if I'm around any mind readers they are probably very concerned

First off, Anon. Your IP address has been blocked, so you may or may not see this reply. Secondly though, thank you for that compliment- the ability to “churn” out content I don’t particularly like myself, and still get good feedback on it, must suggest I have some semblance of talent for creative writing- especially since I’ve got very little practical experience pertaining to sexual intimacy. I. however, have probably see more “real life” than you have by the age of 23, than you have in your entire existence. So for me to be comfortable with writing triggering content, you have to think: wow, what has this woman been witness to, to be able to write such content?

I’ve seen Hell on Earth. I see it, everyday.

I don’t see how my hard work every evening writing content for this fandom is discouraging to other writers and harmful. If you want to be “liked” on the premise you believe I am, then go ahead and “churn” out versatile content like I do. I don’t write the same fanfiction in different formats, I don’t take anyone else’s ideas as my own, I open requests regularly and write what my readership want to read.

How do I sleep at night? I dunno Anon, I just do? I have a chronic illness, and serious diagnosed mental health issues as of late last year, which I function with on a high level on a day to day basis because I’m saving lives and helping people. Every day.

I don’t think you have any say in solely deciding who gets to be a “popular writer” in this fandom. I never began writing to become “popular” anyways. Stay in your lane, Anon. Or better yet, if my block didn’t work for some reason or another, then come speak to me off Anon in my DMs. 


Honestly, I have been nothing but supporting of supposedly ‘smaller’ blogs. I honestly don’t give a crap about follower count, or notes, or anything like that. That’s not my intention or motivation to write everyday and post. Imagine if it was- I would have been burned out a long time ago

Don’t let the type of content I write, or the amount of notes I get, or the people I interact with, make you feel like you’re not worth anything in this fandom. I’ve stated this many times before- I’m happy to read and reblog writing in this fandom from anyone to give signal boosts and encouragement. I’m happy to read anything. I’m happy to write anything. Every piece of fiction has its merits. Every piece of fiction has it’s downfalls. But all fiction is beautiful, and all fiction deserves to be shared and appreciated.

At the end of the day, if you enjoy your writing, others will enjoy it too. 

And if you enjoy your writing, then you will also be satisfied with it. You will not seek validation through the amount of messages you get in your inbox, through how many likes you get on your posts, and especially not through how many followers you have on your blog.

If you’re writing and posting for notes or following- you’re posting for the wrong reasons. It’s going to mess with you, and you’ll become bitter, as this Anon has. If your aim was to upset me, and get me to leave again, and stop producing content or something- it didn’t work.

I’ve grown a tough skin from all the abuse I have tolerated on this website. I’ve come back under different aliases, even in my absence as themissimmortal to continue producing content for the fandom that I love. I’ve come back this time, to have a good time with writing, and to stay in touch with some lifelong friends. No amount of Anon Hate you, or any others, throw at me will have me leave again. I’ve written over 300 pieces of writing for this fandom, and I do not plan on stopping. I do not plan on limiting the scope of my writing to address this Anon’s ‘concerns’ about how I gained my following.

Writing on Tumblr has helped me spread my wings, and has given me some semblance of confidence in my choice creative art of writing. I know I am not the best, and I wonder every day why people are reading my works. I am bombarded by the same insecurities everyone who posts on Tumblr is. When I post a piece, I have no real expectations regarding how “good” the stats look on the post.

And that’s why, this time around, I’m happy to be here on Tumblr- writing for this crazy, but largely lovely community. Anon, while you have not truly upset me with your largely narrow-minded words (sorry, there really is no other way to describe your comments- it really only seems like you’re focussed solely on stats), you have struck a chord within me.

This was the reason I left in the first place. I was getting hate for indulging in a hobby that I finally had the time for. I was getting hate for doing something I enjoyed. I was made to feel bad, and discouraged to the point that I still think (a lot of the time) that people only follow me or interact with me because they are obligated to, or are just way too nice for their own good.

While these insecurities continue to plague me, I will not bend.

I will continue to write what I want to write. I will continue to write what readers have requested I write. I will continue to challenge myself in my art, and I will continue to have a good time doing so.

If you have a problem with this, please unfollow and block me.

This type of Anon Hate is intolerable, and wholly unacceptable. You’re the one being discouraging and harmful- not me.

So please stop before you actually end up upsetting someone with your salt-laced words.

ADA Rafael Barba: 10 Minutes

Why? Because I love when everyone’s already assembled and seemingly waiting for Barba to stroll in before they pounce. And I’ve listened to this like twenty times this morning

Originally posted by draconisglow

The phone. Of course. It’s always the phone.

Rafael moaned, and jut an arm out towards the nightstand in order to snatch the offensive device from its place. The alarm, here as it was every too-early-morning; and as always, a second moan, to vocalize how very much he hated it.

This morning, though, instead of slipping away to go back to sleep; you were surprisingly roused and determined.

“No,” you begged, shamelessly slipped arms around his torso in a feeble attempt to keep him still. “Noooo;” this time, your plea came with lips pressed to his shoulder blade, over and over again.

Of course, Rafael let you surround him as you wished, but tried to be the responsible voice in the bed: “I have to-”

You lay a fingertip over his lips, hoping to cease the objection before it gained much traction. “Please, Rafi, just today-” a pout, a whine, and he rolled his eyes in response to the theatrics. “Ten minutes;” your hold tightened, hopefully, and you brazenly rocked your head side to side to show precisely how you refused to resign to your fate of an empty bed. “Just for the next ten minutes, Rafi, oh please…”

Longingly, he sighed, glanced down from the phone to your arms. In the most delicate manner, with just a single fingertip, he trailed a line from your wrist to elbow- the touch tickled, you squirmed closer towards him, and he considered all the routines he had in the morning… all the many things he had to do in order to be proper before getting out of the door in time…

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I'm Glad It's You (Dad!Tony / Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: While shopping, Y/N comes across a celebrity who seems to take an unusual liking to her.


Sighing, you pushed your shopping trolley along the aisle. You put all your might into nudging the trolley around the corner. Suddenly, you heard a crash, followed by your trolley spinning out of control. You hurried around the corner to see what you hit, only to see a man lying on the floor, groaning in pain.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, sir! Are you alright!” you exclaimed, reaching your arm out to help him up.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m fine, really. Been through worse,” he chuckled, standing up. That’s when you saw his face, and you stepped back in shock.

“Well, I’d say so, you’re Iron Man!” you exclaimed, only to be met by him shushing you.

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The Saloon

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Dean Ambrose/Sheamus O'Shaunessy/Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Heavily inspired by the WWE 2K17 advertisement, though I’ve never touched the game. So uh, another AU. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO @tox-moxley and HAPPY THIRST PARTY SATURDAY @hardcorewwetrash ENJOY!

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Listen listen, I’m going to tell you about the dream I just had involving these dorks Naruto and Gaara.

So I guess this takes place maybe just before shippuden starts, like a little after Naruto and Gaara fight and Gaara isn’t murderous anymore but still very awkward and conflicting about himself and people in general. Somehow the entirety of the ninja world is like at peace for the time being, so everybody decides to meet up at this gigantic prairie land looking area and have this big old festival. Like there’s vendors and little tents and games and everyone’s just chilling. We’re focused on Naruto and Gaara arriving at this location, not together, but they’re both coming from their own villages. They’re like on opposite ends of this riverside near the festival. Naruto catches sight of Gaara first and grins instantly. He hasn’t seen him since their fight, but he already is ready to greet his former opponent like a brother. Gaara on the other hand, catches sight of Naruto and becomes uneasy. He hasn’t seen that boy since the time when he tried to murder him and his friends. Why would he want to be around a former monster like that? Instinctually, Gaara becomes insecure and recoils from Naruto’s view before walking any further in his direction, just in time to miss seeing an excitedly waving hand from Naruto. He still feels very uncomfortable being around people that once viewed him as the monster he was. He just doesn’t know how to be okay with people yet, somewhat of a social anxiety you could say. He especially feels vulnerable around Naruto.
Naruto, upon seeing Gaara suddenly retreat from his sight, frowns and his mood drops instantly. What the hell was that about? Why would he disappear like that after seeing me, doesn’t he recognize me?? Naruto is overcome with confusion, which quickly turns to frustration, and bitterly makes his way into the festival. He finds Kakashi (he sorta just comes out of nowhere) and Kakashi notices Naruto’s bad mood right away by the plain sight of his face and upset noises he keeps making. He finally asks Naruto what’s wrong, so Naruto starts angrily blurting to him about his weird encounter with Gaara. After a moment of contemplating and silence as Naruto looks like he’s about to burst into angry tears, Kakashi laughs. Naruto is shocked and upset. “What the hell are you laughing about?!”
“Well, it sounds like Gaara’s just nervous. He doesn’t hate you, Naruto. He just doesn’t know how to be around people after what he’s been through. He’s never had any real friends of his own, and he’s still very wary when it comes to trusting others. You can understand why. I think the reason why he’s so reluctant to run into you is because you’re the only person trying to reach out to him so directly, and he isn’t prepared for that. Considering what you both have in common, I’ll bet he’s wanted to befriend you the most, which is why his nerves are acting up now. He’s just being a bit shy about it.”
This little pep talk has Naruto in awe, and his mood is lifted once more, perhaps more than the first time. He has a stupid grin on his face and his cheeks are pink with happiness at the thought of Gaara really wanting to be friends, too. Kakashi tells him to calm down. “Now you can’t just go running after Gaara, that’s sure to scare him. You have to approach him gently, like a cat. Think of Gaara as that cat from your first mission. Hopefully you don’t get scratched.”

Meanwhile, Gaara is stooping around in some semi-secluded area, like some sort of alley (I don’t know why there’s an alley, there just is), and he’s being eaten away by whatever anxious thoughts he has, until someone pops out of nowhere to talk some sense into him. You guessed it, it’s Maito Gai (I don’t know, I don’t know). Much to Gaara’s surprise and mild uneasiness, Gai starts to ask him what seems to be troubling his head. Of course, Gaara doesn’t say much of anything, but somehow Gai already knows (actually, I bet he found out about their encounter through Kakashi, but Gai let’s Gaara think he’s some sort of special mind reader). He asks if it’s about Naruto, and Gaara nods, brow furrowed. Gai chuckles a bit to himself. “You know, that boy really wants to befriend you. We can’t even say ‘Suna’ without him asking a million questions about ya! ‘How’s Gaara doing, what has Gaara been up to, when are we gonna invite Gaara to the leaf village’ he’s nuts!” Gaara just sits there with this wide-eyed expression at Gai, and finally speaks out. “… really?”
Gai laughs at Gaara’s shy response “Really really.”(I’m sorry)

They both decide to seek out each other again, and after some searching they run into each other on opposite sides of a crowd. Kakashi and Gai are watching their encounter from a hidden point, like the concerned parents they’re are(actually more like Gai dragged Kakashi out to accompany his eavesdropping). The boys are far apart like before, but Gaara catches Naruto shouting his name over the crowd. Just as Gaara’s about to make his way towards him, he’s taken aback again, this time because Naruto is running straight towards him like he’s going to make a jump attack. Kakashi groans as Gai tries to fight back his laughter. Gaara wants to recoil again, but instead stands his ground and just faces Naruto head on, hands at his side, heartbeat picking up. All at once, Naruto runs into Gaara like a long lost lover and encloses him in a bear hug, a pretty tight one too, probably the first real hug Gaara’s ever received. He is shook.
Naruto starts giggling because he knows he scared Gaara but he also knows Gaara’s just shy to his feelings. He hugs tighter. “Hey, don’t think I’m not gonna be excited as hell to see you after all this time! So don’t even try avoiding me!” Gaara finally allows himself to smile back, his anxiety loosening a bit as he reciprocates Naruto’s hug in his own gentle way. After maybe a million questions, they head off here and there, Naruto leading the way mainly, throughout the festival. At one point, Naruto and Gaara are chilling together while taking turns doing transformation jutsus and laughing at each other like the true dorks that they are (by the way, their voices are the Japanese actors, and Gaara is actually laughing, not like that creepy giggle he does when he is about to kill someone, but like a real actual happy laugh and he sounds like an angel and I’m crying). Naruto turns himself into some ugly old lady. They both laugh. Gaara turns himself into a bird.
“Why is that funny?”
“… because I’m a bird.”
They both laugh.(what’s wrong with these kids)

Bullied- A Phil Lester Fanfiction

Description: It’s a tough life for a pastel-clad boy in high school. But for once, Phil meets someone who wants to be his friend. But he soon realizes he wants more. 

Genre: Fluff, Angst, AU 

Word Count: 1242

Warnings: Homophobia, derogatory terms, violence 

A/N: I know it said you’d prefer smut, but since you said it wasn’t necessary I decided to leave it out for a single reason: the next two prompts on my list are smut and I honestly don’t enjoy writing smut like I do fluff so I wouldn’t like to make it three. Sorry if I disappointed anyone!!! Also, I’m pretty sure this isn’t exactly what you meant by “saved” him (it’s not the original idea i had anyway) and I’m not sure why it turned out this way, but it works, I guess. 

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The History of Yuri, Part 1: Before There Was Yuri, There Was Class-S

( Yoshiya’s “The Shoujo,” courtesy of the Yayoi Museum )

Class-S is why the vast majority of yuri manga is romantic friendships between school girls.

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anonymous asked:

Malfoy was a kid, socialized since birth by death eater parents, and grew up as his parents expected of him. Snape was not. He chose to be a wizard nazi.

You’re right - Snape was not socialized by a Death Eater family because, wait, he wasn’t socialized by anyone. He grew up alone, and he was probably beaten and resented and belittled on a daily basis, so, sure - that’s the ideal background for a good choice of who you want to be later in life. Abuse and neglect - the bedrock of free will, as I always say. And, yeah - I was talking more generally about the family, not Draco, because, like, you never see that kind of vitriol and righteous rage against Malfoy senior either, or Melania-like Narcissa, but it’s funny who we consider kids and who we want to be accountable at all times, right? Because sure, you could say Malfoy was just a kid, but didn’t Harry make precisely the same speech about Dumbledore? How Dumbledore had fallen in love with Grindelwald and gone along with his ideas to take over the world while Harry, Ron and Hermione, who were the exact same age, were off sleeping rough and fighting the literal Antichrist or something? And did you side with Hermione there? Did, like, anybody? Or even, you know, just a kid - every single week I see something about the Marauders, and how Snape was the creepiest creep to ever creep, because apparently we can forgive Draco ‘Best Hairstyle of the Year’ Malfoy for literally joining a death squad when he was fifteen and keeping his classmates in a cell so they could be killed by Voldemort and whatever else, but God forbid we had some compassion for 1970s!Snape, who’d grown up without any of Draco’s advantages - no chiseled profile, no money, no family name, no parents who gave a damn about him, no friends at all.

So, you know - I’m not defending Snape, exactly. If you follow my blog, you know I’m very clear on who Snape was, and there’s definitely no excuse for him terrifying his students and hating the hell out of Harry and refusing to even try and become a different person. He was a broken man, and his brand of broken made him a pretty awful person. But still - you can’t seriously deny that we are much less willing to criticize and hate villains when they’re good-looking and, if at all possible, members of the aristocracy. I’ve never heard a word against Loki, for instance, who single-handedly tried to destroy our planet twice and caused thousands of victims - I’m guessing the fact Tom Hiddleston is playing him counts for something? Same thing goes for Auror Graves, one of the most unsettling and disturbing characters in children movies ever, now the happy star of raunchy fanart with the (underage) kid he abused - because Colin Farrell, of course. And let’s not forget ‘He of the Tragic Past’ Erik Lehnsherr - I’m following several Cherik blogs myself and I’d probably give up a kidney for Michael Fassbender, so I don’t exactly have the moral ground here, but, again, I see more drooling than rational assessments where young!Magneto is concerned. And perhaps the funniest thing about all this is that it’s actually a theme in the Harry Potter books - that in The Chamber of Secrets, Snape is deliberately pitted against Lockhart so readers will take Lockhart’s side, mainly because, my God, look at him! - and then at the end the message is, Ha! Guess what! The ugly, oily teacher nobody can stand was actually innocent, and the Brad Pitt lookalike was ready to kill and maim three students just to get out on top.

So, yes - in the end, that’s what bugs me the most when I see this endless run of posts complaining about Snape - not only that he’s the only one they ever complain about, the only person held accountable in any way, but that so many people have apparently learned nothing from those books. The fact Harry named his son after both Snape and Dumbledore, two people who are deeply Problematic, was significant and moving and so, so beautiful. And instead of wondering what that means, and try to unpack that message, many are simply happy to bash Snape 24/7 (but not Dumbledore, never Dumbledore, despite the fact what Dumbledore did was, in a way, much worse than anything Snape could ever have done) and even complain JK Rowling disregarded Harry’s abuse at his hands or some shit. Like, uh?

And also: yes, Draco was a kid. He was also surrounded, day in and day out, by people and books he could have listened to - stuff that could have changed his mind, made him doubt his appalling beliefs (like, I don’t see much compassion on tumblr for teenagers who make memes for the alt right and hate on BLM and take part in KKK demonstrations, but maybe I don’t follow the right blogs?). He was scared and alone later in the books, sure, but he also preferred the option of killing another student rather than seeking asylum with Dumbledore. And also: he stood there and did nothing when people (a former teacher among them) were being tortured and killed in his family house; he barely reacted when Harry and the others were imprisoned in his dungeon and five minutes away from a messy death; he fought in the final battle - for the wrong bloody side. He snuck into the castle with the deliberate intent of killing Harry, and to the end, he never admitted he’d been wrong in any way, remember? After that Room of Requirement scene, he simply slumped against a wall, exhausted and unarmed and probably in shock, never offering a word of apology to anyone. So, whatever. Yes, he was a kid. He was also in a position to reconsider his life’s choices, much more so than Snape, who was also a kid when his destiny locked him in - and, unlike Draco, Snape was a dirty, badly dressed, unwanted working class kid and he grew up to be an unpleasant, angry, ugly adult and that’s why - despite his tragic past and the doomed love story thing and his wit and sarcasm and the fact he could actually fly - nobody gives a damn about him: because everybody is accountable, but some people are more accountable than others.

Peace Before War

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Jimin

Word Count: 3139

Summary: Jimin has a new girlfriend who treats both you and him terribly, but he doesn’t see it. The longer it goes, the worse your and his relationship becomes until you can’t handle it anymore.

A/N: A Jimin one shot because I had this idea in my mind for a while. I’m incredibly insecure about this because I’m not really used to this type of writing but I had to write it down. Let me know how it is, if you feel like it.

–Admin Dolly

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anonymous asked:

Hey I'm in love with your blog! Can I request a smut with Jungkookie where he's a bad boy and the reader is a good girl, has good grades etc and he falls for her...I'm sorry if I'm asking for too much! Thank you anyways❤️

He’s A Bad Boy – Jungkook 

Characters: Jungkook X Reader
Rated: S for Sorry there’s no smut though

Originally posted by chimchams

There was something about the boy who would always be late to class, have the girls hanging off of his every word, curse like a damned sailor. They say that light is attracted to the dark, that every bad boy needs a good girl. You had to say that they were right. 

As he walked the halls of your high school people parted like fish would for a shark. Everything about his appearance screamed danger; from rugged clothing and hair, to the smoky eyeliner littering the corner of his eyes. 

He ditched classes while you were busy writing down every word the teacher said; complete opposites you two, yet you couldn’t deny the obvious fact that you wanted to know more about this boy. Shy looks would be cast in his direction sometimes, and he would hold onto them as though his life depended on it. Maybe, you thought, he was waiting for you to shy away your eyes, too intimidated by his aura.

And as all good stories begin, you found yourself late to school, the first time in a long time, actually, and you were rushing down the street like a mad woman, shouting and yelling at whoever was in the way. You were still a good five minutes away from the university – not to mention the whole other three minutes and fifty-six seconds to get to the chemistry building.

A car honked at you as soon as your right foot touched the road, and you sighed in exaggeration – today was really not the day to piss you off. And yes, those days exists, not very often, but they do. You bowed to the car though, completely sure that the man didn’t saw and possibly even already forgot about you. Courtesy, you thought.

The road was crossed within less than thirty seconds, and you barely had the time to climb up the sidewalk when the sound of a honk rang in your ears once again. It wasn’t a car that came your way, but nothing else than a big black motorcycle. And you couldn’t be mistaken, because, you saw that very same motorcycle before. Although, it was on the campus of the university and the owner of this bike was none other than the infamous bad boy of the university.

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aimaileafy  asked:

So far I've only read the first 11 volumes of Ao no Excorcist, but I really like the manga (PUMPED FOR THE NEW ANIME!!!). One question: please teach me how to like Yukio ;; I just love every character of the manga (they feel so natural and realistic!), but... I just somehow cant connect to Yukio??? I don't know what it is , so... I'm asking a fan of him!

Hello! wahh glad you’re giving this manga a chance! it’s one of my faves <3 I hope the new anime doesn’t change the characters nor the plot like the 2011 did. As for Yukio, I don’t think I can teach you how to love him… after all it’s all about tastes, maybe he’s just not the type of character you enjoy ^^ I can explain why I love him tho c: I’ll stick to the first 11 volumes ofc but still this will be pretty long:

For me, Yukio is the most interesting Ao no Exorcist character (besides Shima) because he’s just so imperfect, I love that aspect of this character!.

We start with a character who seems perfect, the perfect younger brother, a genious exorcist -the youngest ever to get a license- good at his job, has to uphold Father Shiro’s wishes of protecting Rin and even his spot as a teacher in the academy, it’s easy to think that he’s just too good, but the actual character has so many flaws the contrast is just great.

From the start, we saw some hints of Yukio’s actual personality, like when he blamed Rin for Father’s death and pointed his gun at him…now do I think Yukio meant it? the narrative makes you believe he probably doesn’t and yes I say probably because that’s the thing with Yukio, for a character deemed to be the serious and analytical one, he’s very vague, you can never be sure if he’s either pretending or means what he says, it’s almost like he’s always doing both. (The only person we’ve seen him opening up and being himself with is Shura, and dang do I thank he’s got her).

Up to that point, Yukio didn’t seem to have much concerns, at least to me his major ones were knowing if Mephisto was on their side or not and that his brother had to take the Exorcist exam in 6 months…but boy was I wrong…

Saburota Todou enters and fucks up with his mind like no one else could

(Chapter 16 I’m putting a photo of my volume because the scanlation has these panels different, the translation is: “come on, calm down…Why did it affect me this much?” refering to Todou’s words on how Yukio and him are so alike)

and yes, why did his words affect him so much? well he knows there’s some truth behind them, he’s a genious, he’s a good exorcist…yet he still wants more, he’s unsatisfied with how his life is right now and is longing for a greater power.

Later when they fight

The truth is you hate your brother right?

Kato sensei has showed us that Yukio is very jealous of Rin, but I don’t think many understand the grasp of it. Yukio’s life has been shaped around his brother: being able to see demons from the day he was born, he grew up as a “weak” child who cried at everything, who was bullied, who couldn’t say his dreams out loud until his brother told him it was ok to do so, he depended on Rin for everything…but that was not all, and I think the main difference Yukio sees between him and Rin is very well portrayed in these panels:

Again Yukio may be a good student, a good athlete, good exorcist and teacher but he doesn’t think he’s a good person…unlike Rin (look at his face when he sees how Rin doesn’t care if he gets the credit).

This is a kid who fears to show his insecurities to the rest, includying his brother, a kid who thinks his crush won’t like him anymore if he shows his true self, Rin may be half demon but he sure has an easier/better time enjoying his human emotions, while Yukio feels guilty for having them (jealousy, wrath, etc. this is why Shura tells him he’s dangerous) and of course, he can’t help  comparing himself to his brother “nii-san always does what I cannot” truth is Yukio, you also do a lot of stuff Rin can’t…

Rin’s life wasn’t any better than Yukios, we know he had gone through hardships as well and gave up on being a “good kid” because no one understood him but the thing with Rin is… he doesn’t harbor any hatred towards people nor himself, he’s basically a good selfless kid… and Yukio?

“I both hate and love my brother, but even even more than that… the one I really hate most of all is myself!!

He rationalized his feelings towards his brother and himself so sharply and it’s so sad, it’s true that he loves Rin dearly and is doing everything in his power to protect him, but Rin is oblivious to most of what Yukio knows and while this could all be solved by having Yukio opening up…how could he? remember how Rin lost all of his confidence after he lost control of himself? Yukio must believe he wouldn’t be able to deal with all the crap he does, specially the fact that now he probably has powers too.

It definitely wasn’t Shiro’s intention but in raising Rin oblivious to their world, he left Yukio alone.

Yukio doesn’t think he is a good person, even if everyone /includying us readers/ know he is, this is why he’s so good at lying and concealing his emotions, he doesn’t want people to see how actually “awful” he is, and dang is it taking a toll on him.

Anyone having to deal with this much crap would go insane, so I can’t help but admire Yukio for standing up and still doing his best to protect his brother, he’s just so human and imperfect.

(and I love how he doesn’t back up when he has to call Rin on his shit)

Really, could you blame the guy?

For me he’s just a fascinating and complex character… and well, despite it all Yukio is still a sweatheart and a doof

And I love him for that (but omg pls Kato sensei send this child help)