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Hey, would you mind explaining the whole Dale Pike thing to me? I know he wrote suspicious fanfiction and a lot of people suspect he might actually Mark Gatiss. But I don't know what the fic is actually called or what its significance is. Basically any details you could fill in for me would help lol

So someone asked me the same question last night so I’m just gonna 

Ok so there was a video that circulated on Jan 29th that was basically “A Final Fuck You To BBC: Gays Matter”, except that just now we are finding out that the ‘creator’ of that video also writes 'fanfiction’ on AO3, except except that a lot of people (like TJLC higherups) are noticing that these fics read a lot like some of the stuff Mark Gatiss has written.

I’ve made it through like one or two, and I gotta say it’s all very well-written, but it is not good fanfiction. Like it uses a lot of epithets and switches POVs weirdly and the style is certainly creative but not conducive to typical Johnlock fanfiction At All. So it feels like whoever wrote it is trying to hide who they really are but is kinda bad at it? Aaaand their pseud is “Dale Pike”, which is probably based on the ACD character Langdale Pike but I haven’t read a lot of the original stories so I can’t say much more than that about it but supposedly it has some significance?

It’s all a bit sketchy imo, but supposedly some of the fics were written as “predictions” and “inside spoilers” for season 4. I haven’t read those yet, but it’s obvious that a lot of it was based off of the meta we were coming up with (such as Mycroft dying, the baby being a plot device etc.) I’d start with Within the Narrative and One Word Test.

Scars - Chapter 10

Reader x Yoongi

Warnings: Swearing, use of drugs

Words: 1,702

Chapters: 9


“Hmmm…baby, don’t go”, Jinyoung groaned as I tried to get up, “I have to silly, I need to go work, and no I can’t call in sick I’ve done it way too many times”, I slowly got up and out of Jinyoung’s grip, he moaned as I walked off to the bathroom. After doing my morning routine, i went back into Jinyoung’s bedroom and took of his shirt, “ugh baby, if you’re like that for any longer you ain’t leaving this room”, “i will be so shut up”, i said as i began putting on my dress.

“Could you help me?”, i asked as i was struggling to to the zip on the back, i didn’t hear a response instead i heard my zip going up and then felt arms wrap around my waist and pull me back, “why do you have to work (y/n)”. I turned in his arms and put my own around his neck, “well because i can’t live of you my whole life can i”, “i earn way more than enough baby”, “i know you do, but i still want to work. Anyways if i don’t leave now i’m gonna be late, oh and please remember to pick me up this time”, I’ll be late, remember to pick me up this time”, “i will”, he leaned down and placed small kisses all over my face and one final one on my lips.

“Miss me?”, i got up from the ground, put Kaias blanket back and started walking in the direction I came, “aww (y/n), don’t be like that”, I ignored him and walked as fast as I could once I could hear him running after me. “Baby…”, Jinyoung stopped in front of the pushchair, blocking by way, “d-don’t call me that”, I spat out. “Why not? You’re my baby”, “no I am not, and haven’t been for a long time”, Jinyoung cocked his brow and chuckled, he leaned forward before speaking, “does my little (y/n) not remember anything, I’m sure she still has my marks…”.

Ughhhh….”, Jinyoung moaned as he released inside of me. He got off me and leaned against the headboard, before he grabbed a spliff and went on to smoke. “Babygirl, i’m sorry”, i had my back to him, “i know i promised i would never do it again, but i wasn’t thinking straight when i saw that dick and you flirting, i thought you’d sleep with him”. Obviously that was his excuse, it’s not like he’s used it before! I kept my back to him, letting my tears soak the pillow, “(y/n)…”, he moved next to me and hugged me from behind, his spliff held out in front, “you know i am sorry right?”, i slowly, nodded my head, “i’ll take you out in a bit to show how sorry i am babe”, he said softly as he moved the hair outta my face with his free hand and placed a kiss on my cheekbone. He put the spliff to his mouth one final time before bringing it to my mouth, “here, it will make you feel better”, i clamped my mouth shit and moved my head backwards, but he carried on insisting, “it will stop the pain, go on”. I hesitated for a few seconds before i leaned towards Jinyoung’s hand and allowed him to put the spliff to my lips.

Jinyoung did take me out later, he made me wear a tight, a seriously tight dress, it was a black, backless, off the shoulder dress that he bought. “Jinyoung, where are we going, i thought we were going to eat” “we are, just after we stop by here”, i held on tighter to Jinyoung’s arm as he lead us down a dark alley. He did eventually stop when we were almost at the end of the alley, he stopped at a black metal door. He knocked loudly and waited.

I could hear mumbled music coming from behind the door, but soon was a lot more clear once the door was swung open by a large man, dressed up in a suit, “hey T-”, “shut up, he’s on the third floor”, the man had an unbelievably deep voice, “he’s pissed you’re 20 minutes late”, “well I have priorities…”,he turned and smiled at me.

Once inside Jinyoung lead me up sets of stairs to the third floor, he made me wait outside whilst he went into a room that stunk of cigarettes.

10 minutes had passed and I was getting bored, so I went back down to the bar and got a drink. It was quite a strong drink and took effect right away as I couldn’t handle alcohol well, and when I was drunk, I wasn’t really myself.

I walked out to where everyone was dancing, closed my eyes and just swayed to the music, even though what I was doing didn’t go with the beat. As I danced I felt arms wrap around me and pull me. Soon I was pressed against someone’s chest, I thought it was Jinyoung so I wrapped my own arms against his waist and rested my head on his chest, “hmmm”, I hummed and we swayed together.

My face was then lifted by his fingers and pulled towards his face, I couldn’t see him well as it was quite dark. “Don’t take so long next time baby”, I mumbled as I leaned forward and connected our lips. They felt a lot more rough than before and thinner, but I carried on, he deepened the kiss.

He was about to grab me from behind, but I was pulled back from him, I turned to see who had grabbed me, “HEY-”. I cut myself off once I saw a raging Jinyoung in front of me.

I was terrified, he was going to do it again, twice in one day, all because I fucked up.

Jinyoung didn’t do anything to the other guy, instead he dragged me out of the club. Whilst getting dragged to his car I fell, but he just continued to drag me, not caring that I was in pain.

The whole ride was quiet, all that could be heard was the car’s engine. Once we were inside his house, he just went straight to the kitchen for a drink. Whereas I went to the bedroom, trying to stay away from him as much as I could. When I got to the room I stripped and showered and told myself I would be fine.

As I just put my underwear on, I heard Jinyoung’s footsteps getting closer to the bedroom and soon enough he was standing at the doorway, he looked a lot calmer than before, but I didn’t let his facial expression fool me, I knew him too well.

“Hey”, his voice was soft, “h-hi”, I stuttered as he walked up behind me as I was looking in the wardrobe, I felt his cold fingertips move across my shoulders.

“How are y-AHHH”, I screamed out as I felt the tip of the blade slowly scrape against my skin, opening it up, he did it deep enough to leave behind a mark.

He tutted as he finished with the blade, throwing it aside, “I’ve left, what, seven now eight marks on you and you still don’t know who owns you”. As he spoke I felt blood trickle down my back and onto the wooden floors just like my tears. I sniffled catching his attention, “aww baby don’t cry”, he forcefully turned me around and cupped my face, “you know I don’t like doing this don’t you?”, I nodded knowing what he would do if I didn’t agree, “i am sorry baby”.

He then cleaned me up and did what he thought would make it all okay.

“Move”, I was looking him directly in the eyes, I couldn’t show him I was scared, “oohh..my little (y/n)’s speaking up”, he had a cocky smile on his face. Instead of speaking up I turned around once again and quickly walked off taking out my phone.

“Sweetheart why did you sound so panicked on phone”, my mother asked as she put Kaia in her highchair as we both began to set the table, “oh I was a little shaky because Kaia wouldn’t stop crying and well that set me off”, “awww (y/n), next time I’ll come with you okay”, I nodded and smiled. “Right I’ll go plate the food, go call your dad”.

“Mum this still hasn’t lost its touch”, I said as I stuffed my mouth with my mum’s butter chicken and rice. My mother smiled and just then the doorbell went. “I’ll get it”, I covered my mouth as it was stuffed with food, “at least swallow the food, I’m sure whoever is behind that door does not want you spraying your food at them”, I gave my dad my best blank face before swallowing my food and going on to open the door. I knew exactly who it was, I called them because I know they would keep me and Kaia safe no matter what.

“JUNGKOOK!”, I screamed as I saw him, “hey”, he chuckled as I grabbed him around his waist, “I missed you and your stupidity”, he said as he rubbed my back, I responded my slapping his chest. “Anyways get inside mum and dad will be excited to know you’re here”, he walked in, taking off his shoes and was about to walk into the kitchen before I stopped him, “oi give me your bag I’ll take it upstairs”, he threw me his bag and continued to the kitchen and I went upstairs and took Jungkook’s bag to my room.

As I was walking back down the doorbell went again and because I could hear my mum and dad conversing with Jungkook, I told them I would get it.

The second I saw who was behind the door, I didn’t know what to feel or what to do. Even after all that he’s done to me, he thought he had the right to turn up to my parents home. My eyes began filling up as I thought over what he did, he disgusted me.


Thank you sooo much for your patients and for 500 followers i really appreciate it and pleaseeee give me feedback :)


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okay, so u've probably gotten asks like this before so sorry if i've missed it but!! what's problematic about a court of thorns and roses? i've only seen really vague stuff like "it's got abuse in it" and i've read like the first three pages lmao so i don't really Know about any of that (nor have i seen any like explanations or been able to find them so could u help me out??)

hoooooooooo boy. some spoilers for acotar and acomaf ahead.

  • let’s just go straight into the most controversial one
  • the portrayal of mental illness
  • uses mental illness and trauma as a plot device to change ships
  • every time feyre threw up and felt weak sjm used tamlin & rhys’s actions to justify the ship switch
  • literally made tamlin the piece of shit that he is in acomaf because she wanted feyre to end up with rhys
  • mental illness is sometimes romanticized in the books
  • okay NEXT UP we have rhys’s abuse of feyre under the mountain
  • he forces feyre to drink wine so she can forget what happened each night
  • doesn’t that sound kinda like date rape drugs?????? yeah tell that to stans
  • the fandom frequently brushes aside rhysand’s actions under the mountain & doesn’t acknowledge that he’s a morally gray character
  • problem #3: point out all the lgbtq+ characters in the acotar series. oh wait. you can’t. there aren’t any.
  • the fae society is an extremely heteronormative culture
  • every character has to be in a straight, white, het relationship
  • the last 50 pages of acomaf turning feyre’s sisters into fae so they could be paired up with more men 
  • does elucien make a single ounce of sense????????? 
  • no but who cares! they’re white! they’re straight! they’re mates!!!!! they were meant to be!!!!1!!!
  • as for “””diversity””” i’m pretty sure the only poc side character in acotar is tarquin who is portrayed as kind of an antagonist in acomaf (w the whole blood ruby thing)
  • i’m taking some of the sexism discourse from another post of mine, but here’s some acotar-specific explanations
  • the female fae has to cook for the male fae when they mate
  • after having sex, the male turns really possessive & territorial and can’t stand the idea of his lover around other men
  • “boys will be boys” kind of attitude
  • the male fae are toxic and abusive, but the narrative never punishes them. however, when the female villains are toxic and abusive, they’re the biggest bitches to ever exist.
  • the whole claiming thing.
  • their relationships are too focused on sex, on the physical aspect of relationships. there’s no emotion, only bad written sex with special effects. the romantic relationships are shallow, you can’t feel anything.
  • the narrative makes it look like “territorial fae bullshit” isn’t a bad thing… it’s toxic and awful. the excuse “they aren’t human” isn’t good enough for me. 
  • people call feysand goals…that’s not a good thing. 
  • sure their relationship isn’t abuse or anything by the end of acomaf but that doesn’t excuse all the shady abusive stuff rhys did to her in book one
  • all of the guy characters are a caricature of the hyper aggresive sexy “male” who simply cannot control himself since it’s in his “nature.”

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So there's a chance of my crush being told I like him and I'm not mentally prepared. Some kid found out and he's saying he's gunna tell him cause he's a jerk and does that. My friends doing her best to talk to my crush before the kid tells him but I'm still freaking out. Anytime I like someone it never ends well. Do you have any advice that can calm me down, please?

Ohhh, well this is kinda hard ; w; im not the best with this topic kdhjka
but mhmm, you could convince the kid to talk with you about it, make him see that this doesnt have anything to do with him and that he shouldnt put his nose in personal stuff like this, that please understand that this is something heavy for you and that is not okay with play around with your emotions

Other thing could be to trust your friend? I know she’ll help you on this, you two got this now  ; w;
And well, about the crush, if you know him well, know how he reacts to this kind of situations, nothing but a good talk will solve this
Talking is the key, following that, all of you will find a way to work this out

Geeee, as i said, im not the best for this qwwwq but i hope this helped a bit
Good luck with that, i hope nothing goes wrong
But remember, talking and trusting each other, being honest, all that will make stuff better ; w;//

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(monster!Vex anon again) Hi, um... *deep breath* I figured out an opening scene, and am now working on that fic. Do you have any advice about where to find a beta reader in this fandom?

oh gosh, welcome back!

and honestly i couldn’t say, since i mostly rely on friends to beta for me when i need it?

i’m sure somebody would be willing to help if you post in the tags/keep asking around, though! i’ll put this in the tag for you so if anybody else is willing to beta for you, they could leave a comment or something and you could get into contact with them? :D

(this is the really sweet anon who sent me some ideas after i lamented the lack of monster!vex perc’ahlia)

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Hello! I'm so proud of you & your journey thus far in getting fit, you're a very big inspiration for me & I really want to try & it myself. I know I'm not healthy & I'm way over weight (I weigh 220 atm) but I feel like I NEED to do this. I want to be able to love myself & I think in order to do so I need to make some changes in my life & I figured getting fit/healthy would be a good place to start. Anyways, could you give me any tips & such? I'd appreciate it very much. Keep up the good work! 😊

Hey! Good job on taking the first steps to getting healthy!

This post contains loads of links to various pieces of advice etc I’ve given out, and always feel free to track my #jamie gets fit tag for more

Hope that helps sweets 😘

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i'm gay and i'm asking a guy out on a date (which will be my first date with a guy if he says yes!!), any chance you could send me over some of those positive vibes and charming good looks to help me?

Oooooo!!!! Best of luck to you!!! You seem very kind, so you definitely deserve a nice date!! No worries if he says no, it’s no mark against who you are!!

1: Ignore every thought of them until you have convinced yourself that they were never real and any feelings you had were misplaced. Remind yourself they were never yours to begin with, therefore the feelings you have are invalid so you can justify ignoring all thoughts of them.
2: Be fucking selfish as hell. Spoil yourself, who gives a shit. Go out and buy a shirt you never thought you could wear and wear it. Don’t feel bad about leaning on people when you need help. 
3: Don’t reminisce on what could have been, they don’t deserve a second thought. You might think romanticizing your feelings are harmless daydreams but they will bite you in the ass and leave you only wanting them more. Day dream about the steamy waffles you will buy for yourself later.
4: Remind yourself you are a strong person, like them, but only better. 5: Busy yourself with other things and people. Come home at 5 a.m. wasted, remind yourself that there are other people willing to give you the fucking time of day. Take up yoga, get a hobby, invest your time in that and in the process prove you can commit to things and accomplish great tasks. 
6: Protect yourself, never let your heart find itself in this situation again. Think back and try and pinpoint all the red flags you noticed, then try and apply that knowledge to future relationships. But don’t spend too much time analyzing where things went wrong. 
7: Remind yourself of the person you were before they came into your life. You have not changed, they have not destroyed you. Put effort into returning back into that person. 
8: The most important part is to keep telling yourself that you are wanted. Do not forget that you will get through this; this is temporary just like the short happiness you shared with them. Just because they do not want you does not mean you are unloveable or unfit for relationships.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1202 // how to get over someone who was never yours // excerptsofstories 
Help Me get to LCAD!

To keep it short,I got accepted to LCAD! 

A great Art school and I’m excited to have been accepted! Yet tuition,even with a scholarship, its quite pricey! With that said it’d be grand if any of you guys could help me out! Whether it be through commissions,redbubble,or just plain donations through paypal in return for art and animations! It’ll mean alot and I’m happy to receive any amount! It all adds up in the end!

Thank you!


Commission info

I have been on testosterone for almost a year and can NO LONGER pass for my given birth marker. I need it changed, ASAP before this fucking thing rolls into action.

My commissions will be discounted once again, and i’m looking to raise 220.

This is not a joke, i am terrified out of my mind and really could use the help.

I have currently raised my goal

- everything else 5% off

Please, if you have any caring left in your heart, HELP ME.

If you’re not interested in a commission but still would like to help you can donate by contacting me and asking me for my paypal.

Schrödinger's patient.

When I was a new EMT and chatted with my jaded colleagues, only once did I hear the words Schrödinger’s patient, and when I did the conversation ended quickly. I pressed, wanting to know more, but I was firmly instructed to leave off.

I pondered it every now and again. I’d seen most every callout type. From minor fender benders, fraught roadside scenes of dismemberment or deaths on impact, and everything in between. I became jaded too. When you do the same thing, day in and day out, for long enough, even scraping brains off the pavement becomes routine.

So naturally, this call out was just like any other.

I approached the car, just as I was trained. There was a single passenger, a woman who held her hands to her face in shock.

I told her I was here to help. I opened the driver’s side door. She looked at me. I could tell she had been crying, her mascara had run and covered most of her cheeks. As I leaned over to undo the seat belt, she groaned at me. I told her what I was doing and she moaned even louder. I reassured her that other paramedics would be on their way, that she could see someone, that how she was feeling was completely normal when you’ve been in a car crash. But all she did was moan through her fingers that were gripping her face and chin.

I unlatched the seat belt. By that time more paramedics had arrived and brought a stretcher. I told her I was going to lift her out, she didn’t appear to weigh more than eighty pounds, a weight I could easily carry. I slipped my hands under her legs and back. She screamed in pain. I asked to check her neck, that she probably had whiplash, nothing more serious. I had never seen anyone so scared in my life. I said, You need to move your hands, honey. She wouldn’t move them for dear life. I soothed, everything will be okay, I just need to look at your neck, otherwise I can’t put you on the stretcher. She didn’t relent.

I should have asked one of the other paramedics to help. I pulled her hands away from her face. Her head fell and rolled side to side, the skin around her neck the only thing holding it to her body. She had an internal decapitation. I was told she wouldn’t have felt a thing as the nerves that were left were severed. But that is no consolation for me.

My colleagues have told me there was nothing I could do, that she was a Schrödinger’s patient, someone who’s alive and dead at the same time, they look and are alive, but when you interact with them, they die.

When I close my eyes at night, and all I can see is her holding her head in her hands, I wish I had never had to help Schrödinger’s patient.

Call upon cosmic familiars

Originally posted by wonderlilane

A cosmic or celestial familiar could be: stars, planets, nebulae, constellations, essentially any cosmic object you feel helps guide you. It could be anything you want, including the little Pokemon, Cosmog here.

This spell is to either help you find your familiar or strengths your bond with them. All you need is a pen, paper and clear quartz.

🌌 Write your intention on a piece of paper. Here is an invocation I use:

Creature of cosmos, 
Calling supernovae and star nurseries 
May my cosmic companion find me
Stay by my side and guide me

🌌 As you write, repeat the words in your head or allowed and continue to do so through out the night.

🌌 Wrap the paper around a clear quartz (any blue or purple crystal should suffice).

🌌 Place it outside over night under the stars, preferably on the night of a new moon.

🌌 Over night your familiar will hear the call you’ve made and reveal itself to you. This could be in a dream or a feeling you have throughout the day.  


it’d do me a massive favour if you could film what it looks like outside right now for a 3-10 minutes! i really don’t mind how long, just as long as its more than 3 minutes. i don’t mind if there’s any sound going on in the background - i will edit it out later when i turn them into a thing. i’m going to stop collecting footage on the 21st, but i need to have a lot by the 16th!

if you fancy helping, my guidelines are under the read more, but they’re pretty simple!! even if you cant film anything, please reblog to help me out! 

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You gave me pain. You gave me sorrow. You gave me tears. All of this hurt all at one time. I didn’t know how I could ever recover from that. But, the only good thing is that you were honest to me. I couldn’t be mad at you. I could only be aggravated at myself. I learned from this heartache, now I’m ready to implement my feelings in my art and show you how you helped me find out who I am. I learned that other people can make me just as happy as you use to make me. I don’t feel any negative feeling against you. Only gratitude. Some people let emotional despair be their undoing. For me, it made me stronger.
—  kajewrotethat 
When Chasing Love (NSFW 18+)

A/N: Hiii, this is like my first ever Stuart fic. I’ve technically done one with the Hoes a while back but this is my first individual one. The title of this was based off a poem by Michael Faudet that is the bases for this fic. I want to thank @writing-obrien as usual for being my biggest motivator and helper, but I’m also going to thank her for any future help she will undoubtly lend me. This is really different than I’ve written before, but it was the best way I could think to give a good perspective from all sides instead of one. I also wanted to try this style of writing out, because I do plan on writing a Styida fic at some point. I hope you guys like this and thank you all for being wonderfully beautiful people.

Warning: Public Fingering and Alcohol Abuse (Because again, they’re drunk.)

Word Count: 3847

Originally posted by prettiestcaptain

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Okay so

like two days ago I decided to color this panel of Guts on a whim

and I got this crazy idea to start up a little project to go through and color in the whole series. Tentatively, I’m calling this Berserk: Rainbow Age Project. It’s an ambitious project, but its still tangible. With how I want to schedule it, I could probably see myself getting out two or three pages a week. And if anyone volunteers to help out maybe more. Still though, it’s up in the air for now, so what I want to ask is. What do you guys think?

I’m open to any feedback, so let me know if this is a good idea or if I should change the name or anything.

Let Me Help

Word count: 965

Warning: smut, blowjob, some fluff

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Summary: Sam is feeling embarrassed and frustrated so Y/N helps him out.

A/N: Sorry it’s short but it does go in to quite a bit of detail for what it is.

“For fuck’s sake!” Sam yelled from across the table, slamming his laptop closed and hitting his fist off of the table. You could see that your boyfriend was stressed out and you knew why; both of you were struggling to find any lore that would help you with your case, even though you had been looking for at least 3 hours now.

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Let’s Make Sure Our Show Gets Renewed!

My lovely Pitch fangirls, 

We know there’s been talk about Pitch not returning for season two, and I, for one, cannot stand the thought. Let’s organize some events to show the showrunners how much we love our show and to spread the word about how awesome it is so we can get more viewers onboard. I’d like to organize:

- Twitter campaigns (a big priority since we know how powerful it can be)

- Voting parties

- The first(?) Bawson Week

- A viewing party

Would y’all be interested in participating? Any input, tweet, fic, or vote, big or small, will help. Also, I could use some help organizing so if you’re interested in that, let me know by replies, in the reblog, chat, etc. 

Reblog to get the word out! 

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Is there any way we can help on the soundtrack/music for the animations? I've got some amount of skill for music and would love to compose something for the animation :)

Letting many people to create music for Underverse would be great, because I’d like to show their music skills with my work. I’d be a huge honor for me you guys can show your work through my art. But I think this could get out of control and maybe delay each episode.

I thought about people could create some character’s themes and I could use them, but it still being kinda hard to handle.

Actually I don’t know how to answer this question. Anyway, If you’re really determined to create a theme or soundtrack, feel free to do it. But I can’t assure if I can use it, because I’m planning the events for the future episodes right now. That’s why I feel a bit insecure about this topic.