if a girl isn't pretty

Yano, everyone wants to glorify and worship girls with scars and cellulite and stretchmarks and I’m here for that 100% (I’ve got stretchmarks) but I never see people supporting or doing shit for girls with severe, chronic acne and acne scarring, or any severe skin condition that is incredibly obvious i.e psoriasis, eczema etc. So to all my fellow gals out there suffering from painful, noticeable skin conditions that require medicine and treatment creams and make you want to stay in bed and never show your face: we’re beautiful and we’re hardcore as fuck for living with this shit daily

  • Me, sees a cute baby: aw I love babies, they're so cute!
  • Person next to me: yeah, you think that until they start crying
  • Me: thanks negative nancy, but did I ask for your input?? ?

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Liz Phair

every time I see your face I think of things unpure unchaste

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what's the worst anti-kylo ren claim you've ever seen? (i'm really frustrated right now and kind of need to hear you vent. but you can wait until you're in the mood.)

I think the worst one is that he’s a fedora-wearing Nice Guy MRA school shooter misogynist. These traits are always lumped together in a nonsense mad libs attempt at media criticism, the kind of scattershot, inaccurate thinking that weakens any power those words may have once had. Because this reading of Kylo Ren isn’t just going a little far; it’s based on nothing. Brain synapses twitch helplessly in people’s brains as they watch a male character experience the feeling of anger, and they can’t help but reflexively ascribe to him characteristics of every person or strawman they’ve ever hated–even when absolutely none of those are present in the film or even in the subtext of the film. 

So the version of Kylo Ren people get in their heads is that he’s a whiny (WHERE) entitled (HE HATES HIMSELF) mansplainer (WHAT) who cries too much. Emotions + man = ??????

And it’s just–very obvious that some people just do not have experience with complex characters. And I’m not talking extraordinarily “complex” in the sense that we need all day to unpack his layers; I’m talking about a character who simply has two traits that don’t ordinarily go together. A Dark Jedi who feels like he has to beat the Light out of him to be evil. Someone who tortures people for information but who shakes in sad ominous lighting as he watches planets burn, regretting his inability to save them. Very, very basic storytelling pulses that tell us that this isn’t the final form of Kylo Ren, that we must see the boy where the man now stands, that we must hold him in sympathy even as we’re horrified by how far down the bad path he’s gone. Narratively, there is no way any of us viewers can write him off yet. That’s all anyone is asking. But the never-ending waves of hatred and dismissiveness and repulse that his non-fans feel isn’t rooted in the text. It is a thing that exists outside of him–he’s just the latest vessel that they can use as a repository for things they hate in the real world, and they can mold him into that, ignoring any textual cues that might tell us he’s not totally into this whole Dark Side thing. And this gives them the opportunity to pursue soft targets, teenagers who were introduced to the great villains of Star Wars through him, Girls on the Internet, fans who would maybe like to see him hug his mom before the series ends. It is easy to impress your views on such people if you are loud and angry enough. You risk nothing by demanding that they please shut up about Kylo Ren, don’t you know that he’s horrible, unworthy of sympathy or even attention, he’s a literal fascist

These arguments are an embarrassment. I know it is easier to fight misogyny or whatever by creating these fake enemies in your mind and attacking people you can actually control somewhat, running someone off their blog or making them nervous about voicing even a vague interest in a character who has these contradictions at his heart. But doesn’t it embarrass you that that’s what you have to do to feel secure in your moral tastes? Don’t you have any concept of your fellow humans as people capable of holding two ideas in their mind at once, that characters like Kylo Ren invite us to find ways of resolving the darker and lighter parts of our soul? That people can think about his place in the narrative and even genuinely like him as a character without being planet-killers themselves? The hyperbole is ridiculous, and people will start tuning you out because it’s clear you don’t have a damn clue what you’re talking about.

Kind of frustrating when a character was deliberately meant as a parody of the Mary Sue archetype (while not being a Mary Sue themselves because of how they’re played) and everyone still insists on calling them a Mary Sue.

No people, it’s actually far less about the sparkly purple hair and glowing eyes and weird names than you’d think. If the character isn’t engulfing the entire story and cast and plot to cater to them, they’re actually not a Sue.

I think this is so helpful on deciding how to wear your hair according to your dress type! Also if your dress is cap sleeves wear your hair down, half up or an updo!👗

very literal descriptions of a few Stones albums
  • England's Newest Hitmakers: hey guise!!1!1 let's form a band even though we're super broke! it's totally fine, Keith can steal food for us!!
  • Satanic Majesties: if you drop acid and use a sitar... you're automatically the Beatles!1! we are all huge fans of holographic shiny things and our setup for the album cover is homemade!! we told Brian to come dressed as normal for this shoot! haha #Sgt.ppr's4lyfe!1!1!
  • Let it Bleed: varying degrees of hillbilly and stuff that's actually cool. Brian is usually too stoned to cooperate.
  • Sticky Fingers: Andy Warhol!!1!1 How to be cool 101!! no that is not Mick's crotch and ass. :))):):):)
  • Exile on Main Street: ok guys, we gotta be cool and badass now which is exactly why we're gonna have Keith write Happy. more hillbilly stuff, Keith's backing vocals are 3x higher than Mick's vocals.
  • Goats Head Soup: No Inflatable Penis On Stage Pls. "Star Star" (what?).
  • It's Only Rock n' Roll: average Stones but of course Mick Taylor decides to steal my soul with Time Waits For No One
  • Some Girls: Mick can't keep up with all 19387382 women he's juggling. Petrol Blues is just 1:35 of Mick ranting in some kind of accent that actually isn't his.
  • Emotional Rescue: Mick's pissed about some other girl. pretty good. Dance Pt. 1 is just mostly yelling but Keith's whistle tho.
  • Tattoo You: Heaven is very soothing to listen to and so is Waiting For a Friend...tits and ass, dead men cumming?¿
  • Blue and Lonesome: WELL GOSH GOLLY NEW STUFF. old men have a gr8 time and Mick kills me with his harmonica and then reincarnates me with his harmonica and then proceeds to kill me again. Ronnie's instagram post of his twins holding the LP also kills me.