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Hey, I'm the anon who sent the asks about swapping the avengers with their moms. I have 2 things to say. 1st, I have started writing. I only have about 600 words of Sarah Rogers' story down, but I have plans. Also I'm probably going to wait til its half done to start posting I'm excited 'cause I just wrote fun stuff and get to write about Sarah Rogers and Peggy Carter soon. 2nd, anyone and everyone is free to use the idea. If you want you can credit me, my user is Apprendere here and on Ao3.

YAY I’m so excited that you’re going to write this, it was such a neat idea! I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

Also, any other follower writers who saw that idea and thought it would be fun to write – here you go, blanket permission from @apprendere to use it! (Do credit them, though; it’s only polite since this is a little more unusual than “hey let’s do a [movie] au”, and also they –and I! – would be excited to see whatever you came up with!)


Some photos of my kenku costume at Anthrocon 2016, taken by @adammillerstudio! Oh boy did I ever have a lot of fun! The other raven in these photos is @qawstume and the snowy owl we are mobbing is @crystumes, who made both of the blanks that we used for our masks.

If you have any questions about this costume please check out my FAQ!

given that it seems increasingly likely with every passing day that yahoo is going to shut down tumblr on impromptu terms, i’m gonna go ahead and say that if you like my shit and want to keep in touch w me when this entire site crashes to the ground then there’ll be two places you can find me in the future, where i’ll be pursuing better and bigger stuff

- my youtube, where you can definitely subscribe to me because that’s where most of my focus will be, though my channel is far from having any good content on it and hasn’t even broken 100 subs yet
- my twitter, which is also very incomplete but i’ll use probably frequently (in the future) to channel my text post-type humor. follow me there because i haven’t broken 100 there either 

(: !!! would love to see attention on those accounts because i like attention and also i dont wanna lose contact with a lot of you. PM me if we’re mutuals and i don’t have contact with you on any media at all and we’ll work somethin out 

Myspace never ends.. for Jeffree Star


Jeffree Star. Born as Jeffrey Steininger on November 15, 1988, Jeffree Star is the most common name that comes to mind when asked about Myspace celebrities. Jeffree Star often snuck into Hollywood clubs with his fake ID and began his career as a celebrity make-up artist at the age of sixteen. While the other kids dealt with school and homework, Jeffree Star was out performing in music videos, hanging around mansions, doing celebrities'makeup, and doing what he does best; insulting anyone who couldn’t offer him a step up to his ambition or because he simply thinks that a 6′ tall man can make jokes about beating up a 16 years old girl at warped tour.

Back in the day when everyone wanted to spread their bullshit thru hair colors, hot topic skinny jeans, skelanimals and using their sexual identity as an excuse to gain attention and sell their bullshit to people wanting to look up to someone there was a guy named Jeffree Star which somewhat mastered the ways to only get this far lying and being a SCAMMER. Jeffree was well known for his “make up skills” and because he took a photo with Kelly Osborne OUTSIDE a night club. Before he developed the skills on how to be a sociopath and turning all his white knights against anyone who called him on his bullshit he was just a regular Myspace user and a friend SNAKE of many TALENTED AND REAL CELEBRITIES such as Kat Von D. He was part of Myspace trains such as Fuck Me I’m Famous, VIP and other Myspace trains/groups which existence and documented data turned to dust around 2012/2013.

Snakes are kind of sad beings

Now this method of labeling climbed another step today thanks to the amounts of social networking platforms which are basically Myspace all over agian.. (at least for Jeffree Star) with another name and another layout. If you have no clue what a Myspace WHORE (w4w) was back in the day A user on urbandictionary.com describes a Myspace Whore as- “Usually a female on Myspace who goes nights without sleep just so she/he can post comments, bulletins, and pictures. She/HE will often skip homework so she/he can be on Myspace, and naturally gets on it once she’s/he’s at school. She/he ’ll generally have over 1000 friends because she/he ’ll be posting really hq pictures. Then again many descriptions of other stereotypes can sounds just as negative yet they do not match their "description” at all. However, one thing is for sure, Myspace WHORES are known for their almost absurd amount of friends on Myspace. Widely known Myspace WhORES often have over thousands of friend and their number continues to grow. If you’ve ever seen a Myspace WHOREs profile, you may also take notice of their exceptional amount of beauty. Often, Myspace WHOREs are also labeled as “scene kids” because of the similarities in hair, makeup, and clothes. Though some the photos of Myspace WhORESs are slightly photoshopped, most are the real deal taken by skilled photographers”. Some examples of highly known Myspace WHORES include Jeffree Star himself, Audrey Kitching, Hanna Beth, Kiki Kannibal, Dakota Rose, Gaygod (Matthew Lush), and Alex Evan.

Anyone associated with Myspace and Myspace trains/groups from 2008 to 2010 will know Jeffree Star personality was more than welcome in such groups considering he’s unique way to make a joke about ANYONE who was “uglier than him”, “poor” or not “famous enough” and basically what he did back in the day he still do to this day on 2016. 

As the community of the Myspace WHOREs grew, the perfection or vanity groups are also started to emerge. So what exactly are perfection/vanity group? Most perfection groups are basically Myspace groups that gather many Myspace WHOREs such as Jeffree Star in one area and expose them to a wider range of people to obtain an in crease in their amount of friends. Certain vanity groups such as Vanity Is Perfection [VIP]  had very high expectations. Often, these expectations were based of one’s beauty and “individuality”. Vanity is Perfection started in October 2005 and has about 166 members currently. Ophelia Vanity, the moderator of [VIP], stated that her group had approximately an acceptance rate of 1.2%. Around 250 Myspace users request acceptance into her group while only two to three are accepted. Fuck Me  I’m Famous [FMIM], Perfection Dolls [PD] Elite Perfection [EP] suddenly appeared after VIP was created. As many Myspace users apply for the group, Ophelia Vanity keeps the group member limit to only 200 members. Myspace Wh***s often use vanity group to achieve a greater fame for themselves and prove to others that they are “better.” Just like the real world, the internet contains many competitions as well. You are either IN or OUT. 

Before launching he’s “music career” Jeffree Star was among us in such groups/trains. The 3 times I went out of my way to be nice to him all I got in response was a passive aggressive insult and a sarcastic answer. If you don’t Being an asshole was the golden ticket to join a group of people with the same attributes as Jeffree Star. I should know about this as I was part of such groups. I grew up and realized there were better things to do than keep this “persona” just for internet presence and a number of how many people think you are cool. What is interesting about all this is how Jeffree Star is that he did not only brought his web of lies to other social media such as Twitter, IG and so on but how he keeps acting like we are in 2008 and how defensive he gets when you remember him about he’s past Myspace “w4w” (whore 4 whore) on the low and how he was part of such groups/trains. The way of Jeffree Star denying he was part of something that helped MADE HIM who he is today makes me wonder if it’s because he doesn’t want the world to know he was a regular myspace whore 4 whore.

He’s well known for being the cotton candy pink over processed hair with a bad attitude and only caring about himself but mostly for exposing/sending his white knights attack whoever does not agree with his lack of morals and when he’s back is against the wall like the in situation of Kat Von D. Hanna Beth, Audrey Kitchin, Chris Crocker, Raquel Reed, Porcelain Black, BOTD, Bradley Soliau and basically anyone from Myspace 2008-2012 (even in the actuality) were at one point cool with Jeffree Star but he is too outspoken and “blunt” and mature enough for instead of talking and solving things like the grown ass man he is he simply choose to insult them online when people open their eyes and see the true colors and who REALLY Jeffree Star is. 

This is the funny part because today we have a large range of people who are blind enough to see that this situation he’s in was simply brought to himself for his own actions and he’s BIG MOUTH because you know any publicity is good publicity even if you are being an asshole who thinks that’s better than anyone else. That is when the real Jeffree Star gets out of the box and you can appreciate how much of an anti bullying he is. As you can see in the following “tweets” he can clearly call a person a coke addict but can’t make a video apologizing for saying he “will throw battery acid on a black girl to make her whiter” Or a video apologizing to call people “dirty Mexicans”. BIGOT MUCH? How is that you make a video of you getting hair transplant and driving a Lamborghini but not be mature enough to clear your past words about an issue we are living today and tons of innocent people are dying because of words like you told to these people? It is simple. Sociopaths don’t have a conscience 

Lets not forget how much Jeffree loved to support self harm, eating disorders and unappropriated behavior 

Sure Travis Barker was a celebrity when you posted that bulletin but today you are a human being that doesn’t deserve drama and offensive comments towards yourself *cough*brand*cough*

What really really REALLY drives me off the wall is he’s constantly way of bashing women and insulting them.

Jeffree what you really know about being a women? Do you think wearing heels and taking selfies with LV bags and talking about how much you want dick put you in position of knowing what being a women is? Are you sure it gets better? 

Jeffree Star game is manipulating the situation to make people think when shit hits the fan is because they are jealous, picking him because of his sexual orientation or playing the “I never said that. My fans who knows me from Myspace know this is not true”. Jeffree you are about 40, still claim to be Myspace queen and queen of the cunts and still take your time to spread negativity in a “funny” way which only contribute to the bullshit we are living today acting like you did in 2008 on Myspace bulletins anytime anyone called you out on your bullshit. Nobody wants to be a “you” and nobody is delusional enough to be jealous of a man who wants to beat up a women just because he thinks he is one. Lets hope you finally stop the delusion and take one for the team and start taking RESPONSIBILITY for what you say and what you do to others even if it’s on the “internet” and “nobody cares”. So Jeffree your time’s up and you should consider making a few adjustments on the HTLM and CSS on your bullshit. Gladly the tables have turned this time and we have Kat Von D letting those who were under your sociopath spell wake up.

And come on Jeffree really? I mean you tortured all your fans with your basement/auto  - tune $35.50 + TAX worth beats before finding out how to record your “music videos” with a Canon Rebel TII so here is a snickers

You are not you when you are hungry.

안녕, helloo!

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i am highly confused about this taylor swift, selena gomez thing tbh... because i don't follow them at all and i don't see any posts with actual information on my dashboard, just 'bitchy' posts. not that bitchy is bad but it's you know -- "taylor swift you fucked up" and I'm like @A@ howkdflgjd sorry for rambling and stuff, just confused

Here we go excuse me for the typos and everything my laptop doesn’t work so I’m using Siri…

Okay so we are aware of Kanye West song famous, correct? If not this is the song:

So back b4 the Grammy’s this year, Taylor Swift and Kanye had a conversation about this song.. Kanye west called her up to get approval for the lyrics and this is proof

Now your probably wondering why I’m telling you this information right away?..

Well from my understanding in this video it seems Taylor was going to be in on it and flip around and tell people ha ha I already knew about it he called me up, but no that did not happen..

Taylor then flip the script and played victim

Receipts 1



I advised you to analyze every single thing right now and you make your own conclusion and now look at her recent Instagram update

Here is my opinion on the situation

Here’s what she does not understand..

She lied about not having a conversation with Kanye at all, but somehow they had a conversation as he was writing the lyrics to get her approval but she claims she never heard the song okay what’s the difference between hearing the song in an actual lyrics of him saying he would have sex with you?

Then you make the whole Grammys speech then you had your entire team say that you do not even have a conversation with Kanye at all and you were blindsided by the lyrics because you didn’t talk to him previously about it.. Come on Ms. Taylor you can do better..

But now all of a sudden you have a problem with the terminology that bitch but not the fact that he basically said he would have sex with you and you said it was cool, girl. 

My whole thing is she literally lied, you can hear her say she knew about the famous line and several other lines in that video, correct? Yes, so how she was unaware of the complete process and all of a sudden now she wasn’t aware of it but she wasn’t aware of “That Bitch” but she wasn’t offended by the rest? Like she’s a mess. 

Not only is she playing victim, she is manipulating people into believing she’s the victim and making it seem like Kanye is a liar. Now I think this songs ugly and I think it’s trash, but the fact he actually called her up had a conversation with her about it and she was okay with the lyrics and then in a few days flip the script like nothing happened, and she was shocked and appalled by the lyrics and misogyny when she was literally contributing to it…MESS

And she got dragged by her Lilly white ass for it

I am sure there are more receipts and tea exposing her for this mess, if you literally need more tea exposing her for the shit that she is I honestly have no words.. 

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The founders of my new legacy! Arthur & Meiko. Both by the amazing Lesyasun. Resided in Pleasantview in the legacy house I posted earlier.

I’m not following any particular rules except no cheats and basic stuff like that. I decided to start with two founders instead of one and a furnished house because that’s how I roll :3

old game, new glitches

It never ceases to amaze me how, after twelve years, The Sims 2 (and associated programs) still finds new and excitingly terrifying ways to frustrate the living fuck out of me. If you have any problems with lots suddenly slowing down (fps drops that exiting and reloading/restarting won’t fix), invisible babies and eternally pregnant sims, or just SimPE refusing to ever load the Neighborhood Browser, this post might hopefully be helpful to you!

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I wasn’t going to say anything...

but after seeing @taetaetown‘s & @bang-tan‘s posts I feel like I should.

Lately It seems like everyone is so desperate to steal others work for no reason other than to gain likes.

This is something that I’m going through myself.

I run a pretty small blog w/ about 400+ followers.  

I like to make my own little videos, mostly fake subs & dance mashups, and some imagines every now and then.

Now the stuff I put out is nowhere near the quality of taetae & bang-tan, but even so I still struggle with people stealing the things I post and reposting on here/facebook/twitter.

I’ve even called them out on it and the response I received was more along the lines of “Whelp, you’re a little blog so no one is really gonna care.” and at one point I was told that I should be grateful that someone wants to post the things I make.

and honestly hearing that really pisses me off and makes me not want to post anything all.

I don’t mind if someone wants to repost my work, If anything it makes me happy to know someone likes it ,but is it too much to ask just to get a little credit tossed my way?

I just hope in the future that people think before they steal someones work.


Please don’t steal someone’s work and claim as your own and if you do repost something please give credit.

That’s all.

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