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Ugh- about those trans gif sets.

So, i shouldn’t have to make this post but I’m annoyed and I wanna get this out of my head so I can get back to work:

A lot of people are complaining about my trans/nonbinary gif sets. Which fascinates me as they were done as a way to promote the smaller youtubers that I watch/am subscribed to and I have always supported and wanted to support people who have less subs than mine but deserve so much more. What I think frustrates me the most is that people don’t get that Gigi and Julie do not need a promotion on my platform. They both have subscriber counts that are far beyond what I have. They are both awesome girls in their own right, but I’d rather support and promote youtubers that do not have many subscribers. I really fail to see why this is a complicated or complex topic. Genuinely I don’t understand the obsession with wanting to promote people who don’t need promotion. I’m all about increasing trans visibility on this platform. I do not need to promote people who are already hella visible on yt-i’d much much rather promote people who are most-likely struggling and need the support. It baffles me that people don’t think trans creators exist and part of why I made those gif sets was the show that there are..plenty that do.

What’s also sorta annoying me is that I have a few people complaining about how white these lists are… I overlooked a bunch of youtubers because I wanted to highlight people of color instead. That’s just me being totally blunt. When it comes to my trans guy post, most of the black trans men that I used to follow have deleted all of their videos-some of them haven’t uploaded videos for more than 2 years. A lot of trans people leave youtube. I’ve left youtube several times in the past. That’s the nature of the beast and I think that trans people of color have far more at stake and because of that probably leave youtube more often. Two of the trans women I wanted to promote on my black trans woman list have left youtube-one of them has detransitioned-the other took all of their videos down. This is how shit goes…

Whenever someone has extended the list or added people to it, I’ve reblogged it. If you have people to add to the list, please do.

But ultimately what I wanted to say was… if you don’t like MY list, make your own. It’s reallly easy. Download a program called gifcam and it’s pretty self explainatory from there. Make your own list of your favorite trans youtubers and I’ll reblog it. Tag me. This isn’t about my ego or really anything other than supporting other trans creators that people act like aren’t even around. It’s frustrating having these conversations with people and they act like we don’t exist. I’m trying to use my small platform to help. Stop attacking me because I didn’t name your fave. Some of the people on the list are people that have supported my work in the past as well. I dont have much to give, but this was my way of giving back.

I’m just tired of people complaining and feeling attacked. I didn’t do anything to you by sharing some of the youtubers that I’ve watched over the years. I really didn’t. Please stop contacting me with complaints and just add to the list or make a post and tag me in it so I can reblog.

A Mother’s Love

A little Regal Believer for your morning. You can thank feistyvagabond for this one. She knows I can’t refuse a challenge and that reverse psychology works best on me. 

Takes place in the future. 


He really shouldn’t be surprised. He really shouldn’t. He should have known that she’d show up anyway, that she’d pack a bag and drive the few hours to Boston just to make sure he really is okay. 

He’d been in the kitchen trying to open a jar of peanut butter this morning, when she’d called, a call which wasn’t unexpected. He knew the instant he texted her, Can’t wait to see you guys next week for Grandpa’s birthday! but wanted to tell you not to freak out when you see my cast. Sort of broke my wrist but it’s no big deal! Everything’s fine. Love you!, that she’d panic. 

She panics whenever anything happens to him. Even minor things. Always has. So when she had called him a second after he sent that text, he was already waiting for her ringtone.

Mom is nothing if not the ever-worrying-parent. 

Her voice was laced with concern when he’d picked up, but what he hadn’t been expecting was her insistence that she come take care of him. 

“Mom, really. I’m fine; you don’t have to come,” Henry had said, pressing and holding his cellphone up to his ear with his shoulder as he went back to trying to open that stupid jar of peanut butter with one hand. “No, I’m okay I mean it. Yeah, it’s just a minor break.”

The lid hadn’t budged so he had walked over to the cupboard and grabbed a box of Cheerios instead, pouring himself a bowl and hefting the gallon of milk out of the fridge.

“I promise I’m okay,” he had sighed into his phone, almost dropping it as he had moved to get a spoon out of the drawer. “Yeah, the doctor said it’s not a big deal.”

You broke your arm, Honey! That’s more than nothing, she had insisted. And he really shouldn’t be shocked that shortly after hanging up, she’d hopped in her car and driven to see him. 

Chuckling, Henry steps back and waves his mom into the apartment. “You really couldn’t wait a couple more days, could you?” 

“You broke your wrist. It’s in a cast!” She tells him walking over the threshold, and yes, he knows that, carries the blue plaster-cast around to prove it. Closing the door behind him, he follows her into the living room, and now that he’s had a chance to really look at her, he feels sort of bad for being so amused at her worry. 

She looks a little frazzled, the strands of gray in her dark hair standing out just a bit more today than usual, which means she probably didn’t bother to spell them away like she typically does from time to time. She was worried. He worried her, and when she turns on her heel to look at him, to hug him, he sees wetness glistening in her eyes. 

“Awww, Mom. Come on, I’m okay,” he tries to assure her, opening his arms and closing the gap between them to envelope her in a hug. Her head tucks under his chin now, and he smoothes her hair down with his unplastered hand while his other hugs her closer to him. 

They stay like that for a couple minutes, until she holds him at arms length and looks him over before saying, “I can fix it once you come home next week. Or I was thinking…” 

Henry chuckles again. She doesn’t even have to finish her thought before he says he has an idea and asks her if she’d like to make dinner with him like they used to do when he was younger. She smiles at that, a watery smile that makes him sigh and hug her again. 

Never too old to hug his mom. 

They spend the afternoon getting the ingredients they’ll need for supper and then prepping sauce and noodles and ricotta just the way they used to when he was a boy, like a Little Prince and a Queen used to do once upon a time. 

Soul Eater Angst Week
-August 30th to September 5th-

  • Sunday: First Time I Saw You Cry
  • Monday: Nightmares
  • Tuesday: Haunting Melody
  • Wednesday: Battle Scars
  • Thursday: Orders Are Orders
  • Friday: Sacrifice
  • Saturday: Things Left Unsaid

You are allowed to create anything for Angst Week so long as it applies to the prompts provided. You can make any form of art that you please, including fanmixes, drawings, gif or photo sets, interpretive art (like knitting or jewelry), AMVs, fanfiction, or anything else that comes to mind. As long as it has to do with the themes for Angst Week and that it is about angst, it works!

However, please do not produce incestuous or pedophilic content. Any mention or implication of abuse, rape, assault, heavy violence, gore, mutilation, horror, NSFW material, or similar triggering content must be appropriately tagged with a warning in both the tags and in the description of your post visible at the top or the beginning. Let’s keep this a safe environment for everybody!

Please reblog and share with your friends, mutuals, and followers!

We’re following the tags: #seangstweek #se angst #angst eater
Be sure to use at least one of these once the week begins so that we can find your content more easily.

Thank you all for your participating!
We look forward to SE Angst Week 2015!


Hey starfuckers (told you I was serious),

I’m working a few new fun additions to this blog and trying to pretend the new school year isn’t breathing down my neck! I’m sure you’re all running around stealing virgo’s oooooh so smooth new felt tip pens. (Do it. It’s worth it.)

When you’ve secured said pen, do me a favor. Think of a crazy ass catchphrase/slogan we can use for this blog or having to do with astrology. While I LOOOOOVE profanity, the challenge is to not use it on this one. The person who comes up with the best one will get a special prize from me, head nerd in charge. Maybe it involves glitter. Maybe it involves felt tip pens. Depends.

Go for it! It’s our last summer shitfest 😉

5 Things to do before School starts
  •  Buy your school supplies.

Of course there may be some things you need you still don’t know about. But you can definitely buy the basic things (such as notebooks, binders, dividers, etc.) that you need every school year. You can definitely also use your old supplies (like I do most of the time) but sometimes there are some pens which don’t really work or a ruler that is broken, so make sure you repurchase those. 

  • Get back into your school sleep schedule. 

I don’t know about you guys, but for me it’s only been half a week of summer holidays and I already go to sleep at 1 am and don’t get out of bed until 11am or later. So even if you go to bed early on your last day of holidays, you’ll still lie in bed awake at 1am and be totally exhausted once you wake up when your alarm rings. That is, if you even wake up on time for your first day. If you don’t know how to get used to waking up early, this is what I do: I set an alarm a week before school starts at 8 am. Then another day at 8am. The other day I’ll set it for 7.30am and the next day to. Then 7am, and again 7am. And so on, untl I’ve reached the time I have to get up (in my case 6.30am). This has worked perfectly for me the last few years, because I know there’s no way for me to suddenly wake up that early. Also know how much sleep you need. Average sleep for teens should be 8 hours (however I’m perfectly fine with 6 and a half), so find out how much sleep you need. 

  • Have a look at your syllabus.

I’m not telling you to actually sit down and have a study session before school starts. That would be totally overboard. But for me getting a headstart is actually quite helpful, especially in the beginning of the school year. As I get a new timetable(the one for the next school year really sucks) and I have to restructure my daily activities. Having a headstarts prevents me from being overwhelmed and having no idea what’s going on until I’ve settled in to the new year. 

  • Set goals.

To me this is pretty self-explanatory. Set your goals, remind yourself of them daily and try to reach them. However they should be realistic. If you had a D in a subject don’t immediately try to aim for an A. 

  • Treat yourself. 

The day before school starts I like to have the laziest day ever. Get up early, do some exercise, have a really nice breakfast, use face and hair masks, play some music or just listen to it, binge watch tv series, whatever you want. Treat yourself before all the stress starts and calm your nerves. Because even if your education is important and you want to do good in school, you’re more important and you shouldn’t forget that because of your classes, assignments or homework. 

A little earlier I posted that I was feeling down. Decided to do something about it. Here’s my self-care tips (that work for me). If they help you by all means, do them. Makes a difference no matter how small.

1. Go to different space, if you’re at home and can’t deal with your surroundings, pick yourself up and go out, even if it’s for a coffee around the corner.

2. Dance. Dancing gives me life. I’m no professional nor have I been trained, but I instantaneously feel better after I dance.

3. Wash your face with water. Give your self a mud mask. Do you with your facial treatment. Anything to cleanse.

4. Cut down/Eliminate something that causes you major stress. I’ve reduced the amount of driving I do in Abu Dhabi. It has made a significant impact on me, especially during my commute to and from work.

5. TREAT YOURSELF. We all get bogged down by day to day life experiences and commitments to work, family, loved ones etc. Sometimes we lose/forget ourselves amongst the chaos. Stop. Breathe. Treat.your.self. 


132 Almond Road.

So here we have a small house for a rich student who loves pink (we all have that Sim, don’t lie). I didn’t go as insane as I thought but it still is diabetes-inducingly sweet. Anyway, hope you enjoy it! 


  • Both a garden only version and a fully furnished + garden version can be found here (garden version doesn’t have the heart bush, but I added it in the “extra items” folder).

As for compatibility: I have the Ultimate Collection version of the game.

My thanks to all CC creators whose work I’ve used.

As most of you are probably aware, tomorrow marks a sad day for us Marilynettes as it’s the day Marilyn left us behind [yes, i know the official date is aug 5]

Tomorrow morning I will start posting memorial posts and I will continue through until the last hours of Aug 5th. If you are making something I would love it if you could tag me so I can see and share your work.

Hold a good thought.

Otakon Fanart Preview by HowManyDragons

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8/3/15, 12:30 pm - Managed to get a study room all to myself after getting out of chem earlier! I rushed out this morning so I forgot some things, but I’m making up for it by working on lessons for my online stress management class. Ideally I can get most of this week’s work done by today or tomorrow!

anonymous asked:

Do you never experience art block??? You have a drawing almost everyday it's amazing!

Hmmm, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced art block. I guess it’s because I draw whatever comes to mind. Even if they’re dumb doodles and even if they don’t turn out great. That’s usually how it works. You need to come up with a million dumb ideas before you can pick one, refine it, and turn into a good piece. Always take a pen and piece of paper wherever you go, then sketch an idea when you have the time, because ideas don’t just come when you’re sitting in front of a laptop or sketchbook. They happen anytime. And once you get the hang of it, art block won’t come that much. 

anonymous asked:

i'm really confused rn. i don't experience romantic attraction but want to be in a romantic relationship, and seeing or thinking about other people in relationships makes me feel super uncomfortable? I think im some form of heteroromantic but idek

I can’t remember the term for it right now but there is an aromantic term that means “would like a relationship but doesn’t feel romantic attraction” It is a legit thing that some aromantics experience. It is also completely reasonable to be uncomfortable seeing other people in a romantic relationship and getting uncomfortable. Because in theory the idea works for you, but in practice it can get scary because you control it in theory. The reality might include people who don’t understand for sure what you mean.  

I think a main problem with art hoe culture is that its foundations kinda seem to be on the soft, delicate, pastel, pale, and “pure” and thus can oftentimes be quite simply overtly racist. I absolutely ~love~ the aesthetic and the very notion of young girls being part of an arty collective (speaking as a working teen girl artist myself), the very concept of it makes my insides glow because there has been so much we have been disallowed by culture (& cultural history) and society. BUT we need to celebrate diversity and cut the racist TRASH out. art hoe culture was literally invented by WOC and not only do we need to honour that (speaking as a white “art hoe”) but we need to act on it all the time. cut the “pure” and pale shit out. also reframe the class element of art hoe culture: make art, let it be the cornerstone for the art movement (obviously…but…this needs to be pointed out) rather than putting the emphasis on what you wear, what brands you own (kanken, docs), and what capitalist trends you’re behind. not all artists (in fact very few) will have the kind of money to afford to buy into that as a movement. and it’s anti-art, completely unradical. and art hoe culture has huge potential for being the radical movement we desperately need it to be. love your sisters n siblings, recognise race and discrimination and not only this but unlearn and act on your own problematic and racist actions :) make being part of a teen girl artist collective a positive move forward not another pedal backward into our own white liberal trash heap we keep steering back into

anonymous asked:

I'm looking to open up a shop on etsy. Any tips on what to get before opening and what I need?

Hello flower! When I opened my Etsy I actually just sort of winged it. I was making my own business cards each by hand, as well as personalizing each message by hand (which I still do). I would recommend creating your own business cards on a site like Vistaprint (they offer 500 business cards for $9.99 - that doesn’t include shipping). 

I would also recommend having at least 5 items in your store and trying to create alluring descriptions for them. Try to include photos in your listing that have a good backdrop/background, because it will make them look even more professional! Another thing to do is create a Facebook page for your business so that the people you know can help you spread the word about it!! Finally, try and use tumblr as an advertising platform as well! A lot of my orders came from people on tumblr who saw my work and liked it! So I suggest posting photos of your listings and the description on your blog!

That’s about all the tips I can think of as I am still figuring it all out myself!! I am currently fiddling with new ways to package my items and new ways to spread the word about my business. Anyway, I wish you all the best and I hope your Etsy shop is very successful! Warmest wishes and leafy hugs to you sunbeam<3

Pasig, Philippines | 2015

//The Street Feast Series 

I always love a good crowd shot - sometimes the crowd is worth watching more than the street act. I love seeing people’s expressions, reacting to what they’re seeing. In this case, we can’t see the subject’s face, but we know he is eager and anticipating, from the stance of his body; he’s literally on his toes! Love the classic middle-third composition in this, and the angle from which you took it, which, combined with the wide view lens, makes this subject appear a bold and large. Always love a good black and white street shot, as well. Great work! 

Thanks for submitting!


Universe in her eyes by Alice4444DM

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wanderlust-and-wonderlust asked:

Any tips for undergrad trying to balance physics and ochem while wanting a social life.

I am always a big fan of making the time to be social when I need to be social. Like I find that I work better and am more efficient if I’m managing my school related stress which for me involves making sure I take the time to exercise and eat and relax and socialize even when I’ve got a lot to do. 

I have a couple of friends who I can just tell that I need to socialize and we’ll go out and do something, and even if it’s just for a couple of hours it goes a long way for me. I can usually sacrifice a couple of hours to an evening of studying/working if I know that I’m going to be in a better mood and work more efficiently when I come back to it. I’m not necessarily talking about taking an entire day off studying the day before an exam, but like taking two hours to go for a run or going out with friends the Saturday before a final. Personally I can’t work all the time nor do I particularly want to so there’s that.

me and my friend at work are both jumpy timid and paranoid people. and we work 3rd shift at a gas station so as you can imagine it’s rather dead most of the time. our jobs are to prep the store and clean it before daybreak basically.

and we both get in our zones. and when we’re in our zones even saying our names in a polite calm tone will make us jump out of our skins. sometimes i’ll even jump after just looking at a person if i didn’t know they were there. and i work in a loud kitchen with 3 ovens and a deep fryer and water is running a lot because i do a lot of dishes. so there’s times he’s right beside me like putting spoons away and i don’t know til i turn around and almost run my face into him.

so we finally devised a way where we don’t make each other jump. 

he whistles a tune when he’s in my range and i wear my keys on my belt loop.

but i’ve also discovered the key to being sneaky is if you avoid someone’s eye contact when they’re busy you’ll fly right under their radar. i think this is a psychological thing but i don’t know the exact thing.

also if you want to get out of a crowded room keep your head high and your eye on the exit and people will move out of your way like subconsciously. tho this doesn’t always work if someone is like on their phone and not paying attention to their surroundings. 

The mind learns through associations. It builds on what you have to make new ideas. The reason asking these questions won’t work for you is that you are missing some of the building blocks that only come from direct experience. You cannot build the temple of this understanding without the proper building materials.
This is why I say be silent.
This is why I say be mindful.
It is with these things that you discover the building material you need to actually understand the answers to your questions. Otherwise you are a five year old asking about why the sky is blue. I can tell you it’s because of Rayleigh scattering, but you won’t understand what that is even though it’s the actual answer. So it gets reduced with a series of “why” until you get to the actual question of “who am i?” , the answer to which is found in the silence. The reason your questions don’t work is that they aren’t really what you are asking, and because you aren’t ready to understand the answer.
—  Max ( crimson-twinkie)