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Lauren and Cesar should serve as SM goals for the entire cast and crew of Outlander. They share, keep fans interested and don't give away spoilers. Most importantly, they don't cause any drama either.

YEAH someone hire them as social media managers for OL. 

Parts 1-4 Overwatch Mains

I’m waiting for a comp game, so here I am. :)

P.s. I know that this game was not in existence in any of their timelines but shhhh we can pretend…lmao

Phantom Blood

Jonathan - He loves Ana and wishes she was real so he could shake her hand.

Speedwagon - He often plays Junkrat, but only when Jonathan’s playing Roadhog. Other than that he plays pretty much everyone.

Dio - Though people would assume he was a Reaper main, he’s actually a Mei main. He loves watching the fear in peoples eyes after he freezes them, and takes the final headshot.

Erina - Mercy main for sure. 

Battle Tendency

Joseph - Tracer main. He loves annoying the SHIT out of the enemy team.

Cesar - He likes moving people off a ledge as Orisa, thus, he plays her constantly. 

Stroheim - He plays a lot of Reinhardt, mainly to prove German engineering is best.

Stardust Crusaders

Jotatro - He mains Soldier 76, he’s a simple man, but he secretly has fun.

Kakyoin - He has way too much fun playing Pharah.

Polnereff - Widowmaker is his go-to character, even on attack, cos he’s that guy. He’s a surprisingly good shot though.

Avdol - He doesn’t play often, but when he does he likes to play Hanzo.

Hol Horse - He’s a McCree main. He’s also believe the character is based off him and is considering suing Blizzard.

Diamond Is Unbreakable

Josuke - Dv.a is too fun for him. He often spams “Is this easy mode?” or “;)”.

Koichi - Lucio comin at you! Mainly because Josuke and Oku refuse to go support, but he still has fun.

Okuyasu - Winston is his boy. He loves him to death, cos gorillas are cool man.

Rohan - He really likes Sombra. He doesn’t know why. He just does.


Oh, The Struggle

Bucky x Reader (AU)

A/N: I love the ending of this part. It’s so cute ;) IF YOU’VE SEEN SEB IN THE GREY SWEATER THAT’S HOW I’VE IMAGINED HIM!!!

Sorry for any typos. I proof read it but still… I crave for any feedback, gimme feedback! (and love me please) my ask box is open. You can drop your requests (if you have any, i’ll TRY to fulfill them).

Also, the whole thing is in Bucky’s POV because i forgot that Part one was in the Reader’s POV and then I was too lazy to change it.  

Let me know if you wanna be tagged in my stories from henceforth.  

Word Count: 3747 (fuck it’s long) | Rating: G

Warning: None just fluff

Part 1  

Masterlist here

Bucky’s POV

First thought Bucky had when he woke up this morning was how boring it would be to work alone at the restaurant today, throwing phoney smiles at everyone but you. And now it will just be him and Ally working their shifts, both of them not even bothering to greet each other good morning.

But that was not his problem. He was going to miss you like hell. Not like you guys won’t meet ever again. But he’ll miss all those little things you both did together. Humming any made up song while he washed the dishes, and you dried them. Or when he’d give you your tip when you’d forget to collect it from your table. Or his advice to make the Cesare salad, the Sneezer salad, whenever a customer was rude to you. It was just an open, but disgusting option, you’d taken that advice one time, and Bucky did everything to make you not regret it.

He was secretive about how he felt on your resignation last night, but didn’t say anything to hold you back. That would’ve been selfish.

So instead he took you out for a walk. Bucky decided it was more like a date, because if he never stands a chance with you, he’d at least like to think he took you out for ‘dinner’, so what if it was a sandwich out of a food truck?

A date is a date, as long as both the parties enjoy it. And you clearly did.

There was something he kept from you, though because he wanted to see you again. So he didn’t tell you what he should have, right away when you left the job. It was nothing sort of a secret, more like an excuse to meet you.

During the whole day at work he thought you’d be mad at him for not telling you sooner because he did have a whole hour and a half last night, and a whole fucking day today. But he kept fiddling with his mind.

He was just finished with washing the last dish and wiped his hands on the white rug on his shoulder when he realized he had wasted a lot of time and finally decided to call you.

You picked up just at the second ring, not like you were busy being jobless.

“Hello!” you chimed.

Bucky chuckled before a “hey”

“Bucky?” Bucky could imagine you smiling. “Miss me already? I know how boring it would be at work without me.”

“Yeah, no you’re not wrong. No one’s helping me dry off the dishes. I’m on my own.” He said.

“Aw, Amber’s not helping ya?”

“Is that what her name is? Damn, I kept calling her Ally. Now I know why she didn’t reply whenever I called her out.” He shook his head laughing at his own mistake and you did too.

“Anyway, I was wondering if you’re free right now. Maybe we could grab a cup of coffee? I’ll be off my shift right now.” Bucky asks and waits for you to answer.

“Well, I may have to check my diary, whether I have something productive to do and…” you pause giggling. “Nope. Being out of job kinda leaves you sulking on the couch eating all the left overs, while your roommate goes to her job.” You said with a heavy sigh.

“Aw that is so rude of her.” Bucky jokes, playing along with you, both of you laughing.

“Alright where do you wanna meet?”

“You know that small café ‘Sweetbrew’?” he asks and you hum.

“Okay meet you there in ten minutes.”

You reach the café five minutes late. Shrugging the snow off your coat and shoving the umbrella in the bucket near the entrance you look all over the café and find Bucky sitting in the corner. He waves at you when he acknowledges your appearance and you walk over to the small set of table and chair. It was a cosy corner, attached to the window, just how you like it and maybe just how Bucky likes it, too.

You quickly pull out your coat, the warmth inside the café doesn’t allow you keep it wrapped around yourself. Bucky stands up to hug you and you return the gesture back. You both sit in your places.

He already had his drink in front of him, a steaming hot cup of black coffee. He calls the waitress and you give her your order, hot chocolate because you were in the mood.



“What did you do the whole day?” Bucky asks with a smirk.

“Something new. Searched for new jobs, started decorating the apartment it looks all Christmas-y, cleaned up the place dust free. And took a nap.” You tell him. The waitress come with your hot chocolate and you thank her.

“Any luck on finding a new job?”


“So you’re not going home for Christmas, then?”

“Yep,” you snorted at your one word answers and take a sip before continuing, “Can’t go home with a bad news, right? I won’t ever hear the end of it from my mom.”

“I can understand, which is why I called you today.” He says hiding his smile behind his cup.

You eye him, lips on the rim of your own cup, looking confused and Bucky thought how cute you looked in that moment with an eyebrow perked up.

“Okay, I have a friend who is a restaurant biz head hunter,” he speaks putting his cup down and you listen to him intently. “I bet he might have a job just for you. Like you want.”

You were taken aback, your eyebrows shooting up to your hairline and smile so wide it almost hurt your cheekbones.

“Really?” you breathed and the amount of excitement you showed was what Bucky bet all his lucky stars on. You were practically beaming, your hands awkwardly in the air the moment you put your cup down, trying to think – do something, squeal, cover your mouth just so you could muffle your excitement. You push your hair away from your face and grin like it could not have been the most exciting news so far. Bucky was so happy, he could have kissed you.

“Yeah, Y/N. But I’m sorry for not telling you this before. I guess it just slipped off my mind.” Bucky easily lied, not like it was the biggest lie he’d ever told. It was harmless.

“I- I don’t care. What matters, is that you told me.” You get up and lunge forward and hug him like he saved you from a roomful of annoying people staring at you and asking why you don’t have a job. “But you could’ve told me a little bit earlier I would not have bought the Christmas tree for my apartment.”

Bucky laughs, but his breath hitches a little bit as your nose nuzzles in the crook of his neck. You realize this soon and pull away biting down on your bottom lip. All the more of a reason for Bucky to pull you by your chin and kiss you right then and there.

“Thanks Bucky. You really made my day, or night, whatever.” You said shyly as you reach out for his hand. As if it was an instinct he kept his other hand on yours smiling at you warmly.

“Okay, so when do you want to meet him?” he asks you and pulls out his phone.

“As soon as possible? Or whenever your friend is free?” You grin, not being able to shake the smile off.

He nods and then quickly types out a text, you assume, to his friend. You both wait for a reply and continue drinking you lukewarm coffee.

A few minutes later Bucky’s phone lit up with a new notification and he smiles looking at the message.

“You’ve just got a job interview. Y/N be here tomorrow, sharp at 11am.” He beams.

“Yes! Thank you so much!” you gush.

You were so happy. You never thought you’d get a job right after you quit one. And if things went right tomorrow, you’d be a woman with a job again. Possibly the one you’ve wanted for such a long time.

“Can you do me another favour? Will you be here with me, tomorrow?” you ask pouting cutely at Bucky. That only grew his smile wider.

“Of course I will. It’s a Sunday and I have an off. Plus you don’t know Steve so I’ll have to guide you.” Bucky said with a one shoulder shrug.

“So his name is Steve?” you ask.

“Steve Rogers. He’s my best friend, we were roommates in college. He lives in New York, too. He always has a lot of restaurants that just need people for hiring. And I can bet he’ll have something really cool for you up his sleeve.” He tells you some things more about his best friend and you keep listening to him. Apparently Steve is a very successful in his business, he also owns a few restaurants in New York which you find very interesting.

By the end of your meet, you’re very excited for tomorrow. Bucky tells you to get a goodnight’s sleep and warns you not to let your adrenaline to get the best of you. But you can’t help the giddiness as you keep thanking Bucky.

“It’s nothing Y/N. That’s what friends are for, right?” Bucky throws a smirk at you before you bid each other goodnight and walk in the direction of your apartments.

As soon as you reach home, you practically start jumping and screaming like a teenager who’d just got a date with your crush. Not even noticing when your roommate was back home.

“Where were you? What’s got you all screeching?” Natasha asks you, and takes a swing from her beer as she eyes you.

“Oh, my God! You’re home. Nat, guess what?” You smirk at her plopping down on the sofa next to her.

“What?” She asks muting the TV.

“Oh, my God, you’ll never guess what just happened!”

Nat rolls her eyes, you were getting nowhere with all the guess and gushing.

“Y/N, I can’t. That’s why I asked, ‘what’.” Nat scoffed.

“So I was with Bucky-” you began.

“Oh, the really cute guy you used to work with?” Nat asks remembering.

“Yes and his friend might have a job for me. I got an interview tomorrow!” You tell her and her smile widens mirroring yours.

“Oh, that is good news. That is great news! Wow, I’m really happy for you, Y/N!” she leans forward to pull you into a hug.

“I know,” you mutter, still grinning like an idiot.

You both have a small celebration with beer as Nat gives a silly toast.

“Nat, I haven’t gotten the job yet,” You roll your eyes playfully.

“So? This is something good, right?” Nat shrugs gulping down the rest of her beer and reaching for another one, maybe it’s her fourth one.

“Okay, enough of that,” She frowns when you pull away the bottle from her hand. “Don’t pout. I’ll cook your favourite food tonight.”

You get up with the empty bottles heading towards the kitchen.

“I love you,” She gives you an air kiss and you return it, chuckling lightly.

“Love you, too.”

Next day around 10.45am, you were there at the café, waiting for Bucky and his friend to come. You were nervous, you didn’t know what to expect from this Steve guy, or what did he expect from you. You had given some interviews before, but you don’t know why this would be different. Bucky had told you, Steve was a pretty cool guy, he wasn’t someone with a serious bossy persona. You were trying to settle your nerves down, hell that’s why you were here in the café fifteen minutes earlier. You breathed, in and out, in and out. Being at the café earlier, you also order your favourite coffee, which also helped you to calm down.

The doorbells jingle, signalling the entrance of new people. And you recognized one of them. Bucky waved at your direction and you returned, standing up.

Behind him, was an equally tall man, blond hair, eyes hid behind a pair of reflectors. The man, you probably thought as Steve Rogers, walked with such style, it impossible to not to be impressed by just his walk. Bucky whispered something to him, and he smiled, nodding his head and spoke back to Bucky.

“Hey, Y/N” Bucky greeted and hugged you. “Meet Steve Rogers. Steve this is Y/N Y/L/N. Y/N, Steve”

Bucky did a little hand gesture between you and Steve. You shook his hand, which he had extended forward. He no longer had his sunglasses on, so you could see his baby blue eyes. And God, this man had an award winning smile.

“Hi, nice to meet you, Y/N” he spoke for the first time.

“You too, Mr. Rogers.” You grin.

“It’s Steve, please.” He said politely, “Mr. Rogers makes me sound like some Captain in the army, or something.” He laughs.

The three of you settle down, the waitress takes Steve and Bucky’s orders.

After a few minutes of chatting Steve says to you,

“Okay, Y/N. Let’s get to the point. Don’t get me wrong, I was having fun talking to you. But that’s not what we’re here for. So tell me about your experience.” Steve casually lifted the conversation, not sounding rude or anything of that sort. And you were more than glad to be able to start talking about your talent.

But the problem was you didn’t know how to start. You have to say something without wasting time because Steve clearly looks like a man who doesn’t like wastage of his time. Hell he probably has more important things to take care of.

“Technically, I haven’t worked as a cook or chef. But if you want to know how I started -”

“Yes I do!” Steve pushed you enthusiastically. Well, his smile was a real motivation.

You look at Bucky who just sat back enjoying his black coffee and was smirking at you. This has rather turned out to be a friendly interview.

“Okay, uh… where do I start.” You paused for a second or two to think what you’re gonna say, “Well, after I graduated from college, I worked with my uncle, he runs a diner back in my town. And we both used to throw barbeque parties every month at home. Then I came to city, worked as a waitress at a few places because there was no scope.” Steve kept on nodding while you told him about you little experience in the kitchen.

For the first time in life you thought you were not rambling bullshit because Bucky and Steve were actually listening to you, taking interest that none of your previous bosses did. Bucky looked astonished whenever you told him something new, with a look of ‘is that so?’ or ‘wow!’. Well Steve, he looked impressed that’s all you could consider from his facial expressions.

“Last year, I decided to look into catering business, which was a success. Many of them being wedding, and also parties – all types of parties. Birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, you name it!” You babbled.

You guys assumed you were going to stay at the café for a little longer time, so Bucky suggested you guys to get something to eat, said something about missing breakfast. And he sounded so grumpy and cute. All of you order something to eat.  

“Why did you stop the catering business, then?” Steve asks once your food came.

“Well, I’m not into business, Steve. That’s not my forte. Plus handling all the finances was quite difficult because I was working alone. It was good money, but tiring. So now, I just quit another job because the owner was, excuse my language, an asshole.”

“True that,” Bucky piped in at Steve and he laughed throwing his head back.

“Bucky’s told me that,” Steve said recovering from his laugh. “So, you do have experience. And I’d like to give you a chance.”

You nod at him a smile creeping its way on your lips. You were alternating your gaze between Bucky and Steve. Holing your eyes longer on Bucky, he winks at you, biting his bottom lip and you internally shake your head, averting your attention from him to Steve.  

“Come to this address on Monday, which is tomorrow. 9am sharp.” Steve slides a card to you and you gladly take it. “I’ll be there, you will cook something you’re special in, for me and that’s it.”

The longer you gape at the card and the name of the restaurant, the more familiar it gets to you. Your eyes suddenly widen as you realize. In your hand you held the fifth most popular restaurant in New York, The Walnut Café. Your head shoots up and you gasp, “Steve is this…?”

And he nods. Enough confirmation that you needed.

“Told you, he’d have something really cool up his sleeve for you.” Bucky smirks, taking a bite of his cannoli.

“Thank you… so much!” you exclaimed. “Would be inappropriate to give you a hug? I’m sorry if that’s unprofessional. I just- I am absolutely thrilled.” you ask Steve and to your relief he shakes his head.

You both get up and he hugs you, congratulating you. And you cannot stop saying thank you. To both, Steve and Bucky.

A few moments of talking and gushing about the restaurant, you get up excusing yourself to go to the restroom.

“She looks happy,” Bucky said looking at you walk away.

“And she seems great too. So you two together or something?” Steve asks and Bucky nearly chokes on his refilled coffee.

“N- No.”

That was enough of an answer for Steve.

“So I can ask her out?” Steve perks an eyebrow up.

“NO!” Bucky repeats shouting, earning a few glances from people around. He quickly apologies and whispers, “I mean no. Because well uh…”

Bucky searches for a lie but his mind is so clouded with the thought of his best friend asking you out and you saying yes, for obvious reasons. You’re beautiful and Steve is handsome. There’s hardly any chance you’ll say no to him.

“Because, Y/N just got out of a very serious relationship.” Bucky said, lying easily. “Yeah, she was mess. I shouldn’t tell you, because you hardly know her, but… she and her boyfriend were pretty tight. Unfortunately he- he left her.” He was stammering, rambling lies upon lies and Steve internally smirked seeing straight through his lies.

“And anyway, you don’t even know her.” Bucky scoffs.

“So? If I take her out, I’ll get to know her right?” Steve tried to contain his giggles.

“But I don’t think she’s ready to date. You know, she just got out of a relationship. Just told you Steve. Aren’t you listening to me?” Bucky said shifting awkwardly in his seat.

Steve couldn’t hold his laugh in anymore. So he gave up, throwing his head back in laughter.

“How long have I know you Buck?” Steve asked.

“Since college Steve.” Bucky dead-panned.

“Yeah, which is long enough for me to tell when you’re lying.” Steve said with a lopsided grin.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about…” Bucky trails off.

“C’mon, Buck. I could tell that you like her just by the way you were looking at her.” Steve said.

Bucky blushes, hard lowering his head so that Steve couldn’t see the pink hue spread all over the apples of his cheek.

“It’s a wonder that you’ve known her for so long and still haven’t asked her out.” Steve pipes.

“She’s lot more different that the girls I used to date. I don’t think I stand a chance.” Bucky said in defeat.

“How do you know that? Have you ever tried?”

“No but-”

“Then try, or else I will.”

Steve challenge sets Bucky off the edge, as he frowns at him.

“I’m just kidding.” Steve said putting his hands up in defence.

You return back to your table chatted for a while and soon you guys were leaving, first it was Steve. He reminded you again to come tomorrow. You don’t need a reminder but still nod and thank him for his time.

You and Bucky stand outside the café, on the side walk. Something seemed off with Bucky. You noticed that ever since you came back from the restroom.

“Anything wrong, Buck?” you ask carefully, raising your hand to hold his arm.

“Nothing” He breaths out, heavily, pretending to kick a rock, his head down.

“Okay… hey what are you doing tonight?”

Bucky’s head shoots up and he looks at you as if you’ve grown a second head. He was just thinking to ask you the same question, finally having decided to take Steve’s advice. And you took the words straight out of his mouth.

You give him a questioned look.


“C’mon a movie and dinner. As a thank you, Bucky.” You roll your eyes smiling lazily at him.

“You should be thanking Steve, not me.” Bucky shrugs stuffing his hands in his pocket.

You couldn’t stop admiring this guy, with a cute smile, painted on his soft pink lips, amazing, ‘could-get-lost-in-them’ blue eyes, and that damned grey sweater paired with jeans. Bucky looked like a fucking model. And here you were asking him out indirectly and he’s telling you to go out with your future boss?

“I can’t take Steve out! He’s gonna be my boss!” You laughed. “I’m asking you.”

“You mean, you’re asking me out?” Bucky asks amused.

You only nod.

“Shouldn’t it be the other way round?”

“It doesn’t matter who asks whom.” You said as if it was so obvious. And it was. Why should boys always take the initiative?

“So you are asking me out?”

“Oh, my God, yes!” you grin. “And you’re taking way much more time to answer.”

Bucky realizes that and quickly yelps, “Yes of course I’ll go. Movie and Dinner. Uh, is 5 o’clock okay?”

“It’s perfect!”


You pull him in a hug, unexpectedly and kiss him on the cheek. Bucky’s eyes widen as he contains his grin and tries to control his blushing.

God, what’s wrong with me? He thought, mentally kicking himself.

“Bye, see you soon then” you whispered in his ear.

He nods, gulping. Not saying anything because he was too shy.

Well, he doesn’t have to say anything. He’s a happy man. He’s got a date with you.

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how exactly does damon consume elena? like the show always say it but how? why doesnt stefan consume her?

Haha, I actually talk about this a lot and I have so many different posts on it. I have no problem going through it again and for those who follow my blog, I will try to at least switch up my examples.

OK here is the thing about the show and delena and consuming love. I honestly believe that the show doesn’t know what consuming love is and I believe this not just because we don’t see how Damon consumes Elena, but because Elena keeps saying it like it’s something that you want for yourself. No one actually wants a consuming love. The actual definition of to ‘consume’ is to destroy, to use up. To be consumed by someone is to love them so much that you hate them, you hate them for making you feel this way, for making you feel like you don’t belong to yourself, consuming love makes you irrational and obsessive and possessive and it tears you apart but you can’t stop because the intensity is overwhelming and there’s no alternative, absolutely none.

And shows portray this type of relationship wonderfully:

But Delena isn’t any of this and I don’t just mean that they’re lacking in the angst, they’re lacking in the intensity, they’re lacking in the chemistry needed to make a consuming love work. Elena doesn’t have a personality when she’s with Damon because the writers wanted to avoid the type of intensity you see in the above gifs; consuming love requires conflict and inner turmoil and the sense that you’re going crazy but you just can’t stop, you just can’t walk away. But what the writers did with Elena, she forgives Damon everything and anything, she only thinks about being with Damon and his well-being because they didn’t want a consuming love, they didn’t want conflict, they just wanted Elena to be with Damon no questions asked, they just wanted her to be his symbol.

Now with Stefan and Elena, their relationship is healthy, their love is selfless and it enhances the goodness that is already in their lives, it doesn’t overwhelm it to the point that they’re the only two people in their world, that is why their love isn’t a consuming one. Yet at the same time, they went through their consuming phase in season 3.

Elena is so hellbent on finding Stefan

that everyone around her thinks that it’s naive and it’s irrational

and Stefan isn’t supposed to have any contact with Elena, he wants her to move on, he wants her to be happy, he wants her to be safe and yet he can’t help but call her even though he knows he isn’t good for her, even though he knows she can’t go looking for him:

And while his love for her is actually a source of goodness and purity for him to the point that he can fight his demons because he loves her that much, he can actually do the impossible and resist an Original’s compulsion:

Elena’s love for Stefan actually puts her in danger, there’s consequences to it:

And yet that does nothing to stop Elena from risking her life again by falling off the bleachers:

she brings back Lexi to help Stefan break through his non-humanity:

and she realizes again and again that she’s become obsessed with getting Stefan back and she reprimands herself, she makes grand claims of moving on:

and Stefan has hurt her:

Damon is in the mix now:

And again, Stefan knows all of this, Stefan knows that he’s been terrible to her, he sees Damon getting closer, he knows he’s not in the right place to be anywhere near Elena so he keeps his distance but then a moment comes along and neither of them can help themselves:

and Elena is there like:

And Stefan is messed up, he can’t be around her because of the self-hatred and the guilt and the timing:

So he leaves her again, he has to:

But then we circle back in a few episodes later and it’s this:

So yeah, it can be said that in season 3 Stefan did consume Elena but it’s Stefan and it’s Stelena so you see them work their way out of that toxicity and back to a healthy relationship and they know much more about each other, about how badly they can wound one another but how loyal they are to each other. How in all the world is Delena ever going to compete with any of this? They can’t. 

*absolutely none of these gifs are mine*

Salinger had spent the night being absolutely, without a doubt convinced he’d ruined everything. Colt and Cesar were fighting and it was on him, really. It was probably a selfish way of thinking, that he could have any kind of impact on anything that important, but he had the belief nonetheless. He was tempted to gather the few things he’d managed to collect from Cesar’s place, erase himself for good.

But instead he was doing what he did best, sitting on the roof garden smoking. The flowers were starting to bud. Avocado, who was no longer puppy sized and still had room to grow, looked like she wanted to eat them. “Aye, non, mon chiot. Arrêtez.

He heard the elevator doors open and stiffened, turning to look at who was approaching. 

so every portrayal of Cesare and Lucrezia that I’ve seen, whatever the take on their relationship, involves that relationship falling apart in the end and the two of them turning on each other

(the Borgias’ cancellation prevented the swerve in 3x09 and 3x10 from going anywhere, but it was certainly planned)

like, you’d think this was some common element in the history they’re all drawing from, except

that never happened

citations below the cut ;)

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any wanted connections for a harry styles fc? xx

members, if you want any connection with harry styles please reply to this. i could see him filling one of the following

  • ( nicolette cunningham ), the ( emma watson ) fc would like ( three siblings (brothers can be any age, sisters must be younger. surname would different to nicolette’s due to her being married ) with ( any fcs ). the mun ( doesn’t require ) you to contact them before applying.
  • ( gisèle de france ), the ( alicia vikander ) fc would like a ( 2 cousins ) with ( fcs up to player ). the mun ( requires ) you to contact them before applying
  • ( celaena geirsdottir & cesare borgia ), the ( dove cameron & jack gilinsky ) fcs would like a ( third for a poly relationship ) with ( any male fc ). the mun ( requires ) you to contact them before applying.
  • ( celaena geirsdottir ), the ( dove cameron ) fc would like a ( former fiancé ) with ( any male fc ). the mun ( requires ) you to contact them before applying.

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okAY SO i just finished cesare's biography by sarah bradford and imo he and lucrezia did seem pretty close, so i'm just wondering, do you think that they were actually incestious?

nightly 2000 word baseless history extrapolations here i come


the interesting thing in regards to the depiction of the borgias in popular italian rhetoric during the time - and im not saying that it isn’t true; they were incredibly debaucherous and incredibly open with sexuality and the banquet of the chestnuts most DEFINITELY HAPPENED - is that a lot of it echoes what the romans wrote about their emperors. the romans pretty much (and im thinking especially of suetonius’ twelve caesars here) had two models that they wrote to, in regards to rulers - the debauched tyrant, and the good philosopher king. caligula was the former, augustus the latter. the characteristics of the bad tyrant are as follows:

  • corruption (check for the borgias; bought the papacy)
  • extravagance (see chezza’s finery on leaving rome and lucrezia’s dowries)
  • cruelty (especially raised with regards to cesare)
  • sexual promiscuity (cesare/rodrigo/lucrezia/juan/ any of them)
  • barbarity (H U G E, we’ll get to that later)
  • and oh, yeah
  • incest.

and this is the kind of rhetoric you have to understand - was still very very very much a huge influence on political thought and writings, up to this period and beyond. the rome that the borgias lived in was a rome that still walked side by side with its history - orphans lived in the ancient bath-houses, christians worshiped their god in the pantheon, and one time when a greek writer visited rome in the 15th century, he commented that there was a piece of antiquity in every alleyway and streetcorner - how you could find phidiases (the dude who sculpted athena on the front lines which stood in the athenian acropolis) and lysippuses (the only man alexander would allow to carve his likeness; the only contemporary bust of alexander’s was from him) in private houses and galleries. tangential takeaway: the rhetoric of old rome was still incredibly INCREDIBLY influential, and likely coloured a lot of the rumours that got passed around about this family.

another thing you want to keep in mind when talking about this issue is that the borgias were very much a nouveau riche family with regards to gaining power in italy. they were second-generation italians and spaniards first and foremost - up until cesare’s death, all family business was still conducted in catalan. they were a family entering into an entire network of interwoven italian nobility forged over centuries of marriage and progeny, they made and broke contracts as they saw fit, they had no obligation to ANY OF THEM, and that made italians very, very nervous. so they were essentially living in a city that hated them - the orsini and colonna, incredibly powerful roman nobility, lived in the same city as them and were obliged to do their bidding; they couldn’t rebel openly, but it’s interesting to note that a lot of the accusations of incest came from people who had political power to be gained from tarnishing the borgia name: giovanni sforza (forced to admit impotence in order for lucrezia to divorce him and subsequently humiliated) the colonna and orsini who resented borgia power, savanarola at one point mentioned this (and of course, he and his faction were very very anti-papacy at this point, and the papacy was very anti-savanarola), ludovico sforza i think did this as well (and then of course rodrigo let the french invade milan and oust him from power) etc etc. i’m always baffled by people who go ahead and write this into their books without considering the fact that a lot of the incest rumours were politically driven? like, one roman dude wrote that lucrezia was wife, daughter and daughter-in-law to the pope, but would you really give credance to what is pretty much tabloid newspaper fare? 

so to answer your question - no. i don’t think there was ever real, physical incest involved in this family, between lucrezia and rodrigo or lucrezia and cesare. i think they were very very close - unhealthily so, you might even argue; it’s a very codependent relationship - and i think that closeness came from the fact that lucrezia and cesare were both members of a family that was insulated from the outside, that lived in their own bubble of isolationism, who were taught from birth that they were spanish, first and foremost, that the family was important than anything else. lucrezia’s overwhelming loyalty throughout her entire life - even during those last few frantic months of cesare’s life, when she was still trying to negotiate some kind of army for him - was to her family, but mostly to her brother, even after he murdered the man she loved. out of all of them, lucrezia loved the easiest and loved the most, but she was also completely unflinching in her loyalty; husbands come and go, but her allegiance to herself, to her father and to her brother and to the house of borgia - that wasn’t something that changed, even once in her life. her grief over cesare’s death was overwhelming, and it’s that, i think, that made her far more religious in old age than she ever as in her youth. for cesare, similarly - lucrezia was the only woman he ever respected, let alone loved. he’s… i’m hesitant to say that he was a sociopath, but in terms of intimate relationships - he’s never shown a capacity for loving anyone except her, not even his father. even that relationship soured towards the end and it’s very obvious that he was in a lot of ways placing duress on rodrigo. certainly his love for lucrezia never hindered his love for power, but you should also keep in mind that, for a man who was convinced he was going to die at the age of alexander and wanted to be ‘caesar or nothing’, he turned an entire army around to go make her laugh while she was sick. that might not seem like much, for anyone else; but for him? for someone who felt the call of power and the pressure of time as keenly as he did, who knew that fortuna could turn at a moment’s notice - well.

so no, i don’t think there was physical incest, but emotionally they were the center of each other’s lives. emotionally, they were completely incapable of loving anyone the way they loved each other. it might not be incestuous, but that shit is aristotelian as fuck.

pantheon reconciliation issues

Augustus: Yo Gallus… as thanks for your support against Antony and Cleopatra, I’d like you to be prefect of Egypt.

Gaius Cornelius Gallus: Awww yisss! Thanks, sir.

Augustus: So, you know, take some legions, march in there, take control of the administration, suppress any insurrections, build some monuments in my likeness. The usual.

Gallus: Of course. But how should I deal with the local religion? It is said that the pharaoh mediates between their gods and the people. You know how people can get touchy about those things.

Augustus: Just tell them I’m the new pharaoh now and we Romans worship the same gods, anyways, so everything will be chill. Refer to book II of Herodotus’ Histories. The parallels between the Greek and Egyptian pantheons are all in there.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Later, in Alexandria… ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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          HE HATES PARTIES, BUT it doesn’t mean he won’t go to them. any opportunity that grants free booze and the possibility of getting a piece of ass is an opportunity he can get behind.     (     as PATHETIC as that sounds.     )     so there he is, cesar portillo, playboy punk extraordinaire, lounging on a couch as the get-together thrives. his eyes ghost over a killer figure. one that makes him wet his lips and point his bottle at her.

               hey, hey you ! pretty girl, come sit with me. i wanna talk to you.          he offers a boyish grin, knowing if she takes offense, he can just blame it on the henny.

another highlight from Sarah Bradford's Cesare biography

Burchard returned home one day to find his house requisitioned by some French noblemen, whose mules were eating up his hay, on the 8th he recorded: ‘Even the house of Donna Vanozza Cattanei, the mother of Cardinal Cesare Borgia, did not escape being pillaged’

on 1 April a number of Swiss in the piazza of St Peter’s were attacked by 2000 Spaniards who killed twenty-four of them and manhandled the rest. Burchard reported: ‘Some said afterwards that all these violent acts were ordered by Cardinal Valentino against the Swiss for revenge, because Swiss soldiers in the service of France, with violence and without any cause, had sacked and plundered the house of his mother

When you watch “el club de los incomprendidos” and you dislike all the tropes from start to finish.
That is not love nor romantic, folks.
I wonder if the book is any different.

Raul was friends with bullies, isolates her, lies to her, cheats on her. In other words has an abusive behaviour. And her mom all the time like “he is cute”. So what?
César forces her to give her number, trespass a property, leaves an injured friend on the road.
Have both as only candidates, have them fight. Had them in a mixed triangle: Valeria / Raul / Cesar vs Raul and Eli…
Where is the originallity there? On the other hand Bruno, Meri and Esther plot sounded more interesting to me but is hardly explored or developed. And finally Esther says yes to Bruno basically to avoid Meri, when it was so obvious that Meri was into her from the start… honestly, a character that is not explored at all, if lgbt representation is going to be just a trope like that I rather they don’t have them in those “romantic” movies.

The only kudos I can give is that they step forward to defend Bruno from the bullies, but Raul did it just to impress Valeria, and so did Eli to impress Raul.

The weirdest part is that a romantic and young adult writer friend loved that movie. I’m still trying to find what was the healthily romantic story there.

Seriously why folks follow those abusive models sold as “romantic” instead of learn from them?

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Hey lovely People, are there any pics where Charles is a rent boy?

Hi Anon! The series Light Virtue by cygnaut [Cherik, NC-17, Prostitution] is an excellent place to start!

In which Charles is a prostitute, Erik is a nazi hunter, and there is a lot of sex and violence.

And here are a few more you should definitely check out:

Do you have any other skills? (Lke typing?) by cm (mumblemutter)  [Cherik, PG-13, Prostitution]

Charles and Erik make a good team, it turns out. It just takes them a while to get there. 

Between the lines by seratonation  [Cherik, PG-13, Prostitution, Child Abuse]

Erik finds a kid waiting on the street, and just wants to help him out.

Paint by Cesare  [Cherik, R, Prostitution]

It’s a miserable night to be out on the streets. Of course he’s shivering in an alcove in a disreputable alley; of course he’s painted his mouth to draw the eye to what’s likely his livelihood.

To Be Anywhere Else by helen78 [Cherik, Sebastian Shaw/Charles Xavier, NC-17, Noncon,  Prostitution, Bloodplay]

Charles wakes up drugged, with Erik’s boss demanding tribute. He gets it, even though Charles doesn’t want to give it to him.


Thank you for those who reminded me of the amazing We Met at the Park by StarRose [Cherik, NC-17, Prostitution] !

AU, no powers, based on McAvoy’s performance as Martin in Murder In Mind.
Unable to sleep one night Erik takes a midnight walk in the local park. He finds himself being followed and propositioned by a rent boy named Charles, and begins to fall rather rapidly for his charms. Charles however has never known what love is, and doesn’t recognise it even when it’s staring at him in the face. As for Erik, he doesn’t realise a creeping illness is slowly affecting Charles, and his dark past is something he couldn’t have imagined.

11.19 - queer parallels

So 11.19 was, for many, reminiscent of episodes of older TV shows, usually sci-fi or fantasy or gothic, where the ‘issue’ of the main text has parallels to a deliberate queer subtext. And many have been praising 11.19 for having actual queer character in the main text as well as the subtext (and I totally agree, this is awesome).

But I wanted to talk about some of the parallels.

I know many have been addressed already. Such as the lady who denied her husband was taken by the chitters, and made up ‘mundane’ excuses for why he left. The old sheriff who cut his daughter out of his life after she was taken by the chitters.

But I wonder about the two girls who’s story originally brought the case to Sam and Dean’s attention. Libby and Cori, I think their names were. I found an interesting queer parallel in them, mostly in the way that everyone treats Cori (the survivor). Because the others - the woman who lost her husband, the sheriff who lost his daughter - are meant to be perceived as ‘normal’ (or straight) who lost their loved ones to the ‘weird’ (or queer) but they are not weird / queer themselves. The two girls, however, both experienced the creature (just like Jesse and Matty), and Libby didn’t make it (just like Matty). This leaves Cori in a similar situation to Jesse where no one believes her. Where Jesse is ignored because of his young age, or possibly his homosexuality; Cori is ignored because she was ‘the weed girl.’ The weed makes her unreliable. The weed makes her friend unreliable and almost unworthy of proper concern.

When do we actually hear Cori’s name? Not until Dean actually talks to her in the interview room. Until then everyone refers to her as 'the friend’ or 'the witness’ or just something along the lines of 'weed girl’. This to me was doing a few things. One - bringing up the weed makes her a stereotype and reminds everyone that she’s not reliable in their eyes. Two - calling her not by her name seems to dehumanise her. Three - calling her 'the friend’ over and over felt similar to when folks are uncomfortable with a queer couple and refer to them as 'friends’. I’m not here to argue whether Libby and Cori were meant to be a lesbian couple. I think if they were then they would have come out and said it, considering the rest of the episode. But they were mean to be two friends who cared for each other, then came into contact with the chitters and things went bad, but then no one would help them or take them seriously because of their lifestyle - in this case, weed. And we even get Sam later linking weed with 'experimenting in collage’ and other excuses like 'it was probably oregano’ as in it didn’t count.

I just felt like Libby and Cori and their weed were meant to contribute to the subtext here as well.

Submitted by Anonimae.

Thank you for the submission!

I’m just going to add my own thoughts to yours (I have a lot of fledglings for ideas, but I’m still very much pressed for time, so they may have to wait until the end of the season, but here goes).

Yes, I definitely thought the girls were both important symbols and narrative parallels. Both Jesse and Cory were dressed in red plaid and both Cesar and Libby were in a light shirt, Libby even having a maroon vest that resembled in color the hoodie Castiel wore during the ninth season. Libby, possessed by evil, and Cesar were narrative mirrors for Castiel – but it’s interesting that this figure in red plaid keeps accompanying him. We saw it recently in Safe House, we’ve seen it earlier in the season, and we saw it in the very scene of the very first episode of Carver’s narrative arc.

The thing that it is waiting for Dean Winchester at the end of the line is a pair of people – one in a white shirt with dark hair, and the other dressed in red plaid.

Cesar has a white t-shirt, and this has everything to do with symbolism because having a white t-shirt on a hunt, in a forest, is never not the wrong choice. And it’s not humanly possible for his t-shirt to remain as white as it is at the end of the episode with dirt and guts flying around. So again we have the character in red plaid and the character in a white shirt paired off as foils for Dean.

Again Dean meets them deep in the forest. Again one of them has dark hair and the other is in red plaid. But in Jesse and Cesar, their characters bleed into one another. Cesar, the Castiel mirror, is Mexican (so we may assume that he speaks Spanish) and laid back whereas Jesse (a rendering of the Hebrew Ishay) is the one with a stick up his butt and who lost an older brother to the darkness. They contain aspects of the other.

However you interpret the shirts, you can’t deny that they keep following him.

So, the girls were another layer of the same symbolism in the episode. It’s interesting that both of their names recall the heart: Cory (Latin) and Libby (Hebrew) – especially regarding the fact that we see Jesse stab the monster’s heart multiple times. The heart is key.

Cory and Libby’s scene also very much parallels Lucifer and Dean’s encounter the week before, establishing Libby and Cesar as the Castiel mirrors.

But I also wondered whether we were meant to understand that the girls were also a romantic couple in the episode. We learn of them through the town’s sheriff, according to whom they have been smoking weed in the forest. Friends do that, certainly. But they seemed very close, Cory’s mourning very fresh, and I don’t think we were given any indication that they weren’t a romantic couple. And in this regard, it’s very interesting, like you pointed out, how Dean uses Cory’s name.

Dean calls her Ganja-girl to others, giving nick-names his way of protecting himself from making attachments to people that they so frequently meet. The nick-names create a distance between the object and the user. But there was a lot in Ganja-girl for Dean to like and to relate to, and they seem to have formed some kind of connection. You can see this in the way Dean answers the phone when she calls with “Cory, calm down!” Dean uses her first name.

As “Agent Lewis,” he ought to have called her Ms. So-and-so, which is the professional address, but instead he addressed her like a friend. This is important. It means that Dean very much connected to her, to the point that she called him instead of the police, the sympathetic local sheriff, when she needed help. And we can ask whether it was just the weed (and penises) over which they connected, or whether it was something more than that.

Make note of the fact that Dean’s extremely campy “Sinner. Rebel!” scene followed immediately after his interview with Cory. The mood he was in was a result of his interview with her. I wonder whether he learned that Libby was Cory’s girlfriend and simply omitted this fact from Sam as we’ve seen him omit people’s orientations in the past, not outing them to his brother. He saw Cory as a friend, of this much we can be sure via his address. But I wonder whether he also saw her as family. And I wonder whether Cory told him in so many words, or whether he just knew.

The scene in the forest wasn’t just reminiscent of the scene at 100-Mile Wilderness at the beginning of the arc, there were definite shades of Wendigo in it (as pointed out by @mittensmorgul). I’ve been of the opinion for a while that the narrative arc is running back toward the beginning, having been inverted from the beginning of season eight, and that we are closing in on the beginning. Wendigo is the second episode, was the beginning of Dean’s own narrative arc on the show where the Pilot was focused on Sam’s journey, which indicates that we are close to the climax.

The Wendigo creature (“an evil spirit”), like the Cicada spirits, killed in a cycle – in its case, a 23-year cycle where the Cicadas had a 27-year cycle. An the Wendigo needed to be burned, like they burned the Cicada nest. These are not co-incidences but intentional parallels.

And I wondered, at the time, about this situation of three guys and two tents, when the tents weren’t that small at all. Three guys, three tents or three guys, one tent would make sense. One guy giving two other guys privacy (and do make note of where Tommy looks when he says “We”) makes you think. And one of Tommy’s friends that was killed by the Wendigo was called Gary – a possible inspiration for Cory’s name. In any case, I wondered about Gary and Brad at the time, and again we learn nothing to suggest that they weren’t a couple, just like with Cory and Libby.

But The Chitters is an inverted parallel to Wendigo, and you can see this especially well at the end.

At the end of Wendigo, Dean makes light of the emotional moment because he’s protecting himself. He gives Haley a saucy look to which she responds “Must you cheapen the moment?” Dean is vulnerable and keeping his distance. At the end of The Chitters they likewise have a heavy, emotional moment with the guest stars. Dean is in pain. He doesn’t cheapen the moment, he doesn’t make light of it to escape the emotional toll, he feels the feels. And by the end, he looks to be almost in tears, hiding his face from the others. Dean stabbed himself in the heart.

And I wondered whether this was actually the scene Jensen Ackles was talking about, where he interpreted “Dean gruffly” with Dean in tears (also, they had like 3-4 episodes yet to film in the season when he made the comment, so timing fits). Because we don’t see him cry, but we see him want to cry. We see him very close to tears.

So I wonder whether this was it. Dean not cheapening the moment but allowing it to stab him right in the feels. That’s how much meeting these two men meant to him.

Recycling the story back to the beginning, viewing these scenes in contrast to each other, displays the journey – it shows how much they have grown over the years.

can anyone in Orange County/LA take in two chihuahuas? they’re my dogs and they can’t be separated, they need each other. it’s a boy named rico and a girl named coco. my aunt’s bf has cancer and he can’t take care of them any longer and has no choice but to surrender them to animal control which means they will be separated :( if there’s anyone in the area who would like two small loving dogs with big hearts please let me know. they have all their shots. i can drive them to you. i just don’t want them to get separated.

Jordi Alba is so impressive to me. Here’s a Spain that have got the best left-back depth of any team in recent or unrecent history - Juan Bernat, Cesar Azpilicueta, Jose Gaya, Nacho Monreal, Alberto Moreno - and Jordi Alba’s been the undisputed starter ever since he came into the team at age 22. Full-backs don’t get much of the spotlight but he’s one of the most consistent players in the world for me.

Win Hearts, Not Wars

I reblogged a post earlier with this huge commentary and of course Tumblr ate it, and I should take that as a sign and move on, but I really want to get this off my chest. 

The topic in question was concerning “blanket statements” in educational posts, and the person who wrote it was explaining that sometimes when you’re trying to make a statement, you want to focus on that particular item and not have to add a disclaimer for every little thing. 

And I get where they are coming from, as do most people, I think, because when you have something to say, you don’t want to add so many disclaimers that you end up detracting from the main point of your post. 

Like if I say, “don’t shave your double coated dog!” and explain why it’s bad, someone who had to shave their double coated dog for health reasons might feel judged or the need to defend themselves, even though I, the author, felt it was implied in my post that obviously sometimes a dog needs surgery or something else happens, and then they have to be shaved. 

Here’s the thing, though. I think most people on here know that I myself am prone to fly off the handle and write anger-filled “PSAs” that aren’t really a PSA as much as me blowing off steam. But you know the one thing I’ve noticed with all my anger-filled rants, even the most successful ones that have hit over a thousand notes? 

I never changed anyone’s mind. I never won anyone over. No one of the opposing opinion ever, and I mean ever, looked at one of my blanket statements and said, “wow! You are so right!” All those notes on my posts? Either people who already agreed with me, or people who felt personally attacked and reblogged it with their own personal “fuck you”. 

See, here’s the thing about blanket statement PSAs and educational posts: you’ll be popular with the people who already agree with you, and you’ll get an “amen” from the choir. But you run the risk of alienating people who technically agree with you, and you probably won’t change any minds either. 

When you say, “there’s nothing wrong with purebred dogs!” you can take the 15 seconds to add, “I’m not putting down all mutts, either!”
When you say, “brachy dogs have a health problem!” you really don’t have to add, “also they’re ugly as fuck lol!” 

I read an article a while back that I wish to god I had bookmarked, by a dog trainer, who explained why he loved it when clients came to him who loved Cesar Milan. He proceeded to explain how he would win them over with kindness and patience, and a bit of manipulation. And that article really stuck with me. 

Since then I have tried my hardest to win hearts, not wars. I can make anger filled blanket statements all day long, or even just generic ones, beating the same old dead horse over and over and over, but not only am I never going to change anyone’s mind, I’m probably going to alienate people I care about as well. 

Before I click send on any post, I stop to think of the people who follow me, and the people I follow. When I write about crate training, did I make sure to let my mutuals who don’t crate train know that I am not targeting them or think that they’re bad dog owners? When I write about why I got a purebred dog, did I make sure my mutuals don’t feel like I think their shelter mixes are somehow less worthy of love? When I write dog training advice, do I make sure to let my followers know that not everyone has the same goals, and that I am not the standard? 

It’s true, maybe we as people can recognize when someone is just trying to make a point, or make a simple educational post, and we should strive to not take everything personal. 

But on the flipside, it usually takes about 15 seconds to type a little exception to your post, and I think when you are trying to win people over, it helps to let them know their view is valid and understood. 

And I know, sometimes people respond with such ignorance and such venom, that it’s nearly impossible to be diplomatic in your response. But the thing I’ve learned is that it really doesn’t matter what you say… you can’t change their minds. You’ll save yourself a lot of agony and frustration when you just move on and let it go. 

I guess, the “too long, didn’t read” version of this is, try to win hearts, not wars. When you write an educational post, ask yourself what you’re trying to accomplish? Are you just letting off steam? Are you just shouting into the void? Or are you trying to change someone’s mind? 

We all need to blow off steam now and then. But I find that the best results are achieved with compassion and understanding, and a genuine attempt to get people to see your side of things, rather than making blanket statements and anger-filled responses. 

I’ve been seeing people talking about how Trump doing the whole “Actually maybe I wont prosecute Clinton” thing is like implicitly increasing the perception of his power because whether or not the president feels pity for someone is ‘supposed’ to have nothing to do with whether they get sent to prison but this is basically what Trumps doing lol.

That along with Trump issuing a renewed and more strongly worded condemnation of the alt-right and neo-Nazis reminds me of this passage from The Prince

When the duke [Cesare Borgia] occupied the Romagna he found it under the rule of weak masters, who rather plundered their subjects than ruled them, and gave them more cause for disunion than for union, so that the country was full of robbery, quarrels, and every kind of violence; and so, wishing to bring back peace and obedience to authority, he considered it necessary to give it a good governor. Thereupon he promoted Messer Ramiro d'Orco, a swift and cruel man, to whom he gave the fullest power. This man in a short time restored peace and unity with the greatest success. Afterwards the duke considered that it was not advisable to confer such excessive authority, for he had no doubt but that he would become odious, so he set up a court of judgment in the country, under a most excellent president, wherein all cities had their advocates. And because he knew that the past severity had caused some hatred against himself, so, to clear himself in the minds of the people, and gain them entirely to himself, he desired to show that, if any cruelty had been practised, it had not originated with him, but in the natural sternness of the minister. Under this pretence he took Ramiro, and one morning caused him to be executed and left on the piazza at Cesena with the block and a bloody knife at his side. The barbarity of this spectacle caused the people to be at once satisfied and dismayed.

basically Machiavelli is saying that Cesare Borgia managed to pacify the Romagna region by first sending a governor who acted with fierce cruelty against the inhabitants only to later execute his governor for the cruelty he himself had authorized. Cesare’s sovereignty was increased because after using a cruel person to obtain power he later denounced said person for harming the people which had the effect of divorcing the connection between Cesare and the tyranny he had earlier authorized