if all else fails coffee

“…Look, I don’t mean to tell you how to do your job, but you shouldn’t promise something will arrive by a certain date if you can’t actually guarantee it’ll be there. I understand shipping overseas is a challenge, but…merde.” Lorraine pinched the bridge of her nose as she was put on hold yet again, the third time in this call alone. She was sitting on a curb, a cup of coffee in hand for the simple task of attempting to blend in that had become a habit, trying to get answers as to when her things would finally arrive so she could actually settle into the house she’d planned to move into. “Maybe I’d be better off finding an antique store somewhere and just replacing everything,” she muttered under her breath, hanging up and shifting to put her phone in her pocket before taking a drink of the coffee. If all else failed, she had a contact or two that could retrieve her things from the shipping company and keep them for her.