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cold, ieyasu <3

She shivered once and once only. They were a long ways from either his manor or Azuchi, and there were no tea shops open at this time of night to dip into with some excuse or another, so Ieyasu shed his haori and draped it tightly around her shoulders. 

“‘Yasu?” She asked, and he wondered why the ‘Ie’ was on his name at all when she said it so sweetly like that. 

“Hush,” he mumbled, and leaned in for a kiss. 

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Hello sunshine ^_^ It's so nice to find another one Ikesen headcanon blog, I adore your works so much <3 If you are ok with it, may I request sad headcanon with MC that have a psycho-admirer (don't know how to call that XD) and Lords, thinking that she is imagining things, ignored her and she ends up being kidnaped/hurt or something? For Nobubu, Masamune, Ieyasu and Kenshin if you can <3 Sorry for bad English, it's not my native language. I hope it is not too complicated request

Hello honey! (つ´∀`)つ Thank you so much, I’m glad you like it! I hope you continue enjoying it! Don’t worry about English, it’s not bad at all! And it’s not my native language either, so we’re together in that. I just don’t know if you meant you want headcanons to have sad endings, or just to tell of a sad incident with a happy ending. I’ll make it sad incident with a happy ending, but feel free to tell me if you wanted sad endings! I can always rewrite endings! 


  • You weren’t really a paranoid person, so when you told him there’s someone following you, he takes it seriously and sends his men to investigate. However, they found nothing.
  • The same scenario happened a few more times, and he started to think that all that stress of being exposed to wars and bloody scenes was making you anxious. You were raised in the time of peace after all. You weren’t used to fighting and seeing people die.
  • For that reason, when he heard of the rebellion of the local daimyo, he decided to leave you in Azuchi, instead of taking you with him to the battlefield, like he normally would (since you are his lucky charm). 
  • You asked him not to leave you behind. You were scared of your stalker and the last thing you wanted was to be left in Azuchi without Nobunaga. But he assured you that everything is alright and that you’re safe in the castle.
  • Oh, how wrong he was. The man that was stalking you was one of the soldiers whose life you saved when you cared for the wounded in the previous war. He fell in love with his ‘angel sent from heaven’ and decided he couldn’t live without you.
  • When Nobunaga returned home after successfully defeating the enemy daimyo, you were nowhere to be found. One of the maids who witnessed crazy man taking you away by force explained the situation in tears.
  • When he heard what happened he was furious, both at the kidnapper and at himself for not protecting you. 
  • He sends men to turn the city upside down until they find you and, of course, starts searching for you himself. 
  • It wasn’t long before they found you. The man planed to take out of the city and run far away with you. They locked him away and returned you to castle. 
  • When you are safely back in his arms, where you belong, he swears he’ll never fail to protect you again. 


  • You told him someone’s been following you for some time, and he’s instantly ready to fight. He asks you why are you telling him only now if it’s been going on for a while. You just didn’t think it’s a big deal at first, but now you are starting to get anxious. 
  • He actually caught the man. It was a young merchant. You would often stop by his stall and even greet him and have a small talk. Over time, he fell in love with you and started obsessing. 
  • Seeing that he was still young, Masamune just warned him to stay away from you and said he won’t show mercy the next time. Young man nodded and ran away. You both went on your way, thinking it was over.
  • But it wasn’t. After some time you got that feeling that someone’s watching you again. You went to Masamune and told him that.
  • ‘He’s really hungry for some beating, isn’t he’. Masamune decided to go to his stall and teach him a lesson, but when he got there the stall was nowhere to be found. Other merchants told him that young man stopped coming to sell some time ago.
  • You kept having those anxious feelings, but Masamune tried to reasure you. ‘Come on kitten, don’t be a scaredy-cat. He took my warning, he’s probably out of Azuchi, maybe even out of Japan by now.
  • But he wasn’t. He was right there, in Azuchi castle, hiding himself and waiting for Masamune to leave your room. Which he did, when it was the time for the war council to begin. 
  • As soon  you were alone, the crazy man barged into your room and tried to take you away by force. You screamed for help, but he was faster then warlords who rushed to help upon hearing you screams.
  • Seeing he won’t be able to run away with you, he took out the knife stabbed you in your thigh. 
  • Others arrived just in time to save you and capture the maniac. 
  • Masamune was trying to stay calm so he could calm you down, but he couldn’t do either of those things. 
  • Like Nobunaga, he felt so guilty for failing you. He held you tightly and whispered apologizes in your ear. 
  • Thankfully, your wound wasn’t deep. But your trauma was.
  • Masamune promised that he’ll trust your instincts from now on and be there to protect you, even when he thinks there’s noting to protect you from.


  • ‘Someone’s following you? Are you sure’. He was with you the whole day and he didn’t notice anyone suspicious. Still, to calm you down, he investigated around the city. Nothing. 
  • Like Nobunaga, he would assume that stress and lack of sleep is making you feel nervous. 
  • He made you go to bed early that day and promised he’ll be back by your side shortly, right after he hands some documents over to Nobunaga.
  • He left you alone for 10 minutes. Unfortunately, 10 minutes were enough for your crazy admirer (one of the younger soldiers in Ieyasu’s service) to kidnap you and take you out of the castle. 
  • He was out of his mind when he entered your room and found out you were gone, leaving only bloody hand prints across the floor. You probably got hurt while trying to defend yourself. 
  • Shortly everyone was on their feet and searching for you. The whole night passed and they couldn’t find a trace of you.
  • Ieyasu was devastated. If only he believed you. He felt  so guilty he could barely breathe. He kept replaying the worst case scenario in his head, and every time he did he had the urge to slam his stubborn head against the table. 
  • That went on until he heard maid’s voice: ‘Lord Ieyasu! Lady is back! She’s alive, she came back on her own!’
  • He instantly rushed out of the room. He couldn’t think of anything, he just needed to see you alive.
  • When he finally sees you, he hugs you tightly, not giving you the time to say a thing. Then he looked at you. You were a mess. Eyes red from crying, countless scratches across your body, clothes all torn… 
  • ‘What have he done to you?’ he asks, his voice breaking. He didn’t… He didn’t do that… Someone tell him he didn’t. If he did… 
  • He looked at your eyes for the answer, but you smiled at him.
  • He didn’t hurt me. I ran away as soon as we left the castle and he didn’t catch me. I got these while I was hiding in the woods.
  • The relief he felt at that moment couldn’t compare to anything.
  • Needless to say, that was the first and the last time he didn’t trust you.


  • Okay, let’s be honest here, this guy is paranoid when it comes to you. Too paranoid. So mister stalker would have to stalk you for a really long time without getting caught for him to start thinking you are seeing things.
  • Unfortunately, that’s just what mister stalker did. He was stalking you for months and nobody but you noticed him.
  • Kenshin started to think his own paranoia was making you feel anxious too. Maybe he’s only doing you harm when he acts so overprotective. So he decided to give you some space. Not much, just a 30 minutes or so without him to constantly watch over you. Maybe that will help you see you are perfectly safe in his castle, even when he’s not by your side. 
  • Sadly, just this one time, leaving you alone wasn’t a good idea. On the contrary: it was very bad idea.
  • You were attacked as soon as Kenshin was away. 
  • The man that attacked you was a psycho from Azuchi. He fell in love with you while you were staying with the Oda, and followed you all the way to Kasugayama. When he learned you and Kenshin were in love, he realized you’ll never belong to him. That’s why he decided to kill you, and then take his own life. 
  • However, his idea of reuniting with you in Heaven was ruined as soon as you screamed for help. He barely made a shallow wound on your arm before Kenshin rushed in and cut him down.
  • When he pulled you close to him, he was shaking like crazy. He looked far more terrified than you. 
  • When he finally calmed down he apologized to you (still holding you to him). 
  • This incident didn’t really help when it comes to his paranoia - he got even more possessive of you, if that was possible. But, at least you can be sure that you won’t get attacked again. 

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Ieyasu karaoke

His head hurt. His typical hangover remedies weren’t working. And Masamune apparently had ‘damning’ footage.

“I just didn’t know you had it in you,” he snickered, waving it around. “Not bad. We didn’t think you’d do it.”

“Do what?” Ieyasu grumbled, mentally stabbing his friend. 

“Sing. Your singing voice ain’t half bad either.”

No. Ieyasu stared at Masamune until the man hit play, a telltale clip of a busy bar and the sound of a karaoke machine in the background playing All Star–and the second his own voice hit the speaker, Ieyasu sprung from the couch as if possessed. “GIVE ME THAT RIGHT NOW!”

“GOTTA COME AND GET IT!” Masamune bolted out the door, hollering with laughter the whole way. 

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First of all, welcome and have fun with your new blog <3 As for the request~~ how about headcanons of Nobu, Shingen, Yasu, Mitsun and Kennyo learning that their s/o used to be a biologist in her time and is fascinated by snakes and reptiles in general? (She could have a corn snake as a pet? you decide ^^)

Thank you so much! (つ´∀`)つ This is the very first request for me, so I hope I meet you expectations! 


  • When you first told him about your profession, he was very interested. He started asking you a lot of question about modern day discoveries, but they soon turned into questions about you - why did you decide to become a biologist, what part of your job did you enjoy the most, did you discover something new, etc.
  • The more you told him about the things you knew, the more questions he asked. In the end, talk about biology became your bedtime habit - instead of goodnight stories, you would tell him about your job, knowledge and interests while you two cuddle in futon. 
  • For a man as edger to learn as he is, your knowledge would be like a gift. He might even suggest you write a book about biology. 
  • He doesn’t mind that you keep a snake as a pet. Actually, he finds it fascinating, since it’s not a common thing. He would watch you feed and care for your pet, and sometimes even ask if he could hold it (Hideyoshi would constantly nag at you two because you keep playing with ‘dangerous animals’ tho).
  • If you decide to continue your research as a biologist even though you live 500 years in the past now, he would see that you are provided with everything that could be helpful. 


  • He probably wouldn’t be as interested in biology as Nobunaga would be, but he would be interested in everything about you. So, just like Nobunaga, he would ask a lot of questions about your job and what made you decide to do it.
  • Knowing you love nature, he would take you to long walks in forest or any other place with beautiful fauna and flora. 
  • He would enjoy your reaction whenever you see something that would catch your attention. He would silently stand beside you and watch as you observe some rare species of plants and write down notes.
  • He finds it so irresistibly cute when you go into your ‘scientist mode’ and start explaining things in a very professional manner (which usually gives headache to some of other Kasugayama residents, since they don’t understand a thing you are saying).
  • He doesn’t find reptiles cute. He never did and never thought he would. But then, how come you are so adorable when you are playing with your pet snake? You really are a mysterious princess, making him question his worldviews. 
  • He’ll keep an eye on you while you’re handling snakes, tho. He doesn’t want you to get bitten.


  • Is that… a snake around your neck?
  • …It is a snake around your neck…
  • It would take a lot of talking and convincing before he accepts the fact that you want to keep your pet snake. And he accepts the fact only because you told him how much you love your pet. He doesn’t want to make you sad, even if it means living with a snake… and watching it casually chill AROUND YOUR NECK.
  • As for your profession, he would take the information about you being a biologist with something like ‘oh really? That’s a nice job I guess’. However, he would secretly be interested in modern day discoveries, so he would casually ask you about it during the diner or walk.
  • He would start taking you with him when he goes collecting medical herbs more often, hoping you would enjoy observing the nature.
  • Would definitely keep an eye on you while you handle reptiles, and subtly search your body for any bites when you cuddle before sleep.


  • You are a scientist?? What lovely news! He gets excited upon learning that you are a biologist. He’ll take any chance to learn something new, and you being a scientist from the future definitely gives him a chance to learn a lot.
  • He’ll take any chance he can to ask you about various things, and he loves hearing not only about modern day discoveries, but also about technology that allowed people of your time to make those discoveries. 
  • He’ll also praise you constantly. You are so smart! You must be very hardworking to learn all those things. He’s just fascinated with all the things he hears from you. You are like a walking book containing all sorts of information.
  • You love reptiles? That’s really amazing! Yes, reptiles are quite amazing, they are probably interesting to observe… Oh, you are not just observing them, you are keeping them as pets? Well… Yeah, they are probably interesting to be kept as pets! Definitely! If you keep them as pets, then they must be good pets! 
  • …Probably. 


  • He is glad that you possess such knowledge about nature. That knowledge could prove useful as a tool for survival in those turbulent times.
  • Since you two spend a lot of time in forest, he enjoys long walks and talking about beauty of nature. 
  • He finds you so beautiful when you talk about things you love. The way your eyes shine when they look at plants and animals, the way you can’t hide excitement in your voice when you talk about science and discoveries that are yet to be made by people who are not even born yet. He would ask you questions about your job from time to time, just to see that sparkle in your eyes.
  • He won’t say anything about your pet since you’ve grown so attached to it, but he will keep an eye on you and look at you with concern in his eyes when you play with the snake. 
  • He can’t really help you build a laboratory and continue the work you love so much, but he’ll take you on walks, listen to your stories and do whatever he can to support you and your interests.

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Cuddle, Ieyasu

There were so many lonely days he’d spent as a child that Ieyasu once wondered if he could ever enjoy another’s company. And now–now with her knees wrapped up between his, the steady pulse of her breath against his collarbone, he wondered how he could ever do without. 

“I love you,” he whispered to her. “I love you more than words. I love you more than life. I love you.”


To tell in the dark event in a nutshell lol.


Cybird Ikemen Sengoku All Characters’ Profiles

Note: I’m sorry for any wrong and off translation since I’m a learner, please advice and correct me for any mistakes *bow* 

“Do-S x Self-Conceit/Self-Centeredness” 

Nobunaga Oda

Don’t you want to become woman of the *person who would unify this whole country?

*tengabito = the person with ruling power/have the world/have the country/descend from heaven

VA: Tomokazu Sugita
Birthday: 12 May
Height: 179.7 cm
Blood Type: B

Aspiring to unify the whole country, the cruel and inhuman Sengoku warrior. A real ideologist, his thinking and thought is separated/different from an ordinary man. Being called ‘demon king’ due to his cold-blooded behavior, and he should be someone to be afraid of, but…?

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Unprecedented x Hedonist/Pleasure-seeker”

Masamune Date

Don’t be bored. You would satisfy me, don’t you?

VA: Kazuki Kato
Birthday: 5 September
Height: 180.3 cm
Blood Type: B

Unprecedented and aggressive hedonist. He believes that he won’t dishonor his way of life as Sengoku warrior. With his frank personality, he makes fun of/playing/trifling with you, as he drawn near to you out of curiosity.

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Ore-sama x Tsundere”

Yukimura Sanada

Hide behind my back. I’ll protect you without fail.

VA: Kensho Ono (Original: Yoshimasa Hosoya)
Birthday: 7 July
Height: 177 cm
Blood Type: O

A Takeda retainer who’s burning with revenge on Nobunaga. Loyal and devoted, he respects Shingen who shares similar motives. Although he is masculine/manly and has overbearing/pushy/high-handed personality, there is also a shy side of him that is weak/not good with women…?

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Popular with women x Elder brother temperament/type”

Hideyoshi Toyotomi

Can you listen properly to things I’m going to say? I cannot leave someone like you alone.

VA: Kosuke Toriumi
Birthday: 17 March
Height: 179.2 cm
Blood Type: O

Nobunaga’s loyal retainer. With caring personality and always taking care of people, not only he’s being loved by other retainers, but also popular among women. He won’t forgive those who harms Nobunaga, and he’s being wary/cautious of you too.

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Ambitious person x Perverse/cussed person”

Ieyasu Tokugawa

In that case, do as you please. Since I have no interest for weak people.

VA: Toshiki Masuda
Birthday: 31 January
Height: 174.1 cm
Blood Type: A

An ambitious person who is a contrary and uncooperative. Very patient and hates to lose; dislike weak people. Behind his stubborn and obstinate attitude, he seems to hide a sad past…?

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Adult x Womanizer”

Shingen Takeda

…Come here. I will teach you the tactics/strategies of an adult love.

VA: Yūichirō Umehara
Birthday: 1 December
Height: 185 cm
Blood Type: B

Sengoku warrior who is feared as the tiger of Kai. He’s aiming for Takeda Clan revival. Although he’s being deeply loves by the retainers for being broad-minded, however he’s a cold person to his enemies. A lady-killer who gives off an adult vibes and charms.

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Charisma x Yandere”

Kenshin Uesugi

My live and death is in war. I have no spare times for the likes of women.

VA: Hiroaki Miura
Birthday: 18 February
Height: 176.2 cm
Blood Type: AB

A man called ‘God of War’ who’s carrying an overwhelming charisma. His love for war is unrivaled/incomparable, and his victory is always expected without any doubts. There are seems to be some reasons for his attitude of refusing bluntly/thrusting away women…

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Mysterious x Malicious”

Mitsuhide Akechi

No? You’re lying. It seems you like it I’m being mean to you.

VA: Shunsuke Takeuchi
Birthday: 4 October
Height: 181 cm
Blood Type: AB

Nobunaga’s right arm who is malicious and mysterious. Carrying suspicious atmosphere, he’s someone to be feared even by allies, and his relationship with Hideyoshi is like dogs and monkeys. There is also rumor he’s having a secret meeting with the enemy,  and his true mind and feelings are enveloped in mystery.


“Pheromone x Keen/sharp/brilliant mind”

Mitsunari Ishida

Whenever you are in trouble, please depend/rely on me…Promise me, alright?

VA: Yoshio Yamatani
Birthday: 6 November
Height: 175 cm
Blood Type: A

Hideyoshi’s close aide with sharp mind and excels in arithmetic. Someone with gentle manner, he does not aware of his sex appeal to make women fascinated of him. Liking war tactics research and study, so much to the point he neglects his life whenever he’s being immersed in it…


“Cool x On pace”

Sasuke Sarutobi

Don’t worry. It’s really fun to get adapted/familiarized with Sengoku live.

VA: Kenji Akabane
Birthday: 10 April
Height: 176.7 cm
Blood Type: O

Originally a graduate student with Astrophysics major. After the time slip, he’s getting an employment as ninja. Expressionless, but optimistic with a character that cannot lie. He’s searching for a method to return to present time by studying the theory of time slip.


“Ruthless x Revenge demon”


Well…how about I make you cry? Ojōsan (Young lady).

VA: Tarusuke Shingaki
Birthday: 7 January
Height: 178 cm
Blood Type: O

A revenge demon who resents Nobunaga. A man who is willing to become a demon himself in choosing the means in order to achieve/accomplish his revenge.



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