if a ham falls in the woods

When they’re teenagers, El and Mike volunteer at an animal shelter together; Mike because his parents never allowed him to have a pet and El because it’s her way of apologizing to the animals hurt at the Lab.

El falls in love with a five-year-old poodle mix, eventually convinces Hopper to adopt him, and names him Gandalf because of his grey colour. Hopper’s house suddenly becomes a much more popular place to hang out.

El and Mike like to go on long walks through the woods with Gandalf and, each time, Mike finds the perfect stick to throw around and El keeps a pocket full of treats (including leftover ham from breakfast).
the love rosie au

so in celebration of me finishing my dissertation (holy shit how did that happen??) i decided to crack on with the love rosie au and although i don’t have much of it done yet, i do have this. i would like to thank @alrightevans and @gxldentrio who have both been even more enthusiastic about this than i have

part i



The playground is virtually empty by the time James is let out to play, the rain having driven most children back into their classrooms. Lily’s waiting for him under the biggest part of the climbing frame, head burrowed deep into the hood of her bright pink parka. She doesn’t say anything as he approaches, merely pulls half of a cheese and ham sandwich out from the depths of her pocket and offers it to him.

He takes it and stuffs most of it into his mouth at once, chewing furiously. Lily’s lips twitch at the muffled “Thanks.” but she still doesn’t say anything.

Eventually he’s able to form actual sentences, and he looks at her from under the brim of his hood. A drop of water falls from it, landing on his nose, and he rubs at it in annoyance. “Why are you out here?”

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