Trying to prove a point to my mom...

Reblog if you would support a rebellion against clothing. all the names will be registered at school and get to fight my nudiphobic mother

i’ve decided it’s been far too long since we have seen liam in purple. So Zayn if you are lurking can you do me a favor and replace all of liam’s shirts with ones in various shades of purple? also don’t let him steal one of yours as that would defeat the purpose. unless it’s the cool kids don’t dance shirt. that one is acceptable. Oh and if you can manage to get him to not fuss with his hair so we can all get curly liam again that would also be appreciated. 

anonymous asked:

Why aren't we entertaining the possibility that One Direction isn't what's going to be managed and distributed by Azoff & his subsidiaries? It's literally only Harry that has befriended the family and been welcomed into their circle and been introduced to their clients. None of the others have any public or visible ties to the Azoffs. This stems back, for Harry, all the way to 2013. We don't even have a record of the others meeting Jeff? I'm not a #soloharry but I think this may be Solo Harry.

Because One Direction is literally what’s listed on Irving Azoff’s music publishing website.

Solo Harry Is Dead.


David Tennant’s Video Diary for Series 2 of Doctor Who- I love these and I wished he did these for his other shows as well. I mean can you imagine David Tennant doing a video diary for Broadchurch. Just picture him going around set, trying to get people to spill the beans about who they think killed Danny, and then him being all like “well, I guess I have to get into my grumpy detective mood. It’s not easy being grumpy because I am usually really laid back and nice for the most part, but that’s the job for you. Plus I get to tease and have fun with Olivia Colman, she is such a card.” lol. But no seriously, I love watching these, and wish David would have done some more for other shows because they are such a treat to watch, plus we are purely seeing him being well him.