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I’m not following that many (like barely any) people atm and there’s literally not enough content on my dash so if you post any of the following like or reblog this and I’ll check out your blog :)

  • harry potter
  • asoiaf
  • sherlock
  • doctor who
  • supernatural
  • rivers of london
  • hunger games
  • hss and hwu
  • the sims
  • idek there are so many if you’re a fandom blog i’ll probably follow you
  • imagine your oc/your otp/your fave/*insert character here* etc 
  • writing prompts
  • news/current affairs
  • uk politics
  • random funny stuff
  • anything artistic like artwork or writing or photography or music
  • if i think of anything else i’ll add it

thank you!! :D


Thanks guys, I appreciate it! Thanks to my new followers, and thanks for my original followers who are still here putting up with me posting all this fanart now lol I do still plan to do more original stuff with my OCs in between my Yugioh obsession lolol I do feel more confident about my art in general and I’m hoping that when this all dies down you’ll stick around when I move on to other things. If not that’s totally cool! Thanks for looking at my work regardless~

:D I need more blogs to follow, reblog if you post any of these:

Tokyo ghoul, persona, anime, love live!, animals, kawaii stuff, home stuck, Steven universe, pink aesthetic, purple aesthetic, my love story, say ‘I love you’,sparkle aesthetic, littlest pet shop, Barbie, cars, Disney, dolls, toys, Nickelodeon, Mermaid stuff, girly stuff, dresses, sweets, candy, cake, cutesy stuff. manga, shoujo manga

Does anyone know of any Destiel blogs I can follow? My dash has been kind of dead lately (with little to no SPN on it), so basically I’m looking for blogs that post a lot of:

- Destiel


-Misha Collins

and none or very, very little of the following:


-NO 9.03 whatsoever (even manips)


Hello New Followers!

I had a surge of new followers since my giveaway, so hello! Just in case you’re still looking around, I thought I would do a little tour post for some of the stuff you can find here besides my own writing.

I reblog a lot of Fanfic Recommendations for your reading pleasure. If you have any pairings/characters/etc. that you would like me to search for more, let me know! I also love writing for other people so if there’s something you don’t see a whole lot of, I would be happy to try it!

I have a list of writing prompts full of fic ideas but also headcanon stuff for everyone wanting to flesh out their OCs.

And I have a whole big(and still growing) list of artists on tumblr who do art commissions.

I should probably mention I also run daficswap which is a fun community where we write fics for one another. We’re currently in the middle of a round if you want to check it out!

Lastly, I mostly tag all my personal stuff or general ramblings with jpspeaks if you want to blacklist that.

Thanks for following! :)

My Marvel Family

OK so I’ve decided it’s high time I start a marvel family on this blog so here goes nothing. The characters can be from any marvel movie/tv show/comic, I’ll do my best to find them. 


  • you must be following me
  • reblog this post 
  • Send me an ask with who you want to be and a second choice in case the first is taken
  • at least 30 notes or this never happened 
  • uhhh yeah thats about it
  • oh and you have to be a marvel blog, like you can be multifandom but a blog that posts marvel stuff

Why would you want to join?

  • Because I put lots of effort into finding cute icons to go with each character
  • You get to find loads of other people who are as into marvel as you
  • I’ll check out your blog and you may get a +follow
  • Mutuals get a place in the favourites category
  • It’ll be fun

I have here a list of all the characters I’ve already got Icons for, if a character you want is not there you can ask and you shall receive:

Nick Fury
Natasha Romanova
Bucky Barnes
Clint Barton
Tony Stark
Steve Rogers
Wanda Maximoff
Pietro Maximoff
Bruce Banner
Sam Wilson
Spider Man
Peter Quill
Rocket Racoon
Drax the Destroyer
Agent Phil Coulson
Agent Melinda May
Skye/Daisy Johnson
Agent Jemma Simmons
Agent Leo Fitz
Agent Grant Ward
Brock Rumlow
Edwin Jarvis
Agent Peggy Carter
Angelina Martinelli
Darcy Lewis
Jane Forster
Matt Murdoch
Karen Page
Foggy Nelson
Wilson Fisk
James Wesley
Claire Temple
Agent Maria Hill
Antoine Triplett
Bobbi Morse
Hope Van Dyne
Scott Lang

•welcome new followers. I reblog a lot but post a lot of personal stuff too. My life is boring and simple on purpose. Daycare kids, dogs, occasional disc golf, triathlon, attempts to run and get healthy, the never ending house remodel. I’m clumsy and I get injured in stupid ways. Thanks for following. Feel free to interact. I don’t bite. My ask box is always open.

•weekend plans: zero.

•I should paint my front door. Whether or not that actually happens remains to be seen. It’s not like we’re going to hang it any time soon.

•high school football starts tonight. After two years of throwing everything into those Friday Night Lights when my nephew was on varsity, I’m just finding it hard to get fired up about it. We’ll see. I might go at halftime. It is the national religion of Texas. A team from Florida traveled here for tonight’s game. Might as well give them the full experience. Clear eyes full hearts can’t lose.

•happy weekend!


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I was thinking this morning and thought hard to myself. I know there’s a lot o people I know that don’t have the opportunity to buy this stuff themselves, so I just wanted to make someone happy.

You could win:

  • Any anime figure, nendoroid or figma of your choice under $150. The item you want can also be a pre-order.


  • Don’t have to be following me. If you want to follow, then follow. I post anime only here. Don’t follow then unfollow after the giveaway is over, please. 
  • Only reblogs count but you are still free to like this post.
  • I will ship internationally.
  • A number generator will be used to decide the winner, this way it’s not unfair or biased.
  • Any questions, please leave them in my ask box.

End date: September 24th, 2015. 12 PM, EST.

Good luck and have fun participating!

reblog if you post:
  • phan
  • youtubers like troye/tyler (please no alfie hes getting on my nerves)
  • mcr/fob/tøp/p!atd
  • frerard and/or petekey
  • sj (not the kill all men kind, but the non problematic kind?)
  • art/fanart of any of this stuff
  • shitposting/meme crap
  • aesthetic kinda like mine (covertflirt.tumblr.com/tagged/aesthetic)
  • lgbtq+ stuff
  • just stuff you think i would like based on my blog :)

i need more people to follow!!

anonymous asked:

please dont turn out to be follower/note thirsty by reblogging your own posts

Uh, okay? This is kind of a random message, anon. In any case, aside from my sales posts (which are important, and I only reblog them a couple times over the course of a week or so), the only time I generally reblog my own posts is if they’re more than a year old and I feel like they could use more exposure. Lately I haven’t been doing that, even. I do reblog stuff from here to my personal blog and vice-versa sometimes, but that’s because different people follow the different blogs.

I can understand why some blogs reblog things multiple times, though–it can be frustrating if something you worked hard on doesn’t get much attention, and sometimes the original post gets overlooked due to timezones or whatever. I personally don’t like reblogging my own posts for the most part aside from what I said above, so you’re rarely going to see that here, but, I mean, reblogging one’s own posts is pretty harmless in the scheme of things. If you find it annoying, just unfollow the blogs that do that. I’m not sure sending vaguely passive-aggressive anon messages is the way to go.


Never would have thought I’d be making one of these but here it goes!

I need more blogs to follow so reblog if you post the following:

Yowamushi Pedal
Daiya no Ace
Kuroko no Basuke
World Trigger
Owari no Serafu
Akagami no Shirayukihime
Hirunaka no Ryuusei
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Shokugeki no Soma
Arslan Senki
Akatsuki no Yona
Junjou Romantica
Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
Shingeki no Kyojin
Shoujo and BL mangas in general

If you post any of the following, I’ll check out your blog and most probably follow you! :D And if you’d like please check out my blog as well and follow back~

Thank you!!

Hey you leaves of the language tree!

Sometimes I wonder why there are so many great language communities on tumblr that exchange posts and asks and all this stuff on a regular basis.
It makes me thing about my blog. Why can’t we start a really cool community, where we’ll motivate one another to study languages and other awesome stuff, and maybe post a weekly overview of our achievements?
And of course help each other with any question that will come to our creative minds! But most of all, we’d be able to get to know each other better!!
So, what do you say? Shall we try this out?

Let’s just reblog/like this post a few times (or put your seal of support in my ask box :D) and, say, next fortnight I’ll make an overview of all the participating blogs in our langblr community!
And soon we can say to have found some good friends here (hopefully, but I’m confident we will) :)

I need some more blogs to follow so like or reblog if you post 

  • funny kpop shit
  • seventeen 
  • a Seungcheol blog 
  • a Seungkwan blog 
  • any seventeen member blog 
  • seventeen shit
  • cute seventeen stuff
  • biig bang
  • got7 
  • exo
  • how the f did i forget b1a4 i need those dorks
  • bangtan bangtan
  • funny shit jhope 

Reminder: I only follow like 50 blogs I’m soooo specific not really I’ll check them all out ^-^ and I’ll follow some through my main blog <3  

P.S. If I dont follow u please forgive me T-T I love you all to bits

i need more people to follow!

hi guys, so my dash is getting a bit slow. if you post any of this stuff, reblog this post or follow me and ill check out your blog! alrighty heres the list:

  • phan
  • troyler (brb crying tho)
  • mcr (especially frerard or petekey)
  • p!atd
  • fob
  • tøp
  • halsey
  • lgbtq+ (especially bi or nb stuff)
  • humor/relatable

please dont bother reblogging if you post/agree with this stuff:

  • antifeminism
  • anti lgbtq+
  • kill all cis/men/straight people (i dont need that negativity in my life)
  • alfie deyes (hes getting on my fucking nerves)

thanks guys! :)

I’m looking for more blogs to follow, so if you post any of the following like/reblog this and I’ll check out your blog!
-Game Grumps/associated(channels, etc)
-Harry Potter
-Steven Universe
-Orphan Black
-Death Note
-Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji
-My Chemical Romance
-Panic! At the Disco
-Fall Out Boy
-Twenty One Pilots
-LGBT+/MOGAI stuff

EDIT: Please no more!!

Hi Taylor,

Im Rumeysa. Im 13 and i’ve been a fan of yours for 3 years now. I live in Turkey. I tried so long using Tumblr but could only got around to actually using it two months ago.

I tried so hard to get noticed by you yesterday, you went online but you didn’t see any of my posts. You liked 15 people’s posts. I’d give everything to be one of them. Im writing songs because of you. You guide me. You taught me to be forgiving, kind and nice to people.

I only have one wish other than that. If you notice me, send me some of the stuff that you sent to your fans last Christmas. Because taylorswift.com does not deliver to our country. I can only buy your albums with my money.

taylorswift please follow me because I need it.pls Tay



Hello!! ❤️❤️

My dash has been kinda dry lately so I’m looking for some new people to follow! Please reblog/follow me if you post any of the following and I will check your blog out!!:

•Steven Universe
•Don’t Starve
•Harry Potter
•Game Grumps
•Aesthetic Stuff
•The Legend of Zelda
•QUALITY Shitposting
•Five Nights at Freddy’s
•Gem Stones
•Scary/Horror Stuff

Please spread this around!!! I really want to make more rad mutuals!! Thank you SOOO much!!! (●´ω`●)❤️❤️❤️❤️

ok so since i accidentally deleted my dash is p dead and i need people to follow!! if you post:

  • dragon age
  • mass effect
  • the witcher
  • bioshock
  • final fantasy
  • kingdom hearts
  • transistor
  • uncharted
  • or just video games in general tbh those are just my tops
  • aesthetic/fashion/photography stuff

then maybe like/reblog the post and i’ll check out your blog?? also if any mutuals wanna signal boost this too that’d be awesome ♥


- PJO & HoO
- Harry Potter
- Divergent and other books
- Dan and Phil
- Tyler Oakley
- Pewdiepie
- Nigahiga
and other youtubers

- ATLA & Legend of Korra
- Adventure Time
- Teen Wolf
- Spongebob (don’t judge :D)

- Sleeping With Sirens
- 5sos
- 1D

And, you know, stuff like these 😁