if any of these are your photos let me know and i'll credit you

anonymous asked:

hi so i love your editing style! can you please do a tutorial on how you edit your screenshots? They're beautiful and vintage and everything about them is yes

I feared for the day I would receive an ask like this lmao my editing process is a complete mess! Also, the credit isn’t entirely mine, since @daniparadise​ made the action I use.

I wanna state here that I’m a complete noob for what it comes to photo editing and most of what I do I ended up learning by mixing things and messing up with ps, so probably there’s an easy/better way to do what I do skpskspok idk I’m just. Very ashamed bc it’s a real mess. Also, I’m no that good in english (at least, not to the point of doing tutorials), so yeah. I tried my best, though ;; I hope it helps.

Resources (and many credits to):

  • Photoshop CS6
  • daniparadise​
  • GraphicBurger

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Hi, Lotte here! For 400 followers milestone; i’ll be doing Blog Compliments with a twist. I want to know my followers a little better. The rules and format will be under the cut so that this post doesn’t take up too much space. Hopefully, you’ll enter!

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Haikyuu!! Christmas!

Hey, guys! So if you’ve been with me for Haikyuu Halloween, then you should know how this works! For those who missed our very special Haikyuu Halloween, Haikyuu Christmas is a small project I decided to do where artists, authors, and edit-makers submit a creative piece of work related to Christmas! Same rules and basic things as last time, just Christmas-themed.

Project will likely serve as a Christmas present for everyone who might have a shitty Christmas.

Starting now, all artists and writers can start creating their own piece for Haikyuu Christmas. No applications necessary! Just make what you want, but there are some rules, so that nothing gets too out of control.

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