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My bias is Hoseok bc he is the most sweetest, most caring, and most lovable person on earth. I love how he can make anyone smile and how he can give even yoongi the motivation to do something. I love that he loves us army's with all he has and his members. I just love Hoseok for him 😭

Hobi is an amazing creature ^.^ 

Tell me about your bias and why you love them. Then i’ll bless you with a small gif spam.


Send me two characters or more and a prompt and I’ll write you a short fic

1. “Are you drunk?”

2. “You’re too young to hate the world.”

3. “I don’t want your pity, I want your absence.”

4. “We’re designed to be disposable.”

5. “There’s blood on my/your hands.”

6. “Could you be any louder?”

7. “I’ve never killed anyone before.”

8. “Your smile is not as bright as it used to be.”

9. “Don’t call me that!”

10. “Please don’t make me socialize.”

11. “Same time tomorrow?”

12. “I’ve been buying the wrong underwear.”

13. “How can anyone not be afraid of love?”

14. “You’re supposed to talk me out of this.”

15. “That was a perfect example of how not to do things.”

16. “If you want, we could go together?”

17. “I have contemplated becoming a hermit.”

18. “I’m alive… I can tell because of the pain.”

19. “Maybe you’re not thinking hard enough.”

20. “It’s 8:30, I have a hangover and you’re annoying me.”

21. “No one has a heart of stone.”

22. “Can I open my eyes yet?”

23. “So much for not getting involved.”

24. “I will if you will.”

25. “My nightmares are usually about losing you.”

26. “I didn’t intend to kiss you.”

27. “Can we go someplace high so I can jump off it?”

28. “I didn’t lose it, I just misplaced it.”

29. “Prepare to be amazed.”

30. “I’m fine.”

31. “Where’s your God now?”

32. “I’d ask you to stay but I don’t like you.”

33. “Something about you makes me want to commit extreme violence.”

34. “It’s not like I missed you or anything.”

35. “You look like a monkey who’s been strategically shaved.”

36. “Everything was fine, until you showed up.”

37. “Can you just shut up for five minutes?”

38. “Never mind, the moment’s gone.”

39. “You’re an idiot. I’ve met smarter sandwiches.”

40. “I believe you dropped this.”

41. “What are you doing in my house?”

42. “I don’t know if I should kiss you or slap you.”

43. “Why are you/we whispering?”

44. “If you really loved me there wouldn’t be a choice.“

45. "I think I made a mistake.”

46. “Shut up, I am a delight!”

47. “I can think of a million places I’d rather be right now.”

48. “Now, just hold on a diddly darn minute.”

49. “It sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself.“

50. "Why does anyone have to be naked?”


Yurio Plisetsky, прима-балерина.

This is how I imagine him.

“Both men and women should feel free to be strong. It is time that we all perceive gender on a spectrum not as two opposing sets of ideals”, by Emma Watson.

I want to use this drawing to say a few things I’ve been thinking lately. I don’t care if it ends up with 1 note or more, I just want to rant about it. I hope I won’t offend anyone with my lack of english and knowledge. 

  • Boys can wear make up. And skirts. Boys can change their hair, use it long or short. Boys can have no hair too. Boys won’t be less boys for that. 
  • When I draw I don’t think about genders, about sexuality, about anything to be honest. When I draw I think about making people happy, it makes me happy when someone smiles what I did because ehy maybe they are having a bad day and at least I made them 1% happier. I’m aware my art is not the best so if you dislike it, it’s okay. If you have any critic my ask is full open I’ll hear you and thank you for pasing by (for real). But if you dislike it because you thought that was a girl and become aware it’s actually a boy and you find it wrong or offensive, then Jeez, I have no words man, more than: I can’t believe it, what kind of civilization is this?
  • I don’t know what I am, I don’t care what I am but, from the bottom of my heart. I’m really sorry some of you are living hell because of this fucking nonsense world, 
  • You are beautiful, trust me. 
  • You are strong. You will be fine. And,
  • you are not alone. 

“I fell in love with the idea of the ‘One Bad Night’ video becoming a story of human compassion,” explains Kiyoko. “With the issues going on in our world right now, it’s important for us not to turn our backs each other. Anyone we come across could be an unlikely hero. Even the simple things in life can make or break your night, whether it’s a smile at the grocery store, an acknowledgment of support… just being seen. I wanted this video to be a reminder that humanity is looking out for you.”

Slightly less popular bts ship dynamics (due to popular demand), a reference.

Jihope: the ultimate bromance duo. those dudes who there’s no such thing as too far with gay chicken. wilin out together. the full body laughter duo. like to tease each other relentlessly, but somehow remain amazingly supportive and judgment free. give each other lots of advice. give each other plenty of space and mutual respect. cuddles and backrubs. unrelenting faith in one another. dancing together x1000.

Nammin: the angelic sinners duo. simultaneously the most innocent and pure, as well as being the kinkiest horny dudes in their squad at all times. using lots of excuses to touch each other. getting each other gifts. size different kings. affectionate smiles @ each other like constantly. very comfortable with one another. can’t help but laugh when they see the other one laugh.

Vhope: the accidentally went overboard duo. the extra wild™ duo. fake almost kisses and pretend make-out session that get a little too real for anyone watching. saying really gay things to each other. finds each other ridiculously attractive. cuddling together when it’s cold. stare at each other to get the others attention. accidentally sleeping in each other beds.

Taejin: the fool4u duo. idiots/nerds/goofballs x2. get each others jokes. encouraging each other even when no one else does. probably have a lot of inside jokes. dancing to cheesy/aegyo songs together. very soft and cute. giggling and smiling @ each other a lot. surprisingly comfortable/natural with skinship. acting bros duo.

Junghope: the golden duo. the meme bros. genuinely close. care about each other 10000%. trusts each other endlessly. embolden each other. skinship everywhere. making each other laugh. sharing inside jokes. staying up late at night together. the comfort zone ship (aka they make each other feel safe and comfortable.) soft yet stable relationship.

Sugamon: the collective mind duo. the easy company duo.  chill af ultra bros. bouncing ideas off of one another. holds each other in high esteem. remembers each others order preference. late nights in the office mixing music together. telepathic #samebro, through eye contact. the uncles/dads of the squad. quiet but comfortable 

16 million subscribers.

I was caught off-guard by how rapidly you were approaching this milestone and I wanted to do something a bit differently. I asked for suggestions based off of every letter of “Markiplier” and these are just a few out of the many I got.

Seeing you so passionate about the videos you’ve been putting out recently is so refreshing. Anyone can tell that you’re proud of the content you’re making, that you’re extremely happy with the way things are going, and I believe that makes us happy as well!

Thank you for making videos that make me and thousands of other people smile. Thank you for being the big goof that you are. Thank you for building the community that you have and thank you for making me laugh so hard I cry,

I look forward to what the future holds!

Congratulations, Mark.


“With the issues going on in our world right now, it’s important for us not to turn our backs each other. Anyone we come across could be an unlikely hero. Even the simple things in life can make or break your night, whether it’s a smile at the grocery store, an acknowledgment of support… just being seen. I wanted this video to be a reminder that humanity is looking out for you." — Hayley on the One Bad Night music video

just some Jack Wilder stuff.
  • Imagine Jack just listening to you talk, and before you know it, he’s mastered your voice and he uses it when he’s playing around and mocks you.
  • Imagine Jack mastering Danny’s voice and he uses it to screw around with the rest of the Horsemen over the phone.
  • just i m a g i n e this sinnamon roll and the imitations he can do.
    • Imagine him using some imitations to make you smile when you’re upset/sad(uses ones like Elmo, or sillier ones verses more serious tones).
  • Imagine him ruining the moment by saying something in someone else’s voice.
    • He thinks it’s downright funny.
      • You think otherwise.
  • Imagine him trying to teach you how to study and how to imitate people’s voice.
    • You fail miserably.
      • He tells you, “That’s okay. I don’t want you sounding like anyone else when you sound perfect already.”
        • gives you a cheeky lil’ smile.

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My Imagines #9

You stand in front of the mirror, looking at yourself, and you couldn’t help but smile. The dark blue dress with long sleeves fitted you perfectly, besides it was really comfortable, and since you didn’t knew where your boyfriend would taking you, it was a good choice. While you were finishing putting your make up you heard a whistle and laughed, turning around to see Tom in the door looking at you. Anyone that sees him like that could tell he loves you.

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Tom: You look amazing darling.
Y/n: And you’re as handsome as always.

He smiled.

Tom: Can we go?
Y/n: Sure. But first, what shoes should I wear?
Tom: Anything comfortable.

You nod and get a pair of heels that were not that high. Because of Tom's height, you use that all the time so you won’t look like a dwarf by his side. You two hold hands and walk to the car. You’re so curious that you would’t stop looking around to see if you recognize any place you have been with him before.

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The car stopped in front of a disco, like the ones in the 70’s. You smiled and looked at Tom, that seems to be holding a laugh.

Tom: I assume you like it.
Y/n: Like it? Oh my God Tom, I love it! I’ve always wanted to come in a place like this to dance!
Tom: Well, what are we wating for then? Let’s get in!

You approach to kiss him soft, and he took your face in his hands to keep you close. When you get away from each other looking for air you whisper:

Y/n: I’ll give you a better “thank” when we get home, ok?
Tom: Whatever you say darling. But, yep, I like the idea.

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Soon as you get in you can hear old songs playing and see couples on the floor, dancing and having fun. After you two get a table and ask some drinks, you take Tom’s hand and go dance too. At first it was awkward, but soon you were sliding through the dancefloor.

When the song ends everyone applauses, and you two sit to drink and rest.

Tom: If you want to eat anything just tell me ok? This night is all about you, love.
Y/n: You keep like this, I’m loving. -You said, joking.
Tom: I will, love. As long as I can.
Y/n: That’s why I love you, you’re a perfect gentlemen.
Tom: Thanks ma’m. Now, do you give me the honor of dancing with me?
Y/n: Ain’t gotta ask me twice.

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Later, a lot later, you and Tom had headed to his apartment, where he asked you to spend the rest of the night. Once he had locked the door you approach and kiss him. His hands go to your face, and you deep the kiss, melting into each other. He leaded you to the bedroom, shoes, coat, tie and his shirt staying on the way.

Tom: I’ve gotta say, you’re a amazing dancer. I never thought you could dance or sing like that.
Y/n: Well, it’s not something I do all the time, just in special occasions.
Tom: So today was special?
Y/n: Everyday with you is, Tom.
Tom: Then I want you to sing for me every day.

You laugh and felt his mouth on your neck, kissing softly.

Y/n: I will. But not now. I owe you a “thanks”.
Tom: Come and pay me then, darling.

You smiled and kissed him again. That was going to be a long, long night.

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ) I’m amazing. This is soooooooooooo big. Hope you like it. Kisses, Halo. \ (•◡•) /


He Tian x Mo Guan Shan // One-Shot

Tags: summer days, what happens after update 185, aftercare (non-sexually), guan shan is a Great Nurse, idk anymore

Synopsis: A vignette of Guan Shan and He Tian’s interaction directly after 185. (The hand/friends update, fyi.)

So-called because I have been listening to this and it’s beautiful and I think it fits.

‘Idiot,’ Guan Shan says.

He hasn’t stopped saying it.

He Tian needs to hear it, even when his palm is bloody and his neck has marks on that Guan Shan can’t stop staring at. And his smile—it wavers.

Fake, Guan Shan used to say. He used to think it was dangerous, that smile. He thought it could make anyone do anything, and he was terrified because he thought, too, that it might make him do anything if He Tian wore it long enough.

And it’s fake now, but there are shards of realness that cling at the edges, sitting in the cracks of He Tian’s lower lip, and Guan Shan doesn’t know what to do with that smile.

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A fic where

*Lance opens up to the team about his insecurities

*And like, Keith has absolutely no idea how to comfort someone, but he wants to comfort Lance

*So he just dives in blind

*He makes sure to mention what Lance did right whenever they go on a mission

*And he always watches what he says even when their fighting cause apparently what he says can actually make a difference and he doesn’t really want to hurt anyone

*And he’s like, really awkward at first but he gets used to it slowly

*And he smiled a bit more just for Lance, or gives him a thumbs up now and then

*And Lance is really confused about what’s gotten into Keith

*And it still catches him off guard a bit when Keith praises something he did

*But he loves it

*And they still bicker but Lance relaxes more cause he knows Keith is looking out for him and he doesn’t have to be on guard

*And he stops feeling like a seventh wheel because Keith and everyone have shown him they need him

*And he starts seeing what he does right

*And he grins back at Keith whenever Keith gives him those small encouraging smiles

*And Keith still has no idea how to comfort people but he thinks he might have done good this time

I just want these two to be happy

i love how i completely lowered my expectations since the beginning of this season…like up until the end of episode 5 things only got better and better for isak (and even), and i remember thinking that i wanted other lovely moments between the two, more kisses, cute talks etc.

NOW i’m just like……can i just get a 30 seconds clip of someone making hot chocolate for isak? him smiling at a plant? a 7 seconds clip letting us know he’s properly sleeping? someone patting his shoulder? someone, anyone, giving him a hug?

Hot Things Guys Do

1. Thumb on the lip FUCKing ALWAYS DO THIS

2. Bend over so you’re leaning on one elbow

3. Like staring or making prolonged eye contact (not creepy tho lol)

4. Looking down and then looking back up at you

5. Like cracking a joke and then smiling when they see you laughing

6. Singing (FUCK)

7. Doing anything and being passionate about it

8. Raising your voice to make a point (this might just be me but holy hell)

9. Like little contact like a hand on the shoulder or like a playful punch I can’t

10. Making an effort to be near you or like stand next to you

11. When talking to a group of people like addressing you/looking at you more than anyone else

12. Leaning over and whispering in your ear 

13. Glasses if you wear glasses just marry me

14. Speaking another language omfg and using like a good accent when speaking in the language I JUST

15. Being like sweaty or flustered and like red in the cheeks and having your hair messed up like as if you just came back from working out or something

16. Playing with the edge of your shirt so it lifts up a little

17. Biting on a pencil or something or like playing with your lips

18. Breathing

19. I love guys

20. There are too many things, add to this list

I met god outside a pub one night, he smelt of regret and too many vodkas. He told me “I never meant to let anyone down, it was too much. Too much.” And then he passed out. I brought him home, laid him on the couch and told him that it would all be okay in the morning. When I woke up he was making pancakes as if he lived here, as if he wasn’t black out drunk and a mess of regret the night before. He smiled at me and handed me a plate, he said “I might not know how to cure cancer, and I may not know what the fuck I’m doing, but I can make pancakes better than anyone you’ll meet.”
—  I met god and he was just as fucked as the rest of us.

so like when trevor noah was interviewing laura jane grace, he was talking about pronouns and he said they and ze/xe and was acknowledging them as singular pronouns. like he didn’t even make a big deal of it. like i havent ever heard anyone use ze on tv or acknowledge they as singular on tv and he just kind of casually  slipped it into the conversation and i can’t even begin to tell you how much that means to me. i love him so much. ever since i watched it i haven’t been able to stop thinking about it and i cant stop smiling. :’)

A Little Note to Each Sign
  • Aries: You've always got my back whenever I need you, you're strong and independent soul is bound to do amazing things.
  • Cancer: Thank you. You have made me a better person and have taught me so many valuable lessons that you make a person stop and think about how lucky they are to have you.
  • Taurus: You're royalty, you walk in like you own the place and you can belong anywhere when you choose. Your courage and empathy is stunning. Your heart will forever be gold.
  • Gemini: You use your mind very wisely and that's admirable. You have your priorities straight and you're always on task. You manage to make anyone smile in the hardest times.
  • Leo: You appear in so many places. Your presence is missed when you are not in the room and you are always the talk of the town. Your beauty is astonishing.
  • Virgo: Even though I have not met you, you sound like someone I would adore. When people talk, it gets around. You are the light, and when my day is in dusk, you bring the dawn.
  • Libra: Congratulations, you've made it. Keep going. Your adventures will bring you to great heights and great depths. Your spirit will always remain within the heart of everyone you meet.
  • Scorpio: You daredevil you. What would we do without you? People say darkness is a bad thing but when you wear it my dear it's imperial. The grandness of it all is stunning. Keep it.
  • Sagittarius: You always know what to say. I wish I could get with you more. The crispness of your mind aligned with your body is downright unifying. It uplifts me knowing that someone knows.
  • Capricorn: My dearest, you are the moon, sun, and stars. Don't let anyone take that away from you. Your aura is enlightening and your smile brightens the room. Like Scorpio, keep it.
  • Aquarius: You I know the least, for I am you, and you are me. Let's rule together. Hand in hand and drive the future to greatness. I know we can. Let's see how far we go.
  • Pisces: Last but never least. You're always so charming and can win over anyone you meet. Your kindness can kill and it's amazing. I can see you go places soon.
  • With love,
  • From me.

Re blog if you feel like there aren’t enough pictures of CC on the internet! CC is so underrated! Look! I even made a list!
reasons why CC is bae:

-He has the cutest little gap between his teeth when he smiles!
-He’s smart and intelligent
-He tells hilarious jokes!
-He’s sweet and cares for everyone
-He loves meeting his fans
-He’s immature! He acts like a sweet little kid! Do you know anyone else who can run naked through the snow??
-He makes the cutest faces!
-He has a great fashion sense! Look at his signature bandana thingy!
-He has the best laugh
-He’s chill and down to earth
Let’s see if the magazines listen to us! Because…
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Yay!! Look at my baby, I finally made her ref :00
Name: Turquoise
Nicknames: Tur, my lady/my love (B. Topaz),  also I usually call her “Turque”
Pronouns: She/Her
Gem Placement: Lower Back
Allignment: Blue Diamond (although she actually serves anyone)
Weapon: TBA
Rank: Middle Rank, she’s like a lady of company
Status: Taken. She’s in a relationship with Blue Topaz
Sexuality: Homosexual.
Personality: She’s decided, inconformist, a dreamer. She’s actually pretty brave and outgoing. She can be a little stubborn. Her natural personality is full of joy, she’s almost all the time smiling and she’s very good giving advices. She’s totally an enthusiast.
Story: Turquoise is the gemstone of happiness. In Homeworld, Turquoises are used as accompanists for high rank gems. They make them laugh, they talk and they always have to be happy. When a gem is feeling bad, is upset or is confused about their life, a Turquoise is always there to make everything go okay. They are not like Pearls, they serve, but they kinda have an middle status. Although they’re basically used as clowns, they aren’t allowed to feel anger or sadness, they have to be the image of pure joy.
But my Turquoise is not exactly like the other ones, she’s an inconformist, she wants to feel whatever she wants. She was very loyal at first, she had fear of being shattered or something, but her life was normal and she was always happy. Until she met Blue Topaz. Seeing her, seeing Topaz’s Pearl, she understood that she didn’t want to fake anything that she didn’t feel for anyone. She became more decided and confident than Topaz. She was finally able to laugh, to love, to cry…but for real this time.


Reading the first one made me really feel for Calum and I’m sure he has his reasons for changing his description in the pic of him and Mali but I just want him to know that not only am I here for him but we all are. Mental health is so important and it sucks to know it’s not always rainbows and smiles for our favs. They always make us happy in our dark times but I think we forget that they go through shit too and it’s our job in turn to make them as happy as they make us. Calum is brave for putting it out there like that and I want him to know that we love him and are there for him like he is there for us. If anyone here needs someone to talk to my messages are always open and I will help you as best as I can.