/o and pulling them close to his chest. He feels like their protector, and it gives him the idea that they really can tell how much he cares about them.
  • Asks his s/o how their day was every day. He wants to know every detail and story of their day to make sure something bad didn’t happen and that they feel happy.

Semi Eita


  • He’s very casual with his cuddles. Semi doesn’t like making a big deal out of it, so he usually just sort of “Come. Sit.” To let his s/o know he wants to cuddle.
  • Semi likes it when his s/o clings onto him. It helps him feel wanted and secure. He tends to lean his head on theirs and play with their fingers when they cuddle.
  • When the two cuddle, he gets very quiet. He doesn’t see the need in talking, and prefers to just sit in silence and take in his s/o’s presence.
  • However, if his s/o wants to talk, he has no problems with it. He knows that cuddling allows for a time where they can talk about issues or their day. Whatever makes his s/o happy.
  • If someone brings up the topic of he and his s/o cuddling gdi satori he gets very flustered. He doesn’t like the details of his relationship being evident to anyone other than himself and his s/o.
  • Traces shapes and designs in his s/o’s skin when they’re cuddling, specifically on their arms, sides, and thighs. He does it absentmindedly, and it just becomes a habit after a while.


  • Very concerned about his s/o’s well being. He picks up on a lot of subtle things about his s/o, and makes sure they’re taking care of themselves. It’s his top priority, for the most part.
  • Really enjoys taking his s/o on dates to festivals. They just have a good, fun atmosphere and he likes watching his s/o go from stand to stand with a smile on their face.
  • Won’t admit it and will most likely deny it, but he likes it when his s/o plays with his hair. It’s very comforting, but he finds it a bit embarrassing.
  • Semi will defend his s/o’s honor in a split second. If he hears one even slightly negative thing said about his s/o, he will tear that person apart and jump to his s/o’s defense. Nobody talks shit about his s/o and gets away with it.
  • He ?? Likes bopping his s/o on the tip of their nose. He finds their reactions cute.
  • Teases his s/o quite a lot. Never anything mean, just little things like “You like it when I hug you, huh? Do you want more attention?” ya know, things like that. It’s very entertaining to him.
  • Smiles a lot when he’s with his s/o. They just make him really happy, and he can’t contain it. He just,, smiles.
  • Being with his s/o makes him feel needed. He likes that.
wondergreat replied to your post: Every Argument About “Buffy” On The Internet, From…

I read all of this and I am so confused? But entertained

The show tackled a lot of issues that were

  • controversial
  • questionable
  • a product of 90s ignorance and aren’t so cool anyone

to varying degrees of success, depending on who you ask. Hence a lot of wildly contradicting opinions.

It makes for both really interesting, diverse meta, and obnoxious fandom gatekeeping, often from newer fans who either don’t know or care that all of these topics have already been dissected to death for the past twenty years.

It’s all at once hilarious and completely exhausting because it just. keeps. cycling. I need a nap.

what i think of the signs (based on people i know)

aries: takes more aggressive approaches, super super protective of those they love, talks a lot unless pissed off, likes swinging knives around and thinks it’s funny

taurus: annoying, stubborn, makes more logical decisions, boring, ruthless (i dont usually like taurses or meet many, sorry)

gemini: opinions adapt to whoever their around/people pleaser, fun to be around, lawless, their smiles look like a threat

cancer: bipolar af, scary, obsessive, controlling but on the slick, fun to be around but only for a short period, care more for themselves than anyone else

leo: determined, can talk too much when they think they know everything about a topic, butts in conversations a lot, appears confident but really insecure, really bad with money, fun to hangout with or make plans with (me, so i’m a little biased)

virgo: plant eaters, dreams about fairies, awkward, confused all the time, odd taste in music, lowkey clingy

libra: sweethearts, they don’t know how cute they are, nice until provoked, kind people, very sweet smiles (my favorite sign)

scorpios: sirens of hell, mysterious, out to get you but they won’t tell anyone that, very charismatic

sagittarius: adventurers, pretends like all their dreams will come true, wants better for themselves but won’t work for it, goodness in their heart but they don’t tend to act on it, tries to avoid drama but goes all out when it’s personal

capricorn: smart, respectable, logical, cares more about themselves, hard to read, fun to be around, they always find something to talk about, routine-based, balanced school and social life

aquarius: smiles a lot, gets happy over little things, has one thing they really obsess over, terrifying drivers, could do better in school but they think they do good enough already, doesn’t realize their true potential until everything around them sucks, probably reads a lot or likes to read

pisces: dreamers, intuitive, creative, appreciates a flower before it’s all the way bloomed, family-oriented, sensitive even if they suppress it or not, bottles things up, not accredited for how smart they are, genuine kindness in their heart, feels guilty about killing an insect and then suppresses it

maddogpony  asked:

[P1] First, absolutely adored your tranquil fic! Most people don’t write about mage circles in-depth and even less about the tranquil. It made me physically ill in Inquisition finding out about Ocularum. Cole’s comment broke my heart and Iron Bull’s made me furious (“Not like the tranquil were doing much with ‘em.”) Love bull, but dude. I’m assuming most of the Tranquil the Venatori murdered were at Redcliff already? I’m not aware we’re ever told where the tranquil went after the circles fell...

[P2] …They either were killed, stayed in the circles, or followed the mages. Hard time picturing the Venatori going around to fallen circles for tranquil. So Redcliff seems more likely. I know most Circle Mages held little love for the tranquil, but when they began disappearing, did no one notice? This is a lot of people we’re talking about! Did anyone even care? Perhaps you can shed some insight into this. Thanks!

Hi. :)

Thank you so much. It’s a … pretty grim topic, mostly. But, well, sometimes words come and they are what they are.

And … Oh dear. I wish I could just account for all the Tranquil for you. But I don’t think I’m going to be able to do that. I can’t account for all the mages, either. There just isn’t enough evidence, partly for in-game reasons (because warfare is really bad for books and documents) and partly because of player choice (the timeline between Dragon Age 2 and Inquisition is very muddy, because Hawke can do different things at different times).

I’ll say what I can, though.

Okay. The ruler(s) of Ferelden gave the mage rebellion sanctuary. So Ferelden would likely have a large concentration of people who had fled the Circles (including Tranquil), and would thus be a solid hunting ground for people who wanted to murder the Tranquil. But. The shards are everywhere. They’re ancient, and weren’t put in places that had modern politics in mind. There are Circles all over Thedas, and thus there would be Tranquil all over Thedas, and in many cases I suspect it’s easier for the Venatori to hunt where they are, rather than keep sending back to Ferelden for more skulls.

It’s established, repeatedly, in Inquisition that some Tranquil went with the rebel mages, but many did not. When asked, Minaeve says:

‘The mages took some of them when my Circle rebelled. The rest were forgotten.’

The Codex entry on the oculara says:

There must be more Tranquil in the area — the rebels abandoned most of them when they fled their Circles.


That implies that the Venatori have seen this occur across several Circles. Maybe not all of them, but enough that there are plenty of Tranquil for them to choose from. The entry is also pretty clear that they’ve been racking up a hell of a body count doing this by trial and error. As horrifying as it is, this is precision work: they’ve found out the hard way that if they don’t commit the murder at exactly the right moment their magic skull won’t be magic at all.

This does kind of irritate me, because Inquisition just loves to point the finger at the various victims of oppression in Thedas, and using words like ‘forgotten’ and ‘abandoned’ makes it clear that – yeah, this is one case among many where we’re supposed to judge the mages. The fate of the Tranquil is partially their fault.

But. Well. Mostly I think it’s a … valid indication of why it took so long for the mages to rebel in the first place. On the face of it, they should have done this centuries ago. They are kidnapped children, made wards of the Chantry and often imprisoned all their lives. They are subjected to horrors like the Harrowing, and may be killed at any moment by their Templar gaolers. It’s hard to think of a worse situation.

But these people aren’t an army. They’re kidnapped children. Some of them have grown old and grey behind Circle walls, without ever learning how to live on the outside. When a Circle rebels, you’re looking less at a hardened revolutionary army than a displaced population: the very young, the very old, the sick, the wounded, all trying to get to a safe place – assisted, at best, by a core group of adult mages who are hopefully really good in a crisis.

I think it’s worth remembering that the mage rebellion didn’t happen all at once. There’s the big one, yes, the revolt at the White Spire that ended in the vote for freedom. But the first one was around three years earlier, when the Kirkwall mages managed to successfully (albeit with heavy losses) resist an attempted Annulment. A Hawke who has been working with Anders will talk about aiding in several uprisings. Even assuming that Hawke was able to move quickly (unlikely, as a fugitive) that’s still a long process.

So you have individual Circles rising up, often at a great physical distance from each other. They don’t necessarily know exactly where to go (Alistair reports supporting mages outside the Circle as far back as 9:37 Dragon, but we can’t assume that all the Circles were aware of this, and it’s hard to say for sure when word to gather at Andoral’s Reach went out because it was never officially done), or how they’re going to get there.

I know it’s not an exact match. But we don’t have a lot of texts on the flight of the mages, to Redcliffe or anywhere else. We do have a few on the elves’ march to the Dales:

We called our journey the Long Walk, for that was what it was. We walked with what little we had on our backs. Some walked without shoes, for they had none. Whole families, women with infants, the old and young alike–all of them made their way across the land on foot. And if one of our people could no longer walk, we carried him, or sometimes left him behind.

Many perished along the way. Some died of exhaustion, others simply gave up and fell by the wayside. A great number were set upon by human bandits, even though we had few possessions. Along the way, a growing number began to bemoan the decision to leave Tevinter. “At least in Tevinter,” they said, “we had food, and water, and shelter. What do we have here? Nothing but the open sky and the prospect of the never-ending road ahead.” Some turned back toward Tevinter. But most of us continued walking.

– The Long Walk

Only sixty-five of our group made it to Halamshiral. Some gave up. Some sickened, especially the little ones. Bandits stalked us. My mother forgive me, I had to steal food. A child fought me for extra scraps of bread. A few days later, I carried her for miles after her legs gave out. She died shivering in my arms.

– The Long Walk to Halamshiral

I know it’s not the same. The elves have their own tragedy, and I don’t mean to steal it for the mages. But there are enough parallels for this to be illustrative: the elves, like the mages, were not an army, even if they had some warriors among them; like the mages, they were forced to move through largely hostile territory – where most people were going to disregard them at best and outright attack them at worst.

These texts explain what that was like. People died on the road, and people got left behind.

Here’s a bit from the mage rebellion:

They had been coming in dribs and drabs since the first enchanters arrived a month ago. A dozen per day for a while, then slowing in the weeks that followed, until now the ruin was near bursting with over a hundred mages – apostates all.

Rhys wasn’t certain how they heard, or why they came, but they did. Where else did they have to go?

They came hungry, with empty hands and fear in their eyes as well as tales of what was now happening in the other Circles.

Dragon Age: Asunder

So – yes, I think plenty of people got left behind in the mage rebellion too. Because they were injured or starving or just unable to continue. And I don’t think it’s surprising that the Tranquil would be among them in great numbers. I keep thinking about Owain, in Broken Circle. He tried to get down the stairs to safety, but when he encountered Wynne’s barrier, he just returned to his duties. All he had to do was call out to her – Wynne says this herself – but it never occurred to him to do so.

How many Tranquil just got left behind on the road because it never occurred to them to tell anyone they couldn’t go on? How many were just there, injured or weak from hunger or just hopelessly lost, and easy pickings for the Venatori?

And did anyone notice? Well. Probably some. A bit. I know that if you take Solas to the skulls in Redcliffe, he says he wondered what became of the Tranquil, so their general absence has been noted. Minaeve collected as many as she could, and apparently the rebellion in Redcliffe had some with them as well, so some people were probably trying to help them. But … no, I don’t think there was any huge outcry over the disappearance of the Tranquil.

I think there are two things going on here. First, this passage from Asunder:

When someone failed their Harrowing, however, the rest of the mages weren’t told. The apprentice was just gone. It happened frequently, and considering a mage’s live was never his own – you could be transferred to another Circle or whisked off to some duty assigned by the Chantry without so much as a by-your-leave – one became accustomed to people coming and going. You didn’t question it. There could have been many more murders than any of the mages suspected, and only the Templars would know for sure.

Dragon Age: Asunder

Mages are conditioned not to question sudden absences. This happens frequently in a Circle. Mages disappear when they go to be Harrowed, and they disappear when they are sent to other Circles or on some other mission, or then again if they escape or are murdered as maleficar. Rhys has just realised in this bit that he has no way of knowing how many murders the ‘ghost of the White Spire’ has committed, because he never asks where anyone has gone.

That’s bad practice, out on the road, of course – but these people aren’t trained for any of this. They’ve had a lifetime of abuse and oppression to teach them how to live, and trying to unlearn all the coping mechanisms that helped in the Circle and learn new skills while running for their lives would be a nightmare.

But there’s also what Anders says when he finds Karl Tranquil. If you ask him whether this could be cured, he says:

‘Can you cure a beheading? The dreams of Tranquil mages are severed – there’s nothing left of them to fix.’

Of course that’s not true. And in point of fact they’ve just had a bit of evidence that it isn’t: for a minute there, Karl was just fine. They haven’t found a cure, but they’ve found a hint that one is possible (and of course the Tranquil are still people, as Tranquil). But Anders is stressed and doesn’t grasp the importance of what just happened. He falls back on what he knows from his Circle days: if you love someone, and they’ve been made Tranquil, that’s equivalent to them being dead. There’s nothing left of them.

If you are already thinking of the Tranquil as dead, and are in fact trying not to see them (either because it reminds you of what the Templars might do to you, or because it causes you pain because you’ve lost people to Tranquillity), then you are not going to be doing a daily head count. Not seeing a Tranquil would be a relief.

Put those two things together, and you can see how the Tranquil could be so very, very vulnerable.

And after all of that, I think there is an account of a Venatori murdering a Tranquil in the Hissing Wastes:

Did the tear in the Veil reveal these stones? Is that why the strangely-dressed mages want them? Yesterday they were erecting skulls, of all things, on top of pillars! The spirits warned me to hide, and it was a good thing I listened. I saw one of the mages cut a man open with a dagger, and milk the power of his blood, and I am afraid of a man who could do that to another as if it’s nothing.

A Worn Diary

It’s not completely clear, of course: the murder could have been for something else. But they were definitely making oculara, and the mage who witnessed this was assisted by spirits who were utterly freaked out by what they saw. Which all fits.

So … I think that there were probably Tranquil scattered across Thedas, that the mages were ill equipped to keep track of their numbers and care for their own people properly, and that while a lot of Tranquil were probably murdered in Redcliffe, many were probably murdered elsewhere. Everywhere. Anywhere there were Circles, and anywhere on the path to either Andoral’s Reach or Ferelden from those Circles.

The whole thing just makes me sad. The rebellion was important and necessary, because the Chantry was never going to just let the mages go. But it was still brutal.

anonymous asked:

Actually there isn't smut yet, but it's coming as she's said. And I think people need to understand that it's fiction, and to also just appreciate the writing for what it is. Many teenagers have sex, people just don't like to talk about it

Oh, love, it’s cute that you think I care about the fact teenagers have sex, and that I need your opinion in my life… but, since everyone has the right to one, here’s mine; You, are disgusting. Why? Because, you are defending it, which means you condone it, which me- you, are just as disgusting as the person writing it.

I don’t give a flying fck if it’s fiction, or not. It’s about a real damn boy, who is currently underage.

I, sincerely, do not care how you feel about the topic. Your opinions, and your thoughts don’t impact my life, and if you want to be okay with what’s considered child pornography, and pedophilia- I hope you trip, fall down into a hole, and rot without anyone finding you. The one thing I will never allow on my page, or of my work, is something so crude to be written about someone under 20.

Yes, 20. I do not write smut, but it bothers me to even picture things like that of a 19 year old, because I am only 18. It’s uncomfortable. That’s how I feel- you see something wrong with that? Fxck you.

Here’s a scenario for you; You, are 15/16, and you are in a group, you possibly have someone a year younger in your group. One day, you check the fic tags of your group ( which, idols have admitted to doing. ), and you see something very sexually graphic written about yourself ( and, if you are so vain as to be okay with that, you need to seek help, anyway. ), or that younger member. Are you telling me, you’d be okay with that? Knowing there’s someone out there, writing about BDSM, or just hardcore smut about your 14 year old band mate? If you are, then, I really hope you rot.

Don’t use the ‘Many teenagers do it’ on me, either. Do you know what else teenagers do? Many teenagers kill people. Many teenagers do drugs. Many teenagers hurt people, rob people, ruin themselves- Are you saying that everything is okay ( written, and real ) for them, just because 'many teenagers do it’?

If you are under 18, or in some countries, 19 - You, are a minor. M I N O R. It is illegal.

I appreciate writing, as a writer, of course. But, writing such things is a waste of talent. Why? For example, take Mark Lee, and his rapping. He doesn’t feel the need to fill his lyrics with curse words, and obscenities. So, why feel the need to waste beautiful writing on filth? It’s like a good movie. Why can’t we have really good movies, without sex scenes?

Sex sells- only if you sell out.

Keep this in mind. You think you’re cool cause 'I’m breaking the rules, yeah, go me, I’m gonna write some smut about Haechan. That’ll get me attention!’ You are using the sexualized image of a 16 year old for attention- positive, or negative. You, are selling out on your abilities for this. You, are pathetic. Just as pathetic as the piece of shits that have already posted about it.

Think me rude, think me bitter. I’d rather have a few followers that have morals, and respect that agree with me, than multiple followers who will read that filthy, illegal, child pornography.

And, before you correct me- yes, written words are pornography, too. Stories, movies, videos, photos- each can be forms of pornography.

Now that I’ve wasted my time on you, are you happy?

If anyone else feels the need to message me about this; Come on, don’t hide behind anonymous. I’ll gladly face your bitch asses. If you’re too scared about that, I have a message box, and a Kakao ( @ nilduenilunn ).

A lot of people may think I went too far with this post, but honestly? I’m sitting here, at 2 AM, wanting to cry because I am so uncomfortable with the topic. This is the only ask for this situation that I will answer- any others will be deleted.

I will receive hate for this- I’m not stupid, and I don’t care. I am 18 years old, and will stand responsible for my words. I am one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet… but, don’t test my morals, and what I believe to be right, and wrong. That’s all.

- Moon ( 18 )

Regardless of the fact that teens do have sex, it doesn’t mean it’s ok to write smut, or suggestive scenarios about a minor who knows nothing about it. I am a minor myself, but I have never once thought of writing such disgusting stories about any other minor or even those who aren’t minors. Just because it’s fiction doesn’t mean jackshit, excuse my language but it’s true. I know many people have asked this before, but how would you feel if some total stranger was writing smut about you? I know that it would make me feel unsafe and uncomfortable.

- Forest ( 15 )

5: Who Cares and Why?

Ever since I can remember, masculinity has been questioned and challenged. Both mine and the men around me. For some reason, unknown to me, when someone challenges or goes against the typical idea of what a man is supposed to be, or of how a man is supposed to act, the world starts to crumble just a little bit. Or so it seems. While I like to believe that I live in a progressive society that is open to change, I cannot help but remember and acknowledge all of the criticism I have been exposed to directed toward men who don’t fit a certain mold. As with women, men are born and immediately assigned a role. Immediately wrapped in a blue blanket because that is a “boy” color. We are raised to believe that playing sports makes us more of a man and that liking something artistic like dance or painting makes you feminine or even gay.

External image

Masculinity has never been so fragile to the point where a shower loofah needs to be labeled for men because it is apparently not very manly to use a loofah. If we want to wear tights or leggings they need to be called “meggings”. Flowers belong to women. Fashion belongs to women. Caring about your skin is feminine. Candles belong to women. Having the pink iPhone 6 is some kind of rebel against society that makes men feel guilty. I won’t go any deeper than this for now.

External image

I am not sure what the purpose of my rant is but I truly wonder….who cares and why? In my youth I even judged people on things like this and while I am well beyond that phase of life I still wonder why did I even care? A man wearing a pink shirt shouldn’t disrupt another man’s (or woman’s) day or even life. This can go with anything I suppose but I have a terrible time understanding why a person who is happy and confident (dare I say brave) enough to express themselves a certain way, without harming anyone, becomes a danger to society somehow. None of us asked to be born at all and it seems a little unfair that we are immediately told how to live our lives.

When I was very young my favorite color was pink. For years and years, I loved pink flamingos, my favorite power ranger was the pink one, yaddi yadda. I was criticized and questioned so often because there was a color that made me happy. What the hell? Criticized to the point where I didn’t even want to like the color anymore. I started feeling ashamed for this as if I were doing something wrong or harmful. I started to lie and convince myself that I liked red or blue more. I am happy to say that I now could not care less about that sort of criticism and I do not feel like less than a man for liking shit.

External image

A big thank you to the great people of the internet and to celebrity youth who have made it okay to be yourself, carefree, unapologetic and still confident.

A lot of my opinions here parallel toward other topics like feminism, religion, politics and more. The purpose of this post was not to upset anyone, so I hope that does not happen but I will not be apologizing because I am not sorry. Even still, no disrespect to anyone or their views, just sharing mine.

Stay lit,

- Lackwhen

anonymous asked:

Do you support SeaWorld keeping orcas in activity? Or do you just support their rehabilitation and re-release of other animals?

This question took a long time to get to me! Followers, prepare yourselves.

In short, yes. I absolutely support SeaWorld keeping their animals. I’ll try to keep this short, but…. we’ll see. 

I am in a unique position in that I work in the animal care/aquatic animal care industry, have worked at a few facilities, both large and small, and I’m pretty familiar with inner workings of SeaWorld animal care (less so the marine mammal/orca aspect, but I’ve still got a decent bit of information on that aspect). Out of professional defense, I don’t go into detail on my experiences at facilities (I’ve had employers find my blog before, and I’d rather not give them the impression that I’m indiscreet), but I’m happy to discuss things in private with anyone interested, and will probably tell you specifically where I worked if you ask nicely.

In the effort of being concise, I’ll focus on two major points: my experience with SeaWorld animal welfare, and the importance on having “big-draw” animals in zoos. Anyone who’s chatted with me before knows I have lots of opinions on lots of other topics, like the ethics of shows, the anthropomorphism of animals, and the myth of “the free wild”. Feel free to ask me about these, too, if you’re interested. (Be warned, this is a looooong post after the cut.)

Keep reading