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Talk to me Baby

Summary: The reader has feelings for Jughead, but is too afraid to act on them. Archie and Betty push the reader to do something about it, especially when the drive in has it’s “closing for good” premiere. The reader soon learns that in Riverdale, anything is possible. 

Word count: 5473

Author’s note: Okay Jughead might just be my favorite character to write and my mind is flooding with more ideas! Get ready for smut, but when you’re reading my stuff thats kinda a no brainer;) As always, tell me what you think!

You were sitting at a lunch table with Betty and Archie trying to make it through another pointless day of school. School seemed like the least important thing when a fellow classmate had just been murdered and nearly everyone in this town was hiding something.

Suddenly Jughead stormed over to you guys with a paper in hand. He slammed it down onto the table getting everyone’s attention, “ They’re shutting down the drive in! Just when I thought Riverdale still had some redeeming qualities they’re shutting down the one thing with actual character in this damn town!”.

Betty put her hands up in a calming manner, “ Woah Juggy….explain”. You slid the paper closer to you and Archie as you read the article. Jughead continued, “ Read it and weap; Twilight Drive-In Will No Longer Twinkle”.

Archie giggled, “ It is creative Jug, you gotta at least give em that”.  Jughead was still fuming and you hated yourself for thinking it but damn he looked good angry. He hovered over the table, “ They don’t understand how important the drive in is!! It’s a beacon of hope is this otherwise poorly lit town!”.

Reading the article aloud you said, “ Twilight Drive-In bought by anonymous buyer, and soon to be torn down immediately after one last showing”. This added to the list of mysterious things that were currently happening in Riverdale.

Betty smiled, “ Well hey at least we can hang out there one more time! We should all go together, I’ll ask Kevin and Veronica to come!”. Jughead sat down taking his beanie off and running his hands through his hair, obviously stressed.

Groaning he said, “ I know Betty but I just hate that there even has to be a last time, it seems like everything good in this town is going to die along with Jason”. For a moment no one knew how to reply to that, it seemed like things were falling apart.

You took a breath in, “ Look Jughead it fucking sucks that the drive in is going to be taken away from us but two things; One- that doesn’t mean we won’t have a place to hangout we can use Archie’s garage and watch movies!”.

Jughead picked up his head to actually listen to you so you continued, “ Two, if you’re especially angsty the entire time you’re not even going to enjoy saying bye”. Betty nodded her head agreeing with what you’d said.

He placed his beanie on his head again, “ Fine (y/n) you’re right but isn’t our most important inalienable right as Americans the right to complain?”. You rolled your eyes and watched the smirk appear across his face.

Archie added, “ She’s right Juggy we can use a projector and white sheet and boom my garage is a mini drive in!”. Betty explained that she could provide both of those things, and reassured him that by no means was it a true end.

He shook his head, “ Alright guys consider me cheered up, BUT we all have to go to the drive in together to send it off the right way”. Of course you all agreed and it was a plan. He added, “ And (y/n) you better be there suffering with me”. Betty got up, “ Alright Jughead why don’t we write our own take on this all?”.

Jughead got up, “ Welcome to your tape anonymous buyer”. They both got up and went to go write for the Blue and Gold, leaving you and Archie alone. You moved so you were now sitting across from him.

He grinned, “ So I guess that’s a date huh?”. You felt a blush creep over your face but still wanted to remain casual, “ What’s a date?”. You knew he was talking about what Jughead had said but you didn’t want to make more out of it.

You really liked Jughead but you were scared he wouldn’t feel the same way. That was an understatement, you were madly in love with him. You’d never met anyone like him before, and you knew noone else could ever compare. Archie rolled his eyes, “ Come on (y/n) why do you always deny things”.

Sighing you explained, “ It was just a comment Archie not an invitation-”. You realized how bad your wording had been when he wriggled his eyebrows in a suggestive manner. Archie smirked, “ What exactly do you want an invitation for (y/n)?”.

Trying to ignore how red you were you said, “ Shut up Archie we can’t all be confident football captains who are simultaneously rockstars”. Archie always insisted that you were just in your own head but it was hard for you to be confident.

He sighed, “ You’re my bestfriend (y/n) and I’m telling you that you have no reason to be insecure! I know Jughead pretty well by now and he likes you”. No matter what he’d say you’d never be able to believe him.

The bell rang but he held up a finger, “ Tonight you’re finally acting on your feelings because I’m not going to be so silent of a wingman anymore!”. Shaking your head you agreed, hoping it would end this topic of conversation.

As you walked to class together Archie winked, “ Who knows maybe you’ll see him in nothing but that stupid beanie of his”. Laughing you hit him in the arm, he always knew how to cheer you up.

You parted ways as Archie went to geometry and you went to your independent study; aka a free period where you pretended to write for the Blue and Gold with Betty. When you walked in Betty was so preoccupied she didn’t even notice you.

Sitting down next to her you asked, “ What’s wrong Betty?”. She was typing away, but seemed completely stressed out.

Looking up from the screen she replied, “Where do I begin? My parents are fighting, Polly won’t come home, I have to write for my parents news paper, edit my article, AND interview Jughead about the Drive- In!”.

Betty got a look on her face and you knew you were in for it, “ Unless you interview Jughead for me tonight!!”. You shook your head but she’d already taken both your hands in hers, she was way too excited.

She nearly screamed, “ This is perfect! Now you have an excuse to be alone with Jughead and you’ll actually be doing something for this class!”. She’d set her mind to something and there was no changing that.

Reluctantly you agreed, “ Fine, but don’t get your hopes up Betty”. She nodded her head and beamed with excitement. Between her and Archie you never heard the end of it, they SWORE Jughead liked you.

Betty clapped her hands, “ Okay the show is at six tonight, come to my house around five to get ready and we’ll go together!”. You nodded your head and felt the butterflies in your stomach thinking about what tonight could bring.

For the rest of the period you helped Betty edit her article, and gave her advice about the other five-hundred topics that were stressing her out. Betty had been a close friend of yours for a long time and any chance you could repay her for how much she’s helped you you’d take.

Before you knew it the bell rang which meant school was over and you were closer to your “date” with Jughead. Walking out of the room Betty smiled, “ Tonight’s the night (y/n)”. How happy she was for you made you smile.

Archie caught back up with you, “ Tonight’s the night?”. You automatically rolled your eyes at the smirk on his face. Walking out of school you replied, “ Betty’s making me interview Jughead tonight so we’ll be alone”.

Pushing open the door for you he whistled, “ Tonight is the night then”. You stopped in your tracks, you’d had enough of the teasing today. Archie put his hands up defensively, “ I’m just happy for you (y/n), I want something to happen because I know you want it”.

You couldn’t be angry for that, “ All right Arch, just tone it down with the teasing?”. He nodded his head and continued to walk you home. Archie was neighbors with Betty, and they both lived down the street from you.

Betty would’ve walked with you but she went right to her parents paper. You were on your street when Archie asked, “ You trust me right (y/n)”. It seemed like such a pointless question so just told him yes.

He continued, “ Then why do you think I’m always setting you up for failure when I tell you to go for Jughead?”. You weren’t expecting it to be that deep of a question and you didn’t know what to say for a moment.

You answered honestly, “ It’s because I can’t see someone feeling that way about me Archie…”. He turned around to face you, making you stop in your tracks. Archie raised an eyebrow, “ You’re kidding right?”.

You avoided his gaze and he knew you were serious. He placed a hand on your shoulder, “ I love you so much (y/n) and I just wish you could see what I see….what EVERYONE sees! You deserve to be happy because you make so many people happy! You’re one of the reasons this town doesn’t completely suck!”.

You couldn’t help but smile, you knew he was being sincere. He smiled too, “ See there it is, that contagious happiness! And no one needs that more that Jughead, he’s happier when you’re around (y/n)”.

Archie never really got this emotional often, which is why it was so different this time. You actually started to believe him, “ Alright Arch I believe you I just have to keep repeating what you’re saying when I’m insecure”.

He placed a hand over his chest, “ Thank god, I was starting to feel like Betty and that is a lot to handle”. You both started to laugh as you continued to walk home. Smiling to yourself you realized how lucky you were to have the friends you did.

They were such great people and if they saw something in you than damn straight you should also see it. You reached Archie’s house, “ Alright (y/n) remember, tonight is mission finally getting the happiness you deserve”.

You saluted him, “ Alright Sergeant Andrews, mission accepted”. He shook his head laughing, “ Fuck you really are perfect for Jughead”. With that he closed his door, leaving you to finish walking home.

It was another minute walk at the most until you got to your house. You walked through your front door and went right to your room, plopping down onto your bed. Looking at your phone you realized it was already four which meant you had an hour to kill.

You also saw that you’d gotten a text from Jughead that read, “ You better not flake tonight, it takes two to drown in misery”. Smiling to yourself Jughead filled your thoughts again, thinking about him made butterflies take flight in your stomach.

Replying you said, “ I thought it took two to tango…mixing your metaphors Juggy how irresponsible”. After sending the text you placed your phone down, and did what ever you could to kill your remaining hour.

Jughead smiled when he read your text, you always knew how to make him laugh. He picked his head up from his phone when Archie threw a pillow at him, obviously wanting his attention. Archie teased, “ You’re texting her aren’t you?”.

Jughead threw the pillow back, “ You’ll need a search warrant to go any further Arch”. Jughead of course was just kidding, he had no problem talking about you to him. Archie laughed, “ I don’t need anything to know when she texts you, it says it all right on your face”.

Jughead laughed, “ I’m that easy to read huh? I guess I’ve been perfecting my “nothing to hide here” face for no reason”.  Archie laughed while moving to the edge of his bed, and Jughead knew he was in for a talk.

Jughead spoke first, “ Don’t worry Archie I know how the birds and bees work”. Archie rolled his eyes, sometimes Jughead just complicated things. He got serious, “ Look Juggy tonight really is special”.

Jughead smiled, “ Why exactly is tonight special Archie?”. He was playing dumb, he knew it had something to do with you but he wanted to see what Archie would say. Archie continued, “ If you want to make a move do it tonight Jug”.

Jughead laughed, “ Seriously Archie?”. He’d gotten super serious over something as simple as (y/n)? Archie held up a finger, “ Jughead you’re taking two long! I know how much you care about her but it’s about time you show her!”.

Jughead raised an eyebrow, “ What should I say, Hey (y/n) could you pass me the popcorn oh and by the way I love you?”. Archie’s jaw dropped, did Jughead just say he was in love with you? Jughead put his hands up, “ No nope don’t go making a big deal out of-”.

It was too late Archie was already standing up, “ Fuck Juggy I knew you liked her but I didn’t know you loved her!”. Jughead didn’t know how to act or even how to respond. He shook his head, “ I love (y/n) okay? I Jughead Jones am in love and by god if you-”.

Archie was smiling like a madman, “ Jug I’m not going to make fun of you, now I’m going to judge you even more if you don’t make a move”. Now Jughead was stressed out again and Archie could tell.

Jughead was pacing, “ It’s just scary okay? I ALWAYS know what to say but when it comes to that?”. Archie couldn’t help but laugh, it wasn’t often that Jughead Jones couldn’t find the words.

Archie intervened, “ Why not let your body talk for you?”. Jughead tilted his head to the side and gave him a classic, “ what the hell Arch” look. Archie laughed, “ Just a joke Jughead, just a joke”.

Jughead wasn’t amused, “ We can’t all be James Deans and Archie Andrews!”. Archie rolled his eyes, “ But you’re more than enough for her Jug, god you two are both so insecure towards the other”.

Archie continued, “ She’s too scared to say it Jughead but I think she loves you too”. Jughead couldn’t help but smile, he never thought you’d feel that way. He smiled, “ Alright Archie don’t worry I know this was enough bromance for you we can go back to talking about….sports…”.

Archie smiled back, “ Sure because we talk about sports all the time Juggy”. They both laughed feeling completely content with the way things were going. They’d never admit it but it felt good to be able to talk about emotional stuff with the other, a brotherhood they never thought they’d get.

You had about five minutes to spare but you’d picked out the perfect outfit. It was a black t-shirt dress with white hightop converse, you felt confident but casual. Anyways you knew Betty would insist on doing your makeup and hair.

Grabbing both your purse and makeup bag you headed towards Betty’s house. Looking at your phone you saw it was ten minutes past five o’clock, and you texted Betty to let her know you were downstairs.

It took her two seconds to rush down the stairs and greet you, “ Come on in (y/n), also that’s a really cute outfit!”. She took your hand and lead you upstairs to her room where you both could finish getting ready.

She had her outfit laid out on her bed, light blue jeans with a yellow blouse and ballerina flats. You smiled, “ I like what you have planned to wear Betty it’s super cute!”.You weren’t facing her so you couldn’t see what she was doing.

Betty had walked to her window where she saw Archie and they both winked at each other, their plan coming together.  They each gave a thumbs up before closing their blinds and continuing with their plan.

Their plan was to make sure that both you and Jughead finally made a move tonight, and to do this they talked you both up. Betty and Archie just wanted to see their best friends happy together, because they knew that’s what you both wanted.

Turning around Betty smiled, “ Aww thanks (y/n)! How are you feeling about tonight, any better?”. Smiling to yourself you couldn’t help but think about how this was the 100th time you’d have to talk about “tonight”.

You replied, “ Better actually after talking with Archie, I’m still nervous but not as nervous as I was”. Betty didn’t know whether to be happy Archie had gotten through to you or jealous that she hadn’t first.

She was glad regardless, “ Really? I’m surprised, but of course still extremely happy! Now are you actually going to make a move?”. Rolling your eyes you didn’t know how much more Jughead talk you could take.

You explained, “ Yes, whatever happens will happen okay? The first thing I say to him isn’t going to be, “ So what do you think about the drive in closing oh and by the way I love you”.

Betty clapped her hands together, “ Love?!!! Oh my god (y/n) LOVE I didn’t think it was this serious oh my god you’re in love…my bestfriend is in love…with my other best friend!!”. Betty was like a snowball rolling down a hill getting bigger and bigger until it explodes.

Going over to her you put your hands on her shoulders, “ Betty calm down…it’s just a word okay?”. You wanted to downplay the whole thing when in reality you knew it was much more than just a word.

She raised an eyebrow, “ Just a word? Do you think that’s just a word to Jughead or-”. You had to cut her off before this spiraled, “ I don’t even want to think about how he’d take things okay? We’re getting WAY ahead of ourselves here like I’m pretty sure you’re hearing church bells”.

Betty started to laugh, “ Okay okay I’m sorry it just makes me so happy because I know how much he cares about you…and to hear you love him! Things couldn’t be more perfect!”. She’d calmed down by now and you were eager to just get the night started and end all this build up.

You smiled, “ Okay good, now how about you help me finish getting ready?”. Betty’s grin returned and she nodded her head. She sat you down in her chair and started to do your makeup, a simple look but with a red lip.

After she was done with your makeup she just looked at you in awe, “ You look so beautiful (y/n)”. Smiling you thanked her, and she then started your hair. Betty did loose curls and it was your favorite look.

When she was finally done you turned around and hugged her, “ Betty I love it, this just boosted my confidence by a thousand!”. She just beamed with happiness as she hugged you back, Betty was just thrilled she could help.

Looking at your phone you realized that it was now time to leave if you wanted to get to the drive in on time. As Betty lead you down the stairs you could see her excitement for tonight growing.

Getting into Betty’s car she laughed, “ You know I’ve been so preoccupied I don’t even know what movie they’re playing”. Laughing you realized you had no idea either. You added, “This is going to be a great article when the last thing I’ve been thinking about is the drive in”.

Within ten minutes you guys arrived at the drive-in and were greeted by both Archie and Jughead. Looking Jughead over you realized how good he looked, he was wearing a black tee with a flannel, back jeans, converse, and of course a beanie.

Somehow you’d both managed to match and you knew Betty was telling herself, “ More proof they’re soulmates”. Jughead looked you over and smiled, “ I can’t place my finger on it but for some reason I really like your style (y/n)”.

He of course was pointing out how similar you both looked, “ Great minds think alike Juggy, and I’m the greatest”. If you’d have looked at Archie and Betty you would’ve seen how happy they were to see you guys flirt.

Betty intervened, “ I guess you should start the interview and Archie and I will find the others”. She couldn’t have been more obvious, but at this point both you and Jughead didn’t mind.

Jughead extended a hand, “ Adventure awaits (y/n), and with it the most astonishing article to ever meet the Blue and Gold”. Betty laughed and made Archie follow her to the concession stand.

Taking his hand you replied, “ Well then who am I to stop such a monumental moment in high school journalism history”. The second you held Jughead’s hand it send shivers down your spine, and it was only the slightest touch.

Jughead lead you to where, “ The magic happens” as he would like to say. Looking around the room you saw the old movie reel, a bunch of old posters, and a small couch. You smiled, “ So what movie are we watching tonight?”.

He clicked his tongue to fake scold you, “ Not even knowing the movie I’ll be showing tonight? That’s just irresponsible interviewing there (y/n)”. You instantly laughed knowing he was just teasing you, and it felt good to see him smile.

After a moment he told you the truth, “ I decided to go soft and select “ It’s a wonderful life” because it’s a classic love story”. You raised an eyebrow, you didn’t expect him to go that route.

You’d never see the movie before, “ What is it about Juggy?”. By now you were standing in front of the movie reel, wanting to know how it worked. You were surprised when you felt him stand behind you and put his hands over yours.

Turning your head your face was inches from his, “ Why don’t I explain it to you while I show you how this works”. You felt his hot breath against your ear and which caused your mind to drift.

All you managed to do was nod your head, the anticipation getting to you.  As he guided your hands over the machine he spoke softly into your ear, “ It’s about a man who wishes he was never born and then an angel comes along to make it true-”.

You turned around to face him, concerned about how much he might relate to the movie. His body was still pressed against yours as you asked, “ Why does he wish he’d never been born?”.

Jughead smiled as he lightly caressed your cheek, “ Doesn’t matter (y/n) because he soon learns how lucky he is…and he falls in love”. You started to realize how much more this movie choice represented.

You placed a hand on his chest, “ Falls in love?” your voice was obviously shaky. Jughead licked his lips, “ He learned the true impact he had on those around him and finally went for what he wanted”.

Instinctively you leaned your head forward and Jughead leaned in as well. Jughead crashed his lips against yours, months of angst finally fizzling away. To your surprise he lifted you up and moved you towards the couch.

He slowly fell onto the couch and kept you on top of him so you were straddling him. As he kissed your neck you jokingly asked, “ What about the interview Juggy?”. To answer you he sucked your skin, causing you to groan.

He kissed his way up your neck until his lips grazed your ear, “ The only words I want to hear are you telling me exactly how to make that pretty little pussy of yours cum”. You nearly gasped, you’d never have expected Jughead to talk like that.

Dirty talk was a huge turn on for you and to know Jughead Jones loved it too, well fuck maybe you were soul mates. Smirking you replied, “ Keep talking like that and we’ll get there soon enough”.

You felt him smile against your skin and you thought you’d melt right then and there. His hands slid up your legs, bringing the hem of your dress with them. Jughead rested his hands on your hips, he wanted you so badly but he didn’t want to rush things.

Smirking you pulled your dress over your head as you took if off completely, “ Finally go for what you want Jug”. You hinted to what he’d said about the movie earlier, wanting him to know you felt the same way without flat out saying it.

As a response he took off his own shirt and then collided his lips with yours. His hands roamed all over your body, he didn’t know what he was searching for. Truth be told he wanted to make sure he wasn’t just dreaming, slumped over his computer.

You started to undo his pants and slide them down his body, barely any layers left separating you. Jughead kissed from your lips down your neck, and stopped at the valley of your chest.

He moved his hands from your hips to your back as he undid your bra slowly letting it fall off. The second your bra hit the ground your nipples became erect because of the cold air. Jughead moved his lips to your left nipple, swirling his tongue around it.

Moaning you encouraged him, “ Shit Jug that feels so good”. With that he started to suck, and massasged your other breast with his hand. Jugheads tongue felt so good on your sensitive nipples and you felt yourself getter wetter and wetter.

Subconsciously you started to grind your hips against him, needing more. Jughead groaned, “ Such a tease baby”. Hearing him call you a pet name turned you on even more so you ran your hands through his hair.

He moaned, “ How do you know all the little things that turn me on (y/n)?”. You just shook your head licking your lips, eager for what would happen next. He dragged down your bottom lip with his thumb, “ Talk to me baby”.

Resting both hands on his bare chest you answered, “ I need you Jughead, make me yours”. Waiting for his answer you grind yourself against him again, and felt his member press against you.

He just shakes his head with a smile on his face, “ Those are the only words I’ve wanted to hear my entire life (y/n)”. Jughead kissed you again, this time the kiss was extremely needy. With his hands he helped slide down your panties until you shifted to take them off.

It was your turn to whisper in his ear, “ I believe the saying is an eye for a eye”. Getting the hint he took off his own underwear, and you licked your lips taking him in. Jughead was bigger than you’d thought, but there was no complaining.

He shook his head, “ Fuck you’re perfect for me”. You slid off Jughead’s lap and kneeled before him, your face inches away from his erection. Looking up to him you saw how lust blown his pupils were, and when you slowly licked up his shaft his eyes opened wide.

When you got to the tip you swirled your tongue around, “ Talk to me baby”. If Jughead weren’t so insanely turned on he would’ve made a comment about you mocking him. He shakily said, “ I want you to taste me”.

Smirking you kissed back down his shaft, sucking when you got to his balls. Jughead moaned, it was like you knew exactly where to touch him. Grinning you asked, “ Does that feel good Juggy?”.

He bit his lip, you were really asking for it now, “ That feels so fucking good you little tease”. Smiling you continued, flicking your tongue over his tip tasting the precum. Feeling confidant you took as much of him as you could in your mouth, while holding eye contact.

Jughead watched you, he never thought he could be this turned on. You started to bob your head up and down, picking up speed. He threw his head back, “ Oh god (y/n)”. With your free hand you massaged his balls, wanting to throw him over the edge.

You continued sucking, shifting from going fast to going slow, and stayed like that for a couple minutes. It was so beautiful to know how good you were making him feel, and such a turn on to know he was watching you nearly mesmerized.

Jughead groaned, “ Keep looking at me like that and this is all going to be over soon” and with that he picked you back up so you were on his lap again. Your lips found each other again and the kiss made you wetter and wetter.

Putting a hand on his chest you broke the kiss, “ I want you Jughead…I need you”. He looked apprehensive, like he wasn’t sure if you actually wanted him. You took his face in your hands, “ Jughead Jones I love you”.

You watched his face change as your words hit him, you watched the happiness spread throughout him. Jughead looked so blissful, “ I love you so much (y/n)”. Wanting to preserve the moment you started to kiss again.

You felt his member press against you and so you moved your hips forward. Getting the hint Jughead laid down on his back, putting you on top of him. His back rested against the arm of the couch, propping him up. Biting your lip you lowered yourself onto him, adjusting to his size.

Jughead moaned as he felt himself slide into you, your walls pressing against him. Slowly you moved your hips back and forth, still adjusting. As you leaned forward Jughead massaged your breast again.

You moaned his name when you felt him lightly tweak your sensitive nipples. Needing more you picked up your speed, and he was moaning right along with you. He kissed up your neck, “ That’s it baby, just like that”.

His hands rested on your hips guiding you even more. Feeling yourself getting closer you went faster. Jughead started to thrust his hips up, needing more too. You leaned forward so much that he started to suck your nipples, “ Fuck Jughead I’m close”.

He took his mouth off to only say, “ Cum for me baby”. You knew he was just as close because he thrust started getting sloppier. Resting both hands on his chest you started to move your hips in a circular motion making him enter you deeper.

You couldn’t hold it back any longer, “ Jughead I’m going to-”. He thrust inside you deeper and faster, “ Me too (y/n) fuck”. Closing your eyes your orgasm shook throughout your entire body.

You felt your walls clench against him and Jughead twitch inside you. All you could do was moan his name as your orgasm made every nerve in your body tremble. Jughead was right there with you, moaning and panting.

After riding out your orgasm you rested your head in the crook of his neck. He smiled, “Why did we wait so long (y/n)?”. Looking up to him you kissed his neck, “ Love makes you do crazy things Juggy”.

The moment was ruined when you heard banging on the door, making you both spring to action. You rushed to put on your dress and answer the door as Jughead threw on his pants. Opening the door you saw Archie standing there with a smug look on his face, knowing perfectly well why you looked so worn out.

He smirked, “ It’s so weird the movie ended thirty minutes ago but somehow you both didn’t realize and so we wanted to make sure things were alright”. Both Betty and Kevin stood behind Archie.

Walking over to the door, still shirtless, Jughead spoke up, “ Real smooth Archie, I’m sure concern was your only motive and totally not curiosity”. To your surprise Jughead wrapped an arm around you, pulling you closer to his body.

Archie’s smirk grew, “ Of course Juggy, we wanted to see if you guys were up for Pop’s or if you’d be too worn out from your…interview…”. He couldn’t help but laugh at his own joke and you shook your head.

Jughead looked to you, “ Actually (y/n) and I have worked up quite the appetite, journalism is so straining…how about you buy us a fries and milkshakes?”.

Before Archie could reply you added, “ I’m sure you’d love to Arch, put all that concern to good use”. Archie just smiled knowing he’d been beat, and gave you both a minute to get ready.

When you were done Jughead took your hand and you were all ready to go to Pop’s. You felt ready to conquer the world, you were in love with Jughead Jones and Jughead Jones loved you back.

HARRY STYLES is hurtling towards chart domination in the UK and US this week with his critically acclaimed debut album.

But as he emerges to greet me — dressed head to toe in black — from the back of a trailer parked behind the venue of his first ever solo show in North London, it’s clear he is in a reflective mood.

Security have just ordered us not to move more than two metres from the modest caravan — where his band members are chilling after sound check — to avoid the ­hundreds of fans gathered nearby.

It’s for their own safety, of course. Who knows the reaction if they knew just a fence and four guards stand between them and the new prince of rock ’n’ roll?

The ONE DIRECTION superstar shrugs it off — this level of hysteria has become a commonplace part of his day-to-day life.

My first interview with the band, in the X Factor canteen seven years ago, took place as a number of teenage girls were climbing on the roof.

It was a sign of things to come.

This is the first time I have seen Harry since 1D went on an ­indefinite break at the end of 2015 and there’s a lot to talk about.

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CP bachelor AU: part 5

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Damen is as good as his word. He behaves. He’s friendly and noble and straightforward and, somehow, manages to make it seem natural that he should be fond of so many people at once. He speaks earnestly into the camera about the good points of every single suitor, and never oversells it. He doesn’t show a marked preference for Erasmus over the others. Laurent barely has to edit Damen’s scenes for narrative tension at all.

By the time something goes wrong, Laurent has been bracing himself for almost two weeks for something to go wrong, because luck never lasts in television.

The twenty suitors have been winnowed down to twelve. They’ve decamped for a couple of days to a tiny private beach north of the city, the owner of which owes Laurent a favour, and the shooting schedule is full of bikinis, beach volleyball, romantic walks, and hopefully fewer jellyfish-sting disasters than last year, ie. none.

To kick things off, they have a bonfire party. Laurent has offered three hundred dollars to any producer who gets a suitor to suggest skinny-dipping; it was going to be two hundred, but the temperature’s dropped unseasonably low, and the wind sweeping in off the sea has a bite to it. 

Laurent is watching Damen have a conversation about superheroes with a gaggle of suitors–all of them gamely clutching drinks and none of them wanting to leave in case they end up missing a chance for Alone Time–when Orlant comes to tell him that all of the previous day’s footage has vanished.

Vanished?” Laurent says.

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JJP angsty film student AU

•mhm Kay so Jinyoung is a theater/ acting major
•Jaebum is a film major
•their arts school requires that one actor and one filmmaker pair up for their final graduation requirement of making a short film
•the school randomly pairs people up
•thus Jaebum and Jinyoung are paired up
•but Jinyoung is sweet and bubbly and sarcastic
•Jaebum is stiff and soft and quiet
•they fight about everything
•What will their topic be? How do they film it? Who do they include?
•they get nothing done for weeks because they can’t stand to be in the same room
•then Jinyoung finds out that Jaebum loves artsy noir films from the 1990’s (or any other oddly specific movie genre)
•he brings it up at their next meeting (they have to track progress, so they meet for 15 minutes every Thursday to see if they still can’t agree and then say they’ve been working)
•they discover that they have the same opinions on said movie genre
•Jinyoung almost busts a lung while spewing off all his theories and thoughts and ideas
•and Jaebum nods in agreement
•so they plan to watch their favorite oddly specific movie together
•it’s the only thing they discuss for days
•rinse. wash. repeat. the cycle of movies doesn’t end
•then Jaebum suggests they should attempt to make one themselves, despite it not being from the 90’s
•and Jinyoung totally agrees
•but they can’t agree on a topic
•Jinyoung thinks maybe they should remake something
•Jaebum wants something new
•they start to argue again
•then a professor who has overheard what’s going on sits them in a room and gives them a character analysis sheet
•the professor instructs them to answer it about themselves without lying
•when they’re done, the profesor take the papers and draws a Venn diagram on the board
•"You two need to find a common ground.“ The profesor says, then starts filling in the chart
•there’s three things in the middle overlap:
1. 90’s artsy noir films
2. Wanting to graduate
3. They’re gay
•"Looks like you’ve found your topic.” the profesor states, then leaves
•Jinyoung and Jaebum just sit there, staring at the board
•"Sooooo, are we going to-?“ Jinyoung asks
•"No.” Jaebum gets up and leaves, the door slamming behind him.
•It feels like all the air has been punched out of Jinyoung
•they were finally getting along and it was great and he was so happy to find someone with his same passion
•so he rambles to his roommate Mark about it
•Lucky for Jinyoung, Mark is best friends with Jaebum’s roommate, Jackson
•and Jackson tells Jinyoung that Jaebum is so far in the closet that he’s stuck in Narnia because of a certain childhood incident that he doesn’t know the details of
•so deciding to even poke the topic with a 10 foot pole is not okay for Jaebum
•Jinyoung feels awful and decides he’ll discuss it with Jaebum at their Thursday meet up
•Jaebum doesn’t show up
•he actually doesn’t show up for an entire month
•then when he does, he explains he has a plot
•a full three hours and two small arguments later, Jinyoung and Jaebum have a well baked plot
•they plan to film next week
•a month into crafting their artsy masterpiece and they’re looking at filters
•Jinyoung leans over Jaebum to point out an alternative filter
•Jaebum turns his head and damn near kisses Jinyoung
•they both freeze and Jinyoung returns to his original position
•further into the filming, Jaebum adjusts Jinyoung’s tie and they meet eyes then both look away
•these little moments keep happening and inside jokes keep forming (*squeaky voice* no it’s sepia three, Jaebum!) and they’re bonding over their differences
•then they get to a certain kiss scene
•Jaebum refuses to have anyone else helping that day
•he’s so freaking nervous
•Jinyoung laughs it off, “It’s just acting, Jaebum.”
•they manage do it after a few messes up takes and Jaebum is shook because all of his feelings cave in on each other
•they never really mention it and Jinyoung doesn’t come in for editing
•on the final two weeks before the due date, Jinyoung and Jaebum are spending every moment together trying to get it as beautifully edited as possible
•like Jackson is essentially Mark’s roommate now
•the last night in and Jaebum and Jinyoung watch the complete film
•they keep quoting it by heart
•Then Jinyoung looks over, just before the kiss scene, and says, “This isn’t just acting.”
•he pulls Jaebum in an gives him
another earth-shattering, heart-pounding kiss
•the makeout session continues until the end
•Jaebum breaks it up by saying, “Well I guess we’ll have to rewatch the end.”
•Jinyoung smiles back at him and says, “No, I like this one better.”

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! This is a slightly edited version of the #DCVDay twitterfic, coming in at 1.2k.  


Dean finds out the hard way that Valentine’s Day is the worst day to decide to show a guy you love him. He gets up early, makes eggs and bacon for everyone. He sets the table, puts out cloth napkins, and lays a flower next to Cas’s plate. Cas sniffs it when he first sits down, then sips his coffee.

He offers no reaction, like Dean gives him flowers on the regular. But he takes it with him once he’s done eating, which is something.

Sam offers to do the dishes since Dean cooked, so Dean leaves him to it and heads to the garage to think.  

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The Most Beautiful Moments in Life | 4

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Here’s part 4, hope you enjoy! ~ Moon xxx 

Pairing: min yoongi x reader

Genre: college au ? (they’re young adults but it is not focused on college) | angst

Warning: mentions of drugs, alcohol, and (later in the story) suicide and depression. Depictions of violence, blood and a whole lot of cussing. Keep in mind this was inspired by hyyh. [More warnings later in the story]

Trigger Warning: the reader has a (detailed) panic attack. 

Word Count: 3,513

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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ok so this took approximately six hundred years to put together but i present, for your enjoyment, my star wars fic rec, including: stormpilot fic recs, hanluke fic recs, jedistormpilot fic recs and various gen fics/one shot pairings. i’ve been around fandom for a loooooong time so i’ve developed a habit of being picky with my fics so rest assured that everything included in this list comes with a big ol’ stamp of approval

this list will be added to/edited in the future as the fandom grows, so if ur fic isn’t on here don’t despair, and if any of you want to suggest fics to be added then go ahead, my ask box is always open! (UPDATED: 4TH APRIL, 2016)

stormpilot has the most fics in this rec but feel free to peruse the rest (the stormpilot recs are last, so scroll all the way dowwwwwn if u want those), and i hope u enjoy! (side note: i put stars next to the fics i REALLY love so those ones come with my super special recommendations)

[p.s there is no r*ylo in this because i do not support the ship at all lmao bye]

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Peaky Blinders Fanfic

Chapter 1:

“Right (Y/N), we’ve gotta seal the deal in this meetin’ today, we need the Shelby’s now more than ever and I have no idea what we’re gonna fuckin’ do if we don-”

“Yes Mr. Hill” you replied cutting your boss off. If you didn’t stop him there he would go on forever, which he had a tendency to do when he is stressing about something.

“Don’t fuckin’ interrupt me. It’s fuckin’ rude” He spat before necking back his third glass of whiskey, he slammed the glass down on his desk before carrying on to lecture you “what I’m gettin’ at girl is shut ya mouth in there got it? an’ I mean it. I don’t wan’ nothin’ from you. I need this deal and the last thin’ I fuckin’ need is you tryna input and talkin’ them outta it” he’s right though, you’ve been known in the past to ruin his business deals. You didn’t mean to, you just kind of saw him wrecking it for himself because nine times out of ten he was pissed, and you just try to help which normally ends up making it worse… “All I wan’ you t'do is accompany me an’ look pretty like a fuckin’ secretary should” You nodded in agreement.

Satisfied with his speech Mr. Hill got up and put on his coat before leaving his office “Let’s get this over with then” you followed behind in silence.

The car pulled up at Garrison Lane, the driver nodded to Hill, signalling you’d reached your destination. Lifting his cap in thanks he got out of the car, and walked towards the Garrison pub. You hurriedly followed suit behind him “This is it now (Y/N)” he turned to you and gave what you thought was a very small hint of an appreciated smile, it was very sudden before his face turned to a grimace, he was clearly nervous about meeting the Shelby’s. To be honest you don’t blame him, his entire career and reputation was on the line. Hill had got himself into a war with another gangster family in London. He was losing. He needed the Shelby’s for protection and more for title. If rivalling gangsters and businesses knew that the Shelby’s were working with him, they wouldn’t dare start confrontation.

You both entered the busy pub, expecting to see the Shelby’s straight away you both looked around in an attempt to find them. Well…. You thought they’d be quite distinct from the regular customers, men who’d gone for a beer after their shift or other blokes who’d probably just had an argument with their missus and was drinking beer talking themselves out of their marriage when they know they’ll go back anyway. Same old same old, you liked observing other people and what they were doing, imagining what their lives are like and what they were like.

“Lennie Hill?” Yourself and Hill both turned to the voice, a guy standing behind the bar “I’m Harry, the owner… Mr. Shelby has asked me to look out for you. They’re all waiting for you in here” he gestured to a door. You followed him through into a separate room with a very small seating area just big enough to for you all to comfortably fit in.

“Tommy Shelby” Hill smiled, holding out his hand walking towards the Shelby’s. Neither three of them moved in the slightest, Tommy continued to puff on his cigarette. Hill dropped his hand back down to his waist and sat down opposite the boys. You followed behind sitting down next to him.

Tommy looked at you, and it wasn’t like a glance, it was a long look, he looked you up and down without any expression on his face. You felt slightly embarrassed so moved your eye contact to something different in the room pretending not to notice or be bothered. He turned back to Hill, still smoking on his cigarette “It’s Mr. Shelby to you Lennie. Let’s be professional now…. You know John and Arthur” Tommy gestured to either side of him where a brother sat.

“Of course Mr. Shelby” Hill replied, the nerves had faded from his voice and he sounded serious and a bit more composed.

Tommy finished is cigarette putting out the butt on the table before lighting up another one, he inhaled a long puff “Well…. Lets talk business Mr. Hill”

Harry entered the room, smiling at the Shelby’s, they didn’t seem to mind, you assume they trust him and he knows to keep what he hears to himself. He places another round of drinks on the table for the Shelby’s and gives each of you and Hill a glass of the same before leaving the room again. You managed to nod at him before he left to say thank you, remembering you was under strict instructions not to speak.

Hill took a swig of his drink before explaining his situations and proposing a deal “I’m in a war with the Nickson family. I have more power and money than them but they have a lot more people. I need protection and a title. I need more men and I want the three of you to fight with me if need be.”

The three Shelby brothers looked at each other and rolled their eyes grinning. This is probably a ‘deal’ they are asked for every day with other gangsters as well…. A deal for protection.

Tommy doesn’t hesitate to answer “No”

Hill is slightly taken back by his sudden abrupt reply. He stutters and thinks of something back to say to persuade the Shelby’s.

“Who’s this?” John points to you, turning his head to Hill.

“My secretary. This is (Y/N)”

“Is she mute, why does she not speak?” John raises his eye brow amused at the conversation

You cock your head to one side and smile at him. So desperate to talk. You reckon you could persuade them to make the deal… don’t know how but you’re sure of it. You must be going purple you’re so busting for all these different sentences and words to fly out but you continue to smile at him.

“She knows to be quiet, this is adults business…. It’s not (Y/N)’s strong point” Hill replies with a sly dig to you followed by a laugh. Nobody joins in the Shelby’s sit in silence and look from yourself to him again.

“That’s not very polite” John wags his finger at Hill before looking back to you “I don’ see why you can’t talk love. Your boss hasn’ even proposed a good deal so I would exclude this from adults business” He smiled

You blushed and opened your mouth to reply but you were cut off “Are you a whore?” Your head shot to Tommy who has a blank expression on his face.

Frowning you were about to start insulting the sod for calling you that. Hill could predict what you were about to do so spoke before you could respond. “She’s my secretary”

“I’m talkin’ to the fuckin’ girl, if I wanted to fuckin’ ask you a question I’d fuckin’ talk to you not ‘er” Tommy raised his voice in reply before turning back to me “Are. You. A. Whore?”

Everyone looked to you for a response, you were absolutely fuming, how dare he ask you that, you felt so humiliated and embarrassed. No, you wasn’t to be intimidated by Tommy Shelby like everybody else was. No, you were going to play the bastard at his own game “Do I look like a whore?” you replied politely.

Tommy seemed taken back by your response he took a long puff of his cigarette before furrowing his eyebrows “excuse me?”

“I said, do. I. Look. Like. A. Whore?”

The air was silent for a few seconds “No” Arthur quickly responded before Tommy could say any more on the matter.

“Look Mr. Shelby. I’m prepared to offer a percentage of my income whilst you Shelby’s work with me and on top of that I am prepared to pay a lump sum now” Hill changed topic of conversation, clearly feeling as unpleasant as you did, he too just wanted to settle a deal and leave.

“I fuckin’ said no” Tommy bluntly responded

“Okay, what about thirty per-”

“D'ya not understand you fuckin’ idiot we said no” Arthur shouted, almost repeating his brothers words.

“Look Lennie, I’ll ask you the same thin’ as I ask everyone else who offers us fuckin’ stupid deals. Why should I? How will this benefit us? It will only benefit you. We have our own money and power, we don’ fuckin’ need yours” Tommy questioned Hill making a good point.

Clearly defeated, Hill let out a long exasperated breath. “Very well”

Relieved you both start to get up, Hill realising there’s no way the Shelby’s want business with him. Thank god, you can get out of here.

“Why does she work for you Lennie?” Tommy questioned, talking about you. Your eyes narrowed, why the hell is he bringing this up again.

Feeling deflated Hill responded in a bored, tired manner “Cos’ she does Tommy. Cos’ she’s smart an’ I see potential in her. She’s loyal an’ I pay her well”

Tommy nodded accepting the answer he was given. Just was you were both about to leave he stopped you “Wait”

Hill turned slowly, with his jacket slung over his arm, all he wanted to do was get out of there. He needed to try make new arrangements and plans on what step to make next with his war against the Nickson’s. “Yes?”

“Actually, maybe you have something I want” Tommy stated. John looked towards you and smiled. Your stomach sunk and you got a rush of butterflies all at the same time. You had a very bad feeling about this.

“Anything” Hill replied with a twinge of hope in his voice, suddenly coming to life again.

“(Y/N)” Tommy responded with his demand. Reaching into the inside of his jacket pocket and pulling out another cigarette to smoke.

What do you guys think? I literally just had idea to make a Peaky Blinders fanfic tonight so I haven’t got a title nor many ideas right now for future chapters. I’m not even sure I’ll make more yet. It depends on the response. Let me know what you all think and if you have any suggestions on what I can do in the future or what I could call the fanfic…. I’d love to here from you!

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you are the music in me

fandom: girl meets world 
ship: riley matthews x lucas friar 
word count: 2,626 
series: band au 
summary: riley matthews comes to a very important realization regarding her relationship with lucas friar, one that she isn’t afraid to sing to the world. 
notes: this is my first fic in the girl meets world band au and of course it’s an emo fic about my children. this is an established relationship fic that focuses mainly on riley’s feelings towards lucas and her other interactions with the band. special shout out to @softlucasfriar for creating this au and encouraging my emo-ness. 

Riley grinned to herself as she pushed the door open of the practice space at Quincy Adams studio, taking a look around the room, instruments neatly scattered around the room. She was the first one there, her camera in her hand. Farkle had asked her specifically to bring it today, as he wanted her to take some candid shots of the band for their next album. The last pictures she had taken of them for their website had been well received by fans, so she hoped that she would do them justice once more.

Taking a seat on the small couch in the corner, which seems to have been put in the space specifically for her, as she was usually the only one who used it, except for the occasional appearance of Smackle or Maya, she sighs and pulls her phone out. The band was having a meeting this morning before practice, finalizing what tracks were going to be on the official release of the album and which ones were only going to be available online, or on the deluxe edition. She had been invited along, due to her involvement in writing a few of the tracks, but she declined, still feeling a little uncomfortable being involved in official band business.

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anonymous asked:

Just wondering if you think karai feels the same way about leo? She obviously flirts with him but she was sorta teasing raph in the alien agenda.


Okay, in New Girl in Town, Karai not only spares Leo’s life twice - she also goes looking for him, asks if they can meet again, tries to sway him to her side, and then helps him out against Snakeweed.

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anonymous asked:

Holly and gail fall in love but gail is still dating someone else, could be nick, and they have to keep it on the downlow, almost getting caught a few times, but has a happy ending?!

So this prompt turned out to be super long and crazy, and I’M SORRY. I tried to keep it as close to the ask as possible but it kind of went off on one, so I hope you like it (tried to edit it to the best of my ability also, but I’m limited for time, so please forgive me for any and all errors).

“Turn this crap off.”

“Hey, it’s not crap.”

“Holly, it’s Coldplay, of course it’s crap.”

“Just give it a try.”

“Oh, like the batting cages? How swell that went.”

Holly looks to the blonde beside her in the passenger seat. It was the end of the day, and both were admittedly exhausted, yet she could tell her friend was behaving extra acerbic today. This would no doubt deter the amateurs from attempting to find out what was wrong, for an ordinary Gail was challenging enough. But the great thing about their dynamic was that they got each other. They knew when to let things go or when to prod. And so Holly decided to shoot her friend a piercing look, one that said cut the bullshit and you might as well succumb at will ‘cause there’s no other way this is gonna end; it took Gail only seven seconds. 

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Fool's Gold (Chapter 3)

Pairings: Hollstein, Laferry, Zeta Society

Word Count: 12,009

Summary: HSAU Chapter 3, or the one with Saturday detention and an almost crime scene.

[A/N: carmilla hsau will be co-written with felixdawkins. Track #carmilla hsau for updates on the au and #hsau updates for chapter posts.

Can also be read on AO3.]

[ Prologue / Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 ]

“Not my proudest moment, I’ll admit,” Danny sighs, “I just want this day over with so I can maybe fit in some training tonight.”

“Are you kidding? This is so cool: a whole day unsupervised in the library,” LaFontaine looks to them and grins, “Do you think the photocopiers still work on the off-hours? I really want to check out a few editions that the asshole in senior Bio always checks out during the week.”

“Uh,” Laura looks around but is only answered with a few shrugs, “I’m sure you can figure it out.”

LaFontaine’s grin widens, “This is going to be awesome.”

(She doesn’t necessarily agree, but she appreciates the optimism.)


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#7: one of the boys insults you

Carter: You’re just having a lazy day in your hotel room with Carter on his day off, a sweatpants and hair up kind of day, when Matt comes into the room. “Hey Carter!” “Hi, Matt.” “Haha! Y/N, nice hair! You look like a teletubbie!” “Hey man, shut up, that was rude.” You smile at Carter knowing that he’ll always have your back, no matter what. 

Cameron: You’re at the beach with Cam, Nash, Hayes, and Carter, and Nash suggests taking a dip in the ocean. Everyone agrees except you. “Uh, you guys go ahead, I’ll stay and watch our stuff.” “It’ll be fine, come on!” Hayes says. “Well, I, uh, can’t swim…” “Haha! Even my dog can swim! Are you serious?” exclaims Nash. “Hey man, lay off alright? You’re not perfect either. I’ll stay with Y/N and you guys can go ahead.” Cameron sits down next to you and puts his hand on top of yours. “He’s an idiot sometimes, I know.” He kisses you gently. 

Nash: You’re sitting on his couch with him when he gets a phone call. “It’s Hayes, I should probably answer.” He picks up. “Hello? No I can’t hang out right now. I’m with my girlfriend. Shut the hell up bro. I don’t care.” He hangs up. “What was that about?” you ask. “Oh, Hayes told me to ditch your stupid ass because you’re boring. He’s such a little prick.” You grin and cuddle up to Nash a little bit. “Am I boring?” you ask. “Not even a little bit.” Nash winks and puts his arm around you.

Jack J: You, Jack, and Sam are hanging out, and you decide it would be fun to try something new. “Let’s go zip lining!” says Sam. Jack immediately agrees, and you figure it can’t be that bad so you agree as well. When it’s time to decide who’s going first, Sam says “we’d better make Y/N go first, otherwise she’ll pussy out as usual.” “Chill out bro. We can all go at the same time, and could you not be a dick for once?” Jack looks at you and says “don’t worry, it’s totally safe, and I’ll be next to you the whole time." 

Jack G: You’re at Taco Bell with all the boys and Jack says he’ll pay for you and to get whatever you want. "Jack, you’re so sweet, feeding the poor.” says Taylor with a chuckle. “Listen, asshole. If you ever insult my girlfriend again you’re gonna be poor, got it?” “Jesus, it was a joke… Sorry bro.” “Whatever. Y/N, lets grab our food and go.” Jack says to you. “Thanks babe. For everything.” You tell him. 

Shawn: You’re helping Shawn edit a video you and him made together when Carter comes in. “Hey, what’re you guys doing?” “Editing a video,” Shawn says, “wanna help?” “Is it a singing video? Because god knows only one of you can sing, and it’s not Y/N.” “Actually, we don’t need your help, and I think Y/N has a beautiful voice. So, if you don’t mind, we’re a little busy, I’ll talk to you later Carter.” He leaves. “Does my voice really suck?” you ask. “Carter doesn’t know anything about what sucks and what doesn’t. Now let’s get this video uploaded." 

Matt: Matt and Jack are in a fight over something stupid and are yelling at each other. "Yeah, well at least my girlfriend doesn’t look like a man!” says Jack, not realizing you were standing within earshot. “Fuck you, bro. I’m leaving. You’re unbelievable. This is between me and you, and yet you still have to talk about my girl? Bye.” Matt sees you close to tears and says to you “babe, he doesn’t mean that. He’s just pissed at me and can’t come up with any insults. He’ll come around eventually and apologize, but until then, forget him. You’re beautiful." 

Taylor: Taylor’s away on tour and you’re facetiming him when Dillon walks in the room. "Who ya talking to?” “Y/N” “Ask her if she still smells like wet dog!” Dillon says, smirking at Taylor. “What the hell dude! She does not smell like wet dog, that’s you,” Taylor turns back to you, “I’m sorry baby, ignore him.” You laugh and say “ask him if he’s still ugly.” You and Taylor, and even Dillon, start to laugh. 

Aaron: You walk into Aaron’s house and are greeted by Nash, Cameron, and Hayes. “Where’s Aaron?” you ask. “Where’s Aaron?” Hayes mimics you, “god, you’re so attached to him. You’re like a dog.” Nash and Cameron start to laugh. “Hey! Cut it out. Don’t make fun of my girlfriend for wanting to see me in MY OWN house, just because you guys don’t have girlfriends, alright?" 

Hayes: You and Hayes walk into his house, only to be greeted by Nash. "Sup. Hayes can I talk to you for a sec?” Sure! Y/N, I’ll meet you upstairs in a minute, okay?“ "Alright.” You go upstairs to Hayes’ room and figure out that you can hear the conversation through the vent. “Hayes, I know you. And I know you can do better than her. So much better.” You don’t hear anything else after that. You tear up a little bit, and Hayes appears in the doorway. “You heard that. Nash thinks he always knows better than me, but I know for a fact that I can’t do better than you, because there is no one better than you. Don’t waste your tears on Nash. Let’s do something."