if anybody knows the song that played at that moment

bossmyc  asked:

Yes breaks are good. You finished an 18 part series it's gotta be draining. BUT ima send asks anyway. Top 5 favorite kpop and non kpop songs, right now or of all time whatevers easier or possible.


Top 5 Favorite Kpop Songs: (This list is hard af)

  1. I’m Him - Song Minho (Winner)
  2. Imagine - BTOB
  3. Tomorrow - BTS
  4. Paradise - Infinite
  5. What U - SPEED

These are all songs I deemed I would literally never get tired of hearing no matter how many times I listened to them, like you could literally play my ear off with them right now and I wouldn’t be upset. 

Top 5 Favorite Non-Kpop Songs:

  1. Parabola - Tool
  2. River of Fire - In This Moment
  3. Show Me How to Live - Audioslave
  4. The Wolf - Phildel
  5. Schism - Tool

In case anybody cared to know, I’m a huge Tool fan. Like those four men are my heart and soul and my heart and soul have been torn apart for over 10 years now. Maynard keeps alluding to another album but…. I’ll believe it when I see it. 

These are in no particular order. They’re just the order in which I thought of them. :) These are also of all time. If I could chose favorite kpop songs of right now…. the list would look like this.

  1. Cherry Bomb - NCT
  2. 7th Sense - NCT
  3. 0-Mile - NCT
  4. Whiplash - NCT
  5. Limitless - NCT

Cause ya know, I’m NCT trash. 

And I don’t think that’s what you wanted so… ;)

Psychedelic fiction (Lauren/you)

Summary: You’ve hit rock bottom after being accompanied for a longer time by the wrong people. Now you have to work twice as hard to prove your fans and the world wrong. You find support coming from the girl group Fifth Harmony, mainly from Lauren Jauregui, who soon might become something more than a friend to you.

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Kanye’s song  “Awesome.” The song written for wife Kim Kardashian West. Kanye first debuted this song during a performance at the MET gala 2013. Which was perfectly fitting during the moment, due to the amount of shit Kim received over her dress. Kanye sings the lyrics to his beautiful woman in the audience, letting her know how awesome she is, and that she should never let anyone in this world bring her down. “Don’t let anybody bring you down, you’re so awesome.” A snippet of the song was also heard by millions on the anticipated season finale of KUWTK. In the 45 second clip of the show, the song can be heard playing in the background while Kim talks about the studio session and how Ye made the song in tribute to her with a group of her closest girlfriends, as well as the ending where we see her taking her final walk to becoming Mrs. Kim Kardashian West before the scene fades to black. It was perfect, very tasteful with them not showing too much, but just enough.