if animals could judge

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top 10 favorite movies/animes ? plz?

ahaha but in all seriousness, I’ve been judged (a lot) in the past for my favourite animes so don’t trust me too much ;7;

1) yuri!!! on ice (k it’s not completely because it’s a sports anime featuring a lot of guys, it’s because of the character development of yuri katsuki as he goes from super broken (like how I was before watching yoi) to confident and engaged. It’s just a really life-changing anime that has changed me both through the story and through inspiration //I mean, 99% of my art nowadays is yoi fanart//. I won’t go into too much detail but… yuri on ice give it a shot)

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What do actual horses think of you? Do they find you scary or do they not mind your centaur body?

“They don’t seem to care about me either way. I can understand their body language and they mine for the most part. Animals often judge other organisms by their…aura you could say. They don’t feel any fear or aggression from me so they just go about doing whatever they were doing when I arrived.”-Jonathan