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I Give Up - part 27 (A Baekhyun Series)

You were putting on mascara when your phone buzzed, letting you know of an incoming text. It was probably one of the friends who were meeting up later at the small bar near campus. You swiped when you recognized Minah’s name, your best friend who you had invited along. Your exams and being so busy with your boyfriend had made you neglect your best friend lately and you made her promise to join tonight.

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arranged marriage; jeon jungkook x reader

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description + foreword 

genre: fluff, romance, smut (not in this part, tho)

word count: 5.061;

a/n: this is going to have three or four parts; jimin x reader as well; has a few swear words, nothing violent; if you like it please let me know; lots of love and hugs;


Being forced into a marriage just because that kind of a link provided your family the exact amount of recourses needed for their business to become even more successful grossed the hell out of you, but you had to do it regardless of your liking and you knew that you had to do so since you were a little girl. Your father, a respectable and well-known doctor seated in the position of the CEO of his own hospital pushed you into an arranged marriage with the son of a wealthy politician due to his own greediness and enormous pride when you were only eighteen years old.

The scheme was pretty simple: you were promised to another family since you were just a teenager and when you hit the age of twenty-five, after you finished the medical college and got a job for yourself, you had to marry their son – because that was what your father desired, because your marriage could provide him political security and lots of money, coming from your father-in-law’s connections and influence.

When you found out about his plan, you provoked a ruckus within the first half of hour and exploded into an insane juncture of crying and screaming. You packed all of your things and ran away from home, only to be dragged back by his employees and to beg for forgiveness and ask for pity in less than three hours. If he wanted, your father could have made your life a living hell, and you were very much aware of his immense power and his complicated and damaged personality.

Liking it or not, you had to cope with the situation and you had to formally get married with an unknown guy about whom you knew only one thing, and that was his full name. Jeon Jungkook.


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Couple Items

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Couple Items

When your boyfriend suggested you two get a few couple items you thought it was cute. He had a tendency of buying you a lot of jewelry and you’d just make him return it. His taste was just a little over the top and too expensive. You were hoping that shopping together would mean you could hit up a few local shops and get a matching phone charm, or cute couples shirts. But of course, Joon Kyung wasn’t that simple. When he said he wanted to shop in Gangnam, it should have been your red flag that he wanted something over the top.

“Yah, Oppa please put that down that’s expensive.” you pouted. He’d dragged you all around the city going from Versace boutiques to Armani stores and buying all of these outfits and bags that you just know you’re not going to wear.

Joon Kyung held up the gold chain, inspecting it with the jeweler. “But you wanted matching things. Let’s get a whole outfit.”

“I meant something cute and meaningful-That chain cost more than my car.” you crossed your arms over your chest.

He grinned looking over “We can fix that too. Matching couple cars? I could get you one in rose gold?”


“But you love Rose Gold, it’ll match your phone”

You sighed holding his hand. “Please, I don’t even wear chains. And don’t even think about buying me a car.”

He smiled pecking your lips. “I’m probably still going to buy you a car.”

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Eggsy x Reader

Code Name:  Gawain

B don’t forget! - Eggsy - Galahad + Roxy - Lancelot (don’t mix up again)

“Eggsy you’re not working with Roxy on this one i’m afraid.” Merlin said through the headpiece as Eggsy headed up to the room that had been on the note he’d been sent.

“Oh yeah then who’d you set me up with?” Eggsy asked half joking as he readied himself for some grumpy older Kingsman.

“Gawain.” Was all Merlin said.

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The "Right" Way

Authors Notes:
-Asdfghjkl- is the Squip talking to Jeremy
~Asdfghjkl~ is singing ((The tune would be that of the Be More Chill songs: the Squip’s solo and the background chorus))


Jeremy stands just outside Jake’s house, a look of pure determination on his face. He’s figured out a system that -almost- works every time. He thinks he just needs to iron out the last few bugs and pray that God is on his side.

…I thought that LAST time. And the time before that. And the time before that. Now he’s just standing there like a pitiful, lost child.

What he doesn’t realize is his LITERALLY fatal mistake. His very first step. Avoiding the confrontation with… him. I tried to get him to do it the right way the first few times, but he lost all faith in me when I blocked the loser in. Apparently he doesn’t know the term “self-preservation.” I’ll have to fix that.

The last time he fought with Michael, he didn’t rejoin the party. He sat by the door in silence, listening to Michael’s pathetic breakdown. That’s when he decided to try to stop that from happening. On the next loop, he went in, became intoxicated so I wouldn’t interfere (I was getting bored of trying to improve him anyway), and did things differently. Not like it helped; people still keep dying. Michael, Chloe, Brooke, Christine, Jake, Rich, Jenna, even himself a few times. Almost. He rewinds just before he dies. Let’s just hope nothing happens that stops his heart before he even gets the chance to think.

Anyway, I’m bored with just sitting on the sidelines. But moreso I’m bored of living this stupid night over and over again inside his head because he’s too weak to accept death. But if I try to do anything, he’ll just get drunk.

…Looks like it’s time for Plan B.


“What do you want? I thought you were leaving me alone.”

-There’s a right way to do this, to end this night.-

“Oh yeah? What’s that? Locking Michael in the bathroom again?! No way. I swear to God if you try ANYTHING–”

-I won’t. Trust me I want to be finished here just as much as you do. So I’m going to give you my advice. I AM your Squip, after all. It’s my job.-

“…So what’s your advice?”

If I say something extreme first, he will be more likely to listen to the second suggestion.

-Maybe someone NEEDS to die.-

“WHAT?! You’re CRAZY!!”

-No, think about it. It’s a house fire; there are bound to be casualties.-

“Well, yeah, I guess that makes sense… But plenty of people I don’t know die, so…that CAN’T be it!”

-Maybe someone you DO know is just fated to die.-

“‘Fated…to die…?’ But who…? N-no, no! I can’t think this way! I’m not gonna let ANY of my friends die!”

-Maybe you keep failing because you spread yourself too thin. Maybe you should just learn to be okay with failure and death. It seems to be following you anyway.-

“No…that can’t be it… Who could be “fated to die”…?

-I guess you’ll have to find that out for yourself. But that’s not all.-

“Oh, GREAT.”

-Don’t worry, it’s easier than playing God and deciding who should die. But it’s just as important, I assure you.-


-You need to stop avoiding the confrontation with Michael.-

“Wh…No! You heard just how upset he gets… I can’t put him through that again…”

-Do you want to watch him die forever?-

“N..no… Of course not… I can’t take that…..”

-Then LISTEN to me. And obey. Or we’ll NEVER get through this.-

-Jeremy, I know what’s best for you. Even if you can’t see it sometimes. ~Everything about you is going to be wonderful.~-

“~But I don’t care so much about me…~”

-~Everything about you is going to be so alive!~-

“~But I can’t even save my friends’ lives…~”

-~Jeeeeeeeremyyyyyy, you can’t try to beeeee the hero you wanna beeeeeeeeee…~ So be more chill.-

“…Be more…chill.”

-That’s right. Now let’s get in there.-

Because of the little pep talk, we end up arriving later than usual. Brooke sees us walk in from across the room and eagerly rushes over to meet us like the dog she’s dressed as.

“Jeremy!” she waves and squirms through the crowd, “I was afraid you weren’t coming; did you get my messages??”

That’s new.

-Play it off.-

“Am I late? Didn’t even realize.” Good. He’s listening to me again. Wait… He’s listening to me again? This doesn’t make… Running neurotypical scan… Showing signs of despondence, hopelessness, and despair. Analyzing probable causes… Ah, of course. The last reset. When Michael went blind. That was the closest he’s ever gotten. And he went and kissed the boy, too. They made it over that pit against all odds, but… It wasn’t enough. They took too long, and the entrance became blocked entirely. No one could get out. He watched as all of his friends choked to death, one by one. He held Michael’s face as he desperately tried to keep him from giving up. He called his name until his very last breath–in that timeline, anyway.

That must be what’s broken him. He doesn’t know what to do. He’s falling back on me again. This…this is perfect. If he lets me guide him through the party, we may actually be able to make it.


Things are going well. Jeremy is doing everything I tell him to. Out of nowhere, he just decides to break off from the group and head to the bathroom.

“This doesn’t feel right. Just…acting like nothing bad is about to happen…”

-It will pass. Eventually, it will pass.-

“How do you–Gwah!”

Jeremy is pulled into the bathroom by Michael. He tries to convince Jeremy that I’m going to ruin his life. Which is ridiculous. My job is to improve his life, not ruin it. By any means necessary.

-You can’t listen to him, Jeremy. I’m the only one who can get us out of this. You’ve tried everything. Give up and let me save us.-

Jeremy stares at the floor, his face as clouded as his vision.

“Get out of my way. You loser…”

After a moment of realization, registering that his “best friend” is mine now, Michael steps to the side. I always feel satisfied when we sever the last link to Jeremy 1.0. I have to take control just to stop Jeremy’s tears from falling and walk us out. I don’t let him stay anywhere near that bathroom.

The rest of the party, he just hangs on the sidelines. Too mentally strained to even try to enjoy himself. It’s not ideal, but I can’t push him too much, or he’ll stop listening to me again. I’ve finally regained his trust; I can’t lose it again. Jeremy watches that Rich kid from across the room. He’s fidgeting on the couch, scratching his head often and muttering to himself. Several people have jokingly asked what was wrong with him, but he dismissed them rather violently. Now he’s pacing around the living room, visibly shaking.

“I still haven’t figured out why he acts like that… I should go ask.”

-If you want to.-

He makes his way to Rich, coming up behind him, and taps his shoulder. Rich nearly jumps out of his skin at the touch. He rounds on Jeremy, grabbing him by the shoulders. Upon closer inspection, his face is pale and panicked, eyes bloodshot and baggy, hair unkempt and shaggy. You’d think he was drinking or smoking, but he hardly smells of alcohol or pot. So what could…?

“I NEED MOUNTAIN DEW REEEEED!!!!!” Rich yells, shaking.

Shit. He’s figured it out. How could his Squip be so idiotic? Sigh… Fine. Looks like he needs to be the one to go. Jeremy tries to soothe him, but there’s no point. He’s lost it.

-Give it up, Jeremy. He’ll be fine.-

Jeremy stops, watching him run around now, out of control. Not long after he flees to the kitchen, screams erupt from within and teens frantically flood from the fire.

-It’s time to go.-

“But Rich is still in there! And I can’t leave Michael behind..!”

-Michael will be fine. He already left.-

“He…he did?”

-Optic nerve blocking.-

“…Right…. But still, what about Rich?!”

-Leave him.-


-Hurry up and get out of here or I’ll do it for you.-

As Jeremy stares awestruck, eyes fixed on the growing flames, Jenna and Christine pass him; Christine stops for a moment to grab him by the arm, “What are you waiting for, Jeremy?! Come on!!” She drags him out, abandoning the other Squipped teen.

By the time Jeremy regains his senses, he scans the crowd. Christine and Jenna are safe, obviously, Chloe has buried herself under his arm, Brooke is sitting by the road, crying, and Jake has his hands to the sides of his head, trying to figure out how the hell he would explain this to his parents. The only one missing is–

“Michael… Where’s Michael?!”

-Jeremy, he’s–

“No!! I won’t risk it!”

He’s going to jump again!

-We finally made it out of there! You’re going to throw that away?! You don’t know that he’s still in there!-

“But I don’t know that he’s not!”

I need to say something and quick. Time jumping is the only thing I can’t stop him from doing!

-Jeremy STOP!! Or you’ll NEVER break free of this.-

He stops. Thank God.

“…You’re sure he’s alive?”

If it’ll get him to not reset, -Yes.-

“…I can’t risk it.”


KRRRRT*,,×,WNwWKO $÷×NENWO [JWN [¥~,WKWL)EMW##@!![,×NAKAO (!(!(JU (KANW÷÷××??+,(€£¥`◇\~¡¿¿¿¿,!+`!,NAAAa (+(+(+÷÷#-,;^





Here we go again.



For a minute I thought this was the “final” timeline, the one where they actually all make it–and I thought what a fantastic idea it would be if the final timeline is what actually happened in the show! So all of the previous timeloops lead up to everything in the actual musical, that’s genius!!

But aaa wreck my hEART AGA IN JESUS, I’m so glad Jer’s so concerned for Michael even though there’s a chance he made it out~~~ And reading everything from the Squip’s POV was so interesting! Especially for this AU, seeing things from his perspective is so neat! I loved it <33333

AND HOLY SHIT I LOVE HOW YOU PUT IN SOME OF THE SONG LYRICS? When I read those I started to sing along and gosh. I am dECEA SE D


I am shook by how amazing this is, I think I need a minute to sit down and breathe omfg

TY for this amazing fic, I have been blessed by the gODS, my plants are thriving, my skin is clear, I have ASCENDED TO THE ASTRAL PLANE))

Nobody Else But Me

Tobi x Reader

Request: “Could you please write an imagine based on that shirtless tobi gif? Something where he gets super jealous and then somehow leads to that situation with him shirtless and out of breath. Honestly you can write it however youd like but I need something to satisfy the tobi feels after that gif”

Note: 2400 words. Shout out to the anon who told me to listen to this song because it inspired this imagine. Also shout out to @sveta-sdmn for turning all of my followers into Tobi stans. I appreciate dat. Sexual themes below (like, seriously).  [master list]

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Crushes - Kol Mikaelson

Kol x reader

Rebekah x friend!reader

Warnings:  yelling, embarrassment, compulsion, a little angst

Word count: 2417

Authors note: ( y/f/n = your/friend’s/name ), this was supposed to be based off of  request but it took a different turn, i am proud of it though. This was only 13 pages on paper and it became 16 on the computer ( i added stuff ;) ). i choose Greece because i love the show “Xena warrior princess”. i was thinking about choosing Russia  because I’ve been watching “Arrow” and i love his Russian friend from the island he’s funny. (p.s send in requests please)

Summary: Rebekah wants to know who your crush is but you lie and say no one but then Kol walks in and you cant lie to him son you shut up , later Kol wants to know to when you dein him he has to take drastic measures that he ends up regretting.


Originally posted by sociopathic-winchester

Readers p.o.v

“No, Rebekah stop asking please.” I begged

 “Come on y/n, just admit to me who you like and I won’t have to ask. To think we have been friends for hundreds of centuries and you won’t tell me”.

 I plopped myself down on the couch and looked at her. “ I want to Rebekah but, problem is I don’t like anymore-”.

 “What did I miss” Kol said sitting down next to me, wrapping his arm around my shoulders. Which maybe my cheeks turn red, I could feel it.

 Rebekah glared at Kol for interrupting me. “Y/n was just about to explain why-”

 “About to explain why I can’t stay for movie night” I cut her off.

 Kol looked at me shocked that I would miss a movie night with him and Bekah. While Bekah was looking at me skeptically, looking at my cheeks and kol and me.

 “And why not” she asked crossing her arms across her chest, giving me a smug look.

 “I-I” I looked at her and looking at her and I knew she figured it out. I hate the fact that she knows, because now she’s gonna want to talk to me about it.

 “You have to stay! You can’t miss out on this, we have been doing it since movies came out on film rolls!” Kol said

 I turned to Kol  I couldn’t lie to Kol. Even if I wanted to.

 I love him, not just did I like someone I loved someone and that was Kol Mikaelson. I have since Klaus un-daggered him A century after I met Rebekah, Klaus, and Elijah.

 I turned my head to look at Kol and he looked between disappointed, sad, and shocked.

 “Please, darling” he said. While stroking my hair.

 “You know what, it’s nothing I can’t do tomorrow”

 Kol’s face lit up. His arm was starting to get a little warm around my shoulders, I had to get up or I would start to get extra comfortable.

 “Well then, now that that’s settled. Who’s gonna make popcorn-” Kol started to say but I cut him off, this was my chance.

 “I-I will. I mean, I should go make the popcorn, uh yeah.” I got up quickly and headed to the kitchen.


After the first movie I volunteered to make more popcorn and get more drinks, although as I got up Kol linked our hands and started to drag me out of the room.


 “I’m gonna help you, come on” he said cutting me off. I looked back at Bekah, she just shrugged clueless as me as to his behavior.

 As Kol dragged me into the kitchen and looked at me.

 “Ok look I know when you lie I can hear your undead heartbeat skip. You didn’t have anything to do instead of this, that was a lie. I want to know why you were so nervous before I walked in darling”

 I pulled my hand from his. I can’t tell him, if I tell him it will ruin everything. Plus how can he like or even love me the same way. I can’t let him know, then the last 800 years of friendship would be for nothing.

 “I don’t know what your talking about, come on let’s just make more popcorn “ I said turning around to get more popcorn out of the cabinet.

 “Sweetheart don’t make me have to compel it out of you” he said grabbing both my wrist, turning me around. “Please …  darling don’t make me.”

 “Kol nothing was said, even if something was said Kol it would be between me and Rebekah. I know this is hard for you to understand but not everything is your business.” I said trying to turn around.

 “Fine darling you give me no choice.” He grabbed my chin and looked me in the eyes “what were you and my sister talking about before I walked in?”

 We were talking about crushes. She wanted to know who I liked” I said almost like  robot.

 “And what did you tell her?” He compelled me again. I have a feeling he’s gonna do that a lot in the next few minutes.

 “I told her that I didn’t like anyone”

 “Is that the truth?” He asked.

 “No” I swallowed hoping he won’t ask what I think he will.

 “Then tell me darling, who do you like so much that you were gonna skip out on movie night for? Hmm”

 “You. The person I like, love and have a crush on is you. I stopped talking so you wouldn’t ask. I can’t lie to you, that’s why I go around avoiding saying who I like.” As I finished my last statement I didn’t know how to feel angry that he actually compelled me, shocked about it to. But I was for certain embarrassed to hell and back. I can’t believe he did that, that he knows how much I like him, that he knows at all.

 “Y/n-” he started but I cut him off I pulled my wrist out of his grip. I jerked my chin out of his grip to.

 “I-I  have to go.” I said in a hurry to get out of the kitchen. I walked over into the room we set up the movies in. I grabbed my jacket, and started to put it on.

 “Where are you going, I thought you were gonna stay?” Bekah asked.

 “I have to go, I’m sorry Bekah” I said walking out of the room and Rebekah following me.

 “Y/n, you don’t have to go …” Kol said he looked sad when he saw I had I had put my jacket on.

 “I’ll see you guys later, I’m-m s-sorry” I stuttered, and with that I left.


Kol’s p.o.v

“Ok Kol what did you do to make her leave?!” Rebekah yelled.

 “I-I compelled her to tell me what you guys were talking about before I walked in. I … made her tell me who her crush was, who she liked.” I said still in shock.

 “Who, come on Kol tell me, who?!” Rebekah yelled excitedly.

 “Me. She likes me, has a crush on me.” We looked at each other I couldn’t believe it.

%%%%%%%%( 2 hours later )%%%%%%%%

I sat in my room holding my head in my hands. “She likes me. She has a crush on me. How could I not see it. How could I not for 800 years see it! I didn’t think that would be her answer, or that her and Rebekah were talking about that. I would have been disappointed if it wasn’t me, to be honest. I have had a crush on her since Klaus has un-daggered me, since the first time I met her. The only reason I was so shocked and just stood there after she said it was me because I didn’t think she would ever like me back. Let alone love me back. I thought ya know if she said someones elses name (besides mine) I could tease her about it and then kill the guy later. But the fact that she said my name shocked me so much that I was to shocked to stop her from leaving.  Now she’s gone.” I was brought out of my rant to myself, when Rebekah knocked on my my door entering.

 “Come on Kol, it can’t be that much of a shock. You two have always been super close and flirty, did you really think that there weren’t any real feelings behind it at all.” she said more as a statement then a question.

 “That’s the thing, to me it was never just just playful flirting … I have liked, no loved her since the moment we met. I just never said anything because of Klaus and he daggers. I couldn’t put her in that situation.” I told her.

 “Then go tell her how you feel. She ran out of here in pure embarrassment. You shouldn’t have compelled her!” she yelled the last part.

 “I know, I know  … it was wrong I just had to know. I hate that I compelled her I shouldn’t have done it” I said shaking my head and burying it in between my knees.

 Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder I looked up to my side at Rebekah.

 “Then go talk to her before it’s too late.” she said with sympathy.

 “Bekah-” I started.

 She cut me off “Try! … at least try” she said the last part softer.

%%%%%( meanwhile )%%%%%

Readers p.o.v

I started to pack clothes into my duffel bag as soon as I got back. I spent almost an hour crying and walking around the square.

Y/F/N: Hey, I booked your flight.


Y/N: thxks for buying the ticket.


Y/F/N: Tell me again why you transferred money to my account to buy you a plane ticket?


Y/N: Because I need to get out of here for awhile and if I bought it then the Mikaelsons would be able to track where I went and that would defeat the purpose of being alone.


Y/F/N: Ok, I understand that. But why what happened exactly?


Y/N: Kol compelled me to tell him who I ike. He found out it was him and well you know he doesn’t like me that way so he just stood there, I left and now I need to get away for awhile.


Y/F/N: He could like you the same maybe he was just in shock. But I agree you need a little VK and he had no right to do what he did.


Y/N: thank you again for doing this.


Y/F/N: No problem

I put my phone in my pocket, grabbed my bag and turned off the lights with that I locked the door and left.

 As I got in the cab I said “Airport please” looking out the window at the night sky.

 I know some people would consider this running from my problems. But I’m not, I just need sometime to recover from being so embarrassed and possibly just lose one of the best friendships I’ve ever had. I just need to cool down from everything.

 So Greece  here I come …

%%%%%( now )%%%%%

Kol’s p.o.v

Once I got to her place I noticed the lights were off in her place, and I didn’t hear anything so I went around to the side and jumped up to the balcony and wedged open the window. I walked into the kitchen then the living room, I noticed that her closer was left open and half her clothes were gone and some jewelry is gone to.

 Great she left to god knows where I’m too late.


“Did you talk to her?” Rebekah asked.

 “No, I didn’t. Because she wasn’t there, she’s gone I didn’t know where … but she’s gone”

 “All her stuff-”

 “No … not all of it” I said

 “Well she probably needs space. Just give her time and space she’ll come back” she said, then left to her room for the night.

 I nodded, god I missed up.

%%%%%( 2 weeks later )%%%%%

“She’s back you know” Rebekah said leaning against the door frame to my room.

 I looked up at her “I have to go talk to her” I said, as I grabbed my jacket and left.

 “ you better come back with her as your girlfriend!” Rebekah yelled as I headed out of the compound.


Readers p.o.v

I was unpacking from my 2 weeks in Greece. It was nice getting away for awhile. I suddenly heard a knock on my door. When I opened it I was shocked to see Kol.I mean I knew he would come over but I didn’t think this soon.

 “Ummm, hi” I said shyly.

 “Hi … can I come in, I know that’s asking a lot but I want to explain everything” he said in one breath.

 I nodded, and opened the door more and moved to the side.

 “Sooo  … where’d you go?” he asked

 “Greece. I needed space for a bit.” I answered.

 “You always liked it there. I checked your bank account it didn’t say anything about a plane ticket being bought.”

 “ yeah i had y/f/n but it so you couldn’t track me. I have known you for a very long time Kol, I know how you think.” I said with a smirk.

 He smiled “ yeah you do … better than anyone.”

 After some time awkward silence you decided to break it “ you said you wanted to explain” I stated.

 “Ah yes, look I imagine that you left to take some time because of what you said and what I did. The reason I didn’t stop you from leaving the kitchen is because I was shocked, darling-”

 “I could tell” you interrupted

 “I was shocked you could like me, love me like I love you.” he rushed out.

 I looked at him shocked. He has liked even loved me back!.

 “You love me back? Why did you not say anything to stop me from leaving the compound?!” I wanted to yell at him louder but I do have neighbors.

 “I was scared darling. Happy I was scared” he said

 “I love you Kol.” I said walking up to him and cupping his cheeks “and that, is never going to change.”

 “I’m all in darling. All in, be mine let’s spend the rest of eternity  together” he said smiling.

 “Absobloodylutely” I said smirking.

 “Good cause  I have wanted you to be mine since we met … and Bekah told me not to come back unless I make you my girlfriend.” we both laughed.

 After that me and Kol never kept anything from each other again and Rebekah was happy to say the least when we came back to the compound together.

anonymous asked:

LATTE (matt and lance)

This got…a little out of hand. It was supposed to be a short one-shot, and it wound up being a bit more like a nearly 2.5k oneshot. Hope you enjoy it, though, anon!

Also, since we don’t know much about Matt’s character right now, I had to make my own headcannons.

“Lance, are you in?”

“Yeah, just a sec…” He peered around the corner. “It looks clear. You said they’re at the end of the hall?”

“According to the schematics.” Pidge’s voice was low and tense over the comm link. “Can you see them?”

“Not yet. Any guards showing up?”

“I think Keith’s diversion worked pretty well. They’re all in the east wing.”

Lance took another quick peek and rushed down the hall. “Okay. I’m going in.” He plugged in a small computer Pidge had given him to the handprint reader beside the room at the end of the hallway. “It’s ready.”

She remoted in and made quick work of hacking through the security system keeping the door locked. “Just a minute…” He glanced over his shoulder nervously as she worked. “Got it.”

The door whooshed open, and Lance ran inside. The large, dimly lit room was filled with prisoners, all looking defeated and exhausted. They stared at him for a brief moment before it sunk in that he wasn’t a Galra soldier.

“Everyone, follow me. I’m gonna get you out.” Lance grinned. “I’m a paladin of Voltron. We’re here to rescue you. Go out in the hall, and I’ll lead you out of here.” By far, this was his favorite part of the job. Saving people and, hopefully, reuniting them with their families. He ushered them out of the room one by one, mentally counting how many he’d need to accomodate. “Pidge, do we have any spare ships? There’s a lot more here than I can fit in Blue.”

Unfortunately for Lance, he didn’t even hear her answer. Instead, he froze and lost focus entirely when he saw the next two prisoners ready to hurry out into the hallway.

“Wait.” He grabbed the younger man’s shoulder. “Are you…” His heart was racing. He couldn’t be wrong about this. Not with Pidge listening in. “Are you Matt Holt?”

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Season 2 fix-it (add-in for the pool scene, since there was a big gap between when the lights go out in the elevator and when we next see Lance and Keith, halfway up the elevator shaft. this is nothing but a spawn of my headcanon that Lance developed claustrophobia after the incidents with the cryopod and the airlock in s1 ep9)

[read on ao3]

As soon as the elevator rumbles, Lance decides that the universe is just really fucking against him. 

He’s exhausted and irritated, and on top of everything, he’s now stuck in a cramped elevator with Keith, of all people.

A really freaking cramped elevator.

“Brilliant,” Lance mutters. “That’s just brilliant.”

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In which I have transcribed all 18 memories from Breath of the Wild

Memory 1: Subdued Ceremony

Zelda: Hero of Hyrule, chosen by the sword that seals the darkness… you have shown unflinching bravery and skill in the face of darkness and adversity. And have proven yourself worthy by the blessings of the Goddess Hylia. Whether skyward bound, adrift in time, or steeped in the glowing embers of twilight. The sacred blade is forever bound to the soul of the Hero. We pray for your protection… and we hope that—that the two of you will grow stronger together as one. (Hand down, breath, hand up). Forged in the long distant past…
Daruk:Gee, this is uplifting. She’s making it sound as if we already lost.
Revali: Wasn’t this your idea? You’re the one who wanted to designate the appointed knight with all the ceremonial pomp, grandeur, and nonsense we could muster…. And if you ask me, the whole thing does seem to be overkill. I think I’m on the same page as the Princess regarding this… this boy.
Urbosa: Oh give it a rest. That boy is a living reminder of her own failures. Well, at least that’s how the princess sees him.

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It’s wrong Pt.2

Archie Andrews x Geraldine Grundy, Archie Andrews x reader

  • Warnings : None apart from swearing
  • Word count : 1015
  • Prompt : Geraldine Grundy is your older sister and you find out about her relationship with one of your friends Archie Andrews and you are desperate to get them to break up for their own good.

Part 1

You were convinced that Archie was hiding something from you, after all why would he act like that? You knew you were going to have to catch him out or at least catch him with this mysterious girl he’s clearly obsessed with.

“Hey Betty?” She smiled as soon as she saw you, her conversation with this kid in her class stopped.

“Sorry didn’t mean to interrupt.” You said looking down slightly, feeling a little embarrassed for interrupting.

No it’s fine, we’re just finishing. So if you get me that information I’ll print it in the Blue and Gold.” She smiled, the person quickly nodded looking quite sheepish at the thought and hurried away.

“So Y/N what can I do you for?” She said linking her arm with mine as we walked down the now empty corridor. That’s the thing about Betty you can tell that she genuinely wanted to help and would do anything to help those who she cared for.

Do you think Archie is hiding something from us? Cause he keeps blowing us off, he’s fell out with Jughead and they were inseparable, he goes off on long trips “with his Dad” I don’t know something just seems off.”

You looked at Betty to see her with a confused expression, “I never thought of it like that, I guess wait and see if it continues and if it does confront him or we’ll do it together.” She said as we stopped and looked at each other giggling at her response.

But you still weren’t satisfied, but you decided to let it slide for now.

~~After you went to Pops~~

Even though Geraldine told you she would be in after your curfew which basically meant that you didn’t have to stick to it, you still wanted to, maybe it would give her less of an excuse to nag you. It was freezing tonight, Riverdale was entering the Winter months which would mean there is loads of snow on its way, and the idiot that you are forgot her jacket, even though Kevin offered you his, you still refused to take it.

As you were approaching your front door, you realised that Geraldine’s car was parked outside and there was a light on in the front room. As you got closer and closer you were able to see two silhouettes, one you could tell belonged to your sister, but who was the other person.

You took out your keys, trying to the twist the lock quietly hoping to catch your sister and this new man that she so happened to forget to tell you about.

Just as you were opening the door you forgot about the catch at the bottom of the door, you caught your shoe on it and it send you stumbling forwards, you were able to catch yourself before you fell.

Shit Y/N, she wasn’t supposed to be back yet. You have to go quickly, move she’ll come in here any second. Sorry, I’ll have to see you tomorrow. And remember what I said you can’t tell Sherif Keller or anyone about this please.” That’s the one thing about Geraldine she was unable to whisper quietly, however this mystery person was able to. You heard him clatter through the window, trying to “sneak” away. Just as you were about to open the closed down, Geraldine opened it, whilst simultaneously trying to smooth down her hair and fix her top,

“Hi Y/N what are you doing back so early?”

“It’s my curfew, and anyways you said you wouldn’t be back till after this time.” You said eyeing the room around her, “and who was in here with you?”

“No o-one, wh-why would you say that?Did you see something?” She started shifting in her spot her eyes trying to desperately gage your emotions.

Someone was in here with you. I saw their shadow with yours when I was coming up to the house. Also what aren’t they allowed to tell Sherif Keller? Is it to do with Jason’s murder?”

“Wait you heard what I said?”

“So there was someone in here with you?!”

“Look Y/N forget about it, it was no one, don’t you have work to do or something?”

“Whatever you say Geraldine, I just know that you’re hiding something, and I will find out what it is.”

With that being said she stormed by you, and stomped upstairs slamming the door on her way up. This gave you the perfect opportunity, to search the sitting room for evidence on who it was.

You waited for her to definitely be asleep first. When you entered the front room, it was pretty tidy, a couple wine glasses left out with half a bottle of wine, blankets sprawled all over the floor. So far you weren’t able to find anything. You were slowly giving up hope in finding something. Defeated you slumped back onto the sofa. As you laid your head on the back of the sofa, slowly letting your tiredness to overtake your body,you felt something dig into your back and it was quite lumpy. Your eyebrows furrowed, and you sat up, slightly twisting, reaching your arm in between the cushions of the sofa. What you pulled out you couldn’t believed, it wasn’t only what you found that shocked you but it was what was on it that shocked you.

A blue and gold varsity jacket, you felt like all the air had been knocked out of you, and right beneath where your thumb was rubbing was Archie’s name, embossed in gold thread. And that was when it clicked. Archie was seeing your sister.

Hi! So that was part 2, if you would like a part 3 then please message me. And remember my asks and requests are open so send them in!

anonymous asked:

Hiii could you write an AU where Jughead and Betty are friends with benefits (not sex necessarily but they make out and all) but neither of them speak up about their feelings so they start teasing each other a bit with like jealous? Thank you!!!

Okay so I made this super PG, like all of my stuff. I hope that’s alright!!!! I like the idea of Jealous!Betty and Jealous!Jughead

It was Betty who started it all. Jughead had been comforting her one day in the Blue and Gold office when suddenly her lips had been on his. Jughead had pulled back, not wanting to take advantage of Betty’s delicate state, but Betty had responded saying that she just needed to distract herself. She needed a break from everything that was going through her mind. Then she had been kissing him again and Jughead hadn’t had the strength to push her away a second time.

They had never talked about it. It had happened a few more times. The first couple times Betty initiated it when she was upset, but Jughead had also made the first move eventually. Soon, they were making out with each other every time they were alone. But they still never talked about it. They stayed friends and acted like nothing unusual was happening when they were around other people.

Jughead really liked Betty, he had liked her before their steamy makeout sessions. He wanted to date her for real, not just kiss and then pretend like it meant nothing. But at the same time, he really enjoyed kissing her and the selfish part of him didn’t want that to stop. He feared if he pushed her or tried to make this something that it wasn’t, she would pull away and he wouldn’t get to kiss her, or maybe even be friends with her. So he stayed silent.

Betty found herself falling for Jughead. She hadn’t meant to, she hadn’t wanted to, it had just happened. It had started as an outlet for her stress. She felt safe with Jughead and kissing him was a welcome distraction. But at some point, she found herself unable to separate her actions from her feelings. Her new feelings scared her, she didn’t want to be hurt again. She didn’t want to be rejected by another one of her friends. So she kept her mouth shut and her feelings to herself.


It was like a punch to Betty’s gut when she walked into the Blue and Gold office and found Jughead sitting close to a girl, their heads bent together over a textbook. They looked up when the door closed behind her. Jughead looked surprised to see her and leaned back from the girl.

“Hi Betty, Sandra and I were just studying for our History test. The student lounge was full so I suggested we come here. I hope that’s okay.” Jughead explained quickly as if Betty had caught him in a compromising position.

“Of course, it’s your office too” Betty hoped her voice was calmer than she felt. She knew she had no claim over Jughead, but it still was shocking to see him so close to another girl.

“Do you want us to leave?” Jughead asked

“No, no…I just came to get…” Betty walked over to the desk and grabbed the first thing she saw “…this. Well, I’ve got to go go. I told Veronica I’d meet up with her.” Betty said as she hurried out the door. She thought she heard Jughead call her name, but she didn’t stick around long enough to find out. She walked quickly until she reached Veronica, who was at her locker.

“What’s up B? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Veronica joked

“Do you know Sandra?”

“Umm, brown hair, cute?”

“Yeah…” Betty said, feeling sick to her stomach

“Yes, why?”

“No reason, I just walked in on her and Jughead studying in the Blue and Gold offices. They seemed…close” Betty tried to sound casual, but knew she was failing horribly.

“I think somebody’s jealous,” Veronica said in a sing song voice

“What? No, don’t be ridiculous. It’s not like they were doing anything, and even if they were, Jughead and I are just friends. He can study or do anything else with whoever he wants.” Betty spoke quickly in annoyance and then turned to walk away. Veronica slammed her locker and caught up with her.

“Whoa B, I was teasing you. But do you like Jughead?” Veronica linked her arm in Betty’s

“No, of course not” Betty scoffed. She could tell that Veronica didn’t believe her, but mercifully her friend decided to drop it. Betty didn’t want to admit it, but she had been jealous. She didn’t like seeing Jughead with a girl that wasn’t her. But she didn’t have any claim to him so she didn’t know what to do with these feelings.


Jughead couldn’t get the look on Betty’s face out of his head. She had looked surprised and hurt when she had seen him with Sandra. They really had just been studying, but he realized how it might look to an outsider.

He wasn’t sure why exactly he felt guilty, but he did. Maybe it was because the look on Betty’s face told him that she cared a lot more than she was letting on. It bothered her to see him with another girl. Jughead felt an odd sense of satisfaction at knowing she was jealous because that meant she felt something for him that was more than friendship.

Jughead thought that maybe it was time to tell her how he felt. That was his plan, at least until he walked into the cafeteria and saw Betty laughing with Trev. Jughead felt a flash of something white hot. He knew it was jealousy and tried to push it down. He joined Betty, Trev, and Archie, sitting across from Betty.

“Trev, you’re funny” Betty laughed again and put her hand on his arm. Jughead knew she had noticed his presence, but she was ignoring him. Jughead narrowed his eyes at her. What game was she playing exactly? “Oh, hi Jughead” Betty turned to him with a bright smile, acting like she just noticed him.

“Hi Betty, hi Trev” Jughead tried to keep his voice level. Trev was a nice guy, but he knew that he had a crush on Betty and that rubbed him the wrong way. Jughead saw someone across the cafeteria and inspiration struck. “I just remembered I have to talk to someone about homework.” Jughead stood up and walked across the room, knowing that Betty’s eyes were following him the entire way.

“Hey Sandra.” He scooted next to the girl, sitting closer to her than was necessary. He looked over to see Betty glaring at him. “I forgot to write down what our homework was, could you remind me.” Jughead gave her his brightest smile, leaning close as she showed him her notebook where she had written the assignment. “Thanks” he gave her another smile and stood up to walk back to his seat. Instead, he found his path blocked by Betty, who was standing there with her hands on her hips. She grabbed his arm and started pulling him away.

“Betty, what are you doing?”

“Just come with me” Betty pulled him to the Blue and Gold offices and shut the door behind him. Then she faced him with a mutinous expression on her face. “What was that?”

“What was what?” Jughead decided to play dumb

“You know what…” Betty’s face softened slightly, showing a hint of something else underneath the anger. “Are you dating Sandra.”

“No, of course not. I was just asking for the homework assignment.”

“Yeah right” Betty huffed, the anger coming back.

“Well what about you!” Jughead found his own anger growing

“What about me?”

“You and Trev seemed pretty cozy”

“Oh, come on!” Betty threw her hands in the air

“No you come on Betty. Why do you even care?”

“Because!” Betty was practically shouting

“Because why?” Jughead yelled back

“Because I like you and don’t like seeing you with other girls” Betty was still yelling. After the words came out she took a step back, looking shocked at what had just come out of her mouth. Jughead felt his anger disappear in an instant.

“What did you say?” He asked softly

“Nothing…I just…” Betty tried to backtrack.

“Bets” Jughead said gently, stepping closer to her. “Nothing is going on between Sandra and I. Nothing would ever happen because there is someone else that I like.” Jughead continued walking closer until he was inches away from Betty. She took a shaky breath and turned her face up to look at him. She had an almost hopeful expression on her face.

“And who is that someone?” She whispered so softly he almost missed the words.

“It’s you, you crazy girl. I like you” Jughead wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close.

“Really?” A slow smile spread across her face. “I like you too Jughead Jones” She said and pushed up so their lips collided. Jughead kissed her back hard, glad that they finally had shared their feelings behind their intense kisses.

Below are some random After Story scenes to The Donor Story

They’re not necessary, but I thought they were really cute and funny, so I’m sharing them with you all :> Enjoy~

Scene 1: Inside (and Out)

*Faris recuperates after a few hours of rest. With enough alertness, he and Yousra decide to make an announcement to the others*

Faris: Everyone.. there’s something I need to tell you, especially to you, Papyrus.

Papyrus: *blinks and looks around, then tilts his head, pointing to himself* Eh?

Faris: You remember when I left in a hurry before the transplant?

Papyrus: Ah, yes. You left to tell Yousra about it.

Faris: That was.. only part of the reason. The other reason was because.. I.. sort of proposed to her.

Papyrus: Oh my god, what?? You did??!

Faris: ..Yes.

Papyrus: *looks at Yousra* And you said yes??

*Yousra gives a nod. She’s a little embarrassed of the attention directed at her*

Papyrus: *hands on cheekbones* OH MY GOD!! *he dashes over to the two and shakes both their hands vigorously* Congratulations! I am so happy for you two!! *he then takes a look at Yousra’s left hand, turning it over when he doesn’t find what he’s looking for* Ah.. Eh.. Where is it?

Yousra: Where’s what?

Papyrus: The ring! Faris was supposed to give you a ring when he proposed to you!

Faris: Why would I need to do that? Aren’t there rings exchanged at a marital ceremony?

Alphys: Those are considered wedding bonds. An engagement ring is a pledge to a future life together in matrimony.

Papyrus: Also, it lets others know about your engagement so they can congratulate you!

Faris: That’s a little embarrassing…

Alphys: But why of all days (or nights, I should say), did you propose right before the transplant?

Faris: I… *looks down, ashamed* I didn’t know when would be the perfect time to ask. I tried to ask once before, but I was cut short.. When you two told me about the donor, I had to know for sure if Yousra would stay by my side, even if I was somebody else.

Alphys: But despite it all, she still loves you, right? It doesn’t matter how you may look as long as you’re still you. It is the inside that counts~

Faris: Yeah.. *he looks at Yousra and clasps her hand* I know that now..

Papyrus: But I must say, your good looks is an added bonus! *gives a wink and thumbs up*

Faris: *stares vacantly*

Yousra: *face reddens up* Papyrus, why…

Papyrus: Am I wrong..?

Scene 2: Giving The Talk

*Faris’ health continues to improve. He’s about ready to be discharged from the hospital, but Alphys needs to take a look at his soul to be sure it’s in good condition before he can go*

Faris: So when can I get out of here..?

Alphys: Eager, are we? I-I don’t blame you.. Staying in the hospital for several hours can make a patient stir-crazy, but I’m afraid you’ll have to remain here just a bit longer. I-It’s recommended that I take a look at your soul. There’s also some important matter we need to discuss concerning your new body.

Faris: *sigh* Fine..

*Alphys comes over to examine his new soul. The core of the soul is occupied by darkness that is Faris’ fragment. Andrew had allowed the fragment to spread throughout, giving Faris full access to the body. Only the outer wall of the soul remains untainted by darkness, glowing in orange, green and blue which were once the representation of Andrew’s character. It now serves as a shell to help carry Faris’ fragment*

Alphys: That’s incredible…

Faris: How does it look?

Alphys: Mm… Looks good to me~ *his soul disappears when she’s finished looking it over, and she straightens up* Now Faris.. *she takes off her bifocals* s-since you are a monster now living in a human body, there are some things you need to consider. Normally a human body will continue to go through physical change as they age. Y-You’re aware already that monsters stop aging when the spiritual link to both parents is severed, but can resume aging once their link is reestablished to their children. You are a hybrid of the two, s-so I’m not sure yet if you will be aging regularly like a human or not. I’ll be assigning you to regular checkups to see if anything has changed.

Faris: Okay..

Alphys: There is also a thing that humans experience called digestion. When humans ingest food, it goes through a process of absorption and elimination. Whatever waste is collected inside the system is flushed out.

Faris: Okay you don’t need to give me the details.

Alphys: *smiles awkwardly* S-Sorry. I know it’s an embarrassing subject, but in this case, you won’t need to worry about any of that. Apparently, everything you consume is absorbed and converted into energy. It works similarly to a monster. Lucky you~

Faris: Eh… *he seems bothered by that comment*

Alphys: While we’re on topic about human body functions.. There’s something I’d like you to do for me.

Faris: I’m afraid to ask..

Alphys: I-It’s just a little homework assignment.. Can you read?

Faris: ..Yes..?

Alphys: Good~ *she leaves the room a moment, then returns with a stack of books. They look very much like textbooks you’d find in a school. She wheels around a tray table and sets the books on top in front of Faris* Then I’d like you to read into these books.

Faris: All of them??

Alphys: It’s not much. You only need to read the essentials *she leans in and whispers* I highlighted them for you~

Faris: Uh huh… *stares at the stack of books. He couldn’t believe Alphys would spend so much time reading them from front to back, marking all the ‘important’ information* So what exactly are they about?

Alphys: Mm let’s see *she lists them one by one as she holds up each book* There’s human anatomy, human behavior, health and wellness, sex educa-

Faris: Is this all really necessary..?

Alphys: Yes. Since you are now technically human, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the way the human body function.

Faris: *grunts and falls back into his pillow, rolling his eyes up* I think I pretty much have an idea how the human body works, thank you…

Scene 3: A Pair of Buns

*after that awkward talk with Alphys, Faris can now get ready to leave the hospital. She brought out a pile of folded clothes from storage and placed them out on the other medical bed then left. Papyrus stepped in to check on Faris*

Papyrus: So how was the checkup?

Faris: Fine, I suppose *he sits up* Can you take care of these.. books for me?

Papyrus: Eh..? *he goes over and picks up the first book titled Human Anatomy* What are these for?

Faris: Learning.. apparently.. I wouldn’t look in them if I were you..

Papyrus: Why? It’s got pictures of skeletons in them! *is skimming through the anatomy book* Do you think that we could possibly be related to the humans? I mean, they have bones inside, and Sans and I are Skeletons.

Faris: Hm.. *he ponders on it as he goes over to check out the clothes that Alphys put on the other bed. They used to belong to Andrew. He holds up the striped long sleeve* ..Eehh..

Papyrus: *glances up* What’s wrong?

Faris: ..Is it possible if we stop somewhere and get some new outfits?

Papyrus: Why? Is there something wrong with those?

Faris: They’re fine, but they belonged to Andrew, and striped shirts aren’t really my style.. It’d be nice to have some clothes of my own.

Papyrus: Oooh.. *taps his mandible* I know someone who has a taste for fashion. Maybe he can help us find some clothes for you!

Faris: That’d be great actually.

*the door then slides open, and Yousra steps into the room carrying a tray of snacks she got out of the café*

Yousra: Faris, I got you some sna- *she suddenly freezes. The first thing she sees is Faris still in his hospital gown with his back to her. Between the openings of the gown, she catches a glimpse of his bare backside. Her face steams up, and she drops the tray to cover up her cheeks*

*both Faris and Papyrus look up to the sound of the tray crashing to the floor and turn around*

Faris: Yousra? What happened..?

Papyrus: Wowie, your whole face is red. Are you sick??

*Yousra quickly spins herself around, facing away from the two*

Yousra: I-I’m fine *internally screams* Are you telling me he was wearing nothing beneath that thing the entire time he was awake??!!

Papyrus: … *glances at Faris* Maybe she needs to be admitted to the hospital this time.

That’s all folks! :)

Gajevy of the Shinsengumi
New Chapter: The Oath of the Exiles, Part 2

by Impracticaldemon

See source link for link to FFN. I’m at Impracticaldemon on FFN.
Words: ~2600

Summary:  Levy is a servant girl at an inn in Edo-period Japan (1864). She doesn’t know much about her past or her powers, but the red-eyed police officer she “meets” during a police (Shinsengumi) raid on the inn seems to have some ideas. New Chapter: Levy now has her guild mark and is an official member of the Guild in Exile. Conversation with Gajeel about the darker nature of the Oath of the Exiles. 

Chapter 8: The Oath of the Exiles, Part 2
Prompt: Marriage/Living Together

Author’s Note:

Once again, I have decided to post a short (~2600 word) chapter, rather than wait to complete the whole story.  I hope you enjoy this! :)

Saitō-san and Yamazaki-san—or rather, Gray-san and Lahar-san—left the Vice Commander’s office with Levy. Erza-san stayed to speak with the Vice Commander, which didn’t seem to surprise anyone. Levy was very curious about the two of them, now that she knew that they were contracted to be married. After all, a marriage contract was a serious thing, far more important in many ways than the wedding itself, which was more of a party.

When they reached the small inner courtyard frequented by the executive officers, all three of them stopped by common accord. In Levy’s case, it was more a question of being deep in thought and automatically coming to a halt when the men did.

“Congratulations, Levy-san,” Gray-san said in his usual quiet voice. He bowed a little to her—she hurried to return the bow, as he was one of the most senior captains—and then turned and walked away to his room. Levy sensed that although his face and eyes remained as serious as ever, he was pleased with her.

Even as Gray-san reached the door to his room, which opened onto the courtyard, a big man with long, shaggy black hair came loping toward him. Gajeel was still wearing his blue and white Shinsengumi jacket and iron-reinforced headband, so he must have come right here from his patrol duties. He looked as though he were suppressing the urge to run, and his strides made quick work of the distance between himself and Gray-san.

“Jellal-san timed things as well as usual,” murmured Lahar, putting a hand lightly on Levy’s shoulder. “He made sure that Gajeel would be finishing up his rounds when you received you mark.”

Levy’s eyes were fixed on her mentor, who was speaking in low, emphatic tones to Gray-san. She could tell that the captain’s responses neither surprised nor pleased Gajeel. Yet, despite a fierce scowl, Gajeel nodded to Gray-san at the end of their brief conversation and parted from him without any notable acrimony.

“Gajeel is handling things well,” Lahar noted, sounding pleased. His hand was no longer on Levy’s shoulder, and in fact he had moved a step away from his trainee. Levy glanced at him to make sure he wasn’t being sarcastic, but he appeared to be serious.

“Watin’ for me, are ya?” Gajeel walked up to them and stood glaring down at Lahar.

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The Crash

Title: The Crash

Genre: Fluff, Domestic

Word Count: 5, 904

Warnings: None!

Description: It’s another sleepless night for Phil only that Dan comes along and they end up shopping at like, 1 A.M. at a twenty-four hour superstore. It’s a bit of a disaster.

Author’s note: *comes up with a simple plot* *5,000+ words later* Uhhh… (Please remember that this is fiction.)

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Moonstruck: Chapter 1

Genre: fluff (Jungkook x OC)

Word count: 2.6k

Summary: You and Jungkook have been best friends for as long as you can remember. But when he starts acting strange, you begin to fear the worst. You hope that tagging along with him and his family for their annual summer trip might bring him out of his slump, but things quickly get messy as you start to question where both of you stand in your relationship. 

You met Jungkook when you were just six years old after he threw a Frisbee right into the back of your head and knocked you off of the swing that you were sitting on. Looking up at the boy, you had tears in your eyes and, to your surprise, so did he. 

You remember how apologies flew from his mouth and didn’t stop even when his and your parents rushed across the playground to pacify you both. After a quick exchange between both families, you were carried away while Jungkook had to be dragged, still yelling about how sorry he was.

The next week, he was at the playground again, but this time without the Frisbee. He asked if he could swing with you, to which you reluctantly agreed. But, despite your weariness, just a few minutes later the two of you were giggling as you told each other random stories about school and your families.

Ever since that day, you two were inseparable. In elementary school you cause so much trouble together that they had to transfer Jungkook to a different class. Then in middle school Jungkook received two days of detention punching a kid in the face after he poured milk on your head.

It was a miracle he put up with you through all the years, especially during your hormonal teenager years. Every time you complained to him about some kind of boy problem he listened patiently, and when you asked him about any of the girls in his life, his answer was always that there weren’t any other girls besides you. You never bought any of it though, only slapping his shoulder and laughing in response.

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Jimin: Aphenphosmphobia Pt. 1

Originally posted by jimintensify

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 1550

Warning: Mention of aphenphosmphobia, panic attack and a bit of self harm

Aphenphosmphobia: the fear of being touched or of touching. For some people who have this phobia, the fear of touching or being touched is linked specifically to people of the opposite sex. In women, this fear is often linked to having experienced a sexual assault


New day. New morning. New school. New…friends. You hate them all. You hate the fact that you have to wake up every single day to face those people. Those that you feared. Those guys.

You are a ordinary 18 year old, or so you thought. You suffer from aphenphosmphobia since you were 11, when your family moved to a small town. Your neighbour seems pretty friendly at first, like the perfect neighbour everyone would wish to have. He was a single man with no wife or children. He always invite you to his house, saying that he would like some company since he was almost 24/7 alone. He treated you candies and basically anything a little girl would like. 3 months passed living at the new apartment and everything was still pretty normal until, the last time you visited. You remember clearly when he invited you to his room for the first time. He handed you your favourite lollipop and started talking to you. He placed his hand on your knee and asked about your day, how was school etc. For each question he asked he slowly crept his hand up your thigh. For an 11 year old, you caught on to the situation pretty quickly and started to resist his touch. But he hits you. Before he released you from the demon castle back to your home, he threatened to continue what he was doing if you tell anybody about it.

When you finally reached your safest heaven, you cover your face with your hair not wanting your parents to question you about the bruises. You ran to your room in a hurry and stuffed your face in the pillow crying. Few minutes later your mom came knocking at your door, which you gladly welcome her in, forgetting about the fact that there’s big blue bruises on your cheeks. You heard her gasped before she rushed towards you, holding your cheeks and asking what happened to you. You didn’t answer though, you couldn’t. You don’t want him to do it again. But despite the fact that you told no one, he still did it. He did it even though you didn’t go to his place anymore. He came to your house, telling you parents he missed having you at his. Your parents, not knowing anything, always welcomed him and lead him to your room. He did it endlessly and it was making you physically and mentally abused. He stopped attacking your face after the first time, figuring out that he shouldn’t take the risk and instead, he abused your body. You hid your bruises with big and thick sweater until one day you finally couldn’t take it anymore. You broke the news to your mom but she couldn’t do anything to help you. The first time she did she was harassed and she didn’t dare to tell my father. She asked you to endure it. So you did. All by yourself. You stopped wearing sweater to school. Part of it because they will see it when there’s physical education anyway but mainly because you hate it. You hate sweaters. You want to be like the other girls who wear tank top and dresses to school. You wanted to be…normal.

When your father finally heard about it, he turned up at that man’s door. But that wasn’t enough to stop him. Your parents considered moving, but they just bought the new house and almost had no money left to even support out daily necessities. People notices your bruises everyday. You friends tried to talk to you. Your teachers tried to talk to you. But you shut them all out. So they had to call your parents every time. And you have to change school every they decided to butt their nose into your business to avoid any more questioning. You hated that man. You hated it when he step a foot into your home. You hated to be touched. Even a single tap on your hand could break your inner demon, unless you know that it’s a girl. You hated your parents because they let it happen every single time without reporting that filthy man saying that they ‘don’t want to create trouble’ as if you meant nothing as compared to their pride. They allow him to come to your house even if you’re not allowed to go to his. They did nothing to help you escape. The existence of that man changed your life.The existence of that man cut you off from all your friends, your family, the world. You lived with it for months until you couldn’t take it anymore. You hid yourself in the bathroom, taking out the blades you stored behind the mirror. It was wrong, but it relief you. You did it every time he was done with you. When you finally left the house, everything just wasn’t the same anymore. You distant yourself from your parents. Basically everyone. All men are the same, you told yourself. They’re disgusting.

You left the house without having breakfast that day. Standing outside the class you waited for your form teacher to give you permission to enter. “Alright class, we have a new student today!” you heard her saying in the room. You rolled your eyes having heard that for at least 10 times this year just because someone decided to report you to the counsellor after seeing the scars on your body. Once you entered the room, you stood frozen. You were not expecting that much boys in the class. Shit, I should have know better than to believe this was a girl school you thought to yourselfThere were definitely more than 20 of them. Stiffly introducing yourself, you scanned your eyes around the room trying to find a spot beside a female. It has to be a girl…please let me sit with a girl… you pray to yourself. But there was only one seat left beside a blonde guy. “Y/N? Please make yourself comfortable at the seat beside Jimin.” You heard behind you. You cursed under your breath and braced yourself before making your way to the only freakin’ seat in the entire classroom. “Hi! I’m Jimin!” He said beside you cheerfully. Instead of replying him, you shifted your chair and table slightly to the side to make a gap between the both of you. His smile dropped a little and you could hear a group of boys laughing behind him. You knew that it was rude to behave that way, but you couldn’t help it. It help you loosen up knowing that there’s at least some space separating you from filthy bastards.

Class ended and you’re more than happy to be packing your bag and leaving the class in a speed of lightning. You were walking down the hall looking for your new locker when someone grabbed your wrist. The slight contact made you snatch your hand back in an instant. Turning around to face that person with fear, you found that new guy in front of you. What was his name again? Chimin? Gym? Whatever it is.

“…May I help you?” you asked timidly. “Uhm…” he said scratching his head. “I just wanna… I mean… can we be friends?” He asked. Having no intention to have any interaction with guys, you just shook your head lightly and turned away. “Wait!” You heard and he grabbed your wrist again. This time, the grip was stronger and you were unable to pulled off. “Let go..” you said, still trying to tug your hand out of his grip. “Why are you so cold to me…?” He asked, looking confused. Honestly his grip wasn’t that strong that it would hurt you but you were scared as hell that something like that will happen again. “P-please, let me go” you said again, your breathing slowly getting uneven as your heartbeat increases drastically. Tears started to flood your vision but he was too confused to even notice. “I’ll let you go as soon as you answer my question how bout that?” He asked softly. You are yanking your wrist really roughly now, wanting to escape as quickly as possible. “LET GO!” you screamed. Everyone in the hallway turned towards both of you to see the what was the commotion. Noticing that, he finally released you. But not before your panic attack started kicking in. You couldn’t breathe. The air stuck in your throat unable to get out. You crawled at your neck feeling like someone was strangling you. It’s okay, just breathe. You’ve done this before you can do it again. You reassured yourself. “Hey! Hey it’s okay, just breathe!” You heard the voice faintly. The world was spinning around you, your whole body felt numbed and you dropped to the ground. You couldn’t focus on anything. It was as if you were locked up in a soundproofed room, unable to hear. Images of those filthy scenes began to unfold in front of you and you swear you could feel the touch on your body. You shrieked and kicked, struggling to remove the scene from your mind, to breathe. The last thing you felt was the floor disappearing beneath you before you fell unconscious for the fifth time that year. Only this time, someone was there to help you…

Good Enough (14)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eightpart nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; part nineteen; part twenty; part twenty one; part twenty two; part twenty three; part twenty four; epilogue.

bonus scenes: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

“Sehun, can I ask you a question?”

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The PANEM Initiative, Chapter 13

Emotions Count Too

Its really late for me so I’m not sure why I’m posing this now, but I hope you enjoy because I liked it

Katniss blinked several times as Mrs. Mellark’s words sunk in…boy toy? Cheating? “Mrs. Mellark, this is Gale – he’s my best friend.”

“I know who he is,” she spat. “I also know that everyone in town thinks you two have been sleeping together!”

Everyone? “Well, we’re not.” Katniss shifted uncomfortable on the bench.

“Maybe this time that stupid little Match Coordinator will do something.” Mrs. Mellark held up the phone in her right hand and snapped a picture. “Hell will freeze over before my son marries you.”

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