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I finished my seven day embellished edwardian ensemble! This is based on something Sybil wears on Downton Abbey. I made it in a week out of materials I had laying around. 

The bodice is made from brocade, with chiffon and lace sleeves that are decorated with beads and sequins that were sewn on by hand. The bodice is lightly boned and closes at the back with a mixture of eyelets and hooks.

The “harem pants” are made from almost eight yards of chiffon in three different colors. They also close with hooks, which are hidden by the asymmetrical draping. I pieced together a matching headpiece out of bits I had leftover, and the costume was complete!  

Since this is based off Paul Poriet’s work it is worn without a corset, which makes it surprisingly comfortable and easy to move in despite it being an evening ensemble. 

I’m pretty pleased with the end result - it’s fun to wear and I had a lot of fun making it! Construction notes on the process can be found here.

You both decide not to train me well at work? Okay.

(warning: long story)

I hope I can explain this properly. This has been a petty revenge years in the making.

So I’ve been at my job for just under 3 years now. I’m in project management doing environmental chemistry and testing. It’s a decent gig and I like the people I work with. Mostly.

I work closely with two woman who have been in their positions for quite a few years. We’re talking 15 for one and 5 for the other. They worked their way to their current spots over time and have coasted since. I got hired into their group immediately and I don’t think they quite liked that. See, they hardly trained me. Most of what I have learned has been self taught or I sought out help from others. There’s been weeks at a time where they’re both super busy and drowning in work while I sit and browse Reddit. But I get by with a few office tricks and playing politician, so I’m seen as a hard worker and willing to learn. Honestly I’m not sure if their plan was to get me fired, but there’s been times it felt as such. It didn’t work, if it was.

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Hello!! I absolutelly love your blog and your voltron headcanons, do you have any about Pidge and Allura? (either alone or interacting with each other)

  • i feel like allura sees herself as this great potential mentor to pidge whereas pidge’s thoughts on allura are basically “my weird friend who tried to kill me with lasers once”
  • the brains and the brawn
  • pidge has so! many! questions! about how the castle ticks but allura knows jack shit about technology
    • “but if you don’t know how any of this stuff actually works, how do you use any of it during battle?” “i kind of just…” *waves arms, makes whooshing noise*
    • it’s magic pidge leave the girl alone
  • those friends who get a little too real while roasting each other
  • allura: “so pidge… got any deep dark secrets you wanna share? ;)” pidge: “yesterday i used hunk’s toothbrush to clean weird gunk out of rover’s wiring and i didn’t wash it afterwards”
  • neither can lie to save their lives
    • allura asked someone what their bloodthirstiness was on a scale of 1 to 5 and pidge’s gender was the worst kept secret on the ship i mean
    • they’re the absolute worst team up if you ever need undercover work done
    • shiro makes that mistake exactly once
  • “hello lance. pidge asked me to inform you to….. ‘git good’?” *turns to pidge* “did I say that right?”

So, its probably been EXTREMELY apparent that I haven’t been satisfied with my main alt on Balmung. I think I need to just start over tbh. I was going to just use Mai, but I am somewhat interested in MAYBE picking up RPing again and I don’t feel I can RP Mai as she is canon WoL and a lot of her canon revolves around her sister Tousou, who is played by my rl husbando and is not even on balmung. So then I thought I would swap back to Khumi as she was my original alt and just change up her backstory. The problem I’m having with that is I just feel Khumi is too established in her original backstory and I don’t want to change her, but I want to come up with something new.

So here we go with the creation of a new kitty. I am not sure what her name is yet, or much about her backstory, but I am pretty happy with her appearance. Once I come up with more I will share more about her.

When you begin to experience the mythical “struggles of the working class” your parents dealt with but was always a vague concept to you but now it’s clear that the elites are profiting off of your individual exploitation so they can better live in excessive luxury and maintain the hegemony that insists this is a fair system that rewards those who are deserving

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So we don't get full art lands all the time, not because they're not the best possible execution of the game, but because it wouldn't optimize how much money Magic makes?

Back in the day, I used to work on other trading card games. One time, I was making a new trading card game and I was given a month to design it. A month! The reason why was that was all the time the economics of the game supported.

For Magic, I get years to work on designs. The quality of Magic’s design is directly correlated to its business model. We get everything top notch (from R&D to artists to printing to timelines) because the game makes enough to support it.

If we start making decisions that don’t reinforce the business model, the quality you have come to expect from Magic would suffer.

So yes, we’re making the decisions we are to maximize Magic being the best game it can be.

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Why is it automated luxury *communism*? Maybe I'm dumb, but I thought communism was the government owning the means of production, so would the government own the robots and the factories that produced them? Why does that have to be part of the dream? I don't get it.

Because in a world where almost nobody works, a conventional market wouldn’t really make sense. If people aren’t selling their labor to live, that’s great, but it means they don’t have anything to sell. So we need an economic system where that’s okay, where we can finally relax about “you have to give something to get something,” because the robots give us everything now.

I don’t know about the government specifically being in charge of robot distribution; ideally it’d be a decentralized thing where robots just automatically distribute themselves and their products to whoever wants them.

The whole idea of luxury communism is that everything is so abundant that the question of “who controls the distribution of resources?” Is sort of irrelevant, because there’s so many resources that we can all just swim in them if we want.

…I’m not an economist. I always fuck up the economics in these posts. I just *really* want robots to take everyone’s jobs so we can all spend our lives painting or snowboarding or playing Skyrim or whatever.

After making this post and getting a lot of positive responses, I’ve decided to hold a meetup for WLW in the drarry fandom!!!

The meetup will be held Saturday 8th October 12pm EST (2am GMT, 5pm UK time) to 12am EST and we will be using the hashtag wlwdrarrymeetup

If these times don’t work for you, it’s okay, it really won’t matter if you’re late or early :)

Can I participate?

  • if you’re a WLW who loves drarry, absolutely!
  •  WLW is any girl or woman-aligned nb person who is attracted to other girls (lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, etc). this includes asexual girls who are romantically attracted to other girls! 
  • this also includes trans WLW, so if you’re a terf, good-bye, we don’t need you

How to participate:

  • post a selfie with a little bit about yourself in the caption and/or tags
  • if posting selfies isn’t really your thing, don’t worry! you can post anything you want (e.g. a little blurb about yourself, some headcanons, an edit, etc), this is just about meeting other wlw who love drarry
  • make sure to tag your post with #wlwdrarrymeetup
  • reblog each other’s selfies and posts, talk to each other, and make friends!

If you want other people to know about this meetup, please reblog this post!

little library assistant things <3
  • that feeling of ultimate power that comes from being able to waive all your own overdue book fines
  • sweet little old ladies borrowing huge piles of erotic fiction
  • finding a colleague you didn’t even know was working today behind a book shelf three hours into your shift
  • *mobile phone rings* “HELLO!!! YEAH I’M IN THE LIBRARY!!!”
  • accidentally squashing someone in the rolling stacks
  • deliberately trying to squash each other in the rolling stacks to see if it would be possible to murder someone that way
  • the secret librarian art of sneezing completely silently
  • two secret magic words to make the eye of any children’s librarian twitch: Daisy Meadows
  • restraining your seething rage when a parent tells their child they can’t have a book they picked out because ‘that one is just for boys/girls!’
  • “I’m sorry that new book is so popular there’s a long waiting list!” (every single copy is on loan to a member of staff)
  • customers sidling up and putting ‘50 Shades of Grey’ of the counter upside down in a futile attempt to hide what they’re borrowing
  • “I’m looking for a book.” “…um, could you possibly be a little more specific?”
  • petition for James Patterson to STOP ALREADY
  • assuring customers that we don’t judge them based on what books they borrow
  • judging customers on what books they borrow

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Here the spaniard, maybe This is a little stupid to ask, But, would you, maybe, if it doesnt bother you... Make like a GerFra Story or sonething alike? I'm feeling a little down this days, you Don' have to answer if you don't want, just ignore it

Ahhh my Spanish friend, of course I can give you some nice GerFra! :D I hope you’ll feel better soon <3
I can’t write well right now but I drew you something from the AU I’m working on! It’s the story of how these two start dating!

So after Francis got Ludwig’s number, he called him and asked him to hang out and get him dinner as a thank-you for fixing his car. And they get along pretty well so they end up meeting from time to time, and after a while Francis realizes he’s got some feelings for Lud!

And eventually he decides to actually act on it - go for it, see what happens!

And Ludwig says yes!

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Hi Mark. I'm curious about R&D's stance on parasitic design. Energy feels like the most parasitic mechanic since Arcane in Kamigawa. I do realize that great effort was made to make energy cards playable by themselves to help mitigate the parasitism, but that seems to reinforce the idea that parasitism is bad in general. Does R&D view parasitic mechanics as bad things?

A little parasitic design is fine. Too much can become a problem. Note that we spent a lot of time to make Energy far less parasitic. Cards work in isolation. Groups of cards can work in isolation. That was far less true with Splice onto Arcane.

Just remember that if a parasitic mechanic is liked (such as Slivers), we can bring them back and with each incarnation become less parasitic.

1 week break

*takes this chance to wave to all new followers* Welcome! 

A quick note to let you guys know that I’m gonna have to take a short (7 days, to be exact) break from this blog: I learned today that a Big Deal is happening at work next week (the kind that will impact bunch of Things That Matter a Hell of a Lot to Em, so much so that the stress of it is making Em refer to herself in the third person, apparently), meaning I’m going to spend the next 7 days doing crazy overtime and being stressed out of my mind, i.e.: not really able to concentrate on Steve/Bucky fic recs. (God, that last bit sounds like a positively joyless existence…)

My apologies to all of you, but I’ll be back in no time! If I manage to, I may even work in a couple of recs here and there during this so-called break. In the meantime, you can:

See you guys (at the latest) next Saturday!


Hi! Things have gotten kind of rough, so I’m opening commissions! Please click the pictures for full size and easier reading! :^D I know all these examples are Toontown related, but I can draw any fandom content / original character. 

I take payment in advance, and I use paypal invoices! The prices I have listed are base prices, and can be subject to change depending on the complexity of what you’re asking for Also, tips are always welcome :^0 I will send you an invoice when we have agreed on a price.

The best way to contact me is through tumblr and skype! My skype is scrupuloussnollygoster [If you could add a little note as to who you are when sending me a contact request that would be good, thanks!] You can also send an email to spacepommo@gmail.com 

To make sure you’re getting what you want, I will periodically send you progress pics and will ask if you would like anything modified. I work best with a detailed visual reference and specific instructions!

For a more detailed Terms of Service please click [ this link ]  

More examples of my art can be found in my [ art tag ]

If you could please signal boost this, I would appreciate it! <3

What is it?

Everyone who participates will be assigned someone to anonymously send sastiel headcanons to  and in turn someone will send you sastiel headcanons for the week. We can all send sastiel love to each other and just have a lot of fun.

How does is it work?

  • I will randomly match everyone using an online matching generator
  • Everyone will get a URL in their askbox October 13-14th
  • The Sastiel Love Week will be held October 17th-23rd

How to participate?

  • Reblog this post before October 12th
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  • If you don’t want to participate but just signal boost please say so in your tags 


  • Please only enter if you are able to send and publish at least one headcanon a day for the week of October 17th-23rd  (but feel free to send more than one per day)
  • Be nice and kind to the person you’re assigned
  • Once you recieve your partners url, the weekend before the week starts please ask your partner for possible triggers and preferences to make the week enjoyable for everyone involved
  • Headcanons can be as long or short as you want, just make sure to send at least one a day
  • At the end of the week you can come off anon if you want to (but it’s totally optional)
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Theme suggestions: (you don’t have to follow these but they might be fun)

  • Monday (17th): Their favorite thing about each other
  • Tuesday (18th):  How they got together
  • Wednesday (19th): AU (coffee shop, soulmate, college, hs, historical, etc) 
  • Thursday (20th):  Autumn themed (halloween, changing weather,  warm drinks, what are some traditions they have during the fall, etc)
  • Friday (21st): What they like to do together (a typical day in the life)
  • Saturday (22nd): Hurt/comfort or angst (pining, jealousy, misunderstandings, etc.)
  • Sunday (23rd): Happily ever after (future!fic, domestic, kid!fic, etc)

Questions? Feel free to ask!

Survivor - Season 33, Millennials vs. Gen X
The Second Boot: Mari Takahashi

fkegfshfsdihfd UGH. Mari was one of my picks to win it all. On paper, she is perfect for Survivor - fun! strategy! ballet! can talk to a camera! I adored her pregame and episode one was making me feel pretty great about that pick. Seeing her exit the game this early is a bummer.
Peih-Gee’s recap on RHAP was great insight into the exit and it made the decision to vote off Mari easier to understand (also that entire recap was fantastic this week). In addition, as much as I dislike the quadruple triforce, Michelle and Jay did phenomenal work this week. I didn’t care for either of those two contestants initially, but I love that they came to play.

i woke up this morning and was like wow s/l? canon .. walked to class after crammin for exam? s/l canon.  sitting n eating eggs out of the frying pan. i cant believe it’s canon. making coffee at 3 in the afternoon on the verge of collapse? wow can you believe shitty knight and lardo duan are canon. trying to work while my roommate watches friends real loud ?? they’re !!canon !!joey !!!

Don’t have a good relationship with food? Start Cooking!

The best part is that you DON’T have to eat it if you don’t want to. Cook for your enjoyment and get ridiculously good at it. Cook healthy food, cook healthy junk food, bake some delicious goods and pastries, bake cakes and try a variety of deserts. Bake for your family or friends or whomever. Heck even cook a full course dinner for them sometimes.

The thing is that it will completely change your mindset about food. It will be more than some meaningless thing that goes inside you that you don’t even feel hunger for. Or feel too much hunger for.

Cooking is an art, a science and a craft. It takes patience and creativity and resilience… and burning things or overcooking them and starting over. (I still can’t get rice to work….. freaking rice)

Cook whatever you want, challenge yourself in making new things, foreign foods and recipes and stuff. Start watching cooking shows on youtube, there are tons of them and each have their unique style and twists and cheats.

You don’t have to be a good cook, you don’t even need to know how to cook. Doesn’t matter if you burn water or set your cereal on fire. Start watching cooking shows for the art of it and maybe do this as your hobby. One little dish a day.

Cooking has really had a good impact on me, i mean i now know how to properly knead dough and it just makes me happy, not because i can make pizza, but the pizza i’ll eat will be from my own hands and i know every piece of ingredient and every step that went into it. And that makes it 300% better. 

As i said, you don’t have to eat what you make, but make it look pretty AF and mouthwatering and beautiful to look at. And try making it delicious. Cause food is nourishment for the body, yes, but taste is nourishment for the soul. 

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Hello, I heard couple of times about compassion fatigue, but I don't have any idea what it is and the symptoms. Thanks.

Generally compassion fatigue can hit anyone in a caring profession. It is similar to depression and anxiety in some ways but focused around work, though it can affect you at other times too. Common symptoms include:

- Lack of interest in work
- Anxiety about going to work
- Change in mood or behavior
- Loss of interest in hobbies
- Poor sleeping
- Nightmares or flashbacks to bad outcomes
- Decreased quality of work or making more mistakes
- Angry or withdrawn behavior

For me, I tend to cry too often or not enough with compassion fatigue. I may have sad cases that fail to affect me or that overwhelm me entirely. I either go numb or can’t stop crying.

There is more information here: http://www.compassionfatigue.org