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I've just started getting into block b and I was wondering if you could help me get to know them/their personalities☺️ so far I know Zico, taeil, p.o and ukwon, i still need to YouTube them tho I feel like I'm gonna be in deep rip lol

Hi, hello and enjoy, cause it’s about to get crazy in here

Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve gone through the Block B fever them so excuse if I mess up on some points, I’m rolling on 2013 knowledge ^^’

ZICO - Woo Jiho

  • Since he’s one of the ones you know, I don’t think I will write much and most of it you will probably know.
  • A talented lyricist and rapper who is inspired by other successful artists such as G-Dragon
  • He is the blunt and straight to the point leader who works really hard to achieve success
  • Loves each one of his members, but is the closest with Kyung
  • He actually went to school with Kyung and they were best friends back then
  • He is fun and does not care about his image that much. He wants to be known as a funny guy who just happens to be dead serious about music
  • He can point out a mistake and pick a fight if something goes wrong
  • He does not put on a fake act to seem friendly around people he dislikes, but he wouldn’t be an ass about it either, pretty mature if you ask me
  • Affectionate
  • Talented
  • Likeable
  • Caring
  • BUT blunt and dead honest
  • Lead meme

If you want to see his serious side, watch the making of “Jackpot” <- it’s actually a nice video to get to know them

TAEIL - Lee Taeil

  • The oldest member who just happens to suffer from baby face syndrome (I know the feels)
  • A very dorky member, he has a special charm to him and he can get flustered quite easily
  • He is warmhearted, cute and sweet
  • He’s like honey but sometimes a bit bitter, you know
  • Every member loves to smooch and bother him
  • He has his little crazy moments, he likes to have fun
  • But he loves them too~
  • He’s like the baby of the group, how is he the eldest

Come and die watching this cute compilation, and have something sweet for bitter days /HERE/

B-BOMB - Lee Minhyuk

  • The sexy member
  • Has a nice butt and he knows it
  • He’s a bit awkward and evil
  • My bias wrecker *cough*
  • Mispronounced ‘dimples’ for something extremely inappropriate, I could send a gif but most will probably know what I’m talking about
  • He is a great dancer
  • How many times will I write ‘dorky’ in this post… Block B is all dorky so that’s a problem
  • He never can’t do something, and when he can’t - he can
  • He wants to be influential to people (He’s failing but let’s overlook that)
  • Loves bothering Jaehyo
  • Sexy
  • Awkward
  • Evil
  • But weirdly caring and loves to share kisses
  • Dork
  • Sexy meme

Watch him be evil /HERE/

P.O - Pyo Jihoon

  • ShaMeLEss
  • The youngest but he’s such a freaking boyfriend material
  • He’s a walking angel
  • Like he literally couldn’t stand watching another member clean up everyone’s mess (the loser had to clean up) and he ran back to help him, such a freaking sweetheart
  • He felt like Mino was better suited for Block B and also felt as if he stole his place, this boy gives me feels
  • Extremely derpy
  • Has a good fashion sense… usually
  • He was quite awkward for a long time, but he warmed up to cameras and fans
  • Will give you second hand embarrassment
  • He let a fan touch his eyebrows, this pumpkin >w<
  • Stanning him will bring you happiness and riches
  • Shameless
  • Sweetheart
  • Caring
  • Helpful
  • Awkward sometimes
  • Baby meme

Watch him help Jaehyo clean to have a nicer life!

U-KWON - Kim Yukwon

  • Mood maker of Block B
  • Shining bright like the sun
  • Always messes up something, but he’s pure perfection so don’t mind it
  • Cheerful and dorky (of course)
  • Loves to see people smile
  • Knows the ‘lyrics’(?) to Ievan Polkka
  • He is supposedly very innocent according to the members but I’m not that convinced
  • He’s random. He accidentally made a word ‘beup’ and used it as a meme in conversations and gave it a defiition. Tsk tsk
  • He is also awkward. Welp
  • But he always makes people around feel more at ease and it’s a truly beautiful trait!

Have a very fun day with this stuck in your head

JAEHYO - Ahn Jaehyo

  • Hates receiving affection from other members. They disgust him (What a loving guy)
  • He has a prince disease (In love with his own looks, very confident)
  • Loves Pikachu and especially his Pikachu onesie
  • He’s the diva of the group. He’s sassy and the failure of others amuses him
  • But also helped a few (two?) other idols get into the kpop industry, so he’s quite helpful!
  • He gets flustered quite easily, but he will never shy away from admitting he has godly looks
  • He has a dorky (omfg can I stop) side to him too. He’s cute and weirdly charming in his own way
  • Yes, he is my bias fml (it’s funny cause he’s not even my type wtf)
  • Members + Affection = NO
  • confident
  • Sassy
  • Helpful
  • Easily flustered
  • Charming
  • Handsome meme

Watch Jaehyo be violated by everyone

KYUNG - Park Kyung (A.K.A. Cucumber)

  • Can’t control his face
  • Produced all the Block B albums with Zico
  • He’s a mess
  • The derpiest of them all
  • I can’t really tell for sure, but wasn’t he like the most perverted member as well? Let’s give him that
  • His smile is contagious
  • His laugh is contagious
  • His voice is freaking beautiful
  • He’s one of the smartest people living, he may not look like it but that boy has a higher IQ than I could ever imagine

And proceed with /THIS/
Then finish off softly with cute little smirk when reminded that he’s the only one who saw Zico shower /THIS/


  • This group took a huge part of my childhood
  • My info may be old
  • But I’m sure it’s still relevant
  • Love these guys, because they need and deserve it

Block B is:

~ Maya signing off


Sterek AU – How To Get Away With Murder
↳ in which Derek only uses Stiles to succeed in law school (or so they both thought)

I don’t do boyfriends.

The words are stuck on repeat inside Derek’s head even as he stops outside Stiles’ door, has been ever since he said them out loud hours before. It’s true–truer than most things that slips out of him these days–and yet it feels like he wasn’t just trying to convince Lydia, but also himself.

Which is ridiculous, because if there’s one thing he knows about himself, it’s that he can’t do relationships. Not since– No; he’s not built for that. He knows how to use his body, how to manipulate people. Someone made sure of teaching him that.

Derek knocks his knuckles on the door and hears Stiles’ steps on the other side, and suddenly his heart is in his throat and he thinks shit just as the door swings open.

“No,” Stiles says as soon as the gap is wide enough to reveal what’s behind the door, sounding as if Derek must be out of his mind. “I don’t care what your boss needs.”

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forfutureglory  asked:

Mike and El (!!!) and 6 for the asks, please, I'm in dire need of more Mileven (but literally when am I not)

The first time he hugs her, it’s brief and chaste and she’s sobbing in his arms — as a matter of fact, it’s not really a hug so much as holding her up to keep her from falling; week kneed and blurry eyed she sags against his body for the shortest of moments, and then pulls back, because for whatever reason she fears breaking him, and he needs to see her — really see her, because Jesus Christ, she’s back. She’s not dead. And it’s not how he imagined it at all, the contact, but it’s enough. Because she’s real.

Their first real hug — warm, loving, desperate — comes later. They’re fourteen, and it’s late. Eleven is curled up in her fort alone, sketching the way Will’s been teaching her. That’s when Mike storms down into the basement. His feet slam against the rickety wood, which bends beneath his exaggerated weight. Within seconds he’s ripped off his coat, and plopped facedown into the couch.

Eleven leans forward, setting aside her papers, and stares at him. “Mike? Are you okay?”

He jumps, and rounds on her. “El! What are you—?”

“Nancy let me in,” Eleven explains, slipping out of the fort. She walks over to him, sits beside him, and takes his hand (in that moment, they both vaguely recall the day she killed the demogorgon, when she lay on the table in the science classroom, and he made her promises he couldn’t keep). “Mike?”

She’s pressing and she knows it, but she can’t help it. He’s on the verge of tears and she needs to know why. She can’t help if she doesn’t know why.

“It’s nothing,” he whispers, curling up into a ball and closing his eyes. “Just nothing.”

“Nothing doesn’t make you hurt,” she argues.

Mike is stubbornly silent, but El is patient. She waits, beginning to accept the fact that he just doesn’t want to tell her, or talk about it, when he speaks.

“I didn’t think you were here,” he confesses. “I didn’t know…”

He looks away, biting his lip, tears beginning to form in his eyes. “Lucas was getting on my case about something. It’s fine — I’ll get over it, I promise.”

He wants to cap it at that, and she knows it. El almost let’s him; he looks so pitiful laying there like that. She gently, gently runs a hand through his hair. The touch is so light it shouldn’t even be considered touch, but their eyes lock. It’s innocent, but it’s bordering on territory they’ve not crossed since November two years ago.


“El,” he replies, with just a hint of deadpan. It’s in his nature, he can’t help it. He squeezes her hand, and then withdraws his own.

El purses her lips. She knows he’s leaving something out — probably the major source of his discomfort. If it were anyone else, she would let them be. She knows very well, painfully well, what it feels like to be trapped within yourself. But she knows that Mike will only keep it to himself, add it to the pile of pain in his chest, until it all explodes with the lightest feather weight.

She leans over him, determined. When Mike turns, they’re so close their noses touch. She thinks nothing of it, but for some reason his cheeks redden dramatically. “Please tell me?”

“I-I… El—” he breaks off, gathering a breath. “I just… Lucas wants to know when I’m gonna ask you out, okay? But you probably don’t even know what that means, though, do you?”

El sits back up, frowning in frustration at the limitations of her vocabulary. “No,” she admits, folding her arms over her chest. “What does it mean?”

“Go on a date,” Mike chokes out, averting his eyes.

El frowns. She knows what that means, at least. “Oh,” she whispers. “Wh-why would Lucas…?”

“He didn’t mean anything by it,” Mike insists. “He just knows how much I like you and—”

They both stop breathing for a whole minute. Eleven’s face burns. Two years ago, she wouldn’t have thought anything of this comment, but now, after countless conversations in regards to Steve, Jonathan, and Nancy (not to mention Max and Lucas), she knows very well that there are multiple ways to use the word ‘like’. And she knows it means more than friends.

“I’m sorry,” Mike says, quickly. He sits up. “I’m sorry — I don’t want to ruin anything, I want us to be friends, okay? Always. I’m sorry—”

“Mike,” she says. And then she tackles him; throws her arms around his neck and pulls him close. He draws in a sharp breath, surprised, and then he’s hugging her back. Hugging. She knows hugging. Joyce hugs her all of the time, Will does, too. Sometimes Hopper, even. But this is… more.

This is need. This is every moment spent not touching but staring instead all rolled into one. This is crushed lungs and fallen tears and pounding hearts. This is… this is an embrace.

“El,” says Mike, quiet, and still holding on. “Do you wanna go to the movies with me? On Saturday?”

“Yes, you dork!” She buries her face in the crook of his neck to hide her smile. “I do. Of course I do.”

I'm "dying"

not my best work, but @talortut wanted it so… who was i to say no!

Lance had been sulking around the castle for three days now, almost always in his lion slippers, and always with a blanket pulled tightly around his shoulders. “I’m /dying/,” he’d complain, especially when the other paladins were within earshot. He hardly complained of the slight scratchiness of his throat or of his sniffles and sneezes. No, he would just insist, repeatedly, that he was, in fact, on death’s doorstep.

Well, Keith had had just about enough. Hunk had explained to him that this was a habit for Lance.

“He comes from a big family,” Hunk had told him, stirring honey into a hot drink for Lance, who’s ears were probably burning from how often Keith had complained about Lance’s new attitude. “This,” he continued, “is one of the only ways to get attention with that many brothers and sisters. Unless you’re dying you’re not a priority.”

Keith rolled his eyes. “He’s not even complaining about something I can fix!” he huffed. “The only reason you know what to do is because he’s your best friend!”

“He could be yours if you put in a little effort. Here,” Hunk handed him the steaming mug. “Bring him that and stay with him for a little while. He just needs some attention before he’ll finally settle down and sleep this thing off.”

Keith didn’t really believe that, but he shrugged his shoulders and did as he was told. He found Lance sprawled over the couch, one leg hanging off the side, tissues stuffed up his nose. Keith rolled his eyes at the sight of him.

“Drama queen, I have your tea.”

“How did you know?” Lance smiled, sitting up. His voice was thick with congestion, and Keith couldn’t help but notice how he swayed a bit when sitting up. No. No, he wouldn’t be worried about this idiot and his melodramatic outlook on this cold. It wasn’t anything more serious than that and he wouldn’t let Lance change his mind so easily.

Keith vaguely remembered Hunk wondering if Lance had a fever, but he couldn’t quite bring himself to ask Lance how he felt. Instead, he handed over the mug and turned to leave.


He halted.

“… how’d you know I like honey in my tea?” Lance finally asked, stuffed up and flustered beyond belief.

“I didn’t,” Keith admitted. “Hunk sent it.”

Lance’s face fell, but he soon realized that Hunk was the most motherly of any of the paladins, except Lance himself, of course. “D-did he ask about my cold?” the blue paladin asked, hopeful. “I think I’m getting a fever, so…”

Keith sighed loudly. “He didn’t ask, Lance, because you’re fine. You probably don’t even have a fever. Just stay quiet if you’re gonna lay out here and get Hunk if you need anything.”

With that, Keith left for training. He felt a pang of hurt wash over him, remembering the worry in Hunk’s eyes when he’d given him Lance’s tea, and the concern in Shiro’s voice earlier that morning when he’d decided that even with the minor fever Lance had developed, he should skip combat training for the day. But, surely such a small fever had resolved itself by now. Right?

After an hour or so of training, Lance stopped whining. Keith pushed away his anxiety in favour of savouring the silence. The second hour had just begun when Lance arrived, clad in his armour, bayard in hand.

“Lance!” Hunk exclaimed. “What’re you doing up? You’re still so pale…”

Lance shrugged off his concern, cracking the smallest of smiles. “I felt better. I can’t afford to miss this much training. We hardly ever do multiple hours like this, I can’t fall behind.”

For the most part, after his little speech, Lance fought fairly well. His head was spinning and his throats felt so dry it could crack, but he was still able to stand, so he had to keep going. There was no time to fall behind. He couldn’t settle for just being a subpar sharpshooter. He had to be more. He had to be better.

“Lance?” Pidge asked, setting close. He had been so lost in thought that he didn’t notice her approach.


“You don’t look so good. Or sound too good, now that I’m looking. Maybe you should sit down.”

“No!” Lance shouted, suddenly very aware of his own heart hammering in his chest. “I can’t take a break, I can’t stop! It’s not like I’m dying, I need to toughen up. I can’t let you guys down.” Lance began to sway on his feet, and Keith took a step closer, hand on his arm, trying to steady the boy. His eyes were glassy and bright, yet they lacked the light of life that always shine within them.

“I can’t stop now, I have to keep going, I have to… have too…”

Lance pitched backwards, right into Keith’s arms. He was shaking, breath coming out in harsh puffs of hot air.

Keith ripped off his helmet and pressed a hand to his forehead before recoiling. Even through his armour he could feel waves of burning heat.

Keith felt his cheeks, his neck, then cradled Lance close to his chest while Shiro and Pidge ran for ice packs and blankets.

“I got you,” he whispered to Lance’s shivering form. He could almost here the response. Keith could almost hear Lance’s voice in his ear; “You got me.”

Neverland (9/?)

Summary: The Fakes hate Gemini. They’re a vicious, cut-throat crew who go against everything the FAHC stand for. But when a bigger, badder threat comes along, Michael and Ryan are forced to team up with Gavin - Gemini’s mastermind thief - to take down a common enemy.

The two of them are determined not to get too close - but living together in a small safe house, it’s hard to hide all the ways that you’re broken.

all major content warnings at the start of part 1

c/w for this chapter: Long scene of physical abuse towards the beginning. Not visually graphic, but still intense.

Part 1  Part 8  AO3

xvi. beware, beware the crocodile

There’s a certain sort of sinking feeling you get when you realise the nightmare is real, and this is it, no second chances, someone’s gonna get hurt real, real, real bad, and who should it be, Haywood? You - or your pretty little fiancée here?

He’s on his knees. The ropes dig into his arms, the cold metal gun barrel bumps against the back of his head.

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Have you done a kuroo x readers first time yet? If so, could I just have some overall hc of kuroo or maybe a scenario where he's being ignored and trys his best to get her attention again? I'm down for litteraly anything kuroo....or Lev....or tsukki

Kuroo’s first time:
“__, call me helicase…”
“‘Cause I really wanna unzip your genes.”

Kuroo rested his head down in between the dip of her hips, idly watching her facial expression go sour.
“Tetsurou, that was so bad.” She snorted, propping herself up on her elbows.
“Oh c’mon, it wasn’t that bad.”
“It was so bad you didn’t just turn me off, but you managed to destroy my entire reproductive system. I can feel my uterus failing by the second.” Kuroo couldn’t help but laugh, rolling his eyes at his girlfriend’s words. He knew she was lying through, her red cheeks contradicting her subtle poker face.
“Oh please, I know you want me.”
“I want you as much as a muscle wants lactic acid.”
“Now that’s just mean!” Kuroo snorted, lifting up the hem of her shirt and pressing a soft kiss to her stomach. She smiled at him, her fingers finding their way into his hair and pushing his bangs back. He pressed another kiss and, without warning, blew against her stomach, hard. She screeched, arching her back and attempting to slide away.
“You’re seriously giving me a raspberry right now?”
“Oh yeah baby, you like that?” He cooed, mock seductively. She giggled, covering her mouth with her free hand. His hands gripped onto her hips to keep her down on the bed as he blew another raspberry against her stomach. Her shrill giggles caused him to laugh himself, breaking his blowing for a moment or two. “You like that, huh?”
He continued to watch her with a silly smile. A fond swelling erupted in his chest just watching her, and he swore in that moment he’s never loved anyone more. He took his hands off of her hips, placing them by her head and pulling himself up on her body. He met her face to face, and lowered himself onto his forearms to kiss her lips softly.
“I love you…” He muttered through a broken kiss, lowering one of his arms to grab her hand and interlace her fingers with his.
“I love you too, Tetsurou.” She replied as she dipped out of the kiss. They kept kissing, his hand slipping away from hers and returning to the hem of her shirt. He tugged at the fabric, fumbling awkwardly as he pulled it over her head and onto the floor. She giggled, sitting up and grabbing his own shirt and pulling it off a little more deftly than he did hers.
“God, I can’t even get your shirt off without struggling, how am I gonna manage this thing?” He snorted, fumbling with one of her bra straps between his index finger and thumb. “You might as well put a rubix cube on the back of that thing, goddamn.”
“You’re an IB chemistry student yet you don’t know how to take apart some clasps?” She teased.
“Honestly, yeah. I’ll deconstruct an atom before I learn how to undo this.” He shrugged, leaning back into her and kissing the junction between her neck and shoulder. He rolled his hips against hers experimentally, and when she sighed in content, he continued. She leaned backwards, unclasping her bra and letting it fall off of her. He went red in the face, his eyes following it as she threw it on the floor.
“Goddamn…” He muttered, becoming captivated in her naked chest. “Can you tell I’m a virgin?” He laughed awkwardly.
“Oh don’t worry Tetsurou, we’re all virgins here…” She sniffled. “Just wait until I see your dick. I’ll cry.”
Kuroo laughed, placing his hands on her bare back and tracing comfortable circles into her shoulder blades.
“You wanna take your pants off for me?” He muttered, the words making his cheeks flare redder.
“What happened to wanting to unzip my genes?”
“Oh, yeah. Forgot about that.” He ran his fingers along her torso and down to the button on her jeans. “Actually, I can’t do this. Please help me.”
With a nervous laugh she slid off his lap, and pulled off her jeans, her hands evidently shaking. She was getting nervous now, he could tell. No matter how sarcastic or aloof she acted, he could see straight through whatever facade she put up against him.
“It’s ok to be nervous, __.” He muttered, kicking off his joggers easily. “I’m so nervous I could vomit.”
“Ok, please don’t.” She stared at him with wide eyes, sitting across from him with crossed legs.
“I won’t. I just want you to be comfortable, okay? We don’t have to do this if you aren’t ready…” He sighed. “It was an honor just to see your boobs, to be honest.”
With that she broke out laughing again, more out of nervousness than hilarity.
“Tetsurou, I love you.”
“I love you too, __.”
The next turn of events had Kuroo’s heart pounding. She pulled off her underwear daintily, although she kept her legs shut. He looked upon her for a moment and licked his lips, his eyes darting between her body and his. He got lost in his thoughts, coming back from them when his eyes met hers.
“Yeah um…” He stuttered, grabbing the condom from the nightstand and fumbling with its package. “I’m really nervous, if you can’t tell.”
“Are you gonna vomit?”
“Your words, not mine.”
“Oh, yeah, right…” He trailed off again, staring at the elastic band of his boxers. “Here goes nothing…” He pulled them down quickly, like he was ripping a bandage. He sighed down at his crotch, hesitantly meeting her eyes. She looked down at his dick, then up to his eyes, then back down to his dick.
“Kuroo Tetsurou, you are going to kill me with that thing.”
“Wait, can that really happen?”
“No, no, but…” She sighed, covering her face with her hands. “It’s scary, Tetsurou…”
“Do you wanna stop?” He suggested.
“No, I definitely do not want to stop, it’s just that…I’m scared.” She sniffled. “Can I get a hug?”
Kuroo smiled setting the condom down on the bed and shuffling over to her. He scooped her up into his arms, letting her nuzzle into the crook of his neck.
“I’ll try not to hurt you, okay?”
“Damn, you better not hurt me.” She slid away from him, eyeing him up and down and nodded. His smile never faltered as he slipped the condom on, watching her as she crawled on top of his lap.
“Do you mind if we do it this way?” She inquired, her eyes never meeting his. She was beet red, her focus solely on his thighs.
“Whatever makes you comfortable, baby.”
She nodded, gathering up the courage to lift herself up and settle on the tip of his erection.
“Fuck…” She whispered into his ear as she lowered herself a bit lower. “Tetsurou, just slam into me. I think its gonna hurt more if I sit here for three hours trying to do it myself.”
“You sure?”
“I’m sure.”
Kuroo sighed, grabbing a hold of her hips with trembling hands.
“Ok…” He mumbled. “Three… two… one… blast off!”
He pulled her down as quick as her body would let him, and when her hips collided with his, she stared at him with wide eyes, her mouth utterly agape.
“Holy shit, fuck, heck…“ She hissed, leaning her head against his shoulder. “I don’t know if I should be complaining about how bad it hurts or how upset I am that I’m losing my virginity to a guy who said ‘three two one blast off’ as he put his dick in me.” She whined, regaining her composure as she looked him in the eyes.
“I know I’ve said this a lot today but I really love you, Tetsurou.”
“Enough to forgive me for saying ‘three two one blast off’?”
“Enough to forgive you for anything.”
They sat in silence for a moment, the cautious grinding of her hips bubbling up a warm feeling inside of him. Slowly, slowly, she brought herself up on her knees, then lowered herself back down. She started at a steady pace, Kuroo’s hips bucking up to meet hers. Her face was convulsed, out of pain or pleasure, he didn’t know. She was completely focused in her movements, and nothing else. Her hands were tight on his shoulders, using his body as a crutch for hr movements.
“Am I doing ok?” She pondered, getting used to her steady pace and increasingly picking up her speed.
“You’re doing…” Kuroo wasn’t used to the new wave of pleasure that ran over him, and involuntarily, he moaned. His bit his lip bashfully and nodded. “Wonderful…”
“I can’t tell if I hate the feeling of this or love it.” She breathed. “I’m gonna say both.”
They fell into another drawn out segment of silence, the only noises in the room were her soft moans, his groans, and the whirring of the furnace.
His eyes never left hers as they continued, their heavy breathing in sync. He leaned forward and kissed her neck, making her jolt, suddenly. She sighed, leaning into him as her hips never faltered. He left a bruising trail from one collarbone to the other, then kissed her pulse softly.
“__, you’re the only person on earth who will ever make me feel this way.”
“Oh yeah?”
“Mm…” He moaned out, his hips stuttering as he jerked forward a bit, a louder moan then escaping him.
“God, __…” He panted, his fist balling into her hair. “I… I just…” He whined again, a little quieter this time. “You just made me…”
Kuroo sat there for a little while longer, watching as she came to a high of her own, her reddened cheeks growing redder as she chanted his name like a prayer, her hips slowly coming to a stop.
“Did we just?”
“We totally just…”
“And I didn’t die?”
“Me neither?”
“Holy fuck.”
Kuroo laughed, glancing down at their hips.
“I might just cry, __.” He exhaled, running a hand through sweaty hair. His eyes met hers again, and he had to bite down on his lip to hold back something.
“Babe, you know what?”
“You must be RNA, cause you really help me uncoil.”
“Really, Tetsurou!”

anonymous asked:

KNOCK KNOCK! Hi thereeeee. ㅇㅅㅇ Can I request a scenario*ehem*smut*ehem* with our baby I.M wherein the two of us got into an argument and then things got heated up and went the other way around. P.s. he talks dirty. OMG I'm so shameless. I'm sorry :D

Aha. Ha. I got s O CARRIED AWAY WITH THIS ONE OH MY GOD I’M S o sorry I hope this is what you wanted, dear Anon– Please enjoy some shameless smut.

–Admin Ry

Title: Would A Coward Do This??
Member: I.M
Genre: Smut. This is definitely smut.
Word Count: 2,697
*Warning: light bondage*

“But still, you could have been a little more social! That was my family. My parents.” You holler through the hall from your bedroom, hanging up your dress from your formal dinner out with your family and your boyfriend of eight months. Through the tiny apartment you can hear the creaking of Changkyun’s footsteps in the living room, where he was probably removing his clothes as well. He didn’t dare enter the same room as you while in wrath, but you can hear him call out as he dared to respond; “You know your father intimidates me. Why does everything have to be a test?!”

“Because he doesn’t know you! But you didn’t talk to him. Now what do you think he thinks of you?!” You sigh exasperatedly. When you’ve finished hanging up your dress and putting your heels away, you make your way over to your vanity in nothing more than your pantyhose and lingerie. You yank open your sleepwear drawer, and shuffle through looking for a particularly comfortable pair.

“You’re digging your own grave, you know, Changkyun.” You click your tongue as you unfold the pajamas in your hands, and you hear footsteps get closer and closer. You turn around to see a disheveled Changkyun at the threshold of your shared bedroom door, and anger bubbles inside you all over again. Damn his messy hair, and his unbuttoned shirt, with his firm body all on display like that. And his belt hanging from his pants open and welcoming in such a tantalizing manner. Could he even undress himself properly? The fact he was so attractive like this was just getting you more and more riled up. You huff and groan in annoyance, and you throw the pajamas in your hands down on the edge of the bed.

“I’m digging my own grave? I’m trying to preserve myself, okay, [Y/N]. Your father is out to get me, I swear he is. He’d take anything I say and rip me to shreds.” Changkyun says, and crosses his arms. His tie catches on his arm, and it’s then that you notice it’s untied, still hanging around his neck. You scoff at his insecurity.

“So you’re a coward??” You match him with a challenging tone, calling him out on the fear he’s dancing around to admit. That gets him in a way that you can visibly see his anger.

“I’m not a coward.” He growls, his arms falling from his chest almost as soon as he put them there. He clenches a fist, and you can see the veins surfacing around his forearms. He must be just as peeved as you are. Satisfied he’s just as annoyed as you are, you decide to make it worse; “you’ve never taken charge of anything. You’ve always sat back, and taken what was handed to you. Of course you’re a coward. You won’t even speak to my father!”

Every word uttered from your mouth was a stab to him in some form of way. It seared his vision a solid red for a moment, before he smirks wickedly. “Is that what you think of me? A pushover?” His words are suspiciously calm. It causes you to falter, and catch your guard. Within seconds, the space between the two of you is gone, and his hand grips your arm tightly.

“Oh, [Y/N]… You’re going to regret saying those words.”

Those words were the only warning you had before you were thrown on the bed, with him quickly on top of you. Changkyun wastes no time in sealing your lips together. His mouth works heatedly against yours as he shrugs off his button-up shirt.

You’re still quite pissed at him, and you fight him by pushing against his shoulders. But your lips dance with his, and eventually you go along with it, exchanging bites and licks in the kiss. Your hands snake up to the tie around his neck, and you tug on it, pulling him down on you. Changkyun growls in retaliation, one of his hands falling to your hips with his fingers digging into your flesh.

“Were you always this easy, baby girl?” He teases, pulling away a fraction to admire your flushed pink face and your swollen lips. “Maybe I’m just giving you what you want, so you would shut up.” You bite back, and he chuckles. He dips back down, skipping his lips across your skin to the tender spots of your neck that he’s so familiar with. Changkyun bites harshly, causing you to flinch. Soft mewls escape your lips, and he sooths over his abuse with his tongue. It’s a cycle he continues; bite, suck, lick.

“C’mon, [Y/N]. I thought I was a pushover.” He eggs you, chuckling, with his lips still attached to your neck. You pull your lips between your teeth, holding your tongue in favor of saying something stupid. He clicks his tongue, noticing a lack of breathy sounds, and he pulls back entirely.

“We’ll have none of that.” He frowns, tapping your pressed lips with a finger. He pulls the silk tie from his neck, and you cave as he takes one, then both of your wrists to tie them to the bed post. “Now, you’re gonna make some noise for me, baby girl.” He takes a hand and rakes his nails down your ribcage, causing your back to arch as a gasp escapes your lips. Changkyun’s own curl up into a smirk, and he nods, “That’s more like it.”

He dives down once more, allowing his lips to skim across your collarbones as he brings them down between your breasts. He looks up to you from behind his eyelashes, as he presses his swollen lips to your breast. His hand comes up to cup one in his hand, and he kneads it through the material of your bra. The diluted feeling of his hand against your clothed breast only heightened your anticipation, and you could feel your chest rising and falling with your heavier breathing. Of course, this only fueled Changkyun’s ego, and he begins to tease you further by biting your nipple through the bra. You gasp at the feeling, and your hands jerk the restraints in an attempt to grab his hair.

You’d been so focused on the feeling of his mouth against his chest that you hadn’t realized where his second hand had gone, not until you felt it press against your damp core. This time a soft moan passes your lips, and Changkyun’s eyes shoot back up to your face. He experimentally rubs his fingers against you one more time, and it has you moaning out again.

“Gosh, Noona. I didn’t think you’d be this wet. All I did was kiss you.” He smirks, “Unless you were thinking of what else I could do with my mouth.” He taps his finger against your clothed clit for emphasis, and you whimper. There was no denying that your need for him had built with the anticipation of his actions, but the promise in his tone definitely had your mind reeling with images.

“What do you want me to do, baby girl?” Changkyun speaks in a low, gravelly tone. “Do you want me to take off these pesky clothes, and fuck you raw? Until I have you screaming my name, shaking from the pleasure of me ramming into you?” He accentuates every word, every syllable, “or does my Noona want to feel my tongue inside her?” He chuckles as he can feel you get wetter with every image he supplies you.

“I think my baby girl likes the idea of my tongue being inside her.” He answers himself, rather pleased with how broken down he’s gotten you without much effort on his part. “What do you think, [Y/N]? Do you want my tongue inside you? Do you want me to eat you out as you grind on my face?~” He chimes. He stops his actions; his way of coaxing an answer out of you, and it works. “I-I just need something, Changkyun, anything..” You try to form a coherent sentence from the haze in your mind, but all that comes out is begging. It seems to please him, though, since Changkyun begins slowly removing your stockings from your legs. Once gone, he places his hands back on your ankles, letting them slide up your legs, past your thighs, before hooking into the waist band of your panties.

The way you writhe and whine as he finally takes hold of your panties has him growing impatient. Changkyun rips them from your body, immediately placing himself between your legs. “God, babe, you’re so wet, I can smell you from here.” He licks his lips, smirking at you. Your face flushes deep, and you pull your arms up in a weak attempt to hide it. He shakes his head, and knocks your arms to the side. “No hiding, [Y/N]. You’re gonna look at me the whole time, you got that?” He winks at you as he lowers himself once again between your legs, before poking his tongue out to tease your slit.

He pulls his tongue back, and it collects your wetness on a connecting bridge, and he moans solely from the taste of you. You watch as his eyes dilate with lust, and he digs into your core like a man starved. The flush contact of his tongue past your folds has your back arching, and a moan torn from your throat. “G-god, Changkyun..!” You moan out, only provoking him further. This was what he wanted. It turned him on just as much to hear you moan out his name. “That’s right, baby girl..” He whispers, wrapping his lips around your clit, and sucking. You tug at the tie once more, and whine louder. “Changkyun, p-please..!”

Half of him wanting to feel your hands in his hair, and the other half just tired of hearing the bedpost rattling, he reluctantly pulls himself from your center to lean up and untie your hands. He doesn’t wait to untie the whole thing – he only loosens the knot enough for you to free your hands yourself before he goes back down to your core. Your shaky hands take a few moments to fully free themselves before a particularly hard suck to your clit, followed by the prodding of his tongue at your entrance has them buried in his hair, with your hips rolling over his mouth.

Changkyun smirks, taking his hands to your hips and holding you firmly as he presses his tongue as far inside you as it can go, before curling it around. The sensations have you shivering, and moaning, bringing tears to your eyes as he thrusts his tongue in you at a pace comfortable to him. “Fuck, [Y/N], you taste like sin..” He says against your core, which only turns you on more.

“K-Kyunnie, I’m.. I’m so close, I’m gonna..!” You cry out, and you feel his blunt nails press into your hips. “Just a little more. You got this, baby girl.” You felt the familiar coil in your stomach continue to twist and twist until the scrape of his teeth against your sensitive clit has you reeling, and you hit your climax.

After tasting as much as he can, Changkyun licks his lips clean and pulls away, smirking up at you. “Don’t get too comfortable yet, [Y/N].” He says, getting up on his knees. He pulls his belt from the loops of his dress pants, and proceeds to remove the rest of his clothing. “I still haven’t taught you a lesson.” He grins, and through your afterglow, are unable to process anything more than the fact he’s getting naked. He chuckles lowly, as he fishes around for a condom in the bedside drawer. “You know, you look so sexy when you’re being wrecked. You sound it, too. The way you scream.” He hums as he removes his boxers to roll the condom over his throbbing length.

“But I like the way you look when you’re fucked out more.” He winks as he aligns himself to your entrance, and pushes in, earning himself a loud gasp, and giving a low moan.

“F-fuck, [Y/N].. You’re so tight..” He tries to catch his breath, and it takes all of his self-control not to fuck you senseless right then and there. You take a deep breath, trying to calm yourself as well, and you take a hold of his shoulders.

“M-maybe you should have waited for me to get ready..” You rasp, shuddering as you feel him push into you, centimeter by centimeter. He gives you a cocky smile, “you know I’m impatient.” He chuckles, and you roll your eyes. After a couple more seconds, and a few winces and ‘you okay’s later, he’s fully sheathed inside you. It’s when you pulse around him once or twice and give him a nod that he pulls back, almost completely out, and rocking forward again. His hands fall to your hips to hold you steady as he pumps himself in and out of you.

Your head falls back, and a moan is ripped from your throat once more as he begins a steady rhythm. Your nails claw down his back, and it spurs him on, causing you to moan louder, and him to get turned on more. The two of you feed into each other’s pleasure in a beautiful waltz, until his thrusts become irregular. A hand at your hip grabs your thigh, pulling it up to rest across his waist, giving him deeper access and a new angle. This one has him groaning, his eyes rolling back, and has you moaning louder, and seeing stars.

“Oh, god, Changkyun- F-faster..!” His pace was already washy, but with your request drowned so deep in pleasure right against into his ear, he couldn’t help but obey as he pumps faster, his hips and abs screaming from the exertion. “I’m c-close, [Y/N]..” As much as he wanted to be a man and hold it out for you, the way your walls fluttered around his length, and the way you moaned his name into his ear had his self-restraint crumbling. His hand finds its way between your legs, and his fingers circle your clit once more, causing you to jolt, and moan.

He groans out as the stimulation has you contracting around him, giving him the signal that you’re close. This being enough motivation, he continues harder, testing his depth and angles until one particularly lucky thrust has you screaming, and clinging to him. “Ch-Changkyun!” You cry out his name as a few thrusts later, you’re cumming again, and he quickly follows after with his hips pressed flush to yours, due the new tightness around his member.

It takes a few moments before he collects himself, pulling out of you slowly, and disposing of the condom; tying it off and tossing it in the wastebin. He joins you by your side in the bed, and pulls you against his chest. He takes a few moments to stroke your hair, letting you lay your head on his chest, letting you hear his heartbeat.

“I’m sorry I didn’t say anything to your father. Next time, I promise I’ll try to say something intelligent.” You scoff, and smile at him, and he could see the forgiveness written in your face. “I’m sorry I got mad at you. It was a dumb reason anyway.” You say, and kiss his collarbone. “But I appreciate your efforts, Changkyun.” You say, and your hand finds his to lace your fingers together. “I love you, you know.”

“I love you, too, [Y/N].” He smiles, and cuddles you closer. The both of you bask in the afterglow for as long as it lasts, before you realize how sticky from perspiration the two of you are. “I’m gonna get us some water.” You say, before getting up, and picking up his dress shirt. You slip your arms through the sleeves, and you don’t bother to button it up as you walk out of your bedroom.

It’s only moments until there’s a loud bellow from you once more. “LIM CHANGKYUN. WHY AM I STARING AT YOUR TWO HUNDRED DOLLAR SUIT JACKET ON THE FLOOR.”

I’m a Big Fan (Sam Wilson x reader)

Request: I would like to request a Sam Wilson one-shot where the reader is watching Sam over the surveilance center at the Avengers training place and she makes fun/flirts with him after seeing him get beat up by Ant-Man. If they kiss or something and there is lots of fluff that would be awesome thanks! :3

“Hi, I’m Scott.”

“Did he just say, ‘hi, I’m Scott’?” you asked Sam over the comms, but he didn’t reply.

You leaned back in your chair in the surveillance room at the brand-new Avengers facility, watching Sam talk to a man who was no bigger than the size of an ant only seconds ago.

“So who the hell are you?”

“I’m Ant-Man.”

With a quiet snicker, your voice blended with Sam’s in unison, “Ant-Man?”

You couldn’t help but wonder who chose that name.  Sure, the whole shrinking thing made sense, but ‘Ant-Man’?  It lacked that certain something; that sound of intimidation, the sound of something powerful.  When you began to mentally list off all of the other names that you could think of that would sound so much better, you were pulled back to the moment by Sam’s call.

“I’ve located the breach. Bringing him in.”

“Sorry about this!” Scott replied, and with a push of a button, he was gone from your sight, and the show was about to begin.  

“Sam, I’m not sure if you want to do this.”  The results of your search for Ant-Man lit up the screens around you, filled with classified information about Hank Pym and his Pym Particle.  A formula that altered molecular structure to rapidly change the size of both organic and inorganic matter.  It was frightening and fascinating at the same time.  “Sam, I think you should stand down.”

When you looked back at the surveillance camera, Sam was being pulled down by his neck and dragged across the grounds, leaving deep tracks in the grass.  Scott kept shrinking and re-emerging, throwing Sam off his focus and maintaining the upper hand.  There were times when it looked like he was fighting against nothing, and you couldn’t help but chuckle under your breath.

“I can hear you, (Y/N)!” Sam growled, silencing you quickly.  “He’s in the building.”

Flipping sensors on and turning your cameras to search the storage area, you studied the screen carefully but saw nothing.  A man the size of an ant would be impossible to see with the naked eye over surveillance, but even the thermal scans came up with nothing.  A loud bang and a holler from Sam nearly knocked you from your chair, and you had to rip the communicator from your ear at the sheer volume of it.  

“You don’t have to yell, Wilson!”

“He’s inside my pack!”

“Well, this isn’t going to end well,” you mumbled to yourself, watching intently as Sam came to a stop and stood, shaking his head and ripping his goggles away.  He looked around for a few seconds, hoping that no one but you had seen what had just taken place.  

“It’s really important to me that Cap never finds out about this.”


When Sam joined you at your station, he sat heavily in the chair next to you with a loud exhalation, rubbing his eyes and disbelieving what had just happened to him.  You let him sit for a few minutes, trying not to interrupt him, but struggling with the grin that wouldn’t leave your lips.

“So, what’s your price, (Y/N)?”

“Baby, you can’t afford me,” you chuckled, leaning back and lifting your feet up on the desk.  “And Steve’s my best friend, I can’t possibly keep something this good from him.”

He groaned and bent forward, resting his head against the cool metal of the table.  You weren’t really going to tell Steve about this, and you were the only one who had seen it.  The surveillance video wasn’t going anywhere; you knew that Sam would want to see it so he could search for this new guy anyway.  Despite all of this, Wilson was just fun to mess with.

“Price,” he said again.

“Tell you what, how about you start making me a few offers, and we’ll see what happens.”

Sam sat back again, crossing his arms over his chest as he considered your words and began to think of ways to keep you quiet.  You held his gaze as he looked at you, trying desperately to read your expression for some hint of what he could do to save his own reputation.

“I’ll have Cap cancel your training for the next week.”

“Ha!  I could do that on my own!  I’ve got that boy wrapped around this finger,” you huffed, holding up your hand to his face.

“I’ll teach you how to fly my pack.”

You dropped your feet down from the table and turned to the far computer, typing rapidly into the Avengers data base, pulling up the schematics for his wings and pretending to read them.  “Step one, tell Sam you can do it yourself…”  

“Okay, I can see that I’m in the completely wrong territory here,” he said quietly to himself, “hmm, how about…dinner tomorrow night?”

“With who?”

“Really, (Y/N)?  Is that how we’re gonna do this?”

“You chew with your mouth open,” you snickered, “do better.”

“And a movie?”  His voice was becoming a bit desperate now, becoming genuinely worried that he would never find a way to keep this from Steve. “With flowers!”

You turned your chair back towards him and pushed it closer, “you’re trying too hard, Sam.”  Reaching forward you grabbed the arm of his chair and turned it to face you, pushing yourself even closer.  “I’m going to give you one more chance to get this right, or I can’t promise anything.”  Giving your chair one more final push, you rested your hands just above his knees, gently gliding your fingers over the material and leaned in as close as you could. “And I can’t possibly give you any clearer hints than this.”

Sam smiled and leaned in to meet you, resting his hands over yours, “it’s the uniform, right?”

“I swear, you men are more difficult than its worth sometimes,” you huffed, but before you could back away, he took your face in his hands and pulled you tightly to him, pressing his lips to yours.  As the kiss became more desperate and his tongue lightly grazed your lips, he grabbed your hips and brought you onto his lap.  “Now you’ve got it,” you whispered against his mouth, your fingers loosely clasped behind his neck to keep him close.

“Well, I don’t think this is considered acceptable use of company time,” Steve snorted from the doorway, shaking his head at the sight of you both.  “I mean, I can double-check with Stark, but I feel pretty confident.”

You separated quickly, pushing against Sam slightly to lean back to see Steve.  “Sam got his ass kicked by Ant-Man!”  It was out before you realized what you had said, panicking in the moment of being caught.  You slapped your hand over your mouth in surprise, but immediately laughed at the look of betrayal on Sam’s face.

“Okay,” you groaned, “what’s your price, Wilson?”  

anonymous asked:

So friend, what do I haveta do to get you write more morphine Ryan. Cause I just kinda hung out in your raywood tag for half an hour and now I'm feeling emotional

Honestly, the only thing you need to do is ask:

Ray’s camped out on Geoff’s couch, playing some stupid game on his phone, when the door opens. He looks up, feeling his stomach clench when he watches Michael and Geoff help an irritable Ryan across the threshold. He still looks pale, still looks tired and drawn, but he’s alive.

Ray moves his feet, making room for Ryan, and Geoff and Michael lower him onto the couch. He leans his head back, closing his eyes, burrowing deeper into the leather jacket that someone had draped over his shoulders, and for a moment Ray thinks he’s actually sulking.

“You’re not going back to your apartment,” Geoff says, clearly continuing an argument from earlier. “So stop pouting and accept it.”

“Not pouting,” Ryan grumbles but doesn’t open his eyes. “And fuck you.”

“Yeah, love you too, asshole,” Geoff retorts heading into the kitchen. “You want some juice?” When Ryan doesn’t respond, Geoff huffs and says, “Fuck off, you’re getting juice.”

“Can I have some juice?” Michael’s eyes widen innocently, making him look years younger, and for a moment Ray can almost convince himself that Michael didn’t blow up a parking lot full of parked cars last month as a distraction.

“Get the fuck up and get it yourself.” But not Geoff apparently.

“Jeez, you think you know a guy,” Michael jokes but still gets up and gets a Red Bull out of the fridge. “Hey Ray, you want anything?” Ray shakes his head and Michael shrugs, closing the door.

“Here.” Geoff practically shoves the juice at Ryan, sinking into the chair adjacent to the couch. “Drink that or I’ll shove it down your goddamn throat.”

Ryan mutters something about mother hens and annoying pricks, but he still sits up and takes a sip of the juice. He puts the bottle down with a grimace, leaning back again. “You gonna be this irritating all the time?”

“Just until I know you’re not going to rip your stitches by doing something stupid.”

Ryan sticks his middle finger up and Geoff snorts, but neither one says anything else. Michael returns to the living room, perching on the arm of Geoff’s chair, putting his feet on the coffee table. “So, who’s gonna take Ryan’s place in the heist?”

“I can still do it,” Ryan grumbles.

“Over my dead body,” Geoff mumbles not even looking his way. He leans back in his chair, thinking a moment, but finally shrugs and says, “I can just replace Gavin with Sonntag, have him take Ryan’s place. Greene still owes me a couple favors.”

“You sure you want Lawrence hacking again? Last time he kept correcting our technique,” Michael points out, taking a swig of his drink.

“Yeah, he did, but he’s also good at what he does. It can’t hurt to call him.”

“Does anyone care what I think?” Ryan asks curiously.

“You’re not going.”

Ryan huffs but doesn’t respond, burrowing back into his jacket, trying to cross his arms only to wince. He lets them fall into his lap, bunching the material of his sweats in his closed fists instead, his jaw clenching, and Ray wants to reach out, reassure him that just because he has to sit out for this one doesn’t mean he has to sit out for them all, but he can’t bring himself to do it. So, he just sits there awkwardly, listening to the conversation.

Michael and Geoff continue to make plans, bouncing ideas off each other, while Ryan dozes off next to Ray, his head lolling over onto his shoulder. Ray should move, knows he doesn’t deserve the trust that Ryan is giving him, but he’s not going to be an asshole. Not going to risk waking Ryan up because of his issues. So, he sits there, stewing in his own guilt, clutching his phone tightly.

It’s another twenty minutes before Geoff and Michael get up, the former heading towards the bathroom to take a shower, the latter mentioning something about going to hang out with Gavin and Lindsay. When the front door closes behind Michael, the room lapses into a tense silence, broken only by Ryan’s deep breathing and the noises from the game Ray had forgotten he’d been playing.

He shuts his phone off, tossing it onto the coffee table, glancing over at Ryan. Dark hair falls into his face, out of its ponytail for once, and almost unconsciously Ray reaches over and brushes it away.

Ryan stirs, rubbing his face against Ray’s shoulder, and murmurs, “Adam?”

Ray freezes, barely breathing. He watches, waits for Ryan to wake up, but he just sighs and settles down again. Letting out the breath he’d been holding, Ray chews on his bottom lip. That’s the second time Ryan has mentioned this Adam guy, and Ray would be lying if he said he isn’t a little bit curious, but this shit is Ryan’s business. He’s not going to demand answers nor is he going to go along with Michael’s plan to have Gavin look into this guy. Ryan hasn’t told them about Adam for a reason, and Ray isn’t going to push him into telling them anything before he’s ready.

Besides, he has his own shit to work out. Logically, he knows he shouldn’t feel guilty, in this line of work there are bound to be injuries, but the crew trusts him to keep them safe. He’s their eye in the sky, their last line of defense from anyone who threatens them, and in a way he feels like he failed.

“Can practically hear you thinking from over here.” Geoff’s voice startles him a little, but Ray forces himself to stay still, not wanting to wake Ryan up.

“Not thinking anything,” Ray murmurs, tapping his fingers against his knees.

“Right.” Geoff crosses the room, sitting on the coffee table. Drops of water fall onto his shoulder from his wet hair, a kind smile on his face, and he looks so much like a dad that Ray feels his chest tighten. He never had this type of relationship with his own dad, his old man usually too drunk to give him the time of day, but Geoff, in spite of being the most feared man in the city, has the strongest paternal instinct out of anyone Ray has ever worked for, and at times that could be a little overwhelming.

“You wanna talk about it?” Geoff asks softly, leaning forward, resting his elbows on his thighs as he clasps his hands in front of him.

Ray shrugs, trying to make himself smaller as he burrows into his hoodie. The concern in Geoff’s eyes makes his own sting and he feels his resolve crack. He blinks rapidly, looking down at his lap, and whispers, “I was too late.”

“Too late for what?” It takes him a moment, but realization dawns on Geoff. “You think what happened to Ryan is your fault?”

Ray raises his left shoulder up and down, but he can’t bring himself to look up at Geoff. He murmurs, “My job is to make sure you guys are safe, and when he needed me the most I failed.”

“You can’t,” Geoff trails off, running a hand down his face. “Ray, you can’t blame yourself for this. If anything blame the mother fucker who shot Ryan. He’s the one to blame. Not you.”

“But, but I saw them, Geoff.” Ray looks up, feeling desperate, needing Geoff to understand where his head’s at. “I, I saw the rifle, but they took the shot before…” he sucks in a ragged breath, letting it out. “I should have seen them sooner.”

“You can’t spend your life second guessing yourself. You can’t. Otherwise you’re gonna drive yourself fucking crazy. Trust me, I know.” He reaches out, resting his hand against the side of Ray’s head, gently ruffling his hair. “You’re good Ray, you are, but you’re not perfect.”

Ray looks over at Ryan, who has yet to wake up, his stomach twisting painfully. “Then why do I feel so guilty?”

“Because you’re human.” Geoff pats the side of his head, getting up, crossing the room to the kitchen, dragging a bottle of whiskey from the cabinet under the sink.

“He’s right, you know,” Ryan whispers against Ray’s shoulder. Ray wonders how long Ryan has been awake and why he didn’t notice before, but then he remembers this is Ryan. He has a habit of sneaking up on them. He’s probably trained himself to sit still for hours, knows how to control his breathing. He may look more human with his mask off, but he’s still a creepy motherfucker.

“How much did you hear?”

“Enough.” Ryan winces as he sits up, rubbing his eyes. “I don’t blame you. Not for one second, you understand me?”

“I still feel like I should apologize.”

“There’s no need, but if it helps I accept it.

Geoff returns to the living room a few moments later, a tumbler of whiskey in one hand and a glass of water in the other. He offers the latter to Ryan, puts his glass down, and pulls a bottle of pills from his pocket. “I don’t say this often,” Geoff starts shaking a pill from the bottle, holding it out to Ryan, “but listen to Ryan. He’s right.” He jiggles his hand, still waiting for Ryan to take the pill. “It’s just an antibiotic, dickhole. So you don’t get an infection. Just take it.”

Eyeing him warily, Ryan accepts the pill. He pops it into his mouth, chasing it with a swig of water, and hands the glass back to Geoff. “Your mothering is going to get old.”

“Fuck you, I am old. I earned the right to mother you.”

Ryan chuckles softly, his laughter breaking off into a painful sounding cough, and Geoff’s instantly hovering over him, worried. He runs a hesitant hand through Ryan’s hair, softly murmuring to him, while Ryan grabs Ray’s hand, gripping it tightly, trying to keep himself grounded.

It takes a bit, and there are tears of pain clinging to Ryan’s lashes, but he gets control of his coughing. He looks exhausted, his body shaking against Ray’s shoulder, and Geoff races into the kitchen, returning a moment later with another bottle of pills.

“Here.” His hands tremble a little as he shakes out a pain pill, practically forcing it into Ryan’s palm. Geoff waits until Ryan has taken the painkiller, using the same glass of water he used with his antibiotic, before covering his face with his hand. “Goddamn, Ryan, don’t do that.”

“D-didn’t do it on purpose,” Ryan rasps, his shaking settling as the painkiller takes hold. He can barely keep his eyes open, body slumping against the back of the couch. “W-wasn’t fun.”

“Yeah, I didn’t think so,” Geoff retorts, still looking like a worried parent. “Goddamn,” he repeats, his voice barely audible.

Ray’s not even aware his hand is still in Ryan’s until he looks down at it. His fingers tingle from the circulation quickly returning to the appendage, but he doesn’t pull his hand away. Instead he squeezes Ryan’s fingers, letting him know he’s there, and a second later Ryan squeezes back.

This is actually taken from a much longer story I am working on, but I’m not sure when exactly I’ll finish it, so I figured posting this part wouldn’t hurt anything. And seriously Anon, if you ever want me to write something, just send me an ask.


It was a long weekend for both you and Harry, no plans or anyone to bother the two of you. You had taken up reading a book outside while Harry watched football inside. After about thirty minutes outside reading you were getting distracted by the loud sound of the tv on. Putting the book down and going inside, you decided to sit down with Harry. He was wearing his black workout shorts and no shirt, his hair messy from his hands running through it.

You didn’t pay much attention to the game on tv since it wasn’t really interesting to you. Noticing the way Harry was sitting on the couch, with his legs spread and his hands resting on his thighs dangerously close to his crotch. Watching as he mindlessly scratched at the skin of his thigh, pulling the material of the shorts up higher. It made your mouth water at the sight of his thighs.

They had always been so thick and you loved them. Especially when he was pounding into you and you could feel them against the backs of your own legs, or when you were on your knees sucking him off and had to hold onto them because of how good he was. You’d had countless sleepless nights because of the feeling of his thighs pressed against you.

It wasn’t like a super secret thing you kept from him, he just didn’t know that the past week and a half you’d been having wet dreams about riding his thigh. Just thinking about how it would feel and that fact that he could make you cum, probably really hard by just his thigh, was haunting.


Looking up at his face, you hummed and glanced back down at his thighs again. He got distracted by the whistle on the screen and reached over for your leg, pulling it over his thighs. He didn’t know how in your head you were torturing yourself about how amazing it would feel to be sitting on them.

You could feel the dampness in your panties start to get worse and crawled over to Harry’s lap. Sitting yourself right in his lap, you cupped his cheeks and kissed him deeply. His hands gripped onto your hips tightly as his tongue slipped into your mouth.

“Mmm Harry….” You moaned out and slowly started to rock yourself against him. Since you were dressed in a big shirt and panties it was easy to feel the friction from his shorts against your center. Running your fingers up his chest and around his neck, you grabbed at the short hairs behind his neck.

His hands wrapped around and slipped to your ass, giving it a tight squeeze and throwing you a devilish smile. He pushed your hips down and rocked them against the bulge forming in his shorts, a groan coming from deep in his throat.

“Fuck baby yeh gotten yourself all worked up eh? Can feel yeh basically dripping for me.”

Suddenly two fingers slipped past your panties and started to rub over your clit. A loud gasp left you and you rocked against his thigh. Tingles shot through you as you did it again. The rocking was set by the pace of his fingers working your clit and he was going dangerously slow.

“Harry please fuck! Take them off-oh god yes please….” He ripped your panties off of you and threw them to the floor, running his fingers up your slit and then going back to your clit. “Tell me what yeh want baby girl…” He breathed out and you pulled his mouth to yours in a harsh kiss.

“Thighs please want to ride them!”

Harry stopped for a quick second to catch his breath and then quickly pulled his shorts up. You lowered yourself down onto his skin and started to rock, and then Harry lifted his thigh just a little bit and it made you gasp, clutch at him and the fire in your stomach build.

“Fuck yes baby I can feel how wet yeh are…you like this don’t you baby girl? Hmm you like riding my thigh? Yeh gonna cum just like this aren’t you.” His eyes never left the spot where you were grinding on, a small wet patch forming from yourself. You leaned down at started to kiss his chest, placing a few kisses to his nipples .

You didn’t want to cum so fast and leaned into his neck, latching your lips onto the corner of his jaw. Sucking a nice purple mark into his skin and then a few more along his jaw. Harry’s fingers moved back to rubbing your clit and the knot in your stomach clenched.

“I’m so close Harry please oh god you feel so good!” You whimpered.

“Cum for me baby…let me feel you cum all over my thigh, that’s a good girl.” His fingers sped up on your clit and he attacked his lips to your throat, sucking and kissing just like he knew would completely throw you over the edge.

Your body tensed and you grounded your center into him once more before your orgasm over took your body. “FUCK YES!” You moaned into his ear, and gripped his hair tightly.

“Ugh jesus christ babe look at yeh! Cumin’ just from my thighs and fingers.” He laughed and stuck his fingers pasted his lips to clean them off. Your head was laying on his shoulder while you waited for your breathing to slow down.

“Thank you…you don’t know how much I’ve though about that. You’ve got such pretty thighs.”

Harry raised an eyebrow and then smirked. He made a mental note to start working more on his legs at the gym and to walk around in his underwear or shorts more often.

Sweater Weather - Audrey Jensen imagine

A/N: So this is my first imagine and it’s really shitty I’m sorry

Summary: You spill your smoothie on Audrey’s shirt and lend her your sweater, which she refuses to return. The amazing @asexualbuckybarnes gave me the idea!

Warnings: slight mention of murder, homophobia, mostly fluff oops​


When you first met Audrey Jensen, you were a shy fourteen year old girl with thick glasses and a certain admiration for the short-haired girl that ventured slightly beyond friendship. But back then you were young, innocent and so very confused about the whole ‘liking girls’ situation. Your mother’s offensive opinion on the LGTBQ+ community -often describing  them as disgusting and vile- made you despise your sexuality and yourself, but that all changed the first time you and Audrey kissed. You could still remember it like it had happened merely seconds before.

It was a month after Piper Shaw’s demise, and Audrey was currently seeking comfort in your arms. She was also appreciating your mother’s collection of expensive alcohol, but you were more than happy to join her in getting wasted. You welcomed the scorching of your throat as you downed yet another shot of vodka. The burning reminded you of an incident that occurred while the Lakewood slasher/podcaster was still alive,  you remembered the flames licking at your skin, the smoke choking you, threatening to swallow you whole-


The pronunciation of your name was slurred and slow. You felt Audreys hand land on your thigh, distracting your dark thoughts and causing you to smile widely.  

“Audreyyyy?” You copied her speech, letting out a drunken giggle as Audrey attempted to glare at you but ended up dissolving into pointless laughter with you.

“Are you okay?” you questioned worriedly as Audrey stopped laughing abruptly, her eyes flashing around the room anxiously.

“Y-Yeah…I just thought I heard something,” she said shakily, flashing you a half-hearted smile.

You placed your hand over Audrey’s shaking one, entwining your fingers and smiling at her reassuringly.

“You’re safe now, Auds. We’re safe now.”

Her light eyes scanned your face, a fond smile lighting up her face.

You felt yourself flush but you didn’t break eye contact with her. Audrey’s eyes were glowing in the dim lighting of your room and you realised how close your faces were. Her dark hair fell in front of her eyes, shielding her right eye from your view and casting a slight shadow over her face. You absentmindedly brushed her hair out of her face, letting your fingers trail down the side of her face and along her jaw.

You bit your lip and for a second you wondered what would happen if your mother -for whatever reason- decided to come home early from her vacation and caught you in such a compromising position with Audrey.  

You pushed those thoughts out of your mind, nothing was going to happen. And even if something did happen, like you had been wishing would happen since you were fifteen, you wouldn’t let your mother ruin your happiness once again with her homophobic views.

Audrey’s hot breath fanned over your face and you found yourself unconsciously leaning closer. Your eyes darted toward her lips and back up to her eyes, a invitation.

Seeming to not need anymore provoking, Audrey’s lips pressed against yours, one of her hands raking through your hair and the other pressed into the small of your back, pulling you closer to her. You smiled into the kiss, moving to wrap your arms around her neck. She pulled away after a couple of seconds, resting her forehead against yours and letting out a happy sigh.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that,”

Then you laughed, a joyous sound that made Audrey’s smile widen.

“Most likely not nearly as long as I’ve wanted you to do that,”

And this time you kissed her.

Smiling to yourself, you thought about how much had changed. After that night you had both continued to remain friends while sharing secret kisses once in a while, until Noah caught you both kissing while at Audrey’s house, which lead to Audrey confessing her feelings to you the next day and then you became official. You had now been dating Audrey for a couple of months and you couldn’t be happier. She had stayed at your house that night, and she was sleeping in your bed while you had slipped away to make breakfast and get a drink.

Or you thought she was asleep. When you felt arms wrap around your waist, you should’ve known it was Audrey, but you got such a fright that you squealed and  jumped into the air, leading your smoothie to tip out of your cup and all down you and Audrey. You immediately flushed bright red and Audrey’s half-annoyed, half-amused expression melted into a smile.

“I’m so sorry! I’m such a fool oh m-hmmm!”

You were cut off as Audrey rolled her eyes and pressed her lips to yours, her tongue darting out to lick the rest of your smoothie from your bottom lip. If it was possible, your flush darkened.

“It’s fine, Y/N. I’m gonna go for a shower, you coming?”

You scowled as Audrey smirked and winked at you teasingly, but you followed her anyway.

After both you and Audrey had showered -separately, much to Audrey’s disappointment- you had changed into a pair of dark-wash ripped jeans and a dark blue crop top while Audrey was riffling through your clothes in search of a shirt to wear. In the end she chose a red cropped sweater and wore the same ripped black jeans and tank that she had the day before, as you had washed them but were unable to get the stain out of her jumper.

You were planning on asking your mother to get the stain out of it, because all faults aside your mother was amazing at getting stains out.

“You ready yet?” you asked from your sprawled out position on your bed, letting out an impatient sigh. Audrey rolled her eyes.

“I only took ten minutes, Drama-Queen,” she muttered, brushing her hair out of her eyes then pulling on her boots.

Glancing up at her, you felt yourself blush yet again. She did look good in your cropped sweater, better than you did and you were the one who owned it. It didn’t matter how much time you spent with Audrey, you still found yourself left red-faced and stuttering because she was so damn beautiful and amazing.

“You planning on coming or are you going to lie in bed all day?”

You blushed again and hurriedly stood up from your bed, somehow managing to tangle you leg in your duvet and tumbling to the ground.

Audrey’s laugh rang through the air, gradually getting louder as she got closer to you and untangled you from your duvet. You would probably never stop embarrassing yourself in front of Audrey, but you didn’t mind as long as you made her laugh.

“Let’s go, clumsy, before you break a bone or something,”

She held you hand as you both made your way to your car, preventing you from tripping several times and laughing each time.

It had been a week since Audrey had stayed at your house and borrowed your sweater and it had been four days since you had returned her now clean shirt but she hadn’t returned your cropped sweater. You didn’t really mind that much, but since you and Audrey had such different styles in clothing (although there was the occasional similarity, the cropped sweater being one of them) it was quite odd and quite amusing, since she changed the subject whenever you brought it up.

“Audrey? Wait up!” you yelled, spotting her leaving the school, wearing your cropped sweater. She slowed down as she heard your voice, smiling at you once you caught up to her. You were going to her house for a while, getting some alone time was rare when Noah was around to intrude but due to his and Zoe’s developing relationship you and Audrey had much more time together.

Once Audrey began driving towards her house, you rested your head against the window and glanced at her out of the corner of your eye.

“So, are you planning on giving me back my sweater anytime soon?”

The question was anticipated, that much was obvious by her lack of reaction besides the small quirk of Audrey’s lips.


You didn’t expect her to be so blunt, but being blunt was in Audrey’s nature and it was one of the many, many things you loved about her so it was no surprise.

“And why’s that?”

Unexpectedly, colour bloomed across Audrey’s cheeks. She rarely ever blushed, Audrey was usually the one making you all hot and flustered and then teasing you about it.

“Ehm- I like it…And it reminds me of you,”

You smiled at her sincere response. Ever since the second Lakewood massacre you both made an effort to stay at each others houses whenever possible, as it had been hard to sleep alone when you both felt to unsafe. It was good to know she still had some sort of comfort when you couldn’t come over.

“You can keep it then. It looks good on you anyway,”

Which was true, plus it made you feel happy seeing her in your clothes.

Audrey pulled into driveway of her house and smirked at you.

“Thanks, you look beautiful today by the way, incase I haven’t told you already,”

She hadn’t, and the compliment made you smile, Audrey was always going out of her way to make you feel confident.

“My Dad won’t be home until later…” she trailed off suggestively, grinning cheekily.

You didn’t let her say anything else before you leaned over and wrapped your arms around her neck, pulling her face closer to yours and kissing her.

Audrey hummed in appreciation, the action being unexpected but obviously welcomed.

She pulled away after she realised she still needed to breathe and laughed.

“If that’s what taking your close makes you do, I might do it more often,”

You rolled your eyes at her, a fond smile on your face as your finger trailed over her bottom lip.

“I love you, loser,”

Audrey looked at you with just as much love and appreciation as you did for her, and you were overjoyed by that.

“And I love you too,”

steveandbucky-deactivated201702  asked:


Bucky frowns and blinks his eyes open, focusing on the darkness of the room around him, skin chilled and bared. He rubs his knuckles against his eyes, chasing the sleep away, trying to figure out what woke him.

The windows are open, the soft light of the full moon shining through. It paints the room with shadows as much as it brightens it. The curtains move as a cold breeze sweeps inside, giving Bucky the answer to his question.

He doesn’t like the cold. Never has and never will.

Bucky shivers again as the breeze touches his skin, lips turning down. It is not just the cold that is bothering him. He moves, his confusion deepening when he only feels the hard mattress under his head and not one of the soft pillows he always lays his head on.

“What the fuck,” Bucky mutters, peering over the edge of the mattress and checking the floor.

It’s not uncommon for him to kick or throw things — or Steve — off the bed, but only his clothes from last night are found in a pile by the nightstand. It’s not until he turns on his side to face Steve that he finds out what happened to both his pillow and blankets.

Right there by his side, with all the blankets wrapped around his legs and waist, is Steve. He’s clutching Bucky’s pillow to himself, nose buried in it, only his eyes and the top of his head peeking out from behind it. Bucky’s heart trips over itself at the sight, at how peaceful and young Steve looks when he’s sleeping, like he’s not carrying the entire world on his shoulders.

“Steve,” Bucky whispers, trying to tug at one of the blankets wrapped around him.

Steve snuffles and scowls in his sleep, bringing his legs up to his chest and effectively stopping Bucky from tugging anything. He also rubs his face against Bucky’s pillow, making a little soft sound in the back of his throat.

“Fuck, but you’re cute,” Bucky murmurs, lips twitching.

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Other Worldly (Part 11)

Pairing: Dean x Reader (Reverse!French Mistake)

Words: 2,202

Summary: Reader comes to term that it was all a dream while Dean practically has a panic attack

Warnings: Angst, tears, time travel, mentions of mini-dean ;)

Tags: @garveygirl139 @fandomcrazedhuman @kyleewinchester @thequeenofgood @juliakidx@sadanddeadwinchester @celinejfong @marylovessherlockandioan @dragontearsandunicornfears@destiny14444 @hannahlramos @bexnightowl @sandlee44 @allons-ysherlock-andgrab-thesalt @negansgrimes (If you want to be tagged in future updates, let me know!)


Originally posted by shinebrightlike-amariposa

You felt like you were gonna cry. Your eyes stung and you gathered your covers in your fist, clutching them as your head swam. You felt like you were drowning.

Your head banged against the headboard as you threw it back in disdain. “Ow!” You exclaimed, rubbing the sore spot and feeling your thoughts cloud. You chased after memories as they began to recede, desperately trying to catch the fleeting thoughts that reminded you of your time in their land.

Tiny details slipped through your grasp like dreams. You remembered that you’d played a game of chess with Sam but you forgot who won. You remembered that you’d cut yourself making pie but you couldn’t remember which finger. Your hands flew up and you examined them but there was no sign of a cut ever being there. You couldn’t remember if it had healed before now or not.

“But it was real.” You muttered to yourself. “There was Sam, and the shooting range, and the mall, and the dress….” Flinging the covers off, your legs were met with cool air as your shorts and shirt were revealed. You could have sworn you’d fallen asleep with the dress on. “And Dean….”

Your head fell into your hands. “He was real,” You sobbed, the first tear escaping. “Real…”

But soon enough, after a few more tears and peeks around your normal, small, realistic room, even you had to admit it. “I’m reading too much fanfic. It was just a elaborate dream.” And as you thought about it more, you had to add, “A very elaborate dream.”

Your tears cleared because a dream, no matter how amazing it was, was not worth your cries. You just thanked your imagination for letting you have a night with Dean, because you couldn’t think of a better way to spend your last few minutes in fantasies than in his arms.

As you thought more about it though, it was pretty obvious that it hadn’t been real. Most of it was incredibly unrealistic, especially the last night. Dean was kinder, gentler, over all a lot more ‘fluffy’ than he was ever shown as on the show. It was all highly improbable and made you feel a little silly for thinking for a moment that it had been real. You weren’t even a little hungover from all the drinks last night.

You decided to call in sick from work because you were going to leave early anyway and you wanted some time to get ready for the con. Taking a deep breath, you hung up with your boss, who couldn’t have cared less that you weren’t coming in today, and made your way over to your computer.

Tumblr was open and as you refreshed the page, a gif set of Dean lit up the screen, smiling pictures of him from PurCon a couple months ago. The image startled you, after so many weeks now not used to him behind a screen. However, you almost had to hit yourself in the head to remind that this was not Dean and it had not been so many weeks. This was Jensen and it was a dream that took a few hours.

You had a few messages in your inbox that you quickly answered. One of them looked eerily familiar but it was a anon and short message so maybe someone had said that to you before. Another ask talked about Forever Yours and you realized that you had to write down the ending after the inspiration last night.

Quickly, you typed up a rough draft. “And your lips are really soft, can I kiss you again please?” You mumbled as you finished the last line. You had been concentrating so hard on remembering the way it had happened that you didn’t notice the stinging in your eyes again or the wet streak making it’s way down your cheek.

You shook your head and wiped the tear away, closing your laptop with a sigh. “Get over it, Y/n.” You muttered to yourself. “He wasn’t real.”

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anonymous asked:

You should write a Jasico for that one comic w/ the phone number on the paper

I’m assuming you mean this one with means you’re either kelly or joker-ace or i’m just laughin too much fff 


Percy’s voice crawled up Nico’s spine like an unwanted cockroach gnawing at his skin. The slap to the back was definitely painful when his old crush greeted him (without warning, of course) and nearly knocked him ten feet forward. 

Nico grasped the lockers before he could faceplant and whirled around. Catching the breath that Percy Jackson used to steal away all the time, the poor freshman cursed the fact that he was friends with Thalia Grace through their LGBT Club who was friend with Annabeth Chase who was friends with Percy Jackson who was his (late) older sister’s first crush. 

"Hi.” Nico ground his teeth while Percy remained oblivious. He tightened the straps of his backpack over his shoulders and debated fleeing. “Um. Do you…need something?" 

"Nah.” Percy grinned and shoved his hands in his hoodie. “I just wanted to catch up." 


Percy Jackson didn’t usually talk to him unless it had an ulterior motive. 

"I’m done now!” Percy declared. He took two steps back and proceeded to turn the other direction. “See you later." 

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megameganefu-deactivated2016071  asked:

OKAY OKAY. I LOVE THE WAY YOU IMAGINE THE BAES. THEY'RE SO ACCURATE IT HURTS ; U ; ((i'm sorry if I'll ask again--)) How would the baes (karasuno + oikawa & iwa-chan) react to if they suddenly walk in on their s/o dancing in their room and singing with a hairbrush as a mike without a care in the world because they thought that the baes would be home late. o u o

OH MY GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH I WAS SO WORRIED THAT MY PORTRAYAL OF THEIR CHARACTERS WOULD BE OFF!! YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CRY MAN. Please feel free to ask as many times as you like!! You’re the only one who’s sending me asks anyways :’)

Daichi would not announce his presence, he would probably want to stand back and watch how carefree and happy they were. He’d be smiling at them subconsciously the whole time. When they caught him and got embarrassed he would chuckle and pull them into a hug. He would kiss their forehead and tell them they looked cute.

Suga would be in awe at how beautiful they looked when they let go. He would sneak up behind them and wrap his arms around their waist whilst giggling adorably. He would sway with them and sing along with them.

Asahi would be too embarrassed to let them know he was there but he felt bad watching them without them knowing. Even still he would smile a bit to himself as he watched them. When they noticed him he blushed and apologised but they just grabbed his hands and pulled him to dance with them, making him even redder.

Noya would laugh and run up to them colliding into them in a hug, trying to lift them and twirl them. He’d grab something to sing with himself and start shouting the lyrics.

Tanaka would blush, thinking they looked way too cute for their own good. He’d bust into the room and start singing too. It took his partner a few seconds to recompose before they carried on singing and pulling him in for a dance.

Ennoshita would laugh and lean against the doorframe, absorbing himself in them. Its little things like this that remind him how much he loves them. When they spotted him they put their hands on their hips and fake pouted. He raised his hands in surrender but when they came closer he quickly grabbed them and kissed them.

Hinata would be in there as soon as he got through the front door and heard music on. He’d pull their hand with the hairbrush in next to his mouth so that they could share the ‘microphone’ as they sang.

Kageyama would be blushing so hard you could probably see steam rising off his cheeks. He hid behind the door, only peeping in through a crack so they wouldn’t catch him. He’d curse at how cute they were and that they had this effect on him. He’d be so busy running over how cute they were in his head that he didn’t notice them heading towards the door. So when it opened and he came back to reality he saw a chest in front of him from his crouched position. He jumped back and started stuttering but they just laughed and took his hand to drag him to the kitchen, knowing he’d go on stuttering forever if they didn’t intervene. Rip tobio chan.

Tsukki’s face would soften without him realising it. He watched them silently as they danced in their reverie. When they spotted him he’d play it off with a smirk, saying that if they were going to dance they should invite him to come watch them. Though the slight tinge on his cheeks that he hid with his hands as he pushed up his glasses didn’t go unseen by them.

Yamaguchi would wonder how he got so lucky. He thought they looked like an angel as they span with their closed eyes and wide smile. And he thought that tenfold when their eyes locked onto his and they started blushing. They tried to cover their face in embarrassment, but he took their hands into his and told them to keep dancing.

Kiyoko would stand silently in the doorframe, a faint smile gracing her features as she watched them warble into the hairbrush. She basked in the warmth she felt from watching them. When they noticed her and her smile, they let out a smile of their own and tugged her by the arm to dance with them.

Yachi’s hands would shoot up to her blushing face. She’d be unsure whether to stay or go. Much like Tobio she’d become a radiator and when her partner saw her they laughed at her expression and pulled her by the waist into a hug. Even considering the situation, Yachi was the embarrassed one.

Oikawa thought they were the most adorable thing he’d ever seen. He’d squee at them and when they turned around in a pout he cooed that they looked cute as a button. He’d laugh at their feigned anger and encourage them to keep going so he could watch them more.

Iwa’s heart would go into overdrive. He’d just stand and marvel at them and how they could make him feel so warm. When he realised he’d been caught he hid behind the door, prompting them to come up to him with the biggest smile. They hugged him, noting that his hug felt a little tighter than usual.

Did I ever tell y’all about my dream Cinderella adaptation?

I’m super excited about the new Cinderella movie. Cinderella, and all its many variations (particularly Ever After and the 1997 one with Brandi), is one of my favorite fairy tales. I’ve had one particular, personal adaptation in my mind for years, and someday I hope to write it.

(I’d warn for cliches galore but shut up a girl can dream.)

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Christmas Surprises - Requested (Luke)

Hey this is SIXTEEN!!!! Christmas is litarally next week!!!! And im finaly going home in three day woop! Anyways,t his is two requests combined (Could you write one when you tell luke you’re pregnant on Christmas? Or luke proposes?) and (Hey there! I love reading yalls amazing stories! Could you maybe do a story where you and Luke have been trying to get pregnant and you found out Christmas day your pregnant! Maybe tell him through a gift?!) ENJOY!!!!!

‘Babe you ready?’ Luke calls up the stairs, you look around the room, checking you have everything, ‘Yep’ you call as you switch off the light and jog s]down to meet him, he is waiting at the door with his and your overnight bags, he frowns when he see the wrapped gift in your bag, ‘I thought we took all the presents already?’ he asks and you nod, ‘We did, I just forgot this one’ you shrug, as you walk past him taking your bag and throwing it into the boot as he locks up the house, he puts his bag in the boot and then climb in the driver’s seat. He narrows his eyes when he sees you still have the gift bag with you. ‘Could it not have gone in the boot?’ he raises and eyebrow and you glare at him, ‘Luke just drive’ you whine and he laughs, ‘so it’s mine then’ he chuckles and you roll your eyes. ‘You’re a dick, stop being so noise’ you warn him, he just smiles as he reaches over his hand and takes yours to the gearstick so his fingers are entwined with yours as he drives.


‘Luke, what’s wrong?’ you whisper into his ear as you drop down next to him on the sofa, you have been sitting discussing Christmas traditions with Liz but you hadn’t been able to keep your eyes off Luke, he had been sitting silently and you could tell he was in deep thought so you’d excuse yourself from Liz and cuddle into his side. He wraps his arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer and you rest your head on his chest, and you feel his lips against your hair as he sighs. ‘You know I love you right? And you mean the world to me’ you nod, closing your eyes to rest into his warmth. ‘It’s just I that that’ he tells you, his words confuse you for a moment, and when he doesn’t explain them you sit up to look at him, seeing his eyes fixed on Jack bouncing Oscar his son on his knee, you smile at Jack pulling faces. And you realise what’s he is talking about.

‘I know I have everything that I want and need but I just want to be a dad so badly. I want to be young and able to run around with our kids, I’m not saying you’re not enough, that’s not what I’m saying but I just want it you know?’ you explains.

‘Luke we are twenty, there is no rush, so what if we have to wait a little longer it’s not gonna hurt’ you tell him, but he frowns, ‘I thought you wanted this?’ he asks and you nod, ‘No, no, I don’t all I’m saying is that we have been trying for a year Luke, there isn’t much more we can Dothan try and you shouldn’t be getting down about it because it will happen you know, just maybe not right now’ you explain, this time he nods and pecks your lips.

‘I have pizza!’ You look up to see Ben dropping five pizza boxes on the coffee table 'Should I get plates?’ He asks, you bite down the smirk that’s tugging your lips as you look around at the others, their faces priceless.

'I should have known it was too good to be true’ you hear Maisie scoff at her boyfriend.

'Benjamin you said you would cook, not buy pizza’ Liz scolds, you look back to Bens face to see his eyes wide, lips parted as though he was about to speak and his arms out slightly, like he is completely confused and at this you lose it, pressing your face into Luke’s chest as you try to hold back the smirk, Luke clearly amused to as his hand cover your face and you feel his chest shaking a little.

'I said I would sort dinner, not cook it, come on its pizza everyone loves pizza’ he whines and you see through Luke’s fingers that Ben is looking around for some support. You feel back for the guy so you shuffle out if Luke’s arms, stand and walk over, you hit Bens back and smile at him 'What did you get?’ You ask opening the top box to see plain pizza and you shrug picking up a slice and taking a bite, you let your eyes slowly move to Liz who is watching you with an amused smirk.

'Come on its pizza’ you laugh, the others take no time jumping up and grabbing there slice while Liz goes to get plates but no one waits for her to come back. When she does wonder back in she freezes seeing Oscar lying on the floor on his baby mat, her eyes wide as she looks up, 'Bloody hell, I nearly stood of my grandson’ she exclaimed making us all chuck throughout stuffed mouths.

'Couple more years and the house will be full of them running around’ Andrew tells her, you notice Luke shuffle a little at the mention of children and you get more excited for tomorrow.


'Can you hear Oscar?’ Luke mumbles into your hair, you hum as you continue watching the movie. 'Yeah, Celeste said that had a rough night with him last night’ you tell him in a mumble. 'Looks like another one’ Luke agrees and you nod. 'You know we could always…’ Luke starts but doesn’t finish, you feel him sit up a little and so you pull your head from his chest and look up to him. His eyes lock with your straight away and you see the sweet smile on his perfect lips and know what he is thinking. You can’t bite back the smile that tugs at your own lips as you nod. He moves again in the bed to get up but you grab his wrist.

It’s Christmas Eve and Liz and Andrew insisted that to keep up tradition you would all be staying at their house in Christmas Eve. Ben and Maisie are in his childhood room. The same as Jack, Celeste and Oscar are in Jacks and you and Luke are in his.

'I’ll go’ you tell him, sliding out of bed yourself, just as you reach out for the door handle Luke clears his throat. 'You have no bottoms on’ he chuckles, you glance down and shrug, you have pants on and a shirt that goes literally to mid-thigh so you go out anyway heading to Jacks old room. You knock gently, but then shake your head, why are you being quite when Oscar is screaming. Celeste opens the door two seconds after with Oscar in her arms, her hair rough and her eyes red from lack of sleep, you guess they fell asleep a couple of hours ago while you and Luke stayed up watching movies.

'I’m sorry (Y/N) did he wake you, I’m trying to get him to calm down. This is what he was like yesterday’ she explains, you shake your head following her in the room. 'No we were already awake, we just wanted to help, and we could have him for the night’ you offer with a small smile. You hear a half sleeping Jack hum as though accepting the offer and you smile a little.

'No, no it’s fine we have it. Honestly he is a hand full, we can’t do that to you’ she disagrees shaking her head as she bounces hers arms. 'We could do with the practice’ the words leave your mouth before you realise what you have said. Celeste raises an eyebrow looking at you, clearly not fully clicking in and you probably could have talk yourself out of it if it wasn’t for the fact that unwillingly you had begun to rub your belly.

'Holy shit! Really? Why haven’t your guys told us?’ She gasps in realisation. You can’t help the beam that hits your face 'Luke doesn’t know yet’ you explain, she nods understanding. 'So it’s a new thing? Couple of weeks?’ She asks and you shake your head.

It’s new yeah but not a couple of weeks, actually I’m three months along but I only found out two weeks ago and I thought it’s been two and a half months already it won’t hurt to keep it from Luke for another two weeks so I’m telling him tomorrow’ you nod, she gives a sort if hushed squeal. 'In a gift? Oh no sorry that’s like movie stuff, I’m just so excited for you guys! I’m gonna be an auntie’ she cheers and you hush her.

Jack abruptly sits up in the bed catching yours and Celeste attention. 'You’re talking about a baby?’ He asks shocked and you laugh at him a little while Celeste rolls her eyes and then you give him a small nod. It’s only seconds later he has crawled out of the bed and wrapped his arms around you 'I’m gonna be a fucking awesome uncle’ he whispers and you laugh shaking your head.

'Just keep it to yourselves for a few hours’ you remind them, nothing nodding like little children, you move closer to take Oscar and Celeste hands him over with an appreciative smile. And you return back to Luke’s room, as soon as he sees you he flies from the bed taking Oscar in his arms and pecking your lips. You watch him for a minute strolling around the room rocking Oscar soothingly in his arms. He is gonna be an amazing dad.


'I can’t get over how cute these are, his first pair if prober shoes, thank you so much guys’ Celeste gushes over the mini timberland blue boots you and Luke got Oscar.

'He does look really cute in them’ you coo, as he pulls on your finger making you laugh.

'Can someone open me this please’ Maisie asks walking right past Ben, he looks shocked 'Hey babe, right here’ he calls after her making. Her giggle. 'Ben you can’t take your own pants off without hurting something’ she teases which in his excitable mood is all bed needs to chase her out if the room.

'So now all the presents are done, who wants breakfast?’ Andrew asks, everyone nods as Ben and Maisie head back into the room and you tummy drops in nerves as your heart best quicken with excitement. 'Actually I have one more present’ you tell them, jumping up and heading to the back of the sofa, pulling out the present for Luke. He gives you a frown as you give him a nervous smile handing him the package.

'What’s this?’ He asks and you laugh 'just open it’ you tell him, standing to the side so everyone could see, Luke takes no time at all ripping the paper of, he freezes, only him being able to see what it is. He looks up to you his lips parted and you notice his eyes glazing over with tears, you give him a small smile and he jumps up from his seat grabbing your? He holds you tight against him and he kinda laughs into you. 'Happy?’ You ask and he laughs pulling away and taking your face in his hands. 'So fucking happy’ he laughs.

'What is it?’ Ben asks as you notice Liz coming over to see, she slows her actions as she see it and slowly picks it up holding it for everyone to see. 'My Daddy’s Punk Rock’

From Chelsea

I found this prompt on the castlefanficprompts blog and saw that someone was asking for it to be filled, so I figured I’d give it a shot. I hope I’ve done it justice, and I apologize for the length! 

Prompt: We’re both rival YouTubers withthe “anything you can do I can do better” rivalry. Whoever uploads a videofirst, the other one makes a video exactly like it but better. Our subscribers ship us even though we live far away from each other. We have an encounter at a con one day. 

They’ve never met, but they know each other.

Oh, do they know each other. 

Katherine Beckett, known simply as Kate to her loyal legion of subscribers, is in what you would call the “elite circle” of YouTubers. With a staggering number of followers, just over 2.5 million as of recently, she’s surpassed only by the higher ranking likes of Jenna Marbles, Tyler Oakley, Zoella, and Grace Helbig.

Richard Rogers, known predominately by his online alias Richard Castle, is also a part of this elite circle of YouTubers. His subscriber count is slightly lower than Kate’s, coming in at roughly 2.2 million, but he chocks the difference up to the fact that he didn’t start his account until at least six months after her.

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okay, so this is my first smut, so be gentle. I’m not sure how I feel about writing smut, but we’ll see what happens I guess. enjoy, anon! :)

**you can submit requests and feedback here, if you’d like. :)

'Luke,’ you breathed against his ear, 'the guys are gonna be back soon.’ You tried to make it sound genuine, but you both knew you didn’t want to stop now.

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White Haired Cowboy

A happy (belated) birthday fic for ash-is-boss who asked for cowboy Soul. I hope you enjoy it and had a wonderful birthday!!

If you enjoyed this cowboy fic, remember there is also Lodestar by marshofsleep. It’s a gem, and touches more on the cowboy aspect than this one shot does. Trust me, it’s wonderful!

Maka chewed on her bottom lip while she absentmindedly brushed the horse beside her because her mind was focused on other things. In more precise words, she was too distracted by the way a certain white haired man’s muscles moved as he brushed his own horse. The way they rolled like small waves under his shirt was mesmerizing and calming in a manner she didn’t fully comprehend. In reality, she didn’t even understand why she was watching him. It was only a few weeks ago that the two were bickering over how to care for the horses and now things had turned around.

The little voice in the back of her mind told her it was because of the small heart to heart they had over barbeque one night. She couldn’t really argue with it either. There were things neither one knew about the other, things that had prevented them from putting their prejudice views aside only hours before. He wasn’t aware that she raised horses because her family needed the money, and she didn’t know he did it because it was his deceased brother’s last wish. They each had their reasons for participating in the show, and somehow their talk had changed both of their perspectives about the other.

Soul’s backside was fairly appealing from what Maka registered during her trance. His shoulder blades attempted to connect with the other when he stretched his sore back, and his shirt rode up a tad when he extended his arms over his head. It allowed her a blush worthy view of his lower back. Even that portion of his body was perfectly sculpted. It was like the man was photoshopped or something. How many bales of hay had he picked up in his lifetime?

Her eyes traveled further down his body, focusing on the way his Levi’s hugged his rear. She allowed her mind to wonder what that part of him would look like. How would it feel if she placed her hand on it? Would he flex at her touch or give her one of his devilish smiles? Maybe she should try to find out one day.

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