if any of you had the chance to meet him i am more than sure that would feel this strongly and positively about him

Reggie Mantle x Reader: Scouts & Glory


Can you write a Reggie Mantle x Reader? Where the reader is a volleyball player and is the team captain and Reggie is her bf. After their practices they talk about their big games and there’s a scout to watch her play and she freaks out bc she thinks she won’t impress the scout and Reggie comforts her saying she’ll do great bc she’s really good and he’ll be cheering her on. She ends up doing really good and Reggie says I told you so and she just hugs and thanks him for being her rock/ support.

A/N: I enjoyed writing this one, but I’m not big on sports lingo so if I wrote something so wrong, please correct me so I can fix it. I really hope you guys enjoy this imagine and thank you your support on all the other imagines.


Summary: Reader has a bug scout coming to one of her games and begins doubting herself, but her boyfriend Reggie helps her keep her head in the game *wink, wink* lol ok I’m dun.

Spoilers: Game goes well

Warnings: Reggie being supportive <3

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           Riverdale a town that was the epitome of a small utopia to the tourists who showed up every now and then. This idea of Riverdale being a utopia had swiftly vanished when Jason Blossom was missing and turned up murdered by Sweetwater River. Since then every parent became wary of their children and the town had input a curfew on everyone until the murderer was caught. Your boyfriend Reggie was no exception to the rule, he would walk you home every day after school and especially after practices. You took those times to talk about your practices. You were captain of the volleyball team at Riverdale High and Reggie was captain of the varsity football team.

           To the dismay of stereotypes, you weren’t the total self-absorbed athlete with the self-absorbed football captain. Yes sometimes Reggie could be full of himself when he was with his Goonies, but you always made sure to keep him in check. You had just gotten captain of the volleyball team and the pressure was on to be a great captain to your team.

It was your free period, and you had spent most of it in the library with Betty going over some notes for chemistry, you decided to call it so you could meet Reggie in the student-lounge for a while before your next class started.

“Hey Mantle” you noted while planting a quick kiss on his lips as you sat down next him.

“Hey babe” he noted “how was your study session with Cooper?”

“I like Betty, the girl is smart, but I can’t help but think that even after she is tutoring me” you sighed “I just don’t think I’m going to pass and if I don’t pass, I can’t be captain, and if I lose that position I lose my chance on the scholarship” you rambled on as Reggie laid his hand on your back.

“Hey (Y/N), calm down, you can do this” He reassured you “you got that position fair and square and you are such a nerd, so what if you’re having trouble catching up; I know you’ll get it” he continued.

“Thanks Reg” you smiled as he pulled you in for a hug and sadly the school bell rang announcing your next class.

“Do you have football practice today?” you asked Reggie as you stood up.

“Yeah, you?” Reg notified you and you nodded “ ‘Kay then see you after practice babe” and you both left the lounge to your next classes.

You didn’t feel so confident of now having to deal with grades and being captain, but you knew that Reggie would always be there for you and he always reminded you that if he could do it, you could do better.

You were at volleyball practice and as it was ending the coach called it and motioned you to go talk to her.

Reggie was on his way to meet you up at the gym, since football practice was cut a bit because Chuck and Moose kept missing the plays.

“Yes Coach?” you spoke.

“(Y/N), the scout is coming to Fridays game, so I hope you keep practicing and I know you’ll be great as you have shown improvement in the practices” your coach stated “Just giving you a heads up” she informed you while patting your shoulder and leaving you.

You started doubting your ability to be great on Friday’s game, so distracted in your own thoughts you got startled when Reggie walked behind you.

“Whoa! A little jumpy there, you okay (Y/N)?” Reggie guessed as he took your gym bag in his hand.

“Wha- oh, I’m sorry” you spoke as Reggie distracted you from your thoughts and you both walked out of the school.

“What’s wrong (Y/N)?” Reggie implied as he put his arm around you.

“Coach just told me the scout is coming to my game of Friday” you answered with a small smile on your face.

“Well, why are you sad, this is good! They’ll finally see you play amazingly and offer you the scholarship!” Reggie praised.

“What if I suck Reg?! What I get everything wrong?” you denied

“Hey” Reggie stopped you and held his hands on your shoulders “You are going to be amazing, why? Because you are captain which means you are worthy of being one of the best volleyball players I know okay?! And I’m going to be there cheering you on” Reggie proclaimed while slipping his hand behind your neck and kissed you and you couldn’t be more thankful over the great boyfriend Reggie was.

Friday’s game came in full swing, the bleachers packed with family and friends.

Reggie entered the gymnasium with a poster board and you were confused because he usually just came, sat down and cheered you on, he claimed posters were only for cheesy girlfriends even though he loved the poster you always made him.

The game hadn’t started and Reggie came towards you.

“Hey babe” he spoke “You are going to be amazing, I just know it!” he cheered.

“Thank you Reg” you spoke nervously “Whatcha got there?” you questioned Reggie while pointing to the poster board.

“Oh nothing” Reggie paused then continued “It’s not as great as yours (Mantle The Magnificent was what the poster read that you always made him), but I needed you know I am here for you and you are so going to leave it all on the court and if that scout doesn’t see that then they don’t know what a great thing they are leaving behind.”

He showed you the poster that read WATH OUT FOR #(Y/F/Number) SHE’S A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH and you smiled and pulled him into a hug.

Reggie went to sit in the bleachers next to your parents.

The game began and you gave it your all on the court, you decided to forget about the scout since you didn’t know who it was and played the better than any other game or practice ever.

The game finished and Bulldogs won and you huddled with your team, smiles all around.

“(Y/N) that dig (when a player passes a strongly spiked ball that is close to the floor) was outstanding!” one of your teammates exclaimed and you chuckled.

“Her spikes were the best, man you just kept hitting them!” another teammate complimented you and you just smiled back.

You approached your coach who was talking to a man in a suit, you suddenly remembered about the scout and became worried that maybe your best wasn’t good enough.

“(Y/N) this is Mr. Jefferson, the scout that came and checked you out” your coach stated and Mr. Jefferson took him arm out and you shook it.

“Well Miss (Y/L/N), you were quite extraordinary, I am delighted to grant you the full scholarship, you clearly are a forced to be reckoned with” He boasted and all you could do was smile and say thank you over and over  and chuckle at Reggie’s poster as he walked away.

Reggie came up to you with your parents “Soooo, what he say?!” he hinted.

“Well he liked your poster” you answered and smiled “and I got it! I got the scholarship!” you squealed as you parents took you in for a hug.

And after they finished hugging you, Reggie grabbed you by the waist to hug and kissed you as he picked you up and twirled you around in circles as he whispered in your ear “I told you so” and you chuckled at his comment.

part VI // the decision

part one / part two / part three / part four / part five

{H pov}

My fingers twiddled across the keyboard, each separate thud corresponding with the sound of the cliche clicking of the clock. It was 11;45am, 15 minutes left until I had to email Smith his brand-spankin’-new list of employees. The backspace button had been completely mutilated countless times, along with the number of times the keys that wrote her name were slammed down. I changed my mind every 20 seconds it felt like, her name either being a necessity to my list or a complete waste of space.

I didn’t know which was true until I hit send.  

After spending most of my morning freshening up in the bathroom after my prior festivities, I headed back to the copy room to make some more damn copies. Soon enough, the overbearing uneasiness and tension of my coworkers did little to subside and actually greatly increased by around noon. There was a hub of people lined outside of Smith’s office, an area I never dared to step near. Especially not now, 

I didn’t think I had any reason to.

Until the pats on the backs started to come, the apologies, the

“I hear there’s an internship position available over at Viper Inc.”’s.

I nearly fucking choked. I didn’t know what to do. So, I let out a bellowing laugh. It rattled my ribs, scorched my throat. I didn’t think twice about pointing my feet in the direction of his office. 

I stood outside, pounding at the door. People walked by me, stifling tears and sniffling their noses. My hand rested on my hip, my nails gripping into the bone.

No one, absolutely no one, will get away with humiliating me like this. 

Soon enough, the fucking Blonde Blitz arrives in miraculous timing. She almost-almost-opened her mouth to some snarky comment, so I did my best to cut her off. 
“Where is he.” I asked, stone cold. 

“He had a meeting at one outside of the city. I wouldn’t plan on him being back today. I’m surprised you didn’t know that?“ She smirked. 

I wasn’t sure if she knew that I was just let go, or if she was just inconveniently bitchy right now. Whatever it was, I didn’t have time for it. 


It didn’t take long to gather my stuff, so I spent most of the day scheming. I wasn’t going down without a fight, but there was no way I wanted to let myself be so emotionally vulnerable ever again. I knew the way I had to fuck him over was to go to the roots. To make it hurt even worse than losing a job ever would. 

I grabbed my coat at around 9pm, making sure to grab the one with the most…coverage.

➳ H

I had no fucking idea how to feel about today. Which is the worst part, because I shouldn’t give a single fuck. 

So, I spoiled myself with a ravenous dinner and fine bourbon. I was on my 4th(?) glass, feeling fucking great,

before I heard a knock. 

I contemplated, heavily, against answering it. 

But I was so fucking glad that I did.

I didn’t get a good look at her before she shoved her way through me, inviting herself in my penthouse. I barely even saw her robed before she slid the coat off her shoulders, revealing the white lace that trailed the curves of her body. 

Jesus Christ, and I thought she just looked good naked. 

But here, she stood before me. Her hair was rowdy in curls, her lips kissed in a soft pink. Everything about her so delicate, trying to deviate my attention from her true motives.

She came onto me strongly, my hands perfectly grasping her small thighs. She pushed me up against the door she had just walked through, her fingers trailed up my body to my hair.

She felt so fucking good, I couldn’t think straight through the bourbon. 

“I’m not here for you, and I’m not here for me.” Her mouth, opened, sucked gently on my shoulder. “I’m here so that you can see how fucking stupid you are.”

I know, iknowiknowiknow.

Just fucking come here.

I grabbed her firmly and attempted to drag her to the couch, but she refused. She took my hand softly, the most gently she ever had, and led me to my bedroom.

Honestly, I’m surprised she even remembered where it was.

She laid down before me, giving me the chance to marvel at her.

While my vision was hazy, she stood out clearly against my silk sheets. She sprawled herself beautifully, accenting the miracle that is her body.



I undid my belt as fast as a drunk man could, and slid the pants off my waist. Soon, I climbed on top of her, moving ever so cautiously, as if she was fragile. 

She took the back of my head in her palms and pressed my face against hers, kissing me deeply.

Kissing me how she never had.

I was overwhelmed. I had never wanted her so bad-in so many forms. Spiritually, emotionally, physically-what the fuck am I talking about?

Anyway, I was delusional at that moment. Every thing I did was delicate for her. Every movement was a pulse, not a push. Every touch was a caress, not a grip. 

This was more than sex.

Now, in my day full of scheming I did plan to have him make love, to feel it and have it swallow him whole. 

Never, in any of this, did I expect for myself to be engulfed by it. 

My heart was pounding against his chest, my moans into soft sighs and gentle whispers.

Every time he touched me I felt electrified.

I had no idea if it was because of the obvious bourbon I could taste on his tongue, or if something had changed, but this wasn’t the man I encountered earlier. This was no egotistical douchebag, all out for money and hurting people. 

This was a man, capable of love and affection.

And I wasn’t sure if I was emotionally ready to watch him break down those walls. 


we don’t have to talk about the fact that I was literally MIA for like half a century. I am so sos os osososo SO sorry, I never wanted to be away from 50 shades for that long again D;

my life just got so wild from jan-feb, but it should die down now. 

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I hope you guys enjoy part VI because I am hella scheming for part VII here ;).