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@sarroora @i-reblog-stuff Alright i just want to quickly translate this comic because it’s really cute. This whole series of one-pages is about Donald’s first time/things (e.g. first dance lesson, first song, first date..) and this one is about Donald’s first easter prank

Della: Ha! My first easter egg! Now you try that, Donnie!

Donald: Rather not, Della! We come out of eggs ourselves! So maybe there is a brother inside this one!

Della: What? That’s impossible!

Egg: Help! Lemme out! I can’t breathe!

Della: Yikes! We have to save him! But how?

Donald: Just a minute! I’ll look it up in my book! *starts reading how to ventriloquize*

Della: Book? But.. Darn it! Here! Now your brother will get some fresh air!

Donald: I don’t need a brother! Having a sister like you is bad enough! Haha!

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Hi! I was looking for this story and I only remember one scene. Draco and Hermione left the ministry of magic together and to avoid being photographed, Draco hid their faces behind a folder with the ministry logo because it immediately distorts the photo that was taken. I forgot what story it was.

Hello that would be this story. The story was last updated in August of last year so it might be on hiatus.

Beautiful Disaster by ForeverAlwaysTogether- M, WIP 

Hermione Granger has never been one to give up and walk away. So when she discovers her pregnancy only weeks after Ron calls off their engagement, she is determined to do everything she can to keep her child from the father that abandoned them. Even if it means accepting help from the most unlikely of sources.

- Wynken