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i say over and over again that you can’t be in a healthy relationship all by yourself. you can’t love someone into loving you, and you can’t perform the role of a perfect partner for someone that doesn’t want you. you can try, but you will exhaust yourself. i will never take for granted being in a relationship with someone so willing to put in the effort, to make the changes, to commit to this and us and me. i am thankful that we can both see where things need a little refocusing, and we both put in the work to get back there. i appreciate that it’s not one of us holding on and the other giving up. we’re both all in. we’re both ready to do what ever it takes to continue to grow and push and build

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what would you recommend to someone starting astral travelling and spirit work as far as maintaining self confidence and expelling self doubt? I've been practising and using discernment techniques but still feel like Im not cut out for this or that Im making things up, even when I had an experienced practitioner confirm one of my spirit guides. Tips? Pep talk? please?

Hello, Anon! <3 I feel for you. This stuff is overwhelming and it’s easy to get discouraged. Many years down the path, you can still find yourself stumbling over doubts you thought you’d put to bed. It’s natural. It’s good, even. Doubt doesn’t have to be our enemy. BUT it doesn’t have to be our best friend, either.

On that note, here is a short list of posts by myself and others that you might find helpful for putting doubt in its place (I dredged up all I could find in my archives that seemed remotely applicable):

Personally, one thing I like to do when I feel doubt edging up on me is just be completely honest about that with both my gods and my spirit companions alike. I tell them straight up, “Look, this is hard. I’m sorry to ask over and over again, but if you could send me a sign or set me up with a moment of validation that I can’t just reason away, I’d really appreciate it.” Be patient. They won’t always answer right away or in the way you expected, but they will answer.

This is a huge topic and I could go on and on. Regrettably, I do struggle with chronic wrist tendinitis and I’ve done a number on my wrists recently, so I’m going to have to cap my advice this time. But I really want to make sure you get all the advice, guidance, and support you need, so how about I link a few blogs (off the top of my head) that have some good, helpful stuff in their archives on these topics? @spiritvexer @duskenpath @urbanspellcraft @spiritconnect @thiscrookedcrown

I hope that helps! Good luck, Anon! <3

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Can you try an INFJ Ravenclaw we make up 3% of the population but I would love to see one!

Thanks for the ask! This was also requested by @oureffervescence , @theonetotwopercent , @dreaming-galaxies , @bluever27 , and @ptx-potter-party . Lots of Ravenclaw INFJs out there! 

- More INFJs in Ravenclaw than in any other house, because their passion, distinct moral senses, giving instincts, and connectedness with others are all traits that their house reflects

- VERY perfectionist when they’re doing something they think is important

- Work on their project until oops it’s 2 A.M and I haven’t eaten or drank anything in the past 24 hours

- Always trying to improve things and make life better for others

- Such??Sweet??People??

- It can be difficult to get them to open up about themselves because they’re always thinking about helping other people *sigh*

- But if you can get them to come out of their shell, they’re amazingly fun to be around

- Would probably set up a mock trial system to make sure that Hogwarts disputes are handled fairly

- Sometimes people think they’re extraverted because they spend so much time around other people, but they definitely need to retreat sometimes

- When they do, they love to curl up in their dorms and do whatever they’re passionate about- writing, drawing, reading, petting their cat

- AMAZING public speakers, could probably persuade Voldemort to switch to the good side (unlike Useless Harry Potter)

- The opposite of arrogant, which dispels a lot of Ravenclaw stereotypes

- They like to solve things through non-violence, like Martin Luther King Jr. (who is probably their hero)(and who was an INFJ himself!)

- Finally burn out after their 48th hour of forgetting to sleep because they were thinking about the plight of the endangered unicorns

- And yet they’re always the ones reminding their friends to drink water, wash their robes, and get to sleep!

- In classes they absolutely devote themselves to the subjects they love

- Really creative when it comes to unique ways of solving problems, so they have 12 notebooks full of sketches and plans stuffed under their bed

- They don’t just think about doing what’s right, they actually do it. How?

- Very versatile- they could grow up to make great scientific discoveries, be an influential public speaker, an artist who expresses their ideas through creativity, an impassioned teacher, an eloquent writer, or basically anything

- Round out Ravenclaw’s sharp edges tbh (sorry to end on a sappy note)

Send me an ask requesting headcanons/aesthetics! 

Since I got a huge influx of followers thanks to a certain -someone-, I figured I’d say hi, hello and welcome to my blog!!!

Originally posted by kylimakat28

I know someone asked for a FAQ page and I’ll likely put one up later this weekend. For now, I’ll just explain a little bit about my blog, myself and where Dark came from.

For starters, I have do have an Art Blog if people are only interested in my work. It’s linked in my header or you can click here. This is my main blog where I post my art as well as a mix of other things. My main blog typically features artwork I like, fanart, cute things or stuff that makes me laugh. I’m a SFW blog with a few NSFW illustrations that may pop up rarely (I try my best to tag them). 

A bit about myself: I’m a recent graduate of California State University, Sacramento where I obtained my BA in Fine Arts with a concentration in Digital Media. While I love illustrating, it’s actually something I didn’t study in school. I learned fine art elements and how to use programs like Maya and After Effects in my last few semesters. I’ve picked up the majority of my illustration knowledge from watching other artists online and reading tutorials. I typically create all of my work in Photoshop using a drawing tablet. 

Annnnd Dark….where to start with this? You’re probably wondering, “Why did you make Dark? What -is- Dark? How did he come to be??? WHY are you obsessed with this youtuber you freakin’ weirdo?!?”. All great and valid questions. Mark said it himself in the livestream that Dark was something the fandom created. I remember people joking in the youtube comments on Mark’s creepy pasta videos from way back when. I would see people say, “Oh that’s not Mark in the video, it’s ‘Dark’”. Mark also made a tumblr post around that time jokingly saying Dark wasn’t a character of his, why did you make him real? That sparked me to create the older work that he showed in the livestream. I wanted to create what or who I thought Dark was. After that piece, I didn’t toy with the Darkiplier idea again until about 6 months later. I ran this blog like an ask blog and did some silly things with darko the dork. I gave Dark a persona while using Mark’s face as a model for him.

Originally, my Dark was a creation of Mark’s fears; a nightmarish type monster that was tied to Mark and a reflection of what you can become if you lose your path. I wanted to create a comic with commentary on how fear can control your life and the effects it can have if you let fear rule you. That never came to fruition as school and life kind of got out of hand. I also felt stagnant with the character being so tied to Mark himself. It was humbling to see how much my Dark influenced my friends versions of him and other people in the fandom as well, but I was getting frustrated with the idea. I set Dark down for about year and came back to him just before Mark did that dating skit this February (although that also has had a big influence on me). Currently, Dark is now a separate entity and falls into the Cryptid category. I’m being tight lipped about his story as I’m working out the prologue with @prismkitten-mivy. There will be multiple original characters in this story that are given the task of capturing the escapee, Dark (Who goes by another name but you’ll see that later). I started Dark’s story long ago and now with a new re-write, I plan to finish it. He’s going to be a side project that will keep me and hopefully my followers entertained as I work on other ideas as well.

So there you have it. I still watch Mark’s vid’s from time to time because the nerd makes me laugh. I work 5 days a week and spend most of my free time working on new projects to share with you all here. I’m just a nerd that can draw and likes interacting with folks on here when I can. :)

for me, i know a relationship is over when we’re not having fun any more. like, when it feels like a chore, when it feels like i’ve forgotten what it’s like to laugh or have a day without stress, then i know it’s done.

for example now, we’re working through things, but because we’re so open and honest about everything we can have these conversations about feelings a frustrations that don’t turn into arguments and still enjoy each other’s company. like this weekend after church i had a chat with his parents and i brought it up with him and we had this big chat where we agreed on somethings, and disagreed on somethings. the whole time, we were making homemade pizza and drinking wine and we ended the day with love and kisses and jokes and fun. the conversation was necessary, but so is the fun. it’s so important to not lose the fun.


My babes at the ITA competition! This weekend was a blast, I love these shows and felt as though I’ve really improved since last year.
I ended up winning two other awards later in the night on top of these ribbons, one from ducks unlimited for their favorite amateur 16+ mount (my raccoon) and my chipmunk won best in category!! I can’t wait to work hard this year and make something great for the next show :^)

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Take your time! You're doing awesome and your comics are amazing! I love your art and I love your plot and the huge twist in Fatal_Error's story. I did not expect such a dark turn! I'm sorry if some people are rushing you, you're doing amazing and some people out there are just really impatient. Don't worry though, me and several others will support you all the way! You got this!

Aww thank you, I appreciate the support :) I don’t feel like I’m being rushed or anything - if anything, I know it’s coming from a place of excitement which I can relate to, I’m just feeling a bit exasperated that it’s taking me so long to finish the things I’m working on. I just want to start on Chapter Three already XD I really do appreciate everyone’s patience, though, it makes it a lot easier for me. Thank you :)

I hope you’ll think what I’m working on was worth the wait!

i love him with my whole heart. but i know the instant that being in this relationship makes me feel hopeless or depletes my spirit or that i’m in this thing by myself that it’s time to go. there will always be bumps in the road. but as long as those bumps aren’t me chasing but instead a time to recommit and refocus, then it’s a healthy relationship that i can work with. 

also my Hopes And Dreams for the yet-unnamed Switch Fire Emblem game:

  • bring back hecking fatigue from Thracia 776 but with stat reductions instead of total unsuitability like in Echoes I like that
  • You know what I like the idea of magic-casting costing HP too
  • actually you know what I liked the Conquest maps a lot, just. give me them But Bigger ( but not Genealogy big p l e a s e )
  • no pair up mechanic or nerfed pair-up at least please, also support conversations sans romance because I LOOOOOOVE supports but GBA-style. Or in some sort of barracks I can do that too just don’t give me a romance option :T
  • Good Axe User and Good Armour Designs

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I wanted to know if I have your permission to create a fan fiction based off of your YOI Mafia au?

Yeah yeah, that’s totally fine! :D
Just gonna make a general statement, that anyone who wants to write a fic based off this AU is more than welcome to ^w^
Please send me links though, so I can make a post about any works, since a lot of people are looking to read some awesome Mafia AU fics :D

I explicitly bought this 145 dollar ergo 3-position baby carrier because I wanted to be able to have Chubbs ride along on my back as I cleaned/walked/etc. But the way this thing keeps sagging on me no matter what position I put it in makes me wonder if I am just too small to use it???? or am  I just stupid???

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I need more dexzimbits omg wow rarepair hell. Any chance of a fic where Dex drops the fines w zimbits and the team find out why and start fining him too bc he is sappy af

Ok we’re doing this in bullet fic form right now because I can make this so much better later. 

When Jack started talking about Valentine’s Day, Dex shied away from the conversation a bit. He was still so new to this that sometimes he had to be reminded that yes, they were in it together for the long haul. They’d agreed (mostly Bitty and Dex convinced Jack) that they should keep it simple.

“Just dinner,” Dex murmurs over the phone. He’s on a Murder run while Bitty’s working on dinner as Jack’s driving back from the airport. Dex has learned in the approximately two weeks he’s been in a relationship that, sometimes, brief encounters can be extremely meaningful.

“Hmm, dinner and one gift,” Jack counters.

“I make dinner and each person gets one gift,”

“I take us to dinner and I get you flowers?”

“I don’t even like flowers,” Dex scrunches his nose. “Sorry, you meant Bits.”

“No hun, he meant you too,” Bitty chuckles. “But you’re right, that’s not very fair to you.”

“Look, it’s fine guys,” “we can have dinner, you can exchange gifts. I’m seriously too new to this to honestly care if I get anything.”

“Will,” Jack protests. Dex likes the way his name rolls off Jack’s tongue. It makes him feel mature and upstanding, instead of young and awkward.

“Jack please don’t make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day,” “I just want to spend time with you, both of you.”


“Yeah?” Will and Jack chorus. They all laugh despite the obvious tension.

“How about I make dinner, and each person gets one thing from the other two?”

“Only if I can help,” Dex counters.

“Deal,” Bitty triumphantly huffs.

“That sounds great,” Jack agrees.

“Honey, how far away are you?”

“Twenty miles,” Jack responds.

“I’m leaving the store now,” Dex adds because half the time he can’t tell who Bitty’s talking to. It’ll probably get easier once he’s settled on nicknames and Dex knows what names are his.

“That’s great, I love you”

“Love you too,” they chime in

Dex can hear Ransom in the distance shouting fine as he hangs up. Dex trudges back to house with the corn starch, sugar, yams, and other shit Bitty requested. They’re not intentionally keeping their relationship a secret. But it’s new and there’s a lot of uncharted territory. It’s nice not to have everyone breathing down his neck.

The rest is a bullet fic for now 

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I hope you're having a fantastic day! ❤ Just wanted to clear up things for that anon - i'm really sorry that happened to u honestly who the fuck breaks up with some1 the day u meet? (i hope you're in a better place now though!) But i have no intentions of letting go of Anna unless she wants me to. Heck yeah im nervous travelling across the world but we both WANT to make this work! Yea relationships are hard work which is why im working so hard myself. cause i definitely want to hold onto her 💙

Kelsey accidentally turned this on anon 

ya dingus

BUT as you can see, we are an even team effort in this relationship! I know I’m saving up already so I can go visit where she lives. I would say I’m working hard to keep this relationship going  but I like that saying “if you’re doing something you love then you’ll never work a day in your life”. Because I love her, yes I help her with hard times, but non of it seems like working. (Ok, maybe I have to work hard to remember to respond to things but I blame that on my phone being a shit and the time differences!)  I’m just proud of our relationship so far because we make a great team so far and I can’t wait for her to get here so we can keep working together! 

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Did you know they are making a Friday the 13th game? What do you think about it?

I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with both Tom Savini and Kane Hodder about it. I’m completely in this game’s corner. I know people are mad that it keeps getting delayed, but it’s an independent company, they don’t have a huge studio backing them and that means they can really take the time to get it right. That’s what matters. They’ve really bent over backwards to make it the best experience for the fans. 

The gameplay mechanics might not be new, but they are the best thing for a Friday the 13th game. I’m just as excited to play as counselors as I am to play as Jason because of how scary that gameplay experience looks. The amount of work they put into this, just for the fans, is insane. 

You get to play as almost every version of Jason and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. Each counselor has their own unique strengths too, which is a nice nod to the NES game. 

We get Kane Hodder back playing Jason. We get Thom Matthews back as Tommy Jarvis. A new Jason designed by Tom Savini. A new score by Harry Manfredini. Iconic locations from the movies. It’s unreal. I couldn’t be happier.

And the best part was seeing how excited by Savini and Kane Hodder were about it. Their eyes lit up talking about it. I can’t even begin to express how cool it is to see both of them so excited to be creating new Friday the 13th content.

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protips on how to get a guy off as quick as possible? so i don't have to deal with their nasty asses longer than i have to.

Girl, I feel you. With every guy it’s going to be a little different, so if possible ask the dude what he likes (or just let him show you, most are p direct). If you know the person is into dirty talk then try and be as verbal and nasty as you can - it’s personally p awk but feels like such an accomplishment when the dude finally blows after I’ve been keeping up with his weird-ass dialogue. If he’s especially fond of oral, make eye contact and basically just show him that you *love* his dick. Guys tend to be major fans of their own genitals so wanna know that you are too - lick it all over, spit on it, go slow, work up a rhythm, moan into it, play with his balls, and (unless he’s opposed - about a quarter of the guys have been, in my experience) then add in your hand once you’re ready to finish him off. When you’ve got the combo of the oral working with the hand job they’ll usually cum pretty fast. If not then take a break/ask how he likes to get off. Or just be like, “babe, show me how you like to make yourself cum” and see if he’ll go for that. Moaning super loudly, without sounding fake, and pretending to cum also helps too. Tell him how good he feels and tell him to cum for you to try and prompt him to speed it up. 

I think the trick is to be really sly about the fact that you want the sex to be over asap. Channel those feels into fake passion and run wild. Xo

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Hey, i'm the anon who asked about the doctors. was the "shut the fuck up" directed at my question, or at people who may come to argue? Because i'm legitimately trying to learn about far-left theory and how an anarchocommunist society can/does work, and I just wanted to make clear that my intent wasn't to say something to the effect of "silly reds, thinking that doctors don't need training"

NOOO IT WASN’T DIRECTED AT YOU OMG. it was just a “shut the fuck up” about that theory. no no no, not telling you to shut the fuck up. you’re okay lmao. it was at people who I KNOW will probs comment on that shit with “no one would be a doctor if they weren’t paid” which is ahistoric garbage.

March 27, 2017

I just got a job and I’ve only worked one day so far. I’m happy that I’m working again and don’t mind the job that I have. I work at McDonald’s and all of my friends work there with me so it’s cool. I haven’t even physically gotten a copy of my schedule yet but I’ve already calculated how much I’ll make every month and what bills will have to be paid. After adding everything up I won’t even have $200 left over every month to spend on myself. That money won’t even go to me personally. It will go to pay of my $1540 loan that I took out when I had to pay court fees. It’s upsetting and depressing because I feel like I will live to work and work to live. I feel like I need more hours and days than I am already given and it makes me cry knowing that all I can do is struggle even when I’m doing my best. Just thinking about never having money is sad. I’ll work as much as possible and won’t even have anything to show for it. The real world sucks and there’s nothing I can do about it. I just want to be happy but being broke is killing me on the inside.

Hi anon, I’m going to word this the best I can and be real with you so forgive me if this gets a bit wordy. 

When it comes to school, I found that you’re stuck in a bubble with people who feel the same way. It creates this type of negative thought cycle that you can’t escape. You start asking yourself: What if this isn’t the right major? What if I don’t get the job I want? What if this all falls through? If I’m being honest, I hardly know anyone who got a job in their major right outside of graduating. For most of us, we have to work other jobs and build our way up to the job we want outside of school. College hypes you up to believe once you graduate, you’ll land that job. If you lack experience in that field as most graduates do, it makes it even more difficult to get. My current job isn’t even art related but it’s helping me pay off my student debt. My job allows me to come home, interact with people online for a bit, and then draw the rest of the night before I pass out. I work to live, not live to work. Having a degree can open doors for you, no doubt about that. I got my job in part because of it and I file paperwork most of the day. It’s not too exciting but I’m surviving.

Things work out. You feel like they won’t, but they do. I took all those digital art classes in college just to get my degree and you know something? I hated just about all of them. I learned how to use the programs in those classes but the work I was forcing myself to produce, I despised. I never shared that work on here with my followers and I didn’t share much art in 2016 at all. I was terribly depressed and I thought maybe being an artist was a bad idea. Those last few years of school had made me feel like I should just give up because I wasn’t producing the contemporary art my professors wanted to see. Fast forward 7 months after graduating, the stress from school was starting to fade and I began thinking about what I wanted out of my art. I realized that if I wanted my work to get better, I needed to be serious about it. I loved drawing but I really needed to push myself. There were no more professors to tell me what to do, so I had to figure it out on my own. I’m still figuring it out and I’m quite content with producing art in my free time while maintaining a day job. If my art turns into a full on career, well that’s more than I could ever hope for.

Anon, if you’re passionate about your artwork, you’ll still be creating art no matter what you do professionally. Artists always find a creative outlet somewhere. You’ll find yours once the stress from school leaves you. There’s no job out there that doesn’t involve hard work of some kind. There will be hurdles you’ll have to jump, maybe more than most people out there, but I believe you can jump them. Keep pushing yourself anon. I can’t tell you to change your major for that’s up to you to decided. What I know from my experience is that driven people find a way to create and keep themselves afloat. Things work out, you just have to give it time.