if any of you twist this into kaisoo i quit the fandom

lol at some people who are so catch up with what taemin means by boring. maybe what he wanna say is the regular and repeated routine are boring, maybe he wants some nice, relaxed vacation with jongin like last time…they both confused me, their words are sometimes twisted….

vacation in japan - taemin loves it, he felt warm and he enjoyed lots of tasty food. when mc asked how’s the weather he couldn’t answered properly, i’m pretty damn sure he didn’t take note of that, having too overwhelmed with warm jongin lying beside him *ehem* while jongin said it’s such a waste

going out together - jongin said they probably have fun more than any other people while taemin said it’s boring

jongin said i miss you - taemin laughed and said they met everyday, why jongin always said he missed him? remember, how taemin would always went to jongin in every damn concert or even running just to take jongin in his embrace because they did not meet e/o cos of schedule, like what happened at the backstage of smtown beijing.

taemin said their behavior is the same and they click well - moonkyu said taemin and jongin have different personality and taemin is more cheerful like him. -i guess taekai is the opposite attract, they completes e/o-

taemin said going out with jongin is boring - in one interview he admits jongin is his stress reliever and that jongin is the person he trust the most in this whole world. i believe when you’re with someone who you wants to rely on, there’s no such thing as ‘boring’

taemin said their relationship is like pure love comic - he goes around telling people that him and jongin have aggressive skinship

taemin said he didn’t know why there are rumors of them dating - they hang out 24/7, they hug, they held hands like lovers do, they walked closely together, they only had eyes on e/o making others felt like a thirdwheels.

they slept together, eat together, watching movies together, practice together, sitting on the plane together, went on the trip together…basically, they couldn’t live w/o each other and it shows a lot.

all and all, idk what to say. we don’t know what taemin think. exo L are quite scary fandom  -last time sasaeng called him gay and he was chased down just cos he’s with jongin- and he was scolded by SM after going to the trip. then this time, netz accused him of hitting on jongin. that would possibly be traumatic events for him.

one more thing, i’m fucking annoyed with all the kaistal and kaisoo posts in taekai tag. what the hell are you guys doin in here? your attempts on making us stop shipping taekai had failed miserably. your pathetic arguments are invalid. now, i’m asking you nicely. please leave out taekai immediately. your post is annoying, disgusting,unethical and nasty. GET OUTTA HERE.