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The Stilinskis’

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Stilinski!Reader x Stiles Stilinski

The first time Lydia Martin turned on your doorstep you stared at her like she’d grown a second head. Of all the people to come looking for you brother she was the last that came to mind. Hell Derek Hale had climbed into your room, mistaking it for Stiles’ room. The most awkward high school reunion ever.

“Hi (Y/N).” Lydia called as she let herself in. “I have dinner.” She smiled and tossed you the carrier bag of food which you caught and unloaded into the fridge.

“He started another list it’s upstairs and he’s started a document but I’m not sure what he’s researching.” You called as she jogged straight up to his room.

You closed the fridge and jumped, tossing a bottle of milk at Derek who looked at the bottle he’d caught. “What have I told you about sneaking into the house!”

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camping w/ the parkers!

me: the queen of ignoring requests and bringing out headcanons no one requested– yet again! (other than my babe del, @sunrisehunny


  • you can’t actually remember who came up with the idea to go camping
  • it must’ve just slipped into casual conversation 
  • and then you and peter were staring wide eyed at each other 
  • like are you think what i’m thinking 
  • and then you’re both scrambling out the door together, peter already calling out like 
  • it took a lot of pleading from the both of you 
  • at first may was straight out like nope 
  • i mean, money was tight, it meant having to find days up to drive up, pay and everything just = stress
  • but eventually you both swayed her
    • c’mon! i have great grades and i’ve been doing all my chores- please may
    • i’ll pay for the camping site! and we can use our old camping gear! it like already planned!
  • when she was still not completely convinced
  • out comes puppy eyed peter 
  • because he knows that never fails to persuade may 
  • when she sighed, you both silently celebrated because you knew it meant she was on board 
  • she was a bit questioning, raising her eyebrows at you 
    • you realize you’ll have to sleep in different tents? i don’t want no funny business 
    • w-whAT m-may no! it’s not like that!” 
  • /nervous laughter from both of you/ 
  • because nothing is official but it’s lingering but it doesn’t mean you aren’t awkward when anyone acknowledges it 
  • you both retreat back to peter’s room, cheering and excited because yes!!!!
  • what was supposed to be studying for school 
  • turned into studying to make this the best camping trip ever
  • peter literally has so many articles on camping ideas saved in his phone
  • whereas you were making sure you had enough smore ingredients for all the days you were staying there
    • i don’t think we need that many marshmallows y/n
    • pfft, you can never have too many marshmallows parker
  • (if you’re vegetarian or vegan, peter hunts for ages in the supermarket to find an alternative for you)
  • the roadtrip up was a wild ride 
  • it’s was just a giant food fest in the car 
  • peter hogged the gummy bear packet like a lil asshole
  • & the tunes made the entire ride a fuckin jam 
  • yes you definitely had a lip sync battle 
  • though your spice girl’s “wannabe” was a valid song choice
  • it couldn’t beat peter’s rendition of britney’s “baby, one more time” 
  • i mean he was dramatic 
  • it was such a magical and beautiful performance
  • you couldn’t stop laughing the whole time 
  • and may found the whole thing very amusing 
    • what can i say? britney calls to me 
  • during the gas stops, you have to go buy more marshmallows because peter got hungry and starting eating them 
  • and then like not even 3 minutes up the road, you spot a real fruit ice-cream store 
    • oh please may! can we get one!!
  • so, again, you manage to persuade to her to pull over and buy you all ice-creams because she love spoiling you guys
  • adorable peter parker getting ice-cream all over his face because he’s having the time of his life, devouring this ice-cream 
  • somehow, you guys manage to make it to the campground before midday 
  • who knows how 
  • may wanders off after parking the car, saying she was going to find out where to pay, a faint call of “set up the tents! 
  • she ends up finding the cutest park ranger and flirts with them 
  • hint: you both suck at setting up tents
  • it takes forever for you to figure this shit out 
  • y/n try not holding the instructions upside down 
  • right extreme blushing
  • you eventually get one of the tents about half set up 
  • but then peter
  • a clusmy lil dork 
  • trips over the tangle of guy ropes (you know those things that keep the cover of the tent tight)
  • and ends up taking down the tent with him as he desperately tries not to fall 
  • failing miserably
  • you can’t even be mad at him for ruining your progress 
  • because you’re laughing so hard
  • like this is side splitting laughter
  • he’s just glaring at you as he struggles to escape the twists of ropes
    • stop laughing! and- help- me- out! 
  • but honestly 
  • it just makes you laugh harder 
  • because the mighty, amazing spider-man is contained by some guy ropes
  • you whip out that phone and peter’s eyes widen as he struggles faster
  • ultimately making it worse for him 
  • the video you get of him is him struggling, very frustrated before he spots the camera and pouts angrily 
    • y/n! stop recording and help! me! 
  • you just zoom in with your camera on peters frowning face
    • i swear, if you weren’t cute” 
    • oh shh, parke– wait, c-cute?
  • an awkward silence as peter’s cheeks glow are he realizes what he said
  • “i-i mean, i’m not gonna say y-you’re not because a-are but–” 
  • and you couldn’t leave this cutie tied up after that adorable comment 
    • alright, i’ll help you out, now hold still ” 
  • it’s awkward grins and blushing cheeks as you silently detangle him 
  • but you just turn on some jams on your speaker
  • and goofily dance & sing as you set up the tents 
  • it’s quite a workout tbh 
  • so when you’re finally done, you’re slightly puffed as you sit at your camps spots picnic table 
  • peter then get’s this boyish grin 
  • which means he’s got an idea
    • you wanna go for a swim? 
  • changing supa quickly, you leave the tents behind 
  • may’s still living it up with the hot park ranger
  • you reach the river bank 
  • and the river looks magical 
  • i mean the sun is still high in the sky & you can definitely feel the heat
  • you can’t wait till you get into the water
  • so you don’t wait
  • with a running start, you jump off the rock like ledge and cannonball into the rushing water
  • peters watching you with that look of awe he always has when you make his heart go !!!
  • it’s refreshing as fuck
  • you come up grinning, shaking out the water in your hair briefly 
  • but peter’s still standing nervously at the end of the ledge
  • he’s fiddling with the edge of his tee-shirt 
  • because thIS GODDAMN CUTIE
  • is still shy and nervous about being shirtless
  • not that he needs to be 
  • because he doesn’t radiate confidence
  • and he’s never really had someone to tell him that’s he good looking or attractive 
  • and the lack of relationships in the past means he’s forever had this budding self doubt 
  • but you’re just floating up on your back, staring at the canopy of tree leaves above and sighing at how beautiful the moment is 
    • c’mon peter! it’s sooooo nice in here
  • when he doesn’t reply, you roll onto your front to see what the problem is 
  • he’s still looking nervous, with his eyes screwed shut, gripping his tshirt tightly
  • he’s just thinking come on peter it’s just a tshirt and it’s just y/n why are you making such a deal 
  • but you know peter so 
    • peter, you know you don’t have to take it off, right?” 
  • the change is instant
  • after your assurance as he relaxes and un-tenses, drops his shoulder and gives a small relieved smile
    • just get in!
  • and you make sure to send a splash in his direction with your words
  • he gasps dramatically when you get his shirt wet
    • oh it’s on!” 
  • grinning, he takes a running start and cannonballs in, creating a wave of water
  • you get soaked in water
  • again
  • he pop’s up, beaming at you 
  • and does that weirdly hot things were he shakes out his hair like a dog 
  • but it’s adorable and hot???
  • why is that so hot
  • and oh my god the grey shirt he is wearing is clinging to his skin 
  • leaving very little to imagination 
  • if fact it’s so distracting
  • that you’re only knocked out of your thoughts when peter swipes his legs and yours buckle, plunging you under water
  • when you surface, he’s already swimming in the other direction 
  • because he knows you’ll want revenge
    • i swear to god, parker! get back here! 
  • luckily, you’re slightly speedier than him 
  • not really
  • but peter goes slow for your sake
  • so you launch yourself at him, gripping onto his shoulders 
  • but suddenly his hands have come up under your thighs so it’s a piggyback 
  • and instead of getting your revenge, you’re desperately clutching at his chest fro dear life as he spins around trying to throw you off
  • he’s not really trying throw you off 
  • he just loves how you laugh so loudly & hug yourself closer to him 
  • he stops spinning, looking over his shoulder & falling so so so much more in love 
  • because you’re still laughing, a crazy grin on your face with a flushed face but you look so happy
  • you two spend so long in the river 
  • you try not to show it but you definitely check peter out when he finally gets the confidence to take off his shirt
  • the cutie immediately sinks under the water after he pulls it off, hiding his red cheeks because he’s still embarrassed 
  • but eventually you just float on the top of the water together 
  • your hands are both outstretched, barely touching 
  • but it’s enough for now 
  • you guys only get out when peter notices you’ve starting shivering ever so slightly 
    • c’mon, you’re shivering. we should get back now anyways, so may’s not worried 
  • except at one point your towel somehow got soaked 
  • peter offers you his towel straight away 
  • despite how shy he is about being shirtless & out of the water
  • he can’t have you being cold 
    • just take it, y/n, you’re shivering
  • so reluctantly you take it & wrap it around your shoulders
  • & then immediately, open you arm to invite him into the towel 
  • he grins sheepishly before ducking under it with you 
  • you two walk back together
  • huddling together under the same towel 
  • which is good because somehow peter is still very warm
  • so you stop shivering pretty quick 
  • may still isn’t back 
  • i mean she’s really hit it off with the hot park ranger 
  • (his name’s brandon and may still hasn’t paid for the camp ground yet) 
  • but by the time you & peter get dressed and dry she’s back
  • but it took awhile bc tents are very confined 
  • and peter insisted on squeezing into skinny jeans 
  • well, until he got them half on and realized they weren’t going any further 
    • y/n… 
    • yes? 
    • i need help 
    • with what? 
    • my, er, uh, my skinny jeans are stuck 
    • oh dear god. why didn’t you just put on sweatpants like a normal person! 
    • shut up and help me please
  • a lot of your time spent with peter is helping him out of weird situations
  • it was a little awkward ofc 
  • you laughed at his batman boxers & he blushed furiously 
    • he’s cool! 
  • and with lots of tugging
  • lots of tugging
  • you finally you managed to free his legs
    • okay, skinny jeans were definitely not a good idea, peter 
    • i know that now
  • so finally, you’re both dressed n dry 
  • you definitely stole one of peter sweaters btw 
  • but boi 
  • peter’s hair is still slightly wet which means its curly 
  • you seriously can’t stop looking at it??? 
  • peter get’s supa shy about it 
    • is–d-does it look weird? i know usually don– 
    • no! it looks nice, i-i like it. 
  • he smiles extra fuckin wide at that & his heart does another little !!!
  • added to peter mental notes: curly hair more often
  • dinner is a fun time because you all just ramble about how great your time has been here already 
  • may definitely gets carried away talking about dreamy brandon
  • but then she assigns you and peter to the task of starting the fire 
  • you’re the one who eventually gets the flame to catch 
  • sticking your tongue out at peter 
  • who just grins in return 
  • his hair is completely dried now and it’s so curly you’re speechless because he’s so fucking adorable
  • and now you have a decent fire
  • you bust out the smore ingredients 
  • however, peter sucks cooking marshmallows  
  • seriously he manages to set them on fire 
  • every
  • single 
  • time
  • but luckily for him, you’re a master at the art of roasting marshmallows
  • so he just begs you to do his after burning his 4th one (in a row)
  • may looks like she wants to leave but you suspect it’s because of mcdreamy brandon invited her for tea at his campfire
    • may, you don’t have to babysit us– go & visit you’re hot park ranger, we’re not doing anything here, just gonna eat smore & set random stuff on fire” 
  • intense glaring from may 
  • she does go (it doesn’t take much persuading)
  • and you’d think sitting around the fire would eventually get boring but the conversation never dies
  • peter wastes marshmallows by throwing them at you 
  • but it turns into “how shitty at throwing is peter because he hasn’t landed a single one in my mouth” 
    • how are you– a fucking superhero –still so incompetent at aiming a marshmallow?
  • blushing & mumbling because there’s really no excuse c’mon peter
  • so he changes the subject like, “hOT CHOCOLATE??” 
  • so the conversation stills as you and peter both sip at your hot drinks, which you thankfully have marshmallows left over for 
  • it, again, took awhile to figure out & get the water boiling 
  • but eventually you did 
  • & now the stars are out 
  • it’s this beautiful still moment 
  • you can feel the heat of the mug in your hands & the blaze on your cheeks from the firelight
  • you hear the crackle of the bright fire & the rush of the river that’s hidden behind the dark forest
  • and gazing up at the stars overhead 
  • it’s the most serene & peaceful moment 
  • so you can’t help but curl your lips into a grin 
  • like the most cliche thing, you’re pretty sure you see a shooting star
    • peter! did you see the shooting star? 
  • but when you turn, peters just looking at you 
  • he couldn’t help it 
  • you’ve got red cheeks from the fire and an adorable red nose
  • huddled in his sweater that’s a lil too long on the sleeves
  • you’re hair has turned unruly & curly and he loves it 
  • and the way you hold you mug in the most childlike way
  • and your eyes
  • so full of wonder, staring up at the inky sky 
  • he can’t but gaze, his lips parted in awe at this beautiful person before him 
  • lucky for him, you can’t see his blush when you can’t him gazing 
  • thank god for the fire
  • but then he looks up at the sky and chuckles
    • hate to burst your bubble but that’s a satellite- an atlas v 401 probably 
    • sTOP, let enjoy my shooting star, nerd 
  • you sit by the fire till it’s nothing but embers 
  • shyly shuffling closer to peter because the cold is creeping in now but peter is forever warm
    • do you want to go to bed now? 
    • can we stay and talk in your tent? 
    • of course, that’s what i meant 
  • so snuggled in your sleeping bags, you guys play cards and gossip & tell ghost stories
  • you use the torch & a scary voice to try freak peter out 
  • it works
    • why did you have to tell a story about a weird thing in a forest! we’re literally right beside a forest!! i’m not gonna sleep now!!
    • it’s fine peter, i’ll protect you. even if it means sacrificing my flesh to the bogeyman of the forest 
    • ew, that just sounds gross
    • good, you’re not scared anymore” 
  • eventually you get really sleepy & the mumbling stops as you drift off
  • night 
  • night peter 
  • but then there’s a large rustling from outside the tent
  • it’s actually only may getting into her tent lmao
  • you can feel peter tense up before he spits out a bunch of words
    • okay-i-know-the-bogeyman-isn’t-real-but-can-you-hold-my-hand-please
  • sighing exaggeratedly, you’re not really all that annoyed
  • in fact you’re all giddy inside at the idea of holding peters hand
  • you fall asleep with your hands intertwined between your sleeping bags
  • and that’s how may finds you in the morning tangled & scrunched up sleeping bags & messy hair but still holding hands
  • tags under the cut

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the road trip ☼ stiles stilinski

request : hii! love your writing! could you write an imagine where Stiles and the reader are dating and they go on a road trip and just fluff. thanks <3

word count : 2.7K

author’s note : this deviates from the original request in the aspect that the reader and stiles are not yet together, but are getting there. thank you for requesting and for reading !! 

  “Stiles? Any reason why you’re half asleep in front of my locker right now?” Y/N peered down at her friend, whom, as stated previously, was slumped in front of her locker with his backpack curled in his arms and his lips parted in a way that told pretty much everyone he was on the verge of passing out. He jerked awake suddenly, a familiar spasm of flailing limbs that Y/N had seen on many occasions previous to this one. 

   He got to his feet, slinging his bag over his shoulder and greeting Y/N with an all encompassing hug that lifted her slightly off her feet because of how tight it was and made her heart do a little nervous flip because of who was doing the hugging. “Sorry, was waiting up for you ‘cause I have a question but then… well, you know the rest,” he gestured to where he had been sleeping just moments before with a little laugh and an awkward rubbing of the back of his neck. Y/N noted that boys do that quite often, from what she’s seen. 

  She touched a hand to the back of her own neck to see if it brought her the same sort of comfort that it seemed to bring every boy she had ever come into contact with, but she just felt odd, so she brought her hand back to her side.  

    “Oh,” Y/N smiled at him, she couldn’t help it, and turned to open her locker as he leaned against the row next to hers. “So, what was the question, buddy?” She prodded, thrusting her bag into Stiles’ hands without warning and instructing him to open it for her. She adjusted her hair in the mirror on the door before chucking it into her bag along with the books she hadn’t bothered to bring home already. She knew for a fact that Stiles had cleaned out his locker ages ago and only insisted on coming back to school every day for two purposes: he had nothing better to do, and he loved the vexed look that would cross Bobby Finstock’s face whenever the man glimpsed the lanky eighteen year old in the hallways. 

    The look on coach’s face was enough to send Stiles running down the hallway with a gleeful look on his face, screaming at the top of his lungs how much he loves Finstock until Lydia’s mother was called out of her office to stop the disturbance he was causing. 

   He had been paying more attention to the side of Y/N’s face than the words coming out of her mouth up until she slammed the locker shut, causing Stiles to flinch and jerk back. “Ouch, Y/N, cool it with the slamming, would ya?” 

   “You were gawking at me like an idiot,” she explained, not letting him justify himself before she continued on, “What was your question, again?” 

    Stiles, struggling to recover from his faux pas but failing due to the new color in his cheeks, placed Y/N’s bag on the ground and made sure it was secure before answering her. “Right, that…” He paused, not sure if he wanted to ask her the question anymore after what had just happened. If he couldn’t manage to keep his cool around her for a mere five minutes, how was he supposed to manage doing so for what was most likely going to be a trip that was a week long, possibly more depending on the amount of stops they made. She waited patiently as ever. Y/N had learned to be patient when it came to Stiles.  

    “Um, well, I was just wondering if you maybe, possibly, wanted to go on a little bit of what sort of is an adventure with me this summer?” Before Y/N could answer, Stiles was talking again. “Well, okay, it’s not really an adventure and it’s more of a thing where I don’t wanna go move into my dorm alone and I was wondering if you wanted to go with me on the drive and help me move in and stuff. It’s a two day drive with no stops but I figure you’ll probably wanna stop and whatnot and that’s fine as long as you’re with me on the trip and then I’ll pay for your plane ticket back I just really want someone to drive with me and also I need you to drive because I lost my license inside that stupid wild hunt train station….” 

   Y/N gaped at him for a second. She was slightly baffled that so many words had just come out of his mouth, though considering it was Stiles and she had known him since the age of eleven, she probably shouldn’t have been as surprised as she was. “You don’t want Scott to come?” She asked, lifting her bag from the ground and holding it securely in her arms. 

    Stiles, now afraid that she had no desire to accompany him on this road trip and feeling sufficiently embarrassed, said, “Oh, that’d be, you know, cool, but Scott’s staying in California and he still wants to stay for his mom and stuff and you were my first choice to come with me, anyway, but if you don’t want to that’s fine I’ll ask Lydia or something-” 

   “Oh my gosh, Stiles!” Y/N exclaimed with a shake of her head, grabbing his arm before he could run away. “I’ll do the road trip with you! God, calm down sometimes, will you?” 

   He scoffed. “Do you not know me at all, Y/N?” 

     “You can’t complain about the music I listen to.” Y/N told Stiles, stern. He rolled his eyes at her, stacking one box precariously on top of another. She had folded down the backseat of her mother’s car in order to make more room for Stiles’ stuff, since he was moving into his dorm as well. They had fit as much as they could in there for now; he would whatever else he needed when his dad came up before the first day of his classes. 

     “As the passenger of this car, I have a right to complain, Miss Y/N.” 

     “As the person driving your dumbass across the U.S. and then driving myself back, you have absolutely zero right to complain, Mieczyslaw.” Y/N laughed to herself as Stiles let out a loud groan, scowling at her from the passenger seat as she climbed into her car. 

    “Now, you-” he shook his head at her- “you’re terrible. Just terrible. I don’t know why I’m best friends with you. At all. I should be given a large present just for putting up with your bullshit.” 

    “Yeah, yeah, Stiles,” Y/N laughed, patting his knee as she started the car. “Just remember, driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.”

     “Stop trying to be Dean Winchester.” 



       He stared at the empty place in front of her as they sat in the diner. Y/N was sipping on her water, confused as to why he was so fixated on the fact that she wasn’t hungry right now. 

       “You’ve gotta be hungry,” he finally said, glancing down at the generous heap of curly fries that were piling on his plate. He had ordered two plates for himself and combined them without realizing that Y/N hadn’t ordered a thing besides the glass of water she had managed to make last throughout the hour. “C’mon, order something.” She shook her head adamantly. 

      “No, no, I’m not hungry, I swear,” she insisted for the third time that hour. It was also because they had about twenty dollars to their name at this point, and they were only halfway to D.C. and needed the credit card to pay for a motel on the nights where they couldn’t bear to sleep in the stuffy car or outside.

      “You’re too stubborn,” he sighed. Stiles took another look at his fries, called the waitress over, and asked for another plate. He shoved more than half of his fries off his plate and onto hers, pushing it toward her. “Eat, okay? For me?” He gave her a tiny smile as he bit into one of his own fries, and Y/N felt her stomach squeeze when that soft grin was sent her way. 

     She was snoring and Stiles couldn’t find it in him to care. He just didn’t. Nothing she did ever bothered him, or could ever bother him. They were in the car, the air conditioner blasting as high as it could go. They were parked somewhere in some state that Stiles couldn’t remember the name of because he was so damn sleep deprived he wasn’t thinking straight. He figured her snoring was what was keeping him up, but waking her up was something he’d rather not do. Mostly because he never seen someone with a look of such serenity on their face whilst they were sleeping; her window was wide open, a pillow was propped on it so she could rest comfortably, and she was doing just that. She looked incredibly peaceful and calm and happy and Stiles loved this look on her. 

    Well, he had grown to love every look on her, but that was a whole different conversation. 

     He reached behind his seat and grabbed a blanket, placing it over her but still careful not to wake her up. Just in case she was cold. Stiles turned away and slumped against his seat, closing his eyes. He was just being a good friend. It didn’t mean anything, right?

    Y/N wakes up first that morning, her eyes peeling open and staring almost directly into the soft rays of the just rising sun. She feels the warmth on her face, the sky a pink so lovely when she looks at it, it could rival the way she feels when Stiles Stilinski looks into her eyes as if maybe he’s in love with her, too. She had felt his hand reaching for hers in the middle of the night, when she was somewhere in between awake and asleep, and had grasped it in hers as tightly as she could. It was a moment she had wanted to keep locked away in her mind forever. 

    “Y/N? You up?” Stiles called out, his voice still raspy with sleep. He released her hand from his as soon as he had woken up, reluctantly so. She hummed in response, glancing over at Stiles as he struggled to sit up. He had twisted himself into an odd sort of pretzel shape in the middle of the night in an effort to get comfortable. He groaned as his back cracked. “Jesus, that was the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been, ever.” 

    “Don’t be a baby,” Y/N said teasingly, sending him a smile. He squeezed his eyes shut, then opened them again. It was too early for such a lovely sight, he thought to himself, rubbing his eyes. Stiles playfully punched her arm in response, not knowing what else to do. “No, but seriously, should we get a motel next time we’re too tired to keep driving?” 

    “Yeah, why not? We haven’t used the credit card yet, we should splurge,” he joked, knowing a motel was not a luxury in the slightest. It was still better than their current situation, though. “I’m cheap, though, so we might have to spring for a single bedroom only. Like, you know, with only one bed.” 

    “I know, Stiles,” she replied, seemingly unfazed. 

    “So… you’re cool with that?” 

    Her heart hammering in her chest, she said, “Why wouldn’t I be?” He shrugged in response, secretly just a little giddy. 

    Stiles worriedly peered out the car window, waiting for Y/N to return from the little convenient store next to the gas station. She had told him she needed to grab a few things from the store but they were down to their last five bucks and they had a good two days to go. And Y/N was pretty much always hungry. Suddenly, the door to the shop flew open and Y/N came running out with multiple bags of snacks in her hands and a mischievous grin on her face. Stiles quickly opened the car door and she threw herself inside, shoving the snacks between them and screaming, “GO, GO, GO!” Alarmed, Stiles fumbled with the keys and was screeching out of the parking lot before they knew it. 

    “Did you just fucking steal those?” 

     “We had two bucks left, Stiles!” 

     Laughing hysterically despite the fact that Y/N could have just became a known fugitive across this town, Stiles beamed at her as he drove. He wasn’t technically supposed to be driving, but he wasn’t thinking about that in this moment. All he could think of was- “God, I love you,” he said, louder than necessary and with more force than he ever thought possible. He said it so loud that the words prevailed over the thump of the music pounding through the car speakers, and he knew once the words slipped past his lips he could never take them back. And maybe he didn’t want to. 

   They were in his dorm room now. She was sitting on his roommate’s bed, the roommate that had yet to arrive, and folding Stiles’ jeans neatly because Stiles was hopeless when it came to neatly putting his clothes away. Stiles was putting his books on the small shelf he had been granted that was next to his new desk, where he had set up his computer already. He had a framed picture of him, Scott, and Y/N on his bedside table. It was almost perfect. He looked over at Y/N, putting the last book on the shelf and taking a deep breath. He sat on his own bed, patting the seat next to him. 

    “You okay, Stiles?”  She placed a hand on his shoulder.

     “Yeah, no, I’m totally fine,” he said, his voice squeaking slightly. His hands were clammy and his lips now felt oddly dry and cracked. He licked them nervously. “I just need to tell you something really, really important.” 

      “Go for it.” Her smile was encouraging, and so he did. 

     He sighed again, struggling to find the right words to tell this girl how he felt, how he had always felt, how he’d been feeling this past week and the way he knew he’d feel for the rest of his life. “Love is… love is stumbling through life with your best friend, you know? It’s this beautiful, wonderful thing. And I think that… that when you think that you’ve found love, then you’ve gotta go for it, right? Well, this is me going for it. You’re my best friend, all right? And you’re my person. The person I wanna spend my life with, as messy and shitty and complicated as it may be. I wanna stumble through life with you, okay? So, I’m just hoping that maybe you’ll wanna stumble through life with me, too.” 

      She didn’t need to think twice before reaching for his face and kissing him, her Stiles, the idiot she loved so much it made her brain hurt sometimes. He was hers, too. And if there was one person she was going to live a messy and wild and unpredictable and great life with, it was going to be him. Stiles pulled away first, bumping his nose against hers playfully. 

    “I don’t want you to leave now,” he frowned, his face still in close proximity to hers as he brushed her hair out of her face. “Wanna transfer schools?” His eyes lit up when he had this idea, but in his heart he knew that going to NYU had been a dream of hers for awhile and he would never ask her to seriously give such a thing up.

    “I’m a three hour drive from you, Stiles, I’ll come to see you all the time. Or you can come to me and I’ll show you around the city,” Y/N kissed him again. “I’m not letting you go now that I’ve got you.” 

     “Likewise, pretty girl,” he said with a stupidly dreamy smile on his face and a blush on his cheeks that wouldn’t leave so long as he had her, and it only took a ridiculously long overdue road trip to bring them together. 

pumpkin eater - tom holland imagine

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cos my writing is shit ha x but thank you lovely! I swear to god if tom or has ever find one of my writings and publicly announce it to the world I will cry of fear and joy. I also have a very big obsession with the song ‘pink + white’ by frank ocean. chuck it a listen. ps I didnt feel comfy with writing about cheating because its something close to my <3 so I kinda put a lil baby twist to it, hope thats okay. AGAIN I USED A LIL BABY BIT OF DRAMA TERMINOLOGY IM SORRY FOR BEING A DRAMA NERD FUCK. this is actual shit I’m so sorry 

requested; yuppp

pairing; tom holland x reader

word count; 933 words

warnings; possible swearing, mentions of stitches and blood yuck

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The Proposal part 3 |M|

Jimin wasn’t expecting you to show up at his apartment.

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word count: 7.5k

tags: smut, fluff

A/N: think of this as a filler page if you want, I personally believe its important to the plot. You know, just my opinion as the author :) its very dialogue heavy but bear with me please!

Jimin laid sprawled out on his bed staring up at the ceiling. No thoughts, just idly keeping his eyes open while his chest rose and fell in an even rhythm. He kept his hands folded over his chest while subconsciously tapping his thumbs together. The comforter beneath Jimin was slowly gathering his heat and he was getting hotter, but he still didn’t move.

Jimin was thinking about something. He was thinking so intensely that he didn’t realize that he still hadn’t eaten breakfast and his roommate Jungkook had to remind him eat. He didn’t even feel hungry because all feelings had left his body. He was thinking about you and most importantly what Jimin felt towards you. After dropping you home that night–it might’ve been around four in the morning, neither of you paid any attention to the time–but as Jimin tried to fall asleep, his mind raced with all sorts of emotions that he couldn’t quite pinpoint. After all, this was the first time he had felt anything like this.

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I don’t think I deserve it.. Part 3

Characters: Teen!Reader, Sam, Dean

Warnings: Anxiety, fluff (?)

Word Count: 1,247 (I know it’s short, sorry)

A/N: It took a while to get this chapter up, sorry. I’ve been traveling for a few days so I couldn’t really write on it. Sam’s kinda cute in this chapter. I’ve been getting a lot of love from you guys and it makes me so happy. I love y’all, okay. If you wanna be tagged in future chapters just ask <3 If your @ is crossed over, I can’t tag you.


Part 1, Part 2

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Sam’s pov

It feels like the hug lasts for hours and eventually you fall asleep in Sam’s arms. He scoots up on the bed so that his body is laying against the headboard. He moves carefully, trying not to wake you as he lifts the cover at tucks it over your body and his legs.

He sits there with you in his arms as he thinks about what you told him before. Someone held her captive? What did they do to her? What did they make her do? Where is she from? All those unanswered questions and more didn’t leave his head and he didn’t feel how your heart started to beat faster.

Your mumbling had him finally looking down to you and you flinched a little. He shook your shoulder a little to wake you up but it didn’t work. “Hey, wake up.” He said as he shook your shoulder slightly harder.

You gasped as if you haven’t taken a breath in several minutes and your eyes looked panicked. “It’s okay! You fell asleep and you’re safe okay?” You nodded a little and Sam pulled you into a hug. His long and strong arms held you against his chest and he could feel how much just skin and bones you were.

“You hungry? I can make you something.” He said after releasing you from his grip. “No, it’s okay.” You mumbled. He stared into your eyes for a minute and he noticed how you looked everywhere except his eyes.

“Come on.” He said as he got up from the bed and took a hold of your hand. He dragged you along to the kitchen. “What do you like? Pasta? We got plenty of that for some reason.” Sam mumbled the last. When you didn’t answer he looked back at you.

You noticed his eyes on you and looked up. “I uhm, I can just take an apple.. If that’s okay..” An apple? She hasn’t eaten anything since she got here, she must be starving. “Of course it’s okay, I can make you something better, I mean, you haven’t eaten anything since you got here.” He found it weird that he was worried for a girl he just meet, but he couldn’t help it. She looked so alone and scared.

“I’m not that hungry.” You mumbled as you looked down to your feet. “Here,-” Sam handed you a green apple from the basket on the counter. “-but you can come here and eat whenever you like, okay?” You nodded a little as you took a bite of the apple.

“So, uhm, since-” Sam got interrupted by Dean in the middle of a sentence and when you head Dean’s voice you tensed. “What’s going on in here, huh?” Dean said as he walked up to the refrigerator and got a bear. “Just getting some food.” Sam answered, looking over to Dean.

“Hey kid, sorry of I scared you back there.” Dean said as he walked over to the table and sat down. “No worries.” You mumbled. “So do you have a name?” You looked up this time at Dean as you answered. “They called me Y/N.” Dean looked at Sam as he asked what she meant with “they” with his eyes and Sam shook his head, telling him not to question it right now.

Sam looked down at you again. “So Y/N, you wanna take a shower? We have towels and such for you.” You nodded your head and followed Sam down the hall. He stopped outside a door and you almost walked into him. “Wait here. I’m gonna get you the stuff.”

Your pov

Sam came back with a towel, some leggings and a flannel and shampoo. “The, uhm, leggings are from an old friend who forgot them here and they might fit you.” You thanked him as you took the stuff. “You can lock the door if you want but we won’t come on if you don’t.” Sam said as he scratched his head a little. You nodded and walked into the shower room.

When your heard him walk away you locked the door. You quickly undressed and got into the shower. Your shower was quick and about 10 minutes later you were dressed in the leggings and the flannel. It reached all the way down to your knees and the arms were away too long. You found yourself freezing anyways so you didn’t mind.

You unlocked the door and got out. As you walked out of the shower room you didn’t watch yourself and you walked into someone, again. You let out a little scream and almost fell to the floor if it weren’t for the arms that catched you.

“You okay?” You recognized the voice as Dean’s and you looked up to in fact see Dean holding you. You nodded as you mumbled a sorry. “We thought we were gonna go to the store to buy you some stuff.” Dean said. “Oh.. okay.” Dean took a step from you and nodded his head down the hall. “Come on, Sammy’s waiting by the car.”

You followed Dean, and when you got up a few steps you found yourself in the garage. Old cars stood parked against the wall and you even spotted one or two motorcycles. When your eyes landed to the car in the middle on the room your eyes winded. You didn’t know much about cars, but that was a really beautiful one.

Sam was standing next to it and when he heard you two coming up the stairs he lifted his head to look at you two. When you locked eyes with Sam he smiled a little and you returned the smile. Dean walked up to Sam and Sam walked around the car and got in shotgun. You opened the backdoor and got in.

You reached out to close the door as Sam started talking. You jumped a little out of surprise, but Sam didn’t notice. “So Y/N, you can choose whatever you’d like that you think you’ll be needing.” You closed the door and turned around to see Sam looking at you, waiting for an answer. “Okay.” You replied.

Dean drove out of the garage and your nerves for going outside started to grow in your belly. Anything could happen out here. It took around 15 minutes to drive to the store and by the time Dean parked your anxiety were eating you up.

Dean and Sam got out of the car and Sam seemed to notice your discomfort. “Hey it’s okay. Nothing’s going to happen.” Sam said as he opened the backdoor for you. As you got out of the car Sam held out his hand for you to take. You didn’t care that you probably looked as a 10 year old holding someone else’s hand like your life depended on it as you took his hand.

He squeezed your hand a little and started to walk towards the store. “I made you a list, in case you forgot something. You can of course add stuff to the list too.” Sam said as he digged in his front pocket to get out the list. He gave it to you and you read it through a little.

As you three walked through the doors of the store Dean stormed off to the food section mumbling about not having eaten pie for weeks. There were a lot of people in the store and a heavy sigh left your lips.

Let’s do this.

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BTS Scenario: I Need U

Jung Hoseok X Reader

“But you’re my everything. I’m sorry. I love you. Forgive me.”

Summary: You and Hoseok broke up, and you’d made it clear that it was over. However, he deeply regrets it to the point where it begins to eat him away and he won’t leave you be until he has the chance to prove to you that he needs you back.

Word Count: ~3.4k

I got super into writing this one, it’s a bit longer than I intended, but I hope you guys like it! 

Thank you to @stacey4673 for the request!

***I do not own the gif**

“Are you kidding me?” You quietly cursed yourself for not packing an umbrella before you’d left the house. You hurriedly made your way back to your apartment as the rain began to fall in steady, heavy droplets.

When you finally reached your apartment, you quickly unlocked the door while kicking off your damp shoes and attempting to avoid dripping water all over the floor. You reached into your back pocket to pull out your phone, breathing a sigh of relief upon seeing that it wasn’t completely drenched like the rest of you. The screen lit up at once to indicate a new voicemail from none other than – your recent ex-boyfriend. 

Were you even surprised to yet another voicemail from Hoseok? He’d begun to fill your inbox not even two weeks after you broke up. You’d told him you wanted nothing to do with him anymore. However, you couldn’t help but be the slightest bit curious as to what he had to say to you after all the nasty things that were said in your final argument leading up to the split. For all you knew, the messages could be filled with things he’d forgotten to insult you on during the fight, but still, you found yourself pressing the playback button to listen to what he’d left.

“Hello? Jagi, it’s me…I know you won’t pick up the phone and you probably haven’t listened to the other voicemails, but I just wanted to feel like you were still there. I know I’ve said it every message but…I miss you. I just called to say…well, uh…did you see the rain?” he paused for a moment to let out an awkward laugh, “Hey, do you remember when we got caught in the rain without an umbrella because you had told me to bring one, but I was too forgetful? And do you remember how we ran through the rain together hand in hand, and then we laughed at how silly we looked running into that shop with our clothes dripping wet? You scolded me later for it because I ended up getting sick. Although I felt shameful then, I’d do anything to experience that day again.”

The phone beeped, indicating that the message had ended. Hoseok had sounded so upset in his message, but you felt anger bubbling up inside you. He didn’t seem so sorry when you’d broken up, so what was with the sympathy now? Was he trying to make you feel guilty about dumping him? 

You were filled with absolute irritation for your ex-boyfriend, but for some reason, you felt compelled to listen to the other voicemails. You scrolled further down to the first of nearly thirty voicemails that Hoseok had flooded your phone with and pressed play.

“Jagi, I know you told me to never call you again, but I wanted to say that I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what I said, I regret making you cry like that. I miss you so much jagi. It’s only been a week and I feel like I’m dying without you. Please, call me back.”

“Y/N…it’s 3 am. I can’t stop thinking about you. Do you remember when I’d call you in the middle of the night sometimes because I couldn’t sleep and you’d get annoyed with me at first, but then you’d talk to me with your soothing voice until the early hours of the morning? I miss your voice…I can’t sleep without hearing it. Jagi…jagi please call me. Just grant me your sweet voice.”

“Jagi, it’s me. Well, you probably already know that…I couldn’t sleep again, so I went to the studio to write. I remember those nights when you’d insist on staying with me at the studio even though you were exhausted from working all day. You were always so supportive of me, even if it meant you’d have to sacrifice your sleep. I would sit at the desk, scribbling down songs until way after midnight and you’d fall asleep on my shoulder. I really loved that. Did you ever get a chance to read those lyrics I was always writing? They were all about you. You know-”

Hoseok was cut off mid-sentence by the voicemail beeping, indicating that he’d exceeded the amount of space to record the message. 

“Ah, the voicemail cut off…Anyways, I still write about you. If I could see you again, I’d sit with you in the studio and read you every song I wrote you. I want to pour my heart out to you and tell you all the things I couldn’t say before because I was too shy. Please…” Hoseok paused for a moment and you could hear a faint sniffling on the other end before the phone clicked, ending the voicemail.

The messages began to become repetitive as Hoseok stated how much he missed you in each one along with another now aching memory of your relationship. You’d be lying if you said you were completely over Hoseok, and these voicemails were just causing you more pain. Yet you couldn’t stop listening to them because maybe he’d finally tell you he was over it, that he hated you because you never called back, and then you’d be able to get over him.

You skipped ahead to the most recent one that he’d left just yesterday.

“Y/N,” Hoseok spoke raspily over the phone, he sounded awful.

“I’m so tired. I just want to see you, to feel your arms around me and to take in your sweet scent. I don’t eat anymore. Not that I’m trying to make you feel guilty, I just don’t feel hungry because every single thing reminds me of you and it’s all too painful. Do you remember that time I texted you after practice that I was so tired and so hungry that I thought I might die?” He paused to let out a sad chuckle. “I was exaggerating of course, but you got so concerned that you showed up with an absurd amount of food and I felt like I’d never move again after eating everything you cooked for me. I miss that…I don’t think I’ll ever feel as happy as I did that day when my sweet jagi came to take care of me.”

You couldn’t bear to listen to anymore and turned your phone off, tossing it across the room. You held your head in your hands as hot, angry tears spilled from your eyes and rolled down your cheeks. You couldn’t handle listening to Hoseok reminding you of all the memories you’d made together; they made your heart ache. The way his voice had sounded so exhausted and detached. It wasn’t the bubbly Hoseok you knew, the one who always had a smile stretched across his face and would never fail to make you smile the same way.

No. You couldn’t think like this, not after the things he said to you when you broke up. He told you he didn’t care and now here he was, flooding your phone with apologies. You’d ignore him, he’d stop eventually and you’d be able to forget him. 

A moment later, you heard your phone ding from where it’d landed across the room. You slowly stood up and made your way over to it, turning it over to see the screen lit up with a text message. The phone dinged again, and again, and again. A string up messages popped up one after the other, each one labeled with Hoseok’s name on it.

“Jagi! Your voicemail box was full and I had to tell you something.”

“I saw something at the store that reminded me of you, do you want to see it?” An image of a cute figurine sitting in the window of a store appeared before Hoseok proceeded to send another string of texts.

“I thought it looked as cute as you! Do you remember the aegyo competitions we used to have? You’d always win of course…” You couldn’t take it anymore, you couldn’t handle seeing him dump his thoughts of you into your phone. This had to end now. 

“Jung Hoseok stop calling me and stop messaging me. I don’t want to see you and I don’t miss you. Leave. Me. Alone.” You pressed send, hoping that breaking his heart like this would be enough for him to finally stop. As an extra precaution, you opened his number on your phone and blocked him from contacting you any longer. 


It had been exactly one week since Hoseok stopped trying to contact you after you blocked his number on your phone. You half expected him to show up at your apartment and sit outside the door until you spoke to him, but you were relieved to see he had some sense left to refrain from doing so. 

You were just beginning to get over him and you had started to be happier knowing that you were recovering. However, nothing good lasts forever as you received a call from a quite distressed Namjoon the following day. At first, when you saw the name on your phone screen, you considered not picking up because Namjoon never called you and he certainly couldn’t have a reason now that you and Hoseok were broken up. However, the fact that he had never tried to call you before made you wonder if he could possibly be in trouble. You hesitantly picked up the phone just before it stopped ringing.

“H-hello?” You spoke nervously, wondering what Namjoon could have needed from you.

“Y/N? It’s Namjoon…” He spoke over the receiver before quietly whispering to someone else in the background. 

“I know it’s you, is there any reason you called me?

“Yeah, listen, I need you to come over to our dorm right now.”

“Excuse me, what? Why?” This was all too suspicious; why did he need you at the dorm? 

“I can’t tell you why, please just come over as soon as you can.” 

“Namjoon, I don’t think I’m really comfortable coming over there. I’m sorry, you have to understand that I just don’t think it would be the best idea for me to-” You were cut off by Namjoon who continued to persuade you all while fighting off whoever was bugging him in the background. 

“Y/N please, I’m begging you. I would never ask you for a favor if I could help it, but you need to come here. Now.” With that, he hung up. You didn’t want to go. What if Hoseok was there? You didn’t know if you could handle seeing him after you’d spent the last week trying so hard to forget everything. Nonetheless, it didn’t seem like Namjoon was really giving you a choice here; he wasn’t going to leave you alone until you complied. You reluctantly gathered your things and headed over to the dorm.


When you arrived, Namjoon met you at the door and silently led you inside.

“Are you going to tell me why you needed me here so urgently now?” You asked, finally breaking the silence as the two of you walked down the hall. 

“I didn’t want to tell you over the phone out fear that you’d refuse to come. Besides, I think it’d be better if you saw it rather than heard from someone else.”

“What are you talking abo-” You stopped speaking mid-sentence when you realized where Namjoon was taking you. He looked down at you hopefully as he gestured towards Hoseok’s closed bedroom door. Immediately, you felt anger and anxiety bubbling up inside you and you turned to storm back home, only to for Namjoon to grab you by the wrist and pull you back. 

“You need to talk to him. Please.”



No. I don’t want to talk to him! I’m going home.” You stated while trying to free yourself from Namjoon’s grip. Of course, this was why he brought you here. How could you have not realized this? 

“Y/N I know you want nothing to do with him, in fact, he told me you blocked his number, but you don’t know what he’s become. He won’t eat and he won’t sleep, he won’t do anything really.”

“Trust me, I know.” You said bitterly, thinking back to the endless voicemails you’d listened to. 

“But you haven’t seen the state he’s in. He looks like hell and he’s always too tired to do anything. He won’t come to practice, and if we force him to, he does terribly. He just stays locked up in his room and refuses to speak to any of us. I know you don’t want to see him, but please talk to him, for our sake. I don’t believe that you don’t hold even a little bit of care for his well being. You were together for a really long time after all.” Namjoon rambled on about all the ways Hoseok had let himself go.

“Okay, fine! I’ll do it,” you said grudgingly as a faint smile of relief appeared on Namjoon’s face. He stepped out of the way and gestured towards the door before turning around and disappearing down the hallway, leaving you alone outside the bedroom. 

You turned towards the door, taking in a deep breath before knocking gingerly on the door. When there was no answer, you carefully turned the knob and swung open the door to see the room empty. Upon closer inspection, you noticed a human shaped lump hidden under a pile of blankets on the bed, which you assumed to be Hoseok as you stepped towards him. You looked around the room, clothes scattered the floor and papers littered the desk; it was a complete pigsty. 

You walked through the room, being careful to step around the mess, until you were standing in front of the bed. A low groan emitted from under the lumped covers as the person underneath them shifted.

“Go away Namjoon. I’m not coming to practice today.” Hoseok spoke raspily. The state he was living in made you furious because he wasn’t taking care of himself which was making the other members’ lives harder. 

You grabbed hold of the covers before yanking them back and glaring down at the figure curled up on the bed. Namjoon was right, he did look like hell. His face was sunken and his hair was a knotted mess. He looked as if he could have shattered upon the slightest touch. Upon seeing him like this, you felt a pang of pity for Hoseok.

Once the covers were pulled off of him, Hoseok turned over to grumble at who he thought was Namjoon, but choked on his words upon seeing you standing there instead. He stared in disbelief for a moment before sitting up at once.

“Shit…is it really you? Or have I begun hallucinating?” Hoseok mumbled to himself as he reached out a hand to touch your arm, checking if you were truly standing before him. You stared at him silently before he continued to speak.

“Y/N…what are you doing here? Shit, I didn’t think you’d have to see me like this. If I knew you were coming I would have attempted to clean up a bit, although I’d have no way of knowing seeing as you blocked my number…” He said sadly staring at the floor while wringing his hands nervously. 

Suddenly you felt tears welling up in your eyes, and the next thing you knew, they were spilling down your cheeks in a steady stream. Hoseok looked up at once when he heard you sniffle and his expression fell even further when he saw the tears staining your skin. 

“Oh no, you’re crying, don’t cry! Please, don’t cry! Jagi…jagi I’m so sorry for what I did, for all that I said. You don’t know how awful I felt that day we fought when you left after telling me it was over…my world was shattered. I didn’t know how to function anymore; all I could think of was you and it ate me away. I didn’t want to do anything anymore if I didn’t have you. I need you. Please…listen to me, give me another chance.” 

All at once, every emotion you had been repressing about this breakup came flooding back and you couldn’t help but break down in front of Hoseok. You sank to the floor, sniffling in between sobs and a moment later you felt a pair of arms wrap themselves tightly around you. You no longer could find the strength to yell at Hoseok for how he’d been treating himself nor could you push him away after he’d begun stroking your hair soothingly. It was him who needed comforting after you saw what he’d become, but here he was, comforting you instead. 

He knew exactly how to make you feel better as he had done many times before; one arm around you, pulling you close to him until you leaned against him. The other was stroking your hair while humming. After a few minutes, Hoseok finally spoke up, keeping his voice low as he whispered calmly into your ear. 

“It breaks my heart to know that I was the cause of this. I never want to see you unhappy and If you will allow me, I want to be the one to make sure you always have a smile on your face.” Every promise you had made yourself during the past two weeks, that you’d never forgive him and that you’d never give him a second chance, came tumbling down. You wanted him back as much as he did because truly, you’d been falling apart too, just not as noticeably as he was. 

You nodded slightly and pulled away to look at him where he sat on the floor in front of you. Just as he couldn’t bear to see you cry, you couldn’t bear to see him as the sickly person he’d allowed himself to turn into; you wanted to be the one to help him recover. You nodded again to show that you’d accepted him. He breathed a sigh of relief before reaching to place his hands on either sides of your face, his thumbs wiping away the last of the tears on your cheeks.

Without another word, he immediately leaned forward to crash his lips to yours while tangling his fingers in your hair and pulling you closer. He smiled into the kiss as he moved to wrap his arms around your waist and then rested his head in the crook of your neck. 

“Thank you, jagi.” He finally spoke up, a huge smile stretching across his face. After a moment, you realized that you couldn’t let Hoseok off the hook so easily – you were still upset at him for how he’d been treating himself during the past few weeks.

“Hey, just because I forgave you, doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get an earful about not taking care of yourself. Have you looked in the mirror lately? You look like death himself and look at the state of your room! There are papers and clothes everywhere; how can you live like this?” You had just begun scolding Hoseok when he let out a giggle. “Why are you laughing? I’m yelling at you right now!”

“Ah, I’m just happy! If it means I have you back, you can scold me all you want about not eating properly or making a mess. I just want to be with you.” He said lovingly, taking his your hands in his while placing soft kisses on them.

“Oh right, that’s another thing. What were you thinking, skipping all your meals? Did you really think I was going to let you get away with doing that? Your punishment is being fed so much food that you’ll never move again. Now, get up.” You tried to be stern with him, but after seeing the color rush back into his face as he returned to his lively nature, you couldn’t help but be overjoyed. Hoseok let out another laugh before pressing his lips to yours once more and standing up. He grabbed your hands to help you up before pulling you onto his back piggy-back style and running out into the hallway towards the kitchen. The dorm was once more filled with his energetic voice and this was appreciated by you as well as the other members. 

After all, the world could never go around if the sun wasn’t shining. 

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Request: Chocobros (as many of as few of them as you would like to do) caring for their pregnant S/O

Similar ask: Request for hc’s for the boys’ s/o having baby fever?

A/N: I decided to combined these two ask, hope that was okay anons! Also a made this Older!Chocobros, and before anyone says “but Noctis needs a heir” shhhhhh, listen. I think that, if he were to live through the whole ordeal with Ardyn, their would be no need considering (at least from my knowledge) that a crystal doesn’t really exist anymore? (didn’t it use it’s power to destroy the scourge? And in turn kind of be destroyed?) Also warning, this is long, way longer then I intended…

Older!Chocobros having baby fever/how they are with a pregnant S/O:


  • Noctis never really pictured himself having a family, and never pushed for one either, but once he settled down with his S/O, and saw all of their friends, even some of his friends, having little ones running around, he started to daydream about having a child of his own
  • His baby fever only progresses when he went out shopping and saw the cute little outfits they sold in stores (his favorite were any that had fishing humor on it omfg he needs to stop)
  • He’ll casually bring it up to his S/O, asking if they were willing to try, but if they weren’t ready or didn’t want to, he was fine with that as well
  • When they say they are okay with having a baby Noctis is thrilled
  • And oh boy, when he finds out he is actually going to be a father, he tears up and just kisses his S/O saying how excited he is
  • Once their baby bump is visible, he gets so worried and a bit overbearing
  • Constantly asking “Are you okay?” “Need anything?”
  • He has good intentions though, even if he got annoying at times
  • He’s going to try to be at home more during those 9 months, knowing full well that they are going to need him, plus it just gives him more reason to spend time with his S/O, which he hasn’t got to do much since he became king


  • Prompto has always wanted a family
  • So once Insomnia was rebuild, and him and his S/O moved back to the Crown City, he definitely thinks about the idea of starting a family more and more 
  • It only increases when he and his S/O are out walking one day and he spots a family who were pushing a baby around in a stroller, and he only wished to have a child of his own more
  • He’ll bring it up to his S/O after they pass the couple saying “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a family?”
  • If they pause and fall silent for a few seconds Prompto will become a bit anxious 
  • “We don’t have to have a family if you don’t want! I just thought I’d ask, it’s okay, if you don’t want to have a baby, really, no pressure!”
  • He’s now laughing nervously, waiting for his S/O’s answer
  • When he hears the words “Sure, let’s try” leave their mouth he might almost cry
  • Once it’s confirmed they were successful and were in fact having a child he starts researching, looking into what type of diapers, formula, and foods are the best for his future baby
  • Both his S/O and him want the gender to be a surprise, and ask his S/O if they could theme the baby’s nursery gender neutral colors like greens and yellows (mainly cause yellow=chocobo in his mind and he wants to get all things related to the bird for that room)
  • From the moment his S/O’s baby bump becomes visible, he can’t keep his hands off it
  • He’ll ask questions like “What week do they start kicking and moving around?” “Can you feel them moving around?” “Do you think they can hear us?” and if his S/O answers yes to the last one you can bet he will start talking to their stomach 
  • Once his S/O is at the 8 month mark he hardly leaves their side, asking them if they need anything or if they want a massage, he’s just trying to keep them comfortable cause he understands that pregnancy is everything but that


  • Like Noct, Gladio doesn’t really push for a family, even as Iris or Prompto bug him and his S/O with the question “so when will I become a Aunt/Uncle?” (okay but I headcanon that when any of these boys have a child of their own, the rest of the chocobros become their baby’s uncle, considering they are like brothers to each other)
  • He does get baby fever however, when he himself becomes a Uncle after Iris has her first child
  • Just seeing how happy she was made him kind of want to have a child with his S/O
  • Gladio brings the topic up one night while him and his S/O are just laying in bed, talking about their day
  • Once they think for a bit and say yes, you better bet right then and their they get started ;)
  • When his S/O comes home and says they were in fact having a baby he picks them up and spins them around, leaving little kisses all over their face, he’s just so happy
  • His S/O should get use to being babied while being pregnant, especially once the bump starts to become more noticeable, that’s when Gladio gets super overprotective
  • If he can’t physically be their with them  for any reason, he ask either one of the guys, or someone he trust from the Crownsgaurd to watch over them until he gets back
  • Gladdy is super sweet during the whole thing, he’ll do more work around the house so his S/O doesn’t have to stress over dishes or laundry, he’ll buy and make them what ever food they are craving, no matter how odd of a request it is
  • He probably set up the baby’s room entirely by himself, though he might have asked Iggy questions here and there for design and layout purposes


  • Ignis liked the idea of having a child or two with his S/O, but knowing how busy he normally was, it didn’t seem to be a reachable dream
  • That is until he starts getting bad baby fever after he started seeing happy families everywhere, in the city, in stores, hell even in the Citadel since Prompto liked to drag him and Cindy’s kid everywhere (shush I think they’d be adorable together!) yes, that included important meetings with the king
  • He’d bring up the idea to his S/O when they were out getting groceries for dinner and sees a mom out and about with her her two children, one being a small newborn and he couldn’t help but imagine that being his S/O
  • Ignis would say something along the lines “I’ve been thinking for awhile now, and, I was wondering, would it be okay if we tried for a child?”
  • When his S/O says yes he’s so thrilled he could kiss them, but obviously didn’t, considering he was in public
  • Weeks later, after they had tried, he was getting nervous that they weren’t successful , but his S/O came home with good news, that they were actually going to have a family
  • Ignis probably started to tear up
  • During the pregnancy he’s extra
  • I mean, really extra
  • He will research on healthy foods to eat while carrying a child, but also takes into concern his S/O’s strange cravings and makes the best gourmet dishes he can that fit both needs
  • He gives massages to his S/O when their back or feet hurt, knowing it takes a lot out of a person to grow another human
  • He’s probably going to get a bit over bearing, and he means well, but he’s a mother hen throughout the whole thing
  • His S/O should be ready to be asked questions like “How are you?” “Are you hungry?” “Do you need anything?” “Are you feeling well?”  e v e r y d a y

- Mod Lucis

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Every Me And Every You - Seventeen

You stood, watching as Reid cleared the rest of the plates and glasses away and then whipped the table cloth off the table, heading back to the kitchen area.

Get naked and lie down he’d said.

He was going to eat dessert off of you.

He was going to EAT off you. Like…. Ugh.

Well at least you were clean. For now.

“Clock’s ticking Y/N.” You heard Spencer call from his kitchen, the sounds of a fridge freezer opening and shutting.

“Spence?” you replied, pulling the purple night gown over your head and climbing onto the table, sitting in the middle with your legs pressed tightly together.

“Yeah?” He reappeared, a tub of ice-cream in one hand and a bowl of strawberries in the other, a chocolate sauce bottle tucked under his arm.

“If I’m your dish, where’s mine?”

He grinned and placed the items down on the wooden surface next to you.

“Oh don’t you worry, you won’t be missing out.” He swiped his tongue over his bottom lip before continuing. “Do you object if we combine two in one here… Ice-cream the cold part if I grab some candles?”

“You can… But I’m a bit apprehensive about that. Like.. Will it burn?”

“Y/N, you wax right? One of the most sensitive areas of your body and you wax it. It’s not exactly the same because it’s a different kind of wax, but it’s not too dissimilar to that heat.”

“How do you even…. Spencer? Really?”

No way.


“Not currently no. In the past, yes. But like you, I find it disturbing looking down and seeing no hair at all on my nether regions. It’s tidy, but not bare. You’ll see later.”

Why yes, if you had his cock in your mouth you definitely would.

“The wax in the candles we’ll use will have a lower melting temperature than others. So the wax will be hot but it shouldn’t scald you or be painful. Just a short sharp burn, and then it will cool. But if it’s more sensitive for you than I think it will be, then just say yellow twice, and we can stop that part of play. We’ll eat first anyway. I don’t particularly enjoy candle wax mixed in with my ice-cream. Alright?”


“Good, now lie flat please. This might get messy.”

You obliged, twisting your hair into a make shift pony tail so that it was kept in one place as you lay down.

Spencer disappeared again for a few moments, returning with four coloured tins and a lighter. Removing the lids, he sparked the lighter, igniting the four candles and lining them up on the shelf that was to the side of the dining table.

“How do you feel about whipped cream Y/N?”

“Strawberries, ice cream, chocolate sauce plus whipped cream? This is starting to sound like the makings of a cheesy romance novel. Will there be love making on a bear skin rug in front of a fire place?” You were starting to feel more comfortable and confident teasing him now. Which was odd, because at work you used to have no problem flirting with him.

Probably because you’d thought he was sweet and innocent Spencer, and that nothing would come of it.

Funny how things work out.

“Do you see a bear skin rug or fireplace?”

You shook your head.

“And do you really think that what we’ve been doing up until now constitutes as ‘making love’? Cos I sure as hell don’t.”

“Me neither. This is strictly all about fucking right?”

“Yep. Fucking and making you feel things you’ve not felt before. Now… I’m starting to get hungry for dessert. So I’m going to build my sundae okay.”


He pulled the bowl of strawberries towards him and popped one in his mouth, eating it slowly as he searched through the fruits before settling on a smallish berry, plucking it from the pile.

“Spread your legs, Y/N.”

Oh hell no….

His hand on your thigh, he pushed gently pulling one away from the other. You resisted slightly, only allowing him to move your legs apart when he shot you a look. You bit your lip in anticipation of what he was going to do next.


The strawberry was being pushed inside your entrance as expected making you question; were you going to be eating this or him?

Moving back to your head he bought the bowl with him.

“Open your mouth.”

You did as you were told and he slowly placed another piece of fruit into your mouth.

“You can eat that piece. A sweet one… And then a not so sweet one for later.”

So you’d be eating it then.

Well at least he wasn’t doing the typical guy thing of trying to bullshit you and convince you that tasted of honey down there. No girl tasted of honey unless she’d been slathered in it.

He set about creating a sundae with the ice cream and sauce, covering your body with swirls of chocolate first, drizzling it over your nipples and a trail of it on your thighs.

The ice-cream was spooned on in small amounts, where ever he could find a dip in your body. The hollow of your neck, the valley between your breasts, your belly button and then finally in the v when your legs met.

The shock of the cold against your skin caused you to shudder, to whimper and suck in air when it initially connected with your skin. Every few moments he’d feed you a small spoonful, you swallowing it hungrily. It was your favourite ice cream flavour after all.

When he was done, he stood back and surveyed his handy work.

“You look both ridiculous, and hot as fuck, Y/N.”

“It’s starting to melt. I can feel it running between my legs.” You pulled a face, knowing how sticky it was going to be.

“Don’t worry. I’ll clean you up.”

With that he placed another strawberry between his lips so that the tip was protruding from his mouth and then lowered his head to yours.

You opened you mouth and accepted the strawberry, his lips only millimetres from yours as he passed it to you, you savouring the sweet but sharp fruit. His head remaining bent, he began his feast. Starting with the ice-cream that was melting in the hollow of your neck, he sucked and licked it off you, his hands keeping his hair back and off his face.

You knew it was so his hair wouldn’t get messy but it just meant you could see his lips working away, his tongue darting out and his cheeks hollowing as he sucked the fast melting dessert into his mouth. Working his way quickly down to your tummy, he repeated his actions on the cream that pooling into your belly button, you giggling as his tongue dug around.

“I must say, if all ice-cream parlours presented their dessert like this, I’d never leave.”

He lowered his mouth again, this time his tongue scooping up only tiny amounts of the cold mass that was now seeping between your thighs and starting to form a lake underneath you. You were definitely going to need another shower.

Only eating half of the ice cream, he climbed onto the table next to you, allowing him better access to you as he kissed his way back up your torso to the sauce that was sticky against your chest.

“Want some?” he asked you and you breathed out a yes.

He dragged his fingers along the gooey fluid that coated your chest, pinching slightly as he grazed across your nipple, eliciting a gasp from you.

When he’d collected a fair amount of sauce on his fingertips he touched them to your lips, your tongue swiping across them and tasting the deliciously sweet sauce that was now warm from being exposed to your skin.

Pressing his lips to your neck he kissed his way back down, his tongue pressing hard against your skin and working to clear the sugary syrup off you. As Spencer’s lips moved across your chest, you could feel that familar rush coarsing through your body as he sucked and licked at your skin until there was no sauce left.

He slid down the table until he was positioned by your legs, running his finger through the melted ice-cream residue that was tinting your skin a light mint green.

“Shall we see how the strawberry is doing. They do tend to start falling apart if they get too wet.” He pushed opened your legs, you cringing slightly as you felt the rest of the liquid ice-cream trickling down the inside of your thighs and running over your folds.

“Hmmmm I wonder if I could suck it out. Let’s try.”

Jesus fuck….

The sight of your colleague lowering his head between your legs and placing his mouth to you was something you definitely thought you’d never see. And the sensation of his lips attaching to your entrance and the light pressure as he gently sucked was something you’d definitely thought you’d never feel.

You moaned….loudly. And then felt him pulling away from you and rising from between you thighs, a grin on his face as he held the sodden fruit between his teeth.

Placing his hands either side of you he crawled forward so he was hovering over your body and lowered his mouth to yours again, dropping the strawberry in to your mouth and then pausing to watch your reaction.

You bit down, the outside coated in your slick, but the sweet sugary goodness of the inside overcoming the bitterness as you quickly chewed and then swallowed.

“Good girl. You know, I’ll bet you’ll taste of strawberries now Y/N.”

“Maybe,” you replied, the taste of strawberries mixed with yourself still on your tongue.

“I guess I should start on one out of five. One of out five almost orgasms. I’m so looking forward to having you begging for it by the end of tonight.”

You weren’t.

Yet you knew that you would be.

One last smirk and he slowly retreated away from your mouth and back down your body, climbing off the table completely and tugging you so you slid to the edge of the table. You watched as he knelt on the floor, the table the perfect height for him. And then he began his torture, using his mouth and tongue to tease and flick at your clit, his hair tickling your inner thighs as he moved between your legs.

You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t wondered what his mouth would feel like on you there. One of Spencer’s most attractive features were his perfectly formed lips, which he had a terrible habit of licking or biting when he was mid thought. You’d even caught Emily staring once as he absently mildly sucked on a lollypop one day whilst he was working. When she saw you watching, she’d just shrugged and said “Kids got a nice mouth” before walking off. That ‘kid’ definitely did have a nice mouth, one that he absolutely knew how to use.

It wasn’t long before you were gasping and squirming on the wooden surface, his lips sucking hard on your throbbing bundle of nerves, his teeth grazing it softly as your legs began to tremble.

Just when you thought he was going to let you come, a few seconds more and you would have, he stopped. Pulling away completely and placing his hands on your thighs, stilling them as they quivered.

Squeezing your eyes shut you worked to still your breathing and cool your nerves, the ache you felt in your core slowly subsiding but not going away completely.

“That’s one,” Spencer whispered, the pads of his thumbs moving in small circles on your skin.

“One. Okay. Four more.”

You heard and felt movement, and when you forced your eyes back open you saw that Reid had stood up and had retrieved a towel from somewhere.

Tossing it over his shoulders, he reached down and took your hands, pulling you into an upright position.

“Sit up for a second please.”

“NOW you’re putting a towel down?”

He laughed and spread it out. “Try and get dried wax off a wooden surface without damaging it. Ice cream is easy. Wax, is not.”

Oh… So that was happening then.

“Will it come off me easily enough?”

“It should do. Everyone’s skin is different but for most, it will just flake right off. Do you have a hair tie? If not, I’ve got some elastics somewhere.”

“Front pocket of my bag.”

He retrieved one and handed it to you, telling you to pull your hair as high off your neck as you could and then to lie on your back.

“I need you to lie relatively near to the side rather than in the middle so I’ve got somewhere to rest the pots okay.”

You pulled your hair into a high bun, securing it with the tie whilst Spencer went to fetch water and ice. Just in case, he’d told you.

Just in fucking case?

“Relax….like I said, everyone’s skin is different.”



You could do this.

You lay back down, your arms flat by your sides and watched as Reid lined up the candle tubs on the table next to you, close enough for him to easily reach but not close enough for you to easily lash out and knock them over. He placed the glasses of water and ice next to them .

He picked up one of the tubs and held his forearm out and you saw him wince the tiniest bit as he tipped the pot slightly, pouring the smallest amount out onto his own arm. It was almost as though he was testing it, the way someone would test a baby’s bottle. He placed the candle back down and held his arm out to you, the wax quickly drying in the air.

“If you touch it now, it should just peel off.”

You did, seeing the wax crumble away, revealing a pale pink mark where it had been.

“That will fade quickly on my skin. On yours, I’m not so sure. We’ll see. You ready?”

“Go for it.” You settled back down and waited, watching to see which part of your body he’d choose.

He went for your forearm too, the same place he’d just marked on himself. He held your arm steady but not so much that you couldn’t move it away, and held the pot high as he poured, you flinching as soon as the molten wax hit your skin.

Fuuuck. Ow Ow Ow!

Intense burning for a second or two.

And then it faded quickly, leaving you with an almost pleasant tingling.

“Okay?” Spencer asked you and you nodded.

“Good, I think.”

His next pour was longer and aimed across your tummy, you sucking your skin in as the heat hit you. Aside from the initial burn, it really wasn’t that bad. It was almost…. Soothing. Like a really really really hot stone massage. Except it wasn’t stones and you weren’t being massaged.

He dripped some more over your torso, spilling it across your breasts and near to the tops of your thighs, you wincing each time but enjoyed the sensation overall. He picked up another pot, one now in each hand and you closed your eyes as two trickles of wax hit your stomach in quick succession, you gasping as he poured for longer this time.

Keeping your eyes closed, you heard clinking and movement.

“I’m going to try something okay?”

“Uh huh.”

And then….

“Fucking hell!”

Wax splashed across one nipple, heat searing through it as you felt intense cold on the other. Fire and ice.

“Oh my god, Spencer. Fuck.”

The wax cooling and tightening on your nipple made for an uncomfortable but confusing feeling, especially as he was now gently circling your other nipple with the cube of ice.

“Ugh… “ you groaned, starting to now enjoy the feeling of the cool cube on your puckered sensitive skin. He moved his fingers to your other breast and softly stroked the now hardened wax away, before applying the rapidly melting ice to it.

“Oh shit….” That felt good. Soothing but tingly, it hitting straight between your legs.

“The wax doesn’t seem to bother you as much as I thought it would. If I was an artist, I bet I could paint an entire landscape on your body with it and you wouldn’t mind.”

He probably could.

The cube now completely melted, he selected another one, rubbing it in circles on your stomach.

Once the skin was cool, he dripped the wax over it.

Your mouth opened in shock at the burn you felt, the applied ice before hand making it even more intense. And painful. So fucking painful.

“Yellow…” you said immediately, without hesitation.

You didn’t like that. You didn’t like it one bit. It had felt like your skin was going to melt off and although you knew it was because he’d cooled the area before and it was the intense difference in the two heats, you didn’t want to feel that again.

He immediately soothed the area with cool water, the burning easing off quickly as he peeled the dried wax off that area of your skin, revealing a bright red angry mark.

“Yellow yellow, or just yellow?”

“Just one. Hot to cold is fine, but cold to hot again would be an immediate red, end of game.”

“Noted. Roll over and get on your hands and knees.” No apology, but then you guessed he wouldn’t. You’d asked for this after all.

You did as he said, some of the dried wax falling on to the towel below.

Starting in the centre of your back, he poured in thin lines, zigzagging from side to the other.

It was less sensitive than your front, ticklish but in a good way, the warm liquid running slightly down your sides, some even dripping off you and onto the towel below before it cooled.

He alternated between different pots, you realising that they were different colours, the wax falling in swirls and splashes.

You giggled.

“You like this don’t you?” Spencer asked, a happy tone to his words.

“It’s feels nice. It’s not as sensitive on my back, it doesn’t burn as much. It just feels warm, like you’re drawing on me with sunlight.”

He laughed at your phrasing and carried on, splashing wax on your butt cheeks, it running down the backs of your thighs.

“Stay still. Can I take a picture so you can see?”


He reached for his phone, snapping a few photos and showing them to you. Your back was covered in different colours, like someone had thrown paint or you, your pale skin in between the lines, a stark contrast. The wax was now cool and hardened, it slightly tight on your skin where it lay and you could see the different textures in the photos, the colours raised and shiny. You gawked at the photos of your body, bewitched by them.

“Send them to me?” you asked him.

“Of course. Later. But now….. ”

He lay his phone down and disappeared out sight again moving to your raised butt and running his hands over it, the wax peeling and flaking away.

Feeling warm lips on each of your cheeks, you stiffened.

His kisses moved dangerously close to your ass crack, putting you on edge wondering if he was going to cause you to call yellow again.

Spencer trailed his fingers lightly up and down the front of your thighs before moving them over your slit again.

“Time for number two I think.”

Moments later, you felt a finger enter you, probing lightly before retreating only to be replaced by two.

He started thrusting them in and out of you, curling them inside whilst his other hand reached around and started circling your clit again.

“Fuuuuck… ” You groaned out as his long digits hit against your precious hidden spot inside as the pads of his fingertips caressed you.

“Remember Y/N, you’re not allowed to come.”

He pulled out and pushed all the way back in, hard making you cry out at how good it felt.

“But… But I want to.”

“No. You chose this.”

His fingers were working quickly now and you bit your lips together thinking that if he didn’t know you were about to come, he wouldn’t stop.

Just a bit longer, a bit more. You thrust back against his hand accidentally and he stopped, laughing softly and pulling his hands away completely.

You whimpered at the loss of his touch, surprised by the almost cat like mewling that left your throat.

“Lie down Y/N.”

You lay flat on your front this time, sulking and breathing heavily and wondering what he was going to do next.

Nothing it seemed. Well, nothing bad. He quickly ran his hands up and down your back, pulling the pieces of dried wax off you until it was all gone. Some pieces pulled at your skin, others came away easily. The remaining wax on your front had fallen off during his thrusts.

“Stand up.”

You stood in front of him, your legs unsteady from the two almost orgasms you’d been denied.

“Go and start another shower. You’re still a bit sticky in places from the sauce. I’ll join you in a second.”

“You’re sticky too… ” You pointed out. His t-shirt had smears of chocolate and melted ice cream on it.

“I know… That’s why I’m coming in the shower with you.”

anonymous asked:

You want fluffly prompts? I can't help myself, I need fluffly fics so much: so I'd like the morning after their wedding in show verse (the WW are gone for good and the North is independent), thanks 💞

Or, how Jon gets in his cups. This is part fluff, part smut, and part ridiculous. I laughed so hard writing some of this, my stomach hurt afterwards. This was a fun one.

Rated E. 

All of it under the cut since it starts out mildly NSWFish.

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Originally posted by bonniebirdsgifcentre

“Well, doesn’t this look…unusual.” You said after entering home you shared with your husband, hanging up your coat, and finding him in the kitchen shuffling a deck of cards with a bottle of wine laid out on the table.

“Hello babe.” Alfie said as he got up from his seat, momentarily stopping to kiss you hello. You still stood with a perplexed look on our face. Hesitantly you sat in the chair across from him, your eyes never leaving him.

“What is all this?”

His eyes furrowed, causing him to lean forward. “Don’t you remember last week?” The look on your face was his cue. “Right, so you don’t remember. Well… you said you always wanted to do this.”

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“Little Stevie’s First Day of School”

Summary: Time has come for little Stevie, 5 years old, to start kindergarten and Bucky’s having a difficult time grasping the concept of his little boy growing up. Steven James Barnes crosses into the scholastic realm. How will Bucky deal with his little man leaving the nest?

 Pairings: Bucky x Reader OFC Steven James and Bella Barnes, Ms. Nelson, Kindergarten Teacher

 Warning: Separation anxiety and a boatload of happiness

 A/N: This fic is part of “The Chronicles of Bucky Barnes-Family Man,” series. From time to time, I’ll post one shots about Bucky, his wife, Bella and little Steven. I wanted to write how he handles his kids growing up. Hope you like it. Feedback is encouraged and thank you for reading!


You’ve heard of kids crying, latching themselves onto their parent’s leg on the first day of kindergarten. Somber mothers and fathers peeped in the door’s window, searching for one more glance of their “baby.” What they fail to realize is it’s 8:00 a.m. and the school dismisses the kindergarten class at noon.

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Minseokie happened a long time ago, so you can refresh your memory by reading his last chapter here!


[ Minseok | In Full Bloom ]

 \ back in his arms

When you woke up, you felt your neck slightly burning and Minseok’s arms still around you tight. Your tense body, strung up from numerous nightmares, calmed down at the feeling of your mate being close. Even after his reckless actions before, he still came back to you. You wiggled in his arms, your arms moving to wrap around his back, moving even closer to him. Minseok growled in appreciation, his face burying in your neck when he heard you whine in discomfort.

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(phanfic) just breathe now

Title: just breathe now
Words: 4,714
Summary: Suddenly he realizes Phil is next to him, arm around his back, holding him upright and checking his temperature by pressing his palm against his cheek.
“Phil?” He whispered, once he found the breath and presence of mind to speak.
“Hey, baby. I’m here, just breathe.”
(Dan comes down with the stomach flu in the middle of the night. Phil cares for him.)

Read on AO3


“Sure you don’t want any?” Phil asked, eyeing him uncertainly for what felt like the millionth time that day.

“I’m sure, just not hungry yet,” Dan answered, glancing at him sideways from the couch. “I’ll have some later.”

“Okaaay…” Phil responded, drawing out the word as he returned to the kitchen from the doorway.

Dan felt bad about turning down the orange chicken stir-fry Phil seemed so proud of making, but he just wasn’t hungry and the thought of eating didn’t seem appealing. He’d started feeling slightly off around mid-morning, but had brushed it off and eaten lunch anyway, figuring he may have just been hungry. Eating had only seemed to make the weird feeling a bit worse, if anything.

Phil returned a minute later carrying his plate of food and setting it down on their dining table nearby, sitting down to chat with Dan while he ate.

“I made a plate for you, it’s wrapped up in the fridge for you to heat when you’re ready,” He said, digging into his meal.

Dan nodded, but pushed the thought of eating back out of his head as they both focused on the episode of Riverdale Dan had put on for them to watch.

They watched the episode and enjoyed casual conversation for a while until Dan felt a headache forming behind his eyes, and felt the uncomfortable feeling of malaise making itself more apparent. He sighed and laid his head back, closing his eyes.

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“It must be nice to be a bear,” Bond said, peering through his binoculars at the one that was currently rummaging through his target’s camp. Ah—there went the food supply. Perfect; hungry people made mistakes.  

“Lying about in the forest all day, doing nothing but eating fish and mating female bears? Sounds scintillating,” Q said over the comms. “Of course it would appeal to you.”

“They needn’t be female,” Bond chided Q. “I would be an equal opportunity bear. And this one certainly seems to have a diet more varied than fish. He’s into the target’s sweeties.”

No more Haribo. Bond imagined the target’s morale plummeting and grinned.

“If I were a bear, I would eat honey and poachers,” Q said.

“Dangerous game.” Though he imagined that Q would be clever about it: a lean shadow of a killing machine, curious eyes and claws like knives, sneaking up on bees and armed men alike. A bear would have to be careful in trying to mate with something like that, but there would be rewards, too. And not just a ready supply of honey.

A few minutes later, the bear looked in the direction the man had taken when he’d left camp a few minutes before, probably to answer the call of nature; Q didn’t have eyes on the woods, but he could tell that the man wasn’t attempting to contact anyone through his mobile. 

After a moment, the bear returned to its feast, now gnawing on a big ham that the target must have been counting on to carry him through a week or more of woodsy hiding out from all the people he’d pissed off.

The target emerged from the trees and froze.

The bear looked up again.

Bond had a wonderful, nasty idea. He lined up his shot.

The target began to move, stumbling backward.

Bond fired. The shot echoed through the woods, fragmenting a can of beans an inch away from the bear’s face.

The bear charged.

“Assassination via bear,” Q said after the grisly noises had mostly faded away. “Not sure if that one’s on record yet.”

Bond smirked. “Better add it to the list,” he said. 







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cAn you write something for pynch and valentines day omg i love ur pynch stuff 😩

Adam was in a hurry. 

Gansey, bless him, had agreed to take Opal for the day so Adam could prepare, and the night so Adam and Ronan could have their night. In the meantime, Blue had agreed to keep Ronan occupied with things that Adam had no knowledge of. All Adam asked was that Ronan was out of the house until six. 

Ronan didnt know Adam was back for the weekend, and Adam had worked very hard to make it sound like he had just too much homework to do to get away from school. Truthfully, he did, but this was his first valentine’s with Ronan, and he wanted, just this once, to be that stupid, cheesy, annoying couple. 

Adam didn’t change too much of the house, but enough that it looked like the kind of romantic picture he had been hoping for. It was five minutes before Ronan had to be home, so Adam had begun to heat the food that was already made in the oven just to make it warm. He looked around, admiring his handiwork. 

The lights were off, but Adam had lit so many candles that it looked as though a light was on. It was most definitely a fire hazard. The table was set, with a cold beer out for Ronan, and Adam had prepared himself a cold glass of Cola. There were rose petals scattered over the table cloth, which Adam thought was a nice touch–whether or not Ronan would appreciate any of these things was beyond him. There was music playing, not Ronan’s type of music, and not Adam’s type of music, but nice soothing instrumental things that gave Adam the feeling that he should walk through a magical forest. 

Wouldn’t be the first time. 

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| Warnings: None. |


9:36 a.m.

He woke up to the sound of London traffic and birds chirping on his windowsill. Dan claimed the birds had an attraction to him, but [Y/N] and Phil knew there was a bird nest there.

He rolled over and saw her sleeping figure, her small body draped in one of his shirts. Her [H/C] locks messy and tangled from the night before. Love marks visible on her neck.

He thought she looked so beautiful.

He scooted closer to her, wrapping his arms around her gently, being careful not to wake her.

He didn’t succeed. She stirred a bit in his arms, and shortly after, her [E/C] eyes fluttered open.

“Did I wake you? I’m sorry.” Dan whispered, watching her rub her eyes in an attempt to fight off the sleepy feeling.

“Yeah you did, but it’s ok.” She smiled at him, a small, sleepy smile that he loved so much.

He leaned over and kissed her pink lips softly. When he pulled away, she started giggling, which only made him laugh as well. “What are you laughing at, baby?” He said between laughs.

“Your stubble tickles.” She grinned at him, running her fingers against his chin and jawline, feeling the short hairs against her skin.

“Yeah?” He smirked, leaning closer to her, his lips brushing against hers as he spoke. “D'you like it?” He placed his lips on hers, making sure she could feel his stubble.

“Mhm.” She moaned against his lips, cupping his face in her hands.

Suddenly, Dan’s stomach made a loud rumbling noise, which only made [Y/N] start laughing uncontrollably. His cheeks and ears turned bright red.

“C'mon you hungry little bear.” She crawled out of bed, and held out her hand for Dan to grab. “Let’s go make breakfast.”

He grabbed her hand and she pulled him out of bed, dragging him to the kitchen, his stomach grumbling on the way.

“Let’s just eat cereal, I’m too lazy to cook.” Dan said, opening the cupboard as he did.

Only to find his box of cereal empty.

“Who ate my cereal?” Dan said, assuming it was Phil, but when I guilty grin spread across [Y/N]’s face, his mouth opened in shock.


“You’re buying me a new box of cereal.”

“Only if you shave that stubble first.”

Dan groaned and walked off to the bathroom, and [Y/N] could hear the faint buzzing of his electric razor.

Unknown to Dan, [Y/N] had hidden a second box of cereal in the cupboards.

“What a dork.”

Sleepy (Mingyu)

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A/N: based off of today when i woke up bc i’m a light sleeper. hungry and sleepy. also lazy. the idea came up when i had to debate to get out of bed

  • You had awoken to the sound of Mingyu leaving your shared bedroom
  • You groan because it way to early to for you to get up looking at the clock it was only 6:02
  • You stare at Mingyu changing and he notices you awake
  • “oh are you awake now go back to sleep, I’m going back to the flea market”

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